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REVIEWS OF House of Movement IN New York

Michael Chua

Probably the best atmosphere for learning and just straight up having fun dancing! It's also an interesting space that brings in talents from all dance communities (from industry to collegiate competition teams).

Brian Seam



I've taken a couple classes at HOM. I've come for guest instructors and a once for a regular instructor. I love the environment and community that goes on. The only feedback I really have to add is that it is super clear that some members have strong relationships with the instructor. Be more inclusive for those who aren't heavily immersed in the community.

Britney Lee

this is so lit!!! everyone is super welcoming and the teachers are so good and explain everything super well. the choreo date so fun to learn and I look forward to coming here 24/7. if I could go every day I would tbh!!!

Sugga Shay G

Angela Jeon

so much fun! nice location! :D

Jewel Sales

An amazing place for people looking for beginner's classes! Makes everyone feel at home and a great community to join! Fun, upbeat, welcoming and friendly! Love house of movement! <3

Jane Tang

Katherine Yiu

I like that the instructor had such a good vibe. She repeated her demonstration on both sides of the room, so she was really tiring to be helpful. They try to be inclusive, so the room was packed. I couldn't really see anything - and I'm not a good dancer so that was kinda disastrous on my end. Really, I think it was my totally lack of dance skills that made it so hard hahaha. I can see how other people would enjoy themselves but I think you would need to go to a few classes to get used to the routine. I got lost because of only going to one class, but it was still fun to experience.

Spontaneity blog TazVanDyk

Sophia Zhang

House of Movement is a wonderful place for beginners! I've never danced in my life but the pace is very nice and I never felt like I would be behind everyone else. Everyone is supportive and very kind to each other! We are all here to learn how to dance :)

Luka Banovic

Neicy Bennett

Titus Jay Sisomphou

Beginner class was cool. Choreo, could've been taught better but still overall a great class and pretty entertaining.

Becky de Leon

Lauren Piontek

I took a beginner's foundation course. Our instructor did a great job balancing how much explanation he gave to keeping us moving. The concise explanations of "why" were helpful, and he was patient while pushing us to do something a little more difficult with each new move. I wish there were more instructions about how to get into the building, but I'm willing to say I missed something somewhere too.

Victor Cipolla

Trang Nguyen

Nar Shahin

House of Movement is a fun and easy way to go from zero to having a routine down in one class. I am definitely going back to see how much more I can master if I did more classes.


Emerline Ji

House of Movement has a special place in my heart. After years of wanting to take hip hop classes, I finally went out and started. Glad HOM was where I ended up! The teachers are fun, all have their own flavor, and continue to grow in how they instruct the classes. There is definitely a sense of community that develops after regularly attending for a year.

Alexa Juvan

Sylvia Lee

Ellice Lee

Nirali Sheth

Wajhul Qamar Khan

Meghan Estrella

visiting NYC from Toronto over the summer and decided to take class. wonderful experience however when I went in July, the temp was 36 degrees Celsius and taking class in the studio with no air condition was brutal. still had fun nonetheless

Massimo Zeppetelli

Ruby Nitzberg

Patricia Zhang

Zhang Zhang

Mindy Schaper

I have been to a couple of beginner hip hop classes there and loved them. The classes are a nice size, and the instructor moves around the room and makes the students switch so everyone gets to see the instructor. The class begins with warmup and workout, and then the instructor teaches the moves at a good pace for beginners, and the moves are fun. The class is very upbeat and positive. At the end, we perform the routine in smaller groups. It is a really positive place. It is a great workout and leaves me on a high!

Shana Lewis

I really enjoy each and every one of the instructors/choreographers. I love how each of you bring a different vibe, technique and/or feel to the atmosphere. I am constantly growing and being challenged as a dancer when I take classes at HOM. You all are so dope!

Jenna P

Taquan Gresham

Amazing full of awesome choreographers!! Great prices for class and class bundles!!

Sam H

Attended a Wednesday class for beginners and had an awesome experience! I recommend it for those who are casual fans of hip-hop and dance and just looking for a way to start!

John Dowey

choreo could be better - too hardcore and not fun

Jaline Pelaez

Kim Nunez

Tree egg GH u HD off vhf ft

Lervoin Pressley


Alice Wu

Anne Gu

Jade Chetkangwan

Shan Htet

Yours Truly

Update correction: Speedy response very friendly staff.

Michelle Xu

House of Movement is a great studio in NYC for dancers of all-levels. It really focuses on positivity and community, traits that could be hard to find in other studios. They primarily focus on hip-hop dance, and bring in different choreographers every Friday so there is always something new to offer!

Grace Haeun Yang

Lauren J'ai

Michael Luansing

Andrew R

Choreo is overall fun and difficulty of their "beginner" and "intermediate" really ranges depending on the instructor. The biggest drawback is how PACKED the classes are. Nearly all beginner classes have 50+ people with staff/friends dancing.. I get you're trying to make money but damn the rooms are way too small for that amount of people. But I guess if you're consistently capping out your classes then you have no incentive to reduce the class size. Also I wish they would open the damn gets HOT in the rooms with so many people. "House of sauna" is funny at the beginning but not anymore...if it's cold outside why not open the windows to cool down the room?? What's the purpose of keeping the room hot for 90 minutes? I've been coming here regularly for certain teachers but honestly the packed sauna rooms make me hesitant to return. There is a good environment overall and I'd recommend seeing which instructor best fits your style , along with trying out different NYC studios . Hopefully one day HoM can move to a bigger space..

Sean Nee

It was great fun, super atmosphere, a welcome environment for people like me with low level skill and experience. I'm a 60 year-old from Scotland, BTW, where I do a lot of hip-hop too!

Ryan Mather

Great place to learn dance! very inclusive and welcoming.

Julia Almirante

Marie De Buyst

I was looking for a hip hop dance school, I read the reviews and even check on YouTube to see if it was my type to be sure not to leave disappointed. When I arrived the music for the warm-up were really nice and when we started the choreography it was k-pop. Hip-Hop is from the States, K-Pop from Korea. Both totally different styles and I would have appreciate to be warned it wasn’t hip-hop at all. Plus, I had to pay for the very first class, didn’t even had the chance to try for free. I paid 18$ and I am totally disappointed.

Whitney Joneé

Nick Forte

Anna Whitehouse

I've taken a few months of beginner classes at HoM. They have incredible teachers and have created a beautiful supportive community. I enjoy every class I go to and always learn something new. While I have experience in other dance styles, Hip Hop is totally new to me; their instructors are patient, funny, and not too intimidating :D I look forward to many many more classes with HoM

Querube Ramos

I had the pleasure of attending a beginner hip hop class this past Wednesday. Pleasure might be an understatement though. Everything from the cardio & ab intro, to the actual combo, to Paul the instructor, to the people & vibes was AMAZING. Taking a drop-in Hip Hop class in NYC was a long time dream of mine & I really couldn't have made a better choice than HOMNYC. I plan to attend weekly now until I can commit to more days. Thankkkk youuuuu House of Movement for such a great time & allowing/inspiring me to further pursue my love for dance! ❤❤❤

Vera Lim

Great and very friendly staff. Dance instructors change lines which allow learning the moves to be much easier through better visualization. They always give opportunity for questions and do many repetitions which allow students to learn better. The studio space is very small given the amount of students per class so it can be difficult to really do extension moves without hitting someone sometimes, especially if you are in the back of the room. Definitely would like to have smaller classes and perhaps more frequent classes that began late afternoon instead of just at 7pm and 830pm. Instructors are super approachable, purchasing classes are very easy online. Love this group and love these people!

Robespierre Dornagon

House of Movement offers an excellent set of classes for both beginner students and intermediate students. The Community Class every Friday night offers a NEW instructor to leave from each and every week! So awesome :)

Stephanie Mendez

Cindy Wong

Wonderful beginner's class! I've only taken one class, with Paul, and it was very well paced and he actually explained how to execute the moves, which I appreciated. No pressure as long as you don't put pressure on yourself! Would love to take another class. Robesspierre is ok I guess.

Isaias Garcia

Djassi Julien

Challenging classes and great energy!!

Luke Carney

Ryan Pinn

Fatima Torres

Eva Lu

Lisa Pesok

Paul Choe

Excellent class. Paul is a great instructor (and I assume the others are great as well). Having students practice in small groups was a great way to enforce what was taught.


Kenneth Kan

My Le

Sarah Smallwood Parsons

I'm not a dancer and I love these classes. Great workout, great music, and nice instructors!

April Faith

I love HOM! Always such positive energy from the instructors and everyone taking the class! Definitely a great place to just dance your heart out :) I remember I bought one class that turned into 5 class passes that then turned into 10 class passes and then another 10 and another! I can't get enough of HOM!

Paul Jochico

Lily Saito

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