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REVIEWS OF Crunch Fitness - Beaverton IN Oregon

ben misner

Rarely open on time. Only a couple of worn out cuffs for the olympic barbells which is a safety issue. If a machine breaks it stays that way for months. Missed yet another workout this morning because they were so late opening. If you're on any kind of schedule or have a life don't get a membership here. The general staff is good just terrible management.

Jered Roberts

I've been going to this gym for almost 2 yrs. The environment there is always kind and encouraging. The place is always clean. The staff has always been helpful and kind as well. I've met a lot of wonderful people at this gym. After reading some of the negative reviews I have to kind of laugh because these people seem like they were simply taking their anger out on crunch. No place is going to be perfect, but crunch is a fairly inexpensive gym with the top fee being 30 dollars a month. You're not going to beat that. The floor is spaced out well. During peak hours it can get packed, but even then if you expand your lifting knowledge then you will find that there is always something available for you to target the muscle you're trying to hit. Yes, people grunt. Yes, it will get loud at times. Yes, you will hear weight being lifted. It's a gym not a library. I've been to many other crunch gyms and none of them have been better than Beaverton. This gym has almost everything you could ask for. Check it out and be open minded when it comes to interacting with others and new equipment.

Pete Johnson

Michael Rogers

It is almost impossible to be able to cancel your membership when you are looking to move to another place. Will keep charging and charging your card even though it is supposedly canceled. Another thing, every single month i worked out there, there was a new person or two working at the front desk. The manager needs some social skills the way I see it.

Kim Sanders-Hamblin

Good basic gym with low key crowd, not lots of frills but big variety of classes and good weight room area

J.P. Nixon

Kym Whitten

Jon Jon

Would give this place 0 stars if I could. Wouldn't even consider this a business. Cancelling a basic membership is a nightmare. Avoid this place and use 24hr Fitness or Planet Fitness

Georgiana Sinioris

I have been going to crunch for a while but just recently hooked up with Katelyn Oakes as my personal trainer. Oh my goodness she is so awesome! So upbeat, knowledgeable and down to earth! I came in with an injury we had to be careful around and she is great at modifying my program to strengthen where it really counts!! Highly recommend her and crunch. Great facility. Always clean and not intimidating. Exactly what I need!

Katie Fujihara

Wow. Crunch Beaverton. What a let down. Let me preface this by saying I don’t like giving bad reviews....if you look at my account I usually give ratings of 4-5. I am just appalled. On December 11, 2017 I received an email stating: This is a friendly reminder that your membership is set to expire on 12/16/2017. We value you as a member and are eager to assist you so that you may continue to make the most of your membership. Please come to the front desk when you are ready to renew your account. Knowing that I didn’t want to renew my account, I didn’t go in to Crunch to renew it. On 12/17/2017 I received a charge on my card for $19.95. Thinking that was strange I contacted Crunch to see if this was a mistake because the email clearly stated that if I didn’t want to continue I wouldn’t have to do anything. I went in to Crunch and talked to Matt, the manager, he told me that the email was a mistake..that they didn’t know how I got an expiration email when I’m month-to-month. Cool. Not my problem right? One of your employees messed up but that’s not on me. I was sent a misleading email, so you’ll fix it. Apparently, it is my fault that I didn’t cancel 10 days before even though I received an email saying that my account would expire. Long story short, they won’t give me my money back because even though he CAN issue the refund, according to him it looks bad to corporate so he won’t. Wow. I’m just shocked how you can provide this terrible level of customer service. I’m also apparently supposed to know that that email is not possible because I’m a month-to-month member. So how am I supposed to know that? Do I study Crunch Fitness email copy? No I do not. I now have to go through my credit card to dispute the charge. And FYI, Matt, this is less about the $20 and more about the principal. You care less about your location’s gym-goers than saving face with corporate.

Nima T

Kyle Enzweiler

Daniel McNabb

Great price, decent equipment.

Angela Seyler

You get what you pay for. At $10 a month, I dont see how anyone can complain about this place. YES, it gets crowded at peak hours. Considering it's still February, I think it's pretty safe to say that it's similar at most gyms with new years resolutions and all. As far as parking goes, I think it would be pretty silly to complain about having to walk further to get to the're going to workout...The weight area is pretty limited, but again, $10 a month. Locker rooms are small, but considering hardly anyone uses the showers (in my experience), and they provide soap/shampoo and keep the showers clean, I think this is a great bonus. This is a great place if you're just starting out, can't afford any more, etc.

David C

Decent equipment for an affordable price. Could use a free weight area expansion as well as an additional squat rack. The nice deadlift/squat/clean platform downstairs is usually blocked off due to frequent training sessions closeby on the turf. The new deadlift station location is centered on two different depth mirrors which makes form checking pretty much impossible.


Katelyn is by far my favorite trainer, her group classes are always fun and her energy is infectious

Andrea Priest

Jessica Bitz

The gym is ok. We keep coming to Crunch because Katelyn (one of the trainers is awesome

Alexander Heinrich

Gavin Tsutsumi

Do not come to this gym. Save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere. Crunch might be a budget gym, but somehow they've managed to defy the old saying by actually giving you less than what you pay for. For starters, this gym doesn't have the space or equipment available to accomodate their members during peak hours if the machines are even working at all. On top of that, there have been a number of times where the supplies to disinfect the equipment were non-existent, which is beyond disgusting. I put up with this because the membership was cheap and I figured I shouldn't have high expectations. The real problem and reason for my review comes down to their business practices and treatment of their customers. We received an email from Crunch Beaverton saying that the account was about to expire and we could come in and renew, or do nothing and let it expire. Since we wanted to discontinue, we let it "expire" only to find a surprise charge from Crunch. We then visited Crunch Beaverton to sort things out and see if we could be refunded. Matt, the manager on duty, was unhelpful and frankly unpleasant to deal with. After explaining the situation, Matt admitted that the email was a mistake on Crunch's part, but he wouldn't do anything about it. Since our membership was month-to-month, he basically told us that we should have known the email was a mistake and therefore disregarded it and at this point, it was technically too late to process the refund. Instead of providing a good customer experience here, Matt told us that if he could refund us, but if he did, Crunch Corporate would come down on them. But you know what? Maybe that is exactly what needs to happen here. A pretty big mistake was made by the Crunch Beaverton team, but with the way Matt manages things, I highly doubt that any changes will be made and these mistakes will continue to happen. He claims that we are the only ones to have this problem, but how many more received this email and what if they don't check their credit card statement? This experience paired with the other reviews of those who have been wrongly charged multiple times leaves a bad impression of Crunch as a business and the way they operate. We've cancelled our memberships but only time will tell if they keep trying to charge us.

Dana Beals

I’m only leaving one star because I have to. I came in and cancelled my membership IN PERSON and it just never got cancelled, this was back in 2016. Stopped getting charged for a couple months then I would randomly get charged. I moved so I called and asked to cancel it AGAIN. Was told I needed to send in a letter stating I wanted to cancel and the date, so I did. THEN I get charged the yearly maintenance fee, called again and asked why I was charged and was told my membership STILL HADNT BEEN CANCELLED. I called last Friday after getting charged for the month of April and asked to speak to a manger. He had apparently just left, bonus he wouldn’t be in until Monday. I’ve called multiple times asking for him. It has been a full week since I first called and haven’t heard from anyone. Left my name 2 different times with 2 different girls and still have not received a call back. The last time I called I was told that they had put in for my membership to cancel so hopefully I won’t be charged randomly. WAS a great place to work out and good staff but trying to cancel has been worse then getting a tooth pulled. Never again will I sign up at a crunch fitness

Alex Harrow

Alot better...

Hannah Penrod

I love Crunch! They have awesome fitness classes at no additional cost and at $10 a month, it's a great value for your money. I've been coming here for a year and it has been a really positive experience.

Julie K

I've been a member for about 1.5 years. At first, I just had the basic membership, but eventually I upgraded to their Peak Plus, which gives you access to their small group classes. At $30/month, it's a no-brainer... especially since they have some kick-ass personal trainers! One of my favorites is Katelyn Oakes. Her vibrant personality shines through and she makes these challenging classes fun, but also keeps you on task and in correct form. I've also signed up for some one-on-one personal training sessions with her and love those too.

Stephanie Griggs

luis diaz

Catherine Carr

I love this gym! I left 24 hr Fitness and in comparison, well, there is no comparison! Crunch Gym is top of the line in the following areas: 1) Clean and well maintained floors, equipment, locker room and showers - did I mention it is CLEAN! 2) Zumba classes 6-7 times a week, and often twice in one day, to accommodate a larger group of people. Great instructors. 3) The class instruction for yoga is at a high level - teacher knows safety and flow of correct movements and body alignment...she isn't making it up to look like yoga (safety) 4) NEW EQUIPMENT - TRX cables for a full class (not just for people buying a personal trainer session), treadmill, elliptical, running, cycling and more machines to hold classes...other comments mentioned that there weren't enough machines, which is probably the 5-7PM afterwork rush...there are so many machines available throughout the day. 5) WOMEN FRIENDLY machines for weights - this is a big difference with older gyms, the machines are ergonomically designed and women can use them without lifting off 100 lb weights after someone else has used it and forgot to take the weights off. The ab machines come in two sized, one is slightly smaller so that women can get the benefit of the workout. 6) People at the gym are friendly...the staff, the is a very supportive environment, non competitive. 7) For $9.95 month, it is the best fitness value in town. If you don't go for awhile, you paid the same amount as 2-3 cups of coffee. 8) You may not have a pool, sauna, or hot tub but then again, you you don't have to pay to upgrade to go to another franchised gym at $39.95 month or more along with your regular gym. 9) Ventilation is great for the large facility and all the people, unlike my last gym. 10) The newer, better equipment is not only in a small area for personal training, we all get to use it and learn the new techniques. 11) Parking close the the gym, during rush hour times, aren't as available, but there is more than enough parking in the shopping center parking...people just don't want to walk a few spaces more. One more thing about rush hour membership being a full gym, go to 24 hour fitness at the same time and you will have the exact same problem, except it will be humid, cramped and dirty and very noisy with the same issues of parking. I highly recommend Crunch gym in Beaverton. My neighbors recommended it to me and I am so glad that I joined and gave up my 24 hour - 1 gym club membership of $29.99 month...I haven't looked back.

Tom A

Cheap, only $10 a month. Great weights section and treadmill grid.

James Lau

best place In town can beat the price99$/ year That is365 days/99$=36 cents / day what can you buy at Nordstrom for 36 cent

Stephanie Jones

I love this place. The group classes especially. Everyone has a great attitude and are non-judgmental. It can get busy at times and the parking is a bit rough.

Ryan stearns

WORST GYM I'VE EVER BEEN TO. No, I am not exaggerating.... My personal conflicts aside here's the rundown for this place: It's overcrowded, NO AC, no cold water in the water fountains, and the staff is rude, lazy, dumb, and snobby to top it off. They will never answer the phone. They have money to remodel and add a UFC octagon (which will bring more people to an already overcrowded gym), but they dont have money for AC or cold water? But wait.... it gets worse. I started my membership and paid the next 2 months with cash. Not all at once though. The next month I used my card. At that point they had set up auto pay without my permission or even letting me know. I confronted them about it and they were very rude and simply downright refused to disable the auto pay. I was really ticked off, but I moved on and just kept it in the back of my mind. When it came time for their annual fee I called 2 weeks prior (this is where NOT answering the phone 10 times in a row becomes an issue) and then went in about 1 week prior to freeze my account because it would put my actually important bills in jeopardy. It was just a rough month. Even though i couldn't pay the annual fee at that time (I would have to pay when it became unfrozen of course), I was making an effort to remain their customer. And they totally threw it back in my face. They said that even though the account was frozen they were going to charge me anyways. At this point I told them to cancel the account and again, they said they were going to charge me anyways due to a 10 day notice requirement. Even though they wouldn't answer the phone and saved my card info without my permission, they were going to charge me anyways. I had to call my bank and disable my debit card. All in all, I cant recommend this gym to anybody. They can't even get the bare necessities pf AC and cold water right. Much less, all the other issues. You would be better off working out at home

Scott Huish

It's a good price for a gym that has many exercise classes

Tyler Schemmel

Chris Martinez

Kevin Schalk

WARNING: Great gym, just don't expect to ever cancel. They make it impossible to cancel a membership. 5 months ago I moved several hours away and ever since then, I have been calling and emailing trying to cancel my membership. No return emails, or they take my number down and never return the call. I recently drove back to the city and tried to cancel in person. They seemed helpful and had me fill out a cancellation form and told me a manager would call to straighten out all the charges I had incurred since I originally requested to cancel. Weeks later, nothing has been done, and they are STILL charging me. Called them back, and they say I need to drive back again to officially cancel in person. Apparently the first form I filled out wasn't enough and they will have to keep charging my monthly membership fee until I return in person to sign more cancellation forms. I was hoping for a refund for the $50+ Crunch has stolen from me since the summer, but now I just want to cancel without taking a weekend road trip back to the gym...if that was even guaranteed to be successful. Great, inexpensive gym while you're using it, but be prepared to pay indefinitely.

Ryan Rodriguez

I tried Katelyn's "Fit to Fight" class and was surprised at how much fun I had. The workout was great! I was a little apprehensive at first but she was patient and extraordinarily helpful. :) I'm excited for her semi-private classes next month.

Brian Zaste

I started a membership and everything was okay. After having a few issues I cancelled the Membership over the phone (While resolving other issues over the pheon). I was also in person that the cancellation was okay and I had nothing to worry about. Several months later I am receiving collection calls, where I am being told that Yes, they did in fact receive a cancellation notice, but that they won't except it, because it was verbal (Even though I was told that it was taken care of), and that I owe them for the several months, and that If I do not pay today, It will be on my credit. At least in my company, if an employee tells someone that they took care of it, and not to worry about it, we will side with the customer. And if you look through the rest of the reviews, you will see that this is a common issue with other members. If you had this problem too email me so we can send something in writing together, maybe contact a lawyer together since it might not be worth it to do it by ourselves.

Michelle Mendoza

zachary clarke

The Prices were fantastic especially for the quantity of options. I'd suggest doing the 30$ peak pass and then splitting the price with a friend. Doing so allows you to have access to all the perks for only 15$ a month. And it's worth it because all of the trainers and classes are bomb. Also, the tanning is sweet. Overall fantastic experience.

L Moore

BEWARE ALL THESE NEGATIVE REVIEWS!! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CANCEL AND THEY WILL KEEP CHARGING YOU FOREVER!! My daughter joined Crunch and when she moved we cancelled IN PERSON, IN WRITING just how they require. THE STILL kept charging her and it took her months to catch the mistake. They said they'd refund her and it would definitely be cancelled now - DIDN'T HAPPEN. Now that I've moved away myself and cancelled too . .. what do you think happened??? SAME EXACT THING. SCAMMERS!! Do NOT join here - they should be arrested for stealing - they know EXACTLY what they are doing ... it's NO MISTAKE ... it's SYSTEMATIC AND IT'S PURPOSEFUL.

Briana Murar

Too crowded, inconveniently placed kettle bars and medicine balls. Most of that kind of equipment is in the back of the classroom and they dont let u access it while classes are in progress. Its cheap for a reason, DONT GO. 24 and LA fitness are where its at

Liz Thorn

I went to the gym today at 7am and the door was locked! Ppl were waiting outside to get in. I waited for an hour for someone to open up but still no one showed up. Please be aware if you go early you might wanna call. I did call when I got home but they just laughed it off like it wasn't a big thing.

Josh M

I usually go during my lunch or after work. Never had trouble getting weight or a bar I wanted. The staff are cool. Location is perfect.

Andrew Coleman

Pretty cool gym, for the money. $10 a month is great--I don't feel guilty if I don't go. Their hours suck (only open until 8 on the weekends), but again, for the price you can't ask for much more. They also tend to lack attention to major sporting events that are on television--they have like 10 t.v.'s in the main workout room. I have told them several times when there is an NFL playoff game on or something to that effect, that they should not have cooking on five of their t.v.'s. Just sayin. Awesome workout area--new equipment--I have rarely had a piece of equipment fail or be down for repairs.

Bonnie Marie

The trainers hog equipment. Glad i pay for the space as well & cant use it because they’re doing something else but “still using it”.

Andreas Graebel

Great value and competent employees

Elizabeth Schick

Came today for the first time in a few months, disappointed. Many of the machines are broken and the bathrooms are so dirty and out of toilet paper :(

John Meriles

Brian Grimm

Great place to hop in for a quick workout. It's not an all inclusive club (no pool, basketball, etc.) but the price is very fair for the facilities!

Elvis T



Victor Phillips

Nice , clean facility

Calvin Liang

Alan C

Need to get the wi-fi fixed. This has been going on for a long time. The staff doesn't seem to care whether it works or not.


This gym is kept clean

Heather Kerbo

Beware of scammers with fitness coach (particularly Dillon Barnard of Beaverton) !!! I just joined crunch fitness last month, June. Upon joining, i asked about receiving a personal trainer. I was given a laminated price list that showed how much trainings were for various sessions groups. Dillon, personal trainer, sat with me for awhile and talked with me about my fitness goals. He said he could definitely help me and that it would not take long at all. As we went over prices on the laminated sheet, I commented on how expensive the rates were, he told me they were running a summer special and he could get me 10 off. The total was approx 450 per 8 sessions. I agreed. At the end of the month, i told Dillon i would not be able to continue with him training me as i would be out of town for half of July and August. At the very least, i was willing to pay a smaller portion and have less sessions. He told me at that point... “no no, you cant, your making so much progress.” He then went on to tell me how he was salary the month before (June) and that he just went to commission. He told me he had not billed any of my previous sessions and that i had sessions piled up. I was surprised And said, thank you. He said dont say anything. Well , i went out of town for a week and when i returned, checked my statement and another 450 had been billed onto my visa. I contacted Dillon immediately. He tried to back peddle. (I have our full convo in text message.) Told me he would speak to his manager and get back to me about a refund. I waited a week. At the end of the week, Dillon text me that he was unable to refund the 450, and that i would be charged another 450 in August if i do not cancel. At that point i was told i needed to give a 30 day notice to end personal trainings. Keep in mind this process took 2 weeks into July, i have not used any sessions for July. I called the gym immediately and asked to speak to a manager. I was told no manager was available but the front desk person, Brenna, could help me. I told her the story. At the end of the conversation, she said she would have to talk to her manager and have her manager get back to me. I waited two days for a return call that never came. I called the gym back, again asking for manager, from the same Brenna. She told me no manager was available and that she was not able to give me any information but that she would leave a note for her manager. Three hours later, Katrina called me saying she was he new manager. She went on to tell me she could not refund my money, that i had signed paperwork on file ( i never signed paperwork for a trainer). She said that they require a 30 day notice for cancellations. I asked her for her bosses information and she told me she was not allowed to give that information out. At this point im really mad. I called a different location and told them what was goin on. They immediately opened my file. I was told that my sessions had been canceled by a manager named Jake, who was no longer working at crunch. I was told there was no paperwork on file that i signed for a personal trainer. Instead, there was a NOTE on my file from Dillon saying he had gone over the pricing and billing information. Apparently i would be charged 450 a month, every month, until i gave 30 day notice. I WAS NEVER GIVEN these terms. I thought i was paying simply for 8 sessions. The desk manager promptly gave me the email to the general manager for help. Thats were i am now. I have already called my credit card company and am disputing charges. Very disappointed.

Shellie Morris

Been a member for a few years now and am cancelling only because I moved away. I have never had a complaint about anyone on staff and when I was going several times a week, I never had an issue with a weight machine being out of order for more than a couple visits. I had the Peak membership so I could bring guests and had use of the tanning beds. There wasn't another local gym that could provide anywhere close to the value for the money. Yes, it can get crowded during peak hours but I usually went early in the morning or late at night so I didn't have that issue. Fully recommend.

Howard Nielsen

Ok when it first opened but now, you are falling on top of other people it is so jammed so pick your times wisely. People sit around on machines and send text messages instead of working out but this is an issue everywhere. The locker rooms are small with only a few benches so you can't really sit down when changing. Only one water source on each floor with warm water, which I wish they would change. But for the price, hard to see how you could get more machines to work out on and staff is very friendly.

Caleb Russell

Cheap rates, great equipment, some of the sweetest staff and trainers I have ever met. Only reason I don't give it 5 is because the billing always throws me off and I'm never ready for it. Email or text reminders, a warning from the staff a few days ahead, something would be helpful

Adam Marx

Good gym, great trainer. I've been going to Crunch in Beaverton for about 6 months, ever since moving to Portland. Crunch Beaverton had the best combination of price, equipment, and classes that I found. Since joining, I've done a number of personal training sessions with Katelyn Oakes. She's an excellent trainer - knowledgeable, flexible, motivating, supportive, and fun. Katelyn changes things up almost every time we meet, which means that every training session is unique, challenging, and enjoyable. I've come out of my sessions with Katelyn in much better shape - aerobically, strength-wise, and flexibility-wise. If you want a great trainer to get in great shape, ask for Katelyn.

Aaron Cavanaugh

Linda Mehlig

Stephanie is a great trainer and highly recommended

Tony sonidero del barrio Flores

luke weinand

Best gym I've been to. I haven't had an issue with staff or the facilities. In fact Matt and Victoria have always been very welcoming with a smile and great attitude! You can't beat the prices of other gyms. Bathrooms here are clean. Weights and other tools are returned to their places. Great atmosphere for working out!

michelle h

They do not put much time (or $$) into keeping up on the maintenance of their machines. I had to change machines twice becasuse the first one made a loud shrill noise and the second one shook (I weigh 140 lbs and am 5'5 so it wasn't me causing it to shake) I have noticed particularly the treadmills with the best tv views always seem to have one or two that need work. I think most of their money goes towards their classes since that is where they make extra $$$. And it is not really 10.00 a month as there is a yearly "fee." I am going to take a tour of Planet fitness, they hopefully keep their machines in better working order and maybe the machines aren't so old. And Crunch could use a few more tvs with better views. They tried to cram as much machines into a small space yet have two extra rooms for the classes that unfortunately I have no interest in.

Steven Peterson

Lawrence Pang

Trent Janosa

Worst staff and ownership in the area. They treat members and staff like cattle. They do not care about you nor your goals just money, which they also don't pay their trainers for all services rendered either. Plenty of other gym options at this price point.

Katie Saechao

I walked in to the woman's locker room and began changing today, whenI looked up to see a man hanging out of a hole in the ceiling. No sign, or indication of any type that construction was taking place. When I confronted the manager about it, she was very passive telling me: "oh- well it's only today...." I let her know that it was completely unacceptable. They are lucky the haven't been sued. I guess you get what you pay for here.

Philip OBrien

Marcella Davis

Connie Liakos Evers

Great value, big space with lots of machines and variety of classes.

Katie Teasley

Jonathon Ellis

ashley torres

So crunch gets 3 stars because its a nice gym, clean facility, machines are in working order, and the classes are fun. BUT when i went to switch my membership from 1 level to a different level they wanted to charge me $40! I was never told of a fee to switch membership levels. There however was no fee to cancel, so rather than keep recieving my money monthly (plus i was interested in adding personal training, so more money) now they get nothing. I will find a personal trainer somewhere else.


Options are good, only issue is I’ve found if you sign up at one location then change your billing at another not only will it not get updated at the others but every time I walk in someone that doesn’t know why and can’t answer questions wants $67...(new face every time) so I call an 800 number to talk to a lady that is rude and threatening who thinks she’s the IRS. So gym good. Behind the scenes not so much... you get what you pay for when it comes to gyms I guess?

Wesley Chavez

I've been lifting here for almost a year. The equipment is not just in poor condition, it constitutes a serious safety hazard. Examples: 1. Three out of four of the benches for dumbbell shoulder presses are not stable when raised (a lot of side-to-side motion), and two of them aren't even straight when raised. 2. The rubber grip for one out of two of the bars that you can attach to do lat pulldowns is severely broken, resulting in grips that slide around, making it very likely that it will slip out of your hands while performing this exercise. 3. Same for the rubber grips on the pull-up handles attached to the aforementioned machine. 4. The chest fly machine also has uneven handles. 5. There are never enough clips for the bench press bars, and hasn't been for a few months now. 6. Lack of decent ventilation heats up the whole upstairs floor really quickly, even in the winter, and it's very uncomfortable to do any amount of cardio. Other than the safety concerns, there are other reasons you shouldn't go here. 1. From 5pm to 8pm on weekdays, don't even thing about lifting weights. Every machine/bench is taken. 2. The plates for the bench presses are somehow always in the wrong place. 3. There are only two bench presses, and people like to sit there for an hour between sets (exaggeration, but still). 4. I literally just called ten times in a row before getting an answer. 5. You have to send snail mail or physically go in in order to cancel your membership. 6. They're usually at the desk, but everytime I want to ask a question, I have to wait for a couple minutes before they look up from the computer and acknowledge me. 7. The water pressure at the fountain is low, and it's room temperature. 8. Sometimes they're out of spray solution. But it's dirt cheap, and I don't have any complaints about the treadmills, ellipticals, and stair steppers. Update: Regarding number 5 in the last paragraph... I completed both of those tasks, and filled out a form to cancel my membership a month or two ago, and they claim they have NO RECORD of either my letter, or the form I filled out and gave to them IN THE STORE. Apparently I am a member for life :(


Joe Shannon

From the ownership to the front desk, this gym has been great since I joined in early 2017. Matt is the manager runs a tight shop while greeting you with a smile. Victoria is friendly and helpful up front. And the value is excellent: for $20 a month you get access to great equipment and classes, can bring guests for free, and if you want you can use the tanning booths as well.

Steve Hughes

Once again waiting outside at 730 Sunday morning for someone to show up and open this place up. Supposed to be open at 7 am. Happens all the time!! Pick a more reliable gym.

Ryan Harris

Superb. I get in and out with a solid workout. Plenty of equipment. Parking can suck during peak times. Naysayers have no business here; complacency will never yield results. Ignore the frumpy Beav-town trash.

jonny dye

The up keep on equipment is horrible!

Charles Reel

Great weightlifting equipment, not too busy, and it's cheap.

Orlando Camba

I've been working out at this gym for just over 4 months. I have been working with Katelyn, she is an amazing personal trainer! She knows her stuff - what's even more impressive, is her skill for organizing workouts tailored to my goals AND schedule based on how I’m feeling any given day. She's down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and her customer service is awesome! She's always just a text message away and is very receptive of my progress. Her group classes are fun too! This specific facility is nice. I like the functional equipment available to members downstairs. The only thing I've found to be inconvenient is the cable machines upstairs don't always work smoothly - they sometimes catch. The gym is clean. Staff is friendly. It can fill up, but not bad if you can avoid the peak hours.


Hasan El-dasouki

I asked to cancel my membership 2 months ago I am still being charged. Never coming back

Abou El Arab

Clean, and nice staff. I like it ! I am not sure why people are stating that it is difficult to cancel your membership... I canceled mine quickly and easily and rejoined later.

StanTheHuMan x

Heidi Roux

I go to this gym because it’s convenient. I’ve seen drama here (a guy being forcefully evicted from the premises, people being loud) but most people are fine. I figure it’s the city and you just walk around that stuff. They have a lot of treadmills, stationery bikes and ellipticals, which is great. My last gym (LA Fitness) didn’t have enough and I was always waiting. The equipment feels a bit worn (seats have worn spots, buttons on some machines are cracked, etc) This gym isn’t shiny. It’s just serviceable but it provides what I need for a low cost.

Paul Siu

Natalie Hiscock

They can't get their billing right not even after you go in person to fill out their cancellation form. They still will charge you. Multiple friends that I have known have been double charged for their membership. Managers are always unavailable when asked for. This is a joke. I would recommend any other gym but this one it's not worth the hassle.

Rachel Scarlet

The people at the desk are nice, no matter the time of day. It doesn't have a funky gym smell. The cardio machines are usually full, but the strength training machines are usually empty, which I like.

Richard Gray

Bret M

I started a membership a couple of months ago, then had to move out of state. I tried to cancel membership over the phone but they said they didn't allow it, that I had to come in and speak to a manager. I told them I was out of town, and they acted very confused, and told me a manager would call me back. After several attempts I have still not recieved a call. This month I had a duplicate membership fee charged to my card. I am currently disputing charges to my CC company and about to cancel my credit card since these a-holes refuse to let me out of my membership. STAY AWAY!

Anna LaRosa

Awesome prices. Nice staff, great trainers!


I cancelled my account in person nearly 5 months ago when we moved. In September I received a collection letter. Instead of cancelling my account, they sent me to collections without notice 5 months after cancelling. When I contact them to figure out what happened, they said sorry for the mistake, but since I did not keep the confirmation paper when I cancelled in person, there was nothing they could do. I was told I STILL had to cancel my account in person or by sending a letter. I am leaving this review to VALIDATE all the other reviews from people who had the same thing happen to them with Crunch Beaverton. The incompetency of your staff should not lead to potentially affecting your members credit! In addition, shortly after I had signed up they tried to charge my bank account random amounts several times within a 2 week period or so. The manager lied and told me those charges were initiated from my bank, not them! When I called the bank they were flabbergasted why I would have been told that because the charges were clearly initiated by Crunch. Go to Google and Yelp Reviews, filter by lowest rating, and all the other comments from members accounts not being properly cancelled. AVOID CRUNCH BEAVERTON AT ALL COSTS.

Jacqui Stockwell

Samantha Martinez

WARNING DO NOT GO TO THIS GYM. The manager will treat you like crap. You will never get your phone calls returned from the owner and they will not stop charging you until you take it up with your bank. Jessica needs to be fired.

Ivan Arellano

Worth the price. Can get a little busy, but you can still get a great workout in.

Renee Cleveland

The gym itself is great (especially since they remodeled) but the best part is working with my trainer, Katelyn Oakes. She’s always enthusiastic and mixes each session up so I’m never bored with the workouts. I feel so much stronger even after less than two months and I know she’s going to help me meet my goals


Barely worth the monthly dues. Always a wait for the equipment I use (squat rack, Olympic barbells). Unusable wi-fi. Inconvenient water fountain locations. Lot's of people just hanging out watching tv, texting, etc. The website is frustrating - you are unable to make payments or change billing information online, but have to do it in person in the gym. Also, a bit deceptive in the advertising re: the monthly dues. Personally, I was never told of an "annual fee" in addition to the monthly - it was a surprise when it showed up in my statement. Really wish there were a better local option - I'll have to suck it up here until I can purchase my own equipment.

Jillian Fuller

Katelyn Blair

Rosy Gutiérrez

Rune Katana

~60 cardio machines, TWO flat benches for bench press, unless you want to put a portable bench in the squat rack (ugh). If you want machines, this is the place, but the free weight area is cramped and too darned small for a gym of this size.

jonathan Truong

Decent gym, well kept and equipment is fairly new. Memberships has its hidden costs so just be aware of membership levels and maintenance costs

Hannah Anderson

Alex R.

Whitehawk Pierce

Ivan Cortes

Rodolfo Barce

Been working out here for many years. I always come at opening. Generally a good experience except when employees don't show up to open the gym. 2nd time this week.

Lillian A

They make it impossible to cancel your membership, they'll charge you even when they've had you fill out a cancellation form and a few of the staff members are rude.

Cameron Pendley

Like many others here, I too am still being billed for a membership I was told would be cancelled over 5 months ago. The gentleman who "canceled" my membership within the free window said he would take care of it, and here I am. The managers are completely unhelpful and won't do anything to right a wrong that their company made. They say they need proof of cancellation, and I was given none at the time. On top of it all, if I want to cancel now, it will be another hundred plus dollars to the already hundred plus they owe me. Something really needs to be done about this. Too many people have fallen into the same trap.

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg

I agree with Angela! $10 a month, classes included, it's hard to complain, but there are some weak points for this gym. In terms of classes, you have to get there early to reserve your spot, but it just means more time to work out. There is definitely limited parking and machines get crowded at busy times. I mostly go for classes and I love those. Nani one of the Zumba instructors is the very best!!! Total body work out!

Cory B

Shawn Parsons

My trainer Katelyn made coming to this gym bearable. She was always energetic and welcoming!


Inconsistent billing procedures, lack of communication in regards to correcting them. (On Crunch's part, not customer) I feel like they were dodging my emails, and never returned my calls when they failed to bill me, then waited three months before sending an email saying I was past due. I provided bank statements showing the funds available, and was promise a refund on late fees. Well, that never happened. They made no attempt to right THEIR wrong, and provided me with incorrect information. Jake is their Manager, and I'm not sure that he has ever properly drafted an email in his life, nor do I believe he knows what integrity is. This facility is poorly ran, has terrible hours, and I would never get a membership to Crunch again. Find something better.

Michael Hudson

Great gym, not too crowded and has everything you'd need to get a good workout!

Carmelitta Harris

I love the Zumba classes. Very friendly and helpful staff. It's a clean place to workout

Rebecca Helgeson

Glenn Rosulek

Contractural latitude. They can and have denied me services. Similarly, the equipment is not really kept up well enough.

Flavius Rusu

Here for the summer, and I was always annoyed when I went to work out. There are very few machines, its crowded and there is always waiting for others to finish what they are doing. It lacks some very good machines that other gyms have, so I cannot complete my full workout the way i would like.

Terry Scrimsher

The friendly staff with their upbeat attitude turn into total jerks the minute you try to downgrade your plan (I'm talking about you Matt). They made it hard for me, and after I waited for 20 minutes to be helped, I still had to call in several times before they actually fixed the billing on the account. It's pretty suspicious that their "downgrade fee" of $10 dollars went through immediately, but my plan wasn't actually downgraded (even though they printed out paper work and handed it to me) and I had to call in several times before they would do any thing about it. I was actually talking some friends into joining the gym with me but I honestly can't recommend it now. I'll be looking for a different gym in the area. Update: They actually didn't fix the issue and I was over billed by $19.95, and Matt literally told me "I don't want to do right by you", not sure if he fumbled over his words or if it was a Freudian slip. Still waiting for them to resolve the situation and over billing me. Update 2: Called billing, they told me to email them my complaint and were unable to help. Called customer service number, it's not customer service, it just goes to a menu to help you find a location. Called corporate, they have an option for an operator but it's a dead number. The minute I'm about to throw in the towel, the gym calls me and I allegedly got issued a refund, still waiting to see it in my bank account though. Will they get you in shape? Bent out of shape, maybe. Update 3: I never got my free shirt.

Tyler Howe

Lindsay Miller

So glad I switched gyms. Love the classes and the people there at Crunch. I even did my first Personal Training session with PT Katelyn Oakes and she was wonderful. Always so upbeat, encouraging and helpful in teaching me new workouts that are specialized in reaching my health goals. I look forward to continue working with her!

Kirk Findlay

For a small facility, they maintain great trainers and promote great work ethics from there staff. Also, very updated on weights and most cardio, it's a credit to the management they are able to complete with the corporate gym's and keep a healthy atmosphere.

Madison H

If I could give a negative star review I would. Absolutely avoid this gym at all costs, they are a scam. I received an email saying my membership would expire about my year ended back in November, so I didn’t bother to cancel in person knowing in the next month it would be cancelled. Big mistake. I get a call from crunch saying my payments haven’t been going through and they need my new card number to continue charging me. This was a week ago. I went in to cancel my membership, told them the story that apparently everyone else has to signed up with them, she said there’s nothing that they could do and that the email was sent out by mistake, that I’m still on a month to month charge even though after my one year is up my account was supposed to EXPIRE. Now I’m stuck paying almost 40 dollars to cancel a stupid gym membership. This place is a scam, listen to these negative reviews and avoid this place at all costs.

Alex Deeb

J. G.

alma yuridia

I lost 40 pounds ,I'm very happy .the staff very friendly and helpful with everyone! I always find machines available!

Keinan Miller

Neil Castro

Great facility. Could use some equipment tune up. Katelyn O., is a great encouraging trainer and easy to communicate with for your goals.

Todd Blacksher

Everything you need at a great monthly price.

Pinup Rosemary James

The fakest gym in Vancouver. Heroin needles or steroid needles in the bathroom. Never mopped floor. Horrible staff the changes every week because they can't keep good people.

Hector Chavez

Mollys is really nice

Makenzie Neal

Looove this gym!! They offer amazing classes and the workers and trainers are always so helpful and kind. Great amenities as well as having a fully stocked cooler to grab my preworkout drinks or water if I forget to bring one. Great equipment, and plenty of free weights! Truly a no judgment zone which I appreciate.

amber brown

Jill Petersen

I just joined last month, I did the "pay for a year up front" plan to keep myself from avoiding the gym month after month - I LOVE CRUNCH! They have AMAZING classes that keep me going day after day, and the staff is very friendly (not intimidating at all!). I highly suggest joining this gym - you won't regret it!

Jamie Wessels

So sad to have to update my review to 1 Star. I moved out of state in a hurry and forgot to cancel my membership. I emailed them through their site explaining. I received a kick back email saying someone would contact me in 3 days. No one ever did. I figured they cancelled it. Sadly they keep charging me then charged their annual fee. I called yesterday super upset and the guy assured me a manager would call me yesterday. No one ever did. He also said the only way to cancel is come in or mail a letter. I haven’t mailed a letter in years. Shocks me that I can make an offer on a home digitally and can’t even cancel my membership with the email they have on file. Anyway, no one ever called me. So no I have to dispute the charge on my accounts and contact the BBB, because Crunch is not only stealing from me they are shady and not returning calls.

Sheridan saul

Will keep charging you after you cancel. They do not care and do not want to change it. Read all of the other negative reviews on here and stay away!!

Jovy Jergens

This is a nice, clean, friendly (staff and clientele alike) place to exercise and the price cannot be beat. I have been going here since they opened and it is consistently clean and hospitable to all with a lot of classes and good, sturdy equipment and machines. Clean locker room. Absolutely NO complaints.

Joshua Lundin

I've been going to this location for about 8 months now. The facility is always clean and has a good amount of equipment. A couple months in I started working with Katelyn for personal training. She plans great personalized workouts and is always fun to train with and she is very honest and will help you reach your goals.

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