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REVIEWS OF Cary Ballet Conservatory IN North Carolina

Karen Hollebrands

My daughter has been with Cary Ballet for 6 years now. She loves the teachers, the programs, and all the girls with whom she dances. They have great teachers and their performances are amazing! My daughter has developed a passion for dance and strives to do her best each day. She enjoys interacting with older dancers and serving as a teacher assistant for younger dancers. Cary Ballet provides a nurturing and supportive environment. I highly recommend it.

Christina Mary Nicole

I can only speak about my experience with the 'adult' drop-in classes, not the other programs. I came in for a drop-in class and enjoyed trying a different type of dance, although I was behind everyone else in the class by a mile. No one was at the desk to take my payment, nor were they the second time I came. I had to find someone to give my money to, and then they had trouble running my card. A few weeks later they said I had a charge for the other class I'd attended, so I had to stop by and pay for that. It was really disorganized and the classed felt like a party I wasn't invited to rather than a welcome environment. I'm sure they have great youth programs, but I wouldn't recommend for adults looking to try a ballet class.

Lila Rossi

Cary Ballet has changed and not for the better. It’s lost some of its soul so to speak. Favoritism is common amongst the teachers and it is difficult to get clear feedback. Aside from the chosen “stars”, teachers care less about the students than they used to. Especially in the non-professional tracks, students are treated more like numbers than people. I’ve noticed a decline in CBC’s attendance lately, longtime students and teachers have left. Both students and parents no longer feel valued by the factory, and the decline reflects this. Cary ballet is now under new management, and the two teachers have been replaced by cary ballet alumni. Hopefully they will help bring back the charm that brought so many of us to cary ballet in the first place. Until I see that change, it’s 2 stars from me.

Gavin Thomforde

Love this place very good learning environment some teachers place favorites a small amount of the time other then that very well balanced team everyone act as a family except sometime when not directed leave garbage in the hallways 5 Stars!

Tonya Hurter

Our daughter attended Cary Ballet Conservatory for the last 4.5 years and this summer, they have made some changes to the ballet program. At the same time, this summer my daughter started losing her passion and self confidence in ballet. We realized as a family that it was time for a change because she has a gift and was getting lost in the bigger classes and new vision. We decided to attend another school for ballet and stay at CBC for the jazz program. We saw in our contract that as long as she attends one Rec Ballet Class that she was able to attend the Pro Jazz classes. She auditioned for the CBC Jazz Company and was accepted. There is nowhere in her contract with CBC's Jazz Company or with the Conservatory that we are not allowed to dance at two different studios so we tried some other studios out and found one we liked. This was a very difficult decision for her that we kept private because she worried her teachers she loved wouldn't understand and it was a private family decision. Unfortunately, we didn't know until after we made the transition that the owner at CBC would not agree with our decision. She removed my daughter from the Jazz Company without any warning or without legal cause hours before rehearsal after attending company rehearsals for almost 2 months. I have tried to contact the owner and she will not return my messages or address the issue. We have supported, advertised, sacrificed for, given our resources, time, and a huge amount of energy into the Conservatory and put the Conservatory out there as the best thing for dancers in the Triangle area but after watching what has happened over the last couple of months, we are extremely disappointed in the way they've treated our daughter and our family this fall. We will never forget what many of her teachers have done for her, they loved, valued and poured into her as a dancer but we are not ok with this behavior. I have since found out that she is allowing other dancers to attend two different schools but we were not allowed to be in the company because she has issues with the owner of the new school we chose. There is something that happened in that relationship before we started at CBC that we were not aware of and the owner has said that people should just know. We did not know. I find this behavior to be unprofessional and even more disappointing because my daughter is 13 and has worked hard to get to where she is. I would not recommend Cary Ballet Conservatory.


I am so thankful for the CARING and QUALITY of teachers and leadership at Cary Ballet Conservatory! My daughter had pretty much decided to drop ballet based on unfounded fears (having been absent for over a month). One of her teachers, DEANNA SEAH, reached out to her and Grace was able to open up and share her heart. Deanna not only answered her questions honestly, and added a needed balance, but she really cared. As a result of DEANNA SEAH taking time to write a couple of emails and taking out half hour of her face to face time, my daughter is now happily back at ballet. Without knowing the major decision we just took on our way out the door, the Founder, Suzanne Laliberté Clark, then spent a whole hour of her time talking with us and clearing up more misconceptions. Our pediatrician told us to simply expect to be in pain if we were going to choose ballet. That's not true if you have caring and quality teachers to ensure you have the right foundation before moving on to the next level. I am so thankful for the caring and quality teachers & leadership of Cary Ballet Conservatory which has made a huge positive impact on our daughter, and our family!

Aden Hurter

Evan Thomas

The teachers are nice and make everyone feel welcome

Ali Holder

Laura Lowder

Burning up the road this week and arriving home very late makes me ever so thankful that our daughter spends her weeknights in the loving home of Suzanne Laliberte-Thomas and Andrew Thomas in Cary! We typically only do the drive to and from Cary twice a week now and after years of daily trips out of town for her dance classes, this is a life-altering difference. I'm so happy to have been able to catch a second glimpse of the AWESOME classes at Cary Ballet Conservatory and watch Haley and her dance friends in action. Tonight was jazz with guest choreographer Yaqshaan Medan and WOW, what an exciting class! Our daughter has lucked out and had his class once before in the Winston Salem area and her jaw pretty much fell to the floor when she realized she would get to take his class tonight. Such fun was had by the dancers! Everyone worked super hard and looked great! Ballerinas can jazz it out too, you know. :) It's also been nice meeting and beginning to recognize many of the other dancers and parents at CBC. Everyone has been welcoming and I feel right at home when I'm there! I'm hoping to go back to watch ballet again tomorrow evening and I can't wait! It's rewarding and reaffirming to see Haley smiling, learning, and thriving as she works so hard doing what she loves! I'm so glad that we went for it this year to find a way for her to join this wonderful conservatory! Thanks Mariaelena Ruiz for all that you are doing to develop this truly top notch training program for these lucky, hard working dancers! It has been such a treat to visit and observe the energy in the school! We appreciate all of your hard work!

Delia Brown

Great teachers, excellent atmosphere, spacious studios, and the best proffessional program in the area. If you want to be a professional dancer one day, this is your best bet. Advanced dancers not seeking a career would enjoy it as well. If you want to do one day a week however, CBC can be pricey and you would be better off going somewhere cheaper. CBC has a great cafe area and the place really does feel like a home away from home. The only concern is that the teachers are known to play favorites from time to time.

Elissa Resnick

I am finishing up my 1st year at Cary Ballet and I love it! The studio owner, and all the teachers are all so nice and encouraging and inspiring. They all push you to the best of your abilities. I made so many new friends and they are all so sweet and nice to me and we have a lot of fun in class together. The ballet and jazz training I am getting is amazing, and I have improved tremendously over the year. I auditioned for the Jazz Company this year and it has been a wonderful experience. You get to do different styles of dance and it is a lot of fun! Cary Ballet is such a positive environment and I wouldn't want to train anywhere else. I definitely recommend Cary Ballet Conservatory!

Ryan Razon

A great place for young dancers who are looking to learn. Teachers give good corrections and choreography. Some students can be mean, but are called out by teachers to stop.

Cecilia Jensen

Linda Barberi

My three daughters and I love this place. It's our home away from home. The teachers are the best there is and it's a very friendly place. The level of dancing is very high, yet still fun for all. A very positive environment for kids and teens to grow up in.

Theresa Alston-Williams

My daughter loves it here. The training is top notch and the staff are very friendly.

anon bailarina

Very good teachers. They are trying to establish an elite ballet boarding school. In my opinion this school is only good for local kids, whom they favor. I would not reccomend sending your child to live in Cary and train here if not local. The housing is unorganized and chaotic, probably worst part of program.

Cierra Groves

Cary Ballet is an amazing ballet school and although they have made many changes recently I am still very proud to call CBC my home. They're always pushing us to do better and teaching us lessons that they also apply to the real world. It's a great school that will take dancers (boys and girls, good or bad) and make them great! Whether dancers want to take classes once a week or be a part of PTP you will receive great training and become part of a family; I definitely recommend CBC.

AP Thomas

The instructors at CBC are exceptional across every level, style and age group. The Alumni lists the teachers are producing are unbelievable! It is also a great place for kids to grow up. The kids have fantastic role models, the environment is family oriented and warm, and the kids are healthy and motivated. The performances are incredible!

Emma R

I really LOVE Cary Ballet. I have been there since last fall and all of the teachers are really nice. The teachers give corrections and help you to be the best dancers you can be. They have made a lot of changes, but all for the better. I think that Cary Ballet also has a really nice family atmosphere. They have an excellent program for all ages!

Yuhua Li

I registered my daughter Jazz 2 and Ballet 2 the same evening , after two classes the Jazz teacher said my daughter is too young to be in the jazz 2 class. If she is not at the age of jazz 2, why did they register her in the beginning? On 8th of September when I got to know we are refused to attend the class, I asked refund. They said it need director approval, will give me e-mail by the day of 13th, but I didn't receive any e-mail from them. Yesterday on 13th I went to CBC at 4:10, my daughter was not allowed to attend the 4:15 jazz class. Then I asked about the refund, the front desk said the director hadn't given any respond of her many many e-mails all these 5 days cause the director very very busy. How about giving her phone call? she phoned, and said the director approved. I will get check in my mailbox 14th of September $365. The front desk also check with me my name and mailbox address. Just now I got CBC phone informing me no check mail out today , I will get check by this Friday . I asked why ? You front desk promised me today I will get money back. The caller said he couldn't do anything , just call let me know . Oh ,my god !

Kathryn Jezior

I love cary ballet! It is an amazing school with lots of opportunities! I love the company, she has participated in it for 6 years. Thank you CBC!

Jessica Martin

Cary Ballet Conservatory is the best place to go, bar none! We live in Apex and were lucky to find such a wonderful school just before we were about to give up. A total turnaround. Now my kids can't wait for dance days. We go twice a week and they always come out smiling and showing me all the moves they learned. The environment is very welcoming, family friendly, great for kids and parents. The teachers are professional and fun. The recitals are excellent! You can see a definite difference between the kids there and other places. The level is very high and ambitious.

Chuck Barton

They do a beautiful job with my three Nieces.

Shivali Patel

Folks, this is an amazing and breathtaking dance school that I grew up in. I am so proud to say that I have spent twelve absolutely wonderful years of my life at Cary Ballet Conservatory. Yes - the teachers can be challenging sometimes but I always found the atmosphere to be friendly, and a positive environment to grow in. And I would always look forward to spending my evenings here. I would definitely highly recommend it to anyone pursing ballet as a hobby or a professional career. If you're not sure, try a class! I promise you won't regret it!!

Carter Hayes

OMG! I love Cary Ballet! I am crossing over from Hip Hop to Jazz, and I have to say, Cary Ballet is the best place around! The teachers are friendly and make every class fun. Going to Cary Ballet has helped me make friends, have fun, and get a formal dance education. All I have to say is that I strongly recommend anyone who wants to do dance to go to Cary Ballet.

Dianne Celemen

Anna-Moriah Fung

Marty Turner

Changing my 5-star review from 4 years ago. CBC is no longer a family friendly atmosphere where your child can have fun and learn to dance at the same time. In my opinion, they have placed too much emphasis on their PTP, and neglected their long time loyal customers. Maybe it will work out for them, but this place is not a good fit for my family anymore.

Jennifer Young

I am so impressed with Cary Ballet Conservatory and their professional training program! My daughter just began her second year there and is so happy and has improved by leaps and bounds! The teachers are thorough and fun and the combinations are challenging. They are truly preparing these students for the professional ballet world. When I have been able to observe the teaching over the last year, I have been delighted to see them giving feedback and corrections to help every dancer be their absolute best. I couldn't be happier with my child's progress and with this program. The other dancers are all so nice and get along so well. They are supportive and helpful to each other, and I think are becoming life-long friends. I truly feel blessed that my child is able to be a part of this amazingly talented group of dancers and in such a nurturing environment both in her exceptional dance training and in her development as a person.

Julia Person

Elizabeth Pham


Cary Ballet is the most professional and helpful dance studio, filled with amazing faculty and an amazing studios to train in. Truely amazing and will help you grow as an artist and dancer and develop a strong love for dance.


Absolutely LOVE CBC I have been there for 7 years and wouldn't want to train anywhere else! The instructors push you to your very hardest:)

Robin Morgenstern

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