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REVIEWS OF Atlanta Veterinary Dentistry IN Georgia

Ana Kay Guimarães

Wonderful. Beautiful, clean facilities. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Dr. Beckman and Ms. Annie made me feel comfortable and informed about my pets individual needs. I have 3 other cats who will all be going to Dr. Beckman for all of their dental care.

Adam Langer

I know better than most people how challenging proper veterinary dental care and oral surgeon can be. Most veterinarians just don't do a good job in this area, and even when they do offer comprehensive basic dental services, dealing with severe mouth disease problems in these tiny creatures often needs a specialist. A wrong move can make a situation worse or even break an animal's jaw in some cases. I have taken several of my pets to Dr. Beckman because my regular veterinarian isn't equipped to provide the level of care that I want for my family. In some cases, the pets had serious systemic medical problems and Dr. Beckman's experience and expertise meant that they were under anesthesia for as little time as possible and they sailed through the procedure each time. Yes, Dr. Beckman's services are going to cost more than most general practice veterinarians, but the value that you get is well worth the investment.

Claire Dlott

A very professional place with the most caring and awesome staff. I would not let anybody else perform any dental procedures except Dr. Beckman. My "cat" Princess had her teeth cleaned and a tooth extraction twice in the past 2 years and she did amazing! If you want to have the best dental vet care you MUST come here. Thank you bunches Dr. Beckman and Nurse Annie. We will see you next year.

Sherry Dorminy

My little Yorkie has been in Kidney failure since she was born (kidney's never fully developed ) Dr. Beckman and his team were the only Vets that said they could clean her teeth with no problem! She was never expected to live past two years .......but now she's six years old, so I knew I had to trust someone. They did a great job, she's doing fine 3 weeks later and I couldn't be happier....they're the Best! I would recommend them to anyone especially if your dog has medical problems!

Jennifer Alterman

When I first adopted my little Pomeranian she was in rough shape. Savannah was used as a backyard breeding dog and was very neglected. Her mouth was in the worst shape. I wanted the best for my little Savannah so I took her to see Dr. Beckman. My mom had taken her two Pomeranians to see him and had nothing but the best to say about him. I was very nervous because I knew that her teeth were in bad condition and she would need a lot of extractions. Plus, she was only 4 ½ pounds and had just come out of a really bad situation. The idea of putting her under anesthesia for a big procedure had me worried. But when I took her to see Dr. Beckman my worries were alleviated. He was so kind with her and his staff was incredibly attentive to her needs. Between Dr. Beckman and Annie all of my questions were answered so that I understood exactly what would be happening. They understood that I was a nervous mom and did everything they could to assure me she would be taken care of. I was not disappointed. Dr. Beckman took dental radiographs and let me know what he found before he started the procedure. Sadly, all but six of her teeth needed to be extracted. Dr. Beckman performed the procedure skillfully and quickly so that she was under anesthesia for much less time than I anticipated. Savannah made a full recovery and the day after her procedure she was already eating better and acting more playful. I was so happy with how she was taken care of. I really can’t thank Dr. Beckman, Annie, and the rest of the team for everything they have done for Savannah and me. Since her surgery she has gained another half pound and eats like a little monster. I would recommend Dr. Beckman to anyone who has a pet that needs dental work or other oral surgery. Thank you again Dr. Beckman, you gave my little girl new life, we are forever grateful!

Josh Nixon

Kara Steiner

Dr. Beckman and Annie are an amazing team! The quality of care provided was exceptional and we never felt nervous about leaving our dog in their care. We adopted a terrier mix, Eva, who had a severe underbite and was seemingly very uncomfortable. After consulting with Dr. Beckman, we decided to have him remove six upper teeth to avoid further damage of her soft palate per his recommendation. I did wonder if that was necessary at first, but she was so much happier and visibly more comfortable almost immediately after the procedure. They sent us home with a myriad of information on her post-surgery care and Annie even spoke to us To answer a few questions after we were home and eased our nerves. We have friends who have seen Dr. Beckman and Annie in Orlando and they have only raved about their experiences too. Overall, they are top notch and made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire process and Eva is a much healthier and happier pup after seeing them! We will definitely only go to Dr. Beckman in the future for any dental needs.

Leslie Brown

i have the utmost trust in Dr. Beckman and his staff and will always be grateful for his expertise, patience, and communications. Thanks, Atlanta Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery!

Laura Guadarrama

All I can say at this moment after having my dog being treated by Dr. Beckman and A. Mills is that I will continue with her dental care with them. I love my dog and even though the treatment was pricey, I was satisfied with the results. They are really professional and caring.

Tara Borelli

I can't say enough about Dr. Beckman and his team. We saw him yesterday with our little Pomeranian, and everything about the experience was state of the art. Despite our daily brushing efforts, our little guy has a long history of trouble with his teeth. Dr. Beckman was the first provider who came up with a plan to save the most critical teeth, and knew advanced techniques that we couldn't find anywhere else. Our little guy had a much faster recovery after the procedure than ever before -- their careful use of anesthesia and pain blockers made him very comfortable, but remarkably less groggy and disoriented than normal. Their electronic charting system is terrific, and allowed me to see clear before and after images showing the work they had done. Tammi and Annie are stellar (very responsive, and their wonderful bedside manner put our little guy at ease right away). I can't recommend this office enough!

Lane Mitcham

I was impressed with the time that everyone took with us to make sure that we were in agreement with the course of action. The team also went the extra mile to make sure and let us know that there were other issues that needed to be addressed, when they were encountered them during the surgery. I would definitely recommend this team to take care of those unexpected incidents that require a veterinary surgical solution.

Jennifer Rugerio

super professional, concerned about my pet, great communication w/ owners pre-procedure. full endorsement!

Keith Mendel

A+ Professional operation. Prompt timely communications via phone and email including after-hours and late evening. Saw us exactly on time, answered all questions, and cost estimates were accurate. Provided initial written post surgical report when picking up our pet after surgery, and followed up with detailed report (including photos) sent to our referring vet and ourselves! Very compassionate and caring folks that are true experts at dental veterinary care. Our pet's recovery went exactly as Dr Beckman and Annie predicted and he's a very happer camper again.

Lynn Eshleman

I brought my police dog in after being referred by my vet. My guy had broken a tooth (his bottom left incisor) during bite training. I was concerned that the usual 'just pull it' attitude would prevail and my dog would be left with a weakened, hollowed jaw. Annie and Dr. Beckman explained everything in terms I could understand. Aside from waiting for the appointment until they were back in Atlanta, my experience was great. They performed a root canal and placed a crown. They made my dog comfortable and I felt like they truly cared about his wellbeing. About a year later, I had to go back when my dog broke another tooth (the top right incisor). Again, they did a root canal and placed a crown. That crown came off during bite training and was lost several months later. I talked to Annie and she said because their work was guaranteed, I would only need to pay for the cost of fabricating a new crown ($300). Once again, a great experience from start to finish. The most recent visit was in January 2016. My dog ate his way out of a metal crate on New Years Eve and lost one of his crowns. The tooth also broke. I spoke to Annie, who was able to see us the next week. Though I had the missing crown (which they would re-attach for free) the tooth being broken meant a new crown had to be fabricated and the tooth would need to be elongated for the crown to attach well. I elected to just have the tooth sealed and not put my dog through the whole process of trying to get the crown to work ($600). I never felt pressured into any procedures and I always felt like my dog was their number one concern. Yes, they cost a little more than some places, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for and my dog is worth it. I would recommend Dr. Beckman to anyone I know who works a K9 or has a fur kid who needs dental work.

Hilary Cohen

my lovely frenchie needed tongue surgery recently-so worried about her but Dr. Beckman's team worked well to keep me informed, keep me calm and organized. Her surgery / process thereof was efficient and what customer health care service with your loved ones should be. The care here is top of the line. I saw Dr. Beckman as a consult on "what to do about her tongue, as it was injured and not healing." needed to do a biopsy as well. I received an estimate to prepare, specific instructions for surgery day, confirmation, and was approached each step of the process from consult, surgery day and thereafter with care, concern and specific directions. I was kept calm and organized. Results were given in a timely fashion; I further had an insurance (claim) for my pet and that was equally approached very timely, efficiently, seamlessly. The office works as a team and cares about their patients and outcomes. I know that even where outcomes may not have been okay, I was referred to and had my pet with the "best there can be" in veterinary dentistry.

Jean Willis

A professional, yet very pleasant practice. My cat, Angelo, began seeing Dr. Beckman for periodontal disease and tooth resorption in early 2014. Each of his 4 appointments over the past 4+ years was easy to schedule, Annie was easy to reach, he was seen on time and everything that was to be done was fully explained. Dr. Beckman provides excellent surgical care, and Angelo's post-op pain was managed carefully. I would recommend Dr. Beckman without hesitation.

Karen Gottmann

Champ, our recently-rescued 7-year-old blind male boxer, came to us with a severely discolored left lower canine and concomitant foul odor. After our vet examined him, she referred us to a veterinary oral surgeon, as the tooth was fractured both vertically and horizontally and there was questionable involvement of his lower jawbone. Seeking the best possible solution to restore our new family member to optimal health, we found Dr Brett Beckman, the only board-certified veterinary dentist in Georgia. We communicated with Annie Mills, his licensed technician, via e-mail. She responded promptly, and set us up for evaluation and extraction during Dr Beckman's next stay in Atlanta. Her instructions and pre-visit workup requirements were straightforward and complete. We had bloodwork performed by our vet, and authorized our boy's records for release to Dr Beckman. We couldn't be more pleased with Dr Beckman's office and staff. The problem tooth was extracted, his entire mouth carefully examined, cleaned, and another fractured tooth repaired. Champ was discharged the same day with pain and anti-inflammatory medications, activity restriction, and two weeks of soft foods to ensure optimal healing of the extraction site. He has recovered well, recently resuming his dry kibble diet with gusto! We highly recommend Dr Beckman and his staff, and look forward to seeing them again in a year for routine follow-up evaluation.

Derrick Easom

This office was very clean and professional. Annie explained everything that we should expect and was able to answer all of my questions. They took great care of our sweet Henry!

ariel hernandez

Dr Beckman and Annie are amazing. i was so nervous when i walked in with my little Barkley, (Weiner dog). they took the time to reassure me that everything was going to be ok, and throughly the procure. thank you so much. Ariel Hernandez


My six-year-old German Shepherd traumatically broke his lower canine and incisor. My vet recommended I consult with a veterinary dentist (I didn't know there was such a thing). She called first and set the stage. When appointment time came and I entered their facility in Lake Mary, Florida, I was taken aback by the interior design of the office. The ante room was furnished with living room quality furniture and the two waiting rooms were similarly furnished--with leather couches, side tables, lamps, and an easy chair. The nurse took Duke back for an exam by the doctor while she talked to me about Duke's care. The doctor came out and we explored various options: removal of the canine tooth, root canal or implant. We selected a root canal. In human terms, I guess it would be called out-patient surgery. In by 9, out by 4. I picked Duke up and of course, I think he was angry with me because he ignored me and he was a little dopey from the meds used during the surgery, There were no after effects of the surgery. When we got him home, he slept most of the remainder of the day but the next day, he was back to his old playful self. The level of care he received was as good as, if not better than human care. Their confirmation, pre and post-op instructions, and billing procedures were more efficient than most hospitals and doctor's offices on the human side. Duke was treated as if he was their only patient. I would highly recommend them. They are warm. They are friendly. They are efficient and they genuinely care about their patients. Their facility is in an office park and is warm and inviting.

niki price

My senior dachshund had a persistent nasal infection for over a year. I took him to multiple vets, had a rhinoscopy done, and in the process he had a couple of dental cleanings and extractions, still it persisted and no one knew what it was. Finally my current vet noticed a fistula in his mouth and referred me to Dr. Beckman. Apparently he was getting food stuck in his nasal cavity and it was becoming infected. Dr. Beckman was able to immediately diagnose my dog and he showed me all the problems he was having on the x-rays. It unfortunately led to my dog having all but 2 teeth extracted and closure of the holes. Two months later my dog is doing great, no nasal infection and his breath is great! Don't ever let anyone tell you that dogs just sometimes have bad breath. I believed it for 8 years, and my dog suffered bc noone could see what was going on. this practice is wonderful, they know what they are doing and I highly recommend taking your furbaby here and skipping your everyday vet for dental exams. Your furbaby will thank you and it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Rebecca Barnhill Krieble

Dr. Beckman and his staff had us feeling at ease as soon as we walked thru his door in Atlanta. He took the time to listen to our questions and never made us feel like we were asking too many or dumb questions. We will return to him for as long as he is in practice and I highly recommend Dr. Beckman and his team. Thank you so much, Dr. Beckman!!

Sydney Davidson

My 7 yr old shitzu, Teddy, suffered from bone loss and bone decay in his jaw due to a traumatic injury about 3 years ago. When he showed signs of it really bothering him, I took him to his vet who did an eval and teeth cleaning, which is when she discovered that he would need a mandibulectomy (removal of part of the jaw). She not only recommended Dr. Beckman, but she called him personally and let them know I would be in contact as soon as possible. When I called Annie and Dr. Beckman in a panic, they were very quick to get us in and have Teddy back for surgery. They were extremely caring and confident that they could once and for all have Teddy feeling better and ultimately pain-free. Annie was so sweet to call me while he was still in surgery just to let me know how well he was doing and again once it was all over(as well as answer any "crazy mom questions" that I had after hours). They did an AMAZING job at fixing both the functionality as well as the appearance of Teddy's little mouth. I couldn't speak highly enough of their practice, I will definitely be recommending them to anyone I know needing dental work for their pets!

Robert Willaford

Very Satisfied with the dental care that Annie and Dr Beckmann provided for my girl(Sassy/Corgi). She had a tumor in her mouth last year. Because of Dr Beckman she is doing fine with a great one year checkup.

Megan Mastej

Very impressed with the care Caleb received. Anne and Dr. Beckman were extremely compassionate, professional and caring throughout the entire process. They answered every question I had, and I had complete trust in them when I dropped Caleb off. I would definitely recommend them to anybody!

Jessica James

I am a small animal general practitioner (veterinarian) in the middle GA area. When my Boxer (Jules) needed surgery for gingival hyperplasia, I wanted only the best qualified veterinarian to perform the procedure needed. I cannot speak more highly of Dr. Beckman, Annie (RVT) and the additional staff (anesthesia tech). They were incredibly kind, thorough in explaining all that was going to take place, and provided updates during the day. The surgical result was outstanding! Both Dr. Beckman and Annie contacted me post-op to confirm Jules was recovering well and Dr. Beckman was quick to return emails when I had concerns and questions. I will be referring all clients with dental/oral surgical needs to Dr. Beckman in the future.

Tony Amoroso

Highest recommendation. My anatolian had fractured a fang that was going to require major surgery to remove with possible negative consequences. Thankfully, Dr. Beckman performed a root canal and placed a crown on the tooth. That was 2 years ago this crown is every bit as good as my own crowns.

Lou Sicurezza

After original diagnosis, from our vet, for major dental surgery on my 16 lb Boston, Vinnie, , I contacted A.V.D. and spoke with Annie. She was extremely compassionate for my concern of Vinnie going under Anesthesia for this serious procedure. Annie explained carefully how she and Dr Beckman take precautions for these situations which put me somewhat at ease. Upon arrival, I was treated very professionally and cordial. Personal attention by Annie and Dr Beckman was very thorough and also explained how Vinnie would be anesthetized and assured he would be alert quite quickly after surgery. I'm sure I was in worse condition than my baby and everyone at A.V.D. not only gave Vinnie the absolute best care and attention possible, but gave me a great deal of confidence in this very fine practice. I was contacted personally by Annie for followup on Vinnie's recovery. There is no hesitation on my part to recommend Dr Beckman and his very competent team of professionals to any and all looking for these services. Looking forward to Vinnie's six month visit for cleaning and experience a fine group of professionals.

Paul Gimby

They did a good job the only issue was the quote went from 2800.00 to 3800.00 as my dog was in the procedure. They were nice and discounted it down $200.00 to $3600 and I knew this was going to be expense dental work. Tucker is doing well after having seven teeth removed. He is learning how to eat differently. Dr Beckman and his assistant Annie were very professional and very nice to work with. I would definitely recommand them.

Joseph St. Cyr

Dr. Beckman and his staff treated two of my elderly cats that had major dental issues. The cats needed teeth cleaning and removal of some infected teeth as well. Both cats were sedated for the procedure, and recovered quickly after the work was performed. My cats are doing very well now, and I highly recommend Dr. Beckman and his staff for quality dental care

Eliot zaiken

My experience with Dr. Beckman and staff was professional, compassionate and comforting from beginning to end - I would look to their office again if any pet I owned needed dental attention. Annie was also particularly amazing - always communicating and following up

Finn Alexander

Very unprofessional

Jenny H

My 17-year-old cat started showing serious pain signs related to his mouth. I was able to get him in to see Dr. Beckman that week, a coupke days ago. Dr. Beckman took the time to explain what he thought might be happening, though we wouldn't be sure until his plaque was cleaned and he'd had X-rays. He allayed my fears about putting my old boy under anesthesia, and I felt much better about it after talking with him. Annie called me once my cat, Gator, was under and had a diagnosis and treatment--in his case, removing four teeth due to resorptive lesions. He's come through great. I had discharge instructions and, as a nervous cat parent, have been able to call or text her with questions about how he's doing, since this is new to me. The procedure was very pricey, but Annie encouraged me to get a CareCredit, which I have six interest-free months to pay off. I'm glad I didn't have the full price up-front to factor into my decision. I feel like Gator gas gotten the best care he could, and I got what I paid for with Dr. Beckman and Annie. I don't want to take any chances especially with such a senior kitty.

Sina Eskandari

Terrifying experience to say the least. My dog had a slab fracture on his upper fourth pre molar with obvious pulp exposure which the “dr” recommended to be pulled. Like all the other reviews the procedures statement was expensive, which was only confirmed after they put him to sleep leaving no other option, but i was confident that it was the best place of practice, boy was i wrong. When i came back to pick my dog up, which they recommended and insisted on leaving during the procedure (so you dont see all the other dogs they put to sleep and work on next to yours! Leaving even more room for inadequate treatment), they wouldnt let me see him until after i paid giving me little frame of time to examine my dog. Within the following day i noticed my dog had developed a hole above where the sutures began and when i called back they said that they had left town and to go to my vet to have it looked at! That is also when i saw that the teeth cleaning that was supposedly done was not, unless you call a teeth cleaning a scraping with a scalpel.. for 2 grand id definitely recommend other practices or a local veterinarian the doctor was highly inconsiderate and very uncompassionate even upon meeting him in person and explaining my pets situation and trying to find the best solution. The money was never a problem.. The assistant was even worse.. i would never recommend this place and “vet dentist” to anyone with a pet they consider family or care for. In regards to your reply i am not sure if youre genuinely concerned or trying to come back from a negative review but Im glad youre so entitled that you believe the way you treated me and my dog to be “best experience” worthy. I dont know whether to even believe that you remember or not because you are so deceiving. Honestly dont know how you could possibly make matters worse and im definitely not willing to try and find out. Though with the growing views on my experience of your practice i am finding more and more comfort knowing i get to help pet owners make the right choices for their loving furry members, whether they choose to take part in your establishment or not. -Mr. Eskandari

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