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brian weiss

wyoming was a cost effective education that has quality approachable educators. The education provided prepared me for state exams and a lifelong successful career. Having just retired, allows for reflection on just how important my choice on where to attend has been. Laramie is a friendly and unique town that has the small town feel.

Teddy Gelafeir

Section 1, University of Wyoming: 1, I believe whether UW is right for you depends on your major. Some technological and scientific department, like animal science and natural resources, may provide you with a good opportunity for your career life. If you want to choose social science department as your major, like law or education, your employment opportunity may be very limited and narrow. 2, If you are a student who cares the national rank of your major, then you should very carefully when deciding to choose UW. Because none of UW's department is ranked at "top level" in this country. 3, Students who have very clear plans for their lives and who are self-disciplined might consider UW. You will get everything you want here. 4, If tuition is somewhat a problem for you, come to UW. Studying at UW may make you take it easier than other public universities.(Pleas note that I talk about tuition only, not about living expense. I will explain it at section 2) 5, For students who have disabilities, no matter what kind, you will have nothing to blame. The university may assist you as much as they can. Section 2 Living in Laramie: First things first, please be advised the fact that WY is not for everyone, even most of us. 1, If you hate strong wind, cold weather and long-lasting snow falls, don't be here. The winter usually lasts more than six months and the snowfall starts on Sept/Oct and ends on May of the next year. 2, If you have gotten yourself used to be colorful life in big cities, don't be here. Very few shopping malls you can choose. 3, If you are a student who has special needs like frequently or regularly medical care, don't be here. Although Fort Collins is not too far, yet the high road is usually closed because of snowfalls, fallen rocks and flood. 4, WY has the 4th highest suicide rates in this country due to the reason of insulation. So if you are not fond of it, don't be here. WY is a easy-going state, also, it is an "unceremonious" or "informal"state. 1, If you hope everything or everyone be on time, WY is the worst choice you have. For instance, I received X ray examination on Aug this year. The nurse told me I would receive the full report and pictures 3 days later. How many days did I actually waited for? 4? 5? A week? 10? No, I have never heard from them any longer. When I asked them for it, they always said it was not done. How about the doctor at the university? They are good when you don't care how long you will wait. I have appointed with a doctor for twice, she was late for half an hour at the first time and was late for 20 mins at the second time. I was so happy that she had progressed! 2, Living in Laramie is not as cheap as you thought. Leasing a house, no matter whether on campus or off campus, doesn't cost too much. But other service is not cheap. Say, washing and drying your clothes cost you $4.5 per time(Apartment office). Food is also expensive. Eating in a restaurant, like buffet, doubles your cost when comparing to cities in CO. 3, Most students have parties for fun since no other activities they are willing to do. Outdoor activities are only available when the day isn't too cold. Some of them are very noisy. Seems like their parents didn't tell these guys human's manners and politeness when they were young. 4, Like I have mentioned above, people at UW are very warm. Safety is the problem you will never need to consider here. According to my experience, the violent crime rate can't be lower.

Alex Hilling

The University of Wyoming Libraries overlooked a top-notch Librarian candidate who would contribute diversity and engagement, however, they are not welcoming in hiring candidates that are from non-White backgrounds.

James P

If you could care less about malls and night clubs and want to spend your weekends climbing, hiking, and sitting around a campfire while getting a world class and affordable education UW is for you. I wish I could give it a 10 out of 5. Laramie doesn't have everything, but it's 2 hours away from a major city/major airport. It's a safe and beautiful campus, and you''ll find some of the nicest people on Earth here.

John Nyheim

Tyler Peterson

Birendra Prasad Sah

Chris R

Beautiful campus

Đặng Lão Gia

I just look around.

JeremyLee Adkyns

Great school for people that want to fight for an education they are paying for. This school works for any traditional form of learning. Stumbled upon some great exceptions though, Chicory Bechtel, Trio, Jon Gaurdzelewski, Beth Loffreda and Tracey Patton are phenomenal!!!

Matt H.

McKenna Kiehne

Amazing school with friendly people. The bureaucracy is a bit annoying, but the amazing people, gorgeous view, and small town feel make it a little paradise in the middle of nowhere.

Eh Mally

Gene Maione

the university is what you make of it.

Stephanie Martinez

shlok varshney

Jeff Hoover

Clay Price

A BS and MS in Engineering from the University of Wyoming have served me very well throughout the country. Since I graduated 16 years ago, I have hired engineers from numerous institutions and the lack of fundamentals taught in many of these institutions including some supposedly very prestigious ones is stunning. The engineers I have hired from UW have been exceptionally well versed in the fundamental engineering principals. Pass rates on national professional certification exams are additional evidence of the strength of the UW Engineering program.

Jamal Perkins

Timothy Dahlum

Kevin Ho


I 've hired engineers from UWy and was disappointed-curious if their major is coal?

Nathan L. Newman

My alma mater, and I have a lot of love for UW. I have competed my bachelor's and master's from UW, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Laramie is a great town to go to school in that it small enough to feel like a community, has great food and provides other opportunities that create a memorable experience. The campus here is beautiful as well, and during my masters I occasionally served as a guide during our seminar meetings (online masters) to people that had never been to Laramie, and they were always impressed with the campus. I could go on and on about UW and Laramie, but just know I love UW, it's faculty, facilities, opportunities, and the memories you make! Consider it if you are looking to enroll! Ask me questions if you would like to hear from an Alumni!

Chris Vanderlip

Beautiful campus in a ruggedly beautiful area. Top 25 in the country for geological graduate programs. Wish they had accepted me for my master's :(

Chris Busser

Not a good school at all. Most of the staff is under qualified and proffesers are young and inexperienced.

Aspen Jones

Sophya Pacheco

Leigh Ann Ramirez

Lizard gaming

Lenny Logan

D. M.

I loved my experience at the University of Wyoming. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great education at an affordable price.

Shannon Staudt

Pros: -Affordable Tuition. -Safe town, with low crime rates -Opportunities to hike and get outdoors -Friendly Professors and Helpful Staff -Good TRIO program -Good Mental Health and Medical Amenities for Full time Students -Excellent testing accommodations for Students with Disabilities -Classes are informative, Professors are excited about their fields, you walk away with a good knowledge if you study hard. -Opportunities for both on campus jobs, internships and admission to Masters programs are far more accessible at UW than in other Universities across the country, because UW is small it means that you will get to know the professors and the staff very well if you put in a little effort and this means that people are willing to give you opportunities that would be harder to get in other places. -An upward trend in attempting to make students and staff aware of socially and racially relevant topics, by bringing in speakers and holding the Mathew Shepard Symposium on Social Justice once a year. I would say Laramie is the second most liberally minded town in Wyoming - behind Jackson Hole, in an otherwise extreamly conservative state. I think they really are trying to be more aware, protect and help students of minority background and the Gay/Bi and Trans community more than they have in the past. -Friendly Landlords, if you are nice, respectful and get your rent in on time, our landlord was very accommodating and nice. Cons: -Non Traditional students make up 40% of the total paying student population. Yet they do not have the amount of resources that the traditional students do. Its not super non trad friendly or helpful by any means. Family housing is located very far from campus. No low income choices for childcare for students. - Needs more tutors for several programs. Computer engineering and higher maths had only a couple of tutors available...thats not acceptable. These are extreamly hard subjects, guidance is needed sometimes. -Town is so small. You can literally walk from one end to the other in a 1/2 hour. This means no amenities. There is a K-mart and a Walmart and that is it. Walmart is sadly under stocked. -Social life =Church or The Bar. It is such a cliche for a western Podunk town, but its true. There are 40 churches in Laramie and 27 Bars..oh and 20 restaurants that serve alcohol. (47- alcohol establishments) Lots of DUIs, lots of Alcohol related issues. If you like fine art, concerts, cultural excursions or a poetry are not likely to find it on a Friday Night in Laramie Wyoming. -Rent is astronomical compared to the quality of the living spaces and the amenities. Be prepared to pay somewhere around $1,000- $2,000 for a decent home rental close to campus. -Welcome to land where minimum wage is still what it was in the 90's. Enjoy paying your 1K rent with a $7.75hr job. - The weather sucks. It will rain and snow and blow- there is a joke that the snow doesn't melt , it wears out- it's not a joke. Laramie is cold, hard, windy and unforgiving. Sometimes walking to class makes your face hurt. - The conservative-ness hurts sometimes. UW tries to bring in other cultures but it is whitey whiteville. Everyone that is between 18 and 25 looks the same. You have all of your major cliques from High school Jocks, Cowboys, Stoners, Hippies and a handful of Latte sipping Lumberjack Hipsters.

Kshitiz Suwal

Chidera Freddie

Taking Toefl test for this school

Mr. Red

manoj choudhary

Kathy Novikoff

Alex Hogan

N Hughes


Corbin Haugen

Nafissatou Ouedraogo

Tommy Mejia

Courtney Westbrook

Living in the dorms is what living on campus in the 70s would have been like, lacks any kind of amenities, showers are separated by just a curtain, lacks any kind of kitchen area, lacks air conditioning, bathrooms are tiny, communal areas are also lacking, wifi also sucks. Living on campus is not worth the money. But, everything else is great.

Pissinthenightaway Invisible Noone

I gave it one star for the cost. The words "screwed over" accurately describe my advisor as well as the time I spent going to school there. Professors here do not understand non traditional students who may be focused on families or work, or both. Hopefully this review will help someone reconsider. I'm happy to state I'll be going to CSU in the fall for a Masters.

Ye Li

Arthur Runyan

J. L.

U of Laramie. Good thing is you can still apply for undergraduate in July, and don't need SAT


Kevin Hogan

Pros: Living in dorms whole time was great could walk to all classes easily within few minutes & could take underground tunnel to Washakie Dinning cafeteria buffet to stay out of snow on weekends. Marching band was great place for making friends & attending sporting events free since has such a mix of different majors from people taking it just for fun as well as the required music majors. Cons: Must pay for permit to park on campus. Cold wind & snow possible at all time of year, unlikely but even in summers. Poor career advice...depending on your major you may be required to have a counselor approve your next classes before your sign up but if you pick a major that's too hard for your & have trouble w/the classes none of the staff will be honest with you about changing majors you have to make that call yourself no matter how much tuition or time wasted (Organic Chemistry). Lining up a job you're totally on your own, the senior level English course is mainly about how to write a resume but beyond that it's all on you.

Morgan Hope

Ray Kalonde

Come next year, I will be at this place!

Amit Choudhary

Garrett Norblom


Still no cabbages.

Austin Brister

Ethan R

Stephen Paul

The University of Wyoming is a great institution of higher learning and had very reasonable tuition!

Ashley Peterson

Excellent, but not big city and no the best college in the world. It is, however, very warm and reasonable tuition.

Trap Trio

Victoria Elbrecht

I love UW it is in my home town and it is very educational

Eric Garcia

Chris Tran

Samuel Martin

My son studies Mechanical Engineering at this university. He is getting a good education without too much emphasis on communist dogma. Since he is my son, I think this is the greatest school in the USA. I went to LSU and University of Tennessee. Good schools but you get lost in the crowd.

Debalina Maitra

I made some memories for life at Laramie . Sorry this is the place to rate the University, I would say the University is better than average. Student-teacher ratio is great! No huge classes. Great for graduate level research and teaching.I got my PhD in Education from UW. It's been great experience. I had opportunities of working on several research projects with some renowned scholars. It was great experience overall. I am an international student.I will never forget the warmth I received from the local people. Loved it!

Road Pavement

I would go to a better universty when this one has problem with issues with race and gender, The universty police are well known racists and their racist excuses toward people with ethic backgrounds and racial backgrounds, Even people with disablitys are violently thrown off the property even when they are accepted at University

Becky Riley

Good education for a reasonable price. You get what you put in it. .

Richard Pry

Great education enjoyed every minute

Thomas Graham

I have 4 children in college. The U of Wyoming will not let Army Staff Sgt. Cory Schroeder say the Pledge of Allegiance because it might offend international students. Well as a U.S. citizen, I'm offended by the U of W stance. Who's more important, us or them. The U of W are idiots.

Jason Kinsley


Bam stuttle

kaynesha zinn

Only about 4 in 10 (41 percent) Black students who start college as first-time, full-time freshmen earn bachelor’s degrees within six years — a rate 22 percentage points below that of their White peers. UW is cheap, however if you are looking for a quality education or even a stable learning environment this is not the place to go.

Larry Gonzales

Very nice venue for the graduating class of 2017

Faisal Faisal

Gedas G Gaizauskas

Joshua Leigh

Angie Vorse

Beautiful and historic campus.

Wait What

Hidden diamond of west

Caviie’s Take

Hopefully ill be here this fall

Colin Gilbert

chandrasekaram selvadurai


Amazing place❤️


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