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164 Brickyard Rd #100, Mars, PA 16046

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REVIEWS OF Studio 19 Dance Complex good! IN Pennsylvania

Me None Ya

After watching the drama and ignorance of your studio towards Abby Lee Dance Company, I will be keeping my children far away! Grow up!!

Aaron G.

despicable behavior at competition. the people that run and teach at this company are not people you want around your children.

Nikki Vaccaro

Ok, I’m going to leave a true review about the studio! Not what the TV show twisted to add drama and boost ratings of tv show that has been struggling since the original cast grew up and moved onto other things! My little girl started here at the age of 2. She has always LOVED dancing ever since she started! The instructors have been fantastic. She’s learning and confident in her skin and new surroundings. She is 4 now and can not wait for her new season of dance. If she chooses to compete, then we are right where we need to be! If she doesn’t? Then that’s completely fine too. Tammy has been nothing but kind, friendly and courteous every time we are in the studio, nothing like what the dramatics of the television show portray! Don’t believe everything the tv shows you

Ben Apples

Feel like Dance moms is about to paint you in a bad light and I know that can be a huge google score, and publicity nightmare! From reading the reviews before the episode airs I'd just like to say that if Chloe dances here and christi is ok with it, then it can't be that bad! Also mention that because I feel like this episode might involve them and if true the should sue lifetime for slander. Huge fan of the show but not a fan of what the next episode could be. will update after episode:

Kelita McCormick

Haven't been there but that dance studio sounds amazing

Jasmine_ Isfab

Collin B


I have been to over 3 dance studios searching for the best one, i even tried abby lee dance company, and none can compare to you guys!

Buckley Kids

Vanessa Cristina

Y love chloe

Cheryl Stretton



I love the dances,good teachers.Chloe is an amazing dancer.


Chloe is a very good dancer but look where she started ALDC

Lourdes Recendez

Sheryl Polesnak

Ignorant group

Sheree-Ann S

Horrible attitudes. I would never recommend anyone being a part of this environment.

laya sternoff

Addies Adventures

Student and teachers seem really rude! I can't believe they act the way they do. Disgusting!

bala x

Not nice.

Angela Russo

Madeliene Fall

Ana Cristina Escudero Ruvalcaba

Marta Kwiat


I Love it

Clary Franco

Fabulous study

Hannah Benavides

Angela Cicero

tammy looks like jeffree star. that’s it.

Hannah L

You have gone too far. Snotty and obnoxious and ignorant students and teachers. Doesn’t teach good etiquette at all. Never let your kid learn in this awful environment! Absolutely awful how they treated Michelle and Sarah. DO NOT GO HERE!! go to the Abby lee dance company instead!!

Vivian Felizor

dont go here

ok ok

They body shame

Ximena Rodriguez

Erika Gonzalez

Awesome studio


Kelly Muller

Kyla Kraus

I called and no one answered

Ximena Estefania Martínez Ávila

Fiona o'reilly

Lovely studio

Yousef Alshumary

Brought my niece here and she barley learned anything the teachers are incredibly disrespectful too we will not be attending anymore.

Kara Farineau

Tais Morel

Smol Bean

Daisy Castro

That place is nice

Vanessa Gonzalez

Alex Grande

Aubrey Feser

Made a Amazing dancer of Chloe lukiven

tatt22540mad234. Maddie

I am from pittsbrugh.

Ma.Lidia Tellez

(Translated by Google) It's the best academy because it's demanding (Original) Es la mejor academia xq es exigente☺

Makayla Ortiz

Maddie Lewis

hey its izzy

Chloe Is the best

Sadena Cheth

I love Chloe


Kaitlyn Sullivan

Makayla Villarson

Isabella Shealy

absolute worst studio the tammy is the most inconsiderate dance instructor ever

Robby Buckner

We encountered the owner and many members of this studio while traveling and their poor behavior, rudeness and disrespect for those around them was astounding. Foul mouthed, arrogant and obnoxious.

Molly Cottington

4 cos it has chloe it dosen't matter if its better than ALDC there both the best

Brooklynn Zernone

Coby Conjoin

I live on the other side of the world from these guys, I am only here because I am bored, and Chloe Lukasiak from Dance Moms, ALDC dances here......

Aaron Muir

After the experience encountering a large number of members of this dance studio at the Applebee's in Cranberry, Pennsylvania I give it 1 star. If I could give less, I would. My family and I stopped for late dinner while traveling through Pennsylvania and most of the restaurant was occupied by children and adults wearing purple Studio19 Pop Royalty shirts. The fact that they were there was not issue. The behavior I wittinessed was nothing short of appalling! The children were running around the entire restaurant up and down all the sections yelling, playing hide and seek under tables, rolling on the floor, running in and out the front doors screaming. Meanwhile, the parents were at tables not paying any attention to what was going on or they just didn't care. There were two episodes of some of the dads yelling who let the dogs out and barking. The noise was so loud you could not have a conversation. When we left, multiple children that looked about 10 years old and under, were running around the outside of the building and in the parking lot screaming. I have three children, all on competitive sports teams and I can not imagine going out after an event and acting so inconsiderate and disrespectful and letting my children run wild. Not to mention all wearing shirts that represent your dance company. I don't think your dance studio could have been represented any worse!

Eglomar Vargas

Fine i love you

Cameron Alexander

Sharissa Gosse

Louis Cretchen

Ivory Gilmore

rafael nunez

James Parey

The best teachers! The best dancers! Overall the best!


Kalee Kennedy

Dara Turner

WolfySkye .-.

Samantha Bigelow

I'm embarrassed for you.

India J

David Savate

fabulous study

Fillythecheese Wu

Horrible competition etiquette

ballet 12 kitty cute

(Translated by Google) Chloe is in that studio (Original) Chloe esta en ese estudio

Ceci Vazquez

Nicole Geddis

Yaneli M

Isabel Dominguez

Ximena Sanchez

gabby wang

I don't like them

Abby Dee

Ketty Sanchez


SHEEEP queen

Aasiyah Davis

Melody McEvoy


Fatima Cuevas

(Translated by Google) I really like that study (Original) Me gusta mucho ese estudio

Miranda Tuz

Lesley Davis

Beauty Market

Erin Wilson

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