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Mandy&Marc Willis

Outstanding!!! Dr. C has been just that since he started treating me. My back and neck area is just a complete mess, yet Dr. C has managed to drastically improve the quality of my life with his treatment goals for me. He actually listens and takes time to explain the procedures and the end results. Again, Outstanding!!! God Bless!!!

Twila Guy

I would like to recommend Dr Christensen for help with pain issues. I just started going to him but I feel I am already better. The staff are amazing. Mary Lou and Lucy are caring and calming. The front desk is always welcoming and friendly. Great place

Jason M

EDIT: I will give credit where it's due. After I posted a negative review, the Dr called me directly to discuss the problems his office and I were having, and told me they were making changes to address the concerns, and on my next appointment, I saw that he was true to his word. It was much better. I am changing my review and scoring for them.

Kay Scott

Dr. Christensen is excellent and very caring. I had severe back pain come on suddenly. His office worked me in for an appointment right away. While I waited they provided a room so I could lay down, as sitting was even more excruciating . He was able to do injections in his office and I was able to walk out easier than when I came in. The next day I could sit down and the pain level has lessened each day. I highly recommend Dr. Blake Christensen.

Nicholas Arico

Never have I seen an office that is better managed! Everyone in the office is great and treats the patients like family. Exceptional care, that's what you can expect. I personally want to thank Dr. Christensen for taking care of my wife and I appreciate that she doesn't have to cry anymore. Dr. Pittman, God bless you as well.

Sheila Barnard

This is the only doctor that has actually tried to help my husband. Great doctor, great staff.

Gena Cappelli

Wait time is next to nothing. My pain levels are lower than they have been in decades. The only med I take is very mild. Any treatment I get here will last for quite awhile and the Dr watches for things that can make things bad. Dr Christensen is kind, gentle and one of the best I've seen.

Sarah Copeland

He's very thorough. He's helped me with my pain and listens to what I say. The pain keeps coming back, but he's working with me to get me feeling better without medications. I don't want to start down that route and I'm grateful for the options we have to improve my quality of life. I never have to wait long for my appointments. I do have to take off a star because it's near impossible to get anyone on the phone or get someone to call back.

Carla Lemke

I love this doctor and his entire staff! The are willing to try different treatments on me. I am having the least amount of pain in a very long time!

david campos

Awesome Doc but even better staff! Lucy and Marylou have been there from the start and they always go above and beyond from working Saturdays to working during lunch! You defiantly can't ask for more dedication and better patient care!

Triece Lett

Awesome place! Highly recommend

Barbara stacks

After I retired my back began hurting most of the time. My Personal Phsychian recommend Dr. Christiansen. He is very personable and has a great beside manner. I'm very comfortable around him when he is giving me pain shots or radio therapy. I would definitely recommend him to everyone.

Deann Owen Lewis

Always prompt, with excellent office staff ever courteous; I truly enjoy comping to his office. His PAs are knowledgeable and more than willing to work with me and my concerns. I like the savings I get from getting my treatments done in the office rather in hospital. I highly recommend Dr. christen.

Sandra Resendez

He's the Doctor I love to hate because He is excellent in his work and great job. But I don't care for the injection but the benefits are fantastic. His office staff is the best. And I give them an A+ for excellently.

Ains World

Everyone at this office is so friendly and helpful! Thank you for all you do!

Jennifer Uresti

I have had back pain for many years. I've had every kind of injection and radiofrequency. After having a spinal fusion my pain went down significantly but the pain is still there. I felt my previous physician had given up on trying to help. This is when I decided to try Dr Christensen. He has proven to be attentive and caring. Some doctors like to do all the talking but Dr Christensen will listen. As a health care professional myself, I know how important this is. You've got to listen to your patient if you plan on providing the best care for each patient with different needs. If I've had a problem or misunderstanding, Dr Christensen will make time to talk with me until we reach a mutual agreement that pleases us both. I have recommended one of my best friends to come see him. I would recommend anyone in need of his services. I feel lucky to have found Dr Christensen as he gives different injections and always has another procedure he's willing to try. His goal is to help me improve my quality of life which he has. Thank you Dr Christensen for all you continue to do.

Bob Klaassen

Dr. Blake Christensen is a very knowledgeable & personable young doctor. I am impressed with him, his staff and his ability to help with management of my pain. I recommend him to you!

Vicki Clingan

When I first went to Dr. Christensen I didn't realize I was on so much pain medication. But injections have helped the pain and I'm taking very little pain medication currently. Going to Miss Tanya but wish her all the best, Staff is always so helpful and polite. Best pain doctor in Oklahoma and trust me for the past 5 years I've seen many!

Brad Bixler

Staff is fabulous! Dr. Christensen is a very capable physician. He always greets with a smile and a hand shake. I am glad that he performs certain procedures in his office. This saves me bundles in co-pays. I have read some negative comments regarding "him" running them out of pain meds. I have never had this type of problem/s with Doc or his staff, but then I only take mine when needed and ONLY as prescribed. I highly recommend Dr. Blake Christensen.

Donna Good

Have had great pain relief since going to Dr. Christensen. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The wait time to get in for your procedure is not long.

Britni Brecheen

I’ve had back problems for thirteen years and this is the best doctor I’ve seen! He took the time to go through my MRI with me to show me what the issues were and explain the treatment course. I went in for a steroid shot in my back dreading having to get one because it has taken every doctor I’ve gone to multiple tries to hit the right spot, but I didn’t even realize when Dr. Christensen had finished the injection. It was painless and so quick! I wish I had come to him years ago!

mark&shelly donjon

After suffering 1 year of pain from a car wreck with no relief .. My quality of life was not getting better because of the pain I experienced 24/7. I was referred to Dr Christensen and im so thankful for him Dr Christensen started treating my pain aggressively to start the process of giving my quality of life back so I could smile again and not cry so I could start to walk again and not lay in my bed from pain. He gives me hope again because he provides the highest standard of care using the most current techniques in my pain management plan. He is very understanding and compassionate. He takes time with his patients and listens. You would be very hard pressed to find another doctor that has his qualities and level of expertise. I always have a really good experience with Dr Christensen and have already recommended him enthusiastically to my friends and family. Its excellent atmosphere from the time you walk in until you leave!

Kamonie Mcdowell

The staff and Doctor truly care about their patients and will do anything possible to help them feel better and get back on their feet. This office is absolutely amazing!!!

C Womble

Dr. Christensen is great. He really listens and adjusts treatment as necessary.

Malic Simpson

I’m very impressed with Dr.Christensen. His staff was nice. His nurse? Corinna was kind, helpful and prompt!

Veronica Davila

Amazing service. 5/5 recommend. I am a former patient and Dr.Christensen always made sure to make sure I was comfortable.

Shala G

I’ve been seeing Dr. Christensen for about 6 months. He has always had great and immediate contact with all of my doctors to discuss my issues to make appropriate decisions for my pain. He has done everything he can to keep me out of pain and try to keep me out of the surgery room. I appreciate that so much! He is so kind and has always been there to listen and discuss my pain or any issues I have. He and his staff have been on top of my insurance (which is a job I don’t wish for anyone!). They get me appointments as soon as my pre-authorization goes through. I can say nothing but wonderful things about him. I’m so glad that he is taking care of my pain problems and helping me work through them. Thank you Dr. Christensen!

Debra Watts Grantham

I was very nervous because it was my first visit. I have been to so many specialists and doctors over the last 30 years. Some did not treat me well and made me feel like I was crazy. Thank God dr. Christensen was very kind and he listened to me. He cared!! The staff was also very kind and helpful. Im very hopeful that I will soon have some quality of life. God bless♡

Marissa Sockwell

Dr Blake Christensen has been a tremendous help with my over health. Pain takes away your ability to function to the best of your ability and Dr Christensen has gave me back a life without pain. Thank you so much to Dr Christensen and his staff for all they have done for me. God Bless!

Nathan Woods

If you're looking for pain meds to numb the pain, this probably isn't the doctor for you. But if you truly want relief from pain, you absolutely have to visit Dr. Christensen. I have Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis, and I've dealt with constant pain for years. I tried injections to help my lower back pain at one of the previous two pain doctors I tried, but they didn't help at all. My first temporary injection from Dr. Christensen was AMAZING. His approach is completely different, and much more effective. I got off the table feeling better than I had in years. I've had the radio frequency injection on my left side, and the results are nothing short of amazing. I'm currently taking 1/3 the amount of pain meds I was previously on, and I'm in less pain.

Diana Potts

Dr. Christensen is treating my husband, Dr. Roger Potts. Everyone in the office is so helpful. Dr. Christensen, of course, but the receptionist, Marlene, could not be sweeter and more helpful. She is very competent and Dr. Christensen is fortunate to have her working for him. Also, I want to mention Corina. She is a delightful lady and so fun to visit with. She is very compassionate and always greets us with a beautiful smile.

John Ditmars

From the second I walked into his office, I was treated with the utmost of care and hospitality. Dr. Christensen took his time to discuss treatment options and truly get to the root of my pain. Never thought living life pain free would be so enjoyable! Thank you, Dr. Christensen!

Mark Anderson

I came to the clinic as a patient looking for another pain Dr. due to mine shutting their doors. My previous Dr. set the bar extremely high and he and his staff will be terribly missed, but the staff here and Dr. Christensen's knowledge of my condition made me feel very comfortable and reassured that I am important to them.

Streetcar Disaster

I honestly don't know how to rate Dr. Christenson. He really is an amazing doctor that really tries hard to find alternative ways to help decrease your pain. Or at least he did. I probably have the most well-documented reasons showing why I'm in so much pain and after my surgery I was FINALLY on a medication that was making me think about college, I wasn't laying in bed in pain all day, and I was actually able to walk without my cane. But after a couple months I was taken off of that because he is "no longer able to prescribe extended release opioids as they are being taken off of the market." Well that's a lie. I have 4 amazing doctors that are wondering what the heck he is doing. He keeps saying that it has a stronger chance of addiction because it doesn't have any "abuse deterrents" in it. I have been slowly progressed into opioids since 2004. I have never once took more medication than I was prescribed, I've never shown any addictive tendencies, I passed all of my urine tests, and I have PLENTY of documentation via scans, biopsies, and blood work as to why I'm in pain. After he gave me my second epidural injection I realized thag he didn't listen to a word that I said about my needs at all and that this whole opioid crisis has just made me wonder where the old Dr. Christenson went. Because this new Dr. Christenson is unable to treat his patients as individuals based on their needs and history. He thinks he is being a "good doctor" from the FDA's point of view but what about the patient? This entire opioid crisis is scaring the doctors and throwing the chronic pain patients off the bus and leaving us to turn into roadkill.

lindy cain

Excellent staff! Corinna is phenomenal .. always has a smile on her face and always eager to help in any way she can !! Dr. Christensen genuinely cares for each and every patient and takes his time with his appointments instead of rushing like other Physicans I have been to .

Dee Johnson

Very caring Dr. And his staff is Awesome Jasmine Quall gets 5 stars

Kami Brooks

A pleasure. I love the staff there. Very welcoming.

maureen evans

I've had to take my Aunt many times for treatment and the nurses and staff are so accommodating!

Cecilia Ortega

Dr. Christensen is great and so kind. His staff is amazing, so knowledgeable and willing to help. While I was there I noticed one of the staff members accompany an older woman to the hospital. She looked so nervous to go alone and I over heard, I believe her name was MaryLou, ask her if she wanted her to take her and she got so happy. I thought how wonderful. I will always recommend this office.

Dashawn Harris

Very friendly and helpful staff. They go the extra mile!

Susan Fisher

Dr. Blake is awesome! I never feel rushed and always feels he is really listening to me. His PA T Pittman is great as well. Rarely is there ever a wait time and his nurses and office staff are helpful.

Morgan Russell

Amazing Doctor and staff. Specifically of the MA’s, Mary Lou, she was so sweet and welcoming. They truly make you feel valued and cared for.

Patricia Leatherbury

Dr. Christensen listens to the patient and adjusts treatment as necessary for the best results. After the last procedure, I had no hip pain the next morning. He is a miracle-worker!

Kevin Denny

I have been seeing this dr for over 6 months and have had no problems with any of the staff. They bend over backwards to make sure your comfortable with drinks or blankets if your cold. The office manager calls to check up on me and to see how things are going and if there is anything she can do. I would recommend this dr to anyone looking.

DeJay Bunch

Excellent place to go for pain!

Christina Lett

Great people!

Leslie Post

Love Dr. Christansen ❣️He has the bedside manner doctors use to have. He’s also very right on about the shots he has given me in my back and the back of my neck. Great personality and I never have to wait

Kassandra Pena

Had a great visit with Dr. C for my mom...he was very attentive, listened with patience and his staff is very friendly and office is clean. I definitely recommend going won’t be disappointed.


Dr. Christensen knows what he is doing and is very personable. His plans manage my problems very well so i can carry on with my daily activity.

Michelle Boucher

Everyone in the office is extremely nice and courteous. Dr. Çhristensen listens to questions and always gives an answer that is informative and easy to understand.

Diana Taylor

Awesome office, always friendly and efficient service!

Debbye Bryner

I have spondylosis, degenerative disk disease and severe osteoarthritis (stenosis) in my neck. When I first came to Dr Christiansen in July 2016 I could only move my neck to the left about 2 inches. My whole left shoulder was in a muscle spasm and had been since 1997. My neck burned like there was a metal sheet that had beef cooked in an oven pressed against it. Even the hair that laid over the spinal nerves were warm about 4 inches down. Since going to Dr Christiansen through medication and other treatments I am able to look over my shoulder and stay out of bed. He has done this for me all without the use of narcotics or controlled substances. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Natasha W

EXTREMELY RUDE STAFF!!! I personally haven't seen the doc but that's because I couldn't even get past the rude receptionist answering calls. Not only they were not trying to help me out, the rude lady placed me on hold mid sentence. Didnt even say please hold. You just don't do that! Unacceptable! Clearly wont be going here! They lost my business before I even started.

SK Ryel

I had been with the same Dr. to manage my pain for more than 18 years. Upon retirement, I chose to see Dr. Blake Christensen and have been very happy in my decision. Couldn’t ask for a more comfortable relationship with a Dr. and staff. Have had multiple procedures and have always been treated with respect and compassion, especially with the Assistant, Ms. Lucy! Always willing to listen and help!

William Hanuschak

I have had great success with my back pain since visiting with Dr Christensen, he and his staff are very professional. I have no problem recommending him.

Misty Gray

I had a bad experience with the billing of a test that was ran: however with the personal help from Dr. Christensen the problem was corrected. I am very grateful for all his assistance. He is very knowledgeable and an all round good person.

mike stacy

Upstanding doctor and outstanding staff. Has made a huge difference in the quality of my life.

Katarina Pena

Dr. C is very experienced and knowledgeable. He puts his patients at ease and really cares about his patients' wellbeing. Highly recommended!!

Sondra Danner

Dr Christensen has been a God-send to me!! If it weren’t for God using him and his incredible gifts and talents, I KNOW I would NOT be able to walk! He has drastically reduced the intensity of the pain I feel on a daily basis due to severe degeneration all along my spinal cord. My only regret is that I did not find him until this year! He patiently answers questions and explains procedures and has a great sense of humor! His office staff is friendly and I especially love Lucy❣️ I could go on and on in the many ways Dr Christensen and staff have helped me. I HIGHLY recommend him!!

Junior Maldonado

Very nice and friendly doctor and staff.

Tammy Benson

4 1/2 years of pain and I finally found a good doctor. Very friendly and right to the point. It’s good to have no pain. Thank you.

Jason Young

Called dr Christensens office today after injuring my back this morning and he immediately got me in His evaluation was prompt and efficient I received injections and am on my way to a speedy recovery Appreciate your professionalism

Domo Elliott

No wait & everyone there is very sweet !

Derrick Qualls

Nice staff, great customer service, and caring and patient doctor!!

Kenneth Scott

I read all the Comments and MOST of Them are just looking for MEDICATION!!! All their EXCUSES (Oh, My Care wouldn't start!!) are ALWAYS Their Fault. If THEY would get blaming the Dr. for YOUR Stupidity!!! He and all his Staff are Very Professional!! They are Very Professional, Stays on Track. They helped me to keep control of my Lows and High of many Years in some type of pain. So I say to all you Whining Excuse Makers go Somewhere else if your not satisfied. They didn't invite you. KS

Nita Irvine

Great office and doctor, been going to him for years

Mike Basinger

I always get prompt attention from the entire staff and my needs are always addressed and any concerns I may have had were taken care of as well. Special shout out to Corinna!! Brigitte B.

Sarah Nicole Ruffin

Dr Christensen is an excellent pain intervention physician. He is considerate, patient, and listens carefully until you feel heard. He is willing to offer you options to control or relieve your pain. He has helped me enjoy life again.

Charles Dodd

Dr. Christensen was amazing he took the time to explain everything in detail, He suggested a new medication regimen as well as spinal injections in a different area of my spine and he also referred me to a chiropractor. 5 stars for sure. He is the best doctor I've seen so far. Thanks to Dr. Christensen and his staff.

Angelina Martinez

Dr. Christensen and his staff are one of the few offices still around that offer outstanding patient care. Alicia's and Tanya's new assistant Corinne is funny and makes you feel welcome! Top notch service all the way!

Julie Hernandez

Amazing doctor & staff!! Very friendly

Tina Hobbs

My husband has been treated by Dr C for over 2 years. If it were not for Dr. Christensen recognizing that my husband's back was in very bad shape, my husband would barely be walking around today. Dr. Christensen referred him to a top notch neurosurgeon and had a great outcome. My husband is still an active patient with Dr. Christensen, even after his back surgery, and he is doing better each day. Dr. Christensen has one of the biggest hearts and truly cares for his patients. "INTEGRITY" should be his middle name. **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**

Karen Allman Ward

I haven’t been a patient for very long but I’ve found my new pain management team! Always friendly, caring and professional. The new girl is very personable and fits right in with the rest of the staff!

Susan Bay-Tatom

My experiences have gone very well. Dr. and the PAs listen to me about my back pain and are very thorough. The receptionist has been rude twice on the phone when I've called the office concerning my appointments.

Ryan Harper

I really appreciate Dr. Christensen & his wonderful staff. Overall great experience!!!

Sandra Cooley

This is the Dr. to see you when you are in pain. Very caring, staff polite. Thank you!

Steve Rhodes

I have been a patient of Dr. Christensen for a couple of years now. I really appreciate his staff as well as his desire to want to help me feel better. I would highly recommend Dr. Christensen to anyone whose looking for a quality doctor and staff!

Lisa Massey

As a chronic pain patient for over 15 years, I’ve seen many doctors and surgeons for relief. As a new resident of Oklahoma, it took a bit of effort to land in the extremely competent hands of Dr. Christensen and his staff that operates like a well oiled machine! His optimism and confidence in treating me is refreshing. I am blessed to be his patient. I have another injection with him next week...and I’m feeling more positive about my pain management than I have in a while!

Beau Proctor

They treat you great and help you get back to normal living! Thanks!

Paige Skala

This is my first experience with pain management and so far it has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Christensen is kind, friendly, caring and very knowledgeable! He is the first doctor, of many, to finally find out what is wrong with my back and offer me a solution to managing the pain. I could not be more happy with Dr. Christensen and his staff and would recommend them to everyone!!

sto supid


Danielle Stonebarger

Dr. Christensen is awesome! He really listens to me and has almost completely relieved my lower back pain! He’s the best!!

Danny Freeman

Dr christensen is amazing and staff are wonderful, miss Corinna and nurses are beyond sweet! I recomend them to everyone I know! Thanks to all the staff!

Ada Whitney

We like Dr Christianson but his front desk staff is so unprofessional and unresponsive that we finally had to change doctors.

Jodi Lopresto

I have been a patient of Dr. Christensen for 3 years.. He is fantastic, & amazing Doctor who has helped relieve my pain so much!!! He is absolute the best!! I am a survivor/victim of a near deadly car crash due to an impaired driver who nearly took my life in 2014. I was shattered head to toe and live in pain since somewhere in my body everyday. Dr. Christensen has an outstanding understanding of this with working on ways to reduce pain in my neck and back. He has the patients best interest and is very talented with what he does.


Today was my first visit. I really liked the office and the people that work there. Dr Christensen is very nice, very knowledgeable, and has a great bedside manner. The best part, was that he was able to inject my neck while I was there rather than having to schedule me another appointment.

Julia Cardiel

Amazing service and great staff! Dr. Christensen always makes sure his patients are well taken care of. 10/10 recommend.

Tyy Thomas

Dr. Christensen and his staff truly care about each and every patient.

LaDonna Siler

Thanks to Dr Blake Christensen my 16 yr old daughter is back on the basketball court after having debilitating headaches as the result of a concussion several months prior. Dr Christensen is a fresh face to the pain world with new techniques and approaches to pain relief. He takes the time to listen each patient and discusses short and long term relief. His office staff is personable and professional. If you truly want results instead of pills to make you numb, then go see Dr Christensen.

John Heath

When you need relief from back pain go here! The doctor and staff are very knowledgeable and great people to work with!

Jo Ann Knutson

I had another very pleasant appt. With Dr. Christensen on Friday and ALSO 0had an injection which I needed badly. Everyone was very pleasant and I would not hesitate to recommend this Dr. TO MY FRIENDS.MUCH THANKS, DR.CHRISTENSEN

Tonya Smith

Dr. Christensen really listened to my needs and prescribed appropriate treatment for my pain. Very attentive, patient and kind. Easy to get an appointment as well. Thank you very much.

Ana Romero

This office has the most amazing office staff I have ever dealt with. They answered every question I had. I am highly satisfied with my visit. Love this place.

Carolyn C

Dr. Christensen takes the time to answer questions and has excellent bedside manner. Members of his staff are also friendly and helpful...shout out to Lucy!

Bob Meyer

Top notch office! From the moment you walk in you get outstanding service from every single employee in the office. Dr. Christensen is the best pain management doctor in town! Miss Corinna, thank you for your pleasant demeanor and your smile ☺

Karen Litsey

I have been going to Dr. Christensen for the past year. I have several back issues, the worst being a corkscrew type of scoliosis that was causing debilitating sciatica. I have undergone a series of epidural steroid injections and radio frequency ablation expertly administered by Dr. Christensen. I’m happy to say my sciatica has improved by 90% for the past six months. This could last for up to two years. The other choice was surgery, where they would rebuild my spine using rods and pins. I feel like I dodged a bullet. Thanks Dr. Christensen! EDIT: I have now been seeing Dr. Christensen for another year. He has been excellent, helping me through a pinched nerve as well as my issues with scoliosis. Don’t know what I’d do without him and his empathetic staff. Hard to find these days. Thanks Guys!

Terry Kinnamon

I have been seen by Dr Christensen three times so far and each time I have received a very high level of care. Everyone that I have dealt with at his office has been warm, friendly and caring. Dr Christensen has been very attentive while listening to me explain my physical problems. He has also clearly explained to me the procedures that he has done and what the goals for the procedures are. Overall I am very impressed with the level of care given and I wish every doctor's office I visit could emulate their service. I would hope that you never need his services but if you do I highly recommend Dr Christensen. Also Taylor at checkout does a top notch job of scheduling follow up appointments.

Cindy Cook

The day that I was scheduled for my cortisone shot my car wouldn't start. It had taken me 2 weeks to get in to see Dr. Christensen. When you are in pain it physically and mentally affects everything you do. The staff worked diligently to get me in even though it was later than my original appointment. When I got to their office everyone was so friendly and the best part is I woke up today almost completely pain free. I LOVE THE STAFF AND Dr Christensen!! TOP NOTCH!!

Liz Shepard

I had a great experience, always do, but the staff is so quiet but they're professional and know their stuff. I really like Dr. C., he is very pleasant and answers my questions.

Erica Bullard

Amazing doc and staff!!!

Katlin Miller

Dr. Christiansen took the time to call me directly to address something I misunderstood, despite his busy schedule. That matters immensely as it shows he invests personal time into every patient, even when they are being difficult lol

sandra resendez

I have gone a few times. His staff is always nice, respectful, as far as DR.Christensen he is a wonderful caring and takes my pain very seriously and I have a great respect for his treatment. I have been in so much pain and it has helped me and has made the pain a little more bearable. I have never had a doctor who I like and dislike for the injection but look forward to see him again.

Arhouston7 Houston

Dr.Christensen is my favorite doctor ever. He is compassionate & truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend!

Kristy Portwood

Dr Christensen is amazing and takes the time to listen to you and his bedside manner is outstanding! He genuinely cares about his patients and he's thankful you've made the trip to see him!! I can now say my back pain is at a level 2!!!! I was surprised by how pain free the injection was; he just puts you at ease during the procedure. The staff are friendly and you are not held hostage when you make a visit!! I highly recommend him!! I'm sad I waited over 8 months Dealing with back pain and being miserable when he was the answer!!

brianda ortega

Dr. Christensen is super professional and his bedside manner is outstanding. I'm glad to have found a doctor that actually listens to me and cares about my treatment.

Autumn Camargo

I have been seeing Dr. Christensen for almost a year now. I went in with complaints of neck pain and upper back pain. This was something on going for me for years. He discussed options with me in a clear and understanding way and we began the steps to improvement right away. He is professional and always has a smile when you step into his office. I highly recommend him if you have any kind of pain. His nurse Lucy and him make you feel at home and at ease thru the healing process. Great experience and questions are answered quickly and knowledgeable

Zach Hobgood

Great Doctor. Very knowledgeable. Has helped me tremendously!

Jerri Wickett

I have been in pain for years and Dr. Christensen is the first doctor that is getting to root of the problem. I am hopeful that one day soon, I will be with out back and foot pain. Everyone in the office are very friendly and kind.

Mark Eslick

Dr. Christensen is a great doctor with a great staff. Lucy was a pleasure to work with. He was able to relieve my pain much more effectively than Fentanyl. I would definitely recommend Dr. Christensen to anyone looking to live with pain.

Angela Gilmore

Dr. Christensen is by far the most amazing and compassionate Dr. I have EVER had. He knew exactly what was wrong with my lower back and right hip and had nothing to do with my Sciatica that 4 previous Dr.'s said and would not listen to me. Will never go anywhere else, thank you for knowing what was wrong with me and continuing to care for my pain injuries. You are the best. Thanks, Angela Gilmore

R Lann

Great people. Helping when needed

Stephanie Bowman

The best pain management doctor in town by far! Dr. Christensen is the best! Excellent staff, everyone is very sweet and greats you with a smile. Shout out to Corinna! Ya'll keep up the great work.

Lucero C

Dr. Christensen has a great bed side manner he truly wants to help locate your pain and get you relief. Highly, highly recommended.


I had a great experience overall. I’d recommend to anyone in pain!!

mark simpkins

I have been to multiple pain management doctors who couldn’t pinpoint the root cause of my problem and Dr Christenson found the issue immediately from my MRI. He injections gave me relief almost immediately. His office has been great to work with and appointments are on schedule. Couldn’t be happier

Charlene Agnew

Dr. Christiansen has been the perfect experience in my pain management!! Him and his staff!! He definitely goes the extra mile and I’m very thankful that i was referred to him.

Joan Aiello

This office is great! The staff are amazing. Always willing to help and answer all my questions. I highly recommend!

Alton Ward


Lahonda Smith

Giving Kudos, high five and a huge thank you to Dr. Blake Christensen and his wonderful staff. Having gone to another physician where my pain level stayed the same after treatment, I started losing faith in ever getting relief from back pain. I was referred to Dr. Christensen, who came highly recommended and with an assurance that he could probably help me out. Well this sceptic is so very happy to say, Dr. Blake Christensen worked with me until I am now able to live a productive life. I do appreciate him and his staff for all ways being so friendly and helpful to me at office visits and when speaking with me over the telephone. Although I know he has loads of patients I always felt as if I was important and not just another patient passing through the office. I highly recommend Dr. Christensen. Thank you from Lavonna Smith

Amber Mallard

I absolutely love Dr. Christensen! I've been dealing with back pain that has progressively gotten worse, since I got into a car wreck in 2009. I've seen many of Dr's who were unable to control my pain and make me stop hurting. Thankful for Dr. Christensen and his awesome staff for helping me with my pain. All of the staff are so sweet and helpful!

Sergio Cardiel

Great place, friendly service, and amazing people

Gretchen GretchenB

I’ve been seeing Dr. Christensen for over 4 years for neck & back injections. He has helped me so much with my pain management and has also referred me to 2 really great doctors that I see regularly now. He & his staff are alway so nice & friendly. They always fit me in if I need to be seen right away. It’s so hard to find AMAZING doctors anymore, but Dr. Christensen is definitely one of them! 10 STARS in my book!

Anna Becerril

I had been in severe pain for a long time and finally went for an MRI of my lower spine. The results showed herniated discs at L4. & L5. My GP referred me to Dr. Christensen and I was fortunate to get in quickly. Since I already had my MRI he went ahead and gave me an epidural that day. By the next day I was feeling much better. Like I have a live body again instead of the dead one I was dragging around. I will go for another epidural for even greater improvement. Dr. Christensen told me that he would be my new favorite doctor and he is! Thank you so much Dr. Christensen and to all your wonderful staff! I have not been this pain free in years! God bless you for what you do to ease pain and suffering!

Christina Pasini

I like Dr. Christensen and his staff. They are all sweet people. I would tell other people to go to him.

Dallas Barnett

Office staff is professional. I wasn't scheduled to have an injection, but Dr. Christensen squeezed me in so I wouldn't have to make another trip to his office. Really great Doctor!!!! I highly recommend.

Phillip Morrow

Excellent Dr. Has met every expectation above, and beyond. Bedside manners are top notch. Had a radio frequency Ablation on my lower back today and my back has already started to feel better. Highly recommended.

Amanda Neal

Truly Amazing!!! It just doesn't get ANY better better!!! Their customer service is top notch! TYLER IS AWESOME!!! I've only dealt with him on the phone thus far but his people skills are out of this world! You can tell that he honestly cares! He follows up and follows thru too! I meet the doctor and hopefuly Tyler tomorrow for the 1st time so I will have to get back to you with another review. I am honestly excited to go in tomorrow!!! Wish me luck! I can't thank you enough Tyler for all the effort that you have already put forth on my case!!!!!

Tessa Barman

Dr. Christensen is great. Each time I've had an injection, it's been quick and minimally painful. I've received excellent care here. The staff is amazing. Everyone is so kind and helpful. Corinna actually remembered me from a pediatrician's office years ago and asks how my dad is doing each time I come in! I highly recommend this office

John Burdick

My wife has had problems with her spine for many years. We've been to many specialist over the years. Many shots in her back. A lot of pills. A friend of my wife told her about Dr. Christensen. We went to him and he made everything seem so simple. He told us what the problem was and what he was going to do about it. All I can say is she is much better. No pain at all. We just cannot hardly believe it.

Alex Edwards

Very professional and informative 5/5 for sure.

Ted Williams

Had one epidural injection for chronic neck/shoulder pain I've had for years. No pain whatsoever now. Great staff ... very nice!

Lexie Owens

Great staff

Nichole Harris

Very amazing staff and doctor! They always do their best to help their patients as much as possible. Best work crew I have ever seen in any doctor's office.

Johnathan Taylor

Dr. Christensen and his lovely staff have cared for me for 2 years. Without their help, I would not be able to enjoy life to its fullest, especially with all of the pain I experience in my spine. They have changed my quality of life in a positive way!

Glenda Taylor

Good customer service at front desk. Dr Christensen has helped my husband's neck issues. He listened to our concerns. Came with steps to help him with his chronic pain. Thank you Dr C. ❗️

CJ Chambers

Dr Blake and staff have been very good to me. I was very stressed when first going to this office because my pain level was outrageous but soon after with more visits I truly feel reassured that I can be helped. Not only was everyone so kind but respectful too. Love y’all ♥️

Peachez Johnson

Beautiful office, knowledgeable and experienced staff members (especially Jasmine Q). Dr C is helping my daughter finally get control of those pesky migraines. I'm eternally grateful to him for that. The headaches really do affect her quality of life. The relief is welcomed and certainly appreciated!

Kathy Tinney

I have tolerated chronic back pain for 17 years after an accident and felt hopeless that there was any way to achieve any kind of relief. After years of a plethora of pain meds with little relief I'm so thrilled with the results Dr. Christensen has achieved. If you have chronic pain you really must give this Dr. a chance to help!

Pam Walker

This is the most professional office staff and Dr. I have ever been to. Dr. Christensen is very down to earth and won't talk to you like you are beneath him. I would recommend him to everyone I know.

Sue Kennedy

Dr.Christensen has given me a new lease on life with my back implant, I'm able to do things I haven't done in years,anyone having back pain should ask him about the implant,my pain is 85% better. I highly recommend him,Great Dr.and his staff is very caring.Don't suffer like I did for years,just make a call you won't regret it.

Randy Danner

Dr Christensen’s office staff are the best!! I get injections in my back and everyone there is compassionate and caring. Lucy is always in a great mood and makes me feel comfortable with her huge smiles! And if you’re lucky and have your procedure on the weekend she might even offer you a breakfast burrito. Can not say enough about the excellent care that Dr C provides with his knowledgeable staff! Randy Danner

Amber Hobgood

Best minimally invasive board certified pain doc in town! Thank you for your help Dr. C!


I really like Dr,Christensen. He an his staff treat me like family every time I come into his office from the beginning. Cindy and Lucey Ricardo are part of his dream team and I trust them With my life and whatever doc says goes he has way more education than I do and know way more about my body then I do. He truly is the best in the business

Terrie Ober

If there is ever a silver lining in going to doctor is in the attitude, and politeness that comes from dr Christensen staff especially from Taylor who schedules the appointments. She show me overall common courtesy which is very rare these day.. Thank so much for your kindness.

Lyndsey Phillips

I met Dr. Christensen after a terrible experience with a pain management doctor in the area. I had nearly given up on the idea of finding a good, caring and competent doctor. I’ve been batteling a chronic illness for over 10 years now and in that time I’ve met a lot of doctors. I’m telling you, this is a good one. His staff is friendly and helpful. They return phone calls and answer questions. You never feel rushed or like a number on a chart. Dr Christensen is really good at what he does, he takes his time to explain things and get the right treatment plan not just the quick one. He’s a blessing to me and i can tell he is one to many others too. Last time i was in their office, he had been working late and on Saturdays in December to make sure his patients got the relief they needed before the new year. That is rare and amazing. I’m thankful for these people.

Brandon Hunt

Quality care with numerous options for dealing with your pain. Knowledgeable and friendly staff with flexible billing. Office is clean and visits are attended to promptly.

Victoria C

I have visited Dr. Christensen since 2015. He is the only doctor that addressed my occipital neuralgia and treated it instantly. He is a phenomenal doctor and actually listens. Highly recommend.

c c

There is NO BETTER doctor in Oklahoma to help a patient with neck and back problems than Dr. Christensen. He is very compassionate about helping people get relief from pain. He has a Big Heart and will do everything in his power to take care of his patients, even if it means working after hours. Dr. Christensen is a Blessing from God. If you need a doctor that will listen and really care about you then please give his office a call, you won't regret it. His office staff is also very kind and professional. Thank you Dr. Christensen and staff for giving me my life back. God Bless!!!

Lisa Owens

I’ve had epidurals with other Drs for years. They always helped a little but not enough to be impressed. Maybe 30 percent reduction in pain. But at Dr Christensen’s I’m thrilled with my results! I’m almost pain free and the injections last so much longer. Can’t say enough great things about Dr Christensen!

Mariana Lizbeth

Awesome and fast service. Dr. Christensen and his staff are very helpful.

Danny Toney

A great doctor I'm in less pain then I been in for years

Jamie Ramos

Great staff, excellent service. Highly recommend!

Lucy Cardiel

Best Pain management doctor in town, great bedside manner and he’s got good jokes too. Come see him you will not regret it.

Amanda Bostick

This center has an amazing and friendly staff! Taylor is a great addition to the team! Thanks for all you do!

Stephanie Sanders

Dr. Christensen is AMAZING!!!! He found my trouble spots & ever since March, my pain levels have dropped with his help .

Tim & Laura Perkins

After seeing a different Pain Management Specialist before Dr. Christensen...With persistent pain after 2 level Cervical Fusion .I was given the wrong treatments of Nerve Blocks and Ablation that only made my. pain worse due to Multi Autoimmune Disorders. Dr. Christensen knew exactly how to treat my pain without all the Narcotics that I hate clouding my head. After 2 consecutive Cervical Epidural Injections and only being a week out from the 2nd... I feel at the very least 90% better....and I know that it's only going to get better going forward. I wasn't even able to exercise and rehab before due to pain...but now I am able to swim daily again....and in such a short time!!! Dr. C has been so nice and actually listens to my description of the pain and it's location. He is compassionate and caring. After almost 2 yrs with pain and suffering I finally found someone who knew exactly what they were doing!! And can I say that he is magic with a needle?? I didn't even feel him giving me the epidurals!! He has Magic Hands and a Magic Heart for his Practice. I LOVE this guy!! Thank You from the bottom of my heart Dr. C.!!! ~Laura P.

Shelly Hightower

My overall experience has been great

Clif Cypert

Dr. Christensen is fabulous! They get you in and out in a timely manner there and are courteous and helpful. Dr. Christensen listens to your concerns and will adjust accordingly if necessary. I'm very happy to have Dr. Christensen as my physician and highly recommend him!

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