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Kim Brice

Dr. Seradge performed 6 surgeries on my right hand/wrist in 3 years & I found a new surgeon because the problem still remains. I went to Dr. S in April 2014 for sharp pain which ended up being a minor tendon problem near my thumb. The surgery went well & I had no further problems in that area. After this surgery, Dr. S told me he had seen things in my hand that concerned him & I was convinced he needed to do exploratory surgery so we did surgery #2 in May 2014. After this surgery, he showed me pics of the inside of my hand & wrist that he said was arthritis & some deterioration of the bones in my hand. He told me it would get worse and we needed to stabilize the bones. In June 2014, during surgery #3, he put 2 screws in my wrist & a pin going across my palm to fuse those bones & that would fix the problem. Approx 1 year later, I returned to Dr. S due to pain in my hand/wrist & was told the pin was working its way out of my hand & that was common & had to be removed. We had surgery #4 in 2015 to remove the pin. About 1 year later, I started having worse pain & returned to Dr. S. I was told the screws were getting loose & "had to be removed & replaced with 2 rods that would go just above my wrist to midway in my forearm. That was surgery #5 in Oct 2016. I woke up w/2 rods in my wrist/arm, one longer than the other. In mid Dec 2016, during a routine cast change, I asked the P.A. if it was normal that my 2 middle fingers were not able to bend & were painful. I was told it was not. I informed him & Dr. S that I had a large knot or bump in the palm of my hand & was told it was scar tissue. I told them both it felt hard like the end of the rod but was assured that wasn't possible, that "it was buried much lower in my hand." I was sent for a cat scan & the next week was told it was the first time he had ever seen it happen but the rod had moved from point A where he had inserted it, to point B which was nearly a full inch to the right of point A - on the other side of the knuckle where it had gone in. Dr. S said he wouldn't believe it if he wasn't seeing it with his own eyes. He sent me to his physical therapist & she gave me a hand-massage unit so that I could massage the knot in my palm at home. She also said it was scar tissue & the massage would break it down. I went back in early Jan 2017 & told Dr. S that my two fingers were getting worse, were still swollen and the pain was horrible if I moved them. He told me, "the fusion is coming along fine, so we will go ahead and remove both rods." Dr. S performed surgery #6 in January 2017 to remove both rods. I woke up to find the longest rod had not been removed but was assured by Dr. S that it "was hammered in so far it will never give you anymore problems." Why hammer it down if the knot was scar tissue? I returned in March because the knot was still in the palm of my hand, my two fingers were still swollen and still painful when trying to move them. Dr. S said, "We'll just go ahead & remove the last rod." I was upset & sat there while they scheduled the 7th surgery for April 2017. I left and began looking for a new hand surgeon & cancelled surgery #7 with Dr. S. In May 2017, my new surgeon removed the final rod & he told me after the surgery that the rod was in fact jammed into my large finger's knuckle like I thought & there was very little scar tissue in my palm. When I woke up the knot was gone. I am now scheduled for surgery #8 (#2 for the new surgeon) to have a permanent plate and screws put in my wrist. Dr. S removed parts of 4 bones in my wrist when he put the rods in and they never fused together and that's why I need this surgery #8. It has been nearly a year since that rod removal but my longest finger is still unable to move as it had before although it has improved some. I've never written a review on a doctor before and I have tried my best to stick to just the facts in this review and let the readers come to their own conclusions.

Kay Nuckolls

Brenda Simmons

Nina Flores

They are all very welcoming and so nice

jim shackelford

25 years ago this man put my half hand and nerves back together. It still works better than those I've trained. I owe all of it to him.

Kayla Blossom

My husband is not a doctor kind of guy. He hates medicine and has the mentality of "it's just heath itll go away eventually" but he has never felt so comfortable with a doctor before. He went in for his appointment and Dr.Seradge listened to his concerns and fully explain EVERYTHING he was needing done and fully answered ALL of my husbands questions. This doctor really knows his stuff and continues to read up on updated research, which is a rare thing in today's world. Highly recommend!!

Carrie Baer

Dr. Seradge and his staff are very professional and knowledgable! I would highly recommend him for all your hand and orthopedic needs!

Amir Farzaneh

Dr. Seradge has done two surgeries on me. both have been very successful. He is probably the best hand/orthopedic surgeon there is. Amazing physician.

Carol Forte Bobbitt

The best surgeon! The best staff! The best in Oklahoma and I'm sure in the entire profession in the US!

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