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REVIEWS OF High Desert Endodontics IN Nevada

Ben Murphy

Staff at High Desert is amazing! I highly recommend them. They are very kind and take their time explaining what's going to happen

Terri Sweet

Great apprehension before root canal, but all turned out very well, 3D image prior to procedure, doctor Fullmer expert during the entire process, explaining everything he was doing, virtually painless, and objective achieved. Staff was completely prepared, very kind, and accommodated my concerns right away. Thank you!

Kurt Dorenkamp

So i went in there expecting to just be consulted... Nope they did the root canal within 25 minutes and then kicked me out immediately. They said i would be fine taking advil or tylenol. I'm in sheer pain right now. And Dr. Fullmer's assistant told me i would be fine going to work and said, "People get root canals all the time and then go to work right after." Well sorry lady, but my job isn't as easy as yours. I had to go beg my local urgent care for pain killers. Fullmer Endodontics didn't even ask if i would need them. In my opinion, one of the worst dentist offices i've ever been to.

Teri Peterson

Viki Lowrey

Wonderful!!! Dr. Fullmer should give courses on bedside manner. He is kind, gentle, takes his time, is always smiling, and made what I thought was going to be a frightening experience as pleasant as a root canal could possible be. He explains everything as he goes along and is making sure you are doing alright often. Great music as well to set a light peaceful mood. He was singing a little and I was in my head. No one forced me to have a root canal and the first part was a consultation. I had been informed that after the consultation I could have the root canal to follow at the time I made my appointment. The only thing that hurt was the injections into the upper palate but that was fairly brief. After the root canal I was given an RX for pain and an antibiotic. It was reiterated several times that if I had any concerns to call the office at anytime. It would not have been necessary to go to urgent care like another review had said she had to do; since I would have called Dr. Fullmer's office. If I was to say there was a downside to this office, it would be the slight uppity mannerisms of two of the front office staff. But overall you can easily pass that for such a great doc.

Ryan Ciesla

Beyond Excellent Bedside Manner, well priced in comparison to other top Endodontists. Office was pristine, staff were friendly and helpful. All of my questions were answered both pre and post surgery. Highest recommendation.

Mark Nelson

I've seen a lot of different dentists and endodontists in my 68 years. Some have been good , some have been bad and others just ok. Dr Fullmer is clearly at the top of my list for being excellent. His chair side manner is the best. He is calm, reassuring and very good at telling you what is going on. He should give classes to other dentists. He has worked on both my wife and myself. My only complaint is that we only get to use him for endodontist work. I'd like him to be available for regular dentistry too.

dave dow

On June 5th, 2018 I requested an appointment with Dr. Fullmer for an examination to look for nerve problems at the recommendation of my emergency dentist in San Francisco. That request was confirmed on June 10th when the office called to confirm the appointment. On both occasions I was alerted that advance payment of $1500 would be required but I explained that a root canal was not to be scheduled for the 13th. When I arrived on the 13th I was again asked for the $1500 payment and I again explained that the root canal was not going to happen on that day. I was then told that I must pay a $341 consultation fee at which point I asked to speak with Dr. Fullmer. To put this in context I had previously paid him $2500 for two root canals in 2016 which did not have beneficial outcomes as the teeth were extracted shortly thereafter. The medical assistant then came out and proceeded to take me back. When I asked “what are we doing? she responded “numbing you up for a root canal” She did not take it well when I said that “root canal is not happening today”. It is conceivable to me that a customer, in similar circumstances but without my attention to outcomes, could have been given a root canal without any need for one. I had also provided a briefing document and x-rays, at the front desk, but they were not provided to the doctor when the consult began. There seems to me to an obsessive/compulsive culture in the front office to extract $1500 from every customer who walks thru the door – and a complete indifference to the past history and real needs of that customer. I was even told that “root canals are all we do in this office”. I ended up paying $141 for a 5 min consult but that seems like a bargain considering the $3,000 per hour he is extracting doing root canals.

Lynne Black

I have probably had 20 root canals...the last two that I had were done by Dr. Gray and he good, really good! I have not had any trouble with either tooth after the root canal and there was no discomfort at all. He sent me home with a prescription for pain pills and I never even bothered having it filled

john christiano

Staff is awesome. Dr is awesome.

Michelle Lara-Martinez

I had been in severe pain for a week and had an appointment today at 7:45am for a root canal and I was refused service for not having a photo I.D because they wouldn't know if it was actually me or not (I had lost mine and was waiting for my day off to get a new one). I had my insurance card with my name on it & a referral from Dr. Cope at Wildcreek Dental about molar #31, as my birth certificate in case of proof, I am also under my moms insurance which her i.d and card could be used. The receptionist at Wildcreek had told me that in 20 yrs of business, has never seen a dental place refuse a client. Luckily, another place heard about this, gave me a call, apologized for what had happened & has given me an appointment for tomorrow, their receptionist said as well that they have never heard about a place refusing service like that. When I asked if I needed to bring anything, they said no because they already had my information from Wildcreek.

Emory Peterson

I've always been afraid of going to any dentist office to have work done, it never seems to be as pain free as friends make it out to be. I have been putting off my route canal for 6 months dealing with the pain daily. Needless to say it finally got to the point that something had to happen, so 5 days ago I went in to Dr. Fullmer for my route canal expecting the worst. I was quite honestly blown away with how the procedure went, I didn't feel a thing. The entire staff was great, and helped lighten the mood for me. They even followed up with me the next day to make sure everything was ok. Now 5 days later I'm laughing at myself for not taking care of this sooner. What a relief! I'll never look for another endodontist again, hopefully I'll never need one!

Haidon Matteson

I went in for a root canal and was in the worst pain of my mouths life, he fixed me up in 30 minutes and the next day I felt great, I highly recommend Dr. Fullmer he did a great job, don't go anywhere else but here!

Lewis Olvera

I have been to Dr. Fulmer's office twice. The most recent time was yesterday for 2 root canals. His staff was great. Ashley worked hard and did a great job of staying in touch with me to help find a spot in the schedule as I was in a lot of pain and needed an "ASAP" appointment. We had 3-4 phone calls and she was able to find me a time slot that worked. Thx, Ashley. Dr. Fulmer is super friendly and has a calming demeanor. He works efficiently and talks you through the process. He knows his stuff and his confidence is reassuring in what can be an anxious situation. I'm sorry I don't remember his assistant's name but she was great too. I'm feeling so much better today and would highly recommend this office. Thanks, guys.

Daniel Van Bibber

anndrea help wanted

Clean and friendly and are great about notification on appointments scheduled

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