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REVIEWS OF University of North Dakota IN North Dakota

Tom Zychowski

Love this place. Great place to learn.

Hayley Kuntz

Great place to study and work! #UNDproud

Karen k

Professors in Department of Earth System Science and Policy (ESSP) at University of North Dakota are completely unprofessional especially those who entered USA for securing their well-being; whilst not giving a single damn for international students . I have had wasted my precious three years as a student in ESSP where I have seen students including me were being thrashed with the third grade politics of these non sense, low spirited individuals, so called professors. Even when I asked for an experience letter for my work as a Research Assistant, nobody including the Department Head, an ugly French lady with a black and cunning mind, bothered to response my request. Similarly, a cunning Australian Professor, who had a zero teaching skills, was so unforgiving, adamant, and inconsiderate that remembering the past with them boils my blood to that extent after a decade of their companionship, I am writing this review. In my view, ESSP Department at UND is like an ambush where students come for educational wellbeing; in turn get killed by dirty politics of utterly non professional, low grade job holders (i.e. so called professors).

Kevin Golla

Robert Gerhart

Small school with enough bureaucratic nonsense to choke a school the size of UCLA when I attended in the 90's. Based on my personal experience, I could never recommend the engineering school. I'd score it lower, but I did manage to escape with a few good memories and a handful of lifelong friends.

Yasmine Robinson

Wow is this the kind of school you have nothing but racist white students that mock black lives matter are you kidding me what kind of school is this l. A sorry one for sure they need to be kicked out that's not okay but if the shoe was on the other foot it would be another story right! Fix the problem before it becomes a bigger one!!!

Brad Devig

Best college in ND.

Kenny Flagg

Phoenix Of Light

Native Professor Quits After U. of North Dakota Blocks Him from Teaching About Standing Rock HEADLINE OCT 27, 2017 And award-winning indigenous journalist Mark Trahant has quit his teaching job at the University of North Dakota after the university blocked him from teaching a lecture series on the indigenous-led resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline. Professor Trahant is the author of multiple books on indigenous history and resistance and has been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He’s a member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe in Idaho and the former president of the Native American Journalists Association. He says he quit after his two separate proposals to focus on the professional and social media coverage of the resistance movement at Standing Rock were rejected by the university. Youre supposed to teach history and current events. Not white wash them.

Matthew Mutchler

Anyone who thinks the university and its students are racist obviously has never been here, the school is quite diverse and race relations are significantly better on campus and within the community than in comparison to other regions of the U.S. Many legitimate concerns to be addressed within UND but racism is certainly not one of them.

Christopher Yun

Good University

Katie Sedevie

The history, the campus, the education, the cold, the hockey and the tradition. Best hidden secret in the Northern Midwest. Sioux Yeah Yeah!

Sherman Riedlinger

Darian Brevik

Alex Johnson

If you like racist people spitting behind your backs and going to school just to join the army then this is your paradise. "KAAPOO" for you!

Nick Naseth

I've personally never seen racism here while attending the school, I'm pretty sure most people calling people here racist have never been to the campus (or state). This school is great for aerospace and nursing. The school isn't very good for stem majors since it's not really there focus. The only cons (in my opinion) are them changing the nickname, hockey having a cult like following and the recent budget cuts.

Arslan Anjum

Garret Thorlakson

Best school in ND!

Ryan Leech

Quality school and campus. Frequent events and there's always something to do. Highly recommended!

Brady Hooey


ritu duggal

Dear team, Please tell me college E mail. adress i applied for business studies.

Kathy Bohlman

A lot of summer construction

kelsey swangstue

Josh McClure

Melanie Johnson

Narayana Mazumder

C Jones

Jacob Zanker

Kathy Wavra


Jordon Klava

rose jean

Nicolas Lopez

Bobby Loving

Andrew Yau

Garbage College, most of the professor are crazy and don't give a darn about you or your future. This college is for the losers so be smart and avoid this college.

Catherine kasompe

A Xoshnaw

(Translated by Google) in Montreal, MN (Original) not as gut as my français hi|gh skool in Montreal, MN


Ananth Iyer

Maher Alshareef

NukeTheWhales ‘


Delimex Lord of Taquitos

Went on a tour here for high school last year and got looked at by everyone like i was from another planet. weirdos

Hamada Elsayed

Rose C

I got both my BA and MBA here and have over a 3.5 in both. UND was ess than impressive. My friends here are amazing. Taking that out of the picture, I might have chosen a different university. The teachers: I would say half were amazing and half did not teach in a productive way. The good teachers were many times non-tenured and the poor teachers were tenured and could care less about getting to know students. I did have some amazing professors that I still keep in touch. Study Abroad: I knew I would do study abroad before I even accepted and when I went to visit the campus it seemed worth it. However, it was horrible and the staff in the Study Abroad center are no help at all. I was sent to my study abroad school without housing or the help needed. The sports: Only hockey is worth attending, both women's and men's in my opinion. The workout facility: The Wellness Center is amazing and offers great classes The weather: SO COLD! It stops snowing for a few weeks because it literally gets too cold to snow. The summer is great but everyone usually leaves so it gets lonely in the summer. The food on campus: There is a Sbarros and A&W. The food at the dining centers is average. I liked the salad bar and thought the hot food was good most days. The dorms: I got stuck with a horrible roommate my freshman year but was able to move out the next year and live with a friend. The city: Grand Forks is very boring until you turn 21 unless you like going to frats and getting caught drinking underage by the cops which frequently happens. You do become creative and play a lot of Cards Against Humanities. There are a lot of restaurants that are getting pretty good. However, no Chipotle.

Joe Manunsky

The university focuses too much on the wrong things! It's very hit or miss in terms of how UND will serve you as a student. Some professors are fantastic, others are wildly inappropriate and horribly under-qualified. I once dropped a class, later learned the professor failed 55% of his class, and was told the university would never hire him again. Of course, two years later he is still employed at UND! The school had once lost my personal information to a hacker, does very little to curb discrimination and crime among the student body, and has their priorities backwards. This school focuses on professors, buildings (which is surprising, as most are out of date), and athletes but does little to focus on the student body. With that being said, UND's affordability is what makes it a star. It's hard to beat the value of the education.

Gene Rocky HOOD


Honesty, this is the worst university and state I've ever been too. On the upside, it is much cheaper and sparse compared to other large universities. Academically its not bad, I would say its not much different from taking rigorous classes in high school. The housing and meal plans are decent, but they can be a rip off sometimes. However, the social aspect is the worst I've ever experienced. North Dakotan's are the weirdest people I've ever met. They are not very social and they are incredibly hostile towards outsiders and people who are different for no reason. So much for "discovering the spirit" of the state. Pretty ironic because the people up here have no spirit lol. It doesn't surprise me why North Dakota's population size is declining because no one wants to live near these backwards thinking imbeciles. Even on campus most students are the same. I've had several encounters while longboarding where people would give me blank stares or disapproved looks for no apparent reason. Dont even bother trying to interact with them either because they dont respond to warm gestures. Outside of campus I had a strange encounter where this old creep was staring at me constantly while I was pulling out of an oriental store. Not a very welcoming environment at all. After high school I was optimistic about coming to this place where I thought people would be more mature and outgoing, but it honestly feels worse than high school. At least in high school people are a little bit more direct and lively. Regardless, I'm so glad that I graduated and moved to a better, lively place. I will not return to this miserable state and I don't recommend this place to anyone unless of course you're a North Dakotan lol.

Elyot Miller

Great as long as you don't fall into alcoholism or boredom in the winter. Beautiful campus when the trees are green, nice brick architecture, Wellness Center is new, plus the Ralph. The Uni seems to be growing a lot. Excellent aviation program. Good nursing, education, geology and engineering. Special programs: Petroleum Engineering and Mechanical Engineering emphasis unmanned aircraft design (drones). Medical school is being completely upgraded. Hopefully lots of state oil boom money will be given to UND in the future. Lots of students from the Twin Cities area. Very nice pair of 18 holes for disk golf at Lincoln Park. Open mic night at El Roco, the Hub, & Rhombus Guys every week. Happy Harry's Bottle Shop is the cheapest and best selection, Joe Black's is the place to go on weekends. Never eat at the Red Pepper. Police here are reasonable. There are many beautiful women at Squires dining hall. The jacked guys hang out at the sWellness. March 2014

Aksel Seppälä

(Translated by Google) Fuck you (Original) Ihan perseestä

Maharshi Dey

Jayme Cepek

Jonah Silverstone

Quality campus. Average liberal arts school, aerospace and medical colleges make this university stand out. Obviously, Sioux forever

Khalied V77

andrew jaschke

Mason Wolf

Donald Regan

Yeah Sioux Sioux!

elizabeth mcquiston

Undergraduate and graduate degrees from UND and proud of it

Christopher Merck

Wish aviation wasn't so expensive.

Shireen Bursinger

Vinnie Moore

I received my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. I have a great job in the oil and gas industry now in Houston, Texas. I highly recommend UND. It is very difficult but once you get through the program, the skills acquired are highly sought out by employers.

Jeanette Davis

Sascha Schreiner

Laila Yrjanson

Dean Christiansen

Cool campus


erika sateren

Hassan Santur

Jessica Borgen

Zongling Zhang

Great college

Alexander Johnson

Ken K

Justin Budnik

I have never written a review on anything before. I couldnt take it anymore, now i have to tell you guys, (coming from a naturally very positive person in me), that this school is TRASH. It took me skipping 2 while semesters to get enrolled trandferring from down south. They do not do ANYTHING to get you situated or where you need to be in order to get going with your schooling. They just kep telling you to call the other person, and they expect you to know how to do THEIR jobs in order to get you going, which is impossible without access. Then they are NEVER on time with anything, they tell you a refund date in your fafsa, but it refunds almost a whole month later. They surely will hound your bank and let you go broke. My last school down south always got stuff done early for you. Their system doesn’t let you set things up without it chaning on its own somehow. Your course material has nothing to do with half the questions you are asked. You get zero’s for misisng assignments that you cant do because their systems for engineering are weird and wont download, you email the professor asking how the hell to get it downloaded, why it keeps kicking you out, etc. They ignore you. Ive wasted a year of my life trying to get going when i could have had 2 semesters done by now.

Mary Jane Thomas

I used to like this school when I started two years ago. As you become more old in the school as time progresses, you realize who white this university is. Some administrators (with couple of degrees and certificates next to their name, for a UG student these initials means nothing. Such as M.P.A. CIP), have no idea that students are the reason that gives them this job that they have. You should see some have no empathy for where their students are coming from. I have had amazing faculty. The administrators or the paper pushers are the ones with the biggest egos and lack of humility. Staff does not do well when a student or parents writes to them of their frustrations. You get an email back from their supervisor saying "my staff does not deserve your bitter verbal attack" even after explaining my frustrations why I am frustrated. This is the first time as a student, I have ever seen this much of hostility from a staff for displaying my simple frustrations for missing a step. In stead of saying "Not sure how you missed this steps in-spite of all the emails which we did back and forth, this administrator simply attacked me saying her staff is too good to listen to my frustrations". Now tell me is this how higher education is? They deeply failed in following through with their core values "Diversity | An understanding and appreciation of diverse people, experiences and idea. Inclusivity | A welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment for all"

Kiki Leigh

Ammar Alibrahim

Steven LeBlanc

dawn Pogalz

Nicolas Fernandez

Lai Shan Yeung

Seungki Leemosg

Dorothy Schneider

abdullah alsubaie

I'll do my best to study in this University.

Dongho Lee

Love this place Fighting Sioux!! Always miss that place

Leland Higginbotham

Luke Levesseur

Robert Palmer

Bilal Wakora

Miaad Abd

My home

Erica Nkada

Calling the school to get help is very difficult. You ask for someone and the person that answers the phone doesn't want to transfer to the person that you requested. I had very simple questions for the person that we received an email from. Once this individual was on the line she was extremely rude and made me feel like I was a complete interruption to her day. I received more help from the individual in the online help chat than I did calling. I think that proper politeness is a must if you are taking calls. If you cannot be polite to simple questions then maybe you should reevaluate your career choice and look at getting a different degree, or find another job!

William Werrlein

Wonderful University for an aviation student. As a former Embry Riddle student I can say while ERAU is a GREAT university I feel more opportunities have been made available to me here. Very VERY friendly staff! :)

John Bjorklund


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