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REVIEWS OF Goddess Dance Studio IN South Carolina

Stephanie Greer

Owner has been coaching women of various sizes and fitness levels for over ten years to exceed their own goals based on what is healthy for them through aerialism (pole dance, silks, hoop, etc.). I see some conflicting reviews on here from women who come from competing studios. If you have a question come judge for yourself in a sample class.

Tyler Caraballo

The owner is very mindful and forth right. She's a great coach. I see negative reviews from people that have NEVER attended this place of business rather they feel it's their social justice warrior responsibility to post negative reviews based on a time when the owner disagreed with glorifying the adult entertainment industry. I imagine since she's no stranger to strip clubs, she's very aware of the dangers lurking in those places & considering she has over 20 yrs pole dancing experience - which is why she's protective of the innocent young women whom might be unaware. THAT makes her honest, caring and good at what she does.

Leigh anne

Brandi M

Shelby Pringle

s k

Probably a bad idea to down talk the reason you even have a business.


Alex Phelps

Owner is grossly innapropriate about women and sex workers. Makes jokes about sex trafficking and is overall derogatory. Shouldn't work with children. Don't waste your money on this place.

Alice Lanning

Chigozie Bosah

Tammy Lynch

I started GDS 8 years ago. When I started I was 42 years old and 172 pounds...way too much for my almost 5’2” frame. Within a year I was down to 125 lbs and have kept it off now for 7 years. This program WORKS! The owner of GDS, Elizabeth Pike, is more than qualified to be doing what she does. Goddess was only the 12th studio to open in the nation. Elizabeth was “poling” before poling was cool. In fact, she had to walk through a picket line of protesters to open her doors in Summerville. She authored “A Guide to the Goddess Shape: Official American Pole Guide”, which was published in 2010. Prior to opening GDS, she was in the Boston Ballet and was on the UCA cheerleading staff. I would say this woman knows what she’s doing; anyone questioning her qualifications is either misinformed or has malice intent. I came to GDS with the goal of getting my body in shape, but found much more than just a fun way to lose weight. I found that as I took control of my body, I found confidence and internal strength as well. I also found a group of women who are supportive and caring not catty, which is odd for any large group of females. GDS is this way because Elizabeth Pike won’t accept anything less. She is outspoken , hilarious, and what some would consider inappropriate at times, but SHE IS REAL and she truly cares. She delivers TRUTH whether it’s what you want to hear or not. I believe I am a better person for having met her, and there aren’t many people I can honestly say that about.

Tracy McEvoy

So much fun and exercise!

Sara Baird

Elizabeth is a wonderful and talented woman.

Leilani Mikula

Betty Leseman

I've attended this goddess studio on two occasions - both were boot camps. I was pleasantly impressed with how consistent the staff are from one studio to another with the goddess company as I have been attending the one in Hanahan. Each studio certainly has it's own energy and charm. Both boot camps were led by the owner whom is brassy, ballsy and blunt. She calls you on your weaknesses and challenges you to improve and grow stronger. I can tell you doesn't take nonsense from people which is in part what makes her seem to be such a strong pole instructor. She pushed me to do things I was doubtful I could do and then she also challenged me out when I would rest on my laurels like avoiding doing drills to improve my flexibility. Her staff are equally entertaining in character as they all have this weird ambition to want everyone around them to empower and improve their personal endeavors both in pole and regular life. This place is more than just a place to workout. It's a place to push you to be better.

Heather Gray

Krystle Stephens

I get my butt kicked twice a week by this woman. It is a challenge for me, and I love it because dancing has always come easy. The jokes are all inappropriately wonderful, as to be expected when your business end is upside down on a pole. All the other students have been so supportive and helpful. Especially when I am doubtful and over thinking a move. I'm on week 3, and I already feel a difference in my body. I definitely enjoy my experiences.

Amy Ferguson

Good experience with this business. My daughter is thrilled with everything she’s learned

Thorndal Odinson

The entire crew at Goddess Dance Studio is phenomenal! Their energy is contagious and they make you feel totally comfortable learning new dances. My sister and I took lessons with Elizabeth so that we were prepared physically for her wedding last August. Elizabeth was absolutely fantastic! We learned something new at each lesson and had so much fun every time. Even when we didn't want to go to a group class or lesson after a long day of work, we dragged ourselves there and it was all worth it. We were more energized after the class than we were at the beginning of the day! We felt 100% comfortable by the end and our first pole dance was just natural and felt un-choreographed. I highly recommend this studio-- and Elizabeth in particular for an instructor -- to anyone looking for a way to gain confidence, weight management as we did or just to do something fun and fresh.

Audrey S

Owner is derogatory towards women and ignorant about the history of the material she teaches. Take your money somewhere else.

Miranda Dudley

Flow Defender of vampires

Extremely closed minded and ignorant.


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