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REVIEWS OF Philadelphia Museum of Art IN Pennsylvania

John Ramsaur

One of Philly's best museums. Interesting structure and grounds.

a. de luz esparza

So much to see. Tickets are good for two days, which is good. If at all possible, do yourself a favor and give yourself at least two days to wonder through all these lovely exhibits

Helen Ford

One of my favorite art museums! The building itself is a work of art and Van Gogh's sunflowers is amazing. Can't visit Philly without stopping at this museum

Jessica Henry

You get so much for that $20 it’s baffling! This was our first time here in Philly and this museum was one of our favorite things! With 1 $20 ticket you get unlimited access to 5 locations for 2 days! So many beautiful sights to see and we thoroughly enjoyed our time here. We purchased a fancy cheese tray for only $12 and we sat on the main stairs and enjoyed live music while enjoying our cheese, bread, grapes and jam. This is a full day activity so bring a camera, and some cash for tipping the workers. Staff was helpful and made sure all guests and their exhibits remain safe!

Rimoun Youssef

Beautiful museum! Ablot of beautiful art pieces, many eastern European pieces and also a beautiful Asian section with lots of building and beautiful archaticate to view, one of the best museum of old art, it's about $20 but with student id it's $14

Joan Borrelli

I have been coming to the Art Museum since I was young and it keeps getting better. It has wonderful collections of paintings, tapestries, sculpture etc, a. Japanese house and a terrific new restaurant . There is also a new underground parking lot. The cost of the Museum ticket also includes entry to the Rhodan museum across the street and the museum gardens. And of course, everyone wants to run up the museum steps just like Rocky did.

Nikita Shestyan

Really cool! There's some beautiful art here and it's nice to learn about the history behind it. The armory was awesome by the way, a must if you're visiting for the first time.

Susan Miller

As always the Museum was stupendous !! Having lived mostly in NJ I have been there often. This visit was after moving to Asheville, NC. It has been fifteen years since I have been there. I loved the Impressionist exhibition and had to go to the European wing 1500-1900. I have many old friends there.

Christopher Zhou

Great collection. Nothing special, just another really good art museum. If you can, come here on the days it's free.

Tony Mangabat

I never cease my sense of wonder when I go here. I've enjoyed looking at art for years now and I still come here to see the works of the masters. And it's in my own backyard.

Ragnarjim One Who Seeks

Outstanding collections and very beautiful building. Signage could be better and about 1/2 of the staff seems very situationally unaware, hence the loss of a star. Still, well worth the visit.

Adam Jordan

Fantastic experience. One of the best art museums I have ever been to. The staff had great suggestions for what I might enjoy. Can't wait to come back some day!

Erica Mason

Had a wonderful time visiting the museum. There's a lot to see and a wide variety of artistic styles. I was happy to see many artists I was familiar with (Picasso, Monet, Degas, Dali, and many more)! Would recommend checking it out if you have a good few hours and enjoy art.

Steve Gieser

One of the largest art museums by gallery space. Great collection of a wide range of art. Besides it’s got the Steps.

Erika Ackley

Last time i visited this place with my neighbor and his family.The place was awesome we wander the museum and found it's unique and interesting. It's a good place for both child and young to gain knowledge . Must visit place!!

Sophia Stone

This is my second visit to the museum. I love the artwork and the architecture. They have lots of large-size objects, rooms, and other features to keep you occupied looking for awhile. I got a kick out of the many people taking pics with the Rocky statue and running up the stairs, but I say if it brings them to the museum for some culture, that’s good. A world-class museum for sure!


So expensive to get in but such a beautiful experience. You can take all day there but parking, entrance fee, restaurants and stores are very expensive. Bring your camera and enjoy the day.

Phyllis Carmack

I am an Artist. This place is a great day out. So much to see and learn. The food was good.This is not a playground for children.

filipe zanini

Haven't been to the inside but the outside is great. Even if you haven't watched rocky, it it's a place worth visiting. Nice architecture and nice surroundings. Only issue was the two "homeless" guys (don't think they were) forcing tourists to let them take pictures and charging money (20 bucks for two photos taken with my own phone? Come on. One dollar is more than enough).

Belinda Gonzalez

I actually went here years ago. I was travelling through Philly by train (great train station btw) and google mistook me being here on this day probably due to the pic I took in the station. The museum however I know to be pretty fantastic and rich in American history. I recommend it highly!

Drew T

Fantastic museum. Great collections and there is something for everyone. I was really impressed with the architecture of the building and rooms themselves.

Chris Scott

The museum is much bigger than I thought it would be. It contains some really great pieces and immersive displays (like entire rooms set up to look like a monastery or the entrance to a Hindu temple). The diversity of their collection/exhibits was also a very welcome surprise. Note: I am a casual art appreciator, not an expert.

Bro Pebo

If you go to Philadelphia, you will want to see the Museum if Art. It has a vast collection of art spanning a big timeframe. I enjoyed the art of Asia and Medieval time periods the best. The armour was stunning. Some of it is very ornate and intricate. If you are a teacher, you could use many facets of it in your instruction. I didn't get to even see all of it either. Make sure you become Rocky when you start the climb.

Geoff Evans

The museum was better than most. It had a diverse group of material, including armor from medieval times. Cafe had really good food and was not overly expensive. Overall, it was well worth the trip for someone who isn't a museum person.

T. McCoy

Great museum. First sunday of month its pay what you want. Amazing art, rocky steps, gorgeous building. Great park lands near by too n super close to city.

Joyce william

We took our cousin to this museum, wow it was a great experience with all phenomenal art works. Children under 12 are free. For those who is handicapped assessable, remember to use near Kelly drive entrance. The tickets are valid to two consecutive, so nice. We plan to visit there today again since we didn't explore all yesterday.

Torry Bailey

Rocky...need I say more! The statue is located in the front of the museum, which is not clearly noted. The art inside of course was amazing but the line was just as long for Rocky!

Vikrant Mishra

Felt so close to being in one of the rocky movie when you are climbing up the stairs. I would recommend going right at sunrise to experience it to the fullest. The museum and the architecture inside is beautiful

Veronica A-W

Love the Art Museum! There are many collections and varieties of artists. Also, I love the Friday after dark events. Membership is also very affordable, so support your local museum!

Lilian L.

One of the biggest museum I’ve ever been to. Their arts were amazing and photography exhibitions were beautiful. I can’t believe they have a Japanese tea house and a temple in it too! Love every bit of it.

Mariuxi Campoverde Nolivos

Pretty good. The art that you see there is special. I haven't in other place. I recommend the museum. And every friday in the afternoon they make performance.

Christopher Banks

First time there. Place was very educational. Worth your time to go and see all of the amazing pieces and things most didnt even know they have. Go, you wont be disappointed.

Beatrix Balogh

Beautiful museum! We went for the impressionist and Yoshitoshi exhibit. It's 2 floors, but there is so much artwork we could only do 1 floor in one afternoon, so we definitely plan to go back! They also have super fun Friday night events, and always do special events themed around whatever special exhibitions they currently have!

K Hill

Absolutely wonderful! We read that the Barnes was the one to visit and you could skip this one. I disagree. This one is worth seeing. it has a terrific sampling of American art, impressionist artists, many of the Masters that you would have to travel around the world to see. Great collection! It has rooms from manor houses in Europe that have been reconstructed in the museum. Also it has a 1400 building from China reconstructed as well as a Japanese room and tea House garden. Regular admission gets you 2 days access two museums including the Rodin, the Perelman and more.

Stella Geller

I went to Philadelphia museum with my family and we saw Asian exhibit. We loved the details and intricate work that was done by many different artists through out different centuries. I wish we had more time to see other exhibits but next time we will see more!! But we loved everything that we manage to see!

Lindsey Gobert

Had a really nice time. We got an annual membership at the end of last year, and this was the 1st we could go, due to my work. What a nice time. Got a bite to eat for lunch at the cafe, good food nice selection and prices were on par with local area. We went through 2 sections in our 4 hour stay. Can't wait to go back on next day off.

R Frey

Nice museum, some excellent exhibits. Other areas had lower quality exhibits. Not on par with NYC or other majors. Overall was a nice day.

Kyle McFarlane

An amazing little museum that is iconic as it is very humble. Bag check your stuff and get comfortable enjoying all of the art and exhibitions they have avaliable. Be sure to be very careful around the art. It's an amazing experience.

Patrick Simmons

Very cool. Sometimes stupid, like the black square. #hector

Adriann Hardin

Well we just ran up the stairs and saw the Rocky statue. The museum outside is really cool, they will not let you inside unless you pay...not even to use the restroom. I didn't go into the museum but looks like they have a lot of really great stuff.

Holly Dawn Hewlett

I love this place, Philly is my home town. I have spent many hours walking this magnificent building. I brought my fiance here as she loves art and is creative. Give yourself at least two days to experience the museum. Truly, trust me, your body and mind will thank you.

Antwan Nicholson

Didn't go in. The Rock n Roll Half Marathon ended at the bottom of the steps there.


Expect an awesome day, each exhibit was wonderful, multiple visits, are necessary to take in your thoughts in mind.

Delores Willis

PROS: The collections are amazing, representing some of the most well known art by some of the most famous artists. The collections are large and varied; there's plenty to see - too much to all do in one day. The special exhibits are usually of high quality as well, and, though crowded, they are timed (making the crowds more tolerable). Parking is easy because of the parking building in the back. CONS: You will not be disappointed, since there is something for everybody here -but the museum is so large with so many pieces, it is hard to navigate and organize how best to spend the time you do have. The museum should have walking tours, audio tours, or pamphlets to direct guests to key pieces, or key items representative of a certain style, or any variation on theme.

Y. Lu

I very much enjoyed this museum. It is slightly smaller than the Met but very well organized. I very much like the Asian and impressionist collections. Putting Islamic, Hindu and Chinese temples together in a line was very creative and beautiful.

Srinidhi Raghavendra

A large and majestic museum in the city of Philadelphia, this is home to an amazing array of historical art and antiques. I was enthralled by the special exhibit of impressionist paintings from master artists like Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, and others. The permanent exhibits of armory and weapons is equally spine chilling and impressive. To observe the sheer size of swords and knives of the bygone era is something amazing. The warriors of medieval ages were definitely strong, fit, and hardworking otherwise it would be impossible to wield these weapons and protect themselves, let alone win a war.

Yvonne Fonseca

We had fun doing the Kidney Walk with the family. We met Freeway there. See ya next year!!!

jw groezy

Amazing building with some very important pieces of art. In particular I loved the impressionist collection.

Sam Dabit

Absolutely gorgeous. It took us about five hours to go through all of it. I really enjoyed the surrealist Salvador Dali's painting, I wish they had more by him. I believe they had a very nice assortment of artwork over all of the various time periods. Definitely up there with one of the nicest art museums I've been to. Highly recommended!

Patrick Pagal

This is such a fascinating place! From the rocky statue to the fountain and the sculptures! The artwork and craftsmanship methodically moves a person to the unique and rich history that Philadelphia has to offer! Truly a remarkable place to walk around, explore, and visit. This place is a must see if your in the area. The view alone is breathtaking and beautiful. So much character and architecture to explore and see!

Preston Phommathep

Very large was absolutely stunning. Took almost half the day to just explore a good portion of the museum. There were plenty of exhibits that would be pleasing to look at and had great deals for students. Definitely not a place you can just go for two hours as you’ll need the time to fully take in all of the exhibits. Was very clean and beautiful.

Guilherme Ballin

Beautiful and massive museum only a short walk from Logan Square. Of course it is famous for the Rocky movie and there is a statue Rocky about it off to the side. However, the line was so long that we felt it wasn't worth it. We took a picture from a little distance away and moved on. The huge fountain out front is also quite a site to see. Climbing the steps up to the front doors was quite an experience. The staff was also very friendly and professional. If you're going to Philly, this place is a must stop.

Zachary Lawson

I went to see the Rocky steps on a business trip and had a good time the art around the museum was amazing I would love to go back soon and visit the museum because what I did get to see looked awesome. It also looked like they where doing some updates to the exterior of the building. I would like to see what they plan on adding next.

Juan E. Buret

I just love everything about this place... Every first Sunday is pay what you want or can day. A must visit place in Philly... Full of life from the steps to each corner inside its immensity...

Karen Ann

We had such a wonderful day exploring the museum. The salad bar was great at the cafe. Grilled shrimp over a great salad only ran like 7 or 8 dollars. Staff throughout the entire museum were extremely pleasant and helpful.

Anita Winchester

I love coming to Philadelphia. But this was a night visit so, not so much. "Rocky" needs to be lighted.

Allen Whisler

Running up the steps like Rocky is fun for everyone. The museum is world class!

John Flatley

First time actually going into the museum. What an amazing place! The way they've incorporated facades and even buildings that are centuries old is simply amazing.

Michele Gargiulo

This is such a great museum. I love to travel and pop into as many as I can around the world, there is something really special about this Philly Museum. They are under construction for their restaurant, so I was unable to eat there the last two times I went. I’d definitely recommend going, especially if you are only in the area for a few days.

Gregory DiSalvio

Remember to visit the Rocky Statue before running the Rocky Stairs. The Masterpieces within are spellbinding. Manet, Monet and Van Gogh to name three. The Artistic layout is open space and comfortable for viewing. Loved it. Want to return.

Lisa Kim

Beautiful collection. We came the day it was 80 degree. Nice and cool inside. Their cafe is also nice and clean. I would definitely come back for another round. They had 2 special exhibits I enjoyed. Japanese tea house could have been a bit better with presentation. Overall great museum.

Lamont Truong

Just took the outside. It's nice on the inside but I havent went in yet. Here's some great structural. If you're visiting and u love art, go check it out

Cristi Marashi

We were visiting Philadelphia Museum of Art on a pay as you wish day which I think is always a great thing to offer. It is a large museum with plenty to see. We had a great time!

Shell Bellz

So my very first time at this Museum was incredible. I Performed there!! It was probably the most memorable moment for me thus far. The art is BEAUTIFUL and the staff are very friendly!! The out come of people each so was amazing!! I can't to come back and do this again! THANK YOU

Lylia Hoehl

Loved the milieu, coffee shop, clean rest rooms and beautiful artwork. Great place to visit with a group of friends.

Ken Klos

Need lots of time to much to see! Worth every minute.

Tabatha Kohler

This place has the most amazing art work I truly was taken back by the beauty of it all. If you want to see such a fantastic Craftsman ship of art and style and beauty this is the place. I was in Awe the whole time. And it's also a great place to learn about things. Although they don't allow cameras to take pictures. If caught they will ask you not to do it. I learned the hard way but hey even I didn't know but now I do. Like they say everyday you learn something new.

Brandi Nikole

Very nice day spent gazing at beautiful artwork! Will definitely come again!

Phai Thivarat

Philadelphia Art museum is incredible place. I love everything about it. Including people work there. They're sweet and friendly ♥️

Kevin Brothers

Great museum with some amazing pieces. The security will be all over you though. Don't make any sudden movements or wear your backpack on both shoulders. You might get tackled. Make sure you do the Rocky steps! That is the most important part!

Steven C

Very nice and large collection. Had a great time with European and modern aren't. Nice collection of Asian Art too.

Dmitry Tsygankov

Great collection of art, especially impressionists. The kids liked the medieval armor. Huge museum. We went in with a huge discount at the start of the month. I liked how some of the art is almost integrated into the building itself - very unusual.

Joe Hulse

The impressionist exhibit was spectacular! and it was all works from the Museum itself. No loaners. The japanese woodcut prints were also a great display. In the American wing I was fascinated by Presidential china. And the beautiful furniture. WOW! Thank you for taking me John and Jan!

Dan Wilding

Nice, open, comfortable location with a fabulous view of down town Philadelphia. Great place for photos. This place is also known as the"Rocky Steps" as this is where the famous Rocky movie scene was filmed. We visited the location in the dark. We walked from down town and back again... safe, clean and well lit the entire way.

Keith Odom

Run the stairs just like Rocky. Don't forget the statue off to the side of the stairs. People politely line up to take a photo.

ernest king

Beautiful piece of architect beautiful fountain in front of the building the only thing I notice is that it suffers like a lot of buildings in major cities poor funding I guess. The shrubbery and the grasses around the building or in poor shape. The area and the building has such potential.

lokesh paduchuri

Great place for a viewing the sunset. The city view looks great from here.


This museum is great!! The exhibits were so interesting. The place is clean and full of art and information. The people are all friendly and well informed. We spent the whole day there and could have gone back the next day. We had brunch at the restaurant inside and the food was exquisite.

Leslye Green

Amazing to think that whole Asian reception halls were transported and European parlors recreated. You are literally surrounded by art in some areas to include the archway, ceilings and walls. And to top it off, we caught Pay As You May Wednesdays and a free guided tour.

SGP Versluis

On the end of the Rocky stairs you will find this awesome museum. Definitely worth the stop!

Marc Kobrin

Fantastic place with great views of the city. Philly is very scenic.

Marina Perez

Easy to (paid) park in the garage then walk into museum. Walk through sculpture garden as well. So much to see so pace yourself. The exhibits are easy to walk though and even though some places are under construction, there is fabulous works of art to appreciate Tips are don't wear a backpack or any large item that you may bump people or back into precious artwork. The very polite staff will firmly suggest you wear your backpack in the front of you. This includes big purses. No walking around with a beverage or your snack. There is a well stocked cafe and restaurant to have refreshments. I had a great time!

Spiritualized Kaos

Inside this great building with classic forms there is a magnificent collection of works of art. From its entrance you can see magnificent views of the urban center. But, above all, on its stairs is where Rocky Balboa was trained, a mythical film place.

Ronald Sallee

I am amazed at the craftsmanship and artwork people were capable of centuries ago.

Shiv Ganesh

Good museum to visit. It may not be as expansive and contain as many famous historical artwork like other ones, but it has enough to offer. You can view artwork from different time periods around the world. I like the sets built to reflect the time period.

Buyu Liu

My experience of impression's eye and other exhibition were very good. However, I have to say that one staff that worked for the Japanese exhibition that closes to the impression's eye was very rude. And I felt like she was racist. Before we came to the exhibition, we asked the lady in front whether we can take photos and her reply was YES but no flash. Of course we followed her suggestion. We were standing in front of a picture and describing it (Yes, we have east Asian background and knew the content quite well). One lady showed up and asked us not to put our hand close to the picture rudely. I would say our hands were at least 30cm away from the picture and we have no intention to put them forward. This was so embarrassing and awkward even one visitor tried to comfort us. Interestingly, we were the only two in the exhibition that were told like that. We even noticed another young lady put her head extremely close to the picture, but this lady chose not to stop her. Very disappointing.

erika cortez

Spent three hours here, well worth my money !! So much to see make sure you stop here.

Irina smith

Love this place! Was surprised by the collection!!!!! They have actual artifacts and whole buildings from other countries reconstructed in the museum. Or should I say the museum is constructed around artifacts. Incredible! The cafe had good food reasonbly priced!Wasn't impressed by their modern art collection. They have issues with their elevators. Waited over 30 minutes for one. If you have mobility issues or a stroller, then be prepared to wait or only have limited access.

Benjamin Sehrer

Give yourself time to visit the museum... Beyond the copious amount of photo opportunities surrounding the museum. The museum does not stay open that late so plan accordingly. Speaking of which, you cannot visit the gift store, cafeteria, or restrooms, without first paying admission. This is where you want to get your Rocky pictures outside and then go interpret some Picasso inside. Have fun, take advantage of your visit. The pathways leading from downtown to the museum is about a 1.25 hour walk with casual stops along the way. Public parking is generally free on Sundays!

Amihai Freed

This place is filled with wonderful hands-on exhibits. It can be enjoyed at any age. I went with my 5 month old baby, my wife, my mother, and my grandmother, and we all had a good time. My baby enjoyed the stimulating visuals, and my grandmother didn't want to leave. I myself felt like a kid in a candy store and was disappointed by not having the time to see all the exhibits.

Iryna Chekhinda

It reminds me of Greece with those steps and colonies. I think they have an interesting impressionist gallery and surrealism section. I like the artworks of Venice. Not so many sculptures, but they are nice. Your ticket will include entrance to the Rodin museum, which is not so far from the museum of art. They have a nice dinner section below down. It's a nice place to visit.

Joe Cera

Good diversity of exhibits. Satisfying, grand interior. Like a mini MET.

Tracey Kunkel

Loved it! Fantastic collection of art. Phenomenal job of displaying the art Especially loved the Asia art collection.

Lulu Lin

Must visit spot in Philadelphia!!! Lots of great arts with different subjects, contemporary and modern including Vangual ,Picasso ,Monet ..... Also American art, early Europium , the India temple recreation just unbelievable, they even have a Japanese tea house, I’m a huge art lover, Philadelphia art museum is one of the most inspiring one . Recommend to come on Thursday do a two day tickets, they often has concerts on Friday, if buy the ticket on Thursday, you get to go the concert and to Rodin museums also for free, 3in 1 for only 20 /adults What a deal ! For small budget, come on Wednesday night is pay as you wish , also a good chance to explore the fine arts, for 2-3hr, but if you got the time , this is the money worth to spend!!

David Han

Had to check out this place with the everlasting Rocky influence. I was very surprised to see a huge line just to take a picture with the Rocky statue. Although I did not go to the museum that day due to the long lines, just being outside and enjoying the views was more than enough. I wasn't in Philadelphia long, but this is probably one of the best views of the Philadelphia skyline.

Lisa Shirley

This could possibly be one of the most beautiful and cleanest art museums ever. The exhibits are extraordinary and so well maintained. I spent pretty much the whole day here because there is just so much to see. I will definitely come back again in the future.

David Elizalde

One of the best museums in the world, their collection is vast. Great works of art by renown artists. Some of the newer pieces I wouldn't consider art but that's just the times we live in. But either way beautiful for the most part.

Michelle Holland Clary

Not just for paintings anymore. The paintings and sculptures were breath taking but actual ROOMS from different time periods, including a Japanese tea room put it WAY over the top. Must see!

Dustin Swafford

Exceptional attention to detail on each gallery and piece. Entire structures (rooms, buildings, ceilings) being recreated add an extra touch to this museum. Of course, some of the best artists throughout time have their work displayed here. Must see

Jennifer Browns Millionaire

Pretty good art collection but the "attendents" that stand in the rooms act more like bouncers at a club guarding the door than the helpful friendly caretakers of the museum that they should be. Some were friendly but most were either half asleep or standing there with an aggressive unfriendly stance. What a shame.


The museum is absolutely beautiful. It's a great place to gather with friends and family and even to complete a workout.

Andrew Doren

Go early on first Sundays and enjoy without paying full price (Go anytime if you have the cash)

Ken C

Lots of things to see and tons to explore! An absolute steal on pay as you wish nights if you like art. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has a wide collection of art from around the world. They have exhibits dedicated to Asian arts, Europe, medieval arms, and American history.

Carol Z

Fantastic museum. The tour guide was fabulous and so informative!

Samira Pitts

It's the Art Museum! I love the set up, the history, the design, and it's right there on the Parkway my Favorite street in the city!

Michael Dutton

Even though the ground floor is closed due to construction, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is still a world class museum. I was there with a group. We were given a private tour of their current show revolving around the Impressionists. Our document's program was most interesting. The theme was "Through the eyes of the Impressionists".

Yogesh Hingalaje

Good for art lovers. Well behaved and welcoming staff. There some good stuff to see around this place too.

Ven Reddy

Lots of cool art, big gift shop. Let you take photographs (no flash of course). Nice staff.

Millie Kwan

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a fabulous museum. The permanent collection has some great pieces as evidenced by the exhibits that are bright together from within the museum as well as special exhibitions that are really fantastic. They are currently renovating parts of the museum so I look forward to seeing what it looks like when they are complete. If you live locally in Philadelphia and enjoy at museums, I would highly recommend a membership as it also allows access to the Rodin Museum down the street and also access to other museums across the nation. Parking is available in the deck behind the museum and is underground. Very convenient.

Blair Wright

Great installations and it's a very nice building, the layout didnt make much sense to me but the flow through the buildings was pretty good. There are quite a few smaller rooms hidden in the back of other rooms and quite a few dead ends. Altogether they have an excellent permanent collection. I have added some of my personal highlight photos to this review

Joan Vangilson

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is fantastic! Take the time to read the captions and you will discover and learn so much. Beautiful artwork, stunning statues, amazing artifacts, and Rocky Balboa. I was there for 3 hours and didn't see everything so plan on a longer tour if you are going to read the captions which will greatly enhance your experience and enlighten you. The Spinx, Africa, Mexico, and Central America will be added in November.

Shakthi Visagan

It's the existence of institutions like these that prevent against the modern coarsening of culture.

Kirstan Harper

An awesome experience Wednesday night. The museum closes at 9 on Wednesday, and it's nice to be able to enjoy the area in a less crowded manner. Walking being able to enjoy wine (which they serve) and see thought provoking ancient works and exhibits is an experience I didn't realize I needed. They also seem to have yoga classes which is something I hope to try next time

Brendan Hodgens

great collections in beautiful halls. Artwork displayed is sometimes surrounded by contemporary antiques giving context to the works.

Mari Bar

We didn't even go in it and loved it! The exterior is beautiful and who can resist running up the stairs like Rocky? Even if you can't go in the grounds are worth seeing. You'll see authentically painted statues and the fountain is nice. There is also a great view of the skyline.


I love this museum so much. Incredible art, architecture, and artifacts. The staff are always incredibly friendly and helpful too. Definitely check out pay-what-you-want nights on Wednesdays

Howie Mcnicol

We happened to be in Philly on the first Sunday, which lets people pay what they want - great bargain! We immensely enjoyed the special exhibition of impressionist paintings. Afterwards, we wandered around other areas and also explored the sculpture garden. If pressed for time, I'd skip the sculpture garden. Easy to spend a day here.

John Morris

Great place to visit had very interesting art and different exhibits to see inside.

Hannah Meiklejohn

Have visited multiple times, happy with the displays and lighting. Great selection of Modern and Contemporary works on view. Found a few surprises, would spend an afternoon exploring here again. Artwork on view seems to be in good condition and security is strict, but fair.

John Conley

A super Art Museum! We were not disappointed. It has something for everyone. Selected works of art from throughout the ages. Each piece of art was First-Class.

Norma Lilia

Very nice place to visit. The weather was just perfect for walking around the grounds. There’s so much to do around this area. This is an iconic sightseeing must in Philly. I can’t wait to return.

Nettie Mccoy

I took two small children and one middle school child to this exhibit. They loved it! They especially loved the painting with many umbrellas. Although this exhibit was not meant for young children, with proper explanation and a bit of patience young children will find the landscape and portraiture interesting. It is all about pointing out things that are relevant to them. For example, there was a painting by Glackens entitled Christmas Shoppers that depicted a busy holiday scene from New York City. You could see a Santa Claus, people with packages, a girl with a doll, and many small children. The museum was insightful to include pieces that children would enjoy. They also liked Old King Cole by Maxfield Parrish because they were familiar with the nursery rhyme.

CAROL L Morrell

This Museum is an Awesome one to see, can't wait to Visit again, one of the best, go visit and see for yourself!!

Scott Corcoran

Pay-what-you-want-Wednesdays and staying open late for us fluorescent light daytime dwellers is a great deal. I love this place regardless, whether I'm sledding down the steps in the winter on a trash can lid or taking someone on a date in the spring, or even just roaming alone out back in the summer garden (Anne d'Harnoncourt I believe), having a bad time here just doesn't seem possible. The exhibits rotate often enough that it stays interesting, there are a multitude of famous paintings, or works by famous artists, or amazing works by lesser-known artists, and the setup of some areas is just visually stunning as you walk in. If you've never been, you're missing out.

Ellis Sacks

As always the exhibits were spectacular. The docent was well informed and offered interesting side comments.

Srinivasan Narayanan

Excellent museum. A great collection of Money, Gauguin, Renoir and many other post-impressionist painters. Other fantastic exhibits as well. Tickets are pricey but First Sunday of the month is free. Admission also valid for the Rodin museum nearby. Very much worth the visit.

Some One

So so so many famous artists and their work are featured here. The building itself is a masterpiece, along with the parks surrounding it and the crew houses along the Schulkyll. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the security is top notch for the preservation of the space and the atmosphere! I come here like once a month to escape from the world for a bit and I have never been disappointed!

Kathy Givler

Every time we go to Philadelphia, we love it more and more. The museum is one place we can't get enough of. We became members because we want to be able to expose our grandchildren to art and culture. Every event we attend is better than the last. And we can't say enough about the staff. Their love and passion for their work and for the museum itself are contagious. Their knowledge is impressive and boundless. Our only regret is that we didn't become members sooner!

Karen Dunkel

Fabulous exhibit of Impressionism. Very impressed with this museum. Definitely worth a visit.

Roy C

Just an amazing museum with great sectors of art. A must visit.

Mei Ling

Really enjoyed my visit here! Especially the European and modern art showcased! Definitely a 2-day visit is NEEDED!

Leslie Musiak

Great collection. Very wide ranging. Since really big installations. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Kevin Emery

A must see when visiting Philadelphia. If you want to see the Rocky statue you will be at the door steps of the museum. Definitely two must dos. Not mention two of the best picture opportunities in Philly. Every time I get back we try to visit. It is also the location where the Eagles ended their Super Bowl parade and the iconic Jason Kelce speech took place. Hungry dogs run faster.

Sam Jackson

This was a fabulous museum and we had a fabulous tour of impressionist art. The collection of ancient armory is something to behold. The number of unique permanent exhibits is something that must be on your list. The Philadelphia museum of art has too many great things to miss.

Gianina Voicu

Amazing place to go for outing with your friends and family. I was shocked to see their collection of art and historical stuff. The atmosphere was positive and joyful. Also the part of this place was music shows and good arrangements for children and aged peoples.

Lael Kittle

Beautiful, make sure to give yourself an hour or so to see each exhibit and painting. We skipped the modern art, but the rest was exceptional.

Dan Smith

Wonderful collections. I was there with a school group and the museum staff did an outstanding job working with us. We were welcomed and accomodated by friendly and helpful people. Our guide encouraged the students to notice details and piece ideas together in exciting ways. I only wish I had had more time to explore more of the exhibits. Will have to return.

Lynda Simon

Amazing collection and friendly staff. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit and got to see some pieces I never thought I'd see in person. Lovely to see everything up close and not behind glass too. Would love to go back and spend more time.

Andrew Brown

Very nice place to get out of the heat. Parking is right below the museum that's very convenient. Although the price is $24 to park if you validate in the museum it's only $14 and prices for the museum max out at $20. With a student ID you can get a ticket for $12 so total it was only $26 for the whole museum.

Jeff N

They have a really good collection and good limited-time special exhibits. The watercolor exhibit for example was superb The cafe and the restaurant were replaced and combined to form a lesser cafe, a downgrade. Otherwise I enjoy spending a day here for the great art. PS they have other nearby buildings such as a Rodin sculpture garden and museum, Perelman building, etc. inclusive. Lots of people run up the Rocky staircase, though that was closed off the last time I went

Derek Moreno

Absolutely wonderful museum. The unfortunate thing about my visit was that I went at the end of the day. 2 hours is not nearly enough time for me. The upstairs area was my favorite part. I'll need to try again soon.

Saurabh Bagde

Beautiful architecture and the Rocky's statue is the most visited tourist place around the city

Deb Cambria

The Philadelphia art museum is absolutely beautiful. Exhibits are great and people working there are all very nice and helpful. The ice cream truck outside with that loud monotonous music almost ruined a beautiful evening. I was going to stroll the grounds but headed out for the nouse was unbearable

Ateeb Tallaat Khan

Had a wonderful experience visiting here with my dad & I. As a complete art novice, I learned allot (definitely recommend getting a group tour). Don't know exactly when but I believe on Friday evenings there is a live musical performance on the main stairs.

LuAnn Wood

Did The Impressionists' Eye, a special exhibit. It was very good and the free guided tour was awesome. Also, The American Wing is well worth it. Includes history and culture illustrated through paintings, sculpture, porcelain, silver, glass and pottery.

Frank mosca

Gorgeous entrance from the North. Coffee shop beautifully located. Loved it all

Geraldine Prieto.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is an art museum originally chartered in 1876 for the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. The main museum building was completed in 1928[6] on Fairmount, a hill located at the northwest end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway at Eakins Oval. The museum administers collections containing over 240,000 objects including major holdings of European, American and Asian origin. The various classes of artwork include sculpture, paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, armor, and decorative arts

Alec Jace

Love this gem. It's in the prettiest area of Philly, so you can make a full day out of right where you're at without getting into your car. Great exhibits as well.

Matthew Huynh

It’s $20 for adults and $18 for seniors. This art museum has no escalators. Please understand. Enjoy your tour.

Preston Davis

You have to walk up the Rocky Steps (from the movies) to get inside. It's 94 degrees today: 6/28/19. I saved the $20 entrance fee since I'm a member of San Francisco's SFMOMA! It pays to belong to museums that have reciprocal memberships! I used the savings to eat in their restaurant. Tom, the operations manager in the restaurant and cafe was so friendly and kind. He was so knowledgeable and helpful with his explanations of the differences in the burgers in the cafe vs their restaurant. My waiter was great too. Knowledgeable and personable. The greaeter lady was very nice and accommodating, & I appreciated that. Tom had the chef come over to see me. He delivered the great banana bread pudding dessert. The chef was very polite and gracious, & everyone on staff is handsome and slim! I'll write more soon about this amazing world class museum.

Margaret Morillon

This museum is wonderful. It's clean and the staff very friendly. We even had lunch at the cafe and the food was really good. Just remember that there is a lot to see so make sure you have plenty of time to see all three floors. You have to climb 72 stairs to the entrance but its not that bad. Rocky ran up them in Rocky 1. You also have the statue to the right that you can take a picture with.

Marion Bogan

The place was superb with great infrastructure . The things i like about this museum was their collection and placement of stuff which was easily visible to all also i like the cleanliness of hall. Their management was also very knowledgeable which handle this place nicely . Must visit place

elizabeth blair

Very impressive museum. Only disappointment was the lack of Van Gogh paintings available for viewing during the impressionist exhibit. However, the other collections made up for it. I definitely recommend coming with your friends & family. It’s breathtaking!

yuga brahmankar

This is really really very beautiful museum..... Risa was our museum tour guid.. she is so talented and passionate about her job... she made us to connect with every art and depicted story behind it beautifully...

Anastasia Tarassowa

A lot of amazing masterpieces, great collection of South Asian art. Entry is not for free, unless you have some special conditions. Marvellous view on the city free the staircase of the museum building.


Great place to visit. There is a nice park right behind the museum that was made out of the original water works reservoir and a very nice trail with scenic views.

Jason Georgacakis

We did not enter the museum but there is a lot to see outside the surrounding areas. Of course the Rocky statue was a stopping point but it had a lot of people waiting in line. Very cool views at the top of the steps.


This is a great museum with world renowned art pieces that few know are in Philadelphia. They also do a lot of supplemental programs. Parking is free in the area on Sundays. Overall, this museum is an excellent collection of different art styles.

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