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REVIEWS OF Dance Force, L.L.C. IN Tennessee

Kerry Panczer

"Dance Instruction from Quality and Caring Teachers" I have been associated with this studio for their 10 years in business and the quality of dance instruction that dancers receive is exceptional. Their teachers are very caring and work to make each dancer feel special. They work with dancers of all abilities and put on a wonderful show at the end of the season that has received rave reviews by all that have attended. If you are looking for a place that your dancer can feel part of a family and build their dance skills as well as learning life lessons of confidence, self-esteem and dedication to being part of a team, this is the place to to enroll your child. Their current staff and choreographers have taught and choreographed in L.A, Phoenix, Kansas City, Sacramento, Georgia and have been part of dance programs at major universities to include The University of Alabama and the Vanderbilt University. Renowned teachers from across the country seek out teaching opportunities with the dancers at Dance Force.

Wendy Hernandez

Lauren Ankersoe

Philip Mize

Dance Force is much more than just a place for my kids to dance; it's a family. The Directors, teachers and staff truly love these kids and want nothing more than to see them succeed. I am so thankful my daughters have the privilege to learn and grow as dancers at Dance Force.

Jennifer Smith

Quality instruction with caring teachers. Excellent for dancers from beginners to pre-professional. This studio has been a second home to my daughters for over a decade.

Caroline Browder-Black

My four year old has been dancing with Dance Force for the past 3 years. She started out in the mommy and me classes with the beautiful and talented Miss Morgan. Miss Morgan lit a fire in my girl. She loves Dance... all things Dance. She then wanted to do it all. At just two years old (but potty trained) I put her in a 1 hour a week ballet/Tap combo class. She was hooked!!! I then added a tumbling class with Ms Angie one of their tumble coaches. There she has gained flexibility and become a dare devil to try anything. After a 2 full years of recreational Dance my girl fell in love with the stage and performing for others. We joined their competition team and she just completed her first season. To say that my daughter has learned to dance would be an understatement. She has learned confidence, communication, structure in a classroom, and the love of the arts. I can never thank her teachers enough for investing in my baby. If your looking for teachers who really care about the kids... this is your place

Kyra Walk

Kayla Johnson

I have spent the last 8 years at Dance Force and I would never dream to dance anywhere else. Dance Force has given me many opportunities from performances to traveling all across the USA to compete in competitions. The staff are very professional and most have trained and worked in the professional dance world from performing on cruises, musical productions, and even attending The Juilliard School. Dance Force also brings in top notch choreographers from around the country to give us a chance to learn from the best in the nation. The quality of dance education that you will receive is unmatched. Some dancers have gone on to attend schools such as The University of Alabama and The University of Indiana just to name a few to pursue their dance education. Your dance training is very important but what is more important is building your character. Because of dance I have learned many life lessons such as self confidence, communication and social skills, dedication, and most importantly respect. The Directors and Staff want nothing more than for all of their dancers to succeed. I am truly grateful for every director and teacher that has believed in me and pushed me so I could be the best dancer I can be. Dance Force is so much more than a studio it is truly a family.

Ariana Ankersoe

Best Studio in town! Dance Force is Awesome!

matt jackson

Hodg Podge

Dance Force was my daughter’s studio for seven years. One year on Recreational Team, one year on Performance, and five years on competition team. Dance Force had some great choreographers but they have a huge turn over on instructors. There is one instructor/choreographers that has a great school background the rest do not. Dance Force tends to charge to much for their costumes and over charges for competitions they sign up for. They charge each dancer a travel fee which is use for room and board of the instructors, fuel cost, and food for the prop dads. However, the prop dads did not received meals at any of the competitions in 2017 and 2018. Dance Force does not focus their business on recreational or the performance teams. Each year Dance Force has a recital in June at the end of competition season. The recital tends to focus on competition dancers rather than recreational dancers. If your child is a recreational dancer, they are in one dance that is less than 2 minutes on stage. The cost is very expensive and a child deserves more stage time than they receive. Each year my wife and I spend thousands of dollars at Dance Force and the training should be more intense than what she has received.

faliceano turk

Adah Smith

We took a hip hop class here this year, along with ballet and tap. Our hip hop teacher was routinely late (up to 30 minutes for a 1 hour class), and eventually quit with no notice. Before he quit, he taught no actual steps or technique to the kids, instead just filling the class time with games. Instead of the studio giving us a replacement teacher, a high school senior was our substitute instructor. The company never offered any refund or discount for this subpar service. When you go to the studio, children run around screaming in the hallways with no supervision. The ballet and tap instruction on the recreational level is almost nonexistent. None of the kids can point their toes or execute a turn-out. You see almost no evidence of even knowing the basic ballet positions. Ballet performances at the end of the year are essentially lyrical performances, with a few poorly executed ballet steps sprinkled in between. Tap performances consist of the kids turning around and shaking their booties at the audience, with one or two shuffle-hop-steps thrown in. Throughout the year there are numerous charges placed on you, for recital fees, recital tickets, and costume fees. This would be fine if the fees were clearly stated on the website, or the schedule was given ahead of time. On top of all this, once you finally reach the recital, rehearsals are conducted during work hours, and you're charged for things as simple as a program. Want to know when your child's dance is, so you can go back stage and help them change? Be prepared to pony up that final $12. The whole studio is completely uninterested in actual instruction. The recreational classes exist solely to help fund the competition teams. Save yourself the headache and find a studio that's actually interested in teaching every child.

Beverly B Boles

We joined the Dance Force seven years ago. I can not say enough great things about the Dance Force. The owners are amazing, they listen to your concerns and let you know where your child should be and what classess you need to take to get them there. We love the staff as welll. It is not just a great place to take Dance Classes, it is a great place to become part of a wonderful FAMILY.

Aaliyah Mulero

Ive dance at Dance Force now for 7 years and going on my 8th and I’m so fortunate for the opportunities it’s given me: a safe environment to express my emotions, a place to grow physically and mentally, learning from top instructors that many can only dream of learning from, and a second family and home. Dance Forve provided me with experiences that I would’ve never imagined I would’ve experienced such as taking class with Travis Wall, preforming at the Ryman, and winning countless of competitions. Although many negative comments reflect on how hard they “push” their students into a negative point, they do not. They are hard on you because they push you to be YOUR best. Something many people do not understand. It’s called “tough love” which is not favored by some. These incredible experiences would not be available to us if Dance Force did not push us to be the best dancers we could be. Everyone from instructors to the directors truly push you to be your best. They not only focus on your dance training but on your character. They teach respect, responsibility, & discipline. Part of who I’ve become is in part to Dance Force. I’m so thankful for the second place I can call home.

Bob smith

Worst experience ever. Signed my daughter up for one of their classes. It was an 1 hour class. 1/2 for ballet and the other 1/2 for tap dancing. But what we got was 20 min of streching, 15 min of the kids running around,5-10 minutes for the teacher to figure out on a piece of paper what she was teaching and then the rest for dancing. By the 3rd time. My 4year old daughter didnt want to go in anymore cause she said its more for playing and not dancing. So there went $160.00 in the trash. Would not recommend.

Eddie Humble

Nancy Doty


kelly g

I had been associated with this studio for several years and it is such a TERRIBLE business and the quality of dance instruction that dancers receive is lacking for recreational dancers the quality instructors are only used to the competition dancers benefit.At the end of the year they put on a show at the end of the season where I sit hours to see my child dance once for 30 seconds. This studio was so greedy for money at this past recital they sold more tickets than seats and had people sitting in folding chairs in the middle of the venue.I would not recommend this studio to anyone.

Crystal Tyler

My daughter has been going to DF for years...we love the staff and the quality of dance education she gets here.

K Ryan

My family has been part of Dance Force way before Mary Lou and Lauren bought the studio from Cindy Bedwell. Through our time at the studio there have been multiple teachers “fired” or “quit”. Recently two teachers were fired because they wanted to branch out, but treated unfairly by the studio owners because their honesty and creative minds were unwelcomed at their studio. Sadly, this is not the first time this act has happened. Over the past SIX years the studio has lost 22 highly educated dance professionals that taught our children. This place strives on quality and having the “best studio in Clarksville”, but has two teachers’, one who danced with the Titan Cheerleaders and studied at Julliard. The second has a degree in dance, worked for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and has performed in shows. Many teachers are alumni that only have their training from Dance Force and never studied anywhere else. How is this quality training as they have expressed on their website? Also, they strive on positivity! As a witness on multiple occurrences students have left rehearsals, class, and the studio crying. On multiple visits I have witnessed Staff Members bully their students. There are multiple students that have lost their confidence in how good of a dancer they are because teachers have told them “you suck”, “you’ll never make it in the dance world”, “why are you doing a solo”, and if a student is crying because of a teacher belittling them the teacher will kick them out of their class or tell them to “suck it up butter cup”. There are many who are scared to let the adult in the room know they have to go potty because of the repercussions behind their “disturbance”. They have caused some of their competitive dancers severe anxiety and not wanting to dance. Dance is a place to express yourself, not belittling children and causing 5-8 year olds to hate dance class. Students have ended up in therapy because of them and their staff. It is not a family atmosphere. The Studio Owners’ do not care about having children trained properly, and if they did they would not push staff members out. They lie to the children when discussing why a teacher or student has left. They live through lies, and never want them to be seen as the bad guy. They blame the children for their bad behavior, lack of respect, and poor dedication as why teachers have left. When a student leaves they inform the whole competition team that they have quit on the team, and are sadden by their actions. They lie to cover their backs and have the team turn on those that are called “quitters”. It is very sad and not professional. Also, they love pulling students in the office (with the door close) to talk to them about matters that are not their business, and should require a parent in the office with them making them uncomfortable and feeling guilty for doing nothing wrong. Another factor to consider when you are picking this studio as a place for your child, you need to consider the cost/money. Yes, this place is like paying a car payment. They charge outrageous prices making families work 2-3 jobs to make their children’s dream come true. They charge 25 cents a stone on competition costumes. It is cheaper to buy the stones in the store and do it yourself than have the Directors’ complete the stoning, but this is never an option. Then there is a travel fee… the fee use to be around $8-$10 dollars, but now ranging from $210-$250 determined on how many dances you are enrolled in. When paying the travel fee it is to include for the Prop Dads that volunteer their time at competitions. It has been 2 years since the Prop Dads have gotten food or seen money. This studio definitely scams their customers. When deciding on a studio I would advise you to avoid this place. They trap you in and never allow you to leave unless they do not like you. If your student wants to make dance their career in life please travel to Nashville. If they are doing it for fun I recommend Natalie’s Dance Network or Acro Dance Express right here in Clarksville, TN.

Joy Collins

Andrew browder

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