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REVIEWS OF Family and Children’s Dentistry IN Georgia

Brian Mills

I’ve been here several times and have been in contact with various staff members and they all have been very courteous and concerned that you receive excellent customer care and services.I am under Dr.Roders care and couldn’t be more pleased and happy with her suggestions service and support.It is a well managed establishment I will continue to go here.

Kathryn Pollio

It can be one thing that can make you really not want to go back! I have been bringing all of my children(4) here for almost two years and I honestly feel they are really big on sedating children and pulling their teeth for the smallest things. My four year old went under IV sedation twice and the second time I was told he was suppose to go under an oral sedation. Something lighter than the Iv sedation. They were ONLY suppose to do an impression on his mouth and fill the back tooth. After they begging me to change my appointment to accommodate THEM they said they were putting him under an IV sedation and I told them No! They didn’t tell me this over the phone when they asked me twice to come in early because they were booked up. I told them I wanted to reschedule because it’s so heartbreaking bringing your child out of that medication “coma” long story short, I spoke to the office manager and she told me it would be a small impression and he would be ok. I agreed to go ahead with the procedure. 20 mins later they are bringing me my child, mouth bleeding and he is crying in pain trying to wake up out of the coma. A nurse came with a tooth package saying here go his tooth!!! At this point I am furious!!!! I NEVER SIGNED CONSENT for them to pull any of his teeth let alone I already didn’t want him under that heavy sedation!! No one even told me they were pulling any teeth even when I spoke to the manager. They wanted to say they couldn’t come out of surgery to tell me what they were doing to MY CHILDS MOUTH! My son was missing only one of his front teeth so that’s why they were making the impression for the false tooth. The doctor said it would look better for them to give him two false teeth that’s why they pulled the other one!!! W T F! I could care less if it will look better no one asked me or told me anything. At the end of the day his teeth were going to come out anyways why put me and my child through so much pain???? As I told the manager, when my son get those stupid teeth put in his mouth I will cut ALL TIES WITH THIS PLACE WITH ALL FOUR OF MY KIDS!

sharada woods

My first visit today for my daughter. Loving the staff... they are friendly and thorough. All of my questions were explained. They've gained 4 new patients with me and my children.

Melissa Hamm

I love taking my boys here because they're so friendly and very welcoming to all. The wait time can be a little lengthy but overall I love the people who work here.

Lakeisha Johnson

Good service very long wait

Kayla Hamm

The doctors are great and very friendly. They get you in and out and speedy as possible without trying to rush things. I've been going since I was a baby and I don't plan on leaving any time soon!

Khadija Wigley

Very comfortable setting. The staff is friendly and works well with the kids. Very knowledgeable. Support black owned businesses, pillar in the community

Roni McDowell

I love the fact that my entire family including myself can go here. They provide good service and I have gotten to know the staff pretty much by name. Very family oriented. The only thing that bothers me is they dont tell you up front what your balance is or how much you owe for your service that your insurance doesn't cover, they do it at the end of the service. Things like that should be discussed first to give the customer a chance to decide to go through with something or wait later until they can cover the balance. But overall the actual dental service is great!

crawford deandre

They are kinda pricey so be ready to pull out ya G’s when trying to get services, also be up-to-date on your annual cleanings before consulting because it will speed up the ortho treatment faster , also stay on top of your payments and always know and calculate your balance with them so your not being charged unnecessarily. All in all their services are A1 guaranteed as long as you make your payments on time monthly and take care of your 0ral Health during the process which means brushing, and flossing regularly morning, and at night , between meals too. Also buying a “Water Pik” helps as well.

Caroline Uchehara

Generally, the staff are nice and have good costumer service. However, I have a great deal of concern in terms of equipment cleaning and barrier control. More could be done to ensure that patients are protected from cross infection.

Ronita Blackwell

It was a great experience and they were very professional with my grandbaby

MINGNON pender

Fast, efficient, made my children feel comfortable and very professional.

LeTrice Kelly

RUN DO NOT ENTER you will be waiting forever to be seen.I waited 3 hours to be seen for sedation and there were no children in the waiting room. When you go to the back there are chairs and children everywhere. The dentist is nice but they are way to over booked and they act like they don't know it. DO A BETTER JOB!

Kori Campbell

The office is very clean and kid friendly however the staff members are not welcoming. After arriving 10 minutes early my child wasn't called back until 15 minutes after her scheduled appointment. 1 hour and 30 minute passed I ask someone to check on the status of my child. The receptionist reported back that she was having her teeth cleaned. I'm no dentist but I'm sure it doesn't take 1 hour and 30 minutes to perform a routine teeth cleaning. After 2 hours I was told that my child was just being seen by the Dentist. At this point I began to be really concerned considering the fact that my child has been out of my sight for 2 hours. I finally ask to see my child. I walked to the back and my child was just sitting in the exam chair. Watching another patient that arrived and was called after my child. My child was finally examined and had all treatments performed after 3 hours had passed. Needless to say that will be the last time my child is seen there!

Shannon Byrd-Crossley

They are very kid centric. I really love that they encourage the children to be responsible by answering to the call of their own name and allowing them to go to get their teeth cleaned by themselves(parents aren't allowed unless the child needs extra support)

Sandra Miller

Always great,my baby been coming here since she was 1

Dennis Magee

Thank you for seeing me on short notice. Looking forward to continuing to use your professional service for my dental needs. Another great visit. I learned a great deal about the health of my gums and teeth. Looking forward to the journey to reach better dental health.

Jacquelyn Pressley

I love this place. It has everything that you need in one. Dentist and orthodontist!!!!! My daughter lost her retainer after two weeks of having and I called they got me right in and I received a new one same day being that we were leaving out of town next day!!!! Thanks so much; you guys are awesome.

Lady Hanson

My Five Stars goes to one person, Amanda Baity. Each time I have called this establishment, she has given me exemplary customer service. She is dedicated to solving any issues I may have and has helped me with scheduling conflicts. I just want to publicly say Thank You. Amanda Baity, you are the exception and you should teach classes on customer care.

John Bailey

Always take care of me. On time and very kind!

Ayesha Murry

Excellent I Iove It here! My kids love it, staff treat you like family and know you by recognition and names automatically! Truly a family oriented environment

Stacy Adams

we waited 3 hours for out appointment after arriving 30 minutes early incase there was paperwork. After being called back you enter what feels like a prison and there are kids everywhere just sitting in dentist chairs waiting for Lord knows what. After waiting and being verbally assaulted by another patient for being the only white people there we FINALLY got into a chair. They slapped on some fluoride and sent us on our way. ABSOLUTELY AWFUL EXPERIENCE. never again.

Jessyka Heim

They have great customer service and your always feel welcome

christina patrick

Great dervuse staff are wonderful but hate the long wait

E Tucker

Good customer service. Great location with free parking. Place is very clean.

Vee Antri

Everyone is this office is A1. I love the environment and how fast they get you in and out. GREAT SERVICE Ladies & Gentlemen.

Chardai Thomas

Amazing staff smiles from the front to the back of the office.

Zekia Ford

Best service ever! I loved it. The whole staff is friendly. Made my kids feel very comfortable. Thanks

Nita LaNee'

Today was my first experience at Family and Children's Dentistry and let me tell you......this place is AMAZING!!!! Excellant service, very polite staff (anytime a staff member walked thru the waiting room they said "Good morning" to everyone waiting) and lots and lots of BEAUTIFUL, BLACK, EDUCATED, WOMEN!! I was definitely amazed and will be making this place our primary dentist office! Very well done!!

Tynishia Crouch

Friendly . Doesn’t take up all your time. Clean facility. Convenient location.

Rosalyn Choates

First let me start off by saying this is a very great Dentist Office. The staff is very kids friendly and always so nice to my two boys which are 5 and 3 years old. But I am very unhappy with the service on this day . My 3 year old son had a 9:30am appointment on a Thursday for work on his teeth. He only had one cavity . I received a text message for the dentist office saying that he could come in sooner because someone canceled. I arrived at 9:15 am and my son didn’t get seen into 11:15 for his procedure . Now keep in mind we talking about a toddler who getting work done on one tooth who have ate or drunk anything since 12 am the night before and didn’t get seen until 11:15 and which his appointment was at 9:30 . This the second time this has happened to me at this dentist office and am not sure if somebody is over booking appointments on Thursday for kids procedure but the staff need to take in consideration that these are kids not adults who is waiting 2 hours to get seen for the procedure! If my appointment is at 9:30 I expect to be seen and out of there at a decent time . Especially if I arrived on time and have an appointment! I know sometimes things take a little long but my son had one cavity it’s no way we should’ve been leaving the dentist office round 1 o clock .

Lanise Buckner

They are AWESOME at what they do!!!The staff is super friendly and interact with the kids major ❤❤❤!!!

Shontae Parham

I have been going here since my daughter turn three she’s 11 now an my twin boys are 7, the atmosphere is very family oriented the staff is always nice and professional,When I call they always answer! Reminder text are sent out the doctors are very informative I love this office my kids are always glad to come! Clean an safe environment

KeErica Williams

Dr. Beal and her orthodontic staff are the best !! Best in Georgia might I add. My smile has improved tremendously since I began my orthodontic treatment.

Keita Cooper

I have had nothing but positive experiences at Family and Children's Dentistry. The staff and Dentist are attentive, kind, and professional. My wife, two boys and I have been going for years. I highly recommend them for dental care.

Melinda Robinson

They are great and so patient and great with kids. They made my child so comfortable I couldn’t believe how he laid there and let them clean his teeth and they get you in and out! Super experience!!

Pia Cullars

Dr. Lott's office staff was wonderful!! Dr.Lott herself is wonderful, and was amazing!! My son was champ when they put the IV in, but got teary eyed when he lay down, which made me teary eyed, and cry. Dr.Lott was reassuring, and comforting. Simply amazing!!! Her years of experience is so evident in her work. Her bedside manner is impeccable. Her office staff called to check up on him, and even ask if I had anymore questions, after the fully gave all necessary details. They really made a nervous wreck mom, into a happy, ecstatic, thankful, grateful mom. Who will share her experience with everyone and recommend Dr.Lott and her staff!!!!! Cant say thank you enough!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Kaneshia Bronson

Very thorough! The dental hygienist took her time and made sure each tooth was cleaned thoroughly. And this was only a regular cleaning. They did a regular cleaning while other denistries suggested deep cleaning which was too invasive for my teeth. Not everyone needs a deep cleaning and this dental clinic does not abuse that fact. They care for your teeth!!! Loved my experience and thank you so much. Will come back again!

Kristin Young

I have been going to this office since I was 2. Great family oriented staff. Very friendly.

Pink Pøtao

I love love coming to my dentist appointment here. People are welcoming and very professional @ Family and children’s Dentistry ♥️

kasandra bryant

Please another dental clinic for your services.

Arkisha Wright

My dentist Dr. Edwards and her staff are amazing! I love my orthodontist Dr. Bell and your awesome staff too! I've been going here since December 2014

Tiffany Smith

Very good with kids and very informative on work being done. Nice and friendly nurses.

Janine Randall

My daughter had a wonderful orthodontist experience with Dr Beal, Theresa, Patty and the entire staff. They were gentle, as they explained every step while putting on her braces. I highly recommend Dr. Beal.

LaGean Brown

Dr. Lott and her staff are the best and most professional dental staff in the city. My daughter had crowns done today she had no pain she had no discomfort at all. They were on time and everybody was very courteous. I recommend her services to any parent in the city even if you have to drive to get to the office it is well worth it

Qwan Moore

My kids are always happy when they leave their dentist. Dr. Lott is awesome.

Brandon Zachery

Dr.Edwards Is The Best. I Love her and her work. She makes you laugh and smile. And she also explain what’s going on with and little details as possible. Thank so much!! True enough I congratulate this a office full of powerful black women but they talk too much! If they could do less talking and more working us as patients would be able to get in and out! I love it here but the talking have to put it too rest and work ladies but keep up the good work

Alison Smith

My son’s wait time was 30 minutes today. Compared to past times progress is being made but more needs to be done. I really want some attention to go to the parking lot area in front of the office. I’ve been driving thru the same big pot holes for two and half years now. Help!

Rodney Kleckley

I had a great experience everyone was very helpful especially the adult receptionist and the administrator!

Erica Farmer

Friendly staff, service was extremely fast and helpful. I forgot my son’s insurance card and they looked it up manually so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I love the advice I was given and I went home feeling a lot more sure of my son’s dental health. I’m super happy with the visit.

Ashley Rogers

Best dentist

Yemanyah Johnson

Very friendly staff well organized and very caring. I definitely recommend them.

Candace Carr

Very nice business, very pleased with the staff.



Nia R

Great Service. Friendly Staff. Wait times are long, but the quality of service makes up for it.

Tenecia Grier

I am usually pleased with the service, but on today that was very bad. I took off of work for them to tell me that they couldn't see my daughter because she was to old but when the young lady scheduled the appointment she was looking at her information. The new staff need to be trained better that way it wouldn't be another problem like this. Thanks

Morris Wyatt

There was too much talking and laughing. A guy was talking about drawing and visiting a museum while the lady was cleaning my teeth distracting her. Also, the time before. I was left in the examination room for over 15 minutes. I had to ask if I could leave.

Vickie Cook

Felt very comfortable. Relaxing atmosphere. Keep you informed and ensure that you are aware of everything going on. New to Georgia and I am so please with their work. I am also pleased with my grandson's teeth cleaning. No need to look any further. I never had that kind of service ever. I love it!!

Amy Billings

Good experience. Terrible waiting room. It's too small, carpet is dirty....flow is very uncomfortable. Need an update badly.

Jessica Hilaire

The staff at family and children's dentistry are very friendly and nice. The wait time might be long at times but it's worth the wait. Dr. Rodgers is the best dentist ever. Thank you all for taking care of my teeth.

Diane Horne

Dr.Rogers and her staff did a wonderful job I had no Anxiety about this visit.

Deonica Jones

They are money hungry.

Yvonne Sumlin

This is a very nice office, nice staff and dentists. BUT Ms. Rose is absolutely the best Dental Hygienist ever!! Great side chair manner. She gives meticulous, thorough , total mouth care and aware of your comfort at all times. I highly recommend her!

Anita Lee

I always get great service. The staff is accommodating, professional, they get to know you, and they are always very polite.

Tijuana Craig

Love this place. It's so convenient for my son & I to go together. Everyone is so friendly, family oriented, & professional. The environment is great!

Melondy Day

I had a sibling appointment today both kids said their experience was great. As long as their happy mom is happy.

KiyShonda Wright

I love this place! The staff are friendly, professional and courteous and most importantly punctual!

Shontereice Terrell

My kids and I LOVE them. They care about their patients and want us all to thoroughly take care of our oral hygiene. I highly recommend them.

Seneca Beth

Every person I engaged with was wonderful; they were kind and took time to explain everything to me with patience and care. I am grateful I found them and loved having the lead dentist be a woman.

Crystal Wallace

Head scheduler has terrible attitude. Not flexible with working people at all. Changing dentist.

Teresa Haynes

I had a great experience today as always with my favorite doctor.... Dr. Rodgers! She is very gentle and takes her time with me. She understands my needs (I'm a nervous patient & I have sensitive teeth) She & her assistant(s) always make sure I'm comfortable during my visits & that all of my dental needs are handled. So thanks, Dr. Rodgers & Q for for my outstanding visit today!!!!

Vanessa Peavy

This was my first visit there today and I am pleased. It started off rocky at first due to having me waiting too long. However, the doctor and hygienist were great. Very knowledgeable and personable. I have very sensitive teeth and the hygienist named Patience took heed to that during the cleaning and probing. I felt Dr. Edwards was honest with her recommendations opposed to trying to just rack us fees. I scheduled my 6 month follow up cleaning and date to have my fillings taken care of. I hope the great service continues.

Carol Evans

The staff consistently provide friendly and efficient care.

Early Enrichment Center

Horrible experience. Wait times are unbelievably exhausting. My child had an appointment that we arrived early to. We waited over 35 minutes before asking to get rescheduled. We came back on our rescheduled appointment and I specifically asked if they weren't running on schedule we could reschedule. I was assured my child would be seen at her appointment time. 40 mintues later they brought her from the back stating she had not been seen yet and I could reschedule. This Dentisry has no regard for their patient's time, the parent's schedule and takes zero pride in good customer service.

Mahalia Allen-Ellis

Fast and friendly service.

Barbara Clarkston

They carefully help me with my issue.

Chasyte Brennan

If you look up this dental office on google you will see a high star rating but after my visit I’m not able to give that. I chose this office because of the star rating and due to it being a family and children’s dentistry, my son and I could both go here. They told me to print out the new patient forms before my appt to get that out of the way which I did. When I arrived I signed in and was told to have a seat. The waiting area was crowded! My sons appointment was at 9:20. After about 20 min, the receptionist called me up, asked for my papers and made copies. I went and sat back down and waited to be called. My plan was to take him to his appt. drop him off at daycare about 15 min away and be back for my appt at 11 something. We were not called to the back until 10:08! When we went to the back they had dental chairs out in the open with kids getting their teeth checked and we had to wait an additional 20 min! My son was not seen until 10:30! He has two teeth! His appt only took 15-20 min. We waited over an hour for a 20 min appt. I asked one of the workers if the wait is always like this and she waited to respond. She told me I should say something because it is always like this and she thought it was bad that customers had to wait so long! I cancelled my appointment. My son and I will not be returning. The workers were very friendly and no one was disrespectful but the other aspects made my experience not so great. I’ve never had to wait over 20 min for a dental appointment nor seen a back area with chairs out in the open for customers to get their checkups kids or adults. That was very odd for me. Would I recommend this office? No! But staff was nice.

Cornell White

Best in the buissiness. Great place, you have to see for yourself.

Nadine nada

Great Place ,customer service excellent!! Dr Rogers helps me to have a beautiful smile again. Hygienist has great personality she cares for people. I drove a long way and it's worth it.

ishmael Hubbard

These the best ladies in atlanta!!. They will take care of you! The only dentists that i will let touch my teeth

Jey Gray

I am very comfortable with this dentistry. Had an emergency with one of my teeth called them reached a very nice receptionist who helped me they were booked to come in the next day, but she understood my situation and accommodated me any way by squeezing me in the schedule. I was so grateful! This place gives you that above and beyond customer service throughout your entire visit. I am happy with the services I receive at family and children dentistry! Would definitely recommend.

Cheryl Flint

Dr. Randall and her assistants are all very patient and kind to someone who is terrified of dentists like I am. I really appreciate them.

KhaLia Holston

The staff was extremely nice and helpful.

Latisha North

Very bad experience this time. I had an appointment set for 830am and didnt leave until 10am. They told me that they were doing the smaller kids first and then my son, but it was big kids leaving back there before my son was. I feel like they should have told me some updates after being there for about 1 hr 30 minutes. it seems like the afternoon time is better though because he was in and out.

Anne Currie

Very caring professionals. They take time to tell you what they’re going to do next before they do it.

Shun Griffin

Dr. the best dentist in the don't feel her shots!!! She is a miracle worker!!!

S Harris

I've been coming to this practice since I was a kid - and it's now where I take my children. My daughter recently needed fairly extensive work which required mild, local anesthesia. I was worried (naturally). But the staff and the doctor were kind and professional. They explained all the risks and made me feel both informed and comfortable. My daughter breezed through the procedure without complaint. And the work was excellent. Overall, the customer service and the professional service were top notch. And I didn't have to leave my community to get it. I will be back again and again. And the same goes for the adult services. This practice is still MY dentist of choice!

Shay Smith

They were excellent I had all 5 of my kids there by myself and they were patient and helpful

shamica cox

It was somewhat slow. They have many kids and adults they're take care of. I like the environment and the Dentist who came into exam my mouth. She was very humble and kind. May feel comfortable about my mouth.

Lisa Woodard

Run far far away, as fast as you can.....The office does not allow a parent to come in the back with the child for a consultation. After they finally called me back, they told me my 3 year old would need 6 crowns. Her previous dentist said there were 4 cavities, not 6, and recommended one crown and fillings for the other cavities. When I asked the dentist why she needed to crown all those teeth, she replied, "Because it just won't work that way." I was not shown my daughter's x-rays until I firmly said that I wanted to see them. The lady flipped through them very quickly without explaining where the cavities were. I was spoken to like I was too stupid to understand what was going on. The dentist did not explain what the procedure would entail. We were sent home with no printed information about the procedure and no copies of the x-rays. I was then called 4 times by staff for them to try to persuade me to move the appointment to a week earlier, and 4 times I told them personally that we could not come in that day. I do believe they are trying to milk Medicaid for as much money as they can as soon as they can by recommending unnecessary procedures. The whole place made me uncomfortable. After I called and cancelled the appointment, the receptionist continued to call me multiple times to tell me that I had missed the appointment and would have to pay a missed appointment fee. The lack of scheduling detail is just bizarre. We decided to go with a different dentist's office for the procedure, who provided thorough and safe quality care. Please heed the advice of other parents as well, and do not bring your children to this place.

Lydia Floyd

This is a very friendly, client focused dentistry. They are professional, thorough, personal and caring. Highly recommend.

Keta Lowe

Service was great. Pain free thanks dr.brown

Ashley Nelson

This dentist office is bogus! They will have you sit for hours just to lie to you to help them make money. There was a multiple number of problems. First i was there for 4 HOURS to get a cleaning and an exam, I could understand if it was busy which it was not they are just very slow. The biggest problem I had was they told me I had 5 cavities but did not show me on an X-ray. when I asked to see my X-ray I was asked “why” and if I needed to show it to another Doctor. I’ve never been to a dentist where they don’t show you your X-ray. At the end they said someone at the a DESK explain these false 5 cavities and payment options. Not once did my “dentist” explain my exam to me, she poked around at my teeth ,told me I had 5 cavities, and left. I decided to get another opinion and the number went down from 5 to 3 which I did see on a X-ray. I will NEVER come back here I do not recommend

K Michele B

I have been bringing my children to this dentists, my oldest now for 12 years and my other 2 kids for 8 years. The work they do is EXCELLENT, but the wait times are TERRIBLE. I think they are over billing and/or overcharging at times to make up for what the insurance is not paying. Other than 1 incident that I have had with them reporting me to a social worker for questioning my child on some bogus allegations, I don’t hold any grudges on anyone for that. I don’t like the fact that they don’t allow parents to accompany the MINOR children to the back because I want to know why they would be questioning the children in the first place. But, hey we got past that and moved on, and it had NOT happened again. But I do recommend them for the work they do, anything else is a “NO”.

Maxcine Bland

The Loyalty to serve each customer is priceless. I am grateful for a Dentistry that cares to make ever visit a valued moment. Thank You all so much ❤️

Ava Adams

I made an appointment. We stayed there 3 hours for a routine cleaning for my son. The light skinned lady that look Hispanic was rude.


I was completely impressed from the moment we walked through the door. We were treated with genunine courtesy and concern from everyone on staff. The office is clean. The service was very efficient yet thorough. I will neve take my daughter anywhere else.

April Hines

Very busy. Expect a long wait. Great customer service and communication.

Brandon Wise

If i could give ZERO stars i would. They lie and decieve ! They will tell you you have cavaties and you dont parents be ware they just want your money to keep this business running. Dont trust the dentist there please. They all lie together and take up for eachother ..

Ayan Carter-Gussler

Dr.Beal is a wonderful orthodontist who always treats me with care and answers any questions I might have about my treatment. I would recommend this office to anyone who is need of dental care and/or orthodontic treatment. You will be taken care of!

Rita Roland

The staff is amazingly professional. Thanks for taking good care of my daughter.

Yolanda Reid

Long wait times...they train to many dental assistants. .its always very very cold in the office. They provided blankets but that's not enough sometimes.. I arrived 30 mins early today for my appointment. No one come to take me to the back until an hour after I came been there. They didn't start my cleaning until 11:00..I arrived at 930am...

Brittany Johnson

You will wait for up to three hours to be seen with an appointment. They will mistakenly automatically take payment out of your account twice a month instead of once for three months in a row even though you called and visited the office twice to get them to correct the mistake. All your checks will bounce. They took $375 out of my account twice a month that's 750 and when I had to tell my bank they ares not allowed to take money from my account any longer because of the mistake, they harnessed me with calls and letters like I was scheming them! They told me my daughter didn't need teeth pulled, but during her surgery, they bring me back their and she's out, and they say we need to pull 3 teeth. I said two days ago you said you didn't. They said now that we're in there we need to do what's best. Of course I agreed at the moment , but afterward I realized the manipulation. Also, he crowns they put in chipped within three days and she wasn't even eating solids yet. They tried to charge me to fix them. I went off! Then they agreed to fix it free of charge. They are the absolute worst in Atlanta. You couldn't pay me to even park in the parking lot. Worst service of my life!

April Monger

Excellent dentist office. Great customer service. Staff is always friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend them to everyone i know.

Lauryn Newman

I have been going here for over 10 years. I’m 20 now and they are like a second family. Dr. Lott is the best, too bad she only works with children

Felicia Brannon

My oldest son has been a patient here since he was 2 years old, now 16. From regular dental check-ups to braces... My youngest has never known another dentist. The staff here is very courteous and efficient. Love the location and the ease with making appointments. Love it here!

Sylvia Wilson

Family and Choldren's Dentistry is #1 in my book. I was very nervous about my extraction today, Dr. Rogers and her Asdistant made me feel so at ease. My check-in and check-out experience was also friendly and warm. I highly recommend this practice if you're looking for a dentist and friendly and professional services, Dr.Rogers and her staff is the one. ....Thanks again for making this a pleasant experiece.

Demetria Dawson

I love this place great for children and adult. Staff is very helpful and friendly.

Gabby Thompson

My daughter has been going here since she had teeth! She is so comfortable here. The staff are consistent and I feel fine with letting her go back without me. Thanks Family and Children's Dentistry!

Mike Jordan

Caring and efficient staff from front office to exam rooms. I'd recommend it without hesitation

Diedra Gordon

Excellent professional expertise and customer service.

Anicia Patterson

The wait time is unbelievable

Melanie Johnson

Everything was great I will be definitely coming back

Khadijah Tunkara

Dr. Mills and Staff were a great team with my six year old. Will definitely be coming back I even scheduled for my son to go there for his next cleaning before I left

Taro Jackson

By far the most unprofessional, poorly organized dentist I have ever visited. The act like used-car sales people at this dentist to get you to spend money. Making unnecessary recommendations to "specialists." Trying to promote all types of "in-office" procedures that are not covered by insurance. The dental assistants are always rushed and rarely, if ever, actually read the paperwork or the folder associated with the client. They would call me by the name of another patient in another room or ask me to get up and change rooms after I am comfortable in the chair once I was down. I would not recommend my dog to go to this dentist if they only did dental work on animals because I feel like they would make up reasons for my dog to get the botched dental procedures that they perform at the dentist. Please do not waste your hard earned time and/or money as this third-world dentist. I endured a complete nightmare trying to spend my money in my own zip code: 30331.

Patrice Joyner

You are in there for more than three hours it's a mini conveyor belt for kids teeth. If it was another practice I could take my kids some where with correct customer service I would. They make black owned practice's look bad

Bianca Williams

Yes! Very friendly environment, you can ask any questions and they will answer or find the answer for you . The wait time isn’t long , just arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. I felt very comfortable as well.

Alicia Garrett

I've always received the best service and outstanding customer service since my 1st appt 14yrs ago.

Akeyla Lockhart

They take entirely toooooo long. And I mean up to 2 hours waits at times. And they don’t allow you to go to the back with your kid. I had an issue where my child said she was aggressively handled while in the back. So make sure u talk to ur children before and after going there

NaGena Hibbler

Very quick service and follow through. Great staff!

Dana SM

I took my children here today for their 1st time and cleaning. We arrived on time, at least 10 mins before 12pm. As I completed the paperwork, someone who never introduced themselves to us called them to the back, and informed me that I couldn't go with them. I didnt like that. As NEW patients, I think they should do the approach much differently than just calling the kids to the back without proper introduction of themselves and an explanation of what they're about to do with our kids. Secondly, the wait was OVERBEARING for the services rendered. As I grew impatient after 2 hours and a half, I asked front staff what was going on with my kids. They allowed me to go back going on the 3RD HOUR and no one properly introduced themselves to me. I literally had to ask WHO ARE YOU AND WHO WAS MY CHILD'S DENTIST?? Front desk staff were sweet and friendly. Those dentists and hygienists should possess a BETTER welcoming and anticipated aura towards parents. And third, they tried to rack up unnecessary fees and do work on my daughter that her recent dentist she's been visiting for 7 YEARS up until she retired, NEVER suggested. We won't be returning.

T Byrd

I had severe tooth pain and they told me to come on in as soon as possible. They took an x-ray of my teeth and immediately helped the pain go away. They were friendly and made sure all their patients was well taken care of, definitely going back.

Jalisa Smith

Excellent work and staff! My daughter feels so much better after waiting a year to be seen at Kool Smiles. They welcomed us with open arms. They know exactly what to say to the kids to keep them calm! I'm switching from Kool smiles, Dr.Lott Family and Children's Dentistry are right down the street from my it!!!

Shemeeka Calloway

Wonderful wonderful experience! The staff here is professional, very knowledgeable and children has been patients here since 2010, aside from a few minor things all my encounters has been great. Highly recommended!!!!


Dr. Beal and her crew are the best they have been caring for the needs of my family for more than 10 years. Always professional, prompt, polite and patient.

Dana C

My kids was been going here for about 15 years & we always have a great experience! Thank you, for the excellent service!

Meosha Walker

I love them very much and my kids also We have fun going and leaving....#TeamLott

amanda willis

Very very presentable and professional love the environment

Lele W

Staff is very nice. I just wish the wait time wasn’t so long to get started.

Nikki Rowland

I had a crown put in and I had a great visit. They pulled me to the back on time and I was in and out in the 2 hours the told me I would be. Everyone was very friendly, my Nurse and Dr. Robinson were excellent. I will be back. I’ve been a patient for over 25 years my children are now patients as well.

Tiffany Johnson

My son had crowns put in today and sealants done, we were there from 9am-1pm that’s the only problem I had with Family and Children Denistry, the service was excellent they informed me thoroughly of every step leading up to sedation and putting the crowns on his teeth, they even do a follow-up later in the evening to see how their patients are doing, the staff was nice, and very professional, Doctor Lott and her team are the best!!

Alia Houston

My whole family were long time patients until they totally messed up my youngest daughter's teeth. Granted she needed extensive dental work however, I was not asked or informed of certain procedures before they were done. I was very upset & still am very upset to this very day. They assumed that I couldn't afford any other procedures, so therefore didn't ASK!!! JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS A CERTAIN TYPE OF INSURANCE DOESN'T MEAN THEY CAN'T AFFORD OR CAN'T MAKE OTHER ARRANGEMENTS! WE WILL NEVER BE PATIENTS OF THIS PLACE AGAIN! THINK TWICE!

Cebria Webster

I love this particular dentist. Very friendly employees. They make you feel welcomed. I’m glad I found this dentist. I would highly recommend!!!

Annetta Williams

My son got braces with Dr. K. Beal. It has been a smooth and seamless process!

Tiara White

I love it here everyone is so friendly and they take very good care of my sons teeth. We have been coming to them for 4 years now

Keyana Crossley

3 hour wait time and the dentist did not speak with me concerning treatment for my children but had non clinical staff attempt to explain a treatment plan to me. They attempted to scare me into unnecessary work by telling me things that were untrue. Will not step back into the office.


STAY AWAY!!! This is the most unprofessional practice ever! Long waits, mean Dentists, now all over a sudden your kids can't be over the age 10 to come in for a visit if they are insured with Medicaid..I would never recommend this practice to anyone! The front desk staff are friendly and very helpful that is the over all best part about this practice.

Symya Edwards

The staff is AWESOME! The customer service they have provided in trying to verify insurance was great. The service by Ms. Michelle Terrell during my child's orthodontist financial process is top notch. MaiTa (sp?) and Patience are the best hygenist ever. Let me not forget Ms. Jackie, she's the best too! I love this office and will continue to recommend to others.

Ashley Favors

I hated the dentist until I came here. Staff and the Dr are awesome, They make you feel comfortable; cause I have anxiety with the dentist. I am known as THE Ashley Favors!! Lol

Tashunda Williams

The wait time was so long that I didn’t get my general cleaning done. So, back at square one with trying to get my teeth cleaned.

Ariel D

My family loves the IDEA of this dental office but we really don’t like how it is managed. It is not uncommon for our children to spend upwards of two hours for basic service. As adults, we have spent way more time here than we cared to. Having been patients at other dental offices, we consider the amount of time we spend here to be problematic. Outside of the lack of consideration for our time, the doctors are knowledgeable and polite.

Jacqueline Winrow

The best experience I've ever had at the dentist. I didn't feel rushed like an assembly line. The staff was nice. When they thought I was nervous they were able to calm me down. I went to get an extraction and I never felt any pain, not even when I was being numbed with the syringe. I would recommend anyone to this dentistry. Dr. Rogers was my dentist. Very nice team.

Alexis Lee

Good service and experience.

Amber Derrico

I love this office for my kids!!!

1st LADE Inc

Great experience! Friendly and caring staff! Would definitely recommend this office to my dearest friends and family members!

Courtney Ponder

The staff is always patient and friendly. I am glad that I chose this location for my children's dental services. Thank you all!

Nereida Wright

Professional; painless; expert dental care at all level!!! You can definitely plan for future dental care, as all costing is up front!!!! Thanks FCD!!!! A loyal client!!!


I was a patient of Family & Children's Dentistry for years but unfortunately I will not return due to the wait time and professionalism. For years the wait to be seen has been terrible. I recently had an ortho & cleaning appt which took 15-20 min to be called up to be checked in and another 10 to be called to the back. The awful part was that patients who came in after me were being called back and worked on before me. My appt was at 8am and I chose to leave the office at 10am without getting my cleaning done because the wait was just too long. The back office staff is friendly and professional and has always done a great job on my teeth but the front office needs alot of work. Everyone needs to work as a team to provide exceptional service and become more efficient.

Deidra McDowell

I took my daughter here which was supposed to be her first dentist appointment ever. I was highly disappointed at how long we were waiting, I ended up walking out and looking for another dentist to go to. Our appointment was scheduled for 9:30am and by 10:30am I was out the door. I NEVER had to wait that long. I understand they cannot guarantee you will be seen at the exact time they schedule you, however an hour is just extreme. The woman next to me said that her and her son were there since 8am. Ridiculous.

Joseph Agbi

Loved time and care you provided my wife. With no appointment you guys were very courteous and patient with us. I will be moving my family account to you guys.

Romel Catron

I was able to see a dentist on the same day without an appointment. They're very expensive and professional.

June Robinson

This was my grandson second time visiting I can says the services was excellent Thanks! Dr. Loot and staffs

Jada Ferguson

I appraciate the dentist that walk me through the process of putting cealent on my teeth...( step by step) Thank you

Tracey Martin-Toomer

Warm, professional, and flexible staff made my ortho appointments and treatments a pleasure.

Kelvin Golden

I always have a great experience when I go to this office. The people are very friendly and professional.

1 Mr Cant Stop

Great service!!! DR. Rodgers was very honest and knowledgeable. We worked out a plan to achieve my goals.

Shatina Ruffin

Courteous and polite staff however they need a better scheduling system and they have very long wait time...was only refer will never make them a permanent dr.

Sheri Davis-Faulkner

My son Na'im has been a patient here since he's had teeth. The care for his teeth and for him. It's like visiting family who also provide top notch professional service.

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