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REVIEWS OF Austell Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics IN Georgia

Nelli Morales

I have always had a great experience, been coming here for years. I highly recommend them.

Narendra Singh

Dr. Yadav has been there from day 1 and office has all the speciality including orthodontics at the same location under 1 roof. Thank you Dr. Yadav

Nikyee Imade

Dental office is very clean and everyone is professional this office has a great team, everyone provided excellent customer service never experienced a dental office like this before very satisfied.

Madison Brooks

They are extremely unorganized and their records seem to magically disappear within days. After the first visit, it is like starting all over again as if you have never been there before. The staff is very incompetent.

Nidhi Verma

I love coming here. They have a super friendly staff. Been coming here for over a year and wouldn’t change my doc. Dr. Priyanka Yadav and Kayla are literally the sweetest. I needed a crown and couldn’t believe how quickly and smoothly they took care of it. I highly recommend this place!

Ricardo Oliver

Please do not go here. Go to the free clinic before you step foot in this place. They will tell you that you need work that you really don’t. Their billing practices are evil. This place needs to be shut down.

C.J. Williams

Very unprofessional, disorganized, and uncaring staff. They don't reply to emails or return calls. Their staff turnover is alarming and results in new people coming in and not knowing what's going on with a patient's file, resulting in the patient and his or her family having to explain everything from the beginning all over again. Following my dad's oral surgery, the staff here didn't provide him with any post-operative instructions, so when he got home, he didn't know what or when he could eat, or what he could put in his mouth for his new dentures. Lastly, Devon at the front desk was supposed to fax over a predetermination to my dad's health insurance company to see if they will pay for some of my dad's dental expenses. To this day, Devon has yet to fax it over and refuses to reply to any of my emails inquiring as to if it's been faxed over. Save yourself and your family the headache of dealing with this dysfunctional dentist office and find yourself a different dental provider. These people are so friendly in the beginning when they tell you that you need $6000 worth of dental services to get your mouth back in proper form, but once you've spent all that money, they go MIA because you are no longer of any importance to them because they've moved on to the next "new" patient to try to convince them that they need $5000 in treatment as well.

Vinis Walker

The office is very clean and the staff is really friendly. I received excellent service and highly recommend them. I really like Dr. PRIYANKA YADAV and the dental hygienst Bina Petal. They are both very very through and explains the procedures to you very well.... Definitely go and ask for them. My 1st visit was okay and probably a 3, but my 2nd with them givig me the service was great and a 5..

Mecca Johnson

Amazing! The stellar online reviews of this place led me to them and these reviews WERE NOT WRONG! They're great!!! Friendly, professional, knowledgeable. Just amazing. I have absolutely nothing bad to say. I'm recommending to all my family and friends.

K. Jones

Going to this dentist office was the worst mistake! I started going there over a year ago & was told I had to get a tiny filling on a tooth that cost about $200. I had no idea I had a cavity on that tooth so I went ahead & got it filled to prevent future problems. The dentist checked my bite & I told her it was off but she assured me that my bite wouldn’t feel the same because the filling is not my real tooth. Which didn’t make sense to me because it was very uncomfortable, which I expressed to her. Since then I had to return to the office 4 times because it kept falling out a day or two afterwards. The last time it had fallen out, which was January 2019, they switched my dentist & she gave me another option to get an cerec porcelain filling, which was about another $300. It felt much better but now I’m experiencing tooth pain from this tooth I’ve never had issues with until going to them. I refuse to keep letting them charge me hundreds of dollars to fix their mistakes. I will seek another dentist who can hopefully fix what they’ve screwed up. Hopefully this HONEST review helps

Sirena Hodge

So I'm changing my review from a 5 star to a 1 star, unfortunately. I really liked the dentist I saw and the nurses were really great, I took the rest of my family to them because I had such a positive experience and it hasn't been that positive since. For one, the dentist I liked so much doesn't even practice there any more. The biggest problem though is the office staff, it's the worst. I wait on hold forever just to even speak to somebody, they never call me back when I finally leave a message and the worst part of all this is THEY KEEP CHARGING MY CREDIT CARD FOR MONEY I DON'T OWE THEM!! We had one of their payment plans set up but we were able to pay the remaining balance a few months early so we did. They kept billing us! And it's happened twice now and it's impossible getting ahold of someone to fix it. The first time it happened, they didn't even refund it, I had to dispute it with my bank and they refunded the money. Now it's happened again and I can't get ahold of anyone to help me when though I've left messages, I've emailed them, everything. It's shameful how poorly their administration is handled.

Natasha Reyes

The BEST office in which I have had the pleasure of being a patient. They truly care about your oral health. (Trust cleaning took two hours and they were as pleasant at the end as they were at the beginning). You never feel rushed. They are extremely professional, thorough, caring, and patient. They absolutely love children as well, whether they are being tended as patients or just with you at the office out of necessity! I will never look for another office as long as they are in business with this current staff! I 1000% recommend this office!!

Ray Brant

I’ve had ALOT of dental work over the years and not the best experiences with dentist or dental work in the past. I had a crown crack and was in need of care . They were able to fit me in the SAME DAY and fixed my crown that day as well! I was so happy with the care they gave to me, I felt like family. Dr. Yadav took care of my crown and Dr Johnson even came in to greet me while I was waiting for my crown to finish being made. I was so pleased with my visit from start to finish and definitely recommend them for all your dental needs !!!!!

Sanket Sheth

Dr priyanka and her team is just awesome... Arguably the best centre of advanced dentistry in atlanta

Dante Myles

Stephania Washington

Kudos to the whole staff, especially Mark! The dentist and the oral surgeon amazing! I recommend this office as a whole!

jessica jones

This office was unprofessional and overpriced. They try to get you to sign off on expensive, unnecessary work. I was charged for services that I did not receive.

Donald Gay

I've had an absolutely wonderful experience with this dentist office. Three years ago, I had just moved to Austell from Riverdale and needed a new dentist. My neighbor recommended that I go to this dentistry. I was easily able to get a checkup done for my entire family right after I moved. Dr. Yadav was extremely professional and did a good job cleaning my families teeth. Additionally, my appointment was quick and costed exactly what they said it would be, no extra fees. About a year later, my son chipped his front two teeth at Tee-ball practice. His smile looked quite disfigured afterwards so I contacted the dentistry to see if they could get it fixed. Dr. Yadav recommended that my son get fillings, so I set up an appointment. Their staff promptly filled his teeth, and now his smile is great again :). I continue to take my family to this dental office today and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants top quality dental care.

John Brown

To anyone looking for complete and professional dental care look no further! I stumbled on this place a few years ago when they were just getting started and honestly I could not be more pleased with the service and care they offer. I am not the type of person that writes reviews very often but I feel like these folks really deserve to be recognized for the hard work they put into making their office one of the best offices around. I love that they have cutting edge state of the art equipment at their disposal to assist you with whatever your needs may be. Milled permanent porcelain crowns while you wait. Need I say more.... Thank you Austell Smiles Dentistry for making me smile. :) You are the BEST~

Sarjeet Yadav

Awesome Dental Office, Very professional and gentle. The staff is very accommodating and the office is very stunning, high tech and clean.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Dan Hammock

I miss the FREE coffee. Nice to have something free.Maybe you could provide sodas, fruit drinks or sweet TEA (cold) since coffee is "dangerous" and we are in the south :) LOL It would be nice if you stocked water cups at the free water cooler. I forgot to bring my cup and the receptionist was busy so I could not ask for cups. I guess this keeps the kids out of the water they might accidentally figure out how to get the hot water from the cooler.

Geeta G

Incognito Burrito

This is one of the best dentists I've ever been to. They worked with me financially, and stayed within the limits of my insurance and still they managed to fit all that I needed (crown setting and cleaning) into a single visit. The dentist was kind and understanding and the staff was terrific. It isn't often I like a dentist enough to refer them and I have already told several work mates of how pleased I was with their service.

Candace M.

I love Addie Taylor!! She is always willing to share benefcial information to help improve the quality of my wellbeing!! She actually cares about her clients

Keva Lele

this is the best dentist I've ever been to. I'm 44 and that's saying a lot! I felt right at home and they made sure I was comfortable at every stage of the dental work that was being done to me. it was a last minute procedure and that didn't faze them one bit! they are truly awesome and you will never go wrong coming here for services, please believe it!

Ken Boggs

They get a 2 because the dental work was good. Their billing practices are terrible. What they bill the insurance does not match what they bill you at all. Long story short is that I ended up paying them 100% for most of the services and my insurance paid them. They also sneak in charges for things like $130 x 3 for biopure or Irrigation $95 x4 or $408 in extra xrays. Even when paying for these things they sneak in I still overpaid nearly $1000. Having a hard time getting them refund what they overcharged or even get an explanation. I have tried calling, e-mail and regular mail. Have not gotten a response. My next moves are with the BBB, my Insurance company and Small claims court.

i m a n i ‘

I’ve had the absolute worst experience with this Dental office. I was told by Dr. Yadav that my daughter needed a root canal and that she needed her tooth to be prepped before the actual root canal was done to ensure that she was able to get the procedure. In other words, she had to clean, shave and measure the tooth to make sure the tooth could be saved to see if we could have it done. Dr. Yadav never explained that I would have pay an additional $400 to have this procedure done. I asked her several times if this was necessary. I explained to her that I had a root canal done, and I never had to go through all these extra procedures. She stated that it was absolutely necessary because how else could they determine if the root canal could be done. I called her to tell her that we were going to wait to have it done and only offered to refund me $87. They had already taken money out of my account and are refusing to provide a refund for work that they never did. I am totally disgusted with there process and how they handle business. They ignored my concern and was extremely unprofessional.

Rae Y

Dr. Yadav and her staff were all amazing! I had a great experience from my initial call all the way until the end of my appointment!! I definitely recommend this office!

Ten Consulting

A great experience - Friendly, professional, and informative staff! They have the latest technology and make you feel very comfortable that you're in good hands.

Thalia Lucio

I went there to get my teeth cleaned and it was a wonderful expierence. The staff was polite and caring. They described everything in detail and went over thr cost of the services. I don't have dental insurance so they did everything they could so my out of pocket cost wouldn't be so high. Oh and the doctors there truly cared for my teeth. Everything was just wonderful. I highly recommend this location to anyone looking for doctors who are passionate about teeth!

Cathy Elliott

This office is so unprofessional! They try to get you to do high treatment and it’s not necessary. Front desk so incompetent. Go somewhere else!! 2 hours I could have gone somewhere else.

Robert & Ashleigh Daugherty

Dr. Priyanka Yadav was wonderful. She was such a pleasure to have as mine and my husbands dentist. She very informative and was very understanding of my husbands anxiety. She made him feel very comfortable throughout the the procedure. My husband had a root canal and crown, one of the front 2 teeth. It turned out perfect. It looks perfectly natural and there was little to no pain. Thank You Austell Smiles Dentistry!!! :-)


I have been here several times, and they've never failed me yet. Professional, supportive and friendly.

Stacee Chaney

Ordered invisilign 2 months ago. Spent $1500 so far and still have not received my trays. I've literally called 5 times and left messages with the front desk person each time. Still no one from Orthodontics has returned my calls.

Krazi Krucial

Hi ladies and gents. I apologize for not writing a review sooner. I used their services about a year ago as they were covered by my insurance - a preventive plan. Unfortunately and coincidentally, I was told by staff that I required a deep cleaning $300 to $700, which wasn't covered by my insurance. I took their word and spent $300 dollars to see no benefits to the procedure, instead I was left with several cuts on my gums due to the aggressive nature of the staff. Since this poor service and what seems to be a misleading effort to gain a sale, I've returned to my original dentist in the area and simply pay out of pocket so I don't have to deal with the hassle of this company's antics. I finally wrote this review because I originally decided to visit this facility based on the great reviews that I read. Hopefully this helps others when deciding to visit, or at least causes you to be attentive to their recommendations and quality of work if you do visit.

Otis Mason

These people are Horrible, I just wonder if the Customer service/Office workers are this Bad, what does that say about the Dentist? Whom ever is the owner of this establishment they should be ashamed, they should Fire every last one of those women, I try not to speak Ill of anybody, but some of those people do not need there jobs..... I honestly think the Dentist is the same way unprofessional and uncaring, I really believe she/he would do a horrible job. Update this Dentist does not like Black People, They give Blacks hell, The office Manager is a Racist.

Natasha Gonzalez

They treated me very excellent and the staff was terrific. I had a front tooth pulled and had no pain.Came home with a temporary bridge I would recommend all my family and friends. Thank you for the great service.

Breeona Fields

I had a traumatic experience at my last dentist office that kept me away from all dentist for a very long time... I went to my appt yesterday and they changed my entire outlook and showed me the experience I should have received all along. I am now looking forward to going to the dentist and it’s all because of every person I encountered in this office. It was amazing from start to finish and looking forward to coming back!! Thanks everyone for your great customer service and seamless efforts in correcting my dental health!!!

Lions Lighthouse

Awesome teamwork !!! root canal and crown same day, back at work with no pain. Thanks to crew over there. special thanks to Mark..

Melanie Salazar

TaRan Wilson

papa beye

Very Wonderful!!!! We had an emergency and they slide us in 20 minutes before closing and fixed the issue and was so nice. Pricing is great!!! Definitely will be returning.

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