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REVIEWS OF Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta IN Georgia

Chidi Obialo-Ibeawuchi

This is my first dental appointment since 2013 and it was such a great experience. It ook weeks to review most of the dental clinic around. I was attracted to this one (Dr Zelby) by a comment that someone made on the review that “if you are not a white don’t bother going there” . Perception I called it! And that is the place I like to go to as someone who can never been judgemental; which has always proven right not to be. So I was on a mission for The receptionist and finance guy ‘Christopher (the guy with a bold gold wrist-watch) is soo go at his job to prefection(so patient, friendly and engaging). Dr Aundrea who attended to me was marvelous and thorough in every sense and detailed minded. And was I more thrilled when Dr David Zelby joined us in the conversation with such an extraordinary sense of humor, warm and welcoming with brilliant and professional counsel/advise. But most of all I am looking forward to visiting against; and you know what them means.....cos when I got home every could tell I saw a dentist. Go check them out yourself and you will be so glad you did I RECOMMEND AIDA NOW AND ALWAYZ


Riley Wilson

Dr. Zelby and his practice blew all of my expectations out of the water. I came in for a TMJ dysfunction evaluation after 2 years of bouncing around multiple doctors who could not figure out what was causing the immense pain in my ear. Dr. Zelby thoroughly figured out that my TMJ was the source of my pain, and he was the first doctor to properly diagnose me and treat me with genuine empathy after I was beginning to think I might have to live with this problem the rest of my life. His excellent bedside manner and his confidence in the success of my treatment without any arrogance gives me little doubt that I could have found a better specialist than Dr. Zelby. Every member of his office staff, especially Shelley and Kahlil, were vibrantly friendly and very helpful. Even after I am eventually cured, I will continue going to this practice for all of my future dental work without hesitation. I recommend Dr. Zelby and his team to anyone who needs a dentist, and especially for evaluating potential TMJ dysfunction. I would give my rating a 6th star if I could!

Lynne Bryk

This is the best dentist for any type of teeth renewal! Implants are their specialty! Dr. Zelby is the best! Very experienced and professional! The staff is top notch! I wouldnt go anywhere else!

kyrsten miles

Dr. Zelby was great!! He fixed my tooth exactly how I wanted. He was very fast , patient, and amazing. I had a minor chip and he was able to fill it without replacing the whole tooth. The staff is also awesome. Shout out to Susanne! She was very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to the insurance and financial side. I will recommend and come back. Everyone was kind and flexible. Thank you for fitting me in.

Dave Francolini

Ive always hated the dentist in the past, but Dr Zelby and his staff go out of their way to assure I'm comfortable and have a good experience every time. I recently had an abscess tooth that needed to be pulled while on vacation. I waited a week in pain until I got home because I wont go to any other dentist besides Dr Zelby. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and had the tooth out in 10min with no pain at all. I would recommend his office to anyone!

Drew Smith

Star Boy

They’re good and nicepeople and qualify professional..

Hawley Chester

Roni Williams

I absolutely love this practice. From my initial call the receptionist was very informative, pleasant and patient. They streamlined the first time patients process and got me in to see Dr. Zelby very quickly and his personality, professionalism and expertise was the icing on the cake. These guys put a smile on my face before I even sat down...

Todd Perkins

As always. 10 out of 10

Mark Kelley

Dr. Aundrea Eady and her staff are WONDERFUL!! You feel a positive and professional vibe when you enter the office and the services were exceptional

Sanjay .

Alvin Ostrow

I have known Dr. Zelby and he is the the Dr. Welby of the dental profession. His is by far no doubt the best cosmetic dentist in the industry of Atlanta, Georiga! AO,!

Mark Erdman

The entire staff was very courteous and provided a complete explanation of my dental visit and potential future dental treatments. I highly recommend this office.

Macha Bradley

Just a quick note to say Thank you kindly!!! Aundrea Eady, DMD for this smile

Prasad Udwadia

Dr. Zelby is a kind,intelligent, and patient person. He came in and listened to what i had requested to have done and accurately described to me what was needed next. The office is very tidy and the staff are exceptionally polite. This definitely was a very good experience and I've already recommended him to a few friends. If you are in the surrounding areas, i can say you will be pleased with the service. Considering to setup regular cleaning appointments in future :) . P.S. - The view outside from the main waiting room and all together is wonderful !

Matthew Garver

I had been going to the same dentist for many years and switched to Aesthetic and Implant recently. My experience with Dr Levine was incredible. I cannot be happier with the decision I made. The cleaning and other services I received were well above and beyond any other I have ever had. Highly recommend this practice to everyone!

Michael Clare

I went here for deep cleaning and it was a very good experience.

Benjamin Skott

Dr. Levine was great, and Dr. Zelby stopped by and answered some questions I had about sheering forces on enamel. They were both very friendly, and the hygenist (whose name I forget, unfortunately) gave one of the most thorough cleanings I've ever had. The office was clean, the devices all seem shiny and well maintained, and overall it was a great experience.

Geraldine Crawford

Dr. Zelby is first class in his field. He does beautiful work , no one will be disappointed. He and his staff are cautious and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Zelby for your dental care.

Jesse Frasier

I have been going to this practice for over a year and continue to be blown away by the pleasant staff and thoroughness of all technicians. Dr. Eady is always prepared for my visits and remembers everything about me and my records. It makes for a great experience that allows me to get in an out. Thanks for the great experience.

Helmi Tira

always happy to come back and excellent service and special the staff, you can't have better courtesy than this. Dr Zelby was the only dentist few years ago that took me in Friday afternoon was almost dying with my teeth infection and took care and since than always referred to my friends and they had the same experience.

Paula Collins

This is what dental care should be - in all the best ways! The team is awesome - they're knowledgeable, eager to help and friendly all the way. David Zelby is, by my estimation, a genius when it comes to correcting dental issues. Without him and his team, I'd surely not have the big smile I share regularly! For decades I felt fear when just thinking about going to the dentist. Now, I'm actually calm and confident when I enter the door. That's says it all!!

Andreia Paiva

Dr. Zelby and his staff is the best!!!! I just left his office today and I couldn't be happier! Everyone is so nice and professional. Definitely my favorite dentist offi

Reia Toombs

Super racist dumb bimbo's that say like every other sentence ! This office is for whites only and does not reflect the American dream of all races being accepted ! The ladies told me to come in and then called me back saying they couldn't see when I was already on the way

Carrie Gallacher

After going to another dentist, doctor Zelby was able to fix my front two teeth so that the front two teeth were back to the same length and color. I'm so thankful he was able to make them look normal again. Dr. Zelby and his staff are so pleasant to be around as well. I highly recommend this office if you have a major problem with your teeth that need to be fixed. He can get it done and he will make sure you are happy.

Ed Porter

I've been going here for nearly 20 years and I *highly* recommend AIDA to all my friends and relatives. Due to all the dental drama I've gone through before I found Dr. David Zelby and AIDA, I unfortunately have a good idea of what average and even sub-optimal dental care is like. What a relief and blessing they all have been since! I could go on and on about the professionalism and warmth that I and every patient recieves during each visit, but it suffices to say that I have complete faith in this group to provide world-class dental care. Unfortunately for me, I have needed dozens of hours in a dentist's chair and have had a number of dentists before I found my home with AIDA. I have two prosthetics in the front, but no one would ever possibly know they aren't my originals and they look amazing. I normally don't take selfies, but if you or anyone would like to see their work I'd be glad to send a picture :). I say to anyone who may be worried about visiting the dentist: you will be blown away by how good an experience it can be when you come here. I have PLENTY more I could rave on about, so if you or anyone wants the extended version or has any specific questions then please send me a message and I'd be glad to share my stories with you :)

Bassem Abuein

I went for cleaning, my insurance is MetLife $2,000 Max The front desk charge me 60$ saying this fee because I'm out of network. I contacted my isurance agent, she said I'm covered 100% with my current insuracne for preventive care. see the details Preventive Care Primary covered preventive services In Network Oral exams and cleaning 2/yr; 1 full mouth or panoramic x-rays every 60 months; 1 set bitewing x-rays per calendar year; check w/ Plan for details Out of Network Oral exams and cleaning 2/yr; 1 full mouth or panoramic x-rays every 60 mon; 1 set bitewing x-rays per cal year; subject to R & C limits; check w/ Plan Preventive care benefits In Network 100% covered Out of Network 100% covered; subject to Reasonable and Customary limits

Chad Siggers

10 STARS! Above and beyond my expectations! This is the BEST dentist office in Atlanta! I needed some new crowns because mine were aging. I went to see Dr. Zelby at the Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta, and what a great decision that was! The color match was perfect, and he made me have a brighter smile. In fact, I looked at myself in the mirror all the way home! The office is bright and cheerful, as is his staff! They make you feel comfortable and are very informative. His state of the art equipment makes the process quick and easy. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking excellent dental care!

Douglas Stewart

Doctor Zelby and doctor Levine bother are good at explaining what you need and they help you to make a good decision based on all the information they provide.

Kim T

I LOVE Dr. Z and his staff!! He is a top-notch dentist. I came to his office in distress after experiencing two horrible dentists who had no business practicing dentistry. I had developed a fear of the dental experience. He and his assistant Beth was super sweet, attentive, and patient. They put the pro in professional. They were genuinely concerned with my special circumstances and kept me calm and reassured. I received a crown that I can't even tell is in my mouth. Finally, after 9 months of pain and discomfort received from posers, Dr. Zelby has restored my faith in the dental experience. He will have my family's business until he retires. Thanks, Dr. Z!

Lena Joseph

Dr. Zelby and his staff are not only professionals in their line of work, they are also very caring and do their best to make everyone feel comfortable. I honestly LOVE this place. I am very nervous about dental visits but Dr. Zelby and his staff have made be feel at ease and they are the most genital there is when it comes to handling their patients. I recommend them to any and everyone who has a fear of "dental work." I assure you that your fear will be overcome d with exceptional services provided by Dr. Zelby.

Khristia Bynum

Every time I've gone into this office, I have been greeted by his friendly and professional staff. The office is very clean and with great views, may I add. Dr. Zelby got straight to the point with the issues I had going on with my teeth and gave me options on how to rectify said issues. Even though he is out of network (does not take my insurance), I still go to him. Customer service and expertise is everything for me. I hate going to the dentist, but he and his staff makes it easier.

Diane Witlieb

Couldn't be happier! Absolutely worth the travel time. Dr Zelby is without doubt the best - caring, knowledgeable, reassuring and very professional. Couldn't ask for better dentistry. Staff also very competent and professional. Beautiful, clean environment.

Shawn Fowler

Best dental experience of my life. When I had an exposed nerve in a molar, a coworker referred me to Dr. Zelby. They got me in to get rid of the pain very quickly, and over the past few months I've had a lot of dental work done (root canal, crown, etc.) . On each visit, I've been impressed by the overall pleasantness of the experience. Everyone in the office is incredibly friendly, informative, and professional. And Dr. Zelby himself is the only dentist I've ever been to who could make the profoundly unnatural experience of someone poking around in your mouth kind of enjoyable. He took the time to explain everything that he was doing; showing me X-rays and pictures, and giving me the details I needed when I had to make decisions. Honestly, I didn't realize how much of an art dentistry is until I started going to Dr. Zelby. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Busayo Adeladan

Brian Schroeder

Dr Zelby has been my dentist now for almost 17 years. Not only is he a really nice person, his dentistry is completely top notch. If you need any restorations, I don't think that there is another place to even consider. You'll be amazed with his work!

Drew Kimmelman

In the past, I have found any excuse to avoid appointments with dentists. I am among those that get nervous seeing the sharp tools, and don't like hearing the tools at work. I have searched for different providers for a while, and because of one reason or another, it wasn't a fit, and continuing a healthy dental schedule was difficult. A little over a year ago, I received a recommendation to visit Terie, and I couldn't be happier. She has a calming presence, and is able to perform her work in a way that is relaxing. She works with grace, and has very light hands, which has allowed me to put on my headphones, listen to my favorite music, and relax. With Terie, I have been able to maintain a regular dental hygiene schedule, and have enjoyed seeing her each time. I absolutely recommend a visit with Terie for one's own experience.

Edna Vix

Dr. Zelby has been my dentist for over 10 years. Over the years, I have had several challenging situations that required a top-notch dentist to resolve. With his skill, patience, determination, professionalism and caring, Dr. Zelby solved these for me. He and his staff do everything possible to make you comfortable in uncomfortable procedures. I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Zelby as MY dentist. He & his staff take very good care of my dental needs.


Nicole Carson

James Roberts

I was recommended this practice from another dentist who told me this is where she would send her own family. I can definitely see why. This is a state of the art practice that is clean, modern, and well lit. The staff did a superb job.

Meghan Dondero

Everything about my experience was enjoyable. I felt like the practice used all of the most advanced and best technology out there which gave me a wonderful feeling of confidence. They were very professional and straight forward and I have never had a better dentistry experience. I'd highly recommend checking them out if you're looking for a new dentist. They're friendly and efficient and they really do know what they're doing there.

Gigi Ganta

Dr Levine is very thorough and friendly. The office staff really works with what needs the utmost urgency and not what meets their wallet. They are very understanding, courteous, and I am so glad to have found such a great dentist's office after years.

Richard Welke

David and his staff are among the most friendly, thoughtful and competent I've experienced in over sixty years of dental work. Cleaning is thorough. David is an artist; the more complicated the issue (and I've had more than a few), the the more distinctively better he is. I've been going to him for 20 years. I travel over 100 miles now to do my 1/2-yearly appointments with him. Worth every mile and every penny.

Sara Yegros

Not only are they super nice but their work is amazing! Thanks for giving the smile back to my husband! We are thrilled!

Acar Nazli

I have been a patient of Dr. Zelby last 30 years. I would not give up his excellent care of my dental health under ANY circumstances. Thanks to his expertise and care, and many years of dental hygiene maintenance, I have been getting excellent checkups lately, and I have a great smile. My entire family is under his care now, including my children as they entered adulthood. I trust David Zelby's opinion and advice, because he was always right when it came to my dental health.

megatron4life 2

I had an amazing experience. The whole staff is like a family and VERY welcoming. This is going to be my new dentistry foward on hands down. The staff are very thorough with their explanations and want you to have the best smile. Therefore, you will be in professional and caring hands. Thank you from Andre, for showing and giving me the best experience possible.

Melissa Payton

Vincent Crane

Megan is the best dental hygienist I’ve ever had. She does a phenomenal job keeping your teeth clean, is super nice, and makes you feel right at home. The whole staff is very friendly and I couldn’t recommend this place enough!

William Hammond

I have been a patient of Dr. Zelby, for over twenty (20) years. During those years, Dr. Zelby has exemplified his excellence as a Prosthodontist. Dr. Zelby approaches his work with the intuitive feelings of an artist and the sharp insight of a surgeon. I am grateful to Dr. Zelby, for his attention to details and for putting into place a staff of technicians and office personnel who consistently provide exceptional service.

JA Nance

Dr. Zelby and his team gave me the perfect smile that I have always desired. Thank you Dr. Zelby!


Who's smilinng now?> I am! For the first time in many years, I am not afraid to grin from ear to ear. Thanks, thanks, to Dr. Zel;by and his caring staff

Joshua Keen

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