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REVIEWS OF The University of Utah IN Utah

James Lewis

Beautiful University. So far studies are going really good. Its a hit and miss with professors. I either get really good ones or really bad ones.

Jason D

great staff, but the ladies (6-8) wearing red at the information desk need a lot of help. 2 couldn't help me even with a computer. Don't understand that ? Just wanted to get to pulmonary, sounds like something 2 people working at an information counter should be able to help me with. They need better training.

Jocelyn Boren

I'm a BYU fan. I'm very competitive, but I can't hide the truth that the Ute's are very talented. I have friends who love U of U. I can't blame them. Though I must say that I love BYU much better.

Kerem Cantekin

I have been both student and instructor there for many years. My experience as PhD student in Economics Department was a bit lonely. They kind of give us courses and then leave us to do whatever we want, which can be a little difficult, because we are not educated to set standards to yourself. Same thing was also true for being a graduate instructor. I tried to be original, and add certain aspects to the courses I taught where my students can discuss what they have learned, and sometimes make their own research on subjects they want as undergraduate student. But in my first year, I have been an amateur to be honest. Maybe it would be better if graduate instructors are not left by themselves at least in their first year of teaching.

Cole Brendel

I go to school here. The classes are taught well and there are ample opportunities for funding.

Amy Clay

GREAT PLACE TO GO IF YOU WANT TO BE PASSED AROUND LIKE A HOT POTATO! Some of em are great, some ok and some worthless!!!!

Marea Betty

Very accommodating, helpful and friendly.

Chris Johnson

I attended the David Eccles School of Business and it was a great school!

Katrina Perry-Barns

I would give it no stars if it would let me. University of Utah is horrible, the staff is horrific and teachers don't work with you. You have to go above everyones head if you want anything done and they humiliate people publicly. They also used to (probably still do) run cruel experiments on Animals. I HATE this University! I have left several times, I can never handle multiple semesters here. I only go here because it's close to where I live.

Brita DiLena

I'm a transfer student and I absolutely LOVE this university. They have so much going on. Clubs and groups for everyone, all different interests. People are friendly, open-minded, willing to help and work together. The football team is great and now in the PAC12, the gymnastics team is one of the best in the nation. It's in a cool spot in in Salt Lake City so it's close to what's going on. I transferred from BYU and I have to say I am so in love with the U, much more than byu. I just think it's a better environment (I'm from chicago, so that might fit). they have an LDS institute building that is huge, people are super friendly, and you get free parking when taking an institute class; it's located across the street from the business building, love it!

Kade Dubois

football team is the worst team ever

Rosco Sam

I hope the administrators can read this and wake up. Catering to stupidity breeds a losing environment. Times have changed and people see through the sham.

Michelle Fitts

DENTAL CLINIC IS THE WORST! GAVE ME PERMANENT NERVE DAMAGE! Don't go to the dental clinic at the U of U hospital. I gave them waaaaayyyyy too many chances. They initially told me I needed a filling replaced when I first saw them to get a routine cleaning. I went to get the filling replaced and the doctor I saw said I didn't need it replaced and it was stupid of the previous doctor to require that. Then I had to get my wisdom teeth out. Not only was the surgeon over an hour late for my surgery, not only did they make me re-sign consent papers after they had shoved a giant needle in my elbow to administer the drugs, not only did they royally mess up my mouth and leave me unable to eat solid foods for a month and in so much pain that I couldn't sleep through the night, but they caused me permanent nerve damage to my tongue. My surgery was 4 months ago and I havent been able to feel anything besides a constant tingling in the right side of my tongue since I got the surgery. The feeling is similar to what you get when you sit on your foot and it falls asleep. But in my tongue. And it NEVER stops. Don't go here for dental services, EVER. A bunch of jerks who don't give a crap if they ruin you for good.

Nicole Hedden

I enjoyed my time at the University of Utah, but the classes can be fairly large, and I don't feel that I was properly prepared to enter the business world after graduating. I ended up getting my MBA from another school after I left. There were quite a few classes I took where I was the only woman and the only non-mormon, which could be quite uncomfortable because of the way I was treated by the other students.

Kyle Leete

Beautiful campus. Lots to see and do. Hit the various museums or art 7 sporting event.s Go Utes!

Baylor Green

Great school, great athletics, and good atmosphere. The only downside is pricy tuition

Janet Airlines

A libtard-run school

Christopher Cavoto

Awesome location for a campus with a really nice football stadium. I'm a little jealous I didn't go here.

Kami Day

I was care flighted here for premature labor with twins that could not be stopped I received the best care that there was and personally I believe it was the best care in the world

Chris R

Museum was great!!! Lots to see. Vikings exhibit was really interesting and contained lots of interesting artifacts.

michael hatley

There's no free bathrooms you got to travel long distances just use the restrooms

Justin Haskins

They did a great job hosting Special Olympic basketball!

Trevor Morgan

Another update: This institute is absolute garbage. So against all of my objections, my wife went back again. She went into the GIS program to get a degree in that. The first couple of weeks, the professor kept joking about how worthless the degree is and it impacted her. She looked for jobs in the GIS field but couldn't see any for beginner candidates. And most required a higher degree than what she was going to get. She decided to drop out of the course after her third week. Her financial aid office advisor had told her quite a few times that they would bill us a small amount of the tuition owed, and then put the rest on the student loan she had from previously going there. We ended up paying about $3500 for 3 weeks. Not a small chunk of change by any means. Now they want an additional $1400 right now to pay off the rest. They are telling her that they never told her that they could put it on the student loan. If you decide to go to this university, first off you are crazy. Second, record your conversations. The advisors lie like crazy there. It's really not worth wasting 7 years of your life to end up owing a lot of money and ending up with a worthless degree. Go to Westminster instead. Yeah it costs more, but at least you get a degree you can use and you won't be lied to on a constant basis. Or just don't come to Utah for an education. Original: Wife went there and got a Bachelor's that is really quite worthless. She was told that it would be an Environmental Science degree by academic advisors at SLCC and at the U but both were wrong. Now we have quite a bit of debt, payments starting soon on the student loans and she's working as a baker making half as much as I am. I only have a HS diploma and 3 certificates. She never got any scholarships either even though she was pulling straight A's. Never got the guidance after asking for help trying to find scholarships and apply for them. She would have been much better off going to USU or some other university out of state. Education in Utah isn't setup for students to succeed. It seems like the U is more interested in making money off their athletics than much else. I wouldn't and have not recommended the University of Utah to anyone that has asked me if they should go there or not.

Rich Interdonato

This was one of my favorite places I ever lived. The people are friendly, the apartments are spacious and close to campus, and the grounds are well maintained. Did I mention that in the Winter, there is a herd of deer that wander around the apartments?

Timothy Fitzgerald

It has a fine name, but that's a lot of what you pay for here. I am a firm believer that you get what you are willing to put in when it comes to education, but I also feel like the administration is more or a corporation than anything else. The professors are great, but I would argue that they are treated similar to how the students are treated. Also, the campus is designed as if the architects weren't allowed to see the other buildings before they began.

Spu Moni

Before you send your child here, check out the campus security reviews. A girl was stalked and murdered on this campus. The campus security really dropped the ball and refuse to admit any mistakes. If they had done a simple background check on the stalker, maybe Lauren McCluskey would be alive today. Do your research, parents. To the university: admit and learn from your mistakes, please. No parent should have to bury their child this way. Such a shame.

paul bartholomew

My experience at the University of Utah has been life changing, to say the least. I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom with my internship. Exceptional faculty and facilities. I recommend the U to any prospective college applicant.

Zane K

Great college. Small class sizes in major and great tuition rates for a 4 year school with a good reputation

Scott Barratt

I refuse to be a part of this backwoods hillbilly institution that continually breaks the law in our quest to torture innocent animals.

Wes Swank

My brother is an adjunct professor here. I have many friends here. As universities go its easy to navigate.


A friend of mine who doesn't live in the US contacted the international office on April 22nd with questions regarding costs and other general questions (because the answers he needed regarding financial aid were not on the website anywhere). Five days went by and he still hadn't received a response, so he sent them a follow up email on the 27th. Then, on the 7th of May, they FINALLY replied with what seemed like an automated-response not answering any of his questions and telling him they didn't deal with financial aid- and sent him a broken link to the home page of the University. He quickly responded to them the next day telling them that the link was broken and the information was also not on that page, and it has now been 15 days and they haven't replied at all. The international admissions office is horrible at contacting potential applicants back. This experience has entirely put both of us off of attending the college. The fact that it's been a whole entire month and he has only received ONE reply is just terrible. The people who work at the International admissions office are hired to complete tasks such as this.

Alyssa Taylor

Time and time again, I have been shown that the University of Utah does not care about the students as much as they care about the money. Being a student there you are just a name and tuition bill. Yes, some professors care and are amazing of course, but the university as a whole could use some compassion. All I have benefited from is the being able to say I have a BS, not anything I spent thousands of dollars learning. Id like to see a change. Alternately, I think the hospital and clinics do great work. Have enjoyed all those experiences


Can’t believe this university approves animal testing and torture. Sad and angry. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Mega-licious 94

READ BEFORE ATTENDING! DO NOT GO HERE! My husband hasn't even started going here yet, and they are literally making him pay an arm, a leg and his sanity! He has to pay to enroll, pay to sign up to see what his homework would be, pay upwards of $300 for parking, he had to pay for an orientation fee, still has to buy whatever books they deem necessary. The "orientation" was bogus, they didn't even have him meet with the advisor, so they told him he couldn't sign up for classes until he did ANOTHER orientation to meet with someone, the list goes on and on. I'll say again, DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL UNLESS YOU HAVE ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD FOR THEM TO STEAL!

heather marie

They don’t care about their students. Only about making money. School is stressful enough and the fact they add to it with just hoping to find a spot to make it to class on time. Stop making room for students when you can’t even take care of the current ones. I would never recommend this school.

michelle mats

My kids have attended the University of Utah Volleyball camps. The program director is fantastic and uber sensitive about keeping our kids safe and secure. This is an outstanding program for your little ones just learning basics or for those who know how to play but could work on perfecting their skills. I'm an alumni of the U. Many in my family are also alumni or soon to be. It's a great school with many different educational disciplines to choose from.

Shaishta Kamboj

I had my game developing degree here ,this place is AWESOME!

Tobiah Barney

This University is the worst experience of my life. Not only am I not effectively learning anything here, but the students and teachers are hateful republicans. Most are extremely ignorant. Whatever you do don't come to this school.

Terry Vigneri

This school should be ashamed and embarrassed at the lack of protection given to their students failing Lauren..furthermore the campus police needs to be completely fired and revamped with real knowledgeable professional police that know how to conduct an investigation and solve crimes

Dan Herrera

Been here for my high school graduation (2006) and my younger brother's graduation (2010) evidently, this place is laxed and there's not so much "crybullies" like all other campuses across the US.

Matt Thibault

I've been able to attend a few concerts here and the sound is amazing. The organ is incredible and I would highly recommend if you have the chance go. The one thing that is a bit difficult is parking. So if you do go get there early.

Scott Christensen

Well planned campus. Built on a hill over looking the city.

Stephen Petersen

As an engineering student I feel like we fall victim to the research university mentality. That teaching students is a secondary concern to research and it shows in the turn around time for assignments. And how teachers prepare for lectures. I honestly wouldn't recommend it to a friend nor would I stay if it didn't mean extending graduation by multiple semesters. Overall I'm not impressed in the increased cost of tuition.

Bruce Spring

Great place to go to school.

Agatha Nelson

My alma mater! Simply the best.

Jill Baeder

Everything here from education, medical care a dental and law school.

Irina Anderson

Poor admission service. I applied my documents in August. Nothing hear for 2 months. Called back in October to find out anything about my evaluations or anything I need to provide to get accepted. They found my documents in the wrong pile and didn't evaluate my documents. They said it would take about 2-3 weeks since they accidentally put my file in the wrong place. 4 weeks later nothing. I understand them being busy, but I don't think they are really doing their job. I expected a little bit more from this University.

shauna Ellis

Wizard of oz Kingsbury Hall. Back to the good life

Rosa Parra

So not long ago I had an incident in the library that has left me traumatized and worried for other girls that go to the university. I can start out by saying that I do not feel safe on campus. I was attacked at the library and the cameras did not catch my attacker in the act, security was called but was so slow the guy had escaped through an exit. Did I forget to mention that this was another student that happened to work at the library? I reported him to campus police , who blamed me for what happened. I was told that no consequences would go to my attacker. Did I also mention that this guy is in a fraternity and international, who also destroyed phone text message evidence? Perhaps I just do not pour enough money into the school for me to deserve to feel safe? I would not recommend the school to friends or family. It was such a scary experience, that was not addressed. It was unprofessional and sad. I am terrified of the things that have happened on campus and that I have experienced. I am so disappointed.

Adam Rosenberg

going to school there. great staff. classes. everything you need. epic winter skiing. go here!

Kody G

This is an amazing place for kids and their parents! On weekdays there are many schools that bring their students, so I would advise going in the evenings or on weekends! I enjoy the interactive experience of learning! This place is great for kids 2-12!

Rob Vox

Great institution for research; the teaching misses the mark though!

Laurie Rose

I graduated from this university some time ago. I had great professors and most of the students were friendly. I loved this university and I highly recommend it.

Douglas J. Shumway

My wife is a grad, we live near it and we work out at the community center within its boundaries; the University of Utah is great and does great things for this area. We couldn't ask to live in a better area because of the type of people that work at and attend the University.

Fozlay Rabbi

This is very rich university by research and co-curricular activity whish improve many study.I am from Bangladesh. I dont have any opportunity to visit this university. But the reputation is so high i know very well that i dont able to study there. The student of this university are friendly. I have a friend who done this graduate from there.

Robyn Madsen

Went for a football game. Our tickets included dinner in the Smith's tent. It added to the excitement of the game. The weather was great, and more fun than I remember as a student.

Conor Campbell

Mediocre at best. Most of the professors don’t care about their students. Class sizes are huge. I’ve attended 3 institutions now, including this one. No school had general education requirements as useless as this one. I transferred after my first year. Don’t regret it at all


As a student I was so excited to get accepted here. Since then it has been nothing but an emotional roller coaster ride. For example: if you get one hold you have to deal with 6 different departments and anybody who knows the University of Utah school knows that is similar to a small City. The addresses are not clear the maps are not clear! To get one thing accomplished there are several documents involved to send to several people. It doesn't stop there after the documents you have to meet with several people throughout this small city. Several buildings to go to several issues to deal with and mind you this is over one over all issue! This has really made my student experience a nightmare! On top of that I had a great GPA before transferring here which got bombed by one Professor who insisted on asking on the final exam nothing but questions about Darth Vader. This has nothing to do with what we studied in the class. As an adult student I would not recommend this school.

M Sanders

What bad is there to say They take care of everything. Good maintenance crews and fun places to see.

Hunter Harmon

Went there for a college tour and had a great time on the nice campus.

Matthew Hammond

Moreover a great experience. Good school and staff. Parking can be a nightmare if you aren't lucky enough to qualify for A parking.

Todd Crenshaw

Awesome campus and students are wonderful!

Jeff Robison

I have loved my time at the U. Coming from BYU-Idaho, I was not ready for the level of academic rigor here. Once I got used to it, I came to appreciate the dedication to education had by most of the students and staff. Also, I have really enjoyed the heavy emphasis on research here. Lot's of great opportunities to add to a graduate school application.

Galicia 322

Have been here for 4 years, I live it. Lots of help. Lots of resource for students. They will help you out a lot for free. Only complain is some of the teachers I wonder where they got them from!

Yasmin Jeni

Has its issues, but overall decent

Keith B

Not impressed with the education I received in my undergrad studying communications. Worked hard and created some great things for radio but felt pushed out because I was neutral during the 2016 elections. Politics is not something you can speak openly about in classes and when policy issues are discussed by professors they are almost always one sided. Went on to a masters program after not feeling my communications degree was worth anything. Taught yoga for 2 years doing research on the benefits of it treating PTSD. Was pretty much told by my advisor that my research wouldn’t work for my graduate paper, so I asked to research the value of the program I studied under. I was told that it is impossible to measure the value of education and that I pretty much could not do that as a research paper. This college is extremely policial driven and the education I received has not opened up job opportunities but rather seems to be the biggest waste of money in my life so far.

Bodi Brown

The campus of the University of Utah is gorgeous and very inviting. Campus is always bustling with activity. There is a palpable feeling of excitement and passion in learning everywhere you look. Students are very nice and are eager to help when you are lost or have any questions. Instructors are kind and work with students as peers instead of treating them like children.

Delta Fierce

secret society active in this area?

Zachary Burns

dis is da worts skool evr i dont evn learn noting

Maya l'abeille

Disgusting experiment you should be ashame of yourself ! How can you treat animals this way then teach it to your students ??? How can you live with un-human way to teach !? Shame on you ! Happy that PETA reacted !! Everybody can see the report and realize for yourself! Disgusting pictures...poor animals !

Sara Jo Peacock

The University of Utah is always looking for ways to better the campus and provide the best of whatever it can to students. It makes me feel like my tuition expenses and costs are being utilized very efficiently!


Great institute, my experience as undgra is great

Logan Gibb

If you value your undergraduate learning experience, DON'T COME HERE. All they care about is your money and how they can get you to fork out more money. They advertise a 16:1 student to faculty ratio but they crowd classes full 300 or more people so you never get to talk to your professor. Next, when I was applying I got hit with so many hidden fees. Parking is a nightmare and costs an arm and a leg. Finally, I apparently don't qualify for a transfer scholarship because I applied TOO early. Biggest bull I have ever heard.

Ching-Fang Wang 汪靖芳

The missionary I met studies here!

Nathan Marsh

Participated in the Shoot-out for soldiers fundraiser at the U. Great field for the games!

C Tak

Graduated from the U a few years back and loved my experience there. The classes were very enriching and delved deep into issues. I felt more than prepared for my graduate education.

David Rhett

STEM here at the U is Great! Beautiful campus and township. Utah as a state two thumbs up.

Scott Taylor

Best uni

ian kerr


Norman Schultz

I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN FORTUNATE TO GO TO SUCH A GREAT HOME. THAT IS RIGHT A SCHOOL THAT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A ivy league school with a grand campus nothing lacking with light rail and buses every 15 minutes. Add the Utah tradition of crimson red dominating the outfits and autos. Yeah you will love it boys and girls you can be proud to graduate this unique university in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains. And the greatest snow on earth MAY BE I AUGHT TO PULL A Rodney Danger field at 63 Now darn it I can dream about it.

Utah Lites

Such a great place

Simon Luedtke

Go Utes! Great school with excellent faculty

Heath Capps

I graduated in 11 and I loved it. I received a great education. I highly recommend.

Jonathan Broadwell

Had a very positive and moving experience here. The professors, colleagues, and students I met helped me push myself to reach levels I never before knew were possible. There is a good level of academic rigor here--expect to work hard, especially if you are studying in a STEM field. My experience with the Chemistry Department was excellent and I received a fantastic education--but I worked my butt off too! I secured AWESOME work (University of Utah Hospital), research (UUHC, Veteran's Affairs) and personal connections (professors, colleagues, students) while I was studying here. This is the benefit of having such a large, inclusive, and connected campus--with Research Park, the U of U health care system, etc. I will cherish the great memories and lifelong friends I gained while being here.

Beth Marie

I want my taxpayer funded money back, did not authorize payment for horrifying brain experimentation on monkeys and other animals found to have suffered immensely! Very angry.

Daina Priest

The people I worked with were not professional at all and didn't give me any information about what was required for the test. I had to call five times to get ahold of them and they acted surprised when I told him that I had received no packet of information and didn't know when to return my monitor. Overall, one star

Claudia Oyuela

I love it. The library is awesome, 5 floors. Kingsbury is spectacular. Lassonde is cool. Park Building is classic. Garden Commons is wonderful. They have so many beautiful buildings inside out. Oh, the arts museum is there also. The Campus store has so many souveniers, school material, goodies, food, and even a Starbucks inside. Union Building has many activities, a store for free food for the students, play areas, computer areas, and a huge food court that includes Panda Express. You can walk for hours in the campus 1500 acres. Most buildings include cafeterias. Please visit their law school, beautiful. The U has free jazz concerts almost weekly. Ah, and across the street St. Catherine Catholic Church with midday Mass; Pie Pizzeria, yogurt, drugstore, beauty salon, FedEx. There's free U shuttles and the trax by Rice Eccles stadium. Beautiful stadium by the way. UTA buses also pass by at least three different areas of the U. The EAE program for video game is the best in the nation and the staff is super friendly and accesible. There's office of disabilities for accommodations also. Escorts if you wish to be escimorted. Kids enjoy their skateboards and bike throughout this huge and beautiful place. It's a piece of heaven.

Christian Moreira

Not really worth considering its tuition price. For many classes you will be thrown in a classroom with 160 people and a graduate teacher with no big experience. And there is really no reason for you to take most of the generals, which just end up working as way for the U to make a good profit of you. You should also check some safety incidents from the past couple of years here. There were like 2 students being murdered, multiple sexual assault problems, etc. Also, check your major's quality at the U. Programs in Med school, computer science and engineering tend to be featured, but most of them are very average. Extracurricular activities made my experience better.

Rebbecca Switzler

The university took down the reviews section on Facebook because they cannot stand having a bad reputation. Just shows how political and pathetic this place is.

Ashleigh Jones/Whitmore

I’ll take online classes until they can figure out a better safety system on campus. Very disappointed.

Hannah Milburn

Absolutely love it. Just started here last week - transferred from Pittsburgh. The only complaint I have so far is the parking and lack there-of for students, however there is the Trax, busses, and shuttles so ideally you don't even need a car. The food options are pretty good and the housing is great. I live in Sage Point and as a freshman I don't have to share a room with anyone. The campus feels safe and the teachers I've had so far are very intelligent and know how to teach a class whether it be a big lecture or a small group. I would highly recommend this school-especially if you ski

John S

Basically worked here for free, not fair and I'm super pissed. Their HR services are unfriendly to deaf and hard of hearing individuals so I can't get direct help from them about my missing paycheck. Worst job experience ever.

Frank Parth

Extremely liberal university that forces students to read far left news articles and agree with what they say in order their math class.

Pat Jones

Graduated from the University of Utah in 2013 with a degree in history. I'm now making a really good salary and am looking to go back for my masters degree.

Parker Holt

Went to school here for 3 years. Beautiful campus, great faculty and an all around good experience.

James Shaver

Yes, tuition keeps on rising. Sitting in a major specific class with 200 students is awesome..... No associates degrees are awarded and on top of that transferring from this college is useless unless within the state of Utah. If you want your professor to help you, it's either via an email or grad student. Honestly I felt I had better class quality at Salt Lake Community College.

Romeo Lacoste

I love Utah because this the best day of my life and go Utes

Laura Morgan

Lied to by academic advisor about my eligibility for the career I wanted with the degree I pursued. I would have changed majors had I known I was pursuing a dead end. Classes within program were all the same and very generic - each class presented the same material, very little of which was information relevant to what employers would want. Was told almost every class period by one professor that we were being taught outdated material (kind of important to learn the latest software companies are using)and we had no hope of finding a career after graduating. Well, he was right.

Deborah Harr

Prompt, didn't have to wait to see the doctor. Clean and comfortable environment

Cameron Porcaro

This is a great school. Campus is beautiful, the professors are knowledgeable, the classes are enjoyable. I highly recommend this school and the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program.

Jerald Scott Barnard

World class University with state of the art medical facilities and highly regarded professors.

Taylor Beckstr

Good place for your body

Robert Lechtenberg

If you can't get into BYU, Utah is a great second option;) Kidding aside, my experience with UofU student services administrators is second to none. They care deeply about students and are innovators in the field of student development and support. The student culture is vibrate and exciting. I would feel very proud and fortunate to have my kids attend the U.

Lynden Jensen

I have somewhat limited experience with the U, so take it with a grain of salt. It's has good graduate programs and a great medical school but I'm not a big fan of the culture or campus.

Jacob Harris

Not gonna lie, love this school. Very diverse which is something I like seeing. But college is a time when children become adults, and also learn where they fit in society, Along with where they fit on their political views. I used to consider myself very Democratic growing up. But now that I've had time to explore the right, I find myself more right winged centric. This school is VERY divided. But weighs a lot to the left in it's students and professors. I walked into the library today to see an entire section dedicated to public student art that is more or less the physical embodiment of an echo chamber(when one party only tells why their viewpoints are correct and the other side is wrong). Posters, board games, flip books, all dedicated to misnaming the United States as haters of all other places but their own. Trump hate propaganda covered the walls, and the school supported this hate to the president. Now, I'm not the biggest supporter of Trump, he is not the best human being on Earth. But I don't think anyone deserves an entire floor dedicated to hating you. It's just inhumane and hurts my heart for this beautiful country. TL:DR : good schooling, but really hates modern America and Right winged politics.

Pj Ad

Housing options are terrible, expensive and far from classes. It’s very disorganized and unable to meet student demand. Food options are the worst in the country with little variety. Lassonde is the only place on campus where you can get excellent sandwiches but they are expensive. PHC is dreadful, dirty and the food is consistently awful. Campus security is appalling with 2 shootings in a year. The recent shooting was preventable and the school should take responsibility for its negligence. Many of the gen Ed classes are ridiculously difficult and don’t match up to the school’s ranking. If Utah wants to improve their ranking, they need to retain students, not repel them. Improve housing, campus security, food and hire professors who want students to succeed rather than those who want to profit off them or not care at all. Favoritism towards protected groups is over the top, keeping many students from enjoying leadership opportunities on campus. The pollution is like LA which keeps you from enjoying the outdoors more often than not. There is potential for the school to be better but leadership needs to change beginning with President Watkins.

Hannah Christensen

Don't do your generals here, go somewhere cheaper. I'm still pursuing my degree in fine arts, and the at dependent had been a minefield of lack of funding and lack of care on the part of the professors and administrators. The art building is old and out dated, no one is investing in this department and it shows. Everyone is confused about the curriculum, and teachers rarely use online resources like canvas. Would not recommend.

Jim Burke

A very good school but like all schools, some profs are better than others. Rate My Professors is important here. Beware of TAs with too litle oversight!

Taylor Jacobsen

Best college in the state. Every penny given to the University in tuition is given back to me as a student in the form of resources, thoroughness, and a quality education.

Bandit 82

Dirty, not so friendly people, roads in area unkept.

Nicholas Diaz

Dont expect them to protect you.

yung sung

good school, great learning environment

Cagan Hakki Sekercioglu

World-class R1 university with some of the best skiing in the US half an hour away.


My experience with Univ. of UT has always been positive. I have found the medical staff to be exceptionally well trained, personable-good bedside manner, willing to go the second mile to answer questions, research the most advanced and efficient method of treatment. The support staff are polite, helpful, professional and eager to help. I will chose Univ. of Utah over any other medical facility in the state of Utah. Sharon St. John

Lisa Prime

Caring nurses, a great hospital, if needed.

Andrea Dayne S. Schmutz

I love this place! They are very helpful!

Christopher Williams

The University of Utah is an excellent place to visit. Even if you have lived in Utah your whole life you should come and check out all of the events on campus. This includes if you were a student or not. The school is surrounded by beautiful mountains and has wonderful buildings and architecture. Go Utes!

Tians Xu

Beautiful campus.

Matt Storms

Spent $27,000 on school for a degree I cant use. Now I do Internet marketing that I learned on my own. At least I got a nice piece of paper to hang on my wall.

John McBride

Had enlarged heart and was in the heart transplant program, was able to avoid transplant with medication. That was in 1992, now 2019 heart is nearly normal.

tom anderson

Demolished a lot of good tang there. Thats a positive for me but a negative for you, prospective student. To wit: "a wash", or 3 stars.

Dien Huynh

Such a beautiful campus to stroll through and take in all the lush!

Adam White

Finest university in the Intermountain West! -UofU Alum

Karl Jennings

Beautiful campus with many colleges providing a wealth of possible course of education. Campus supports several student organizations and support services designed to help students meet their educational challenges.

Betsy Andrews

School of music is great!


I can sympathize and emphatize with Irina Anderson on this review. My son loves the U but I got disappointed. Here's the reason. My son was admitted during the fall , he has complete transcript of records, which are "official" because those were sealed by the High School where my son graduated. But here's the kicker, during the 2nd semester enrollment, they hold my son's enrollment because of what they called "incomplete" documents, they keep on saying the documents are not official. But the highschool was saying they were official. What shall we do? How was my son admitted on the 1st semester if those are not official? It doesn't make sense. The consequence is grave, my son's supposedly choosen subjects for the 2nd semester 'closed' and he had no more room, there were 2 subjects that we cannot adjust anymore. This would mean he would attend early morning at 8AM and come home at 10PM if he want to do full load.. His schedule are now way too fragmented. This cause us a great deal of frustration and stress. We sent the transcript electronically but it will take 2-3 weeks for registrar's office. I hope there is a solution for this type of problem in the future.


Comfortable Campus. Feel free to visit here.

Kayley Basden

SUCH AN AMBARRASSING EXPERIENCE. First off the front desk employee (dark haired women) blantantly asked what my condition was in front of other people. I have an embarrassing condition that I do not want to share. The doctor I saw there at a previous appointment told me she did not feel comfortable prescribing me a full year of medication until I had testing done on my liver. University of Utah failed to inform me that testing could not be done in urgent care which is where I was. When I left my problem was still unsolved and I still did not have a full year prescription. When I walked back in and confronted them saying I should not be charged for this appointment, the front desk lady had an argument with me for at least 5 minutes. She was being so rude, and I was embarrassed beyond belief. I started seeing another doctor at Intermoutain in Jeremy Ranch. I had a much better experience with Dr. Rush at intermountain. University of Utah would rather make an extra buck than care for its patients.

Jonah Brown

Amazing place to learn.

Swiss Utah

I have nothing against the team or student body. I just hate the campus. It’s so spread out and inconsistent very easy to get lost.Parking for a game or event is impossible. One nice thing is there is a traxx station which does help and gives students a gateway to down town salt lake. The only question I have is,is fort Douglas part of the campus or not I have absolutely no clue. The hospitals are also nice and very state of the art.

Jacob Andra

My alma mater and I love this university!


Wonderful school if you ask me.

Anonymous Animalprotection

Please end all of your live animal experiments they are cruel and pointless.

Nathaniel Allen

I am a student here and the resources are great!

sarath ch

It’s an amazing place to study. The staff of the university are very open minded and friendly. It’s amazing views over the mountains are a great motivation to study.

Aziz Ali

The worst and most expensive parking system!! I do not know where the parking money goes?! It should go to developing more parkings I think!

Sean Stephens

Good pt care, but billing seems to be a little on the crooked side. Twice, did they not bill my insurance in the same year then 366 days after time of service demand 3 times the price. Given the excuse of "new person "each time. Coincidence it happened twice, its a way to get more money and a way to feed lawyers in a kick back between the two. Highly disappointed that such a name is kicked around, but quite bad treatment recieved. I had to switch to Ihc, in which no billing mishaps have occured. I m more than happy to pay what I owe, but when you're doing shady things then get mad at me for it, not one but twice! Almost pushed us into bankruptcy. Which by principle didn't want to do, but should have so they didn't get money. No excuse for crooked practice, numerous studies have shown incorrect business practices with u of u.

Jerrad Jacobsen

It's a great school, planing to go there like in a year.

Colton Gardner

I've loved my 4 years at the U and would recommend it to all if it weren't for the steep tuition costs. Be aware that once you are in upper division courses, tuition and fees can almost double. Otherwise amazing school with close access to the mountains and great services for students. Professors are top notch, except for the occasional inexperienced graduate student instructor whose English is hard for students to understand.

Amber Evens

Even tho it's over priced, I love my school!!

Vinh Lu

This campus is beautiful. Its a bit large and the buildings are hard to find sometimes but the academics here are top notch

Shumway Van - Lawyers in Salt Lake City

Following this review we will have to immediately review BYU because about half of our lawyers are BYU fans and they might be offended if we didn't say nice things about it as well. The U is a fantastic school that is just up the hill from downtown Salt Lake City. We heavily recruit from the U for many positions at our law firm and have been generally impressed by the quality of professional produced there. The U supports our community and we try to support the U. It is great to have such a fantastic school to bring talent to Utah and also to keep it here.

Kayleigh Hopkinson

Over all i give the university a 3. I'll be honest, i enrolled expecting to expand my knowledge in drawing and painting. Before the year started the Art department came up with the "foundations" classes because professors felt students were not coming in prepared enough for the material they were going to learn so the department came up with beginner level classes. At first, no big deal, my counsellor said you are only required to take 4 out of the 10 foundations classes. Great so i chose drawing, painting, ceramics, and digital media. Well then me and my other art major friends find out you have to take all 10, so visual art language, art history, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and abstract film. I had to find this out from my friend,not the Art department! So i say ok whatever maybe some of these classes will be fun. No, most of the teachers are disorganized or trying to shove too much material into a quarter class. The drawing and art language professors were always grouchy. Painting was the only class i thoroughly enjoyed, the professor was kind and funny. All of the other foundation classes couldn't hold my interest, and I'd get up and leave class if i felt i wasn't learning anything. Only 3 of 10 class did i actually enjoy and learn from. I felt it was a waste of money, thousands in student debt for classes i disliked and didn't learn from. The administration's office won't tell you or inform you on anything you need to complete or get done UNLESS YOU ASK AND ASK. This has been the most annoying thing. I was told i wouldn't be billed until 6 months after graduation for my student debt, and a month ago i got a letter saying i needed to start paying soon so i called my loan provider and they said you have to get a deferment of enrollment request and have a counsellor fill it out and send it to us. I had to jump through so many hoops to finally get someone to sign it. Also, with all the money the university has and all the construction they do youd think they'd tear down and build a new art building, it's a dark cement dungeon. I feel i flushed $3000 down the toilet and was made to dislike art. I won't be going for another year again. Pretty campus though

Joseph Rowe

I enjoy the campus, and the health care provided here. I have had many friends go to the U and it's a quality school. Beats the "competition" hands down.

Kimberly Curnutt

11 years ago I lost a Son that was born at the university of utah medical center. The nurses were great!! The Genetic counselors on the other hand, should have lost their jobs for making light of the situation that a month before my son died,my Husband overheard them talking about us. I had a problem pregnancy and, was hopeful that maybe my son would be in the 1% that would survive. John and Christine were the counselors at that time. By the way, I was a very loving mother never did drugs smoked etc.. Just wanted to expose John and Christine . I know 11 yrs went by but, I needed to write this because, the letter I wrote to them was probably taken with a grain.of salt.. I didn't deserve to loose my son. And, one day those two people will have to answer for what they did.

alexander castagno

Everyone that works at this university is incompetent. They hire students to work at the testing centers, registrar, etc., and no one knows what they are doing. No one will help you and if they do, it's invalid knowledge. Tuition is very high and the majority of the professors do not care about your education. The University of Utah cares about getting your tuition money and that is it. There are no merit based scholarships and don't think about taking more than 12 credits a semester or else tuition will skyrocket. The University wants students to stay there as long as possible so they can get as much money as they can out of you. If you have any choice in going to another university, do so.

Eston Humphrey

First semester I didn't like it. I'm now on my 4th semester and it's going good. Price is a little expensive for the business college but still not bad. It's grows on your a lot. School is set up to help more younger students without jobs than a married couple with a life. Overall good school.

Noah Westfalin


Michael Hasebroock

Great university situated in the foothills of northeastern SLC. Easy to get around and great facilities. They do good job of clearing the roads when it snows.

Hey Pat

They abuse and torture animals.The animals do anything they can for water one cat has electric charges in his brain and they put dangerous chemicals in baby kittens brains they all died I just wanna to in there get the people who are supposed to take care of them and put them in a small box with no food and water and do expirements on them like cut there skull and put an electric charge in there brain or make them dance for water or give them cancerious tumors if. Four I would give them zero stars I watched a video about this and started to cry

Cameron Spencer

i hate this place GO BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!! #gocougs Actually, even though i'm a BYU fan, this is still a pretty good school by any standard. I gave it 2 stars because i like BYU. Otherwise, it probably would've been a 4 or 5.

Martin Bammes

Tuition is morbidly overpriced for most majors. If you are not in a STEM profession, don't go here. You will in debt for the rest of your life.

Daniel Peterson

Top notch university for STEM majors.

Ammara Rashid

Friendly people, beautiful place, excellent facilities and education...ofcourse tuition fee is expensive but Highly recommended


Not a good place. This university was really good when they were in the Mountain West Conference. Once they decided to join the PAC-10 the whole place just got messed up. Playing on Sundays aren't cool and some people, like me, won't attend on Sunday. I wish this place was better like in the old days...

tarth Garl

Ohhhh... That feels soooo Good. U of U Alumni and happy to give it the middle finger :)

Maria K

Hopefully my future college, med school and work place❤️


Best weed in utah bruhh...


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