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Thuc-nghi Truong

I was a patient of hers in 2014. I had tried so many acne treatments at that point and I had almost given up on the fact that my skin would ever look nice. My first visit at Dr. Lam's was very warm and inviting. I had originally asked someone in Norman and they had recommended me to Dr. Lam which was perfect since I live in Moore and hadn't realized a dermatologist was in the area. She started me on Accutane and despite my initial worries, I have never been so happy with my skin. I used to break out so badly to the point where I would feel like I couldn't run my fingers over my face without feeling a pimple. However, after months of treatment, my acne was diminished! My skin has never been so clear. Even now, even though I break out every now and then, it has never been even close to the extent it was before I had made an appointment with her. It was even more surprising that I didn't have to go back after my treatment was done. I was so used to having to get more and more pills and increase dosage like I had with my previous dermatologist, that not having to come back was a complete surprise to me. I'm very thankful to Dr. Lam for helping me! All of the staff were always warm and receptive, and I was always happy to come in for visits as they noted my progress.

Jenny Jackson

Dr. Lam and all the staff at Lam Dermatology were so helpful and really made our family feel comfortable. I had taken my 7 year old to the pediatrician several times for a rash. After numerous creams and visits we decided to make an appointment at Lam Dermatology and so glad we did. They figured it out after one visit!! The creams that were being prescribed were making her rash worse. So we will continue coming here because I trust my family will be taken care of.

Ashlee Castleman

Dr.Lam & her staff are super friendly. However, I am not pleased with the treatment of my son. I had to practically beg her to freeze my son's warts. We have done everything she has said to get rid of the warts & they are still there. She was going to have a pharmacy call me to try something else and I never got a phone call.


Dr lam is very knowledgeable and friendly. She is very patient and takes the time to listen and come up with great treatment plans.

Courtney Carrier

Samuel Bass

My daughter had a spider angioma on her nose that had to be fixed. Dr. Lam used her laser and in 10 minutes it was fixed. 2 weeks later we had family pics and no more red spot on her nose. Great Pediatric dermatologist!

April Judd

My skin has never felt and looked so good! I have had a pretty complex skin condition that specialists would see me and refer me to the next specialist. I have been tested, pricked, poked, swabbed, & patched. I have tried every topical cortisone and so many internal prescriptions. I’ve gone dye free, fragrance free, changed my pillows, comforters and gotten rid of my family pets. I’ve spent hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars trying to correct and manage what Dr Lam seemed to fix effortlessly. Dr Lam corrected an acute condition in only 3 days!!! At my follow up she taught me how to manage and prevent another crisis. My skin feels like butter, I don’t itch, my sheets no longer have blood on them from scratching in my sleep. I feel 15 years younger and I am forever grateful!!

Kirk Brown

Experience was decent, people were pretty quick and friendly. However, they dropped two stars because I couldn't pay the bill online ( at least couldn't find a way ).

Shelly Grunsted

Disappointed that the doctor spent less than 10 minutes (we timed her) each time my children have been in. Didn't ask questions about diet, or skin care simply gave meds - which had to be called in to 2 different pharmacies because the pharmacy didn't have it. Went back and forth between the office and pharmacy and finally have just given up. Would NOT recommend sending your children there for teenage acne.

Amy Cranford

Deans Le

Thanks to Lam Dermatology and staff for making my experience less stressful. I was nervous to see a dermatologist since I've never been to one, but the staff was very friendly when I came to appointment which put me at ease. I've never been to this area before but they gave me great directions to follow. I was brought back quickly after completing my paperwork and luckily they found cheaper alternatives to treat my eczema and acne since my insurance didn't cover medications well. I would recommend this practice to anyone wanting a quick waiting time and doctors that take time to explain everything. Thank you again for solving my skin issues!

Mark Ballinger

They gave a appointment knowing our insurance company however when we arrived they said they did not take it. I'm sorry not my job to check after they said they would take it.

Rin Feng

I hate to be one of the "odd ones out", but I'm going to have to vote this place down. Upon entering the establishment, I was not greeted nor tended to, as per usual, by the front desk staff. After confirming that I had made an appointment, I was given the usual stack of paperwork to fill out whilst receiving very chilling hints of the "I don't want to be here." attitude from the staff. On the bright side, the wait is not excessively long and somewhat shorter than most other clinics I've been to. I never met the doctor, but instead I was referred to the PA. I had multiple topics and concerns that I had previously brought up when consulting, so they up-charged my bill, since I'm complex, understandable. I had three topics to bring up, each one was given approximately two minutes of concern and attention, at max. I had visible evidence of one of my issues and wasn't even examined directly, when I can guarantee it's difficult to see, if you're not directed towards it. So, I have my doubts that she simply could identify the issue from far away. I was hastened through the visit by body language and a barrage of generic assumptions that were somewhat irrelevant to my specific issues. Also, none of my questions directly received response or notice. I was rushed out as quickly as everyone else, no more sufficed than when I had entered towards my condition. I was prescribed random things without being told any information of what they are. I was charged extra for multiple issues, when none of those issues were resolved or even examined. The awkward, impersonable aura being given off doesn't help, either. I had a feeling I didn't want to see a doctor about my issues, and this only solidified my predisposition against these visits. So, you're given the luxury of a brief waiting-time. Just know, everything is give and take, so you just might get a brief visiting and diagnostic time, as well. I believe Dr. Lam is a great doctor, and more than likely so is the PA. Although, this visit shows otherwise.

Alexa Cook

Dr. Lam is fantastic! Best dermatology institute in the state!

Liz Williams

Rude and has no clue about African American skin. My skin got worse.

dave ward

Talking to Dr. Lam didn't seem rushed like it does with most doctors. Nice staff. My skin is cleared up now. I highly recommend.

msfreespirit922 .

I called here about 9:00 am, needing to be seen as a new patient asap. They happened to have a cancelation and got me in at 11:15 am that morning. Her staff was super nice and Dr. Lam was able to correctly diagnose a rash that has been misdiagnosed (and plagued me!) for years. I am so happy that I found Lam Dermatology.

Streamleaf And Sleekstorm

I was very upset with my last two visits with Dr lam , she is worst malpractice ever !!!!!! Does not deserve a single star. The first time I visited her was less than 5 minutes , she treated me bad, wrong symptom , and prescribed antibiotic for 30 days. I took 7 day medicine did not see any improve it was spread out horrible and have to switch to another Dr to get my symptom treated. I do not recommend any friend or relative to see her.

Hoang M Duong

Phu Pham

Hands down, the best dermatologist in the state! Very knowledgeable about her craft. The staff are super friendly and helpful. Would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Love this place.

Sarah Shanks

Great services and products. Environment was clean, comfortable and inviting. Staff was super helpful and Dr. Lam is very knowledgable and thorough. Will definitely be back for any needs in the future!

Jeffrey Stevens

Great experience. Professional, timely and thorough with a pleasant and friendly staff.

Melissa Saldana

I would highly recommend this Dermatologist. Everything about my visits have been great! She is great and her staff is very helpful.

Victor Rook

Went in for exam. Had a bunch of pre-cancerous spots zapped with the freeze spray. I asked for a spot to be removed that was bothering me. Lam said "insurance doesnt cover that, it will be an extra $25". ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Lam is whats wrong with the health industry. Her interest is not in treating the patient... in my needs... it is all about the money with this doctor. If you are reading this review... keep looking, try and find a doctor that has the needs of the patient at heart... not milking another $25 copay for a 3 second spray of freeze.

Brittany Whitesel

Beautiful office! Dr. Lam is amazing and very informative. I leave there feeling happy, healthy, and confident!


In & out

Chad Edminsten

Ivy PA-C was amazing. She treated my son who had a lesion on his back and she knew immediately what it was. She prescribed the proper medicine and his lesion has greatly reduced and is almost gone. I saw her personally a month later for some skin spots which she took great care of, but also saw another problem that I had that I didn't' know about. She had Dr. Lam come into the room to confirm her diagnosis and did a skin biopsy of the lesion and once the pathology came back, it proved she was correct. She referred my to rheumatology to help take care of my problem. I am very happy with Ivy PA-C and Dr. Lam . Her staff was great as well. Very friendly and professional. They were nice and friendly to my son which meant the world to me. I highly recommend them.

Lacey Wenholm

Yvonne Tallent

I have eczema that breaks out only once or twice a year on my hands and feet. I made an appointment with the P.A. Ivy, who took great care of me. It was my first time there and she took the time to chat with me about me and my medical history before looking at my skin instead of coming in looking at my skin, prescribing ointment, and leaving, as so many other derms have done before. I saw in some other reviews that they had to wait and honestly, I did have to wait maybe 10 minutes but that's short in comparison to most doctor's offices. I will definitely return and refer my friends and family to this practice!

Ali Shabani

I had a very pleasant visit. Liked the office and the staff. They were very friendly. I went in for a consult and got the answer I needed. Dr. Lam was very thorough and her assistant gave me a cortisone shot that I didn't even feel.

Jed Nguyen

I had a pleasant experience during my visit. Walking in the door, I was immediately welcomed by the friendly front desk staff. It was not but a few short minutes before I was called back. The providers were kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. Treatment plan has been highly effective.

Jessica Wood

My first appointment with Dr. Lam, as far as doctors' appointments go, was a great experience. Her office is very clean, attractive, and pleasantly decorated, with many comfortable chairs and more than enough room for a relaxing, quiet (and in my case, brief) wait. Dr. Lam's receptionist was very friendly, polite, helpful, and professional. The clinical staff seemed very knowledgeable and super friendly. Dr. Lam herself explained every finding on her examination and discussed in detail treatment options. Instead of typing as she talked with me, one of her staff took notes on a tablet so I felt like I had Dr. Lam's full attention for the entirety of my appointment. She was happy to answer my numerous questions and never made me feel like she was rushed or didn't have time to fully discuss my concerns. Dr. Lam was very professional, but also extremely friendly and personable. I am so happy to have been referred to Dr. Lam and would highly recommend her to friends and family. She is all-around fabulous!

Vincent Le

Dr. Lam ensures that you receive the utmost care and that she works with you to have your needs met. I definitely recommend Dr. Lam!!

Shelley Hall

I have had a bright red an burning scalp for 2 years with a previous diagnosis of a very rare scarring hair disorder. I also have new symptoms of bright red cheeks and bridge of my nose. My insurance changed and when I went in she literally looked at one side of my scalp for maybe 10 seconds then looked at the pics (she could careless and was very rushed). She spent maybe 3-5 mins in the room with me then said I had hives and dandruff!! I am an experienced RN and her 4 minute diagnosis was as generic and pathetic as I have ever encountered. A 55$ copay and she got to Bill my insurance for the worst Dr I have ever encountered! Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!

Mandy Nguyen

Dr Lam is very professional and nice. The staff are very friendly.. They treated me well and they don't mind spending time to explain to me whatever I am unclear.. I strongly recommend this place..

Frank Nguyen

A great experience and I look forward to visits in the future! Dr. Lam is a knowledgeable dermatologist who interacts with her patients well. She and her staff are extremely friendly and accommodating to visitors.

Candace Sullivan

I brought my 7 year old in for a minor procedure. Dr. Lam and her staff were friendly. My son was treated quickly and effectivley. The staff was great at providing a safe, kid-friendly environment and I highly reccommend them.

Andrew Steindl

Thanks for the great care and result. I visited with the professional staff and DR. Lam about some blotchy patches on my face and neck. DR. Lam and staff quickly got my skin back to normal. I hope i dont ever have this issue again but if i do you can bet ill be back, Sincerely Andrew S

Ashley Turner

Christina Canary

I have been going to Lam Dermatologist and absolutely love the friendliness of the staff! They have been great and I have enjoyed being a client there and most definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful dermatologist to go to. I have never seen anything but kindness from all of the staff here. Dr. Lam and Dr. Ivy are awesome!

Kayla Kopensky

Lam Dermatology has an excellent staff and environment! Dr. Lam is very friendly, and extremely knowledgable. She makes you feel very welcome and comfortable! I would recommend Lam Dermatology to everyone!

Tabitha Cortney

I’ve been struggling with acne for roughly 10 years and been on several medications that just didn’t work. Dr Lam was the first one to allow me to try Accutane when I told her it was my last resort. After my 6 months on it, my skin has never looked better! I had to take one star because like most doctors, it’s more of a get in get out situation, I didn’t feel very valued.

Jessica Robinson

Dr. Lam is not only professional she is personable. She did an excellent job of explaining what to expect with my procedure. The second you walk into the her office you know you will get quality care. Whether it is cosmetic or a regular dermatological visit I highly recommend Lam Dermatology.

Toniah Juday

Love this place! Everyone is amazing! Front desk, nurses and Ivy! Thanks to this wonderful staff and Ivy my dyshidrotic eczema is finally under control! After establishing care with Lam Dermatology, they have been able to get me in same day if I was in a pinch! I am so thankful to have found Lam Dermatology!

Mark Ngo

Excellent dermatologist office. They do a lot of small stuff that other offices won't. Staff remembers me by name, call in medication timely, consults with my primary care physician, etc. I've seen different dermatologists over the years and Dr. Lam is the first one I feel I've made progress with. We discuss treatment options and agree to a treatment plan. Would highly recommend to anyone that is considering seeing a dermatologist.

Winston Lam

Great front desk staff. They got all of my information and insurance together quickly, which is comforting as a new patient. I appreciated that Dr. Lam really took the time to look over my skin condition, even though it seemed like a simple problem. Great staff with a comfortable atmosphere, I would definitely continue to recommend them!

thanh huynh

Lam Dermatology was the first dermatology clinic I've been to. I've continued to see them due to accessibility, easy communication, patience, and their friendly staff. I've had issues with my face, bug bites, and eczema. Everytime I have a question, they quickly follow-up with my concerns (especially when my issues take more time than needed). Since I'm a little anxious at times, they helped me by informing me that some skin conditions takes more than a week to clear. They had to tailor my treatment a few times, but now I have perfectly clear skin. I would recommend anyone in my family or friends to come to this clinic.

Michael Dwaileebe

Have been to see Dr. Lam three times and all three appointments have been great. The staff is friendly and helpful. Once you get to the exam room, Dr. Lam is in very quickly.


I will not be returning to Dr. Lam. The only nice person in there was the girl who walked me to and from the room. The receptionist checking me in was very short, while the other receptionist sat on her phone and didn’t even acknowledge anybody. I was in the back for not even 10 minutes. Dr. Lam told me that my stuff doesn’t bother me (which clearly it does or I wouldn’t have gone.) She was careless of my needs. She proceeded to give me a card to call in my own prescription, whom therefore, never answered any of my phone calls throughout the day.

Danielle Breezy

Dr. Lam is one of the best dermatologists in the country. I have lived in many areas but choose to see her as much as possible because of her knowledge and that she follows up and cares. My skin looks the best it ever has because of her. I would recommend her to all my family and friends.

Madison Hendrix

If I could give more stars I would! Ivy has been working with me on getting my acne under control. She has made it a point to really listen to all of my concerns, and has taken her time to explain why she though each option I had would be good for me, and went into detail on exactly what I could expect from the treatments. Each time I’ve come into the office I didn’t feel rushed like you can in a lot of places, and I left confident in the care I was provided. The staff at the front is so sweet, and always go out of their way to greet you and make you feel welcome. Definitely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so so so so pleased with this facility!

T.C. Russell

I am so impressed with the staff at this clinic. I was able to get in the same week and the front desk helped me better understand my insurance. Everyone there was incredibly knowledgable. Dr. Lam was so patient and explained everything to me. When I called with another question I got a call back from her assistant the same day.

Michele Lefebvre

Dr. Lam is wonderful! Diagnosed and treated my skin problems within 2 visits...and didn't make me sit and wait forever! I'm seen by Dr. Lam within 5 minutes of checking in! Wish all doctors were that prompt!

M Martin

I give this place a star for the office team who were nice. Dr. Lam is not friendly, speaking in context over my medical vocabulary; when I asked her to speak so I could understand, she became ruder towards me. I did feel she cared about me, for instance, she did not say are you okay or goodbye. I need a doctor who demonstrates values of compassion and care for my wellness.

Pam Sanford

I am writing this on behalf of my mother who saw Dr. Lam this week. She reported to me that she will never go back. Dr. Lam was rude, condescending, lacked empathy and did not even bother with "social niceties". She said my mom's skin was "perfect" and but she [Dr. Lam] did not have an MRI to look deeper. She spoke in medical terminology and did not take the time to listen. As I was reading the other reviews I began to tally up the stars she has received. There are a total of 60 4-star ratings. The VAST majority of these were posted over 2 years ago. Two of the 1-star ratings were posted 2 years ago; 11 of the 1-star ratings were posted within the last year. (there were also 2 4-star ratings; 4 3-star ratings; 1 2-star rating) The medical field is incredibly stressful and complex. I would like to give Dr. Lam the benefit of the doubt and consider that perhaps she has gone through something in her life in the last year, that has caused her to lose sight of patient care. It happens to all of us that are in a 'helping' field. I firmly believe that most of the time, the medical field is chosen as a profession because the individual wants to help people. It is easy to lose track of this as one is juggling competing demands for time and energy (staffing, training, competition, family, etc.) Dr. Lam, please remember to interact with patients the way you would want a helping professional to interact with your mother, daughter, sister or friend. Remember the relationship is where it begins and ends. Thank you for reading this. Pam Sanford, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Alondra Cruz

She is the worse dermatologists that I have been on years, she never explain me the side effects of the medication and she made my skin worse that it was before I went to her.

Lauryn Ludwig

I absolutely love coming here! I have always been able to get in and out quickly, I truly felt like Dr. Lam listened to my issues and worked with me to find the best possible treatment! My skin has never looked better, I am so thankful for Dr. Lam and her staff!

Melody Clanton

My husband went to have a rash that has progressively gotten worse the last 10 months evaluated and treated despite treatment. The rash started off with two small lesions on his calf’s mirroring images. It slowly has spread up his body to his head. Dr. Lam did not do a full HPI to investigate his issues and find the cause of the rash to resolve it. The only solution she could offer was to take Allegra three times the recommend dose. He is already taking Allegra 24 hour tablet, Claritin, hydroxyzine prn itching and Benadryl prn itching along with steroid topical cream. These aren’t helping. This was very disappointing that she did not take time to listen to her patient that is paying to be treated by her. I would recommend finding another provider that will take time to listen and investigate what is going on. Some illness and issues are not a simple fix. It takes a good dedicated provider to help the patient find the right diagnosis and treatment. And she is not that provider evidently.

cecily long

Clean and inviting office. Immediate service. Dr. Lam is so competent and always has a smile on her face. Beautiful people jnside and out!

chant rice

I am updating my review. The office called today to explain what transpired yesterday. Though I cannot be totally sure if what transpired yesterday was a misjudgment on my part, I am adding stars for the fact that the doctor cared enough about the reputation of her business to rectify the situation and resolve whatever displeasure I experienced that day. My recommendation was to explain situations like that to patients in the future because else we can make the worst assumptions, especially those of us coming from different life situations because I didn't know what to make of what happened. I thought I was being discriminated against, but I am willing to give the office my trust back.

Samantha Hidalgo

I didn't even get to make an appointment and the woman who answered the phone was very rude sounding. I have high anxiety talking to people and I didn't need to be made to feel awful for trying to make an appointment. I can't believe how irritable she sounded, like I was a bother. This review is not for the doctor. I am not happy with the staff. Please be more kind to your customers. It was unnecessary to make me feel like I was being a bother. I'm not from this area and have never had skin issues before so I'm doing the best I can.

Rex Q

3 weeks ago I called the office and asked if they were taking new patients, I was told yes but they would need to call me back. I never heard back from anyone, so I called back and the girl that answered said she was sorry for not returning my call, during our conversation we were disconnected, yet again now return call from her, I decided to wait and see if she ever would...that'd be a big nope! which brought me here and after reading the reviews, I'm kinda glad she never called back... Good Luck to you all

Jennifer Canfield

If you are looking for a wonderful dermatologist look no further than Lam Dermatology. Dr. Lam is absolutely amazing, knowledgeable and friendly. I have had some Cosmetic procedures done in Office and absolutely love my results! The Laser Genesis has changed my life and my complexion has never looked better.

Lesa Fields

First visit and last!! Front office staff very unfriendly. No one greeted me at the front desk or even looked at me when I was checking in. Dr. Lam spent a total of MAYBE 10 minutes with me as a new patient sun screening exam. No bedside manner AT ALL! The medical assistant was nice.

Miss O

Wow, terribly rude staff. I brought my son there a few years ago, and I remember thinking that the doctor and staff were a little rude, but I thought, “Eh, it’s fine, she’s a doctor, I’m not paying her to be my friend, I just need her to treat my son.” Today I called to make another appointment, and someone from her office answered. Before I could even finish introducing myself, the girl just interrupted me completely and said, “Ok, is there something I can help you with, like, do you need an appointment or something?” I was completely stunned. I stayed quiet for a minute, trying to figure out how on earth I must’ve upset her. She had such a hateful tone, and stopped me in midsentence while I was just giving her my name. So I went ahead and told her that that was a kind of rude, and that I was only trying to give her my name, and she said in an even more hateful voice, “I’m not being rude, I just need to know what you want.” I responded, “Wow, I’m just in shock right now, I was just calling to try to make an appoint-“ and she seriously hung up on me! Anyhow, I will never ever be returning to this place. I read through some of the reviews, it looks like they have a habit of being very rude, and then they casually respond to the bad review with the same message to ‘call back if you have issues.’ No. Thanks.

Sabrina Stephenson

Cindy Rosario

Great experience, highly recommended! Thank you for all your hard work! What a great team!

Janet Robinson

I cannot say enough about Dr Lam and her staff. From the office staff to the nurses and Dr Lam, I have been treated with total respect and received the best care every visit. If you are looking for a Dermatologist on the far side of South Oklahoma City, then look no further. Take 2 - 7 months later - Today I went to see Dr Lam concerning a mole above my ear. Once again, I was greeted and treated well by all. I honestly cannot say enough about Dr Lam and her staff. They truly have a warm and caring culture in the office. THANK YOU ALL 8/30/19

Trevor Walker

They are so nice and helpful! Dr Lam is the best.

Luann Gatz

Staff was friendly and I saw the PA-C on my first visit and she was very nice and thorough. But, on my second visit I saw Dr. Lam and she was very rude and condescending. She talked down to me and acted like I was putting her out for being there. The only way I would go back is if I saw the PA-C again. She's the only reason I gave 2 stars!

QPNumber3 .

Had a chance to tour the clinic and shadow Dr. Lam. The clinic is neat and staff very friendly. Dr. Lam herself is excellent.

Celeste Carel

Dr Lam and her staff were very friendly. They also told me about their 20 percent off this winter so I saved some money. I really appreciated that.

Sarah Morrison

First impression was wonderful. Lovely staff, PA-C was kind. She knew what she was talking about. Very excited to start a new beginning with my skin health. Tried a cream for three months... my skin got worse like she had said,, yet it only got slightly better. We then switched creams and also began an oral medication, which changed nothing. I then went back in a few months later and told her that nothing had changed. She then informed me that there was nothing else she could do for me. A dermatologist is someone you go to, due to the fact that over the counter products are no longer working for you. For one to tell me there is nothing she can do for me. Just an absolute disappointment. Now my face is left with acne scars and no one wants this, that is why they seek treatment. Not returning. Update. So I’d just like to say that I have a neurological disorder, I have epilepsy. The dermatologist would like to put me on acutane, which means I would have to be on birth control in order to take. However, I cannot take birth control due to the fact that it counteracts my seizure medication. The dermatologist has also stated that one of my medications that I have been taking for over a year now might cause acne. Which it never has. I have tried two different creams and an oral medication prescribed through the dermatologist. The acne went from mild and light to deep pimples which led to scarring. My dream has been to wear no makeup once so ever. To be beautiful the way that God has made me. However, acne has made it difficult for me. The next thing that has upset me is the fact that my face has acne scars, very red complexion. Embarrassing. I will never be able to go without makeup in my eyes due to the fact that I am embarrassed of my complexion. I have this skin for life, this is the only face the only skin I will ever have and now it is scarred.. it’s is ruined. Very disappointed. -thanks

AKbeauty Lux

Dr. Lam was thorough and wonderful and very knowledgeable about my daughters acne and my skin spots.

Karen Hinkle

I had to visit Lam Dermatology due to a very scary, misshapen mole on my leg. I called the office, got an appointment quickly, and was seen very soon afterwards. I'm a person with a full schedule, so filling out new patient forms online was a huge time saver. Dr Lam entered the exam room as a breath of fresh air. She was kind, compassionate, patient, and made me feel like I was the only appointment of her day. She answered my questions, and took time to let me know the urgency of my particular situation. She was willing to drop everything that day, and take care of me immediately. I had to convince her that I could wait another day or two for a biopsy to be done. A couple of days later, I returned for the biopsy. Her wonderful staff was kind, gentle, and never treated me like I was just a "procedure", or an insurance claim . They made it priority to help me maintain modesty during the procedure, with Dr Lam talking me through it the whole time. She was careful to take time to answer my questions, and educate me on skin lesions, and other things to look for on my body. Unfortunately for me, I had to have more surgery at a different location. The doctors and staff at that location spoke very highly of Dr Lam, her work ethic, the excellence of the procedure she did on me, and her notes that left no room to guess regarding further action to be done. I was able to ascertain that she not only had my respect, but the respect of her colleagues and their staff. I have to return for some follow up with Dr Lam, and am actually looking forward to the visit. I know that I will be given excellent care. There is a reason that there is more than one location, due to the fact that she is not only one of the best in dermatology in OKC, she is the best in dermatology anywhere. We in OKC are fortunate to have access to such a wonderful medical professional.

Chloe Beall

I had an amazing first appointment! I've had super bad cystic acne since I was 9 I'm 14 now and I've been made fun of and judged I'm so insecure of my acne I can't even leave the house without makeup because I'm scared of people judging me. I was going to my local dermatologist and they just kept giving me epiduo and he kept saying it will go away, I told him I think I have cystic acne and he kept disagreeing with me. I knew my face was gonna be ruined if I don't hurry up and find a better dermatologist So I decided to make a dermatologist appt in okc and there was a few To choose from but I made a good choice choosing Lam Dermatologist they were super nice and knew I had cystic acne as soon as I walked in they talked me through everything and are putting me on medication that will help clear up my acne. I highly recommend them!

Linda Nuckols

Great office and staff. My son and I needed to get in for a last minute appt and they were able to get me in same day. They quickly checked and saw my insurance was contracted with them. We saw Ivy and she treated us like we were family. She took time to explain what I needed to do when I went home. She was patient with my 3 year old son and prescribed me medication which saved me from my misery. I highly recommend coming here.

Chris Nguyen

I really admire Dr. Lam's professionalism and how genuine she cares for her patients. When she does work, she definitely does her job extremely well and in a timely manner! I really would recommend this doctor to anyone that has any skin problems because she's one of the best in the business .

Erin Means DeWalt

I really love this office. The front desk staff is very easy to work with and accommodating. I have been super impressed with how quickly I have been able to get my son scheduled to come in, much faster than many other dermatologist offices I've tried. In addition, our visits here are so quick and efficient. I am used to waiting a long time in doctor's offices, but we never have to wait long here. They have us in and out in about 20 minutes or less. We have always found the treatment recommendations that we get from the PA and from Dr. Lam to be helpful and effective. Everything about this place is just great!

Nicole Stanbrough

Completely disappointed. I felt Dr. Lam was in a hurry and anything I said was an unconcern to her. She made me feel rushed and I regret wasting my time today because I clearly wasted hers.

Briana Picard

They are friendly and fast, and have been supportive the whole step of my way trying to become psoriasis free! They’re patient through insurance debacles and help find the right medicine that will work!

Jennifer Scott

We love Dr. Lam and Med Asst. Jennifer! They are the best!

Gary McManus

Dr. Lam is always extremely nice and pleasant, and she's extremely knowledgeable. Her front office staff are always so nice as well. If you're anywhere in central OK, she should be your dermatologist.

Sabrina Clark

I went through a /roughly/ 6 month accutane program. Dr. Lam and her staff were just absolutely wonderful. Always there to answer questions, whether in office or if I called and left a message they would call back very quickly. Not only am I astounded and very pleased with the results I recieved, but I am also very sad because I am now officially finished with my program. So I won't need to come back regularly. Thank you Dr. Lam!!!

Tim Truong


Hidden costs. $500 for cosmetic removal, $605.80 lab fee, and $98.12 office visit. I enjoyed the staff and my initial experience. I didn't wait long and was in/out in a timely manner. They removed four small skin tags in a cosmetic procedure. No threat. She told me in advance that the cost was going to be a total of $125 per tag and that all tags must be sent to the lab to be tested. They charged me $500 and sent me on my way. I was pleased with how Dr. Lam did business and happy she gave me totals upfront. Unfortunately, I received a bill shortly after for anther $605.80 lab fee and $98.12 office visit. I just wished these had been discussed before hand. I am out $1200 for a 30 minute office visit.

Melissa Smith

My visit to Dr. Lam’s office was my first visit to a dermatologist. I’ve spent my entire life in the sun and never wore sunscreen as a kid. I was really nervous that I was going to get bad news. Dr. Lam’s staff was very nice and reassuring and Dr. Lam made me comfortable very quickly. The appointment didn’t take long at all, but I got all of my questions and concerns answered. Dr. Lam was thorough in her instructions for what I need to do going forward and made it all so simple! She only recommends products that she uses on her own skin. Her staff was very helpful and friendly. I live in Edmond, but will drive to south OKC because Dr. Lam is my dermatologist! I don’t want to see anyone else!

Britney Dang

Dr. Lam is the best dermatologist, hands down. I've always had issues with my complexion from acne scarring and milia and with Dr. Lam's help, my face has improved tremendously. She is very knowledgeable and thorough while explaining treatment options. I can honestly say that my skin has never looked better.

Hallie McCartney

I had a great experience for treatment of acne scarring. My scarring is very mild so Dr. Lam recommended a mild treatment with laser genesis which was perfect because there was no down time and very little discomfort. I have had great results and will continue to see Dr. Lam for any and all future skin issues!

Alyna Dinh

Awesome! Very helpful!

Yen Tran

Came for blemishes and some skin discoloration. Was very pleased with all the staff including front desk and was treated very well from the moment I entered to the time I left. Standard paperwork, and was very easy to schedule my visits. I never felt like I was being rushed throughout my appointment. Even sent my prescription to a mail-order pharmacy to save me some money! Will be recommending all my friends and family to this clinic!

Clara Tang

Dr. Lam is an excellent dermatologist with a great office staff. Everyone is very friendly and timely. Would highly recommend!

My Dinh

Came to Lam Dermatology for issues with acne. Upon entering, the front desk staff were very nice and welcoming. I was seen by the PA, which I was already told I'd be seen by her. She was very thorough and caring about my acne issues and prescribed me some topical creams. My insurance was billed as told. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to see the Lam Dermatology team for your skin problems.

Brian Schettler

Excellent service. Nice staff and appointments are quick but not rushed. Dr. Lam was very professional and was able to help me get rid of some bothersome eczema quickly. I was glad she was able to see me in a week when all of the other places I called couldn't get me in for 4-5 months!

Iza k

I feel terribly disappointed! I came to a dermatologist with a scalp problem and dye. Dr. Lam did not even check what it is, only she said that everyone had it (it was not normal). she it froze it (cost $ 25) When asked why trace the hair only answered that by stress (which is not true). I spent 8 minutes in her office and I spent $ 75 on nothing!

Taishi Singleton

Dr.Lam is very imformative and she’s kind. She told me about all my options to give me a bigger picture. I like this office. The staff is really nice and welcoming.

Jimmy Fish

My first visit with lam dermatology was beyond expectation. I was greeted by the friendly and welcoming front office staff as soon as I entered. I was called back for my visit shortly after finishing paper work. Dr lam examined my rash and prescribed me a topical medication. Throughout the visit she answered all of my questions and even took the time to look at a few of my moles. I do however disagree with other reviews I have read. I would highly recommend Dr. Lam and her wonderful staff to my friends and family. She is kind, compassionate and I will continue to see her for all of my skin care needs!

Estapraq Kahlil

She didn't even bothered to checked my hair or scalp. She sat like few feet from me saying yes use this and that. I never returned to her. How did she get 4 star!!! NO IDEA! She is the worst!

Marie Nguyen

Dr. Lam provides excellent care and is very professional. She works diligently and in a timely manner, but makes sure that she gives the best medical care for her patients. Her staff is also great and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Amanda Nugent

Lam Dermatology is such a great place of business. I have the honor of not only being able to work for Dr. Lam, but also to be a patient. When I first started seeing Dr. Lam I was struggling with severe cystic acne. I tried everything that I could think of to try to help get rid of my acne but nothing ever worked. Dr. Lam set me up with a treatment plan and my skin has never looked BETTER!! I am more than ECSTATIC with my results now. I also HIGHLY recommend that if you are interested in getting Cosmetics to come to Dr. Lam. She does INCREDIBLE work! I have done Botox and Lasers; both of which changed my life. Dr. Lam does everything with such confidence and ease it makes you as a patient feel so satisfied and comfortable!

Patti Martin

Staff is very helpful and friendly. What I like most about Dr Lam is she is very honest and helpful in determining the best treatment. I went in asking for one procedure and turns out she was able to help me to determine one more fitting to my needs. The staff is helpful in explaining appointment and payments. I highly recommend Lam Dermatology to everyone

Callie Carter

My first visit with Lam Dermatology was a great experience! I had a very wide spread rash that had not improved with any of the other medications I was prescribed at the urgent care. Dr. Lam did a full examination and listened as I listed the endless things I had tried and failed. She prescribed medication, answered all of my question, explained possible side effects and made me feel at ease throughout the whole visit. In less than two weeks and I am almost clear and could not be happier! Thanks Dr. Lam and Lam Dermatology y’all rock!


Unreasonable prices for sub par level of care. I was a new patient and was seen by a PA, not the physician. She removed a mole from my back. I asked for a comprehensive skin assessment and she told me did one. All she looked at was my back and ears. I was charged over $200 for the pathology as well as $200 for the office visit as a self pay patient. I started seeing a different dermatologist who is much more experienced and educated. She thoroughly examines every area of my skin and I pay less than $100 per visit. Lam dermatology only cares about money. Stay away from this clinic

David Stump

Lam Dermatology is the absolute best, I can’t thank Dr Lam and the entire staff and office staff for being professional and so helpful. Thank You

Don Hollingsworth

Wanted to share what a professional run office that Dr. Lam runs. My appointments have been met on time and Dr. Lam's treatment is prompt and explained very well. I appreciate that she understands my time is valuable also. Overall a great experience

Noel Dominguez

I had my first ever Dermatology consult with Dr. Lam a few months back and was BEYOND satisfied with her practice. Everyone is welcoming, inviting, and the availability is phenomenal. Can't wait to go back for my follow-up appointment!!

Cindy Risky

I have been to Lam Dermatology for a few cosmetic services and everytime I visit the staff is so polite and helpful and I’m always satisfied with the service they provide. I would definitely recommend this office to friends and family.

Damon Lane

Nice staff that knows what they are doing. Great facility and great service

Sylvia Bui

I love the staff and professional here! Highly recommended!!

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