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REVIEWS OF The Ailey Studios IN New York

Danielle Heckman

I cannot get enough of Tweet Boogie's hip hop class. Its so much fun and it helps keep me healthy. I also love the beginner West African, Samba and House classes. There is something for everyone at Ailey. It's a great welcoming environment. If you've been thinking about it, do it! You won't regret it!

Traci Bouldin

Beautiful artistry shown during every performance!! We definitely felt the emotions of the dance pieces..

Katherine Rodriguez

Kathleen Andrews

Wonderful school with a great selection of classes. Excellent teachers, Sekou Miller has a winning personality and is a true teacher. Lots of fun!


Amazing dancers~! Just go, you won't be disappointed by their performances. Try to sit still in the audience chair.....Control yourself, remember this, you're not the dancer.

Michael & Madhava Collins

Robert McGuire

Kimberly Powell

Stefany Simon

(Translated by Google) Perfect (Original) Perfetto

Lyell Haynes

Brian Shlissel

Ben Becton

I used to love taking Kat's class here, but the way in which Ailey handled the situation was in poor taste. I'd rather take class with a great teacher than at a studio with shady operations.

Marta Wyngaard

Topher Ziobro

One of the icons of New York City, this dance company continues to impress. I had attended their anniversary performances several years ago, but recently attended my first class. I say first because I hope I get to return since their instructors are so friendly, patient and talented. The teacher took us through the basics of Salsa dancing, what separates from other dances like the Merengue and played some great music by Tito Puente. Definitely take a look at their weekly classes and you can even organize a private class with your friends!

Rebecca Geneve

nice, spacious and clean location, great instructor and easy to learn dance

Shannon W.

Cesar Sierra

(Translated by Google) Cool (Original) Genial

Karen Stephens

I saw the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater at the gorgeous City Center and it was a thing of sublime beauty. This was my first time and what a way to become indoctrinated into the world of dance theater! To start was Gustavo Ramirez Sansano's "Victoria" instead of the standard fare, much to the dismay of the elderly patrons. I LOVED IT! I particularly loved the music "Rewriting Beethoven's Seventh Symphony". Written by award-winning composer Michael Gordon, it was an avant-garde, seamlessly morphing piece that relentlessly drove the dancers throughout the mesmerizing first act. The second was "Members Don't Get Weary". It was much more traditional so I'm sure the old biddies loved it, but honestly it was the more forgettable of the three for me. The third act, "Stack-Up" choreographed by Talley Beatty, KILLED IT DEAD. I almost got up out of my seat to dance when the disco music started ahead of the dancers taking the stage. B-boys/girls, disco divas and some fabulous silver lamè pants... I don't know how they stretched like they did. It's like someone made it special just for Gen-X. It's our time dammit! What a finale! I didn't want it to end! I can't stop gushing about it. If this is the future of Alvin Ailey then it's in wonderful hands. I want to do this again next year!

Sarah Berquist

Hannah Holmes

I've had nothing but great experiences here. The facilities are really lovely, and my teacher (Vic DiMonda, theater dance) is great! Professional yet fun classes, at a great rate (with a discount for performing arts professionals!) I would highly recommend checking out a class here.

Google User

roman makarov

R. Nancy Sanchez

Michael Castagna



(Translated by Google) Translated by Google) Very annoyed customers! I walked into your place which is located a few steps from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and was told $ 35 for my SUV. My sister backed away from behind me in my SUV and I said she was with me. The guy clearly says $ 35 for me and $ 15 for a total of $ 50. I ask more than once to clarify because it looks good and even asks for it (Original) Diterjemahkan oleh Google) Pelanggan yang sangat kesal! Aku masuk ke tempat Anda yang terletak beberapa langkah dari Charlie dan Pabrik Coklat dan diberitahu $ 35 untuk SUV saya. Kakak perempuanku mundur dari belakangku di SUV-ku dan aku bilang dia ada bersamaku. Orang itu dengan jelas mengatakan $ 35 untuk saya dan $ 15 untuk totalnya $ 50. Saya meminta lebih dari sekali untuk mengklarifikasi karena sepertinya bagus bahkan menanyakannya seharga

Ivan Zoratti

Great tapas

M P Peters

Family and friends have been and will be a great part of that dance company!


It's fantastic place and to clean place and historical places and people are skills and experience with warm greetings from the place to stay in touch with you and your family and friends is responsible executive performances and trendy pleasure to have a great time in touch

Donna Baird

Everyone should experience an Alvin Ailey performance at least once in their lifetime. Very rhythmic and stirring.

Johnny Jones Jr.

People are lazy, I'm no different but look what effort can achieve. My daughter had the pleasure to be a part of the Ailey family for two years, a very, very special time in my life. They remembered my birthday today and sent me a greeting. Because of the memories it kindled, I shared their post with my entire network and took THE TIME to write this review. This is the type of organization I'm proud to have been a part of and I highly recommend it for expiring dancers.

Adrien Hubert

Desmond Chow

When I saw the posters of Alvin Ailey I realized I was familiar with them. But I never knew they gave dance lessons. I took a free class with Google for salsa. We learned the basic steps and learned how to style our dance. One hour went by fast and we left the class knowing a routine.

Jonathan Moore

Quenia is the best!!

Francis Rocco

Amazing instructors and awesome studios!

Kiersten Reed

I have been going for years now - West African with Maguette Camara and Sabar with Babacar M'Baye. I love, love, love my teachers. Ailey Extension is my most favorite place!!

Jonas Chenowith

Yesica Aparicio

Really good I love;)

Sade Brooks

Jutta Koser

(Translated by Google) Like last year I visit for a few weeks New York to here at Alvin Ailey hours in "hoarding" and "Contemporary Dance" to belegen.Es is fantastic and always the highlight of my trip. It is worthwhile for all "movement people" even if you visit only one hour. (Original) Wie schon im letzten Jahr besuche ich für einige Wochen New York um hier bei Alvin Ailey Stunden in "Horten" und "Contemporary Dance" zu belegen.Es ist fantastisch und immer das Highlight meiner Reise. Es lohnt sich für alle "Bewegungsmenschen" selbst wenn ihr nur eine Stunde besucht.

Po-Chun Yeh

Very good festival and events.

jean carlos

(Translated by Google) My dream is to be there is a beautiful ballet gym (Original) Meu sonho é estar aí é linda academia de balé

Nicole Smith

Brittany Mora

We have been taking private group classes and tours here for the past 7 years. The old group services coordinator, Kristen, was amazing, howevee their new coordinator, Selena Campbell, is a NIGHTMARE. She is never available during her office hours and doesn't return phone calls. We arrived for our private master class and tour which had been paid in full only to be told she did not make arrangements for the tour. Ailey is a highlight of our trip and this girls casts a negative light on an outstanding legacy. We will not be returning in years to come if she is in charge of groups.

Choco lovers

Best animation sounds

Lois Dorman

I enjoy adult ballet classes. I wish there was a beginner ballet (NOT absolute beginner) class Tuesdays and/or Wednesday evenings after 5. I have no place to take classes Tues and Wednesdays. Hope to see you add a beginner ballet class soon. I'll be the first on line!

Camila Paquet

i have attended alvin ailey for 4 years in the junior division. it has improved my dancing ability tremendously, especially since i am an aspiring performer. they encourage their students to work harder everyday. I think anyone would enjoy this wonderful school.


Amazing school, very professional, organized!

Clarissa Silva

This is THE dance studio to learn or perfect your dance moves. In addition to dance classes ranging in all levels and workshops they also offer fitness classes. I went to a beginner salsa taught by Joey. Did you know there are several forms of salsa? Yes, like 7 :) He taught us NY style salsa which is a lot harder than I would think. After getting the basics down, you are split into 2 groups and you rotate partners practicing all of the moves you learned. Fun, hardcore, intricate foot work, and Joey is no joke!

Aline Muniz

The best studio in town! Beautiful, clean with lots of light. Always great teachers!

Guillermo Santillana

Took a Salsa class here... Teacher was entertaining and informative. The variety of dance disciplines to learn is great and they also teach capoura. Studio was well lit and clean...definitely would take a class here again.


gianni francis

The staff must have been trained in hospitality, because I felt like I was staying at a five star hotel. Campus is clean and structure is sturdy. There were no cracks in the wall or banana peels on the floor. Also worth noting that the students are the most shapely and conditioned in the entire city.


Alexis Yuen

Anna M Blount

Tyrone Spellman

A fan from when Jamison danced "Cry" I was hooked . What makes this dance conmpany stand out is it's ability to dig in the global-collective soul and bring to dance our past and our present. And they do this with the permission of the undying sprit.

Stephane Melissa Monosiet

Ramzi & Maurizia Hachani Calo'

a dream coming true

Pamela Ings

Keondra Prier

Love the location and studio spaces! I've only taken Theater Dance, and love that as well! I'll update when I try more classes.

Elsie Mufuka

Thank you for coming back to Charlotte, NC! I'm 31 years old now and I cried last night after seeing another amazing performance by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. You inspired me for the first time when I was 13 years old when Ailey II came to my small town in Beaufort, SC. Here I am years later, a dance educator for my own company, MufukaWorks, Charlotte Ballet teaching artist, and able to teach dance in public school all day and all students. It will be my dream to pass on the touch to another dancer just like you did for me. Amazing performance and just loved to see the work of a new choreographer to me Kyle Abraham. Come back to Charlotte, NC every year and keep coming to those small towns around us too. You have our support!

Erika Rojas

Loveeeee my Afro/Samba instructor Quenia Ribeiro....she's so amazing!!! I like the Ailey Extension program, I'm so glad I get to attend her class...lucky me!

audrey aybar

i love my samba and afro cuban class so much ! im going to try more classes in the fall so excited !

Susy Santo

Went to see the BFA Fall Concert, and I love it. Lots of performance going on alla year around. Ailey is a must to visite when you come to New York- You are going love it

wilder alison

Emily Grace

The best!!!!!!

Tiraya Sōl

Sandra Boone

Emory de Koop

Kids love this school! Awesome instructors!

Amarah Alaniz

My sister go there and she said it is amazing

isacco fara


Emma Daniels

Didier Bocquet

(Translated by Google) Great Dance School

Terresa Ling

Had a splendid hour long group salsa class with Joey! He broke down the steps slowly so that beginners could follow easily and then we practiced with the music. We also split into two groups, the leaders and followers, and rotated partners throughout the room which was great. Before we knew it, we were all ready to salsa at a party like a pro!

Morte Morte

(Translated by Google) (Translated by Google) internationally known dance schools. Clean and modern accomodations. Wide separation. Nice staff. Many lessons included Monday to Sunday. Easy to find. It is impossible to take care of the park. (Original text) Écoles de danse réputée à international. Locaux propre et moderne. Salle de cours spacieuse. Staff agréable. De nombreux cours disponible du lundi au dimanche inclus. Facile à trouver. Attention impossible de se garer. (Original) (مترجم بواسطة Google) مدارس الرقص المعروفة دوليا. أماكن نظيفة وحديثة. فصل واسع. فريق عمل لطيف. وشملت العديد من الدروس من الاثنين إلى الأحد. من السهل العثور عليها. من المستحيل الاهتمام بارك. (النص الأصلي) Écoles de danse réputée à international. Locaux propre et moderne. Salle de cours spacieuse. Staff agréable. De nombreux cours disponible du lundi au dimanche inclus. Facile à trouver. Attention impossible de se garer.

Sarah Laveyssieres

I dance here, and I love my teachers. They're awesome

Gabriela Vazquez Tinoco

Carlos Rodriguez

This is one of the best dance studios/schools in the area. I had the privilege of doing a performance here and the staff and building were great. I would recommend any dance enthusiast to take a class or here or just go by to see a show.

Thomas Wyngaard

March update: - never heard any feedback from Ailey despite my many attempt to reach out (social networks, front desk…) and them telling me my request is in good hand. - on March 9th, a student threw up during the class, because it was overcrowded and no control on temperature in the room. A room in the basement with no windows doesn't help. - for some reason, when another teacher is subbing, we end up on the ground floor, in a classroom with windows. It doesn't seem very fair. - - - I have been following Voguing class for a while at Ailey Extension. Before attending classes regularly here, I have been trying other classes around town. It happened to me that Cesar, the teacher, was doing an amazing job at not only teaching how to Vogue, but also at being INCLUSIVE, which means showing strong teaching skills. You can be good at something, but it doesn’t mean you will be good at teaching it… well, Cesar’s classes at Ailey Extension combine both of these skills. This reflects a lot in the crowd following the class: it is super diverse, in background, age, gender… and this is exactly, as a foreigner like me, but resident here now, what NYC is about: diversity. Cesar Valentino not only brings Voguing and teaching to a high level, but also brings the true essence of NYC, and this is everything. The great thing about Voguing here is to learn about walking a runway, but also empowerment through femininity! No matter your gender, everyone wear heels here, and everyone gets super excited about it! It’s not only a performing class, it’s also a lot about exploring yourself and gain self-confidence through femininity. Every time friends of mine are visiting, I bring them to this class, and their enthusiasm when leaving it means a lot, and it works every time thanks to Cesar and his skills. But why such a bad rating you might ask.. well, the thing is that it feels like Ailey extension doesn’t support what happens here: 1/ Vogue class used to happen in upper level rooms when I started in spring, but now we are in a basement every time, in a room that is way too small and runway gets difficult because of overcrowded room. It feels like Ailey Extension feels shame about showing men wearing heels to the public, when other classes with heels are being put under the light. Historically, the Vogue community has always been struggling and considered underground. Nowadays, vogue communities and scenes are popping everywhere in the world, not to mention TV shows like My House or Pose, but Ailey Extension seems like not really understanding the potential of this, and keep « us » in a basement. It just feels wrong. 2/ There is only one class a week here, where in every other dance facility, vogue classes happen 3 to 4 times a week. This is very frustrating when you enjoy such a class to only have it once a week… again, why?? At the end, it feels like Ailey Extension doesn’t fully support Voguing, and it hurts to feel not supported, specially when as a participant to this class, you can feel such a high energy every time. Maybe I missed something, or maybe Ailey Extension is a bit blind. So, this message feels a bit like an open letter: Dear Ailey Extension, would you make a statement in supporting this class, open new sessions and help build a community here!! Until then, I have decided to not fully support Ailey Extension as long as they are not ready to make a change and be more rewarding to what happens here, until further notice. I hope you will hear this message, because I’m living for Saturdays thanks to Cesar and his Voguing class, but the bitter taste I get from the lack of support from A.E. needs to be solved. Will 2019 be the year for Vogue to shine at Ailey Extension? I hope yes!

Vik D.

Beautiful studio and great instructors I love Quenia's samba class

Benjamin BrionesBallet

Charlie Sacco

Great class both times i took them. Jonathan Lee especially

Lara Ruth Ziobro

I love the open window studios at Ailey. Gorgeous view that makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the city. The teachers are experienced and the class schedule is varied. I didn't like however that the beginner ballet class was super beginner and the next step up was too hard. That and the rude treatment I experienced in the non-beginner class. I doubt I will return, which is a shame seeing as they have so many wonderful classes from which to choose.

Richard A Bonneau

Amazing on every level

Joyful Day

Doe Robles

Went with friends for some salsa lessons. Had a grear time. The instructor was excellent and a lot of fun. The steps, twists and turns weren't easy to start with but once you get going it becomes easier. He taught us some steps at first, then we tried the turns and then the twists with partners.

Bogdan Manole

Natasha Merez-Cadden

My favorite class here is Ben Byrd's Zumba class, which is like no other. His unique blend of boot camp drill sergeant meets ballroom dancer (with some Krav Maga self defense moves sprinkled in) creates a class that is extremely fun and challenging at the same time. This guy knows his stuff which can be seen by his horde of loyal followers who get up every Saturday and Sunday morning for his brand of torturous fun. I recommend signing up early as his class tends to sell out quickly. I have experienced many Sunday mornings where I am standing in line to check in to class, praying to get one of the last spots to class. I highly recommend this class to anyone who loves to dance and wants to get in some body conditioning as well. Ben will only be at Ailey until the end of March (huge loss to Ailey if you ask me), so catch him there during these last few weeks, or at his Wednesday night 6:30p class at the Ball NY studio on 131 West 35th St - 5th floor.

Sanjiv Medical

The showcases of dances are truly breathtaking


Delores McFarland

Devonta White

Amazing Space. Rich History. Great Programs. Whether you're a professional or a beginner just wanting to stay active and have fun, Alvin Ailey provides ballet, hip hop, African and more.

ej shortell

I went to a salsa class at Alvin Alley American Dance Theater named after the famous dancer Alvin Alley, who died at a very young age. There are many different dance classes at different levels. The beginners class taught by Joe was wonderful. The instructor Joe was very thorough and took his time to explain every step. After class, you will be ready to go out to the clubs dancing.

Salima Ali

I took the Beginner West African Dance. The instructor was amazingly patient, talented, and energetic. The live-music, drummers, brought a joy to me that I can't describe. Overall the dance class was a wonderful experience. The staff too were very welcoming and very helpful in identifying other classes and opportunities I would be interested in. (The registration process was very smooth and easy as well)

Edwidge Duval

Great instructor. Awesome workout

Darlene Chan

I took an Advanced Beg Horton class on Saturday afternoon with Karen Arceneaux. She was fabulous -- she has the perfect attitude for a class with wide-ranging skill and levels. She never made me feel badly about not doing something perfectly, yet she always wanted us to strive to do our best. I would go back next time I'm in town. Love the studio too. Everyone was nice. It was clean and lovely. Only one downer -- they need towel service for a small fee or at least paper towels in the dressing room. I was going out to dinner/show after and would've liked to clean up better. Other than that, it was a perfect experience!

Lauren K

Zelda Dunn

Enjoyed every performance with my family and friends. Looking forward to attending classes, for myself, as well, with my niece of 9 years old

Abigail Rivers

Alvin Ailey is phenomenal. I love the performances. The energy, the art, the music. All makes it the best show to take your mind away from it all. Love Alvin Ailey!

Aida Lee


Angelo Motta

Dominique Day

Megumi Ohkubo

Seth Webster

Basil Lucas

Jasmine Ng

I took two classes here: hip hop, and zumba. Both classes were amazing!

Richelle Payne

I was visiting the city for the weekend and took a class on Sunday morning! It was amazing! First, the staff was friendly and helpful as I navigated the path to the class. The instructor was high-energy, very cute and friendly. I didn't feel the pressure to perform or even keep up, but I did! Yay me! If you're visiting or living in Midtown or the Hell's Kitchen area, go!! Aren't you tired of wasting your bucks on a lame coffee? Why not spend a few of them to get in shape??

Anetra Reed

Great place. Very friendly!

Donna Howe

Get classes; lots of fun and good exercise

Camila Llenas

alicia fabre

Shawnjua Kelley

melony rhoden

really good!!! they have classes that range from beginner to advanced. I've taken their hip hop, Afro-cuban and Afro-brazilian classes. Both the Afro-cuban and Afro-brazilian classes feature live drumming and are EXCELLENT cardio.

Richard Bonneau

World famous for good reasons Also a great school for training young dancers and for rec classes

Marya I Friedman

Wonderful intro salsa class taught by an incredible woman from the Baila Society - half footwork and half partner dancing. Has made me more comfortable going to Latin dance clubs/bars across the city.

Liyana Pandelieva

I regret I took a flight all the way to Frankfurt to see the performance! I live in Bulgaria, I bought a plane ticket, I booked a hotel and I paid 96 Euro for a ticket only to see something that would be perfect to entertain Barack Obama after Sunday mass in church. It was also pretty decent for a family show in Vegas. But this performance had nothing to do with the fantastic photos one can see of the Alvin Ailey amazing jumps. They did not jump at all! Do they use separate jumpers for the photos and the deceiving photos? They did not fly, like on photos - it was more like walking on the stage. The performance was rather mediocre and it was not modern ballet, it was not contemporary, it was nothing. The difficulty of the performance, rated from 1 to 10, was clearly 1,5. I saw great looking dancers showing something so simple, it was an insult. Still, I give the show 2 stars, as the moves of the dancers were impeccable. However, I will never spend another penny more on Alvin Ailey performance even if they come to Bulgaria.

Maria Inzerella

I took class here on 2 occasions while on vacation. Great ballet classes! Just not very clear on the procedure for people who are not familiar with the studio.

ife felix

I love Ailey's Extension. The variety of dance classes are great. The teachers are fabulous making the dance experience all the more exciting. I try to get there at least three times a week. I look forward to class knowing I will have a good time that is also a great stress relief.

Melizza Lam

Theda Jenkins

Amazing historical facility

Ben Strassman

Seems decent

Harriett D Foy

I will continue to praise The Ailey Extension! There are so many exciting and fun classes at The Ailey's difficult to choose one. Some of my favorites are Adv. Beginner Jazz with Jeffrey Bynum, Groovefit Bellydance with Janelle Cortes and of course Vogue with Guest Teacher Cesar Valentino!! I mean come on where else can you get Vogue technique people?!! The Ailey Extension is like an ever-changing family, where you can come let your guard down, learn something new, work on your craft and continue to support the fabulous legacy of Mr. Alvin Ailey... And, how lovely is it to receive an Anniversary reminder from The Ailey Extension offering a guest pass for a single class because of one's continued loyalty?!! Next time you want something fun to do with your crew, plan a trip to The Ailey won't regret it. #twirlforever #dancelife #aileylove

Corey Sidetan

Awesome classes to refine your dancing skills. Helped me fuse ballet and hip hop.

Army_Stay Blink

Eric San Jose

My daughter has been waiting to dance at this Prestigious School for many years. A beautiful 6 Story Facility on the West Side of Manhattan. Wheelchair accessible ramp and entrance. The lobby is modern and clean with photos of the Staff and Founder. Security stand in the front and Box Office downstairs. Clean restrooms in every floor. Tours of the facility are available. Looking forward to going back.

Malika huggins

Brianna Ong

Stefany Fruzzetti

(Translated by Google) The school of my dreams ... (Original) La scuola dei miei sogniiii...

Antonio José Rosario Romero

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy buena


Great experience!!! Good staff, good teachers, good vibes. And wonderful classes.


The studio is perfect and quite frankly beautiful. However, they are quite uncooperative. I had booked a class and due to heavy rains the public transport was broken. The refused to accommodate or extend even with a fee. Please work on your customer service skills.

Hope K. Ruth

I have always been there whenever Kat Wildish teaches. She is the most kind, genuine, and sweetest teachers - she has nothing but love for her students. After witnessing the Sep 2014 incident where an unruly and aggressive parent attacked her after pointe class, Ailey suspended her without pay. I believe that suspending Kat Wildish and requiring her to attend anger management classes was the wrong response. Witnesses from both the pointe class and the attack as well as hundreds of Kats students wrote letters and organized a petition (450+ people signed within 2 weeks) to ask Ailey management & board members for justice. Ailey's response was "She will be back on November 1st". At the end of October, Ailey terminated her. Due to Kat's students (Ailey’s clients / good people), Ailey was overwhelmed with our support of their mistake. I must use the word "Hate" with the Ailey Extension Management. I have never seen such injustice done to an employee or even a human being. A single incident with a student should not dictate her abilities as a master ballet teacher. Kat brings her expertise and 40 years of experience as a master teacher everywhere she teaches and Ailey Studio should be honored to have someone like her on their faculty. She is passionate about her teaching and we can all learn so much from her. It was rough for a few months. We simply needed a good ballet class to train as dancers. I cannot believe Ailey Extension as an educational institute, a signature of the dance world, created such painful drama for its employees and clients. The scar will never go away... We all gladly moved on with Kat. We are now following her all over the city with studios that appreciate her effort. Thanks to Ballet Arts, Peridance and Gibney. And of course the amazing Kat. Happy dancing & stay away from Ailey!

Radhika Lakshmanan

Zumba class is brilliant.

Elena Елена

Adrienne Hurd

Beautiful studios

A JOHAN Stewart

From Absolute Begonner to Professional....quwlity classes, family atmosphere.

Steven Chu

I took my first class at the extension for All Styles Vogue with Cesar Valentino - I loved the boutique class size (ours was about 10 people) which was great and was enough space to spread out and learn. Cesar made the experience of jumping into a new dance style fun, and super accessible to picking up. Each week features fresh new choreography to learn so I'm def excited to come back soon! Totally worth it, and beautiful studio space!

renna l brown

Karen Joy Ogundipe

Treemonisha Hutson Conley

They offer the general public free demos of their dancers warmup exercise.

Loubna Loubna

مكان جميل اضافة الى هذا فماهو اجمل من نيويورك

Spiro Marcos

Some of the best teachers, in the best studios in town! A great place to explore the world dances like West African, Sabar, and Capoeira! Though no studio is perfect, this one offers great classes at a competitive price! I fully recommend it, to anyone from new dancers, to vets doing some drop ins!

Andy T

Great performance

Arthur DeLuca

Love it. Great school

Julia Z

Barbara Ho

Leola Goins

Roz Mays

The West African Dance class on Monday evenings is simply extraordinary. I have never loved every minute of a dance class in the quite a few years. It gives me LIFE and restores my faith in humanity.

Desrene Channer

My son enjoys his classes and teachers. They are patient, kind, tough, and forces him to always do his very best.

Ponya Ferdinand

Luis Angel

Not my cup of tea

Zoe Peanut

Don't even know where to start... bottom line it's amazing & fanTastic!


(Translated by Google) Dance schools known internationally. Clean and modern premises. Spacious classroom. Nice staff. Many classes available from Monday to Sunday included. Easy to find. Attention impossible to park. (Original) Écoles de danse réputée à international. Locaux propre et moderne. Salle de cours spacieuse. Staff agréable. De nombreux cours disponible du lundi au dimanche inclus. Facile à trouver. Attention impossible de se garer.


(Translated by Google) If such a dance school, I want to go on a daily basis ❗ (Original) こんなダンススクールなら、毎日通いたい❗

Thiago Silveira

I just go there because I love the capoeira classes but the people who work there really need an etiquette course.

Sang Jung Kim

Flavio Lima

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