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This Doctor corresponds to the category of Orthopedic surgeon.

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REVIEWS OF C. Shane Hume, D.O. IN Oklahoma

Rick Phillips

A do differs from an MD and that they take one year less of med school, and have a different philosophy of medical care and what causes people to be healthy. I have been to do those I have been to MDS, and as far as I'm concerned they both do excellent jobs. So if you're looking for a doctor, I do is fine with me.

Deloris Mcconnico

Thomas Guadalupe

It is my opinion, Mr Hume doesn’t deserve to be call Doctor. He failed to recognize a CSF Leak from a Posterior Decompression Surgery he performed on me September 19, 2016. After 3 months complaining of severe headaches and a fluid build up (Seroma) at the incision site on my surgery, I was rushed to the OU Medical Center ER on January 3, 2017 Where Dr Michael D Martin, MD repaired a tear in the dura, which he stated as a “defect.” incidentally, my Pain Management, Dr Martin J Lopez, MD, suspected there might be a CSF leak. He contacted Hume that same day and recommended an ultrasound or withdrawal of fluid, December 14-15, 2016. It is my opinion, that Mr Hume’s inflamed ego, did not allow himself to accept the fact that I became the 1-3% of patients that can suffer a CSF leak after Decompression surgery. Furthermore, I went on to be admitted to the OU Medical Center ER AGAIN on February 2, 2017 with 3 unknown viruses in my spinal canal which were detected by a biopsy.. a hole drilled Into my spine because contaminated fluid backwashed into my spinal canal. As (UN)Luck would have it, on March 3, 2017 I was found in my bedroom near death by a friend and rushed to the OU Medical Center ER for the third time by ambulance because of low blood pressure, dehydration, and another virus infection known as “C-Diff.” I almost died 3 times under his care starting in June 2013. Ironically, I didn’t die! Shouldn’t Medical personal honor the medical oath i.e; to help ....not to cause harm to patients? I wish I could post photos of what he did to me. Also, I wish I could post the sound of the tears of pain he caused me, my Parents, my family and my closest friends. Don’t let him label his work as “Failed Back Surgery!” I’ll never forget his final words to me in his office on December 15th, 2016, ‘There’s nothing I can do for you. I discussed with him that I felt I received better care when I had Insure Oklahoma. That my care declined when I became disable and Soonercare became my Medical Insurance. He Requested I Come back when I got better medical insurance. Finally, he informed me that he no longer accept Soonercare.’ What do the words ‘Post Op’ mean in the medical field? In closing, I guess, Someone had to graduate at the bottom of their class!?!? I strongly do NOT recommend him!!!

Lauren Coffee

Dr. Hume and his assistant were very rude.

Traci Pippin

Failed back surgery, never offered to help with pain, having to see another physician to fix his mistake

Khi Bergmann

Just had a laminectomy surgery with Dr Hume. He was great and and I had immediate relief. Amanda is as good as they get.

LaQuita Reherman

I have been a patient of Dr Hume's for over 2 years He is the best I had 3 major spine surgeries and I can walk now without pain!!! Amanda is a sweetheart!!! I tell all my friends how good they are!!!!

Ken Wilcox

My name is Ken Wilcox, i was in an auto accident. First thank you for the help Dr. Hume, a very compassionate, comfortable, professional I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone serious about getting better. I'm currently after surgery just over a week. With in a second my life changed. I have had several professional and personal people i did trust, treat me with 'oh you'll be ok just stretch it out' , i tried to go back to work under those circumstances. In a short time the pain was so severe I could barely get anywhere without stopping because I was sick from pain. My whole body was hurting I truly was having a hard time to even concentrate at times. Then my lawyer Dan Davis a superior, professional firm. Sent me to get my follow through exam. A true blessing from God. Dr. Hume walked in and his sincerity was unquestionable, he listened and touched, talked and then told me, he would review all my medical and wanted an MRI to be able to focus on things he identified as possible issue's. I went through some politics. Then with my lawyers help, i got scheduled for surgery. The day of my surgery, i was at Northwest Sugery center an amazing place, wonderful people took very good care of me. I felt like they cared like family. When I woke up I had a flower delivery and a very nice nurse. I didn't have a raging migraine, that alone told me I was going to have a better day. The whole staff was very personal and caring, amazing people. Dr. Hume come to check on me personally as did Dr. Jay, another amazing doctor. I still have some issues so yes, I will continue to heal I understand that all to well. With in perspective though i needed to let anyone else who is in any situation where you might want help, you couldn't find a better doctor. I look forward to a better life now. Thank you again for your compassionate care and unwavering support in my healing. I truly feel blessed by my Lord. Ken W.

Rikki Short

janie ramming

Dr. Hume chose to treat for for an accident injury, when I had a hard time finding a doctor who would. He was very professional, and listened to my concerns every step of the way. He ended up doing two different surgeries on me, and I would highly recommend him. And, every person that I encountered, in his office, from check-in to x-rays to billing were very friendly and helpful.

Tayna Keeney

He had great bedside manner, explained everthing in detail. His staff are very pleasant. The only thing i dont like is im never seen at the time im scheduled for! I usally get to a room about an hour after my scheduled time, then Dr. Humes comes in 30 minutes to an hour later.


Love love love Dr Hume. He's honost and really made my life better and pain free. His assistant Amanda is just as awsome.

Sara Swise

The staff at Dr. Hume's office are rude and unprofessional. I would never recommend that anyone go there.

Jon Pardue

12/6/18 I have had serious back issues for years and avoided the major surgery as best as I could but unfortunately I was hit from behind in a traffic accident so badly that is caused the two discs to move significantly enough that I had to have surgery. After a variety of dr visits with Dr Hume it was time. My personal experience with past surgeries is around 7 times so I know how staff can basically wheel you in and out like they did in the US Service. But, I will promise you this; Dr Hume and Every Single Staff Member he had working with me were not only friendly and professional but very respectful and cared about me and my family on each step that went on. I can’t say enough about Everyone that was involved including Dr Hume. I’m one week out of surgery so I have a ways to go but so far so good and the scars are excellent and cleanly done. Great job everyone!! Thx again, JP

Crash Man

Doctor is great. Staff are pretty terrible. They turn off the phones before they even close, and when they do answer, it takes forever for them to pick up.

deg1952 .

After waiting for more than 2 1/2 hrs. P.A. walked into examination room at 5:30pm and in less than 5 min, bluntly stated to my wife that she could not see a reason for her to be in pain. Never went over MRI scan with her. We asked about another test we had heard of, She said do you mean a discogram, and we said yes, She stepped out of office and back in, said that was a reasonable request and for us to look the procedure up on the Internet to decide if my wife wanted to have the test done, and that their office would be contacting her to schedule a appointment and she could tell them then if she wanted to have the test done. End of visit.

Megan Palmer

First I had to call FOUR TIMES just to get an appointment set, even though I left three voicemails during business hours and never got a call back. Then at my appointment I never even saw the doctor, and I was never told who I was even talking to, I found out later it was his rude PA who acted like nothing was wrong even with severe back pain at 21 years old. Now after telling me to go to a rheumatologist they won’t answer their phones while I try to get my information sent over to the rheumatologist. Not to mention at my second appointment the PA (again never saw the doc) was AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE to the appointment. I wasn’t even in the waiting room, I was taken back to a room and had to sit in there the whole time while the AC was practically off. Without a doubt the worst experience I have ever had. I can’t wait to finish medical school myself and do everything opposite that this office does.

Kristina Ellington

Kevin Coley

I was referred to Dr. Hume for a second opinion on my L4 and L5 redue. My 1st impression of Dr. Hume was that he is a little different than other Dr.s. He was wearing scrubs and cowboy boots. Dr Hume sat down and began saying the same things the previous Drs had said, but then he did something the others did not, he pulled up each disk on the MRI he zoomed in and rotated it around and really took a look. He then pointed out a couple of areas of concerns the other Drs had not mentioned. This attention to detail is the reason I chose Dr Hume to perform the surgery. I was told the surgery was to be performed at the Northeast surgical center on may and Britton. 1st impression from the outside was I was not impressed. This did not look like a place that would be performing a back surgery. My impressions soon changed. After coming out of surgery I had instant relief. I have lived with pain every day for 2 years that ranged from a level of 6 to 10. I now had zero pain out of surgery. I felt great. This is the 3rd day after surgery and I am pain free. Dr Hume is amazing. The surgical facility was amazing. I had the best one on one care. They explained everything they did and always had a great attitude. Stephanie, Zane, Cora Angela, and kay were my caretakers and each did an amazing job. Even the good was great!. The good was catered in and was hot, delicious and the portions were huge. This staff needs to be recognized, they made me feel comfortable and took care of each of my needs.

Rickey Beck

I felt like he was honest with me and did a good job.

Carolyn Fletcher

I am having back surgery soon and would be able to answer this question after surgery

Luke Walker

Dr Hume is a awesome doctor. His work ethic and caring aditude tward his work is unmatched. He's a doctor who truly cares about his patients. The time and efforts he put in to my sergery and recovery were awesome. He's changed the quality of my life and I want to thank him for that. And his staff at North West sergical. We're on my every need . Thank you Dr Hume and I hope you have a awesome 4th of July Holliday.

Heather Lackey

Dr. Hume is really good, he listens and he explained exactly what to expect for my upcoming neck surgery. He made me feel very comfortable I know I will be in good hands with Dr.Hume, I was scared when I went to my appointment but after talking with him I am not as scared as I was. Thank You Dr. Hume

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