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Lydia Farless

Please do not waste your time or energy trying to be a patient at this establishment. They care little about their patients, their patients diagnosis, or navigation through a life changing diagnosis. With a diagnosis like epilepsy the doctor did not care to answer any questions on how to navigate through those, safety precautions to take, or how to navigate the day to day changes that were needed. My husband had a seizure and hit his head causing a severe head laceration and we called and asked about navigation and what we do. We came in for an appointment but were treated like we were wasting time with any questions. In talking to a CMA I told her of our experience and we asked who helps with the multiple factors that go into this diagnosis. We were told the doctors and their team but not to ask lengthy questions because the doctors don't like that. Well, that means that no, they in fact do not help with navigation. If possible I would say take your business outside of Anchorage for a neaurological diagnosis because I am sure you will get better care, more informed doctors, and a facility that treats the whole patient and the diagnosis and not one that just wants your money.

Jessica Moran

A few good people for sure, but I've had some really bad experiences here with some doctors that made me feel unsafe. Scheduling is a nightmare. I have plenty of medical records that was not reviewed at my appointment, and that made me feel like the offices or doctors were unprepared. My physical therapist seemed super lazy when it came to treatment, she was more interested in chatting and doing her own yoga routine, it felt like it was all about her instead of about my treatment. Dr. Kennedy was nice and friendly. I just don't feel any progress in treatment, and with scheduling being a second job, I'd rather go somewhere more compatible, and who wants to work with me towards my healing goals.

Matt Leonard

I have had experiences with a few neurology centers. Frankly, this one simply met my expectations. Nothing poor (at all), but I didn't feel a tremendous amount of warmth from the desk staff. The M.A's were friendly and seemed to understand the potential nature of their patients' conditions. A neuro-psych evaluation was performed and Dr. Lander was very professional, kind, and supportive in providing her feedback. She was not, however, remarkably thorough. These evaluations contain exhaustive information; it would have been nice if more clarity could have been provided.

Pamela Darby

After reading the reviews, I knew I had to leave one. I have been a patient at Alaska Neurology Center for several years, before it was at it's present location. I have nothing but praise for the clinic. The support staff has always been kind, helpful and cheerful. The doctors that I have seen have been stellar. I see Dr Ellenson for some neurological issues and he has been great. Sometimes, it takes time to find the correct diagnosis and medication. It does and did, but he was always willing to work with me, believe me and answer all questions. I have always felt he has considered me a partner in my own care. That means a lot, considering all of us have had doctors that have had the attitude. "I'm the doctor. You're the patient. Don't question me." I also am a patient at the sleep clinic, a relatively new patient (one year). Dr Kozlova has been my doctor. She is another amazing doctor. I've had sleep studies before and have been given cpaps and pushed out the door. This clinic and Dr Kozlova actually follow you, check on your usage and how the mask is working. It is amazing. When I talk to my sister about the care and followup she gets with her sleep apnea - there is no comparison. Dr Kozlova is another great, compassionate doctor that is a wonderful asset to Alaska Neurology Center. We are moving out of Alaska and one thing that has given me pause in this move, is leaving behind these two great doctors.

Ashley Dowdy

I see there are a lot of bad reviews on here , I just recently went here last week , the atmosphere was welcoming and inviting . They got me in the next day on cancellation and same day for my mri , which I was told rarely happens , but thank the good lord it did . The dr was very caring and nice , listened to me and explained everything ,the staff was very available and willing to help . I would truly recommend this place , the changes they have made are working for the positive . If you have been here in the past with a bad experience , I’d say give it another try , we’re all human we make mistakes , you may be surprised at the difference .

Diana Straub

I found the staff at Alaska Neurology Center to be easy to work with and I have a head injury than makes navigating some systems challenging for me. I saw Dr. Tobias and found him to be quite personable as well as knowledgeable . I feel I will get complete care at this facility and look forward to a full recovery. I'll increase the rating to 4 stars if the billing department is accurate. Diana - Wasilla

Tom Hartshorn

I recently saw Dr.Kennedy at AK Neurology. This was the most thorough exam I have had in many years. Lots of questions followed by lots of poking and prodding with even more questions. I think we are finally on the way to a diagnosis. However, the staff is dragging the practice down. To get an outgoing referral either for an MRI or another physician takes about two weeks of daily phone calls before anything happens. They keep wanting to transfer you to voice mail. Leaving a voice mail is essentially talking to yourself because they never have any record of the VM.

Jay Mase

This place is a joke! I've been going here for over 2 years, which I was seeing Dr. Kennedy. Everything was going smoothly. Hes a great guy and doctor. He wanted me to get a second opinion by a doctor there named Dr. Rankin. My first 2 appts with Dr. Rankin were awesome. My 3rd appt, not so great. I waited over an hour to be seen. When he finally came in the room, he was literally there for 7 mins and I didn't even get to ask questions. My 4th appt, waited 45 mins. Then was told by front desk that he was running an hour behind. She gave me the opinion to wait or reschedule. I rescheduled. I had to wait over a month to see him again. Today was my 5th and last appt with him. I showed up. And waited 40 mins past my appt time and ending up leaving. I dont know if hes getting over booked or what, but this is quite frustrating! I won't be going back. I'll be looking for another neurologist. Everyone beware of this place. Trying to get in takes weeks, and sometimes you dont even get a call back!

Edward Johnson

My experience has been hit or miss every time. The first doctor was polite, direct and sincere. The second doctor was vague and changed the testing, not to mention didn't read any back round on my file and continued to ask the same questions. The clinical staff was great on all counts unless you needed records, they seem unavailable or never near a phone. The main reason for the 2 stars is as follows. I went through several tests spending thousands of dollars and then had to pay a doctor 400.00 just to give me the results. This alone removed any desire to return for any advice or diagnosis. Unfortunately it was at this point I understood why so many people mention that this place is all about the money .

Mel G

Zero stars if I could.

phillip hornung

They are averse to answering phones at Alaska Neurology. I called for 4 days straight just trying to get a hold of someone for a prescription refill. They kept sending me to a voicemail and then I never got calls back. When I went in to the office they didn't even bother to read my records before talking to me. I had to hold their hand and walk them through how to get me a refill on my medication. I got confused for a second, I thought maybe they were they ones with the neurological condition, not me. If you're condition is stable, and you have time to waste, go here. Otherwise, I'm sure there is somewhere else that could easily do a much better job.

Soledad Mooney

My first experience (and last )was over the phone. Staff not friendly and not competent. Long wait and they very rude about asking for my insurance and yes I have one, geez!

Megan McBryde

This office has by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I attempt to contact them FOR MONTHS regarding an incorrect bill. I've left voicemails and never received a call back. Today, I called and reached the receptionist and asked her to direct me to a live person in billing. I was sent to voicemail. I called back multiple times and spoke to this same receptionist who continued to transfer me to voicemail and later hung up on me. After telling her I would be driving to the office if she hung up on me again, she transferred me to Amberlee, who stated she is the manager of the entire clinic. I expressed to her my frustration as this whole ordeal had now taken up over 45 minutes of my time. Instead of trying to solve the problem, she explained to me that I had been tying up the phone lines and justified the receptionist's behavior for repeatedly transferring me to voicemail and hanging up on me, for which I responded that this whole thing could have been avoided if she had taken two minutes to communicate with me, let me know no billing specialists were available and recommend a good time to call back. Additionally, when Amberlee verified my contact information so someone could call me back, all three phone numbers in my file were WRONG! I will not be returning to this clinic.


Matt Sanders

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE! How can you trust the doctors here if the staff can't even do their job? I was on hold after being given the 5th degree for asking for a SIMPLE piece of information to provide to my insurance company. This is the 6th provider I've called and the ONLY one to refuse to give me the code. This was 8 minutes and 45 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

Jerry Moore

I wish I could give 0 stars. We checked in 15 min before appointment, just to wait 35 min past the scheduled appointment time. My wife waited for an additional 55 min in the exam room. I received a text from my wife stating, “I believe they forgot about me.” It took me to go the front desk and engage the staff for someone to check on her. Tricare can and will refer to multiple Neurologists in the Anchorage area, don’t use Alaska Neurology Center.

Jennifer Eskridge

I'm from out of town, I walked in 10/21 and have had a great experience. Courteney, at the front desk was able to schedule me for an appointment and diagnostic mri within 24 hours. Every single staff person was polite and even went out of their way to be kind, relaying messages to my teenager while I was meeting with the dr. I wish I could recall all their names, but Courtney at the front desk, Steven who captured my patient history, the young woman (Megan?)who handled insurance and created my chart, the MRI diagnostic receptionist and the MRI tech, Scott, who administered my study - were all professional in their interactions and in fact lovely to work with. I read several negative reviews after my visit and I believe there must have been a change in staffing. (There were at least 2 people shadowing/training while I was there) My experience was extraordinarily positive.

Synette Trueblood

The receptionists are very nice and the nurses always ask about your day but the doctors take a very long time to see you I honestly think I've been forgotten about. I understand that you might have to wait for a doctor at a doctors office. They are busy people. But I have sat in this room for 30 MIN and have not been see I honestly think they have forgotten about me and the time I came in before was no different. This needs to change doctors need to care more. And be more punctual

Vince Timg

Canan Lau

I am MS patient, I have referral thru Tri-Care,I think My doctor Dr Ellinson and all staff is doing excellent job,also equipments are great,and yes sometimes times are not work with your schedule but Hey we are in Alaska with limited options and limited medical staff ,I have even problems for appointments and staffs in Texas and we all know how huge options are in TX.. I have no complain about this place and all staff doing their best they can,They always make my schedule work out very well even short notice. Unfortunately we Humans always write bad stuff not a good comments.I can say give them a chance ,they are good and polite.

Harley Tennant


Joy Rae

I wanted to thank everyone for leaving reviews. The owner seems to be saying that they have made extensive changes in management 4 months ago, yet I am seeing poor reviews from more recently, as well. I was referred here by my doctor, but I will be seeking care elsewhere due to the myriad of poor reviews for this office. Remember, management team, the whole experience is important to a patient. The care of the doctor, MA, and front office all affect whether we feel cared for or ignored. I've had enough of poor care by front office staff, and doctors who don't care about you unless you're dying. I won't take my chances with Alaska Neurology Center. 2.0 stars? Unacceptable!!


I was given a referral by my family doctor to be seen here. Upon reading all of the horrible reviews I decided I would decline the referral and seek treatment elsewhere. Several weeks after the referral was made I (finally) received a voicemail from an unfriendly woman. Out of courtesy I returned the call to let them know I was declining the referral. The phone rang for over a minute when a gentleman finally answered. I told him I was calling in regards to a voicemail about my referral. He told me to call back tomorrow because the person who schedules only works 9-3. I then told him I was only calling to let them know I was canceling the referral and he simply stated "okay." He did not care to ask my name or any other information so that it could be noted & canceled on their end, and everyone's time would not continue to be wasted. The assistance at this establishment is far beyond nonexistent. I now know that based on this very brief experience with these people that I made the right choice in declining their medical care.

Aktiv Analytics

Good providers, Beautiful office, waited longer than I wanted but overall experience was amazing.

cheryl tegge

Great Doctor's and employees

evan Jackson

Really helped my girlfriend get to the root of her problem with migraines. Was a life changer!

Jim and Denise Hansen

Really poor client services. Incompetent front desk from scheduling appointments, follow up, scheduling referrals, providing results, the Press 1 for ____, Press 2 for ___ gets you lost and disconnected, and calling back! The one neurologist I saw had zero bed side manner, limited exam, poor follow up - not that interested in me as a patient. His “one week a month” visit does not serve our community well! In processing reps and technicians were fair. We will never return or recommend!!

Yanet Medina

The billing and the front desk service is the worse! The only good was my Doctor! Be careful there is a lot of things to be aware! 1: billing department never never call you back, if you write by the website there no difference, they will charge you whatever they want even when your insurance cover all, be careful with the deductible, they don't report it to the insurance, and they charge because they want to! And sometimes they don't even know the reason, be careful, I had to call my insurance several times! 2. The front ladies are really rude! I asked to talk with somebody from billing and with manner they did, finally when I paid, they were talking about it and called me stupid, I heard them 3.- several times they told if I understand, and they asked for an interpreter even when I did not request it, it was not matter of language it was matter of attitude towards me! 4. They send me an extra copy of MRI when I denied for it and they even charge me 5. They denied me my prescription because I was not paying, I was paying with monthly plans and I have to call billing department to tell them I was paying on time! Awful awful awful awful place!

Jaime Tyler

Dr. Miller is the most arrogant and lazy doctor I have met. His science skills as far as forming his own idea as to what might be going on were LAZY. He is supposed to be a Neurologist, I was referred by an eye doctor all he did was ask me how my migraines were. The referral stated I could be having ocular migraines so that is exactly what he decided to go with and no other considerations were made about my awkward condition. I brought MRI images of my brain on a disc and the MRI summary and he didn't even look at the data until I busted him about it at the end of my appointment. I traveled from Fairbanks to Anchorage during non advised traveling conditions to see a better neuro doctor and that was what I got.... an eye doctors scope of practice only goes so far. For a Neurologist to give no other considerations to my temporary blindness was a literal nightmare.

Pheliz Chambers

Dr. Kennedy is a very caring, concerned, and very knowledgeable Neurologist! On EVERY occasion/appointment he always gives his undivided attention to my needs. He is truly a "God-sent" doctor; Amen! & AMEN! :-) <3

Regina Davila-Johnson

I was saw by a neurologist that apparently is a MS specialist. He was 99% certain that my brainstem/pons lesions were not anything to worry about. Went to the lower 48 and saw a specialist and he is completely concerned my lesions. Specialist in the lower 48 does not like the fact that these lesions are all active also the fact that they have increased in size in number within 3 months. I think I recall this Alaska neurology saying my symptoms were due to sleep. Does sleep cause brain lesions?

Aaron Meadows

Daniel Weber

The reason people are so unhappy with this place is that it's a profit-making mill first and a medical provider second. Corporate enforcers tell the doctors what to do, right down to demanding that the doctor terminate a session with a patient RIGHT NOW, even though the patient has more questions for the doctor about his condition. This actually happened to me. Dr. Braun-Hashemi was trying to stay a few minutes longer to help me when an obviously-nonmedical type simply told her to stop right then and go see another patient. They pressure the doctors to order unnecessary MRIs (they have an MRI machine downstairs--can't have a profit center like that sitting idle, now can we?). They also push essentially non-medical but high-profit treatments such as massages. The doctors themselves seem capable, but they're not running the show. The enforcers are.

shelise wellington

This place is the absolute WORST! Their tests are inconclusive. They are only interested in money. The clinic manager, Amberly is a liar and doesn’t know how to do her job. They never call back and are rude. Mad at myself for not looking at the reviews! You’ve been warned

Sally Dunn

Dr kozlova was excellent. Provided information and treatment options never offered before. Staff was pleasant. Employee scheduling Botox and Mra was both pleasant and competent. I don't anticipate living long enough, however, to receive a return call from preauthorization. It was easier to drive across town to deal with this clinic than do so by phone.

Sable Leyva

Sat in their waiting room for an hour past my appointment then another hour has gone by and I am still waiting to see the doctor at 510 pm they are actually closed now and I am still sitting here waiting and they let people go before me when I was early to my check in appointment but I guess that's what you get from this place

Ashley Holmes

My doctor is great, but talking to nurse about prescription or getting to appointment line is very difficult.

Deborah Mager-Strah

I have to say, in order to post a review, you have to at least give one star. This one star is not deserved. I apologize if I mislead anyone by posting one star. I have never had an experience like this in my life, and I have seen many physicians. I have worked with patients myself the past fourty one years. I was referred to Alaska Neurology Center by my primary provider. My appointment was scheduled, and I went in a day early to fill out paperwork and see what the appointment would cost. I was told "no worries, you are double insured". I requested the results be sent to me, as I have a neurologist in Seattle , WA that I see, and also my primary physician would like a copy. I specifically requested the results be sent to me. As I was being tested, I was told I did not have carpal tunnel, which was not why I went. The doctor stated I should have an MRI ( I had one not too long ago) and follow up blood work, which they would call me about. This was May, it is now almost October. I have e-mailed and called, with no results. I have heard NOTHING from them, except when I wrote a letter letting them know of my experience. I got a call from the Brooke, "a patient advocate" for follow up. I was out of state at the time, so called her back. She e-mailed me that she had been ill, apologizing she did not get back to me. That was the last I heard from her, even after a couple more e-mails. When I call, she is "not in". The front desk person I have spoken with is brash and rude. There is no one to speak to, you have to "e-mail management." I requested my records yet another two times, along with a lab slip for the "follow up blood work", but have heard absolutely nothing back. This is over four months ago. I have filled out forms online. Nothing. The insurance bill came in the mail. $10,410.00. There has been no response from them. This is my health.

Jeffrey Carl

I am sorry so many of you had less than a great experience. I have nothing bad to say about either of my two visits. EVERYone I interacted with was exceptionally competent and considerate - from the people I talked to on the phone, to the check-in people, to the medical staff - all were a delight to work with. Dr. Miller's manner was superb. I always felt like he was actually listening to me. He would ask follow-up questions to make sure the communication was clear. If he was giving instructions or making suggestions, he always made sure I understood what he was saying. Sometimes it isn't easy to discuss things in these situations but Dr. Miller was extremely connected and considerate. Based on my experience, I would recommend this clinic - especially Dr. Miller - without reservation. UPDATE: I appreciate those who are taking the time and energy to write a positive review. We all know that people are much more likely to post if their experience was not good. I am not saying their experience isn't valid, but one has to take this into consideration: most people who are satisfied are less like to post.

KellieDawn Collins

When my provider left alaska neurology no one told me! They just made an appointment with a new neurologist. Who tried to get me to take meds that cause kidney stones. I told him I get stones but he just ignored me and even argued. He also refused to listen. I ended up leaving in the middle of my appointment Luckily I found my previous neurologist at another clinic! NEVER EVER GOING BACK.

Allene Mcmullan

This place needs to go out of business. The reviews about rude staff, not returning calls, not completing paperwork, cancelling appointments, not be able to talk to someone are all TRUE. My advice, seek care elsewhere.

nicole yragui

I had previous had a horrible experience with a doctor almost a year ago. I had learned he was no longer here anymore so decided to give it another shot. The rest of the staff had always been kind otherwise. I saw doctor David Roberts this time. He was kind. He listened well. And I never once felt rushed. He was very helpful and it was apparent that he truly cared. Alaska Neurolgy it looks as though there's quit a few bad reviews. I would do whatever possible to keep this doctor around. Same as last time great customer service from all the rest of the staff. Thank you Dr Roberts.

Ed Ackerman

Jonas Thompson

Extremely rude and sarcastic staff!! Phone calls ALWAYS go to voicemails!!

Mak Chap

Good luck trying to ever reach anyone directly by phone when you call in. Of the likely 40x I’ve called in, even returning calls to a staff member which called me (and their staff never leave detailed messages, they just say to call them back), I think I’ve gotten thru directly 2x. That’s the first black mark. #2 is that many of the people I’ve spoken to who work there (not everyone) are not pleasant to deal with, rigid, & seem like you’re a burden to them and wasting their time. This is the kind of clinic at which you should have very little issues/stress getting business conducted in an orderly manner, & assistance should be an easy thing to come by. They don’t even have a call waiting function. You can’t wait on hold for “the next available representative” — there is no available representative. Just a voicemail. Oh yeah, go ahead and leave a voicemail, good luck getting your call returned that or the next day, or at all even. I don’t think I’ve been more frustrated with any business since, well, ever! The only friggen upside is my experience with my actual doctor himself (Kennedy). A swell guy with a personable, approachable demeanor, who listens & seems to know his stuff. I don’t know what’s going on here. Perhaps they are incredibly understaffed or something else is the matter. Of the few times I was able to reach someone or had someone call me back, there were numerous mentions of staff in training meetings. You guys need some ppl to answer calls or at least field them. This is only going to greatly hurt your business. My gosh — first less than 3-Star review I’ve ever made for a business....

Grace Jackson

This place advertises a walk in clinic for migraines but turns you away for not having an appointment. They basically attempt to get you on the regular schedule for appointments.

Kim Chapman

First, full transparency. I am a member of the Chattanooga media and I also am a former patient of Dr. Rankine’s. To patients in Anchorage, AK.... your neurologist, Dr. David Rankine, abandoned roughly 6,000 of his patients in Chattanooga, TN? He says he notified patients that he was closing his office. I have not been able to confirm that. Here is the AMA’s definition of patient abandonment: The American Medical Association defines abandonment as “the termination of a professional relationship between a physician and patient at an unreasonable time and without giving the patient the chance to find an equally qualified replacement”. The AMA also says, "Abandonment is considered unprofessional behavior and if reported to the state office of professional medical conduct, can trigger an investigation. A physician may also be at risk for a medical malpractice claim if the termination of care occurs at a “critical stage” of treatment and an injury results." The State of TN Office of Investigations has received complaints about Dr. Rankine. So has a medical malpractice attorney.

Jonell Jones

There's ALWAYS some kind scheduling conflict. Show up 5 minutes late, they can't see you. But Godforbid you show up on time & wait 2 HOURS!! I don't know who's worse, scheduling or the front desk. They NEVER seem to care. "Oh well" attitude....just another idiot patient that has to wait, just like Allessandras attitude today. What kind of BS is that?? Are they EVER on time??!! Nurse mentions the screw up, her "whatever" attitude too. Lordy, don't remind me of the ever so awesome government run Alaska Native Medical Center. Sorry being said, yet body language says differ. Your patients pay your checks....remember that.


Doctors are rude and don't care about their patients. The staff seemed unorganized and not very bright. Please research other places before going here, they only seem to care about making money and not their patients best interests. I've heard bad things from other patients as well.

My cat is a bastard

The office staff/schedulers are really quite awful. How disappointing, because Dr. Miller is good.

Kelsey Hoffner

I have been going to this place for almost 3 years, it gets worse and worse. The doctors for the most part are pretty good, the staff is not so great. Their billing department is terrible. They don't get back to you, they don't say what they are going to do, or get things taken care of. They also claim I hadn't called on a bill, I had at least 7 or 8 times and had my insurance call twice. I am really disappointed with this place. About half the time you try calling, no one answers. My last appointment my doctor told me to come back in two to three weeks, I went to check out the lady at the front desk said oh we're going to have to call you to schedule an appointment. A very rude lady called two days later and said we can't get you in until December (which was over 3 months away) I stated my follow up said 2-3 weeks and she said there's nothing she can do and I'd have to deal with it. Looking for a new place.

Heather Birdsong

You are told you must show up 20mins before your appointments and I’m really not sure why. When your in pain and the doctor is running late you don’t want to be just sitting in their office. Every time I got I’m asked to show my ID & insurance as if it changed from 2 weeks ago. My appt was at 10:30am (I got here 10:15am bc you have to be early) and here it is going on 11am and I haven’t even been called to the back.

David Ustick

The Doctor and receptionist that I see are Great. I do not see why this insisted so low in the points scale

Isana Garcia

My experience seems to oppose that of others in that while I was often redirected to voicemail, I would receive call backs in a timely fashion and clerical staff has always been helpful. The nurses have always been the best part of my experience and the doctor who performed my spinal tap was very welcoming, thoughtful, and empathetic. Unfortunately I cannot say my experience with Dr. Rankine was the same. Very hot and cold, lukewarm at best. He’s always running late (I get it, you’re a doctor) But cutting visits so short that you have to fight to get a word in. While I trust what he says, I must forewarn future patients that you know how to confront attitude.

V- Mo

I went there and bounced around to a few Dr's before finding one that had a clue. After some preliminary test, the Dr decided to have a procedure done for pain relief. It was booked a month out and it couldn't come soon enough. Finally, the day came and My wife drove me to have the procedure, as they had requested. I paid the co-pay, checked in and was taken back for the procedure. The doctor, whom I had never seen before, came in and said "we don't do that procedure. Would you like me to find somewhere that does?" I was very disappointed and confused. I feel like this place is a cruel joke.

Beckie Sheridan

I have been a patient for about a year & half. I absolutely love Dr. Roberts as he was the only doctor to sincerely listen to me reviewed my history and treat me. Its very upsetting that I have been forced to seek another doctor at another location. I will NEVER return to Alaska Neurology. The staff at this clinic do not care about the patients & their customer service is horrible. I called to make an appointment and had to leave a message at 10:30 am. I didn't receive a call back until 3:30 pm and was told they can't make me an appointment because they needed information from my worker comp adjuster. If only they had called me to let me know there was a delay that would have been great as I had in hand the paper work they needed and I could have sent it to them right away. So a few days later I got an appointment. I had requested 2 days off from work to have injections in my hands for severe carpal tunnel. So I show up for my 9:00 am appointment and was advised my doctor was sick would I mind seeing another doctor? No that's fine, I understand people get sick and can't make it in for work. I'm waiting half an hour and then told the substitute doctor does not have the credentials to do the injections? Um, wouldn't you know that before referring me and letting me wait half an hour??? So by this time I'm super pissed! I explained the issues I had previously and the fact their customer service is horrible. I asked to speak to someone in management and was told they can provide me an email address. SERIOUSLY!?!? Plus they claim they never receive paperwork, I find that very hard to believe. My neuro surgeons office will no longer refer patients to Alaska Neurology. This place should be shut down & their office manager & staff need training on customer service. So sad I had to write this put people need to know.

Nikki Randall

Was a patient for several years. Mystery illness- sent to neurologist by GP. First neurologist here told me all of my symptoms were in my head. Went back to regular DR. Did eventually get a positive blood test for my condition- from my GP. Needed to see neurologist. Every couple of months- couldn't breathe. Would call to discuss with neuro. The staff never let me speak directly to the dr, was always told by nurse to make an appointment- only available were 8 months out. Unacceptable. I ended up in ICU several times. Was told to recheck with regular neuro afterwards. Again, unable to leave message for Dr- but was told to make appointment 6 months out. I have sat in the lobby listening to patients beg to be seen. The last time I went woman had a brain anurism and was just released from hospital. Needed to see neuro that day. She stood their begging for them to help save her life. She was told to calm down, no appointments. Many other horrible things happened here. I now fly out to see a neuro every 6 months and keep up daily life with Dr. Mo Hilstrand who is amazing. Don't go here. There are other options. They only seem to emphasize sleep med.

Steven Williams

After continuously getting pushed around and not correctly taken care of, to include my daughter being put on multiple medications without ever having labs or any other follow up care given. We requested to switch doctors and the office manager said we can contact them by email they do not want to talk to us in person nor will they allow us to switch doctors and if we can leave. After all my years in customer service I would consider this one of the worst places to receive care and one of the worst places for customer service in the nation that I served to defend.


I agree, the doctor was a scammer. Scheduled a follow-up review and had NO NEW INFORMATION, but certainly made sure to charge for it. Bunch of money grabbers


Communication between patients, AKNC receptionists, nurses, and doctors is horrible at best. I have been waiting over five days for a PROMISED prescription which was supposed to have been written on the day of my visit. Each time I call to ask for help, I get voicemails which never get results. I was told by the receptionist the nurses were too busy and to give them time.

Jack Lifer

The doctor and people only care about getting your money. Not health. If you care about your health or your families health you wouldn't let them prescription pimp you.

Lacy McGrew

Cereana Christen

Absolutely terrible front desk costumer service. They lied withheld information and waited months to send visit info to insurance

Jordan S

My Dr is great however trying to get a hold of some one other than a voice mail system is near impossible, good luck getting a call back, the reviews are accurate. I tired to set up an appt for two days finally I drove to the office, the person behind the desk told me every one who schedules apps are in a training meeting, and I would have to call to schedule and she could not schedule me, what supervisor thinks it's great to have zero people available to make appts for patients. Update 3/18 my insurance just got billed for my 2 office visits back in August.

Madeline McCurley

Gorm Visfeldt

I could only get an appointment by seeing another person ( neurologist ) there, and I just needed to go in for a few injections. We already know what have to happen, but my appointment is so for away, I'd be able to WALK to another country, and get treated before my first available appointment. I will be looking elsewhere.

Carlos Salazar

There were really friendly and knowledgeable staff at my appointment!

Bill P

My experiences at The Alaska Neurology Center are mixed. I found the Medical Professionals specifically Drs. Kennedy and Broderick to be very thorough caring and professional, they asked questions, listened were courteous polite and thorough. I also that the front desk receptionist Courtney too be pleasant kind and helpful. There are in other areas of the clinic some serious issues with courtesy, professionalism and just plain basic communication skills and decency. Eli Lehrmann has a title of Director of Operations, I believe his job is somewhat related to the mess of a system this particular clinic calls billing. He is quite possibly the rudest, most arrogant , condescending and generally dismissive person I have ever encountered in over 30 years of dealing with Medical Professionals in Alaska. I sensed unresolved anger and stress issues when dealing with him. He personally is the single reason why I would never do business with this clinic again. And I would warn others find help elsewhere. He has no interest at all in listening or answering questions, his interpersonal skills are that of a petulant teenager, his manner was verbally abusive and threatening. He flat out refused to provide detailed bills despite being asked numerous times. He promised a face to face meeting to discuss billing so I could be sure that I was not being charged over my pre set deductible and out of pocket amounts. My worry being that I see multiple providers and wanted to be certain that bills were not overlapping when it came to deductible and out of pocket charges and was not going over the set yearly amount I'm responsible for, I've had that happen before and when it happens getting the money refunded can be a nightmare worse than the medical issues you may have. He failed to meet as promised and refused to answer any questions I had or provide any detailed bills I asked for, though I requested them numerous times. I don't know if this is a company policy or just pure laziness on his part. But it made what could have been a nice clinic to deal with for what I anticipate to be a long series of appointments tests and treatments I'll need so unpleasant I would never return. The Clinic unlike any other Medical Facility I've dealt with in Alaska demands payment before any services are given, While that in itself is a little disturbing it is something I'd be willing to do. HOWEVER ! When you ask for receipts as to what you are paying for, you get nothing but a generic receipt with no breakdown of services and how your money has been applied and explanation of benefits .It is a little concerning that I get an explanation of benefits within a reasonable amount of time from any other provider and I've never failed to pay a bill in my life. They simply take your Credit Card tell you what they are charging for that particular day and hand you a single piece of paper with a dollar amount paid with no accountability as to what you just paid for and how your money was applied. Alaska has a limited number of Neurologists so selection is somewhat limited. This clinic in particular could be an asset to the community, because the Doctors seemed to be quite caring and easy to talk with. However being someone that has dealt with Chronic and ongoing Medical issues for years, the rudeness of this man has made this a clinic a place I would advise anyone not to deal with. I've been dealing with them for Months, and despite repeated requests for detailed bills, medical records , Physicians reports, breakdown of payments and how my money is being applied and what is being applied for I have yet to receive a thing. My advice, there are a few other Neurologists in Anchorage, while the Doctors at the clinic seemed just fine the hassle of dealing with the rudeness and unprofessionalism of the billing department at this Clinic makes it an easy choice to go elsewhere to get your needs met.

Ashley Mason

I made an appointment here for a second opinion. The lady on the phone was extremely rude and was no help at all. I ended up missing my appointment because my father in law was having open heart surgery. When someone called me to reschedule she left a message saying WITH NO TONE IN HER VOICE "you missed your appointment, if you want to reschedule then call us back, if not then delete this message bye" why would I want to reschedule when someone sounds like that? And already made an appointment with someone that was rude. I'm sure the doctors are great but the staff and I can already tell is rude and very unprofessional. Should of looked at reviews before wasting my time.

Aleria Knudson

Jennifer Bigelow

Love my neurologist Dr. Peter Osterbauer but the girls that work up front and answer the phones are extremely rude and unprofessional. I thought maybe the person I talked to that day was having a bad day but this has happened several times. I've also heard the same from other people. Not impressed with the front office.

PB Minton

The providers are friendly and knowledgeable. HOWEVER...the "front desk" people are few and far between, the general atmosphere is empty and not particularly welcoming, and scheduling can be a in the middle of the day (1pm), the line rings upward of 15 times, and FINALLY one gets a voicemail message to "leave your info and we'll call you back." Uggggghhhhhh......

Brian Lester

This place is horrible in terms of return calls or responding to request of records. Sent in a request for records and its been almost a month. Call and always get a voicemail. Finally got a return call and the only thing they can say is its still in queue. Doctor has not gotten to it yet. I'll never again refer clients to this place.

Connie Wood

Had an MRI ordered by my Dr. I asked them to send the order to Providence as this is my PPO for radiology. They flat out refused. I was told I had to have it done there. I don't even think that is legal. I should be allowed to get testing done where ever I want! I was told that the Alaska Neurology Center is owned by one of the physicians who is on staff. Hmmm wonder why they insists that I get it done there? What a racket!!

Brian M

Terrible office staff. Rude, dismissive, and exhibiting some of the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. Definitely would not recommend. Office manager should be fired.

Infestus Festivus

Never available. Poor service. Physicians are sketchy

Christopher Schutte

After my first call, I was hopeful that I would have a good experience with getting a diagnostic brain MRI from Alaska Neurology Center. The first woman I spoke with was pleasant, answered most of my questions, and had me scheduled for an appointment 8 days later. Unfortunately, over the next several days I could not get a hold of a real person at the Center to answer my questions about insurance coverage and billing. Every time that I called, I was transferred to a "benefits department" where nobody would pick up the phone and I would have to leave a number of voicemail messages. I did receive one return phone call, which I was unable to take because I was in a meeting, but sadly nothing else. That call, from someone in the "benefits department" left a message saying that I was going to have to pay an amount several hundred dollars higher for the MRI than my health plan told me I would have to pay. As the day of my appointment arrived -- and I still had not spoken with someone from the "benefits department" -- I called to postpone my appointment until such time as I could get my questions answered. However, every time I called to speak to someone in "scheduling" (between 9am and 11:30am) I could only get voicemail. I understand how busy a medical office can get, but I have to say that I've never had such a hard time getting a hold of someone at a doctor's office before. It got so bad today while I was trying to reschedule my appointment that finally I told the answering service at Alaska Neurology (the only time you'll talk to a human) not to transfer me but to cancel all of my appointments immediately! The lack of communication, the lack of a real human at the end of each of my calls, and the discrepancy between what their "benefits department" wanted to charge me vs. what my health insurance told me I would have to pay are all reasons why I finally had to cancel my appointment and why I will not be using Alaska Neurology Center LLC for my medical services.

Wolfmoon G

I have never been treated so unprofessionally as I have with the staff of this office. My doctor, Dr. Osterbauer is wonderful but the staff is horrible. I have to leave for surgery today in Seattle which requires a Prior Authorization. This staff member and her cohorts had 3 weeks to do it. They are still giving me trouble and my surgery may have to be rescheduled due to their incompetence. God help anyone else who has to go through their rudeness and thoughtlessness. The worst is I was told by the operator, she was INSTRUCTED not to put me through to ANYONE.

Ray Mc

1st Visit thoughts. I've read the reviews. I see that most are less than stellar and with good reason as noted. However, my first visit experience resulted from being placed on a short "stand-by" list - and this approach was very successful for me. Originally, I was told of a nearly 3-4 week delay for my initial appointment. Let me back up - I had been suffering for months due to the ineptitude of my Primary Care Manager and finally convinced her that I needed specialized care - which this referral directed me to ANC. The Center stated that it would be weeks before being seen - however, as an option, I could be placed on a waiting/stand-by list if I agreed - which I did. It was just days later that I was asked if I could come in the next day - which I did. The entire experience met my expectations - and I must say that Dr. Roberts was kind, considerate, and listened to my woes and ailments. He performed testing, recommended a course of action and prescribed medications. His care plan worked, however, I'm not out of the woods 100%. I must return for a direct injection as the medications were effective, however, not fully. I sincerely appreciate the staff - Yes the young man answering the X-6000 number is curt - and I did not accept his attitude - the management should really take the time to listen to his interaction with customers, patients, etc. I felt they met my needs for that appointment and I received my meds from my pharmacy without fail and on-time. I do hope that Dr. Roberts can calm this nerve damage. And as I reminder to you - never let anyone place an intramuscular injection (a flu shot) in any other place than a muscle - this is how my issues started. ANC is helping me to heal.

Christine Powers

I called this place about a week ago to check when their walkin migraine clinic closed as they have no hours of operation listed anywhere on their website. Turns out they accept their last patient at 3pm which seems really early for a walkin emergency type service. Either way the reason for the negative review is while I called in I informed the man on the phone that I had a multiple day long migraine and asked if there way any way to get in. Not only did the man not offer any options (no referrals etc) he laughed very loudly and abruptly (twice!) while I was attempting to speak with him. As a company that works with individuals with migraines for a living they should know loud and abrupt laughing is not only rude but extremely painful! On a side note, I left a very similar review on the company's Facebook page where they had plenty of other negative reviews regarding front office staff and the company has since disabled all reviews on their page. This screams unprofessional. Instead of acknowledging the negatives and trying to make it right or become better they just delete them?! I'm happy I never got a chance to be a patient here.

DR7651 Drew

Tried to withhold my medical records due to an unpaid bill, they were trying to scam me into paying money for something I didn't have done. I let them know several times it was against state and federal laws to do so, they said it didn't matter it was their office procedure not to release the records. I asked to speak to their office manager and was told "no" and then hung up on. I reported them to the State as well as to Department of Health and Human services. Guess what? They released my mediCal records!! DO NOT waste your time or money on this medical office. Also they get very upset if you want any procedure done outside their office. I want an open MRI, they lied and said they dont exist anyone although my son had an open MRI the week before.

Aye Cee

Can never actually get a hold of anyone. Billing is ridiculous. Customer service is appalling. Good luck if they call you back within 2 weeks. I was only able to talk to someone after I told a friend who works there about never receiving a return call. Then they scheduled me for a new patient, only to receive a call the day of the appointment that I would need to pay 600 up front before I can even be seen. They didn't offer any alternative payment plans but seemed more than happy to cancel. Spoke to a friend in another healthcare facility who's a manager and they even told me they try to avoid referring to Alaska Neurology if they can because of the horrible customer service and management experiences they've encountered.

Karen Benjamin

Adam W

I've been going here about a year and have had great experiences with all their staff. Dr Ellenson has been a amazingly professional working with me as learn my disease. Sarah and Jamie in the infusion lab have been amazing making me feel ultra comfortable every month when I see them. Dana I'm physical therapy makes sure your comfortable and seems to really care about her patients. I've started working with the sleep center recently Alex has been wonderful. I have no doubt the rest of my experiences with this clinic will be great.

Tricia Kloeckl

Just thought I would write a view since most of the ones on here talked about how they couldn't get a hold of the office. I called this morning at 845 to ask about insurance and if the accept children as patients. Man said he would have someone call after they make apt reminder calls. Less then 2 hours later someone called ans answered all my questions. They were professional with me. Time will only tell if it will continue. Just wanted to let people know I did get a hold of a person in a timely manner.

Tina McNamee

Thumbs up for medical staff. Thumbs down for the office staff. Save yourself the time and headache and make an appointment somewhere else.

Mitch Winters

I wish more people left Honest evaluations of certain doctors at Alaska Neurology as this could have prevented over a year plus of mis-diagnosis'. In my case I saw Dr. Peter J. Osterbauer, MD. My case involved a lot of data that accumulated as my condition kept deteriorating over this year and a half of testing and jumping through hoops. Finally after undergoing some pretty evasive procedures to get more data I was still a puzzle? I gave 2 stars because at least the Doc said on our last visit that I should get more eyes on my case... I flew down to the University of Washington. It was illuminating and provided instant answers. Answers to questions that should have been asked by AK Neurology. The doctor I met had already pulled my records and read my entire history & I was shocked as every answer to every symptom he mentioned I said "yes, that happens". After 20 minutes he moved to questions that he had that were not in my records? Again I had all the symptoms! Diagnosis (besides the obvious TBI) was an Autonomic Disorder. I figured maybe it was my fault. I didn't look for a neurologist in Alaska that specialized in Autonomic disorders. Then, neither did the Neurologist at the University of Washington. The difference is that he cared enough to take the time to go through my history knowing I was flying down to see him & he kept up with training and schooling. Shockingly when I returned to my main provider here in Alaska and we are going through AK Neurologies notes, the doctor made recommendations to change my medications without having a clue what was wrong with me. Now that I'm back I'm not keen on flying all the way back down to Washington for further testing and treatment figuring maybe that stuff can be handled in Alaska since I have a diagnosis. VA consults AK Neurology to make an appointment. I get no call! Just an email with a date & time? They didn't have the respect to even call me & now I have to call them to cancel an appt. I didn't make! Also now it's a new Neurologist? So now I look up every doctor at AK Neurology only to find that not one specializes in Autonomic disorders, nor do any of the doctors of the largest congregation of neurologists choose and/or list it as there area of "expertise" listed under their education or skills. It's important to mention that Dr. Peter J. Osterbauer, MD said he had others look at my case, at my scans. All the signs were there. This was unacceptable to me. At this time I'll resort to flying to the lower 48 for proper care. I recommend you check each doctors interests & qualifications prior to going to AK Neurology. Good luck.....

Inez Baca

First visit and we were treated like we've been going there for years. Not only seen on time or before the scheduled appointment. The courtesy the clinical staff and Dr. Our hearts,mind,peace finally getting answers by an incredible provider.

Kim Haller

Staff lost paperwork, I was lied to. I was refused direct access to the office manager as I tried to correct the problems. The doctor who was evaluating my step-father gave a possible different diagnosis and then failed to follow through. If my folks were not restricted by Medicaid in who they could see we would go elsewhere, and may do so anyway.

Jin Yoon

great service, answer phone calls quickly. Doctor E was the best!!! I do not know why this place has two stars. Incredible!!!

Logan Hansen

Honestly the worst healthcare practice in Alaska. The billing department is appalling, extremely rude and unprofessional. After arguing about two insurance claims from July and August that they “forgot to file” for months, I have contacted the BBB and HIPAA. As AK neurology refuses to answer any of my questions about specific dates and times the claims were sent. HIPAA -CFR 164.524. “Designated record sets include medical records, billing records, payment and claims records, health plan enrollment records, case management records, as well as other records used, in whole or in part, by or for a covered entity to make decisions about individuals” Do not waste your time at this place.


The receptionists at this clinic are completely inept. I was hung up on or transferred to a line that I did not want to be transferred to multiple times. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she said no one was there that was higher than her. Eventually when I did talk to someone higher than her it was too late and I was unable to get the care that I needed. They need to really deal with their front office staff because this is unacceptable.

Kristen Hermon

Couldn't even make an appointment. The scheduler was incredibly rude.

Abigail Kietzman

After reading the reviews I was hesitant about receiving care there. My wife was worked in to see Dr. Mulgrew on a semi-emergent basis. The staff that collected her history was great and so was Dr. Mulgrew. Very empathetic and genuinely concerned about what was going on. He recommended she go to their WALK IN CLINIC today for an infusion to see if it would help and the front desk staff was completely unprofessional and rude to her. Kayla made her feel like she was lying and questioned everything she said. Once she confirmed with the physician that he indeed told her to come in, her demeanor completely changed. The front desk staff (like at most physician's offices) pretend to play doctor and are in desperate need of some empathy and patient centered care training. No patient should ever be made to feel like my wife was made to feel, considering the reason she is there is because she IS SICK.

A Google User

They do not tell you that you can only go to them for therapy, MRI or any other treatment. They also push the sleep study and their doctors on you. If they say you need a MRI you can not choose where you want to go. They also make you pay what your insurance doesn't cover on the day of service. Not pleased with this place at all. Please read all the documents clearly, they said they would print them out for me if I wanted, 17 pages!

Amanda Staelens

Chris Hellmann

Why can’t this place just answer their phones? We have made four visits here over the last couple years. The doctor was fantastic but anytime I had a question about changing appointments or billing I always got voicemail. Return calls can take a day .

Colleen Clark

I'm honestly surprised by the low star rating! I have been going through numerous doctors and tests throughout the years to no avail with no results and no doctors taking me seriously. Then I was referred to ANC and saw Dr. Roberts. He is the ONLY Doctor that listened to every single one of my symptoms and has helped me tremendously. They always get me in exactly at my appointment time and check out is fast and efficient. I very highly recommend Dr, Roberts and ANC.

kelsey brooks

The business office and scheduling has made this place completely unusable!! I tried repeatedly to schedule for a procedure that the neurologist ordered and the authorization office would not handle it properly. My insurance sent a waiver so that it didn't have to be pre-authorized but over months of phone calls I could not get return calls from AK Neurology. I could not get anyone to glue the papers together. I could not get customer service AT ALL. I tried to just get scheduling to contact the auth. office and find out why they weren't processing the waiver. I tried to complain and have the ongoing issues resolved by management but was hung up on. I spoke with someone else who said they'd give this information to their manager (after 2 months I finally got in touch with a manager myself and she had never heard about the bad customer service and my request for her to call me back). I've called this place so many times to try and get this one procedure scheduled but after months and months of trying, I'm done!! I don't understand how the business office can completely hold the doctors orders captive. You'd think there would at least be a way to see all the documents I supplied them, put the waiver with the order, and even if they don't understand how the program works they would schedule the testing and if there is billing issues we can work with insurance later to have it resolved. Somehow, the authorization office now trumps a doctor's order for treatment. The worst of the customer service people was "Emmy" who hung up on me and would not call me back, she worked right in the auth. office and wouldn't glue this stuff together. She wouldn't even send the order back to my referring doctor so I could go back there and start over with care at a place that cared. She said I would have to sign a release for them to send the records back to my referring doctor. (Lies! Not to send records back to the referring doctor!! Thats only to send records to new doctors.) She went out of her way to make everything here difficult. I ended up having to go back to my primary doctor to get my referral switched to a COMPLETELY different neurologist because this place could not handle ANYTHING in a timely manner. This is 4 months I've been trying now on this same issue and feel I have exhausted all other avenues before writing a negative review and having my referral switched today to somewhere that will actually handle my case.


Unfortunately they were not able to help me with my medical issues. The provider and staff were nice though.

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