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REVIEWS OF Flamenco NYC Dionisia Garcia IN New York

Jen H

Dionisia is a tough and exacting teacher, and I like that! She can be a bit intimidating but she gives corrections to students because she cares that students understand the nuances involved. I've taken class from several teachers and she is definitely the most exacting. Other classes I've taken have a more relaxed style which can allow for many students to feel comfortable but they can often lack true knowledge about Flamenco. Just make sure to breathe and not be scared.


The flamenco school of Dionisia García is absolutely incredible. She is passionate and the best to learn from if you are up for the challenge of learning flamenco in a true manner, and not just quick steps and choreography.

Mary Ann Farley

Dionisia's teaches the complex footwork and arm movements of flamenco. If you are looking for a deeper understanding of the 12-beat compas or the more fluid forms of the dance, you won't learn that here. While she's limited in her scope, what she does teach is very exact and you'll leave her classes knowing a complete dance, as she builds on the steps week to week. Other teachers teach just the class, not really expecting to see you again, and that's okay too. Both have value. But Dionisia has a recital at the end of the year (or rather she did when I attended), so it's nice to build towards that. What's not so nice, tho, is her treatment of students. Like your worst childhood school memories, she can pick her pets, or worse, she'll pick someone to bully. I recall one student being driven to tears. If you've got the chutzpah to tell her to back off if you become the target, then you'll benefit from the class as she does excell in certain ways as a teacher. The question is... Do you really need the abuse?

Jordania Berg

A caring teacher actually understands that people have different learning styles. She is structured, and knowledgeable, but she also uses that as an excuse to be excessively diminishing with her students for no reason. Note this is an adult class for absolute beginners, some people have no prior dancing experience, and she scolds students in a very uncomfortable way, creating a bad vibe for everyone. By saying that she is the best you're not helping her improve as a person. I respect her as a dancer, but not as a teacher. Perhaps she should only teach experienced students who don't require much patience on her part.

Rocio S.

Unfortunately I had a very bad experience at this place. Almost killed my enthusiasm to learn to dance. I tried going for a few times but every time the teacher was very rude. Also, she is late for classes. I still love flamenco music and hoping for finding a good teacher.

dew benjamin

Very rude teacher, disrespectful to students. I do not understand how someone so aggressive and self-centered can be a teacher. I hope you seek to learn flamenco somewhere else, I surely wish I had gotten this advise; her rude manners totally killed my enthusiasm for a long time.

Alan Zinser

The most soulful dancer I have ever seen.

Elizabeth Shittu

This review is a long time coming. I am surprised at the negative comments. I found Dionisia to be a clear pro. The first class for beginners was inspiring and dramatic, she invited a guitarist and cajón player to the studio. She then began to teach us essential basics, for example flamenco is not about stomping around, rather you drop your leg from the knew. You don't just twirl your hands, it's a methodical in and out motion. She also taught us about Spanish swag and owning the space, as the weeks passed, we learned choreography for several sevillanas. It was clear that she lives and breathes flamenco. And her prices are very reasonable. You will be in good hands at this studio!

Lur Lopez

Maria AA

Shelly Rivas

Extremely rude and disrespectful in her tone to students. I took classes a few years ago. I would not recommend.

Claudia Guerrero

I was so excited for this class and my excitement die within the first 10 minutes. She can be very knowledgeable however her peoples' skills are horrible when it comes to teaching. She uses put downs and intimidation throughout the lesson. I am a teacher and I would NEVER do that to my students. She got there late never apologized and NEVER introduced herself. She knows her stuff but will not come back due to the way she treats her students. I stayed hoping she would be different as the class progressed but No!

Dalia M. Ali

Liz Jaff

Dionisia is a passionate, serious and thoughtful teacher . She focuses on training the body with detailed attention given to the mechanics, and nurtures an understanding of the music through clear explanation of the compas and its structure. I started thinking I would just take the Absolute Beginners class and have continued for a year and half. The classes are inspiring.

wei wang

You will have a much deeper understanding of your body and movement throughout classes. Step by step, you will take the art form of flamenco as part of yourself.

Charlene Lanzel

Love this teacher! Very Professional. For the serious student.

Sonal Bagga

The teacher is a bully. If she thinks that she can have the rudest obnoxious bedside manner just because she THINKS she has good technique and that should get her students, she is so mistaken. She is not even willing to learn a new student's 2 syllable name. Completely disrespectful! I'd rather go to someone who cares to have me as a student. There are plenty of teachers out there worth their salt and from whom you will learn in a healthy manner.

Erica Lim

We are lucky to have access to such an amazing dancer to learn from in nyc-after seeing many performances in Spain and other countries and seeing other companies and teachers in NY, Dionisia is by far one of the most inspiring Flamenco dancers I've seen (i havent seen any other dancers like her in NY). The classes can be very difficult and challenging, but she really cares about bringing out the best ability for each student and making sure that you know the foundation of the movements and how to take care of your body so you aren't injured. I would recommend this studio for those who genuinely want to learn Flamenco well and improve technique so that they are able to really enjoy the expression of the dance. The studio is also great, it is nice to have the support from other students and help from the advanced students.

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