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REVIEWS OF DanceSport IN New York

Taryn Rucinski

I walked into Dancesport looking to take one class, 3 years later it’s completely changed my life. The staff are amazing—fun, approachable, highly qualified, and accomplished. More importantly, they are genuinely interested in your improvement as a student. The studio has a reputation for one the best places to learn social dancing in NY— I’ve found this to be completely true. After three years, I went from just barely knowing how to do a box step to being an accomplished social dancer in virtually every style. The studio supports this commitment to social dance with its evening practice parties. They are the ONLY studio to have parties every night of the week and each is hosted by your teachers. This reinforcement allows you to practice your steps and get immediate feedback resulting in rapid improvement. The studio also has a wonderful dance community, that is very supportive. Since starting at DS, I now dance all over NY and NJ and I can still say it’s my home for instruction and my favorite place to dance.

Phil Bastian

From the minute you walk into this place, you're getting nickel and dimed for everything. Yes, there's a mandatory coat check. What's worse? You have to pay $3 for water. It's a dance studio! Oh, and you can't bring your own water--even if you're performing. It's on the sign. These days they even have a bathroom attendant. None of this makes it a better experience. It's all because they can't afford their rent on 34th Street.

May Wang

Eden Posner

Paul Pellicoro's DanceSport is all I want and need as always and forever with love, care, and support because that's where my connection is with all my heart and passion. Paul Pellicoro's DanceSport is my future because dancing is my education in Paul Pellicoro's DanceSport

Anat Z.K


Gianna Figà-Talamanca

(Translated by Google) Unique welcome! Amazing place. Wonderful people. If you were to come to New York, I recommend it! (Original) Accoglienza unica! Posto fantastico. Persone meravigliose. Se doveste trovarvi a New York lo raccomando !

Lily Mendez

Ka Z

love this place. Nicest people make me felt very welcomed at anytime. Largest selections of classes are available to choose from. convenient located at premier real estate. Popular classes can be crowded but I guess because people love it as much as I do

Snezana Anderson

Amazing place. A family away from family. A high school better then the ne you ever went to. Once you go you will never want to stop going. Watch out. It’s a very addictive place. Bit in a very good way. The best addiction you will ever have to suffer through.

C. Chedi

Fabulous!! Exciting!!


Attended Dancesport for 2 Months And Loved it ! Great Discounts but Still Couldn't afford it. Maybe Abit Expensive but worth The Money

Sarah Au-Yeung

Visiting from Canada, I dropped by during a social dance and had a blast!! Would definitely come again whenever I’m back in NYC.

Tristan Bel

Paul Wortman

Peter Matsoukas

Dance Sport is a great place to learn to dance or to continue dancing. Great staff and you will make friends with the other participants. They also have practice parties almost every night, lots of galas that feature student performances and established parties (Monday night hustle and the Friday night milonga (Argentine tango). And the new location on 39th Street is smaller than the previous place, it has a wonderful new dance floor.

Miriam Schuman

I’ve been a student at Dancesport for several years. I went there to learn Swing but ended up dancing tango and developing many friendships. Paul Pellicoro brings together the most amazing teachers & people. His teachers teach from their hearts. And while many studios offer teachers who are good dancers, the teachers at Dancesport also have extraordinary teaching skills. Every one of them can teach from fundamentals to diagnosing & make corrections at all levels. They’re also very funny and kind. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced student, you’ll find a warm and supportive community dedicated to dance and forward motion.

Heather Edwards

Coming to DanceSport always lifts my spirits! Instructors are all top-notch professionals, care about me as a student while making it fun and easy to learn to dance. The empanadas they serve in the bar/cafe are totally addictive! The studio has 9 ballrooms so there are plenty of classes to choose from at all times. I I have been going to DanceSport since 2008 and the staff is very professional - more than you'd expect at a dance studio. For working professionals it's a great place to network too!

Joseph Kurey

DanceSport is a terrific place to learn to dance! In addition to the great instructors, there are practice parties every night, which are invaluable to your progress as they provide an immediate opportunity to apply what you learned in class.

Snezana M Stefkova

I am a Dance Sport student for 2 years already. It’s been a wonderful journey of transforming myself from a person with two left feet into a person who can dance, or at least has two extremely happy feet now! Paul Pellicoro, a tango celebrity since the beginnings of tango fever in NYC, has been my teacher since I started. And I have to thank Paul for being so incredibly knowledgable, so creative in finding personalized ways of teaching, so determined to teach me. Dance Sport has a great location and it’s easy to get there. The studio has central air-condition that works - and believe that is important. The floor is new and picked carefully to support dancing in a best way. There is a whole bunch of dance parties, every evening there is something. People get to know each other quickly and everyone is welcomed with good energy and embraced in the community. I started with 1 hour a week and now I spend around 15 hours a week in the studio. It’s addictive. Unlike anything I’ve done before, from karate to boxing, where you only get rid of the stress, dancing adds another pleasure of recharging too. So even If I had straight 3 hours of dancing, I get home full of positive energy and ready to handle and deal with everyday problems much better, with more ease.

Larry Markovitz

Great lessons on Tango.

Veronica Sanchez

Amazing. So much fun. Love coming here. Especially on Saturdays. However, there is this bartender who is very rude. Everytime I order he gives me an attitude and tries to overcharge me. I noticed that he always gives me the smallest cup while he gives a better cup to other people. I have no idea why he does this, I never gave him a reason to be so nasty towards me.

Nicol M

Dancesport is a home away from home. A place where you can learn how to dance from top instructors and gain wonderful friends! Dancesport is like no other and if you're looking to learn how to dance, this is the place to be.

Lonely Alien


Brian Lamb

Stop on by for some great Latin and Ballroom dancing! Staff are very helpful and some excellent instructors. Argentine Tango, Swing, Salsa, some of my favorites but really so many more things to learn, never enough time You may pick up a new hobby and meet new friends, learn a skill that you can keep practicing and even discover that you've got more skills than you thought!

Cindy Chan

The place to learn dancing.


I came to Dancesport one year ago and never stopped coming back for group and private lessons. The teachers really care about improving your skills. They have many practice parties where the teachers dance with you. The students, teachers, and staff are warm, inviting, and extremely helpful. My dancing has improved significantly in one year thanks to the superior dance instruction here.

Janet Gordon-Lee

I started at Dancesport over 8 years ago with improving my hustle and Argentine Tango. Also expanded my learning to ballroom and latin. It is always a work in process (WIP) however the classes are wonderful and the dance instructors and owner really love their jobs and sincerely want everyone to succeed in their endeavors! Great place to learn and socialize.

Yeraldina Estrella

Hanna Soltysik

Such a wonderful dance center in New York! Locals and many from other cities far and away are welcomed as a dance family!

Roblox Sucks

Jonny Milonga

If you want to learn to partner dance, whether it’s Ballroom, Latin, hustle, Argentine Tango etc. This is the original dance studio that started it all since 1985! Find out for yourself.

Jackson Lau

DanceSport is a great place to learn to dance. Dancing really changed my life for the better. I met a lot of good genuine people and had a lot of fun. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience the joy of dance.

Randy Kish

Rose Wolner

Being a student at Dancesport is a wonderful experience. I never thought I could enjoy dancing so much. Having been here for nearly five years has exposed me to the world of dancing that I've never known. I started dancing the latin dances with Ron Rosario and learned so much plus had fun doing it. I have now gravitated to the Argentine Tango with my instructor, Raul Avila. Raul has the patience of a saint and makes learning tango much easier than it seems. All told, the staff has become like a second family to me and I truly look forward to my weekly lessons at Dancesport.

Carlos Naranjo

An experience of a lifetime, I guarantee you! Whether you are from many wonderful parts of the USA, New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut or from overseas, whether you are local from New York City or just visiting, you would be just amazed with you a terrific dance school. But more so with numerous showcases and galas and daily evening parties ranging from Hustle, Swing, Ballroom, Latin and Friday’s Milongas. Oh let’s not forget the Saturday’s matinee (2) parties. Where in New York are you going to find all of this? A true and unique dance school in the heart of midtown Manhattan with amazing dance instructors that offers a professional and fun atmosphere. Starting from the front desk, you would be mesmerized at their warm and inviting environment which for many is our second home and a major part of our lives. Come join us and you would be spellbound with such terrific and fantastic dance partners.

Pandorene K

DanceSport is possibly the best ballroom studio in Manhattan. The teachers are very well versed in their dance and are very intuitive when it comes to teaching their students. The parties are always a great time and the Wednesday night Swing with the 10 piece orchestra is a steal in NYC. My primary dance is Argentine Tango, I've been to many studios but I find that DanceSport has the best teachers . They focus more on allowing the students to dance it out instead of talking the choreography to death as most studios do.The staff are always welcoming and friendly and I've made so many good friends from attending the classes. I will be coming back for more again and again.

Merlinda Alexander

For years Dancesport is the studio, people know and love. Dancesport is my second home. From amateurs to professionals the dance community looks to and participates in the many valued classes and events at Dancesport. It's a very welcoming, comfortable and friendly place where the teachers pay attention to detail. I love Dancesport!

Alexandra Young

Dancesport made me fall in love with dances I didn't even know existed until I stepped into the studio! So I went for the first time (you get a FREE CLASS if it's your first time there, Yay!) and really enjoyed the energy and method of the teacher (focus on partner dancing not just shines) and the friendly atmosphere (the people are so nice and support one another). Then, they have this amazing deal of unlimited classes for the whole month for only $250 and I went for it (I highly recommend to try this because you never know what dances really speak to you and you get to try them all out and try out all the instructors as well to see which ones you really connect with) and I got hooked on every single dance! Salsa, Hustle, Bachata, Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango (ballroom and Argentine), Viennese Waltz. Each dance and teacher was so fun, plus the teachers are so passionate and crazy good at teaching that I saw an improvement in my dancing right away! Part of why the students here are so good at dancing are the practice parties right after the classes. Honestly it's so fun! BONUS: the teachers actually stay for the practice parties, that means you get to practice with a pro.

Raja Krishnan

I have been here only once with my friend. It was a nice experience. They give dance lessons on Salsa, Mambo, Tango, Swing etc and even they conduct dance parties.

Lan Em

It cost to much to come here. Can't afford it

Ermelinda Perndrecaj

Tatyana Li

Love Dancesport. Awesome people, great teachers, large selection of classes, spectacular performances. Really love this place and people there, especially tango teachers Victoria and Paul.

Nana K


Steven Wexler

I missed a class because I had to go out of town on business. I then felt really ill the following week, and asked them if I could just move the 3 classes I had left over to the following month. They would only allow me to pay for the one class I took at a premium price of $39, and then credit me for the full course to take the following month. They essentially forced me to pay for an an additional class that I didn't want or need. Having taken classes in various dance studios around Manhattan, this is the first time I have dealt with such a draconian policy. It really left a bad taste in my mouth. I really like the teacher (Tibolt—who was awesome.) but this policy is not student/client friendly. For me, this is just an example of a business being penny wise and pound foolish.

Kadambari Srinivasan

Louis Orlando

Kanna Aoki

(Translated by Google) Teachers and students are very friendly. There is free practice time and the teacher will tell you seriously at midnight. (Original) 先生も生徒もとってもフレンドリー。無料で練習時間があり先生も夜中なで真剣に教えてくれます。

Ikuko Watanabe

Vlad Voloshin

Wonderful dance school and more. I love the instructors and their enthusiasm, as well as as great bunch of students. Ballroom definitely has some of the nicest dancers in NYC and dance sport is a great place to come and make new friends while learning fun new skills.

Rizel Gil

I have been dancing here for 6 years and have tried other studios and none compare.

Corsin Keiser

Great dance studio with great and qualified dance instructors

John Danner

I've being going here since 2009, its a great place to learn some new moves whether you're a beginner or not My sessions w/ SneJana are always fun and you get a great work out without feeling like you've done any work.

Tsee Lee

I've taken a private lesson with Nicol, group classes, and the practice dance parties, which are free when you are enrolled. They're fantastic and I'm making good progress. Almost everyone's happy to dance with a beginner and teach me a move or two. They have monthly Guest Nights with a free class and party after, so you can see check it out.

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