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REVIEWS OF Gold's Gym IN Virginia

Nicole Wells

Great gym with a great staff !!!

Christy Gilot

Everything was ok until it came time to cancelling (military duty change). Wow this is the second Golds that has done this. I'm done with this franchise. The lack of customer care goes beyond greedy. And when I said I'm done with this company the manager said that's perfectly fine, goodbye. I highly dont recommend this particular gym. As long as you dont speak with them you are fine.

MeQuel Phillips

Had an amazing experience at this Golds! Lindsay (the general manager) is a awesome individual

Renee Webb

I joined today and Joe, who helped with this, was awsome. He helped every step of the way, patiently explaining all details. Even pleasantly repeating some details. He was very positive and upbeat and the gym had a great selection of machines. I didn't have to wait for any except the rowing machine, there were only 2. Overall, a nice experience and a clean, affordable workout facility.

Orlando Lucero

Ethan hooked me up! Sweet club every time I come into town I’m going to work out here!

Glenda Payne

Sammy Jones

Jacob was quick and to the point with the tour, different packages, and promotions. Looking forward to getting started!

James Grant

Media room should just be closed. All you ever see is the menu. Even with personnel changes, and a tv clearly visible from the front desk, many times entire 30 minute cardio sessions are movieless.

Tandy Agner

Amber Hunter

A bit small compared to other gyms but it gets the job done. The staff is great though!!

Regina Anderson

I loved my experience.... The first time for me and it felt like I've been there forever. The service there is excellent.... I would recommend this gym to everyone!!

Joshua Ledo

Joey Harman

Ray Crews

Great employees , great people , over all great gym !


This branch got nothing! It's so small! Too small! *update* the staff are weird people

Kaila Dietrich

ed trivisonno

Austin Sutherland

Halie Leslie

Barry Carter

Plenty of equipment even during peak hours. Clean locker room. The cardio cinema is great way to get lost in a movie while on the treadmill!

kara casey

This is a really great gym and very clean and helpful and friendly staff. Highly recommended!!

Geoff Parnell

Best Gym in town. Great equipment, motivating atmosphere, and friendly and inspiring staff.

Catherine Longo

nancy akula

I met with Samantha and Seth and both of them were friendly and interested to get me the information to make a decision to join Gold's. Thanks!

Joe Tucci

Angela Smith

Josh Savoia

Laura McMillian

trey duncan

Friendly, answerd any questions and made sure if there was anything that was needed just ask or check with them for anything

derrin myers

joseph rose

The staff at golds gym Swift Creek are extremely helpful and always pleasant to be around . Any issues or questions I've ever had, I have been able to ask and find help whenever needed . All the equipment that you would need to stay in shape and kept in good condition.

Lauren McConnell

Clean facilities. Friendly staff. It was my first time at the gym in a looong time and Zach F showed me how to work the machine I was struggling with. Would definitely recommend this gym- a great over-all experience!

Miranda Paige

This gym has been the best experience i have ever had. Every time you walk through the door there is always someone who is ready to greet you. Very friendly staff. They have always been very efficient in the gym. Not only are you able to have many different types of equipment to work on they have GREAT training programs. They take their time in learning about your exercising history and work on better eating habbits as well. The payments for the training programs they offer are very flexible as well. I would recommend this gym to anyone!

Taylor Salyers

Matt Lynn

I am a former fitness coordinator at Swift Creek. This job most definitely provided me so many life lessons and prepared me for life. Both Jonathnan and Dana are humble people who are honestly striving to make a positive impact on our community. This gym in my opinion isn't just the best in this area. It's the best in the state. We may not be the biggest but here you will build life long relationships on your way to crushing your fitness goals

Sarah Elder

Kim Ott

Love Gold's Gym Swift Creek! Enjoy working out there, wish I had time to be there more often. Clean - Friendly - lots of equipment!

Matthew Lester

Paul Hissey

This one does it a kids club even to the point you can’t bring your kids to sit at a chair while Spouse works out.


Joe at the front desk was awesome!

Jenna Downing

Tess Mohr

I've taken Jeanette's class's and thoroughly enjoyed them! She is a high energy instructor who exudes positivity. Highly recommend!!!

Sam Anonymous

Jake is the worst manager ever, even worse then Megan. Who doesn’t understand the importance of SOAP in a locker room - Mold in the showers. I feel bad complaining every day to the front desk but this has been going on for months. I don’t understand. No wonder everyone’s leaving. Guess I will be too

Anthony Wood

Dana Herrman was great, very personable and offered to have staff come to me to give me more information about the gym... I was signed up just minutes later-the location is awesome as well!

Robert Mellen

Zenas was very helpful and gave me a great tour of the Golds Gym Facility. I’m glad I joined and am already in much better shape after 1 month.

alex beckley

Jocleynn Rosee

Jillian Franklin

I love this facility. The staff is friendly, facility is well maintained and clean, and the members are friendly as well. You develop a camaraderie with fellow members and get use to seeing them on a daily basis. There is a variety of both machines and free weights. Gold's Gym - Swift Creek is great for both beginners and experienced individuals to the fitness industry.

Jared Rogers

Went in to cancel my membership. Young lady at the desk said her manager was in a meeting and took my name and phone number and said it would be done that day. Still got charged the next month. Now I have to return again to cancel it and try to get the charge refunded. They need to hire less incompetent staff.

Jas Reed

Came in on Saturday night (09/22) to workout no one behind the front desk. Great seeing employee playing Yahtzee with her friend sitting at a table. Unfortunate your employees don’t understand their appearances affect the reputation of the establishment. Probably canceling soon.

Kasey Smith

Service was great!

john applegate

Had to quit....dirty sauna..machines dirty..nobody wipes down..weights not put back up..need big bi-lingual signage.."WIPE DOWN MACHINES..PUT BACK WEIGHTS!!"..take note of your competition arboretum G.G...wipe down air ducts..punching bag never put back up. Your just like mechanicsville..G.G...dirty

Drew Gurley

By far my favorite Golds in the area! From the front desk to the cleaning staff.. quality people, quality place!

Katherine Dalkey

The staff is not very helpful. Beware of the fees that are charged to you.

Daniel Tinoco

Lyndsay Patterson

Friendly staff, easy sign up, and great personal training resources. The facility has everything you need.

Abriale Davis

This gym is fabulous. Love all the staff, and the new fitness consultant is fantastic! My time here is always enjoyed. The assistant to the regional manager is a hard-working young man with such a drive to make this gym a home for all members. Superior gym of the Southside.

Kristy Faison

Drew McMillan

Noah Everly

Friendly and effective. Just dont fall for the PTs

Jennifer Montoya

Catherine Gazoo

Great gym! Good size, enough equipment that I don't have to wait for machines, and friendly staff.

Julie Maurer

Swift Creek is the best! Friendly, helpful staff, clean gym, great location....couldn't ask for anything more!! :)

Bob Schermerhorn

The Swift Creek Gold's Gym is really awesome! It has tons of new equipment, some of which other Gold's Gyms in the area doesn't have. It's very clean and has a good layout. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The General Manager, Zach Farrow, is a superstar. He'll make sure your experience at this gym is the way you want it to be. Back when Zach was the Personal Training Manager, he used to train me 5 days a week, and he helped me get some awesome results in building muscle. If you need some direction or a few tips, I'm sure Zach will take the time to help you out. This gym and its members are lucky to have such a dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly general manager. I definitely recommend this gym!

Kenneth Cash

I walked in Tuesday and spoke to Megan about membership prices. Megan gave me the tour of the place, it has changed since the last time I had been there and that was about 3 yrs ago. It looked like they added more equipment and made a more designated free weight room. I came from a competing gym that had everything Golds had but there memberships were high. Golds membership was more of the range I was looking for and the perks were great. Today was my first workout and I just had to get use to the way some of the equipment works but other than that I had a great workout. I will say the staff was great and it helps when you have a General Manager that has a great personality as Megan does.

Joseph Johnson

Excellent! This location has the perfect mix of free weights and machines and I've almost never had to wait for an open spot. Not only is the equipment great but the staff is incredible and they always jump on the chance to help people out. I absolutely recommend!

Tristan McMahon

Extremely rude and unprofessional staff. Came in to cancel and wasn't even acknowledged I existed. When I told the front desk person I'd like to cancel, he laughed at me and shook his head. He proceeded to mock me as I left. They're only polite when you sign up so they can grab your money. I was also told I would not have to pay if I decided to leave within two months; this was a blatant lie. It's unfortunate I have to say this, but ensure you go to a gym that behaves professionally before you're pressured to join. Avoid at all costs.

Jael Gough

This gym has a great atmosphere and it is wonderful! The equipment is nice and clean, and the place is very nice! I recommend it to everyone!

Mehul Patel

Be careful with the fees they charge. Review your statements Periodically!! We have two accounts/ memberships, but they had been overcharging us since past two months. I tried to show them the credit card statements as objective evidence (clearly shows 3 transactions of 9.99 for each month for the past two months). Neither of the staff members nor the manager was able to help (except this gentlemen named "Michael"). He at least gave me our agreement numbers and the phone # for ABC financial. I was even told by someone at the check-In counter that we are not the only two accounts they have to worry about. And then while I was trying to explain them the issue they said that they do not want to hear me complaining. If they keep this attitude, I am very sure they will have to worry for less and less accounts each month :) I called ABC financial, they could not verify all the transactions. The person I spoke to was very nice but she was not able to resolve the issue. Asked me to provide all the statements with charges/transaction in question. I have sent the details, hope they figure it out. Otherwise Golds Gym will loose my membership. Also even though Gold's Gym claims to not handle the finances, they do directly charge you these ridiculous fees. The transactions on your statements will help you identify which fees were charged by your Golds Gym location and which by ABC financial. In the grand scheme of things our two accounts might not matter much anyway :)

Autumn Moore

Facility was nice and clean. Employees were enthusiastic and friendly. They showed great interest in my well being and needs.

Randy Burgess

Jose Ochoa Perez

Jessica Ford

YES YES YES!!! This gym has come a long way! I use to be a member, left the area and just came back. And WOAH!!! A new turf area, Rogue equipment, the machines are actually organized!! I met with the manager, miss Lindsay, and she was fantastic! Explained everything in detail, helped me sign up for the classes, and I got a T shirt! The next day I see her lending a hand and cleaning with her employees, wow, what an awesome sight to see! My only "complaint" would be that I wish there were more times for the Zumba lessons! Other than that, this place has got it going on. GO GOLDS!!!

Robin Lewis

Professional Staff and very friendly. Willing to help and accomodate the members and assist with a care and thoroughness. I appreciate their timely manner of expediting business. The tour of the facility very accommodating and affordable.


Shae Hensley

Steve Burman

I have been a member of the Swift Creek Gold's Gym for years (4 i think) I'm part of the 5am crew 5 days a week and look forward to seeing Hope Seaman everyday. She is the best front desk person ever. I swear if she leaves, I'm out Great personality, friendly, and always willing to help out. I drop in on the weekend and the front desk people just dont compare. Plus as an early morning person, no lines, no waits, just a great gym experience.... Men's room ..... well it needs work

Dawn Slagle

I LOVE Gold's Gym at Swift Creek! The front desk staff is always so warm and welcoming :). The gym is clean and has plenty of equipment to meet my fitness needs. Zach is doing a great job as the gm. Keep up the great work!!!!

Jan Wynn

From the first phone call, to meeting with the trainer, Gold's Gym has been a very positive experience. Everyone has been helpful and knowledgeable. They listened to what I wanted in a workout and what my long term goals are with fitness.


Great gym been going for years, all the staff is super friendly and the prices are great

Roston Meade

Great gym. Plenty of machines and free weights.

Richard Todd

I love Gold's Gym and have been going for several years. I'm a early riser and always look forward to seeing Hope at the main desk. She is kind and generous with her time if you are in need. She keeps the place running smooth.

Katie Smith

Management is terrible. Definitely miss Zach and Dana. Update - Lindsay is even ruder if that’s possible then any of the other managers that we’ve had at this gym. The way she speaks to people is so unprofessional. Wow.

John Bridges

Staff assisted me with an admin issue while out state in an expediant and professional manner.

Michelle Marx

Everyone was super nice and willing to answer question in a non-judge mental setting. Megan was the sales person and she was friendly but not pushy. I'm excited about my training session I immediately set up with Seth bc he is willing to meet me where I am and help me reach goals. I left excited to get back into the gym and getting healthy.

Ervin Dickerson

Matt Riffe

This gym runs much better under the new GM Mr. Farrow. He is very professional and gets the job done. Facility is clean, bright, and energetic. Mr. Farrow has indicated new equipment additions, which is on top of the new equipment already added. Whatever you need, this place has it. I highly recommend that your consider this facility for your home gym.


Would give zero stars if I can. Seems like this gym is all about people signing up but not really caring about what a person really need. Lindsay was fake polite when I signed up but didn’t even acknowledge me when I came in to cancel. Then to top it off I had to make a second trip just to get the $1 that I paid refunded back to me .. yeah it’s just a $1 but I paid it within 24 hrs ago... the small print says if after 3 days past the sign up, you will have to pay $58 to terminate agreement. That’s dumb too! Why do I have to pay to cancel.. ? Also, the gym is small!! Especially the movie cinema and weight area! I had to take my business elsewhere bc this wasn’t it! Update: Manager Lindsay called me to argue about this review. I politely told her I was at work and that I wasn’t doing this with her over the phone or in person and to have a blessed day.. she began to proceed by yelling byyyeee in my ear before terming the call. How professional?! I’m glad I took my business elsewhere bc this is def not how anyone should be treated!

Josue Gallardo

James N

They ran out of toilet paper apparently... The bathroom by the water fountain was out of TP and 2 of the men's stalls were out of TP as well.. Very disappointing. Then when I was walking out, the hand sanatizer by the front door was out of liquid..

Moe Greene

A bit of a mixed bag but this place deserves 5 stars. Truly 24/7 access for starters. You can tell the franchise owner has the right mind when it comes to obtaining unique gym pieces that turn what you would expect to be an average express gym experience into something much more interesting. A glute bridge machine, hip squat machine, power sled, a large space dedicated to turf. You don’t find these pieces in any other gym in Richmond, not even Wolfgang’s. As someone who used to spend a lot of time reading bodybuilding and fitness articles from T-Nation and various other sites of this type, I get the sense that the gym owner is also from this background and knows writers like Thibodeau, Contreras or Bruno who talk about these types of interesting lever machines and movements that offer some benefits beyond the standard gym routines or machines that you will find in your standard box. That being said the addition of another power rack or half rack would have gone further in reducing the wait time for the 1x power rack, deadlift platform and leg press that are in the gym. Gym etiquette has only been a serious issue during one of my visits. During a peak time, a big dude and his girlfriend were occupying the only power rack for rack pulls, at one point taking 14x 45 lb plates for the dude’s pulls, which pretty much wipes out most of the limited number of 45 lb plates in the near area for anyone else to use. This is in addition to long rest times between sets of like 5 minutes and ultimately using this rack without ever leaving it for about 45 minutes. Ridiculous. I wouldn’t care if the quantity of 45s were higher, if it wasn’t the only power rack (if you’re going to use a rack for 45 minutes there better be two others available) and if they weren’t so distracted with their conversation in between sets, but you just killed everyone else’s workout time if they wanted in to do squats at some point in the near future.

Heather Sutton

Very easy set-up- nice-dedicated staff

John Braddie Clark

Great place, friendly staff, clean, great bang for your buck- I used to belong to Am Fam and, while Am Fam is larger, it's also 4x more expensive. Gold's has a Cardio Cinema (workout and watch a movie), classes and all the workout equipment you could want. Fantastic

kenneth mason

Jack Ass

Jordan Smith

The management was fantastic and the staff was great as well. They were extremely patient with me while trying to get me set up and just overall great while being a member for thhe time being.

Jenna Spengler

So extremely thankful for the change in management at this gym! Lindsay is awesome and has already made the gym much more welcoming! 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend

Darryl Strausser

Kay Nippery

I love Chuck & Larry, bit not watching the extra features 5 times. I complain often at the front desk and ALWAYS get told my feedback will be used to train. Attrition is high at this facility, who is training? Whoever it is needs to be replaced. Phones need to not be allowed at the front desk. Every time I leave, that’s where employees are....buried in their phone. The facility is disgusting...go to AmFam up by commonwealth 20.


Brittney Schuele

Great gym! Super friendly staff & great prices. A little bit for everyone including classes and free weights. Maybe 8 or so flat screens by cardio machines. Love this gym!

Nicholas Burt

Good prices for the selection. I love the movie theater bikes.

Justin Presson

Larry Bracy

This place is a joke. Called in to cancel our membership and was told they would make a note,we called in Friday, since I was not able to get there until Monday. When I went in Monday I was told I would be billed one more month since I needed 30 days notice. Monday was 29 days notice! Friday was over 30 days. Now the area Sales Manager TRAVIS NALL wont call me back. Everytime I call the number on his card it just goes to vm. Its 12 in the afternoon. This franchise is just looking to take people's money.

Chad White

Nice, friendly staff and all the equipment you'll need to get or stay in shape. Best value around for gyms. Left the YMCA a year ago and haven't looked back.

Bud Johnson

I'm not really experienced in the 'gym-life' but the folks at Gold's make you feel welcome. Not intimidating, and extremely helpful - easily the best gym experience I've had in recent memory. Happy to call this home for a while! The GM even spent some time chatting with me, he's a great guy - you can tell he's passionate about what he does.

Chris Fisher

Tanner Shifflett

Joseph Dombroski

Mark & Jeannie Fee

Always clean, friendly employees, plenty of tv's for distractions. Overall is very nice place with all kind of workout options

Preston Walters

Friendly helpful staff plenty of equipment not always crowded

Morgan Atkins

Have always enjoyed the friendly faces at the front desk and with compel fitness every time I come to work out. You can't beat the price for all that comes with it including no contracts.

Zachary Conti

A lot of improvements lately. Really hard athletes here. Dedicated staff. Progressive.


Carly Schwichtenberg

Gold's always exceeds expectations. Plenty of machines for everyone, a cardio cinema that you will find an hour had passed without even knowing. Great weight machine selection. Locker rooms are always clean and well kept. Staff is friendly and helpful.

John Gardner


It was fast and easy

John Ashoff

Professional and no pressure

Bryson Stump

Small gym. Too many members for the tiny area. To make it worse, they put in turf taking away equipment. If you're not a teenager looking to hangout just go to Wolfgang's.

Mike Williams

Not too crowded in morning

Carolyn Blackwell

Today very disappointed to the find the bicycles moved so close to the theater screen. Not good for your eyes nor being able to see the movie. I have back problems so can't use all those elliptical machines you have jammed into the theater room. Why on earth did you guys do this. I so enjoyed being in there doing my bicycling and enjoying watching the movie. I have recently been thinking about leaving this gym anyway because each time I go in there something has always been moved. Never can find the machines I like. They are jammed together to closely. Plus the green stadium floor takes up to much wasted space for the small amount of activity that goes on there.

Jason Phillips

Awesome gym. Staff is professional, motivated and courteous. Makes you look forward to a workout. Very clean facility.

Shaniqua Byrd

Anthony Taylor

I just couldn't stay away! I made a workout room in my house, but I'm compelled to actually workout much more effectively in a gym setting! You cannot beat Gold's for the low monthly membership fee! It's always clean, and everyone that works there is always pleasant! This will motivate me to reach my goals more rapidly!

Chelsey Kidd

Love this gym! The group classes fit perfectly in my schedule. The option to bring a friend is great; I have a girlfriend meet me for the 6 AM BodyPump class on Tu and Th. Definitely helps to have someone to hold me accountable at the time of day.

Stevonne Thomas

Besides being always greeted with smiles and a big hello the staff at Golds are awesome. Whenever I need something they waste not time in helping me when it's needed.

Danielle Enriquez

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Earlier this year I posted a review regarding problems with this golds gym location . I am happy to say that gold gym has made a complete 180 regarding cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. It takes a great company to listen to customer feedback respectfully and make improvements as needed. Thank you Golds Gym! My family and I will continue To give you our patronage. Keep up the fabulous work! The quality of the bathroom is completely unacceptable. I have been a member of several golds gyms over the years and bathroom cleanliness has never been a problem. This facility needs to work on a process for maintaining cleanliness in the bathrooms. It is becoming worse over the last few months. The floors are sticky, there’s a strong urine smell, moldy showers. It is a health hazard. Many gym members are going next-door to use the restrooms at Publix. I joined this gym because it is very close to my new house, however if things don’t change I am strongly considering taking the 30 minute drive back to Gold‘s gym Westchester. I know many many gym members have been complaining, I’m not sure if management does not care or is having a staffing issue? Every time I’m in the locker room gym members are talking about how disgusting the bathrooms are. There is absolutely no way that management is unaware of this problem. Hopefully they will learn to value sanitation a little more.

Cory McCollum

Incredible gym. Made the switch to Gold’s Gym at Swift Creek about two months ago and have no intentions of leaving anytime soon. The signup process was made quick and easy by the staff. Overall good gym atmosphere. Love the fact I have options when it comes to working out at different gym locations with Gold’s. Would strongly recommend

Jacob Blackmon

Anita higgins

Krystal Marshall

Hannah Cumbie

Emily Rivera

Evil Regal

Equipment is pretty good. Wifi is awful, has been for years. Have a good data plan if you plan on listening to music.

Vincent Mariano

The gym is perfect. I initially chose this gym because of its close proximity to the Sleep Inn Hotel, but decided to stay with them due to the friendly staff and clean facilities. Some gyms you may go in feeling judged. NOT Golds Gym Swift Creek. The staff were always so friendly and willing to help, it was quite refreshing. I will definitely be back when I'm in the Midlothian area.

Cheryl Robertson

Informative and positive

Jillian Morrison

Kevin Talley

I always go to this gym in the morning. The equipment are always working and always clean. Hope is always friendly and helpful. She is the hardest worker at the gym. She is always on time. She is nice to everyone that comes to the gym. She deserves something for all her hard work. Hope make this gym great!!!!

Jack Intagliato Sr

Machial was great made me feel very comfortable and all of it easy

Justin Bryson

So far working out here has been a good experience. Machines aren't broken too often, and it's not crowded when I usually go. I feel like the space needs to be utilized a bit better. Feels a bit crowded at the moment, ever since the green turf thing was added. Might be a big project but I'd like to see that outdoor space covered and conditioned. Would almost double the floor space and give people some breathing room. Also wouldn't mind a drink bar of sorts, maybe something simple. Just suggestions.

Allison Fawber

Convenient location, very clean and well kept establishment, and great classes. Friendly staff to boot!

Brendan Lobb

I never leave here without a good workout. It starts as I walk in the door and am greeted by a friendly staff member, and continues to motivate me with the upbeat music and plethora of cardio and resistance equipment to choose from. Would highly recommend this gym to anyone I meet. Can't beat the price either!

Lorraine Thome

I have been a member of golds gym for several years and I am a 5:00 am person. Hope is the morning person - she opens on time, is always pleasant and always working - whether it is washing the doors, emptying the waste baskets or filling the paper towel holders as well as filling the drink machines. Hope is a definite asset to your organization and should be so recognized for her hard work and dependability.

Ryan Rosenfeld

Great gym, has everything you need!

Samantha DAVISON

Gold's Gym typically has a masculine reputation but as a female I felt overly comfortable every time I worked out at this Gold's Gym. The staff is extremely pleasant and helpful. I would absolutely recommend this gym with a 5 star rating! Gold's Gym Swift Creek is 100% the best bang for your buck!


Had a good experience so far

Alex Egan

Great gym, just wish they offered more group fitness classes before 8 am....they currently offer none, while all of the other locations offer at least 2 6 AM group fitness classes a week.

Elizabeth Johnson

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