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REVIEWS OF Joel Salsa NYC IN New York

Freddy Leon

Best salsa dance school out there. Took a private with Maria and she pointed out some of the finer points of salsa dancing that I was missing. Decided to give the group classes a try, and haven't looked back since. Both Maria and Joel are excellent instructors, very patient, and never hesitant to walk on over to help you out. Of course, I can't forget about the other two salsa instructors, Jason, and Andrea, who are great as well. Big shout out to the bachata instructors Edwin and Amanda also. No place more down to earth and enjoyable to learn how to dance than JoelSalsa

Omar Serrano

This is a long review, and for those of you who don't have the time, this is the gist: Taking Salsa lessons at Joel Salsa rocks, is a lot of fun, and you should not think about it twice! Seriously, I wish I could give them more stars! Now the longer version: I've been taking Salsa lessons with Joel Salsa and Claudia Sol for just about two months and I kid you not, the decision to start taking Salsa lessons with them is one of the best decisions I've ever taken. I signed up for the 8 week bootcamp, two weeks after starting the bootcamp signed up for private lessons with Claudia to supplement the group classes, and just last week I upgraded to their VIP package, which allows me to take all their regular weekly classes within my level, and gives me free admission to their social dance events. My point is that the longer I spend time with them, the more I want -- I just can't get enough! Why all this enthusiasm, you ask? I'll tell you why. - You get to learn Salsa! - You get to meet different people! - You feel welcome (you see all kinds of people in the group classes)! - You get to do some exercise! - You get to listen to music! - You get to dance! - The instructors are awesome! I've taken lessons with almost all the instructors at Joel Salsa, and all of them are super awesome! They make it impossible not to have fun! They are professional, courteous, friendly, and charismatic. I always see them smiling, laughing, and telling jokes. It is so much fun, it can feel like a party! My personal favorite is Claudia Sol, because she is full of charisma, and shines with joy when she is leading the class, especially when she makes us dance at 100 miles per hour! She's also great as an instructor for private lessons. She is just as fun in a private setting, but for private lessons she uses your input, such as your goals, to develop a personalized lesson plan. She also makes herself available, takes the initiative to provide tips or share Salsa resources, and is quick to respond to questions. Seriously, Claudia is awesome! In my case, I gave Joel Salsa a shot because I'm interested in learning Salsa to a sufficient level of skill that I feel comfortable social dancing. This is a medium term goal that will take several months to accomplish; however, Joel Salsa is so much fun, even if you have different goals, I would recommend trying Joel Salsa. If you just want to have fun in a different setting, give Joel Salsa a shot! If you want to exercise but hate the gym, give Joel Salsa a shot! If you are planning a team building activity for your team at work, sign up everyone for a class at Joel Salsa! If you want to meet people in a fun setting, sign up for a class at Joel Salsa! Thinking of getting your friend(s) a gift? Give them a class at Joel Salsa! Seriously, you won't regret it. Preguntas? Questions?

Alexandra Lotero Llanos

Jose Rodriguez

Great place to learn at your own pace , a great staff and friendly environment.

Maria M

Love love the dance classes and instructors here. There is also anumber even male to female ratio which is great!

Phil Bastian

Joel and Maria are great. They are both very talented dancers, teachers and all around good people. They make learning to dance fun and challenging. Their students are very friendly and fun too.

Gloria Ortiz

Really liked this workshop

Madeline Rizzuti

Joel Salsa was SO MUCH FUN! The instructors were excellent dancers and really great teachers. Definitely OK for beginners although pretty fast paced. We can't wait for the rest of our classes.

Eugenia Shakirova

Sean Gelles

Joel, Maria and the other instructors are all really nice people and great at teaching dancers from the novice to the most advanced levels. The classes are well-structured and the overall ambiance is warm and friendly. Beginning classes are especially well-designed to get students out on the dance floor. There’s a wonderful group feeling that Joel and Maria foster that makes their studio really special. Classes at the studio are among the highlights of my week!

J Almon

The first class had a great introduction to salsa and feeling comfortable with the music.

La Sing

Joel Salsa NYC is an amazing place to learn Salsa and Bachata Dance. The instructors are awesome. It is a kind, warm, and stress-free environment. You are greeted with a smile the moment you walk through the door. You will feel completely welcomed... Just be prepared to become part of a family. Thank you Joel and Maria!

Rob Hartshorne

Excellent world class instruction and friendly, supportive atmosphere. Extensive online resources and opportunities for social dancing. Joel, María and their staff are superb dancers and deeply committed educators.

Jann Louis

Good place, great people! I recommend Joel Salsa

Serge Pierre-Pierre

satisfactory. Satisfied with the classes. I am learning a lot. Thanks.

Adriana Krzeminska

Joel Salsa has become a second home, an extended family and the highlight of my week. This is the best place in New York City to learn New York-style salsa. I just can't get enough. The initial fear of walking into a dance studio was immediately replaced with comfort and ease. It's fun, convenient, and full of supportive dance instructors and students. Joining Joel Salsa it's one of the best choices I've made. I am learning new things on every class. The instructors are incredible, energetic dancers and teachers, the students are friendly and eager to learn. This place is also made for all levels of dancers. I highly, highly, highly recommend this school to anyone who is thinking about learning Salsa and Bachata. You learn so much! Classes are energetic and leave you wanting more. Joel Salsa classes are absolute fun!!!


Joel and Maria are very good and patient teachers !!

Renata Henry

I just started the 8-Week beginner bootcamp and so far, I love it! Nancy is a wonderful instructor. I'm looking forward to the rest of bootcamp.

angel molinos

Armando Ciprian

Migdalia Thomas

Mykel Alexander

Joel Salsa is a great place to learn how to dance. I decided to take the Salsa bootcamp because my girlfriend loves to dance salsa and I wanted to learn so I could dance with her. I was an absolute beginner to all styles of dancing and the instruction I received here allowed me to feel quite comfortable with dancing Salsa and confident that I could go on and refine my technique even further. I love the way they teach to dance to the conga rather than just robotically dancing to numbers. It helped really give me the feel for the music and has given me an immense love for the genre. I highly recommend it.

Brian Dumaual

Peter Stieglmayr

Excellent first class. I really enjoyed the technique and immediately signed up for 4 extra classes for the full 8 week bootcamp. Been going now for 2 months and am extremely satisfied. I definitely feel like I have a grasp of the fundamentals of Salsa and am eager to learn new material once I get Level 2 more down packed.

Samantha Isman

Had a fantastic experience!! Everyone is incredibly friendly and you can tell that the instructors love to dance salsa as much as they love to teach it. Jason and Nancy were great instructors, they broke down all the steps to make them easily understandable and were always willing to put in the extra time to explain things if anyone was confused. Can't recommend this studio enough!!


Wow amazing superb quality dancing with warm greetings and good attractive pleasing personality and sufficient responsible executive performances and trendy pleasure to meet with warm greetings

Christine Camareno

I love dancing with JoelSalsa, highlight of my week!

Richard Levins

Super nice instructors, and funny too! I enjoyed each of my classes. Nice to do with a companion as a date and develop your salsa skills together!

Trina Cosme

nick glase

Joel and Maria are skilled, dedicated, and experienced instructors with a large following and a great sense of humor. Highly recommend their classes for NY Style 'Salsa On 2'.

Book Keeper

I've only had 2 classes and as soon as it's over, I can't wait til the next class, SO MUCH FUN!!! If you ever wanted to learn to dance salsa or just want to dance better, then this is the place for you. This summer I will be dancing salsa as I walk down the street lol.


Jorge Henriquez

Great class with Joel, I highly recommend it!

Rebecca Wang

They are both skillful and patient. I like styles they taught. If the class has longer time to practice, it would be interesting . Plus, we probably need a bigger dancing studio room, a little bit crowded.

serge pierre-pierre

It was very gratifying. The atmosphere very pleasant.

Alex Santiago

Henry Villalona

Great classes, great teachers, for me one of the best Salsa Class in NY

Rosanna Alvarez

If your looking for teachers that actually know how to teach, then this is the school for you, I had no clue what I was doing at first . and they helped with building the confidence you need. They're very clear, detailed all you need..cannot ask for a better experience at Joel Salsa.

ramona nunez

Very nice

Princess RogersNelson

We were looking to perform a surprise choreographed dance for our wedding, a latin bachata routine. We contacted Joel Salsa who connected us with a choreographer, Nancy Bocanegra. Nancy was amazing to work with. We set up a five session choreography lesson package and provided the music we wanted to use. Nancy is extremely skilled and patient (we were both absolute beginners to bachata.) We added on an additional 3 lessons to ensure that we were ready for the big day. Our choreography was beautify and we wowed our wedding guests with the surprise dance. Nancy was amazing throughout the process.

Sandra Aranguren-Langston

Guillermo V

Joan Lieberman

Very nice place to learn Salsa - they make it fun and have great instructors.

Luis Rangel

The information was great and the lesson flowed beautifully. I'm very confident that I'll be on the dance floor soon.These classes are building the cultural foundation of New York. They're very effective. I learned how to dance in 2 in a month.

Sandra Markoski

Chávez Oficial45

(Translated by Google) I want to learn to dance salsa and for the good comments I have seen, I will give it 5 star .. (Original) Quiero aprender a bailar salsa y por los buenos comentarios que he visto, le daré 5 star..

Sofia M

I never expected to enjoy this class so much after my first couple classes! I was referred by a friend to contact Joel (since I wanted to take salsa courses); I was immediately impressed with Maria & Joel's professionalism, expertise, and passion they had in their teaching of Salsa. It's very important for me that a teacher is clear with their directions/instruction of the basic salsa steps, that they are experienced with mistakes beginners and novices' usually experience on the dance floor, and are patient with all levels of dancers during class. Not only where they did they have those qualities, but they do care about each individuals progress and understanding. They are both personable with everyone and make you feel comfortable in the studio! I took the opportunity and completed the 8 week program for beginners salsa and several advanced beginners courses, and it has made me feel very secure in my dancing skills when I go to a salsa club with my friends. Also, after you get the basic steps down, I recommend attending their "Practicas" (monthly practices where everyone is encouraged to attend) and learn how to dance with fellow beginners to advanced people. It's the best way to anticipate others movements and learn new styles-in the comfort of others who are learning like YOU! I was taking their classes starting Oct2012-spring2013 until I had to move away from NYC (for the husbands J.O.B), and wish I knew about Joel & Maria years ago!! This is definitely a very special and unique class that I was very lucky to be part of. Well, I can go on and on about these two, and why you should take advantage of their amazing program, but go check them out-even if it is just taking one beginners class! One more thing. I purchased a pair of dancing shoes from Maria, and made a HUGE difference in my dancing movements! With all the cool footwork you'll learn, boots and sneakers will slow-you-down.

Errol Young

John Paccione

JUST. GO. If you think it looks like fun to try, GO. If you're saying "I can't, I have two left feet / That looks really difficult / I don't have anyone to go with", It's OK, GO ANYWAY. You really do start from one-TWO-three here. And everyone rotates around, so it doesn't matter whether you come on your own. Joel, Maria, and the whole crew are fantastic. They're fun, kind, and understandable. This is an upbeat, happy, social activity. These classes aren't about going up on stage, they're about learning fundamental "tools" that you put together so you can enjoy yourself and participate in social dancing. Everyone is kind, encouraging, and (thankfully for me...) very patient! Highly recommended.

Kevin Hernandez

First class and it was great! Instructors taught basics very well and we're patient to go back and teach again even with a packed room! Can't wait to go back.

Rosa Boisseau

Today I took my first salsa class and my hips won't stop moving lol. It was so much fun and the teacher, sorry didn't catch her name, was great and so easy to follow. I am so looking forward to class #2. WEPA!!!

Mayra Aixa Villar

I cannot say enough about Joel and his amazing team!! I have been taking group classes for a few months only and I have learned so much already. I feel like I am improving with every class and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE salsa!! Also, my class groups are just the best, people are so friendly and kind and I enjoyed learning and practicing with them. We even gather together to go social dancing, which is soooo much fun!! Aside from my group lessons, I started private lessons with Claudia. She is not only an amazing instructor but such a nice and fun person to learn with!! In only one class, she helped with my style and with aspects to work on. I highly recommend taking private lessons with her if you really want to improve your timing, moves, etc and shine on the dance floor!!


2 yr Anniversary is today and many more to come. They are the funniest & most patient teachers ever. Humble, down to earth classmates and teachers. Great environment and atmosphere. Take one class and you will fall in LOVEEEE!!!


Joel Salsa is a great place to learn to dance and develop dancing skills, at every level and in a friendly and warm environment that feels like family. I love it!

ana selvaggio

The best place and friendly people. Love it. Outstanding Great school with wonderful instructors and social nights to bring students together!!! Love the atmosphere. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Kenia Pujols

Friendly ppl. The instructor has a lot of energy. Well done!

sean love

I LOVE Joel Salsa!!


Shaun Field

Splendid! great value and thoroughly enjoyable

Yessenia Valdárrago

Ashley Perez

Great team and super fun.

Ann Daphne Payoen

Knowledgeable teachers, friendly environment, and loads of fun!!!

Serge Zenin

Amazing experience at Joel Salsa!

Ivan Garay

Great instruction, class has a bit too many people, but I love Andrea the instructor. She is motivating, patient, and always answers your questions about steps and moves. I'm having alot of fun

jade C

Took Pachanga workshop with Melissa. It was a fun and very productive experience, I love it !

Diana Wu

Andres Cabrera

Katia Brinkman

Betsy Calderon

Libert Tapia

Get the full package you cannot go wrong.

Adam N

Great way to learn. Good instructors. Lots of fun! Wish the classes were 90 minutes though

Moises Reyes

Simran Kaur

Dionysia S.

Joel is amazing! Super unique music-focused method. I knew how to dance salsa coming in but took his intro class to benefit from his approach and I don't regret it. Highly recommend

Tara Abrol

Theodore Sispoidis

Today was my first class and though I feel like I have two left feet, the class was great. instructor was great and made the class fun.

Laura Rose

Awesome instructors that were clear and got everybody moving - around the room, with different partners, learning the basic steps. It was great. Looking forward to the rest of our boot camp classes!

vanesa hernandez

I’m very happy with this school I like the teachers and their technique to teach. They are always open for concerns , questions by the way the socials are very helpful

Barbara Rodriguez

Coppelia Grajdeanu


Flights Camera Action!

I've never danced a lick of salsa in my life so when I stepped into class on the first day I was super nervous. I stood in the very far corner of the class and took a seat when I was too nervous to try certain moves. A month later and I absolutely LOVE this place! Joel and the entire staff are very friendly and charismatic. They've somehow made me feel right at home when I step into class. With a bit of patience and discipline, I believe anyone can learn salsa from this team. They'll have you up & moving in no time! PS: I purchased the VIP package and it's been completely worth it. My work requires me to travel throughout the week so if I can, I'm able to attend 1-4 classes and even extra if they're offering specialty courses. They also host social events throughout the city if you're looking to get some in-field practice! Thanks to everyone at Joel Salsa and if you're considering learning the dance, this is where to do it!

arnold jara

If you're looking to get into salsa dancing this is the place to go. Joel and Maria made it easy for a novice like myself to grow more confident with my dancing. Shoutout to Nancy who teaches the Tuesday bootcamp who helps drill the fundamentals which become important in the classes after bootcamp.

Lâle Aköner

Joel and others are great teachers and funny! Class pace is ideal, environment is extremely friendly and light-hearted, their staff is super helpful! Joel emphasizes the technique as well as musicality, which helps in social dancing as well. I am hooked to this place!!

Alis Claudio

Pauly Longani


Friendly environment!

Luis Manuel

Great Salsa studio in NYC... Professional instructors and friendly people...

Anthony V

marisol cardenas

great experience. Pleasant, helpful, a knowledgeable instructors. Have energy even at such a late hour of the day. May be signing up for more classes. Appreciate the exposure to other dances during the class practice parties. That was an excellent idea. Can't wait to hit the club and salsa. ☺

frederick ferby

It was great!!!!

Camille Lopez

Keith Green

Fantastic instructor. Just the right amount of teaching blended with humor and can-do attitude. Would recommend him wholeheartedly. Also, don't miss the associated Bachata classes if you are interested in that style as well.

Katie Golden

Joel Salsa is the best salsa school in NYC! The friendly, welcoming environment makes me look forward to class every week.

Jonathan Campbell

Joel and the other instructors at JoelSalsa are high-energy and alot of fun, but simultaneously professional and patient. The classes are extremely inclusive and friendly. They move at a great pace for all learners and encourage students to not only learn the steps, but implement them in creative ways. I cannot recommend JoelSalsa enough.

Jaron Patrick

jose grafals

Awesome classes...great instructors with a fun environment...Salsa and Bachata classes for all levels...

Keith Battles

I love Joel salsa classes. They are so much fun and I am learning more and more each time I go. All I can say is "I can't get enough." Wepa! ❤

Joanne Furshpan


Jesse Carmona

Rachel Taillefer

I took Joel years ago, but moved outside of the US, I'm back-I like that the classes are organized to the proper levels of experience. The teachers are thorough. I enjoy the experience every time!

Laure Lambert

Joel Salsa is the best! Joel and Maria are very friendly and helpful, and learning with them makes salsa fun and easy! :)

divya ramchandani

Daniel H

Had so much fun here. If you are in NY you must visit!

Cesar Dilone

La Roe-Roe

I've taken other New York Style Salsa classes and I have to say...this is my favorite so far. The boot camp is fast paced but Joel makes it easy to follow. I also prefer being taught to follow the musicality rather than counting.

Rose Salas

I highly recommend Joel Salsa NYC. The instructors are a lovely couple with great humor. Both are excellent in teaching their art of Salsa and mambo dancing. They focus on technique and the finer details that take your dance to the next level. I’ve been attending since July 2019 and I am learning so much. You will definitely progress and you will have such a great time at Joel Salsa. Love love love my salsa classes at Joel Salsa :-)

Mariauxi Apolinar

Haley Holmes

David Fischer

Charlize Trana

Steve C

Very professional and well organized. They have awesome, super enthusiastic instructors like Nancy who make the learning process fun and rewarding.

Maria Cruz-Ramos

I highly recommend Joel Salsa for anyone looking to take classes. Joel and Maria are very patient and really good at instructing. If you want to learn Salsa and/or Bachata, have fun and meet new people while doing so, this is definitely the place to be. Check them out ... trust me ... you won't regret it!

Tom Trainer

Just had my first class at Joel Salsa and I was thoroughly impressed. The class was a little slow for me but that's probably because I already knew the moves today, but the instructors are fantastic! I went to the level 2 class and there was both a male and female instructor and their attentiveness was phenomenal. It's a bit more expensive than other places but well worth far :)

Angela Whitton

Joel Salsa is what salsa dancing is all about - fun, vibrant, and loose. The instructors are really great and infuse humor and joy into their teaching. It is obvious how much they love this style of dance. As someone who has never taken a salsa class in her life, Joel Salsa taught me the basics and then some. I learned a lot and would recommend them to anyone looking to learn salsa!

Yalette Garcia

I purchased the 8 week Boot Camp Beginners Package I went for my first lesson and it was great. The instructor was Nancy and she was awesome and also funny she made the class fun. I would definitely recommend Joel Salsa to ALL my friends and who ever is reading this review. I also purchased the online classes which is great because I can review and practice at the Comfort of my home prior to going to class. I can’t wait for my next class.

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