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REVIEWS OF Peak Pediatric Dentistry- Dr. Aimee Cassinelli IN Georgia

Anand Mishra

Highly recommend for any dental issues and checkup.

mindy Baker

Dr. Cassinelli was so wonderful, caring, and patient with our baby. She did an amazing job on his lip & tongue ties. She called to check on baby, and truly cared about how he was doing! My husband and I were extremely pleased with her work and her demeanor! Thank you!!

Kimberly Zim

We had a great first experience at the dentist. Aimee showed my 2 year old daughter all the tools and tried them out on her hands to help her adjust to this new experience. She was pleasant and through. Looking forward to going back again.

Anna Neal

Love Dr. Peak! She is amazing! It’s a great place to take your kids, all the staff are very friendly, they have a great team, and she is very knowledgeable.

Kimberly Champney

Dr. Cassinelli is MORE than helpful. My daughter has had issues this year with a chipped tooth and she had been wonderful. I have found her and her staff to be extremely accommodating. I love this office.

Richard Roberts

Wonderful Pediatric Dentist, office staff helpful !

Allan Houben

Meg Edwards

They took great care of our 8 month old, calling to check and with a follow up appointment. Great staff, no wait time, great Dr. Very impressed!

Sherita Washington

The staff was friendly and helpful. We were in and out of the appointment in no time. And they were super patient with my son as it was his first time visiting the dentist. We will definitely be back.

Lauren Strickland

Very impressed! Great first dentist visit for my 3 year old son. Loved how clean and bright it was inside. All the staff were very friendly and Dr. Cassinelli was wonderful. She took time to explain everything so it went very smoothly. Highly recommend her!

Veena Reddy

Dr. Cassinelli is wonderful with our kids! She also takes the time to make sure that I completely understand what treatments they will be having and any follow up that they might need.

Emily Hall

Dr. Cassinelli was extremely professional, but also warm and comforting. She and her staff were patient with my daughter during her first visit and explained everything in terms my 3 year old could understand. The office is designed to make children comfortable. I am very pleased!

Sahar Higgs

Lovely, calm and very comfortable for kids. Great technology!

Carly Lynch

Missy Lauren Evans

Rachel Bailey

Taking my 3 and 1 year olds here is never stressful. Highly recommended.

Shannon Bohm Lahiji

All three of my children love Dr Cassinelli. She and her staff go out of their way to make sure my kids are comfortable and happy. I have one child who hates the taste of fruit flavored tooth paste and fluoride- Dr Cassinelli makes sure she always has chocolate or mint flavored products on hand especially for him! This is the most stress-free, helpful and knowledgeable pediatric dental practice in town.

Mei L

My 5-year old girl had terrible experience on her first visit at other dental office. Since then, she wouldn’t cooperate with the dentist and was always crying through the procedures. I was so embarrassed but nothing I could do to calm her down. I took her to Peak last week. Ms. Aimee and her team spent time to play with my daughter, showed her the tools, and let her use the tools on a stuff animal. My daughter was thrilled to feel like a dentist herself. She was then happily followed their commands and completed the X-ray and check-up without crying. I was really amazed by their interaction with my girl. I am really appreciated for the patience and cares they provided and I am so glad my daughter likes this place.

jazmine moore

Kelly Madigan

Julie Neuburger

Today was our first visit to Dr. Cassinelli, and I could not be more impressed. The office is clean, the staff is friendly, and Dr. Cassinelli has a wonderful bedside manner. My son never liked going to the dentist, but today he said "I don't remember it being that easy". Dr. Cassinelli reviewed everything with me in detail, and sent me an email less than an hour later providing a link to her recommended toothpaste. I highly recommend PEAK Dentistry.

Jill Wittenberg

The office is beautiful, everyone is very helpful. I really liked the dentist and her techniques, very conservative! I wouldn't take my kids anywhere else! I used to work in the dental field and the dentist met all my needs!

JesseKatie Ellis

We went to Dr. Cassinelli on a recommendation from our pediatrician for a lip tie laser correction for our 4 day old baby. We were having some nursing difficulties and it was due to a small lip tie that was keeping our son from latching fully. We’ve been down this road before as our first son had a small tongue tie we had to have clipped. I wasn’t aware of the laser correction option with my first son (who is now 2 years older), but had I known, I would have absolutely gone this route over the clip procedure as the laser correction seemed to have a much shorter recovery window. We saw immediate improvement with our son’s latch and he has continued to nurse perfectly. The other thing I loved about this experience is the customer service and follow-up. Dr. Cassinelli was able to fit us in immediately for the procedure and addressed all of our questions and concerns thoroughly in the initial consult. Her office staff is also incredibly warm and the office itself is a very inviting and calm environment. The first time we went thru this with an ENT and it took us over a week to get an appointment which had greater repercussions in the nursing progress with my first. I was more aware of that this time around which is why I was so grateful to be able to get in quickly for this procedure. The follow-up was also fantastic. Not only did Dr. Cassinelli call the next day to check-in and share some care reminders, but she saw us twice for a quick pop-in follow-up visit. We had no follow-up with the ENT, with our first son, which could just be distinct to that particular practice, but not the best experience nonetheless. Some things I will note about the procedure: - Our pediatrician shared it’s a fairly new type of procedure for lip/tongue tie correction. She walked us thru the pros and cons which helped us make a decision to proceed in the direction of laser correction. I would recommend anyone else considering this, have that same conversation. - Our son cried but he stopped crying immediately after it was done and fell asleep pretty quickly and soundly. For the clip procedure our oldest cried as well. I would say a difference in experiences would be that there was a lot of blood with the clip procedure but there was no blood with the laser procedure. - The laser procedure was quicker and appeared easier to perform on a newborn whereas the clip procedure looked harder, took longer, and allowed no flexibility for error as it had to be an exact cut. - Our son did not latch immediately after the laser procedure which was different than our experience with the clip procedure. It could’ve just been a difference in babies but it took a few hours before our son would latch again. However once he did, it was perfect and less painful than before. - The lip tie laser site did not look the prettiest for the first week post procedure and we had to do some lip stretches to keep it from healing incorrectly. The area eventually healed perfectly and I didn’t find the exercises to be inconvenient. - The recovery window was shorter. After the laser procedure it didn’t appear that my baby had any discomfort at all which is opposite from the clip procedure with my first. My oldest had swelling for a few days post clip and some discomfort with nursing. It eventually healed and we were able to get to a great place with nursing, it just took a little bit longer than it did with the laser procedure. Overall, this was a great experience and I would highly recommend both the procedure and Dr. Cassinelli to anyone considering it. We would certainly do it again.

Amy Martin

Dr Aimee is great! She took time to fully explain my children’s X-rays and gave me her recommendations for treatment, but without any pressure to do anything that I didn’t want to. She and her staff were great with my boys and the office was bright and spotless! I definitely recommend Peak Dentistry!

wnewkirk0327 .

Whole staff was was great! My 4 year was very comfortable and sat the entire time during her dental procedure and didn’t flinch! Great office great staff great job!

Hsin-Wei Lin

Very nice doctor and nurse

Anna Wagner

amanda wolski

Dr. Cassinelli and her team are the very best! Practice is easy to find (good parking and easy access on 1st floor of building) and beautifully decorated. Great waiting room with ipads and toys - that I've never spent more than 5 minutes in because the fast check-in procedure (and they have always kept our appointment time). Procedure areas are open areas with lots of natural light, calming colors and comfortable chairs for kids (with TVs mounted over so they can watch while having cleaning/procedures) and banquets for parents next to chairs to so you can sit close to them. Dr. C and hygienists are great at making kids comfortable at every stage and communicate in a calm and positive way that makes going to the dentist the best experience possible for all. They also make an effort to have age- appropriate conversations about the procedures and dental care that your child can understand. Peak has push text appointment reminders, which is really helpful. Highly recommend!

Ashley Colvin

Dr. C is phenomenal! She is so friendly and knowledgeable. My kids and I feel right at home. The office is bright and tailored for little ones. Her approach with my children and the courteous staff are why I chose to drive over an hour to continue to use her.

Isma Abraham

Our son’s first to the dentist was great! Dr.Cassinelli and her staff were wonderful and made our toddler feel very comfortable. Beautiful and conveniently located office as well.

Kelly Rodgers

Love Dr Aimee! We had an unfortunate event beginning of January where my little one took a spill and broke her two front teeth at 1.5years old. Dr Aimee saw us rather quickly and we ended up going for a second opinion and I couldn’t be happier we went to her practice. She did a thorough exam, took X-rays to see how close we were to the root and placed “bandages” on her teeth to ensure comfort and there was no root exposure. We’ve gone back on two separate visits and her and her staff have taken great care of us. Fit us in super quickly and never have any wait. My daughter loves the waiting room. Now my daughter may not be the best patient at this age, but considering what we are doing and how old she is, she does super well and I can attribute that to the calming techniques Dr Aimee has. Not to mention we’ve got quite the Duck collection after several visits. Definitely not how I planned to start my little ones dental path but glad we landed up at Peak!

Anna Refai

Dr. Cassinelli took the best care of my daughter. My daughter is a very anxious, seven-year-old and Dr. Cassinelli and her staff were so wonderful and caring. Her practice is state-of-the art and very easy to find. So happy with my experience!

Brittney Adams

The kind and caring staff makes this beautiful office the best place for my children. Dr. Cassinelli is wonderful with her patients and she takes the time to really get to know each child and always makes sure to answer any questions the parents may have. So glad we found her!!

Dre & Val Hill

Dr. Cassinelli is great with our two toddlers. Our appointments are always a breeze but at the same time very informative.

Edbbie Rosado

Wonderful and expert staff. I wish I had them when I was a child.

Hali Cooper

7ord ツ

Susan Dahlberg

Rebecca Doane

I went in today to have my infant son's lip tie revised. I was very nervous about having the procedure done and Dr. Cassinelli was surprisingly thorough in explaining pros and cons to help me make a decision about moving forward or not. I have found this treatment quite rare and I appreciated it so so much. While waiting, I saw her giving another family lots of helpful information too. I told my husband that I learned so much just sitting in the waiting room! The office was lovely, the staff friendly and engaging.. I will definitely return when my son is old enough. I would recommend this office to anyone.

Tiffany Scoggins

Just had my first appointment at Peak Pediatric, and they are truly fantastic and the best of the best! My son had not yet rec'd full treatment, but have some comparison with other ped. dentists, and the experience was top notch.

Katie Fallucco

Dr. Cassinelli makes going to the dentist fun. My 2 little girls who are 3 and 5 enjoy the flavors they get to pick out, the movie they get to watch, the toys, new toothbrush... She talks with them and makes them feel like they are doing a good job. We highly recommend Peak Pediatric Dentistry.

Ann Lapitan

It was pleasure to meet Dr. Cassinelli and her Team! Very reliable attitude. Really accurate and clear explanations. No unnecessary procedures suggested.

Kate Wright

Dr. Cassinelli and her team are wonderful! They always provide a warm, inviting, and kid-friendly environment. My children love going to the dentist and I have complete trust in Dr. Cassinelli. I am confident she has my children’s best interest at heart.

Erin Kaczmarczyk

Such a great staff! I really appreciated them going above and beyond to make my daughter comfortable for her first dental visit!

Nicole Restrepo

The office and the people who work here are amazing! Everyone was so sweet and made my sons first dental visit fun and exciting for him. We look forward to our next appointment!

Lisa Byrd

Jill Ratner

great experience for both my kids and myself. dentist was so warm and knowledgeable and the staff made my kids feel very comfortable. highly recommend!

Michele Leach Wagner

Brittany Wiseman

Karen Lin

It was my daughter's first time visit to the dentist, she enjoyed it very much. It was quick and easy on everything, and Dr. Aimee & the whole staff were very nice and friendly! Highly recommend!

Devon Hutchins

We had our first appointment today with Peak Pediatric Dentistry for our one-year old. The office is lovely - clean and organized - and the entire staff was caring and supportive. We left with some good tips for early dental care along with the feeling that we've found a good home for dental needs in the years to come.

Christin W

Dr. Aimee is awesome!! Office is clean, staff is friendly!!

Hayley Grove

We really enjoyed our first appointment today. Everyone was very friendly, and Dr. Cassinelli was very patient with our daughter and thorough in her explanations. I appreciated getting to ask all of my questions and getting instructions for what to work on over the next six months. Our appointment time was very convenient, and we were seen promptly.

Hunther Anglher

cate Dubovsky

The time Dr. Cassinelli took with my kids - to educate them - was far beyond anything I've ever experienced. No doctor has ever given them such dedicated care and time. She's truly STELLAR

Noelle Lagueux-Alvareaz

Wonderful care!

Chrissy W

Dr. Cassenelli was so great with my kids! Highly recommend!

Maggie Caswell

Kelly Lawson

Kim T.

My kids LOVED going to Dr. Cassinelli's office. She is amazing with the children and the office is beautiful and engaging for the kids. Highly recommend.

Amanda Cheatwood

Had a perfect experience!! They were so great with my little girl for her first dentist appointment at the age of 3 1/2. They showed her all their tools and let her touch them so she knew what to expect. Such a clean facility too! Had toys for the kids to play with while we waited to be called back, and even had a changing table for my one year old.

Tiffany Smith

My family and I had a wonderful experience at Peak Pediatric Dentistry! Dr. Cassinelli was wonderful and so knowledgeable. She and her staff were so kind and made my son's first visit to the dentist so enjoyable. My family is a big fan of Dr. Cassinelli and Peak Pediatric Dentistry!

Katie Robinson

Shannon Thorsteinson

Dr. Cassinelli was amazing with my kids! The office is so welcoming and professional, and everyone left all smiles! My daughter particularly liked her unicorn ring prize at the end!

Kelly Webb

We absolutely love Peak and Dr Aimee! She sees my older daughter who had major anxiety about the dentist from previous experiences and Dr Aimee has regained her trust in just 2 appointments. Today my youngest had her first cleaning and I was so impressed again! I will tell anyone who will listen to go to Peak! Just research Dr Aimee’s training and you will be confident in using Peak for your kiddos.

Emily Brown

Mary Davis

Beautiful office and wonderful staff! Excellent experience.

Jessica Guevara

The higenist was amazing with my 3 year old: age took the time to show him her tools and how they worked and then she allowed him to choose the toothpaste flavor that he wanted. The dentist was also great with him.

Mallory K

Yanique Donaldson

Meghan Fitzgerald Germano

Charlene Carmichael

The dentist was amazing!!! She explained everything and was very knowledgeable, caring and informative. The staff were amazing and the office was beautiful. I'm glad I went.

Kay Magnuson

Dr. Aimee was great and took lots of time to explain all procedures and options to us. She corrected a lip tie and tongue tie for my infant son and I would definitely recommend her if you need to have this done.

Kerriann Alvarado

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and I consistently refer many of my patients to Dr. Cassinelli for lip and tongue tie revisions. She has excellent bedside manner, does a fantastic job with the procedure(s), and understands the importance of supporting breastfeeding. She is an asset to have in our community. Dr. Cassinelli will never disappoint. I can’t recommend her enough!

C Ramirez

Excellent first appointment with Dr. Aimee today! She took the time to patiently introduce every tool she had to my curious 4 year-old and made him feel safe and right at home while he sat through a cleaning. She even took television requests and put on PJ Masks for him! He was excited start to finish which makes this mama a very happy camper. Looking forward to taking my 2 year old next!

Courtney Lee

Since the recommendation of a trusted friend, we have been with Peak Dentistry for 2 years and Love our experience with Dr. Cassinelli and her team. She has been able to treat each of my children's needs based on an individual basis. She is a fellow mom has a great connection to her patients and parents alike. We are willing to drive from OTP to have her as our Dentist. She is simply Fabulous- you will love your experience!

Abby Vivian Whitmire

Great experience. They explained everything and were great with our 3 year old!

nana akosua

The kids loved the experience and are looking forward to their next appointment. Dr. C was very friendly as well as her staff from the front to the techs. The ambience and environment is very kid friendly and makes the kids very comfortable.

Lisa Torres

Absolutely wonderful!!!!! Everyone is so sweet and attentive !! My 2 year old totally enjoyed his 2nd time at the dentist . Everything was perfect !!! So glad we came

Unya Meerah Wetshi

I took my daughter to Dr Aimee's office yesterday, It was her first time at the dentist and she really liked it. It was a great experience. I love the fact that she takes her time and explain every single tools to kids. The office is clean and beautiful. Helpful and polite staff I will definetely recomment Dr Aimee.

Elizabeth Duttera

What an absolute wonderful place for children! The staff is so incredibly friendly and Dr. Cassinelli is one of a kind! Would recommend this practice to anyone!

Susan Wood

Dr. Aimee and staff are amazing. Love this office.


We had bad experience. I took my 2 year old and they have billed him as normal child above 3. Billing was pain and even after calling them couple of times and requesting to file the claim accordingly didn’t work. Would not go again and although we liked the practice still it’s troublesome to get hassled by billing issues.

Elizabeth Foster

The only pediatric dentist my daughters have not cried at. Well worth the 30 minute drive!

Nat Chris

Laura DeMatteo

Wonderful experience! My daughter was introduced to all the dentist tools so she was super comfortable during the exam. Very clean office, kind personal would highly recomend. Thank you everyone at Peak!

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