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Jeremiah Elbert

I LOVE & miss Amy... she moved. The wait time is disappointing. My appointment was at 8:10 didn’t get called back until like 30+ mins. I didn’t like that at all. This has never happened before and the staff has changed up a bit. I make early morning appointments for a reason. If I wanted a later appointment I would’ve scheduled that. The moral at the desk has completely changed. Definitely not friendly individuals. I want the old Atlanta Dental Group back... I’ve been coming here for almost 5 years. Customer Service needs to be improved drastically.

Karen Jackson

Dcap Grfx

Please pay attention to the low reviews because they are correct. I decided not to be mindful of the things I read bad about this company and now I’m a victim too. There going to charge you $265 for an exam and 5 minutes break down of what going on it’s high but there price is there price. After my exam I decide to put down a deposit for moving forward with a tooth removal. But due to unexpected life event I was unable to go throw and decide to cancel. That when the tables turned and getting my refund deposit became like pulling their teeth. The owner decided to hide behind his assistant (who there for his black clients) and continuously contradict himself on why he didn’t want to refund part of the deposit. Then instead of being sensitive to my personal situation his assist Tabitha harassed me on why I wasn’t getting the procedure anymore as if things can’t change. DONT NOT GO TO THESE PPL!!!! He is a crook!!!!!

Ulysees hillmon jr

Very professional from the time of check- in until check-out, with emphasis on the patient well being.

Robin Elliott

Dr. P is awesome, his whole staff is so down to earth and really makes you feel welcome!!! Not to mention Dr. P has great credentials and is extremely knowledgeable about the latest dental treatments ! Love this group!


Advertises as an "emergency dentist", open on Saturday. Called. Assistant answered, put me on hold said she was working with a patient and was the only one working. Ask for my number and I never heard back from her. Glad I wasn't dying.

Thomas Edwards

I had a really good experience. I came in with pain for a broken back tooth. The front desk receptionists, xray tech, and dental assistant all were really nice, helpful and informative. Dr Ajer (Eyer, Ire,) (I apologize for spelling I didn’t get the correct spelling) reviewed my situation with me and we wound up getting the tooth extracted. He really took his time, made sure I was comfortable, and did a great time as this was my first pulled tooth. I can’t say enough about how positive an experience this was. I am so grateful they took me in, gave me an exam, and did the procedure all in the same day probably within an hour on this holiday weekend on short notice. I tried so many places before that gave me an estimate of over a few weeks out. This was an emergency appt as I was in a lot of pain and likewise I paid higher fees due to it, but I wouldn’t have been able to comfortably get through the weekend and wait for other offices appointments so I’m so grateful for their care, professionalism, and work from each staff member.

Myra Green


MG Management

Love this dentist! Dr Padolsky is great!

brien Byner

Excellent service...they're very professional in the service they provide. Also make u feel very comfortable when your there and make sure they give u the best instructions to have a perfect healthy smile.

Dianne Virgil

Rick Garner

Was in and out quickly. Alicia was wonderful and so knowledgeable.

Dale Barker's Barker

Just because you have a piece of paper on the wall DOES NOT mean you are better than ANYONE.....all they care about is putting people down and taking your money

Luca Owl

It was a big waste of insurance money


The dentist Dr. Mark Padolsky He’s AWESOME he took out my wisdom teeth and it was pretty difficult. He’s very blunt but in a good way. He won’t sugar coat things and related to everyone in a personal level — which is really a good thing. He’s a normal person like everyone else and might drop some cuss words but who doesn’t? People complaining act like they’ve never said f*** or s*** before. We aren’t all saints and the man knows his stuff 100% . I’d rather someone say damn and make sure I’m in great condition than a bow tie typical dentist and I’m in excruciating pain not knowing what he’s doing. Lol but he did awesome in my teeth and the dental assistants Sydney and this White woman short blonde hair can’t remember her name she was amazing! Said she’s been there 4+ years and normally on cleanings my gums bleed and it hurts but it didn’t happen this time she took her time and was very careful with my mouth. Front desk is awesome they’ll help you with anything your questions, excuse notes, follow ups, etc. And they send text reminders which is awesome I work 15+ hours a day can’t always answer my phone when I get a reminder call. Couldn’t make an appt and fee is $90-something I couldn’t afford. Mark waived the fee because he was worried and concerned about how I was feeling and the healing process from wisdom teeth removed. He’s amazing I definitely recommend this place. If you can take a joke or someone talking to you like an actual human being then you’re retarded and need to go in a ditch this isn’t 1945 it’s 2018. Get with it people.

Ashley Lake

I've been going to the Atlanta Dental Group for 2.5 yrs now and have always received great services. From the moment I walk in its very relaxing. Karina and Jon always have a warm smile and friendly conversation to share. I've always been seated promptly. I appreciate this since dentists usually stress me out. Both Amy and Kelly have given me cleanings in the past. Both very gentle ladies, who always keep me informed by speaking to me in terms I understand. I've had work done both my Dr. Johnson as well as Dr.Padolsky. Dr. Johnson is very knowledgeable and informed. She makes going to the dentists very enjoyable with her kind, caring personality. She has always kept me at ease when I'm in her chair. And did I mention pleasant? She's seriously too adorable and sweet. Dr. Padolsky is a remarkable dentist. He is extremely intelligent in his craft. When getting procedures done by him my recovery time is shorter than any other dentist I've been to. He also likes to make jokes, which lightens my very tense mood. Jon has helped me out tremendously in the past with billing, and arranging payments I can afford, as well as getting my treatment plans in order. I've moved to other states and make vacation time around when my appointments are just to continue coming here. I love everyone at the Atlanta Dental Group!

Jenel Burke

Everyone was great .. I was nervous going in, but I’m glad I chose them!!

Lisa Rena

I called and gave my insurance information the day before to confirm benefits as well as if they accepted new patient appointments on Saturday's for NEW PATIENT CLEANING. This was confirmed PRIOR to me coming in along with an appointment time frame for walk ins. I am in the healthcare field so upon walking in I was comfortable and understanding although it was extremely packed and busy. After waiting for a little over an hour the person I spoke with prior to today tells me she didn't know I was coming for a cleaning and her hygienist doesn't have an opening until 2:00. I came at 10:00 and was not acknowledged until 11:30. I left. Extremely unorganized.

Nick Chiromo

TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! They only care about making money rather than taking care of clients.

Nadia Said

I cannot day enough great things about Atlanta Dental!! Everyone is so kind and compassionate from the Dentist all the way down to the receptionist! There is an instant warmth, and they truly do the best they can for your teeth. They were able to help me with an emergency root canal and everything was so wonderful and convenient. If you need ANYTHING emergency and teeth related, these are the people to go to!!

Jameil Morris

Let me tell you Dr. Padolsky is THE BEST!!! I had a complicated extraction that had to be done on my wisdom teeth. Dr. P was so patient with me( I was hysterical). He reassured me that he would make it as pain free as possible. I didn't feel anything outside of the initial prick from the needle. He waited for each injection to kick in before moving to the next. I thought I needed sedation, but I didn't. He made the process so comfortable and even allowed me to listen to very loud music with my headphones during the times when he was drilling my tooth. He talked me through each step and was so gentle( as gentle as you can be while pulling an impacted tooth). I would absolutely refer anyone to Dr. Padolsky. You won't regret it. I could even drive after my procedure! Thank you Dr. P! Definitely coming back in the future for all my dental needs!!

John Orr

My experience was great.

Matthew Maxwell

I have been going to Dr. P for ten years. I had invisalign treatment there, wisdom teeth removed, many cleanings, X-rays, etc. It is not a budget dental office but you are paying for his experience and his clinical oversight of his staff which is valuable when it comes to your health. His credentials are beyond impressive. I don't recall ever waiting past my appointment time and all of the equipment is always clean and modern. I consistently recommend this practice to my friends and family and would never go anywhere else in Atlanta.

Lee Burkhart

Whitney Tipton

I have never left a review before, but this doctor really is a jerk. I came into the office on a Friday because I had swollen gums in the bottom right side and it caused my lymph nodes to swell. I had a terrible headache and throat ache. The doctor asked me if I had insurance. I don’t because I’m self-employed. The receptionist collected $285 from me. I waited about twenty minutes before she called back to tell the doctor I was ready. I overheard her say over the phone, “What do you mean he left?” She proceeds to tell me that the doctor decided to take a lunch break. That is, by far, the most inconsiderate thing a doctor has ever done. I was the only patient in the office. He spoke to me and still decided to leave. Luckily, I asked the young lady to refund my $285 and she did it right away. I climbed into my car to leave. Next thing I know, I see him flying through the parking lot like a maniac. Lol just don’t go here. This doctor clearly has a few screws loose.

Teresa Williams

when serving the public people usually remember the bad. But for me I always remember the good When I walked in the office I was scared to death. But everyone I came in contact with made it they’re business to make sure I i knew things would be ok. They put my mind at ease and my nerves to rest and they made getting a tooth pulled feel like a breeze. I will be back❤️

Laqueena Frazier

I have been to alot of Dentists Office. But this Office right here is the best Dentist I have ever been to they are passionate they care about there patients, they work with you when it comes to a treatment plan and prices. They will take care of you. The one Guy who seats up front he is the best. They make you feel as if you are home and I and my husband feel that way. DR P AND HIS DAUGHTER ARE AWESOME! ALSO THEY DIDN'T TAKE MY DENTAL INSURANCE SO THEY WORK WITH ME AND FOR THAT THEY WILL BE MY DENTIST OFFICE THEY SAVED ME THOUSAND! But I will be changing my dental insurance to my husband but they will permanently be our dentist!!

Jeff Johnson

jeffery gates

Dr. P is excellent, great attitude and sense of humor. I got an emergency root canal, I was worried at first, but he told "i dont hurt people!" And he was true to his word. I highly recommend this place.

peter esswein

Great staff and all the Dentist and dental assistants are very down to earth and care about the patients. They also take the time to go over treatment plans with you and can set up payment plans to get your dental work done.

Sno0py Watts

Megan Brown

Great experience. Reception was welcoming. I was seen right away which is a huge plus for me, as I'm always in a hurry. I went in for a general cleaning... Dr. Johnson found a cavity.. filled it in no time! Mouth feels like nothing ever happened. She also consulted me on some things that could improve my smile that I never knew were possible. I'm excited to move forward with some of her recommendations! A great experience, I would definitely recommend to others.

ozzie owens

David Decuir

Krystyna Hammond

Lorenzo Hamilton

these guys just want your money,went there for emergency tooth pain,ended up getting pain pills for a week,deep cleaning,too much time off from work for the many visits,used there jackpot credit card scam machine to cover what my insurance would not cover, of course will under the gas,these guys did everything but what i came bill without the insurance 1500,plus $100 for the emergency visit which now at collections for 500,rather take the bad out for the the so called guy receptionist.AND OF COURSE DID GET PROBLEM FIX SIX MONTH LATER WITH A FILLING FROM A TRUE DENTIST OFFICE.THIS IS JUST A WARNING TO THE WORKING CLASS!!

Rafaela Moura

The team responded to my questions and resolved my issues. Thank you

James Working

Dr Padolsky is great an awesome person But the staff not very customer service friendly Plus they called yesterday to cancel didn't say reschedule or nothing . Then today I get there not any kind of discount for paying in Cash full treatment and all they had time to do was an impression by another dentist . The impressions just caused pain. if the secretary that called yesterday would had told me I would had waited done it all in one day as planned . On a positive note then stopped ( my dentist) Dr Padolsky said he wanted me to come back Monday then start full treatment and he'd like to see me thru treatment cause I was an interesting case and wanted to spend proper time

Jayla Palmer

Scam Artist! I went in because my mouth was infected. I waited and was told that because it was Saturday & my insurance company was closed I would have to pay out of pocket and get my insurance company to refund me. I payed $350 and no work was done. I was told that I needed to take my braces off and that I needed to go see my orthodontist. After literally a 5 minute visit i left the offices. My insurance company called to inform me that they had payed the dentist office and that I should contact the Atlanta Dental Group to my money back. I have literally been trying to get a refund for 3 months. Each time I call the person who is supposedly in charge of that is not working or out of town at the moment. Finally on June 12th an employee (Rachel) informed me that she had processed the refund and to give it 7 days to clear. Here I am, three weeks later still no refund and when I call of course Rachel is not in! They want your money and thats it! They were quick to take my money, yet it has been three months and no refund.

Marian Smith

Caring, spent lots of time explaining everything,

Chris Johnson

I have been coming to the Atlanta Dental Group for about 6 years now and have always found Dr. Padolsky to be very knowledgeable and thorough. Besides routine cleanings, I have had multiple procedures done and have always been happy with the results. Office staff is friendly and professional. I have referred multiple friends and family members to this practice and will continue to do so.

Daryl Johnson

Love Doctor P been my dentist for years

nickiesha slater

This is the worst staff and dental office in Atlanta. Please do not waste your time or money going to this establishment. They have a high turn over rate and the office staff is incompetent! They are the absolute worst!

Josh Dove

Great staff, everything is always easy! Thanks for the great advice :)

Mary Pryles

Dr. P and his staff are great folks!

Kay Gotti


Sharon Swearington

Caroline Arick

Knowledgeable and genuine. I feel lucky to have found Dr. Padolsky.

Missmichelle Fly

Luscious Lab

Well I read that everyone else had a good experience I couldn't find it. It was good until the desk lady got a visitor she totally forgot about me or calling my insurance company and not to mention I drove 65 miles to get here. I'm pulling out now I probably won't come back she left me in pain while she visited not professional.

Ashley Holt

Love, Love, Love this dentist!! I was nervous going in but they made me feel comfortable from the front office to the back. Dr's make you feel like you matter and they're very caring. I would recommend Atlanta Dental to anyone. Also, it was painless lol

A Merritt

I had a dental emergency and they were my dental heroes . The dentist explained what he was able to do . His explanation of the process put nervousness as ease. He also explained to me I have a neck problem that he saw on the X-ray that I never knew I had. I Highly recommend this dental team

Patrick Phillips

Great as always. I wasn't kept waiting. Everyone was friendly and professional. I'm glad to drive in from Milton for the professionalism of Atlanta Dental Group.

Jill Benik


john clayton

I would give it less than one star if I could. I went almost six months ago for a cleaning. The hygienist was very nice and I met a young dentist who was in training. He was very nice. I recently broke a molar and decided to return. BIG MISTAKE!! Dr Padlosky was training another new dentist. He worked on me and was very impatient and demanding of his trainee. His behavior towards the staff was erratic, Extremely HYPER, and unreasonable. The only reason I continued to remain in the chair was because the drilling had already began. It was a horrible experience. I will NEVER go back. He charged me almost $600 to prep the tooth and then said that I would have to pay another 1200 or more for the crown. I'm going back to my old dentist in the suburbs. DO NOT GO TO THIS DENTIST!

Von B

This place is awful. My wife was told my cavity could be fixed on Saturday which was the only reason we choose this dentist. She filled out the paper work online. When I get to the dentist office they made me fill out the same paperwork again. The dental assistant seemed as if she didn't know how to take and x-Ray. Then dentist was arguing at the assistant right in front of me. After several attempts to get the x-Ray taken correctly they let me know I had a cavity ( which I already knew), but they don't do that type of work on Saturday. Then what in the hell did I come in here for just to find out what I already knew and not to have the problem fixed. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE I won't be returning.

Bee Lova

Gavin Bauman

Came in with a bad root canal job in need of retreatment. First time visiting, and the staff was very accommodating, informative, and patient when I asked a thousand questions. The dentist started the process and it went very well. Now for the most impactful part of my experience: my jaw has a tendency to lock pretty badly when opened too far for too long, and it turns out the dentist specialized in patients like me. First visit but I plan on making many more after this experience.

Tameka Shelly Brown

I had a fantastic experience. I called in need of an emergency filling. I was nervous and the dentist knew it. He took the time to explain to me about the procedure that I was about to have. He was very informative and nice. I won't be going anywhere else. I've never received service at any other dental office the way I did during this visit. 2 thumbs up from me.

Val R

Jonathan Burnham

The best. The service I receive from Atlanta Dental Group is second to none.

Muru Sashi

I loved the fact that the professionalism of the staff was amazing. They were up front about everything from when I walked into the office, even up to payment options for those with no insurance. Got an emergency extraction done here in the same day. Will be using them again.

Manena Johnson

Absolutely love this dentist! Needed an emergency root canal and it went fantastic! So glad I saw all of the great reviews. I have been in customer service and the medical field long enough to know when bad reviews are not necessarily typical experiences. So relieved that I now have an excellent dentist! The team works so well together, my dentist was definitely not too cocky to take technique suggestions from others during the treatment, which is really hard to find! They worked so well together! Thank you!!

Jamila Potts

The best! Was nice, personable, and welcoming. Relieved and took care of my prob IMMEDIATELY! Going back for other work. My new dentist home! Thank you so much! ❤️

cecilia muzik

The dentistry team at Atlanta Dental Group were very kind, thorough, and outstanding in their dental care. I highly recommend their professionalism and expertise to anyone looking for a dentist. They were truly an answer to prayer!

Johnathon Stephens

Virginia Coker

Dr. Padolsky is one of the most intelligent men that I know. He is unmatched in his craft and I feel grateful to have found him. He did incredible work on three of my teeth and has completely changed how I feel about dentists.


I don't like how I was not made aware of the deductible until it was time to leave. I was told in the beginning that my insurance covered my visit. That's a big red flag. I even spoke out about it and instead of them apologizing, they stared and stayed silent at me like I offended them. I didn't want to pay because I was told differently, but my partner paid becaused he wanted to leave immediately because of the atmosphere. Another red flag is telling someone that he or she doesn't have the "best" insurance instead of communicating other financing options that could be more affordable when discussing the solutions to my dental problem. I refused to pay for a option on that day cause it was too expensive and I didn't find it necessary. I had alternatives. I was visiting for a dentist's second opinion NOT to be financially drained. Very diverse people, but alot of mixed vibes. As for the dentist, he seems kind and knowledgeable of course, but I wish I had more time with him than the staff. Some were professional, most were not. I felt uncomfortable when I shouldn't have been. I don't know if I felt like a patient or a number. I would say make sure you KNOW about hidden prices, stay blunt, and feel the atmosphere.

Travis Lake

I went in for a basic cleaning and from the moment I walked in I knew I was in great hands. The girl at the front desk, Karina, was super friendly and answered all questions that I had. If you are looking for a friendly expert dentist..look no more.

Ermin and Samuel

Melissa Tejeda

Josemaria Garcia

The service there was phenomenal! Karina Garcia was nice, polite, and very easy to talk to. She was able to answer every question I had and pointed me in the right direction. 5 stars from me!


Great staff. Easy to talk to. Knowledgeable about the process and the cost which are equally important!

Sakeena Morgan

Getting a 2nd opinion b/c was so uncomfortable with the almost 5,000 he told me i needed to pay to treat my TMJ which I feel and i am pretty sure can be treated with a soft guard. He recommended 6 months of treatment nothing covered by insurance. Of course I stupidly went and paid the 250 bucks to see Dr. P before I called my insurance company. After I left I felt very uneasy about the visit. I felt like they were out to get my money. Right away I started making calls for a 2nd opinion and called to request my records and xrays I mean I did pay 250.00 for them. Lets see how long it takes to get them. If i need to go there I will b/c I am not going to pay for it again through my insurance. I wondered if it was just me. I am glad I called my insurance and started doing research after going there. There was no way I was giving him almost 5,000. I plan to inform my regular dentist who referred this office about their practices.

Ashok Vairavan

Charis Putmon

Lloyd Byars

Great staff and doctor. He didn’t have the best news for me, but that was just the state of my teeth. They saw me on a Saturday morning after I had frantically searched for an open dentist. I didn’t wait. Excellent

Rm Rob

Caring and thorough in their dental practice .

Deb Shuntelman

I have never liked going to the dentist before until I came in to Atlanta dental office always receive me with a great smile! Thanks for being nice with me all the time.

Laura Webb

I have been going to Atlanta Dental Group for a few years now and I have nothing but great things to say. I love this little practice! I recently had to get a crown to replace a veneer facing that was too bulky and had started to irritate my gum line. Dr. Guest was amazing!!! He was so meticulous and thorough. He took so much time to ensure that my crown was as close to perfect as humanly possible. Dr. Padolsky - Good job acquiring this skilled dentist! The hygienists are also very skilled. I have always had a good experience during my cleanings. I highly recommend Atlanta Dental Group. Their customer service is wonderful and their dentists and hygienists are fabulous.

S Clark


Danielle Walton

Love Love Love Atlanta dental group! Dr. P and his team are always super friendly and helpful. It's great that the Dr. can do literally anything you need and you don't need to be sent somewhere else for certain stuff. The wait is always short and the building is very clean and easy to drive to!

Shan Shah

I have been going to Dr. Padolsky regulary (every 6 months) since I moved to Atlanta back in the Fall of 2005. I have had everything from regular cleanings, to a root canal, to cavity fillings and an emergency wisdom teeth removals. All of my procedures were always painless and didn't take long at all. I have had no issues from any procedure that was done by Dr. Padolsky or his staff. His staff has always been very kind and knew exactly what they were doing at all times. In the past, I have recommended two of my friends who were also patients of Dr. Padolsky and they had a great experience as well. I will continue to refer friends and family looking for a knowledgeable dentist to Dr. Padolsky. He is located in the heart of midtown, near Piedmont Park area, therefore he is very conveniently located in metro Atlanta.

Wallace Hitt

I arrived thirteen minutes early for my 9 o’clock appt. After waiting 25 minutes, the staff was aware I was upset. I was taken back for a quick X-ray and placed in a room for 22 additional minutes. When the asst arrived, I questioned why I was scheduled for a 9 o’clock appointment if they couldn’t see me until 9:47. I left and have scheduled an appointment with another dentist.

Jamie Wade

Chris Jackson

Jana Watson

ADC is awesome! They have been my dental professionals since I grew teeth. I plan on keeping ADC in my family when I start to build mine. Everyone there is always really friendly and sensitive to whatever your dental situation is. They get you in and out in a timely fashion and if I ever have questions they are always there to answer them!

Benjamin Padolsky

Jin Veeranarong

Dr. Padolsky is the best dentist in Atlanta! He is very knowledgeable and really care about your health overall. He always take time to educate us even when he has a very schedule. You will not be disappointed.

Frederick Smith

Absolutely love how they took care of concerns and addressed any questions I had with hesitation..

Tnisha Hill

Very nice staff. Told me everything that was wrong with my dental. Made me feel better about my bad mouth.

Amy Carter

Ron Glickman

Atlanta Dental Group is not some large corporate dental "farm". This is a small family owned business where the care givers really get to know you. I've been coming here for 5+ years and have referred several friends and family. Dr P is a brilliant physician! He is always teaching, even in a routine exam. It's possible to misread his demeanor, but once you realize how much knowledge he has and how much he enjoys sharing that knowledge with his staff that you begin to realize what a blessing he can be, to the patients and his employees.

Bill Crawford

First Class


The over the phone customer service was absolutely terrible. I called on a Friday to check on a resume I sent in for a receptionist position. I was told that I'd receive a call back an hour later but I hadn't heard from anyone yet. I waited until the following Monday to call back and check on my resume status. However, the gentleman I spoke to Monday was rather rude. He told me that the woman I spoke with Friday was just a receptionist and couldn't do anything for me. He then told me to come in Wednesday for an interview then hung up. I called back to see what time Wednesday but before I could get past telling him anything other than my name he immediately told me he could no longer take my calls at that center and that he was hanging up. I found a different number for them hoping to speak with someone with a little more respect only to have the same man answer. He relayed to me in an angry voice that they were very busy and had too many sick people in their lobby to take phone calls about an interview. I told him that I understood that completely but you never told me what time to come in for the interview Wednesday, you never gave me any specifics. He told me to come at 11AM but honestly I wouldn't even feel comfortable interviewing, let alone working for a company that would speak so rudely to someone. If the person I spoke with Friday was just a receptionist then the man I spoke to Monday that advised me to come Wednesday for an interview had to be the dentist. I wish he would've said his name over the phone. It's unfortunate that in order to leave a review you have to give stars because otherwise I wouldn't have given any. The only good thing I have to say about this company is that the RECEPTIONIST that I spoke with Friday was amazing! Extremely professional and sweet.

Barbara Lightsey

Excellent service, polite staff, knowledgeable doctors.

Thais Voet

Please find yourself a better dentist in Atlanta. I've never had a worse experience than here getting my cavities filled. Whatever you do, avoid this place like the plague.

Kat Coker

Incredible place! I don't go anywhere else. Incredible staff and the best dentist I have found in my 60 years.

Tracey Hudson

john drullinger

I don't like dentists. Bad experience and pain. This is by far.... The best dental experience. Best team. Most caring, knowledgeable Dr and staff I have ever been seen, diagnosed and treated by. You actually feel like a person. Not a number. Dr P and staff cannot be beat. I hope you dont need what I did, but if you do.... figure out how to get here!!

Melanie Strahm

Awful. There was not discussion of options or treatment plan - just orders. Additionally I have been trying to get my dental records and it is like Fort Knox


I had a great experience would recommend very highly


Started on time finished early.

Shemeka Favors

Tiffany Davis

This dental office is amazing! They are kind and patient. I'm terrified of dental visits but they've always made me so comfortable. I recommend them to everyone!!! Dr. Padolsky and his team are wonderful.

hack bot Perryman

Everyone at this Is facility was very professional, nice and have great customer service. They made me feel right at home. Great teamwork.

Rebecca Bingham

From making my appointment, to the exam process, to the treatment plan, everything was seamless and convenient!

Melissa Kunnap

I have been a patient here for a few years. I generally only need my two cleanings a year so I tolerated the terrible customer service and bedside manner. However I will be finding a new dentist after my last experience. I called on a Saturday morning to cancel my late afternoon appointment. I had woke up with a fever and sore throat which I informed the receptionist when I called. If you are sick and have a fever it is common sense and polite not to share your germs with others. I was told that if I cancel I would not be able to make another appointment and would instead have to come in and wait to see if anyone canceled. I could see if this was a common issue with me but I had never had to make a same day cancellation nor do they have this "policy" stated anywhere. Do NOT use this office!

Joan Willis

First time going and Atlanta dental group is horrible place to go, I should of known from the way the reception was talking about how they treated her. If you was looking for a denstist office with good customer service this is not it. Mind you I called and ask question before I wasted my money and time to go there and still work out in plan.

Nick Topolski

If you want to deal with incompetent people who like to scam you out of your money, then look no further – this is the place for you! Good luck getting a refund back from a claim. It will take months, if not longer. I still haven't received any money back from a sub-par x-ray (that I had to have re-taken a few days later) that occurred April 8, 2017. The over-payed 'dentist' who drives around in a BMW wanted to charge me $3000 for a crown and root canal that I didn't even need. I went to a competent dentist a week later who charged me $100 (with coverage) for a filling that fixed the problem. Please avoid this place, unless you are wealthy and have no problem with throwing money away.

Sheri Temple

Everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful

Jonathan Rogers

Poor office service and billing and competent but unhelpful dentists.

rachel smith

I felt very comfortable I was in pain the manager and a staff and the dentist made me feel comfortable I didn't even have enough money from my insurance so the manager let me do partial payments and I really appreciated that because i needed my tooth out because I was in pain I love this place great.

Kelsey Sutterfield

Christina Ozelis

They were able to get me in 8hrs later for emergency wisdom tooth removal and root canal. A bit pricey but the pain was over super quick. Didnt dry socket for once and everyone was super nice and helpful

Erica Gaymon

Place was awful. Paid 256 bucks for absolutely nothing.Doctors and staff are smug, and unsympathetic. Live and learn..

Will Speed

First I was overcharged & had I not needed a copy of my ledger I would have never known. Now I’ve been waiting on my refund for almost 2 months and every time I call I get the “someone will contact you shortly” line. I honestly feel cheated and I wonder how many other people have been cheated & don’t know it. Lastly, their prices are seriously too high. I’ve had better work done for much cheaper.

Tiffany Padolsky

My cleaning was excellent! They saw me right on time and I was finished within an hour.

Lenny Scinto

Only dentist I’ve known since 1997. Five stars every year since.


I have never dealt with a more unpleasant, unprofessional, rude, and obnoxious Doctor. I am not shocked these reviews are terrible. His bedside manner is off the charts poor. I feel bad for the people that work with him and the patients that have to come to him for medical help, in a time of need. Look at my other reviews, I don't know that I've ever given a bad one. Id be surprised if he has any repeat business other than emergencies. Deserves less than a star.

Neka B

Every operation for my wisdom teeth, which I got pulled separately, went by fast and was painless.

Donna Rutledge

Was just weird all around. My teeth don't feel clean and the lady wasn't very cool about what I wanted done. Also I saw a totally different dentist than the website advertised but he was cool though. Just not impressed with the cleaning of my teeth and gums. Plus what dental office doesn't give you a goodie bag?? This was the first I literally wanted to run out of there

Patricia Ratliff

The attending physicians were GREAT. However the young man at the reception desk could have been more welcoming, especially to a New Patient. Everything was so "matter of fact" with him no smile.He ahould not be the main greeter whi represents. the Atlanta Dental Group. The young lady was more pleasant and kind. Im am happy with the procedure. Thank you.

Shannon Vasquez

Tara Young

Terrible service! Terrible! The place is not clean. While waiting, a man was talking to the staff and would not shut up. Come to find out he was the dentist. He took FOREVER! All I needed was a tooth cemented on and I was there 3 hours and cost $335. And I was the 4th client in the door. I could not have been more annoyed. The dentist does not know how to run a business. At all! Do yourself a BIG favor and go somewhere else.

Rebecca Scott

Jonah Carney

Great work!

Ryan Costigan

LaNell Jones

I have been a patient of the Atlanta Dental Group PC since 1998. I was only 13yrs old but I enjoyed coming to the dentist to get the bands on my nraces changed to a different color. Dr. P was like no other doctor I had ever met; full of conversation and energy. I took a break from them for a while due to my mom and I relocating and insurance change with her job. During my time away I decided to go to a dentist in Morrow, Ga.; they were a lot cheaper. I had a root canal done from Dr. P a while back and never got the crown done, so I let the dentist in Morrow take care of that procedure in 2009. In July of 2012 the crown fell out. By this time I had already began coming back to my favorite dentist (DR. P) for cleanings. They advised me that for safety reasons they would not be able to place the crown back on and I would need to get a new one. I was very disturbed at this news, especially since the insurance company would not cover the crown needing to be done over again. So I went back to the dentist in Morrow and it was hell trying to get past the blame game. She said that she would re-do it at no charge for me; but she was not happy at all. I was reluctant but I said ok! When I came back to the Atlanta Dental Group for a cleaning in August, they noticed that the crown was done incorrectly and that I needed to get it fixed immediately; I was furious! I went back to the dentist in Morrow and requested my money that I paid for the crown back and they gave me all of my money back but a lab fee (unacceptable). Moral of this story-CHEAPER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER! I am very pleased with the new crown and the courtesy that have received throughout this nightmare. I love this team and will never leave again unless I move out of state!

Fidelis Imoh

All the staffs that attended to me were awesome. Figured out my payments, professional and I felt like I knew them for long. Amy, stacy, Dr Mohamed, you all are the best. Love this place.

Karina Garcia

I went to Dr. Mark Padolsky to help me with my jaw pain; my jaw felt as if it had dislocated and shifted to the right. He examined me, determined that I had TMD, and explained exactly what I needed done to correct my pain. A soft guard was promptly made me and my condition has greatly improved since. I strongly believe Dr. Padolsky is an incredible dentist! He has such vast knowledge and experience in all areas of dentistry. You can tell he takes great pride in perfecting his work and getting people out of pain. What I admire most about him is that he always goes above and beyond when treating his patients, especially those who are in a great amount of discomfort. As far as the rest of my dental work, I have seen Dr. Sarah Johnson. She is such a wonderful dentist; I love her so so so much! When I saw her first I had not been to a dentist in years, because of my fear of the dentist. Dr. Johnson made me feel at ease, was extremely informative, and walked me through every procedure she did -- this was much appreciated. She did all of my fillings and I can thank her for contributing to my beautiful smile! Dr. Johnson is a sweet and caring doctor to say the least. Overall, my experience with both doctors at this office has been amazing, and I recommend them to everyone I know.

Jeff Michaud

I have been a Patient for Years, They are great to work with. Hate going to the dentist but they make it as pleasant as possible. !!!!

Sofiya Payne

Colin Kernohan

Terrible Experience. AVOID THIS GUY. The doc was very unpleasant and unhelpful. Went in on a saturday because he was the only practice open to get a small chip fixed. Tried to charge me double what I should have been. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Breath Some

The man is a genius

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