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REVIEWS OF Conyers Denture and Implant Center IN Georgia

Cindy Revis

I would like to say thank you to Dr Fraser for calling me to resolve the issue that I had .He was very kind and I very much appreciate how he handled the problem that I had.

Ebony Higgs

My wisdom teeth were killing me for weeks. I called Dr Fraser office and he came in on his off day to extract my tooth. He is friendly and makes you feel like you're right at home. Very friendly staff and he is now my dentist. He is the best hands down

Loretta Keeler

The doctors and the staff are kind, personable and professional. Even under extensive work that I needed, I never felt more comfortable or cared for than at this office. I would recommend to anyone who needs dentures and/or implants. I now have my smile back because of the care I have received here. Everything I needed was quoted up front and the work was done per the quote. There were no surprises and I have great confidence in their integrity.

Priceline Plumbing

Place was a nitemare of an experience, The office manager Jennifer is the worst 'office anything' i've ever seen; She rushes into an exam room shoves paperwork under your nose and wants you to sign it before reading anything and gets extremely agitated if show any signs of having a brain. No phone call was ever returned and She sabotages the wishes of the Doctor for her own personal greed. This behavior worsened even after i submitted in writting to Mr. Gordon my experience which would lead anyone to believe there is a lack of control over staff. At one point She went into a rage when i asked for a more affordable treatment plan she started yelling threats of compliance to the point The Doctor left another patient to extract her in her rage from the room, snaking her neck yelling and waving her hands in the air. Total Ghettoism. I believe that people not only want a good dentist but they want a respectable staff as well. Not Present here. It became crystal clear that Mr. Gordon Fraser had made her think she could do and say what she wanted to a patient without intervention. Also her under associate looked terrified of her every visit. I was never prescribed any antibioctic relief for abseesed swelling only how much money can we get, that was the central theme. Yes its safe to say i would not send my Dog there for dentistry much less a person... Response to the Owner's response;;;; Mr Fraser thru out your entire response never once did you comment on your office manager's behavior when you know she was out of control the day you extracted her from my exam room, which again shows lack of ownership and control over staff, Also You did not decide not to treat me, i wrote you a letter informing you i did not want you to treat me for the very reasons mentioned above; Never once did you apologize for this outburst of unprofessionalism or sequence of events that lead up to it. You may in fact be a good dentist but not a good overseer of your enterprise, you lack the resolve to eliminate the reproach that terrorizes the patient which is the source of your wealth. Also the very treatment plan you say was not doable was done perfectly by another dentist SHE was not after a large payday, but concern for the affordable choices available as well the long term health aspects. Today my smile is beautiful and my mouth resored to health without any office drama.. Mr Fraser my advice to you is when your patient is being victimized by your staff dont turn a blind eye to it, address it with resolve. Denial leads to devastation in any event. The PHd associate that came to your office to retreive payment was seeking implants but spent 20,000 across town because of what your office manager had done to me; Your staff is costing in ways you cant imagine if they dont treat your patients with the respect they deserve as paying clients; Your response was a lie Mr Fraser; Mr. Burson

Maria Caldwell

I would like to share my experience with Dr. Fraser. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great over all experience. He explains all details going on with your situation and make sure you have the best atmosphere at the time of service. I have had two implants with him and everything have healed wonderful and while you are being seen he plays a variety of music for you to listen to while the procedure is being done. I give him a 5 for ratings.

Debra Watson

My name is Debra Spruce, I went to Conyers dental in July of 2017 for a abcessed tooth, after examination I was told that the that I had a pressure knot results of needing a new bridge, I was assured that the tooth was fine, I was prepped that day for a new bridge and fitted with a temporary, But given no antibiotics. When I went back to have new bridge fitted and placed knot was still there. I was asked about payment for bottom partial but said I would wait. I made appointment that week with another dentist for a second opinion due to knot still there and was told that I had a abcess and the the root canal on my tooth did not look right. I was given antibiotics and told that I needed to see a Entodontic regarding the tooth. I was in shock, I could not believe Conyers Dental, never even mention the possibility of root canal issue,they took x-rays same as this dentist but never mentioned the possibility. I made appointment with another dentist because I couldn't accept what I was told but again after examination and x-ray I was told the same thing, the root canal did not look right. I was referred and was told by Entodontic that he would do retreat on root canal but too see if that would solve the problem but if it didn't the tooth was probably cracked, three days later the knot/abcess was back. He did the epiosomy to see if it was cracked and it was. I paid over 2000.00 for a bridge I can't use, not counting 1300 for Entodontic. I can't say that the bridge was not good but I should have gotten a second opinion before I had such expensive work done, I also feel that Conyers Dental should have advised me better, they were the professionals, each other professional I went to immediately advised me to see Entodontic but they didn't. Sad. Debra Spruce

Chanel Addison

My mother went here for new dentures about 8 weeks ago after having her previous set for over 30 years. It took quite a few visits to get her adjustment right, but Dr. Fraser was determined to make sure she was satisfied and no longer in pain. They look great and more importantly she feels great! Thank you!!!

K Lamar

I visited this place about five years ago to have an implant bridge done. Dr. Fraser did an awesome job restoring my dental health prior to but the office manager he had back then was very rude and unprofessional. I was quoted a different price by her for the same procedure ever time I went in. Long story short, I had the job done anyway. I was very unhappy with the implant job but did not disclose my displeasure, I just didn’t go back. I recently contacted Dr. Fraser and made him aware of my unhappiness with the original job and he, for a very small fee, made a whole new implant bridge to my satisfaction. I was happy he took the opportunity to make things right and I am now very happy with his services and his attentive staff. Taylor

Bro. Steve Winter

BEWARE!! I made a bad mistake going there. At first I liked it and was impressed with all the degrees and stuff. Several things have changed my mind about it. A few points: 1.I suppose I should have walked out when Dr Fraser tried to prescribe penicillin for me even though I had clearly stated on my chart that I am allergic to penicillin, but I had already paid and stuff. Everyone makes mistakes, right? So pay very close attention if you go here. 2. I was charged for surgical extractions for ALL of my teeth even though only two or three were actually surgical. The rest were simple. He said he would review the matter but never did. 3. After a post op appointment when I came back for another followup they tried to give me another x-ray even though I had just had one. 4. After getting new lower dentures and they did not fit correctly even after a do over of the hard reline he wanted another $300 to redo the hard reline at which point I simply walked out. BEWARE!!! From the reply it appears that he thinks this is some sort of negotiation attempt. It is not . It is simply a matter of civic duty. I would not return to this dentist for any reason. I am not trying to leverage anything or bully anyone. I am simply trying to warn people so that they do not make the mistake that I did.

Mary Finn

My husband has had extensive periodontal and dental implant work done by Dr. Fraser, and we couldn't be more pleased. Dr. Fraser is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and explains all procedures in a way that is easy to understand. He is very personable with a calming "chair-side" manner. He even personally called my husband after the procedures to check on his recouperation. His office staff is efficient and friendly. We would recommend him for any periodontal and implant procedures.

Benjamin Johnson

Jennifer has made my smile because she took a personal interest in helping me to obtain the financial means to get me a new set of dentures. I highly recommend this staff due their professionalism and courtesy. I'm smiling today with complete satisfaction.

George Carter

My name is Mary Carter. I would highly recommend Dr Fraser and his staff to everyone. They are very friendly and make you feel welcome. Dr Fraser will help you with any problems. I would like to thank him again.

trent white

I have been a patient of Dr. Gordon Frasier (periodontist) for over 7 years and the quality of service that he provides is superb; second to none! He is very knowledgeable in his respective field and is a patient advocate! Furthermore, he always makes it a point to explain to his patients in layman’s terms the specifics of any given procedure that he is recommending so that you are able to make an informed and intelligent decision about your dental care! His staff is always professional, courteous, and very helpful during each visit! I highly recommend Dr. Frasier for anyone who has need of a skilled dental professional within the field of periodontics!!

Ronald Howard

The best customer service

Michelle Harris

Professional, friendly, pain free service.

Derek Harper

Nice people and quick service

Teresa Davis

A while back another dentist did an horrible job of installing a Crown to an Implant on my left side which is now very loose. No other dentist would touch it & kept referring me back to the original dentist whom I no longer do business with. I was referred to Dr. Frasier by my new dentist Dr. Dowdy. I made an appointment as a "Walk-in" with the Conyers Denture & Implant Center. The location is a very unassuming (nicely landscape) house off the service drive of I20. When I walked in I was greeted by a friendly & helpful front desk receptionist. Once all my information was in the system I took a seat and waited my turn. Remember, I'm a newly "Walk-in" meaning all appointments were already booked for the day. The wait time really didn't seem too long. Nice small lobby with a nice color TV to keep my attention as I waited. Once I was called back, the Technician said, "we'll have to take X-rays to see what's going on". I replied that I didn't need to have X-rays taken due to knowing actually which tooth it was. She informed me that there would be no charge as I was pleasantly relieved to here that. From what I could see, the office was very well kept & clean. The Technicians were very professional & once I met Dr. Frasier, I understood why. I was made to feel comfortable, I was given the confidence that Dr. Fraiser knew exactly what to do & he did it. I was in & out with the nagging problem I had had for a while, turned away by others, & at a cost that I could handle myself. Thank You so much Dr. Fraiser & Staff! Mission finally accomplished! I was very apprehensive when I came in & very happy when I left! You made my day!

Ossie Yelder

Dr. Fraser has a Patient First Attitude! Dr. Fraser is an excellent dentist whose main priority is making sure his patients are comfortable and get the best dentistry he can offer. His office is staff is very helpful. Conyers Dental and Implant center offers a wide array of services including basic dental, implants to ortho work. I would recommend Dr. Fraser to anyone who needs any type of dentistry work done.

Lola Monroe

I was tricked. These people just want money. BEWARE, do your research first and get more than one opinion. These positive reviews are from the staff or family.

Crystal Terry

Great experience. For the past 6 years nothing but the best!!! ☺☺

Sharon Obrien

I have had extended dealings with this character and the longer I dealt with him the uglier he got. Buyer beware is very much the phrase I choose to use here. You were overpaid by me 2 times and just lapped it up. I was shoccked at your behavior. You need to check your heart Dr. Fraser. Don't even try to defend your unethical bahavior. I will just leave it at that. STAY AWAY> THIS IS A DANGEROUS MAN.

Kim C

I thoroughly enjoyed my First visit to Dr. Fraser office, my experience was awesome the staff was excellent. Dr Fraser, was outstanding surely a Dentist that i would definitely recommend. Very down to earth and real, certainly we need more trust worthy Dentists like (Dr Fraser). So pay a visit.

cjohn106 .

The staff at Conyers Denture and Implant Center are very polite and professional, they rendered excellent care and made me feel welcome and comfortable during all my visits. I had a dental bridge that was very uncomfortable. I decided to have 5 (molar) dental Implants. Now that my dental implants are completed, they feel good and look great. I cannot tell the difference from the real teeth, they are worth every penny. Doctor Fraser was my Dentist, he has the experience and knowledge. I’m very satisfied and happy that I decided to visit this dental clinic.

valencia england

Dr.Fraser is the BEST dentist I have ever had, and dentist are not on my best list. Dr. Fraser and his staff is the best I ever been to and I Thank God for people like these. Again Thanks Doc see you soon

Judith Russell

This is a post for my neighbor, Linda Phillips at her request: After a very negative experience (i.e. unprofessional Dr./staff and ill fitting dentures that hurt!) at another denture center, I was so pleased and relieved to find Dr. Frasier and his very polite and friendly staff. He explained everything as he went along and answered any questions I had. He made sure that everything fit correctly. I am adjusting to my new dentures ( got them today) with no pain! Absolutely, would recommend Dr. Frasier and staff for any denture needs!

JRTV954 .

Dr.fraser came up with a very affordable payment plan for me and I very much appreciate him and his staff.

M. Savannah

BEWARE>The owner, Dr. Gordon Fraser did a bait-and-switch on me. It was the worst experience of my life. He's very rude and arrogant. I've been having problems with the work he did and he wants to charge me $100 before he see's me again for the bad work he did. All he wants is money. He charges for every little thing.

Lateshia Adger

Today I had a Dental emergency and was frantically searching for a dentist. I'm from Savannah Ga and my personal dental provider is there. I Googled Dental care near me and called several places that couldn't see me until tomorrow but I needed an appointment like Yesterday! I placed a call to Conyers Family Dental Center and explained my emergency to the lady on the phone. After speaking to her she told me I could come in today!! I hung up the phone and hurried over to the office. The dentistry has a very intimate and comfortable atmosphere with very modern decor. The lobby area smelled very clean and looked even cleaner. The examination room was roomy and extremely clean. The staff was very understanding, helpful and attentive to my needs. After arriving to the office I learned that they were actually closed today because the staff was training on new procedures. I was floored and felted extremely blessed that despite the fact they were close they were willing to open the doors to service me. That really means a lot to me. Dr. Frazier was very helpful and suggested I make an upcoming appointment to discuss further dental care after taking care of me today. I left feeling like family, I even thanked the Dr. For making me feel like family. I'm delighted to learn I now have a new dental family to call my own in Conyers Ga!!!!

Annie Jackson

I paid $1890.00 for 4 extraction and remake my partial.ihad upper dentures. The doctor remade my partial which never fitted properly. Took them back to the office to be reclined. I was told he could fix them for $330.00. No thank you. 0ne bad job was enough. I am not sure who these other people are talking about. Wait time is more than an hour.

Christian Lesesne

I came for an evaluation and a cleaning. They made sure I was comfortable and gave me some great advice about my teeth and how to maintain my teeth. I recommend this dentist to anyone that needs wisdom teeth removal or general care.

Patty Williams

I only have had my first visit, im due to go in for extractions tomorrow. Mr Fraser was awesome and so was Jennifer and all the other staff.

Conyers Dental Implant Center

Dr. Fraser is the best dentist I have ever had. I have been more than satisfied with the service of him and his staff. Dr. Fraser has made it possible for me to smile again an I will never forget that. Jennifer, the receptionist is a ray of sunshine, she is very courteous and professional. Mya, the dental assistant is amazing, she gave me a blanket once when I told her I was cold. I highly recommend Conyers Dental and Implant Center.

Mark Rush

Dr. Frazer and his staff were great and very professional. I was very nervous about having a wisdom tooth extracted but they kept me engaged and constantly reassured me everything would be fine. Everything went great, I didn't feel a thing. I would highly recommend!!!


Based on my experience, a 1 star ratingnis way to high.

Raishonn Louissaint

They are awesome the doctor and the staff. I went to them with alot of pain, two teeth needed to be pulled and replaced. They stop my pain and went over n beyond for me.. They not only replaced the two teeth they pulled but also one I was missing from before , With no charge... They are very affordable they gave me the best deal ever. I have finally found a dentist for life. ..

Roslynn Sibert

Conyers dental Dentres was one of the best experiences I've had with the dentist in a very long time. From start to finish including removing my teeth and replacing the in the new ones it was a great experience. Dr. Fraser makes you feel at ease he's very confident in what he does and it shows in his work. I would highly recommend anyone who has a dental tragedy that needs to be replaced to go to him.

Claudette Hargrove

I visited this place about 2 yrs ago. I was deeply disappointed by the treatment that I received. My partial was cracked and the technician botched it further. Then the dentist on duty during my next visit wanted to charge me $300.00+ to make me a completely new partial after his technician made a mess of my partial. When the "corrected" version got into my mouth, the pain was unbearable. I had to plead to have it at least "corrected" enough for me to wear it. It was a shocking, and hostile experience. This is just constructive criticism in hopes that no one else will have to experience what I did..I ended up having to go to another dental lab to have the crack properly repaired and fitting without pain. I would like to think that the presentation of "pay first before service is rendered" is simply to guarantee their payment as opposed to we've already been paid regardless of service quality. I pray that this business will rise to the occasion to deliver customer service without equal!!!!

Diane Fox-Miller

Marianna Boyd

I am a patient and former employee of Conyers Denture and Implant Center. I am proud to say as a Dental Professional for more than 30 years, I place CDIC at the top of the Tier for Dental Practices who cater to the total wellness of patient care. Dr. Fraser is an Educator of dental health. He is very dedicated to providing his patients with knowledge and "Real Talk" conversation regarding their oral healthcare needs. I recommend CDIC to everyone who seek to acquire the best dental treatment, advice (second opinion) and reasonable cost for their individual care, family members, co-workers and friends! Marianna Gwinn-Boyd Handled Executive Care Solutions

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