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REVIEWS OF Padolsky Mark A DDS IN Georgia

Brynn Berg

STAY AWAY!!!!! They shouldn't receive any stars in my book. Went to them and worked with the Jr. partner. He’s lovely. Went in for a cleaning and the hygienist and after the Sr. Dentist said I had tons of issues with my mouth. (I’ve never have had issues! I’ve always been told I have a beautiful mouth) it freaked me out when he told me what was wrong and then when he gave me the printout I’d what the cost was... I freaked! It was as much as a car.. A CAR!!! I put down a down payment for the first part of the procedure and drive home. As I was driving I was thinking whenever I was with the Jr. partner I could hear the other rooms and what was wrong with their mouths. NO ONE! came out with a clean bill of health.. NO ONE...along with them needing a ton of work. Thinking about this, it made me think. Sadly my grandmother passed before the procedure I paid of happened and I was able to travel to my home. I made an appointment with my family dentist and took the list of what Atlanta Dental Group wanted to do to me. When I saw my family dentist and he took tons of x-rays and took the list to compare, he came back into the room and was sickened to know a fellow dentist would wrongfully diagnose clients. What he wanted to do would’ve done tons of damage to my mouth. Yes, I did need a little work done, but it was a cavity and changing a crown. Nothing like buying a new car. When I tried to get my return of the deposit they did they would “talk” to the accountant. I called for over a month and NEVER did I get a call back from the accountant or where the check was. I got the bank involved and now they are dealing with them. STAY AWAY!!!!! Only headache and money stealing, untruthful Sr. Dentist!!

Dcap Grfx

Please pay attention to the low reviews because they are correct. I decided not to be mindful of the things I read bad about this company and now I’m a victim too. There going to charge you $265 for an exam and 5 minutes break down of what going on it’s high but there price is there price. After my exam I decide to put down a deposit for moving forward with a tooth removal. But due to unexpected life event I was unable to go throw and decide to cancel. That when the tables turned and getting my refund deposit became like pulling their teeth. The owner decided to hide behind his assistant (who there for his black clients) and continuously contradict himself on why he didn’t want to refund part of the deposit. Then instead of being sensitive to my personal situation his assist Tabitha harassed me on why I wasn’t getting the procedure anymore as if things can’t change. DONT NOT GO TO THESE PPL!!!! He is a crook!!!!!

Sherwin Shelton

A Bad Place .Real Bad

Doll Starr

Dr. Padolsky is a great Dentist and one who listens and demonstrates such by his interactions. As well, he was kind and considerate. We had a four hour drive and asked many questions prior to the visit. Kiona was very helpful and personable though she was new, she worked hard to assist us in getting an appointment to work with our needs for extractions, our drive and information for follow-up care. We appreciated Dr. Padolsky' s demeanor (manner) and sense of humor. His office staff all seem personable and very helpful: KIONA, MYRNA, Dr.'s SYDNEY & HANZA. We can only say "Thank You" to you all. We will be returning and recommending your office to others. The Southern's.... Lyn, J & Joey.

Meg Foulk

If I could give negative stars I would. Mr. Padolsky doesn't even deserve the title of doctor. I have never been more uncomfortable and felt so belittled and disrespected before encountering this man and his office. He decided it was appropriate to tell me I looked like a famous actress, but only if I lost weight. Then he proceeded to pull up her picture online to show me. Not only is this rude, but highly unprofessional. He talked down to me saying that "this is an intellectual thing, I want to make sure you get it". Regardless of my education level (however, I have a Master's degree), this is extremely rude and upsetting. In discussing TMD, I then expressed to him that I wanted my teeth to still be aligned properly and he replied with "I don't care". I don't know who allowed this man to be in the business of customer service, but it was the worst experience I've ever had. In addition, he tries to work outside of his scope of practice, which is an ethical violation and I will likely take it up with the proper institution. Not only did he suggest I research a disorder that is out of his scope of practice, but he then said "you have it". Last time I checked you can't diagnose someone with something that is out of your scope of practice, especially with no evidence of said diagnosis. As a whole, I am extremely upset, angry and disgusted that this man has a license to practice anything in the state of Georgia. Don't waste your time or your money to get nothing but insults.

Arvie Richardson -Williams

I absolutely regard this office highly because, they have Saturday hours which are generally reserved for urgent care and cleanings. Atlanta Dental Group overall has accommodated me nicely. I must comment on the review on how Dr Padolsky treats his staff. His staff are all efficient and hard working as is Dr Padolsky. I would term him as a passionate individual. Everyone must attend to their own concerns in regard to how they are treated. His staff has the choice to stay or leave if they feel mistreated. They should have their own conversations with him. No one is perfect; we all react differently when we are hardworked. I have never personally been mistreated by any staff member and I have been a patient for a few years now. The facility is clean and tidy. The staff is great and attentive. Dr. Padolsky is personable and has even kidded around with me on occasions. Please come and make your own analysis.

Jonathan Hoffmann

I visited Atlanta Dental Group for a root canal in Jan of 2018 and they told me what the total amount would be for the procedure and what my insurance would cover they had the insurance approval within 10 minutes. The Doctor then informed me that the procedure would be in two separate sessions and that I would pay for the entire procedure the first visit and for the second visit just show up and have the worked finished and that I would not have to pay anything the second visit. This was later confirmed by a younger Doctor on the second visit who again looked at the paper work and said that everything was paid for and that I was covered. Skip to the next month and I receive a bill from the Atlanta Dental Group for an additional $200+ amount???!!! I have now called them twice to try and confront them on this with both times ending with the promise that someone would be in touch shortly to help. Stay away from them. They do good work but scam you.

Pamela J. Henry

I wish there was a - star to review. I am sure Dr . Padolsky is good but I will never go back to him . I believe the reason he charges $4600-5000 up front for TMJ therapy is because he knows people won’t come back after they start treatment. I have been going for TMJ treatment for several months and there is always a problem with the front desk any time you need to get records or make a change to an appointment. Last month I tried to change an appointment and was told I couldn’t . I went over there and expressed my frustration with the front desk.He called both of the front desk ladies in and asked who told me that I could not change my appointment. When one girl spoke up, he proceeded to curse her out in front of everyone, using the F word, then he went off on me and told me it would have cost me $411 to change my appointment. He said he blocked an hour for me and he’s worth it. But he doesn’t spend an hour with me. He spends a few minutes but mostly has some guy from Africa who is extremely hard to understand . It is very uncomfortable to be around him and even though I paid $4600 up front for treatment, I am not going to fnish treatment. I would advise not wasting your money or time with him.

Gigi Cave

They drop instruments and don’t replace them with clean ones. I would never recommend this place to my worst enemy

john clayton

I would give it less than one star if I could. I went almost six months ago for a cleaning. The hygienist was very nice and I met a young dentist who was in training. He was very nice. I recently broke a molar and decided to return. BIG MISTAKE!! Dr Padlosky was training another new dentist. He worked on me and was very impatient and demanding of his trainee. His behavior towards the staff was erratic, Extremely HYPER, and unreasonable. The only reason I continued to remain in the chair was because the drilling had already began. It was a horrible experience. I will NEVER go back. He charged me almost $600 to prep the tooth and then said that I would have to pay another 1200 or more for the crown. I'm going back to my old dentist in the suburbs. DO NOT GO TO THIS DENTIST!

Heather Dykes

I started treatment with Dr. Padolsky in December 2016 for anterior disk displacement (TMJ). First of all they DO NOT take insurance. Told me I would have to file my medical and they would file the dental portion. Well almost 1 year later that insurance has not been filed. However they have already got their $5k from me for treatment out of pocket so no need for them to try and file a claim for me. The turn over with staff is HORRENDOUS which should have told me something! There was only one girl that was there from the time I started until 2 months before my treatment ended. He treated his staff very hateful and very demanding. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL at EVERY visit. I drove 4 hours for every appointment and was there for less than 30min. I would suggest you not use him for TMJ treatment, he is a quack! Very disappointed all around and such and waste of TIME AND MONEY!!

Amanda Camp

Dr. P saw me last weekend as a work in. My current dentist had told me that I’d need a root canal and a crown, or it would need to be extracted. I saw Dr. P, and he and his team were able to fill the tooth! They made that appointment for today. I am pleased to have found a dentist that looks at the big picture, but also can address single issues objectively. Their office has definitely gained a lifetime patient, and I live all the way in Douglasville. Worth the drive for QUALITY care!

Ron Glickman

Dr P is a brilliant physician! I've been coming to him for 5+ years and have referred several friends and family. He is always teaching, even in a routine exam. It's possible to misread his demeanor, but once you realize how much knowledge he has and how much he enjoys sharing that knowledge with his staff that you begin to realize what a blessing he can be, to the patients and his employees.

Kat Coker

Incredible dentist! He did an outstanding job on my smile line. I have a dentist for life.

Virginia Coker

The BEST dentist I have found! I move a lot and have been to several dentists in my lifetime (loved twinkies as a child). I went to Dr. Padolsky to help me fix a butcher job from a previous dentist. He was funny, comforting and extremely intelligent! He did an incredible job and I have been back three different times. I eventually moved again, but still travel to Dr. Padolsky anytime I need work. He is a diamond in the rough.

zoeee damereee

Efrain Resendiz

I dont like his adittude and charge me 300 dollars and didnt do nothing

Tiffany Padolsky

I completed my treatment about 4 years ago, and my headaches and jaw aches have not come back. This treatment works! For ages I thought there was no hope, but Dr. Padolsky's TMJ process worked for me.

Jeff Michaud

They have all ways been a pleasure to work with , I"ve been a patient for years. I have recommended them to friends and clients

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