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REVIEWS OF Peachtree Childrens Dentistry IN Georgia

Kim LaLa

This place is super clean, spacious, and kid-friendly. There are some game entertainment and TV with Disney movies. Liam loves the workers here, they're very nice and efficient. They're in a nice location with alot of shopping around, easy parking too.

num E

Nevaeh King

Nasty attitudes

Amy Stillwell

Wonderful people! My kids and I love the facility and staff!

tang yaonan

Nathan Danis

CapWil Information

S Manibhai

Please - before booking an appointment here ask them about their appointment policy - particularly if they discover issues that require treatment. I am basically going to reiterate what I have read in other reviews, but hopefully this will confirm that it is true. My child was diagnosed with 8 cavities. While I don't blame the practice for the cavities, their response to treatment made it absolutely clear to me that they were more concerned with volume than my child's dental health. As other reviewers have noted, they only allow you to book one appointment at a time, and they have a 2 month waiting periods between appointments. After 6 months, I had only been able to have 4 of his cavities filled, and at the last appointment I was told the cavity they were treating that day had grown and needed more aggressive treatment. Of course it had - it had taken 6 months! When I asked if an exception could be made to the policy to book multiple appointments due to the length of time it was taking to address the problem, I was told "no - it is our policy". I asked them to speak to the dentist (since as a parent you never get to lay eyes on the dentist) and was brushed off. I moved to Pediatric Dentistry of John's Creek and they have been wonderful - it makes me feel stupid for staying at this practice as long as I did.


Cristina Grumeza

Great staff and friendly environment ! They did so great with my child ! Highly recommended !

Roshawnda Etchison

Kelli Gunter

I just complete my daughter's 1st dental check-up and Dr. Nancy made it as easy as possible! She has a wonderful staff and they're trained with great customer service skills and have exceeded my expectations in EVERY way!!! I will be bringing my daughter here until they can't accept her anymore. Alot of people are scared of going to the denists, however, they make it as painless and as pressure-free as possible! Thank you, PEACHTREE CHILDREN'S DENTISTRY for exceeding my expectations in EVERYWAY!!!

Jennifer Loggins

They were so awesome with my daughter! Beautiful office and I loved all of the staff!

Melissa Jones

I loved it!! I went to the Duluth location. My daughter was very nervous and they did everything possible to make her feel comfortable. I have recommended them to a few friends. I love this place!!

Mrs. Soko

First let me start with - I have 6 yrs of experience in pediatric dentistry. The hygenist was very rude. I believe She had an attitude because I wanted to go to the back with my child which caused us to go in a private room, their rules.... She walked in and DID NOT even say Hi to me, introduce herself, ask if there were any concerns, introduce herself to my child before she entered his mouth (terrible bed side manners) she did nothing but clean his teath. When she finished she didn’t give me any feed back on how he was doing -NOTHING!!!!!! just “the DR. Will be in shortly!!!!!” News flash! That is not how you do your job as a PEDIATRIC HYGENIST! Needless to say, I will take my child else where with his GOOD DENTAL insurance.

Nancy Joseph

Sha Von Johnson

I have taken both my children to this dentist for a few years, but after this last visit I am taking my services elsewhere. I signed a document stating what chemical I do not want my children to have in their mouths and the technician stated she saw that she never had the chemical and just thought she needed it! --that is unacceptable. If I am the parent and I state and sign that I do not wish to have something done, then you need to respect that, period.

Noles For All

stacy rodriguez

I have been going to Peachtree Childrens Dentistry for 4 years with my 5 children now ages 3-16. Most visits were divided so i could have my older son in the back while the youngest one was back there for comfort .. today was my 3yr olds first minor procedure besides a cleaning. I tell the intake assistant i want to go back because he was to little on his own back there. She was nice and welcoming and invited me back. However as soon as i turned the corner there were 2 ladies in a cubical or treatment room in chairs. As soon as the seen me I got the death stare. They literally followed me with their eyes even rotating the chair to continue with the death stare. Yes I mean dirty dirty looks. Once they turned the chair to continue staring i thought now is a good time to let them know I see them and that was not only unprofessional but ignorant. Here comes the worst part.One was the Dentist herself :( although her looks to kill were a tad bit more mild than her assistants. It was messed up. She tried to downplay it by saying it was a privacy issue and blah blah blah. My heart was pounding i was flipping upset. Got me son through his Treatment and NOW THE SEARCH IS ON FOR A NEW DENTIST FOE MY CHILDREN AFTER 4 YEARS.

Alison Jordan

I had a bad feeling after our last check up with my 7 year old. We sat for 30 mins in lobby for our appointment time, then Delaney was back there for over an hour for a cleaning? I asked the hygienist why she was back there for over an hour, the response was they are just so busy. Then they (Snellville location of Peachtree Children's Dentistry) claimed my daughter had 2 'or 3' cavities and would need the sealants she had put on 3 months ago, removed and then replaced. A 2nd opinion confirmed there was NO cavities on the xrays (Snellville Peachtree Children's Dentistry would not send xrays to Grayson Dental when requested 3 times to do so). Nor was there a need to remove sealants and replace them - it is RARE to need a sealant removed and replaced. Not just one but all 4 were told to be needed to be removed?! This is deceptive and they should be ashamed for trying to make money off problems that do not exist simply because I have excellent dental insurance. What made me sad was Delaney admitted they were mean to her - please get 2nd opinions if you go there or reconsider taking your children there. You should be ashamed at your deceptive practices. Alison Jordan

Larissa Fernández

Tamika Smith

Angel G

Let's just say I moved my children from here because the appt time are ridiculous! Your kids head would rot off before you got a cavity filled. Long, waits ride front desk. The 2 star was for the child friendly waiting room. You'll spend a lot of time there.

Clifton Portis

Pamela White

My kid absolutely LOVE this place and the staff there. Very accommodating and friendly. Xbox games set up and videos playing. Even have them on the ceiling for the kids to see while they are having work done. Definite thumbs up from my three boys.

Nikki Williamson

Sandra Juarez


I would never recommend this place to anyone. Rude staff. Long waits. My daughter has to get an extraction because they were unable to properly read the X-ray. All they care about is making more money any way they can. I do not recommend.

Prevention Pest Control

Ever-After Events

I saw a mother receive the most terrible customer service. I was there w/ a friend and her kids, we are both in the service industry, and neither of us will be returning. Terrible service.

Jessica Tipton

Don't bother with Peachtree Dental in Bethlehem. They are fine with making you wait twenty minutes, but don't expect any consideration if your kids bus route changed the day before your appointment and it makes them late.

Iljljlłl Vickers

Great staff. Always friendly and smiling. Fast at getting every patient seen in a timely manner.

Tara Pierce

Alicia Rainbow

Erick Maeda

(Translated by Google) Seeing that I went to this place I could tell that they give good attention to people. (Original) La ve que fui a este lugar me pude dar cuenta que dan Buena atencion a las personas.

tinika brewton

We have been coming here for some years now and the staff has been terrible. The front desk is clueless and the dental technicians are not professional. My daughter was given fluoride treatments that I did not approve of. I will not bring my child here ever again and I do not recommend this dentistry to anyone.

Desiree Sanchez

First visit here at the office for my 3 year old daughter and everything went very well ! The moment I walked in and Dr.Andre introducing himself and letting me know the update on my daughter I highly appreciate there service and I will continue bringing my little one here :) Thank you !

Dark Angel

By far the worst place staff clueless very unprofessional the Spanish ladies the other ladies are good by other I mean the black women they were very friendly and welcoming the Spanish staff was rude very dishonest save ur money go somewhere else....

Jennifer Randle

They are very informative and sweet to my children. Answered ever questions with visual aids.

Sparkle B

Transferring back to the kids previous dentist after going to this place. Only went here cause it's 5 min from my house so I'll be driving 30 min to the previous dentist. They cancelled my sons appointment because I didn't confirm the appointment because something out of my control happened to my cell phone. That was just the icing I needed on the cake for a horrible week. My son missed a day of school for nothing and I wasted my time and now he has to wait longer to get work done.

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