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Victoria Moore

I began training at NCDI at the age of 12. Looking back, this was the best decision that I have made for myself as a dancer! Branching out from the competition world, I was searching to find a studio that valued technique training and that cultivated a positive learning environment for all its students. NCDI exceeded my expectations and gave me a completely new outlook on what it means to be a dancer. Upon walking through the door of my first class, I felt so incredibly welcomed and loved. The community of people at NCDI are the most supportive, caring, and motivating group of artists I have ever surrounded myself with. I have never been more in awe of a panel of faculty at any triangle studio. The knowledge and experience that the teachers at NCDI have to offer is untouchable! In addition, each member of the faculty makes a point to invest themselves in every one of their students and is dedicated to helping them develop their technique and character. As a college student at NC State, I can attest to how welcoming of an environment NCDI is not only for children and teens, but for adults. There are numerous beginning to advanced level classes in multiple styles of dance that adult age dancers can take to continue their training. I HIGHLY recommend this studio and wish that every dancer could experience the training, teachers, and community that NCDI has to offer!

Lynn Moore

If you love to dance no matter your age, NCDI is by far the best studio! The instructors are in tune with each and every student no matter what experience level you are and are committed to using their energy, expertise and enthusiasm in every class, every time.

Kenzie Ruzewski

I just started dancing at this studio and it has been a great experience so far! Everyone is super welcoming and, and the classes are challenging but fun!

Melissa Davis

Danard Daniels

Being on tour as a performer, somtimes it is hard to find time or a good studio to brush on technique. This studio was very welcoming. I enjoyed every bit of class.

paulina bracone

The North Carolina Dance Institute, I believe has the best training for all types of dance styles. I am a 24 year old year old dancer, and I have known Kirstie since I was 10 years old. I have loved Kirstie's classes from the beginning. All I wanted to do was go to the studio and dance in her classes. All of the teachers have a huge passion for dance and the artistry of it. There are no recitals, so they really focus on the technique, which is wonderful especially if you want great training to go to any kind of arts highschool/college or auditioning for broadway. NCDI has an awesome atmosphere. And it's wonderful to come to a dance studio where the students act professional also.

Luis Miguel Tibocha

I’m a foreign dancer and I found NCDI via web search. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but when I got there for my first class I found a welcoming environment and very kind people, great service and amazing teachers. Totally recommend NCDI to dance, keep in shape and have fun time dancing. Something remarkable it’s that administrative staff assure the well being not only to the students but companions. Thank you NDCI for a great experience!

Sarah Vanmeter

Doral Kasper

Anyone interested in dance whether they have had previous dance experience or not should try out NCDI because it won't take long at all to fall in love with the environment and the people at this studio. NCDI offers a wide variety of classes for all ages and all levels. The artistic director, Kirstie, really tries to get to know each one of her dancers and is always suggesting other classes to take that suit your dance ability.The classes always start on time and not a minute is wasted during class. All of the teachers are very welcoming and enthusiastic. Going to my first class there I was nervous, but after the first week I couldn't feel more at home when I walk into the studio.

Mimi Mollins

Tetiana Kafedzhy

I moved to USA just 7 months ago and it was really important for me to find right place for dance classes. I’m adult , but still have a lot of passion to dance and NCDI really helps me with that. No judgment or ignorance, all teachers and dancers are welcoming and encouraging. Really feel progress with technique and will take part in ballet performance soon. Love this place!!!

Amber Benyon

It is an absolute joy dancing at NCDI. I would highly recommend this dance studio. I trained in dance for about 10 years before going to college. Once in college and then after, I lived in Florida in a couple different cities and was unable to find a dance studio where dancers of all ages were welcome. I missed dance so much! When my husband and I moved to Raleigh, I found NCDI online and decided to give it a shot. I’m so thankful that I did. This studio has a well rounded choice of dance styles, levels, and professional instructors. Being 28, its also nice to have other people in the classes around my age. I've been taking ballet, jazz, and hip hop and love each class. I get a great workout, good instruction, personal feedback, and of course, I’m simply happy because I’m dancing. I’m thankful to Kirstie Spadie, the owner and artistic director, and all the other teachers for welcoming me to the studio and helping to put dance back in my life.

Corry Ethridge

NCDI has been an incredible gift to me. Every dance instructor I've had the pleasure of taking class from has been patient, encouraging, challenging, helpful, and friendly. Having started dance at 17, I was pretty nervous to enter the dance world. Kirstie helped me instantly feel at home and welcomed me to the studio for classes and the summer showcase. I honestly feel as though I would be lost without NCDI. The opportunities I was given at NCDI helped me attend college in upstate New York for dance, and now back in Raleigh I feel at home at NCDI once again taking classes. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone and everyone. I love it here!

Gabrielle Gialenios

NCDI has been my home ever since I was a young girl. It is such a welcoming and supportive environment with excellent dance training. I would absolutely recommend it to any dancer looking for a good class!

Nina H.

I started taking dance at NCDI last year, and I absolutely love it! I am not their typical student, as I am an older adult with no former training in dance. Kirstie and her staff were welcoming and so encouraging. I have always wanted to learn ballet, but never had the opportunity. They have an adult beginning ballet class here so I thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did! The class is taught by Melissa who is so patient and always has a smile on her face. I would encourage anyone wanting to learn to dance to check out the classes here! The classes are challenging and so much fun!

haldis larsen

I just moved to NC from PA and someone recommended NCDI to me. It was the first studio I tried here in Raleigh and I didn't feel the need to look any further! Everyone, especially Kirstie, was very welcoming, the classes are great, and the pricing is very reasonable. All of the teachers have great energy!

Carly Grissom

This is my third summer taking classes at NCDI, and I love it. Their summer classes are super helpful and will keep me in GREAT shape. I can confidently go back to college in the fall knowing that I've been keeping up with my technique over the summer, and that I've grown as an artist and dancer. The faculty is top-notch and I love their class selection.

Tori Hall

NCDI is a WONDERFUL multidisciplinary dance studio. The teachers are all talented and work to create a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere that allows dancers to really focus on themselves and their own growth. The training is excellent for dancers of all levels and everyone is welcome. I personally grew up at this studio and though my own training has taken me all over North Carolina and now on to college, NCDI is the one studio I always return to--I just came back to visit and felt right at home. (The studio's strong alumni presence is a testament to its quality!) The classes are challenging, professional, and create real dancers, but enjoying yourself is always the number one goal at NCDI.

Annette Barros

North Carolina Dance Institute is for anyone looking to advance their skills in dance or to start at as a beginner, no matter what your age. We knew early on that our daughter would pursue Music Theatre in college. In order for her to be able to follow her dream, we had to find a dance company for a teenager with limited dance experience. NCDI was perfect! The teachers are knowledgeable and challenge the students to grow. Thanks to Kirstie and all the wonderful staff at NCDI for making our daughters dance experience a great one!

Meghan Goomis

I came to NCDI at the recommendation of instructor Valonda Calloway. I had many years of dance experience but had been out of it for several years. Having gained weight I was very unsure of going back to dance classes. Valonda assured me the adult classes were catered to every level and each dancer works at their own pace. Joining the Adult Jazz class was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. In the past year, I have lost weight, gained flexibility I had lost and ultimately fallen back in love with dancing. Everyone at NCDI is professional and are so encouraging! I highly recommend anyone young and old to experience a class at NCDI!

Miss North Carolina

I have been practicing my routine at NCDI for a few weeks and love it! The rooms are so nice and the people are so kind. I have been treated with such respect and politeness there and am very fond of this business! Everyone should check them out, whether it's for a rental or class!

Yaya Coco Craz

Kim Fox

In the past 3 years North Carolina Dance Institute has become a second home to me. This a place where you can always expect to feel welcomed as soon as you walk in the door, to feel encouraged and motivated in every single class, and feel safe and free to move and create. When I graduated high school I felt unwelcomed at the studio I grew up dancing in and it caused me to take a break from dance. Then one day a friend of mine brought me to Ronnie’s Hip Hop class and I felt my love of dance spark up again. I continued to train there in jazz and ballet just to see what was possible. Kirstie welcomed me with open arms and even saw some potential in me as a teacher. Since I’ve been at NCDI I’ve not only lost 25 lbs and have advanced my dance technique more than I thought I ever could, but more dance and performance opportunities have opened up for me. NCDI actually guided my life into the direction I’ve always wanted to go in. I will be forever grateful for this little slice of heaven. If you’re an adult dancer who needs an outlet and a dance studio that’s full of positivity, this is your place!!

Amanda Camos

NCDI's AMAZING faculty really bring out the best in you and see your potential. They are willing to help you with anything to reach your goals as a dancer which is why this studio is so special.

Kassandra Kolbeck

My family moved to North Carolina two years ago and was in search for a new studio for all three girls in the family. NCDI was so welcoming and provides an amazing dance education from any instructor you chose to take class from. I am a current dance major at UNCG and always love coming home to the Raleigh area and be able to take classes here, continuing my dance training. The instructors are extremely attentive to each student, helping give positive corrections while also encouraging freedom and exploration. The reason I chose this studio to train at during my off time at school is because of the energy I feel in each class from not just the instructors but also the students around me. I wanted to feel like I was furthering my education while away, and NCDI does just that. The instructors have taken their time to get to know me personally while also pushing me in ways I might not receive while at school. I can't thank Kirstie and the rest of the instructors enough for everything they do for the dance community.

Fallon Morra

I love this place!! I have been dancing with Kirstie at NCDI for over 16 years now and I'm proud to call this place my dance home. Kirstie's passion, energy and expertise provides dancers with the confidence needed to either feel great about themselves on a day to day basis as well as see the possibility of making their dreams become reality. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone looking to dance in a comfortable and encouraging environment. With classes from kids to adults, this is the place to go!

Emily Jane Price

As a professional dancer, it is of the upmost importance to continue to work on your technique and stay up to date on your craft. NCDI is one of the best venues in the Triangle to do just that. I teach and perform throughout the Triangle, but when I need a challenging class for myself (particularly jazz or ballet) I drop in at NCDI. This is a gem in the dance world of North Carolina and I count myself lucky to have such a wonderful institute that offers affordable, professional level drop in classes.

Amy Glass

I have absolutely loved my experience with NCDI. The environment is so welcoming and they have dance training for all levels of experience. I came to NCDI after dancing else where for the past 16 years and NCDI is by far the most welcoming. The high energy classes motivate you to become the best you can be. In just the short amount of time I've trained with NCDI I can proudly say I feel completely prepared for my big move to NYC to begin a professional career in dance. Whether or not you want to pursue dance professionally, NCDI can prepare you for whatever your goals are! Take dance at NCDI!

Elizabeth Stone

I am currently a college student on the NC State dance team and have danced at NCDI for four years. I enjoy the variety of challenging classes offered at NCDI. NCDI is a very warm and welcoming environment and I have loved dancing here. Even though I am in college, I love to come back and take classes when I am able to! NCDI is an incredible dance studio and will develop you to your top potential!

Peter Tamayo

my daughter is so happy to be part of NCDI.. We visited few dance schools and this is one of our best decisions the stuff and teachers are great !!!!!!

Mark Vincent

Always a joy to be here! My daughter's have been taking classes here for years and have enjoyed the high energy and focus on each individual. From toddler to their teens they have grown with this studio and have blossomed into wonderful young adults. You owe it to yourself to drop by and see what they are all about...take a drop in class or a whole course.

Eowyn Tinsley

North Carolina Dance Institute provides the perfect balance of pushing dancers toward excellence while nurturing the joy of dance. Each dancer is known by name, and opportunities for growth are encouraged and provided. We are so glad we chose to send our daughter here!

Karen Rogers

NCDI is a great place to dance in Raleigh. Our daughter Kelly has been dancing there for several years. She started out taking a couple of classes a week and loved it so much she is now taking unlimited classes both during the school year and in the summer. She has also participated in the jazz and ballet boot camps, jazz and modern intensives, as well as the Summer Showcase. NCDI provides serious instruction for dancers who want to dance and continue training in high school. Kirstie is an incredible teacher and artistic director with an impressive background. All NCDI instructors are extremely competent and knowledgeable, as well. Everyone at NCDI is very warm and welcoming. We have appreciated the flexible make up policy that allows families to make adjustments due to vacations or other commitments. Kelly has enjoyed and benefitted immensely from her experience at NCDI. We would recommend NCDI to all dancers, both beginning and experienced.

Amber Hunsel

NCDI is an amazing dance studio that creates a womderful and expressive envioremnt for all of its dancers. As a former dancer who used to dance at the Studio, i found that my technique and performance ability sky rocketed at the age of 10 and has followed me throught my late teen years. Kirstie Spadie the director and founder of NCDI has been teaching me throughout the years at my High School and set a number of choreogrphic pieces on our company, her peices are always the crowd favorites and continue to push the boundaries of all the dancers involved. Mrs. Spadie has also taught a number of master classes at numerous high schools throught North Carolina including mine, making her a well known ad well established teacher. Now that i am in my last year of high school and wanting dance as a career, Mrs. Spadie has worked endlessly to help prepare me for upcoming auditions with techniqe training in various styles, everything from th rigorous technique in horton to jazz. Dancing at NCDI single handly began my thrist for dance. Its positive enviorment filled with amazing teachers and extensive training makes it one of the best dance institutions in the south. I higly recomend it.

Caroline P

My daughter has dreamed of being a professional dancer from a very young age, and had been dancing for some time when we decided it was time to make a change. I has placed her at a studio that focused on competition and recitals. My daughter participated on a competition team for two years. The second year she realized she had not learned anything new in one of her classes the entire year. As my daughter still seemed serious about being a professional dancer -I started looking for a new studio. This is when I happened upon NCDI. I contacted the artistic director (Kirstie) via email; and received a very quick and detailed response. Kirstie suggested my daughter drop in for a class so that the teachers could determine which class levels best suited her. I thought this was very fair and made sense, because it seemed so easy at the studio we were at for students to be placed in a class or on a team without a serious assessment. On our first visit, Kirstie made it a point to take a break and greet us personally. Shortly after my daughter started taking a few classes and summer intensives at NCDI. My daughter really liked Kirstie and the NCDI teachers, so we decided to move my daughter to NCDI for all classes. My daughter has danced happily at NCDI for over six years. Her technical skills and confidence has improved tremendously. Since receiving instruction from NCDI faculty, she has auditioned and been accepted to various summer dance programs and has recently auditioned and been accepted to various college dance programs. I can not say enough good things about NCDI, Kirstie and the faculty. Kirstie is a very giving person who helps build young dancers, both in confidence and technical abilities. She is very careful when selecting teachers. The teachers are very knowledgeable and have had professional experience. The teachers get to know your child, and help guide them individually to be a better dancer. My daughter and I feel that we have been truly blessed to have found NCDI. NCDI is the BEST studio in Raleigh - no doubt! NCDI is professionally run, is non competition/recital, has skilled teachers - and is just a positive environment all around.


I am a musical theatre performer and currently reside in NYC. I am constantly dancing as much as I can and can afford at Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway. I came back last summer to Raleigh, NC, where my parents live and where I grew up, in between show contracts. I discovered the summer program they had to offer here at this amazing studio. The cost efficiency of this 6 week summer program mixed with the talented teachers astonished me and brought me back the following summer! This place is one to really check out if you are going to be in NC for the summer!

Jen Gibson

My 9 year old daughter has been attending NCDI since she was two and a half years old. She now takes both a ballet class as well as a jazz class. NCDI has given her an incredible foundation in dance so far. It can be difficult to juggle dance schedules with school and tired kids, but her teachers are always so energetic and excited about what they are teaching that she perks right up and finds extra energy! We truly value the philosophy of not having a recital that NCDI embraces. More class time can be devoted to learning basic skills and there is more time to learn additional dances. The parent observation day at the end of the year gives us an opportunity to see what our children have learned. There are plenty of oportnities to perform around the Triangle area if your child wishes to pursue that. Two of the students in my daughter's classes this year performed in the Carolina Ballet's The Nutcracker. Kirstie Spadie, NCDI director, is an amazing woman. She sees potential in every dancer and readily praises each child individually. During my battle with cancer last year, Kirstie took time to support me and my daughter with kind words and notes. She is very giving of her personal time and was willing to assist me in choreographing a talent show routine for mothers at my school. As a teacher myself, it amazes me each time I observe her classes how she is able to keep 20 plus students under control and engaged. She is obviously well respected by all her students. Thank you NCDI for a continued amazing dance experience!!!

Melvin Gray

So I am currently taking classes at NCDI, this is my second year taking classes there. Being someone who did not start dancing and learning technique until my third year of college (I've now been out of school for 2 years) I enjoy taking classes here so much. Every single teacher is enthusiastic about dance and their students doing it! I have definitely felt improvements in my dance in just a matter of weeks. The teachers really take time to learn their students and make sure they're getting the full dance experience. They all push the students and strive to make sure they perform at the best all the time. I could talk about this institute all day, but I will just leave it with saying NCDI is an awesome place if you want to learn proper technique or just want to come and dance and have fun!

Barrett Ward

You wont find a better dance atmosphere than at NCDI. The teachers, classes, students, and studios are all excellent! I started training at NCDI when I was 14 years old. I had been training for 7 years prior, and I wanted a studio that focused on loving dance over how small your waist size is. NCDI was the place! The teachers all promote positive body image and positive health. I never got bored and always had something to learn in each class! They were so welcoming and I never felt like an outsider coming in. I left for college 3 years ago and returned last week to take a few drop in classes. I instantly felt at home again. Everyone remembered my name and the classes kicked my butt! NCDI is for serious dancers who want to train and improve their technique, but you'll never stop having fun along the way!

Erika Sartain

I moved to Raleigh from NYC a couple months ago and immediately looked around for a dance studio that offered high-quality training. I wrote to owner Kirstie Spadie to ask for permission to try a ballet class, and her response was incredibly warm and welcoming. When I visited the day before the class, she even took the time after teaching class to sit and chat with me about my background and what I was looking for. I am used to showing up, taking class and leaving without anyone taking much notice, so that meant a lot to me. Over the next couple of days I took class from both Tom and Melody, and I am hooked! Their classes are thorough, well-planned, fun and very challenging. Their teaching styles complement each other, and they both teach technique that is clean and unaffected, prioritizing correct placement over flashy tricks. I leave the studio so motivated each time. All corrections are positive and constructive, never demeaning or rude. The atmosphere is professional, but also very friendly and very welcoming. The students are serious about their training, and the instructors are invested in developing strong, well-rounded artists. Students are respectful and encouraging to each other, too. I have seen the full spectrum of dance studios, and I'm very happy to report that NCDI is a wonderful place to train!

Lynn B

NCDI is a wonderful studio, both for adults and children. My young daughter has taken classes here of the highest quality, and I have taken the Thursday morning adult ballet class for years. Over the years, Melody, Sherrie, Janie, and Kirstie have provided expert and challenging instruction in a class that is the highlight of my week! Both the detailed instruction and honest feedback, and the dedication and visible improvement of the fellow women in the class are truly an inspiration and much-needed breath of artistic air in my busy week!

Sally Dunn

As a former professional dancer in NYC for more than 20 years, and with many Broadway shows under my belt, finding a nice place to continue taking dance classes when I moved to NC was very important. I was told to get in touch with Kirstie at NC Dance Institute. The move from NY was a huge change for me and finding NCDI has been such a blessing. It quickly became my second home. Everyone there is very welcoming, supportive and non-judgemental. The students thrive and dance joyfully as it should be and with strong technique. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who is looking for a unique and special place to dance.

Mitchell Dudas

I can not recommend NCDI enough to ANY dancer in the area. I grew up at a small studio in Charlotte, NC. Then moved to NYC and pursued a career as a professional dancer. I was fortunate to find success in New York, and a studio there that felt like home. After a good run performing in NY and touring the world, I decided to go into an early "retirement" and move back to NC. For a few years, I focused on teaching at a few local studios. And, while I absolutely loved it, I missed dancing myself. Anyone who has ever taught dance, knows there is a big difference between teaching a class and taking a class. And, once you have taught, you become even more particular about who you will take class from. I was nervous going in, because the NCDI website listed several classes as being open to "Adults". Well, I am currently 28 years old, and a lot of studios in the area say "Adult" and really mean 16-18 year olds. I was worried that being over 25, I would feel out of place in class. I could not have been more wrong. I found myself in a group of other dancers, some close to my age, some teenagers, but all supportive, warm and friendly. The atmosphere at NCDI really makes me feel at home for the first time in years. Anyone who has ever danced knows that feeling of a studio that you can really call your own. And, for me, NCDI is that. Kirstie has created a beautiful studio space for dancers of all levels, but in particular, pre-professional and professional dancers. I needed to find a class that would push me the way I was pushed early on in my career, and I found that here. The instructors are all warm and encouraging, while pushing their students to move to new levels. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kirstie for creating this space here!! I, for one, am a die hard NCDI fan. And, as I said, no matter what your level, there is a class for you at NCDI, and a place where you can feel at home.

brittany joyner

I am a college student at NC State and when I moved to Raleigh from Greenville I immediately started searching for dance studios in the area. I came across NCDI and read all the excellent reviews and decided I ought to give it a shot. WOW! I am so glad that I did. This place is excellent for anyone looking to dance. Wether you're a college student or not. Kirstie, the artistic director, is an amazing person. She made me feel welcomed the minute I stepped into class. She also let me know throughout class of how good I was doing. She really enforces positive image and fierceness in her dancers. I was a little nervous moving from my old studio in Greenville to NCDI because I wasn't sure if I was going to be challenged enough. Well, I was wrong to even think that. Not only do the instructors challenge my ability but they are also helping me grow as a dancer and as someone who has danced most of her life I know how important that is. I have nothing negative to say about NCDI. If you're thinking about giving them a look see then stop thinking and do it already!! You WON'T regret it :)

Kelly Christopher

NCDI was recommended to my daughter by her high school theatre director. She is in musical theatre and is going to pursue a degree in that field when she goes off to college next year. At the time she was getting ready to enter her junior year in high school. She had never taken dance as a child but knew she would need instruction for her desired major. We liked that NCDI is a non-recital studio and that there are all ranges of experience. My daughter decided to choose the unlimited class option for the summer session. Rather than me just sitting in the car or lobby while she was in class, I considered taking some classes as well. I also had no dance experience other than zumba and other dance based fitness classes.Before signing up, I decided to email Kirstie Spadie (the owner) and ask if any adults take classes. She was so sweet and encouraging that I decided to sign up as well! So, at 44 years old, I went out and bought myself some tap, ballet and jazz shoes! We took a variety of classes, all beginner level. There were times when I felt a bit self conscious, but the atmosphere is so caring and encouraging, that I got over that pretty quickly. There has always been at least one other older adult in each of my classes. My daughter continued to take some lessons through the year and when summer rolled around again I signed up as well. Since that first summer, I have taken ballet, tap, jazz, modern, musical theatre dance, contemporary, hip-hop and deep stretch. The teaching staff is wonderful and they come from all types of backgrounds and experience. You can really tell that Kirstie loves what she does.! She gets to know everyone and is constantly affirming and positive. I would HIGHLY recommend NCDI! My daughter is now in the midst of her college auditions and has gained so much knowledge and technique in a short period of time. She really feels like she is right in the mix during the dance call portion of the auditions even though some of the kids she is dancing with have taken classes since they were 5 years old! As for myself, I love to dance and it is one form of exercise that I do not dread! I know that I have added strength and flexibility and it has gotten me into better shape.

Taylor Minich

As a freelance dancer, I've often struggled with finding quality drop-in dance classes. Apart from NYC or LA, most studios really cater to training young dancers, which can make it hard for older dancers to keep in shape unless they're a part of a company full-time. I was so grateful to find NCDI! Their classes are challenging, fun, and affordable. They offer something for everyone, which is rare in a lot of places.

Emily Pitt

I love this studio! It is a wonderful and supportive environment with excellent teachers. A few years ago I danced professionally in LA but now as a Mom to a 3 year old, it is just the caliber of class I crave and strive to attend so my body and soul feel revived!

Jessie Brownie

I have been wanting to find a dance studio for a long time that is truly a studio for all ages. NCDI has an incredible span of classes and ages - truly, there is something for everyone. With a kind, supportive and knowledgeable faculty, it's an easy environment to jump right in to. As an adult professional musical theatre performer, I deeply appreciate such a great place to brush up on dance skills and sharpen the tools I need for such a demanding industry. You can't beat the price for this amazing educational experience (not to mention, I've had a TON of FUN)! Can't wait to keep returning for classes.

Natasha Frater

Ms. Kirstie is amazing! NCDI is an amazing place to learn and grow, and I know this from personal experience as a teenager. I am the dance teacher at a local charter school and we were privileged to take a field trip to NCDI today. My dancers loved every minute of it and they talked about how awesome Ms. Kirstie was. Ms. Kirstie was so kind, funny, and welcoming! This was a amazing experience for my dancers! - Natasha

Kara Vick

NCDI is such a positive and creative environment! All the teachers are so encouraging and fun to work with and the technique in each class is outstanding. I am a figure skater so I took classes there to further my performance skills in hopes of breaking into show skating. I gained performance skills, flexibility, and so much more during my time there and booked a job. It's such a great dance family to be a part of! I loved every moment!

Aubria Battle

This dance studio is amazing. Everyone is filled with positive vibes and smiles! The instructors are great, the classes are fun, and they've helped me become the dancer I am today.

bobbi v

I took Miss Valonda's Extremely Beginner Jazz class for summer session. Great teacher, great dance studio. It was a fabulous workout and i learned a lot. Miss Brenda's class is the perfect choice for my little girl. Miss Brenda is just fabulous! Love this studio!

Beverly Jones

Jackie Shaw

I have been attending this studio for a year and half now, and I can say that I have definitely improved in technique, stamina, and strength. I take classes with four different instructors, and they are all committed to pushing you. They all have fun personalities, are skilled in what they teach, and everyone feels comfortable and has fun in class. I am 24 years old, which makes me an older student, but there are plenty of adults who take classes at the studio. Definitely visit the website and check it out!

Andre Huggins

I love North Carolina Dance Institute! Being a 22 year old male (who has not even had an inch of dance experience in my background), NCDI made me feel welcomed and at home. It is one of the best feelings in the world to go to your place of study and have not only your teachers, but even the artistic director (Kirstie, who is amazing by the way) see you and acknowledge you by your name..this place truly makes you feel like you belong and are accepted. The classes are affordable and not to fast paced, and the factually is extremely is an excellent place to start for beginners. Anyone who is interesting in dancing, should definitely come here! I know that I'll keep coming back to not only further my education on dance, but to be in a positive environment with such kind, loving people.

Anthony Acosta

I really do not know how to best describe my experience at NCDI other than, "YAAASSSS"! The instructors stress the importance of technique AND performance in everything we do, which has enabled me to really improve on my craft in the short time I have been at the studio. If you take classes at NCDI and work hard at what is given to you, it is going to pay you back two-fold. The instructors are not only great at teaching and choreographing combinations, but being that they are industry professionals you are able to gain insider information which is immeasurable. Whether you are a beginner or a professional dancer, you will find something at NCDI that is a good fit for your existing talents, and the talents waiting to be unlocked!

Gary Gatling II

At the age of 16, I began my training at NCDI. It was probably one of the best decisions I've made. It was here at this amazing studio where I truly found my passion to become a dancer. They all welcomed me into their family with open arms. Kirstie and the teachers are all so incredible and helpful! To be honest, I was truly overwhelmed with how many classes that were offered and the varying levels. Each class that I've taken has challenged me and pushed me to do more. As a male dancer, this studio was an amazing choice for me because of how technical it is. At the age I started, what I needed most was technique and someone to take time with me. Needless to say, I got both. As a current senior at East Carolina University majoring in Dance Performance, I give so many thanks to everyone at NCDI! It truly is an exceptional place to study an amazing art form. It's my number one recommendation, no matter your age, gender, or how much prior training you've had. NCDI is and forever will be home. Make it yours too!

Carlita Ector

I loved NCDI! It's a great place for professional dancers who are looking for a great studio in the area. The people are very helpful, the studios are gorgeous, and the classes are awesome. Kirstie is incredibly welcoming, and remembered my name from the moment I told it to her. NCDI is a studio for serious dancers who are interested in improving their technique, becoming more versatile and working on performance quality. I'll definitely be back!

Mamatha A.

This is a thriving, welcoming, organized studio that runs on time and stays on time. No class time is wasted - it is movement for the entire hour. Each individual instructor we have been exposed to the last couple years, really cares, has great attendance and consistency and teaches proper classical technique plus some great combinations and routines. There are so many levels and choices for classes for any interest. Don't feel at all nervous to do a trial class. The owner is a phenomenal person!

Marc Cole

Not sure if I had written a review before or not ... but I love this place so much ... why not write another ... Very high level and technical instruction by the most phenomenal dancers and staff. Would def. recommend to any parents who are interested in their child(ren) taking dance lessons or any child(ren) who are exhibiting a passion for dance. The owner is sensationally caring, devoted, and talented!

Lauren B

Being a former professional dancer and knowing the dance world too well, I can say only with absolute confidence that NCDI is a GEM. Unlike many dance studios, it's a place that fosters CONFIDENCE, DEDICATION, and PASSION-- which are amazing, lifelong qualities to instill in kids and especially teens. Kirstie, the director, is such a joy to be around and has created a truly unique and special place. Note only Kirstie, but all of the teachers too are committed to the students and create a very positive learning environment. Finally, the students are wonderful providing positive support to one another and put in a great deal of hard work. As I said before, the studio is truly a gem. Send your children or take class yourself as NCDI. It's a great find -- helped me remember why I love dancing again.

Dawn Henderson

Took my first classes over the summer. The teachers are great and there is a welcoming atmosphere. I am a mid college newbie when it comes to dancing and the instructors make it fun and easy to learn!

Jill Hopkins

Fantastic dance studio. My 7 year old daughter is doing a 6 week summer ballet/jazz class that she really enjoys. There is a focus on technique and fun. There are no recitals at the end so she doesn't have to get dressed up in an expensive outfit and wear makeup. The studio offers shoes to try if you don't want to buy shoes for one class. Thankfully they weren't super strict on clothing because my daughter has spd and won't wear tights. All she has to wear is a leotard and ballet shoes but the studio even offered to let her just wear socks! It's a great place and if we continue with dance, she will definitely continue at North Carolina Dance Institute.

Joanna Mizesko

I came across NCDI by just looking for studios in the Raleigh area online. My husband and I were moving here for a short time and I was looking to continue my technique. I'm so glad that I found NCDI and took the steps to check them out. The teachers are phenomenal and very welcoming. The students are respectful and encouraging to each other. I love the atmosphere and how easy it is to chat with the owners!! It has been a wonderful experience. I highly recommend this studio!!!

Kathryn Ward

If you're looking for an amazing studio for your young one, look no more! This is without a doubt the studio you want to be at. Our three-year-old daughter has participated in the summer session, summer camp and fall semester, and she literally runs out the door filled with excitement each time we tell her it's time for ballet class. The no competition, no recital setup is perfect your young dancers who are just beginning, and we have this studio to thank for our young daughter falling in love with dance. Ms. Kirstie has such a welcoming, shining personality and truly cares about each and every child. Our daughter has been dancing with Ms. Kim who is absolutely amazing and an excellent teacher who keeps the kids engaged and constantly learning. Our daughter comes home every week with something new she's learned. We love the responsibility and professionalism they expect from the kids from the beginning and that the focus is on the education vs. the costumes and stage. We truly can't say enough wonderful things about our experience!

Dara K

Switched to NCDI from a different studio about two years ago and it was the best decision for my dancing I have ever made. Every single teacher is super positive and acknowledges every student in the studio. My fellow dancers are all nice as well and very encouraging to everyone. It is very non-competitive, especially compared to studios that do competition dancing. NCDI teaches you how to dance, not just perform steps. Highly recommend this studio to anyone and everyone. You will become a better dancer while feeling like you're in a happy and safe environment. Love it here.

T Perry-Harris

I am so glad we decided to try NCDI for my daughter! She had minimal formal training and was looking to challenge herself and improve her skills. After her first class, Kirstie contacted me personally and suggested more classes for my daughter - which I thought was awesome. All in all, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes...even though they kicked her butt. She seems more confident in her abilities and wishes the classes weren't over already. The teachers were very encouraging as they pushed her to try new things/techniques and to get past "I can't...". Our sincerest thanks to the staff of NCDI!!! You will see her again next summer :o)

Aaron Kirk

Yang Song

My wife was happy with NCDI until the beginning of this fall when she had to travel several times. She only took 4 or 5 classes in the fall semester before she had to start traveling. But when she wanted to withdraw, she was told that full tuition still has to be paid and transferring to next spring semester is not an option. So, it's better to pay class by class unless you are able to know you need to withdraw at least 30 days in advance, otherwise you still have to pay tuition for the class you are not able to take.

Laura Wenzel

I am new to the area and found it hard to find adult classes close to where I live. I remember coming across the studio on my web search, thinking it is a little far away, so it wasn't until a coworker suggested I try it out since she had enjoyed the classes herself. I took an adult ballet 3 class and it felt like my studio that I miss back home. A relaxed feeling in the studio with the students, but good instruction from the teachers. I am definitely glad I heard about this studio and it is worth the little extra drive for me to take class.

Nick Miller

My daughter has been a student for the past three years and has taken ballet, tap and hip-hop. I can’t say enough about their approach and the deep compassion they exhibit for students. In particular, Miss Victoria is a wonderful person and mentor for young ladies. Thank you for all you have done for our family!

Marideth Batchelor

NCDI is absolutely the best. Since I've started dancing here I have had nothing but the best experiences with my instructors and fellow dancers. NCDI offers the perfect environment to grow as a dancer and be part of the most kindhearted and passionate family. I love it!!

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