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REVIEWS OF Bollywood Shake LLC IN Texas

Jamie Mathew

I participated in Bollywood pageant 2017 in the teen category, it was one of the happiest moment of my life when I got Miss Teen Bollywood USA (2nd runner up), the crew is so friendly and welcoming. Don't miss out on the Bollywood Pageant International 2018, through them I got to spread out my wings and experienced amazing things.

mitesh rathore

It’s a worst dance school in Houston…I have wasted two years of my life paying exuberant monthly fees and received nothing. Infact I have got the same kind of feedback from others tooo It's sheer waist of time ,money , value

Vandana Sinha

The lady who runs this Studio is a Super Big Jerk .....She can loose your pocket only without giving you positive result ....Our desi People can find better services elsewhere for less money....Be careful guys and stay away from her fascinating Adds & Promos on Social media (FB & whatsapp)

Angie J

My daughter has been learning dance from Bollywood shake for the past two years. They make it so much fun learning for kids without them feeling the burden. Ruchika is very friendly and always helpful. My kid loves to perform in all their stage show opportunities and has enjoyed dancing much more in these years.

Sachu Jangra

"Beauty Pageants,but where was beauty ???? Neither inner, nor outer LOL"

Ruchi Singh

Bollywood Paegant Houston Show organized by the Bollywood Shake in which I was one of the participant was the very unprofessional show. It was the most unorganized show I have ever seen. They were trying to fill the participants without any eligibility criteria in order to make money. On the top of it, they charged different fees to different participants while the participating fees mentioned on their website was telling a different story. This made the show quality very poor. It was clearly visible that their goal was to make money. That’s it. It was the worst experience and left a very bad impression on me. NO professionalism at all.

leena singh

All Favorable ratings were given by their staff members only ......They organizes shows,Dance work shops & events only for commercial benefit …Its main purpose is to provide marketing platform to various vendors rather then providing entertainment to desi crowd…Who will spend precious time & money to watch FIXED Shows...The funny part is low quality models,dancers does Yoga,Pilates,office presentation, playing badminton during Talent Round...Lol....What a Terrible Show..

Pavana Gadde

I recommend Bollywood Shake Studio and all of the activities organized by Bollywood Shake. The studio is huge and well kept. They make learning dance a fun experience for everyone. The instructors are very experienced and professional and approachable. They are courteous, cheerful and very patient with children. The students get to showcase their talent at popular events in Houston. The director, Ruchika, is very friendly and encourages everyone to reach their potential. They also organize Miss/Mrs./Teen Bollywood USA pageant which gives a great avenue for women of all ages to get out of their comfort zone and build confidence. I commend them for providing opportunities for everyone associated with them to shine and showcase their talent. I highly recommend Bollywood Shake Studio!

shruthi bekal

Ruchika is one of the most hardworking and amazing person I have met. She puts in a lot of effort in making her Peagent top notch. She has had the best shows so far, All her Peagent's and New Year events as well. Not only does she gives a platform for women to showcase their talents and confidence. She also promotes and encourages them. Not just the winners but the other contestants as well. Participating in her peagents has opened various opportunities for me and helped me build amazing network. Always love working with Ruchika. Thanks for the amazing opportunities.

kirandeep kaur khurana

I loved Bollywood shake ever since I am associated with it ! They are too professional, instructors are well trained!! Ruchika knows how to give exposure to right person at right time !! Perfect dance school to explore yourself .. Love it .. Absolutely

Mahak Mithani

The staff at Bollywood Shake is extremely caring and considerate of all students. I have been going to the studio and attending its events for many years now, and passion overwhelmingly resonates from every aspect!

Sangeeta G

My daughter has been going to Bollywood Shake classes for 2 years and she loves it. Her instructor was first Garima and now Ms. Ruchika and she loved both her instructors. Classes are small and instructors give attention to each child. They learn new dances every month and get opportunities to perform on stage which my daughter loves!

Harpreet Gill

Bad rating stop cheating and give hard time people otherwise one day I will come and get u then u have no time get think


The dance instructor Ruchika is very professional, very good working with teens , and above all her time management is awesome !! Personally, our group had a very nice experience learning from her. Wish she lived closer to us:)) Dear Ruchika, keep up your great work. Cheers !!

Gayatri Potdar

I have had a wonderful experience with Bollywood Shake as a dance school. Not only do we get to learn how to dance on nice upbeat Bollywood songs in their dance classes, but we also sweat and burn calories in their workout sessions. As a woman myself I appreciate the fact that Bollywood Shake provides a great platform to women to showcase all types of talent via their Bollywood pageants and dance competitions. I appreciate the energetic owner and director, Ruchika for such great job and the services she is providing for all the communities in Texas!

Rohit M

Worst experience ever

alka srivastava

Gayathri Kumar

My experience with Bollywood shake over the last 3 years has been very positive. It's a dance school born out of passion and perseverance, starting from the founder to the instructors. They do fair business and make Bollywood celebrities and programs easily available to public! Can't say enough good things about the dance school. Would highly recommend it!

Pragya Sen

Bollywood shake provides great platform and opportunities. Ruchika is awesome at hosting and organizing events and giving opportunities to a wide range of age group. It has been a pleasurable experience working with the team. Keep up the good work guys!!

Jasmine Hoda

Simply speaking, I've had a very bad experience with this so called "dance" school. The 5 star reviews are biased as they have been written by the employees only, giving an unrealistic view of the environment there. All the instructors there are very unprofessional and untrained and perhaps need to learn how to dance themselves. There is lack of dedication too.

Katrina Gohil

Bollywood Shake is an amazing platform with wondeful people. The organization helps spread diversity and promotes empowerment. I am a former contestant, and current title holder of Miss Bollywood 2017. I can genuinely say this is a professional organization with endless opportunities. The director of the organization is one of the most kindest and sweetest person you will ever meet! As well as all of the staff members are fantastic people!

Sabeen Ahmed

Ruchika is amazing! Had a great experience.

nidhi singh

This Dance School is waste ….there is no quality in dance training…personal experience.

Prabhat Singh

I would have given them zero, if I could have. These kind of organizers should be ashamed of them self for cheating innocent people on the name of shows, concert , events & celebrity workshops ..Their sponsors are big fools who are encouraging these frauds shows for their promotions ...Karma will bite them back..Positive rating are done by their staff members.

rutvi chauhan

Highly recommended. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The staff is extremely helpful, approachable and very professional. Ruchika , the director is very supportive and passionate about her work, taking care of all minute details during all her events. The Pagaents that are organized are non biased and provides a great platform for all


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