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REVIEWS OF North Atlanta Family Dentistry IN Georgia

Paige Gorman

This was a great surprise. The facility is all new and so posh...not like every other dentist office. The staff is super friendly and helpful. There are 2 hygienists there. I had Christina. She was very thorough and knowledgeable. I feel like I received great care and look forward to future cleanings as well as restorations I now know I need.

Nataliya Yanev

Adam Robinson

This was my trusted family dentist.... My family has been patients of this practice for about 4 years and their dental assistants are excellent! They were very detailed when cleaning my teeth. It wasn't until my daughter needed to have some orthodontic work so we started using a pediatric ortho which also has a pediatric dentist in their practice. Dr. Vargas stated my daughter had a cavity in one of her molars. No problem, it happens, right? I asked the pediatric dentist to confirm before I let her drill and fill...there was no cavity. My wife was scheduled for about $4k worth of fillings after Dr. V stated she had 14 cavities, needed multiple crowns and had already spent $1k on work done the previous month for cavities & a crown. We decided to get a second cavities and the other dentist (after reviewing her films) stated "in my opinion I saw nothing that indicated cavities especially no need for a crown". We have since moved our entire family to another provider as I am confident we have been misled, had many unnecessary procedures done for thousands of dollars. Please consider second opinions and be careful. They like to make you sign for the excessive and unnecessary dental work while they have you numb and in the chair. I would strongly recommend another provider if you have choices.

Tom Cochran

We've had an unpleasant experience in this place and will not be back. While some higenists there are really nice and try, others are surprisingly rude and take longer than usual for a routine cleaning. I say on the chair for 65 minutes before the doctor was able to see me after the cleaning. And that's for a check up. Also, the front desk staff is unprofessional and off-puttingly indifferent bordering rudeness. Finally, their billing is strange. Even though they were in-network for my insurance plan, they charged me upfront and referred to get refunded from the insurer. I have never seen that at any other dentist. There was also an issue of overcharging for procedures that were not asked or provided. I had to call back and settle that one. Again, some nice people there, but overall experience made us not to return.

Jessica Simms

I haven’t gone to the dentist in a while so I was nervous to go at first but the entire staff was extremely nice and caring. Gorgeous facility, easy to find.

Janeth Porras

Angela Sabetta

My daughter came for a check up and fillings. Dr Smith took great care of her, making sure that she understood the treatment plan and that she felt comfortable with things. She made sure she was relaxed by turning on a kid's show as a distraction and joking with her to put her at ease. I 100% recommend Dr. Smith and her staff.

Sandra Pozzi

Brianna Canfield

Dr. Sandra Vargas is very thorough and thoughtful of her patients needs. She performed a tooth extraction that was truly painless and free of anxiety. She fully explained all the steps prior to beginning the procedure, answered all of my questions and endured that I was comfortable and completely numb before beginning the procedure. Dr. Vargas ' staff was friendly and kept me engaged by speaking with me before, during and after her procedure. She also fully explained all associated financial charges prior to any procedures. I would definitely recommend Dr. Vargas and staff for your general dental needs.

Blanca Razo

Dr.Shin Did an amazing job in taking care of my older son juan. They had great customer service i will definitely recommend too everyone i know who needs a dentist.

dave henry

They show you very detailed pictures of your problems. I like that! Nice people, good work

sarah Crosby

Doc Vargas treats you like her own family member. She takes time and extra care to make sure you are comfortable and happy with the results. She does an excellent job and my crown was replaced with no pain or stress and much better fit than the old one. Thank you!

Bjorg Walstrøm Guasti

Erick Campos

And yet, another very pleasant visit to my dentist! I had my routine cleaning which was again, excellent and also a root canal instead of the scheduled filling on another tooth. Dr. Vargas proactively recommended it after reviewing the x-rays, and after about one painless hour I was on my way back to work!; I didn't even need any pain medication. Wonder full dental care, I highly recommend Dr. Vargas and North Atlanta Family Dentistry!

ann marie w

Best dentist around! Have been seeing Dr Vargas about 16 years now. All of my family also sees her. I have great comfort knowing she treats my teeth like they are hers. She does not perform procedures that are not necessary. Highly recommend. She is a full service dentist including gum surgeries, root canals and implants.

Krystle Davis

Had my first visit today and it was great. The dental hygienist was very personable and attentive as well as Dr Shin.

Jennifer Jackson

Wonderful experiences! Everyone is so friendly and courteous. My dental hygienist, Megan, is great at her job and the office staff is always helpful. The doctors are great too!

Michelle Babaie

Robert Coblentz

Chase Matheson

If I could give this place 5+ plus I would. Last month, I came in as a walk in due to a very painful tooth abscess that was swelling up my face. I was referred to Dr. Vargas as she specializes in sedation dentistry and was blown away of how amazing she was. I have a huge fear of going to the dentist from a prior traumatic experience I had years ago with a random dentist. Because of this, I fell behind on my oral hygiene for years and as a result now have very bad tooth decay and missing teeth which has prevented me from smiling for years. Not only did she solve my painful problem that same day I came in, but she took her time to help me create a plan that would fix the rest of my teeth. Three weeks after coming to North Atlanta Family Dentistry, I am now smiling for the first time in 6 years!!! Not only was Dr. Vargas extremely caring and helpful but her entire team was also fantastic and extremely welcoming. Even the people that answer the phones are phenomenal! If you have any of the following symptoms like myself such as serve anxiety of dentistry, embarrassment, lack of self-confidence, and/or self depression due to your oral hygiene this is the place for you. Thank you North Atlanta Family Dentistry for changing my life.

Caren House

Updated based on your response... I checked each individual code with my insurance company based on the itemized list I received from your office. Every single one was wrong. There were items listed where you claimed my insurance company would pay $0 and they actually would cover the entire fee. I went to an oral surgeon in the area and paid a third of what your office was going to charge. Again - before you have them do any work, please double check what they are charging with your insurance company or you may be paying to much. I went in for a tooth that was hurting. I was told that it really needed to be removed and I needed an implant or I could possibly do a root canal and crown but that was not recommended. I asked to see the difference in prices since we have very good dental insurance. The costs they quoted were astronomical. I was told I needed to decide immediately since the next week was a holiday and there were no openings. Feeling super uneasy about the entire process I left and went home and called our insurance. Turns out they were charging way to much for each ( well above the contracted rate) and they had me paying for things that insurance would have covered at 80%. If you do go here please check with your insurance before you have anything done or you may be paying way to much out of pocket.

Pat Gibson

Had a tooth extraction. Dentist was great and friendly and confident.

Dawn S

Dr. Sandra Vargas is thorough and precise with her treatment. You can tell as soon as you sit in the chair dentistry is her passion. The staff is informative, pleasant and caring. The office is clean and feels like home everytime. I would highly recommend this office for any dental needs.

Amanda Marie

Going to the dentist is usually uncomfortable but the staff made me feel otherwise. I felt welcomed and at ease during my appointment. I feel good knowing that I chose a great dentist/dentist office!

Gustavo Obregon

Great attention to detail by Dr and Hygienists and good flexibility on scheduling appointments.

Randy Watson

Great dentist and staff.

thomas kuhn

I just recently started going to @North Atlanta Family Dentistry because I had an emergency need on a weekend. They got me in at my convenience and treated me like I was their most important patient ever! I've since moved my whole family here. High quality staff and treatment, beautiful offices.

Colette Shadix

North Atlanta Family Dentistry provides amazing service for all ages. The hygienists and dentists explain each procedure step by step as they are taking place to ease any fears. The entire staff is exceptional with handling clients and client concerns. I highly recommend North Atlanta Family Dentistry.

Chad C

I am fairly new to the practice, but I've already had four visits to correct poor dental work from previous providers. Dr. Megan Smith is great! She's meticulous and thorough, and she tries to minimize the pain even when giving numbing shots. She also has a great personality. In the middle of a filling, she makes me laugh with her funny jokes and stories. The techs are also great, and they do everything they can to keep me comfortable--even providing a blanket when it's cold! The equipment is new and high tech, and there are TVs in the rooms to provide a distraction from the dental work. I also love that they are able to show me pictures of my mouth so I can see exactly what they are talking about when they explain the work that needs to be done. Beyond all that, this practice goes to South America to provide dental services to remote people who don't have such opportunities. I am so thrilled with this practice, and I highly recommend them.

Madeline Connell

Dr. Smith is great! 10/10, would recommend! She's super nice AND good at her job. I am always super nervous about the dentist, so when I had to get some fillings, I was terrified! She was able to calm me and PAINLESSLY fill my cavities. She talked to me the whole time and I really appreciated that.


Very pleasant experience. Staff is very accommodating and in tune to client needs. I highly recommend this dental practice.

B747aH Luropp

The employees seem friendly initially, especially if you are a new patient, unfortunately my family quickly discovered why they are struggling to keep the business open. Their billing policy is clearly in the interest of the owner exclusively. We made multiple attempts to speak with the practice owner about our concerns regarding how billing charges were assessed but the doctor never once responded. Dr. Vargas never extended any courtesy to my family when we initially withheld payment after we were over - charged by her staff. We would have paid once we were given an opportunity to explain our position but Dr. Vargas refused to be reasonable. Ultimately we had to walk away when it became clear this is simply about money. We will not be returning.

Melody Humphrey

Sydney Voorhees

This dentist is a scam. My previous dentist always told me I had a very healthy mouth. I switched to this dentist, and suddenly I had a mouth full of cavities!? They wanted me to make multiple follow up appointments for fillings that was going to be very expensive. I went to another dentist for a second opinion. He looked at the same x-rays and used multiple methods to examine my mouth for cavities. He even had another doctor examine my mouth for a third opinion. Guess what, no cavities! Not even the slightest indication of a soft spot or a hint of dental decay. My mother also went to this dentist for the first time, and they wanted to do a ton of unnecessary work on her teeth as well. BEWARE OF THIS DENTIST, ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY. THEY WILL FABRICATE DENTAL PROBLEMS TO YOUR DETRIMENT. DO NOT TRUST THEM!


Nice personal and professional care. They are the best!!!

Larissa Hightower

My experience with this dental group was such a blessing. Dr. Smith , along with her staff, provided me with the care and attention I desperately needed. She was extremely knowledgeable and comforting and provided me with all the explanations I needed to understand the processes and make some decisions. Ive finally found my “home” dentist facility & doctor and am thankful beyond words for them. THANK YOU DR. SMITH YOURE TRULY AMAZING & THANK YOU NORTH GA FAMILY DENTISTRY, ILL NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

Chris Gorman

Nice modern dental office. Friendly and professional staff.

Jill Moore - Harris

I had a very pleasant experience when I visited N Atlanta Family Dentistry. My dental hygienist was very nice, extremely thorough and very knowledgeable. The doctor was very pleasant and down to earth. They both identified a cavity and a crown that needed to be done relatively easily and we discussed some cosmetic dentistry that I was interested in due to a few hairline cracks in my front teeth due to a fall. There was absolutely no pressure and was told that they wanted to resolve the necessary items before we discuss the cosmetics in more detail. There was no sales pitch or pressure. Actually the price they gave me for veneers was a very reasonable price. My husband is very sqeamish with dentists and I think even he will very happy during his first appointment there. They definitely made me feel like they were concerned with my oral health and I left feeling very comfortable with my oral hygiene plan.

Tana Bishop

I just have to say this is the BEST place to go. Dr Smith and Meagan Callahan are the best when it comes to taking care of your teeth. I highly reccomend this place

Javier Cardona

Excellent attention.

Vickeryfolks Wright

Wonderful practice and love Dr.Vargas! Treats me like my teeth were hers. Husband, my son and I have been patients for many years.

Reilly Duerk

Edmund Vazquez

Rhonda Harden

Excellent customer service from check in to out. Megan does the best cleanings.

Meagan Harper

Brittany Phan

Tony Mas

Lillian Lanauze

margaret rossi

Dr Smith and her assistants were all very attentive and thorough, they were explained the X-rays and developed a treatment plan that fit my budget. I was able to contact them after hours for emergency pain assistance and even received a follow up text. This is the best dentist in Cumming and the location and building itself are convenient and brand new including handicap parking, ramp and elevator. Thank You Dr. Smith!!!

Darly Haraguchi

Berg P

Friendly & professional. Dr. Shin did an amazing job with my wisdom tooth extraction.

Ester Vodovoz

Joan Janek

Meg Harrison

Thank you to Dr. Meghan Smith!!!! My daughter has an extreme fear of dentist and it has been very difficult to find a dentist she trusted and Dr. Smith was AMAZING!!!! I CAN NOT THANK THEM ENOUGH!!! Staff and everyone were very kind and Dr. Smith is the BEST.... I highly recommend this dental office!!!

Barbara Boutwellrd

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