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REVIEWS OF Starz Unlimited Dance Studio IN Utah

Sharlene Wells

Our neighbors dance at Starz Unlimited and when we said we were looking for a dance studio, they suggested we join them at Starz. After considerable investigating, we decided this studio was a good fit for us. We have three generations of cloggers at Starz! We have a competition award-winning child, a mom, and a grandma. We are pleased with the music that is selected for team dances and recitals, with the costumes that are chosen, and with the opportunities for success.

Amy Wright

My family has been dancing with Starz for 6 years now. I've made so many friends and have had many opportunities to excel. Starz is like family to me! I love the support we give and get from each other.

Shannon Santos

We absolutely love Starz Unlimited. For the longest time we tried to find something that my oldest loves. Starz has given her something to look forward to. The prices are affordable and easy monthly payments to make. They are competitive but the kids are always reminded how wonderful they are. We are so grateful to the amazing leadership and great instructors. WE LOVE STARZ!!

Lissa T

Mary Gilmore

My daughter has loved clogging with Starz for 4 years! The teachers are professional, everyone is friendly, they have modest costumes, and a very family friendly environment!

Angie Rosier

We've been going to this studio for 13 years and love clogging! It is affordable and teaches wholesome dance and costumes to match.

Lori Harmon

These low cost dance classes are outstanding!! My kids have danced here for the last 10 years. The teachers push the kids to be their best without taking the fun out of dance. My kids have enjoyed the friendships they have formed. The costumes are modest and very affordable.

Alma Lake

We are just started our 4th year at Starz. It has been a wonderful experience. Everyone gets to dance no matter how much natural talent they have. Hard work is rewarded. My youngest has a lot of fun in his classes. The teenagers are encouraged to succeed and have built many friendships, and gained confidence. There is so plenty of opportunity for parents to be as involved as they want. Starz has giving my kids an chance to dance that they would not have been able to do elsewhere.

Marah Santos

This is such a great studio. The parents are nice, the teachers are nice but still strict, everyone there is just so easy to talk to. The costumes are very modest and comfortable. This is my first year at Starz Unlimited and I have made so many friends. Thanks so much #Erin #Brandi #Starzunlimited

David Shook

Amazing! Great teachers-great directors!

First name: Greatest Last name: Ever

Starz unlimited is great for the kids and terrible for the business. They have some of the worst dealings with people I have ever witnessed, I know from dealing with them that they are not honest in their relationships. The distrust that is created by dealing selfishly and under-the-table to create an elitist environment that benefits only the chosen ones is appalling. Please, please, please don't waste your money on this waste of a company.

Jason Wells

Sarah Smith

full review on facebook Had I done this review 2 years ago, I would definitely given a five star rating My family has been going to Starz for 10 years and we have had many great experiences here. However, though 7 members of my family have taken classes over the years, only one of my daughters is going this year. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest is that we feel Starz standards - and thus quality - have declined over the last few years. The Assistant Directors The Great Allison, Lori, Alma, and Terri are amazing! They are all volunteers who have worked hard to ensure that the studio continues to exist and thrive. I am so grateful for all they've done! They really do work hard to choose modest costumes and keep the studio's standards high. The not so great They are all volunteers and busy moms, thus sometimes they are hard to get in contact with, which is understandable but sometimes frustrating. I feel they have allowed the teachers to have a lot of input in the costuming which has led to some styles my family has been uncomfortable with. Brandi Gollinger The great Brandi has done a ton of hard work to ensure the studio's survival and success. She cares about the studio and the students and I really believe she wants each student to achieve greatness. She taught my cousin who has special needs and she was kind and patient with him. I saw him make lots of progress. The not so great Brandi definitely picks favorite students and allows them greater opportunities than she gives the rest of her classes. She can also be difficult to communicate with. McKade Bean The great: McKade is very talented and enthusiastic. He interacts well with both his level one class and his older group. My daughter and sister both really enjoyed his classes. It took a while for my daughter to adjust to having a guy teacher, but McKade was patient and kind with her. Malisa Gourley The great Malisa is extremely patient and kind to the young students. She gently encourages them and helps them through the moves. As for older classes, she has the perfect balance of teaching without hurting feelings and helping them to iron out the kinks in their technique, which can be tough to manage. Every one of my family members who has had her as a teacher loves her. I have nothing to put in a not so great paragraph. Malisa is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone. Schuyler Bjork & Glenn Belnap The Great This ballroom teaching duo knows how to choreograph beautifully. I loved every dance they choreographed their first year at Starz. Their junior ballroom dance last year was amazing. The not so great I feel that these teachers do not always take the Starz mission statement into consideration with their dances. My sister's dance was a zombie themed, and Schuyler told the girls to dance like sexy zombies which goes directly against Starz’s claim that Provocative movements are not used in our dances. Schuyler also assisted in choosing costumes for the older ballroom group that resembled belly dancing costumes with huge jewels over their nipples. Even though leotards were worn under the costume to preserve the Starz claim that they don't show bare tummies, my sister was uncomfortable in it. Sheleena Rogers The not so great Of all the teachers who push against Starz standards, I feel that Sheleena is the greatest offender. Several of her dances have included sexy moves. The costumes she assists in choosing also push Starz standards as they have been some of the least modest. Sheleena encourages a lot of attitude in her dances, which can be a good thing, but for the most part I find myself wincing at most of the dances she has choreographed. She is very pushy with her classes and if a student is not doing a move correctly, Sheleena will physically push the student into the position. Overall, I still love Starz and would recommend it. I know they really do love the students and are trying very hard to do great things for them. No place is perfect, but I still believe Starz Unlimited is one of the best studios available.

Amber Wells

Amazing dance studio my daughter loves going to class everyone is super nice and she has grown so much as a dancer

Jennifer O

This is our 3rd year at Starz Unlimited. My child wanted to clog, and upon receiving a recommendation for this studio we checked it out. He enjoyed his class so much that first year. It looked like so much fun that when we enrolled him for a second year, my mom and I joined the adult clogging class. All three of us are back for a third year and we plan on staying as long as they teach! The families are nice, the teachers are awesome, the music is carefully chosen and the costumes are modest. And above all - the prices are great. We appreciate this studio and all those who run it and volunteer to keep it running.

Jeanie Bigham


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