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REVIEWS OF Body & Pole IN New York

Софья Гавшина

Jules Slutsky


Melody Vega

took the intro to pole class last night with Maritza with 2 of my homegirls for my birthday and had a good time. Learned some things ;) and got a workout. Everyone was so nice and cool and would definitely recommend - even if its one time thing.

Jessica Sweeting

Andrea Pitio

great facilities, incredible instructors, clear/simple process for buying credit and registering for classes, and the entire community/vibe is consistently amazing

Nadya I

Love the studio and all about it!

Anna Blinova

The worst studio ever, DO NOT GO! Especially do not buy a membership, there are plenty of much nicer studios. Everyone’s rude, terrible customer service!

Lea Kenigsberg

The classes tend to be too big and crowded, and its difficult to learn proper form and get personal feedback from the instructor. The instructors are friendly, professional, and kind, but the environment does not facilitate learning and a sense of community. Warm-ups are long, and could be a good opportunity to address mistakes and correct body alignment and form, but again, there are just way too many students per instructor.

Mo R.

Armando is a great instructor and he makes even the most novice student feel somewhat like a pro! :)

WINY GARCIA Julieta21.

Syd Lin

I booked a class for my cousin and I and they said she can't get in because she not in a class, but we paid for it. They basically said she can't enter a class that I paid for cause she wasn't in (a class). But in order for anyone to pay for anything on the site you have to choose a class. Also we showed them our online payment and they seen that I paid for it but still didn't let her in the class cause she wasn't in the list for it. They also won't refund my money and when I called customer service no one answered. Really bad service.

d p

So far I’ve taken 2 intro to pole classes here. The environment is so welcoming and encouraging, and don’t even get me started on the instructors! Both Brigitte and Sam were so fun, empowering, and informative. I can’t stop raving about this place to all my friends!! Very excited for my next class, I already got a 5 class package here.

James Sharcot

Top notch facility, instructors, and classes. Training for the beginner and the serious student alike. Highly recommended.

Athena Chang

Great dance studio to learn pole dancing! Instructors are fun, sexy and teach great dance routines as well as skills. I have been to two classes here and it is awesome! Nice poles and studio is new and clean. Love working out here!

Saba Khan

Sheila Rouge

Never really thought about taking a pole dancing class, but I am sure glad I did! I feel like I've become much more flexible and I've lost a good amount of weight!

Michelle Lim

Not just a pole studio, but also an aerial arts studio! The hoop and silks program here is great for folks who want to dip their toe into the circus arts in a supportive atmosphere - the studio is full of “regular” people who just wanted to try something interesting and found a passion. The instructors are incredibly encouraging to everyone regardless of size, strength, or flexibility. If you’ve ever wanted to live life upside down, come try it out!


Thanks again for the exclusive executive performances and trendy pleasure to meet you and your family and friends to delicious attention to detail customer interactions with warm greetings from the place to clean

ann margaret Lin

Annette G Rodriguez

The Instructors are patient and make you feel like you can do it and before you know it you are on that pole. Great classes, love working with Rommel O'choa wish he had more 101 classes. You get major floor work as well as pole work. Go in open minded and come out surprised with all the knowledge you will be taught. You will want to go back again and again.

Oscar Apaydinli

I've called MULTIPLE TIMES trying to reach someone and "I'm sorry, that extension is not recognized comes on".. ugh, if I can't talk to someone, what's the point of booking a class

jade levinson

Faith Mejia

I'm going to start with the good things about this place. 1. Studio rooms are nice and big. Enough space to really dance (although sometimes you do have to move around to not hit something or someone but definitely better space than other places.) 2. 90 minute long class with a 30 minute warmup/exercises (each instructor has a different way to start the class some balance stretching with working out others not so much). 3. Variety of classes offered as well as some special classes. 4. Fairly clean and big changing room area also lots of bathrooms. (Which helps when you have so many people there) 5. Customer service is decent. 6. A lot of really good teachers. Some that I really like are Stella, Jeni, Armando, Sam D, Brigitte, Elena, and Kelly. 7. This is personal preference but they use the 45mm poles which I LOVE. Now for the bad 1. Horrible late policy. (Make sure to give yourself wayyy more extra time because if you arrive 6 minutes or really any minute past the class time then they don't let you take the class that you have already spent your hard earned money on. However they do let you take another class that same day assuming the other class is not full so that you do not lose your money/class. But they dont help you at all if that is the last class of the day.) I have many friends that just don't want to take class there anymore because of fear of being turned away for a few minutes after making such a long journey to the studio. 2. Horrible 24 hour cancellation policy. (Just don't get sick and don't have any emergency so that you do not lose the class. If you do go to the Dr make sure to get a note this way they can give you back your class which is the decent part) 3. Classes in this place are expensive but they are longer than other studios so maybe it works out. 4. Be careful when buying packages on sale (promotions) and just packages in general because they have a very specific and very short termination date. I did not realize this and lost 2 classes with a flash sale that I was excited to buy but because of life I wasn't able to use up all my classes. 5. This is general for all studios I have tried in NYC but the a.c is just never really felt and you are a sweaty slippery mess lol. Overall I really do like the studio and do recommend people to try it out and see how you like it. I personally just dont like their policies. Of course I understand the need for a late policy and a cancellation policy but 5 minutes late for a 90 minute class and 24 hours to cancel is in my opinion ridiculous. With reason I'm upset because I tried to make it to a class that I had been looking forward to for 2 weeks and because of the MTA I arrived 6 minutes late and the front desk turned me away because of their policies and now I lost money, time, and enthusiasm.

Katrina St Jeor

Everyone here was VERY nice. I was visiting from Maine and they all welcomed me. The check in process went smoothly. The skill level here is slightly more advanced than Maine, so I was a little out of my element, but the instructor was very patient and kind. I’ll definitely be back next time I’m in the city.

Karli Harlee

I had a great experience at Body & Pole! I've noticed I am much more flexible after taking classes. Also, the environment was supportive and fun! Great NYC find if you want to take dance classes!

Suzanne Gause

The best pole studio in NYC, and possibly the world! The instructors at Body & Pole are first-class. They have a wide variety of talent here- experts in pole, lyra, silks, handstands, flexibility, choreography, etc. and everyone is welcoming and warm. B&P has taken care to hire really amazing staff. They have 5 rooms that offer a wide variety of classes, at many times during the day. I've had some crazy schedules this past year, but have always been able to consistently work out here. It's easy to drop-in to a class last minute as well (as long as there is space available!) Class size is limited, which is great because you won't be sharing your apparatus with too many people. B&P also offers regular discounts, so sign up for their monthly newsletter!

Sammy A

Best pole studio in NY.

Ann Scully

What a wonderful experience. I had my first lesson there and I loved it. Great instructors, beautiful, clean environment. And the classes are 90 min so you really spend an hour learning pole tricks and spins. A must go if you want to start or want to continue your training in NYC.

Kam Marquardt

tori jolly

I loved it. Great workout and sooo much fun


Sofya Shuster

Love this place. Have been training here since I moved to nyc in April 2017. Great personnel, great athmosphere, great community.

April Estrada

Best pole studio in NY!

Ashley Naroznik

Staff is always friendly and accommodating, teachers are wonderful and ready care about your progress, studio is very clean and well maintained, and it's relatively easy to get to (many trains and lines are nearby)

Stacey Shpaner

Fun classes. Safe, clean place. Friendly staff.

Audrey Castor

Body & Pole is an amazing place. It’s the Juliard of Aerial Sports in my opinion. The environment was so welcoming and the energy at the studio was amazing. I definitely will be back for a class everytime I’m in New York.

PJ Magerko

Soshi Rainydays

christian quiceno

Carmen Ruiz Marquina

Best teachers, lovely place and friendly staff.If you have the chance..don't miss it!!!

Courtney Patterson

Vanessa Santiago

Elizabeth S.

Irina Mandrichin

Annette Lucre

i enjoyed the classes however their late policy sucks!!! I arrived 7 minutes late due to train malfunction, I do commute from brooklyn... Their late policy will not allow you to attend the class if you're late and will not credit your account; meaning you lose the class... I must update... I emailed customer service, they quickly responded and addressed the situation with the utmost consideration.

Elana Simon

Fun, caring instructors! Great vibe

Cherokee Gibson

KhaliCA Moore

Body and pole is a very clean and friendly atmosphere. Whether you can swing upside down on a pole or you are just trying to get your toes off the ground for two seconds the instructors treat you the same. It's not a cheap hobble but the instructors make it worth it.

Kristine Harclerode-King

One of the events for my bachelorette party was at Body & Pole this past weekend (6.28.14) and we had the best time! Roz "THE DIVA" Mays was our instructor and from the get go we were made to feel so comfortable and at ease. The music, dances and pole moves were all so much fun and all 12 of us really got into the class. We laughed so hard and had a great time!! This class exceeded all of our expectations!! Roz really made the party and I know we'll all want to go back again! The studio was also really nice and clean and the staff couldn't have been more friendly. Thanks for a great pole class!!

Alon Powers

Elizabeth Tuazon

The studio is the work of consummate professionals. From the branding, the reception and service at the front desk, the adequacy of resources and supplies, and the BOMB instruction, I adore it here and feel like I'm home away from home, every time.


Fany Ferreira

The teachers are patient and make you feel like you can do it and before you realize it you are on that pole. Great classes, love working out here.


Absolutely love this place! I’ve been going to Body&Pole for about 3-4 months and this is changing me so much already! I took about 30 classes, lost 15 pounds and got muscles in places I didn’t know I could have any! All instructors are great, I luv Donna Carnow’s Flex/Pole classes, she has a strong background in Vinyasa/core yoga and her classes are amazing. And I know for a fact, coming from another state - teachers from all over the area come to NY and take classes at Body&Pole to learn from them and then come back and teach their students new techniques they learn here. If you are lucky to live in the area - don’t miss this opportunity - come, find your instructor/class and learn directly from the best!

Rachelle Doreen Koser

Body & Pole has become quite the addiction for me. I dabbled with Aerial silks for a year or so until finally taking a class at B&P and now I am tackling 3 apparatuses on the regular. Everything about the studio - space, format, teachers, other students and relationships formed- makes the experience meaningful and worthwhile. I feel strong and empowered. You have to try Aerial and you have to try it at B&P!

محمد البصري

Gerardo Jimenez

Class is fun and rewarding and I feel the support I need to reach my aerial goals

Mercedes Morales

B&P has great service and customer orientation, the studios are very neat and tidy, and they have awesome professional instructors. I was traveling in NY and booked a class, I had problems with the reservation due to being in different time zones and they helped me to recover my class; I appreciated it very much!

Nataly Coronel Galvis

ness m

Lara Ruth Ziobro

Nice and open space. I like their open classes, where you can just utilize their facilities to work on whatever you are wanting to, without having to be in a class.

Tami Joy Schlichter

The best place on earth. Literally. Body & Pole has the best teachers, students, and staff. Everyone is super friendly, welcoming, and encouraging! You are instantly family at B&P.

Christine Liang

Kate Buss

I came with my friends for a bachelorette party and we all had a blast. Alex was a great teacher and fun to work with!

Fernanda Ades

My second home! <3


Very pretty, clean, well equipped studio with amazing instructors-Inspirational instructors. I recommend B&P to everyone who can move.

Shantelle Grateneau

Yeireline Rodriguez

Kathryn Ballantine

Clean studio. Friendly front desk staff. Encouraging and knowledgable instructors. I highly recommend this studio for beginners or advanced aerialists.

Gulfie Klumm

Clean studio.

daniel Moskowitz

excellent acrobatics studio, classes are usually small for intro stuff with plenty of options and the instructors have lots of real world experienc

Gerlinde Gentzke-Leykam

I love my teachers and experiences at Body and Pole. The top of the line in the world. :)

Yana Velichko

Horrible customer service

rommel ochoa

Lisa Wilson

Moshe Wolcowitz

Stella is absolutely amazing! Very much enjoyed and can hardly wait for more!

Samantha Selina Deo

Kelley Zhou

Gari François

I had such an incredible time with Fran in Aerial Silks. Her instruction was clear, concise, and I had plenty of time to try out the moves and practice. It awoken something with me I never thought I had... I could be an incredible aerialist! I will definitely be back.

Raeven Western

Enjoyed every minute of this class, definitely coming continuing

Jane Salida

awesome studio Had an amazing class with Michelle Stanek friendly, professional can't wait to go back

Susan Kim

The instructors are the best in the business, and I have learned so much from them. They are also patient, knowledgeable, and truly take an interest in developing their students.

Brigettte Hein

I will def return when in NY again. Instructors have a dance background, as well as the students. Warm up first. And dance that pole dance~

Chasity Moore

So I've been to a lot of pole studios because each city I travel to I check out the pole studios. I have to say this Studio was absolutely amazing! I took Power Pole with Kyra and I loved the way she taught class. It was a great warm up followed by 4 combo moves/tricks. The class flowed great and we accomplished a lot in 1 hour and 30 minutes! Would definitely recommend this studio and I will definitely be back!

Jennifer Rogaski

The instructor was great, she made it a lot of fun. Music choice was good too and the price really wasn't bad!

Una David

Elliana Jin

Well, how do I start. I am super biased. I have been coming to BP for the past three years. It's a truly amazing place for everything. It can be intimidating for newcomers. But just like everything else in life, you have to stick around and make things happen.

Katherine Kitfield

Samantha Nakamoto

The facility is clean, fun, safe, and the staff are knowledgable, quirky and incredibly supportive. Many of the instructors are professional performers and work individually with the students to improve technique in group classes. I take classes here every week, best to try everything!!!! I originally came for pole work, but the aerial fabrics class turned into my jam too!

Kate L

Jasmine Pierce

I’ve been to every pole location in town and this one is by far the worst. Classes are constantly over packed (3 or more to a pole sometimes), most of the instructors are very unwelcoming and completely unhelpful when they could be teaching (except Lara Michaels), the staff is rude at every single step. The place is usually clean, but the mats never are and that’s the best thing I can say about it.

Jessica Weber

The instructors are always willing to answer your questions, and do their critics in a very positive manner. The school itself is very accommodating, I showed up to my class 5 minutes late and they have a strict rule of being on time. But, the ladies at the front desk were able to let me into the next class which was awesome since I come in from Jersey. They really want to make sure their customer are happy and come back. So I'm always getting emails on package deals, they post deals on their facebook and instagram, so in the end, I'm saving a lot so I can take even more classes.

Erik Quan

Awesome, clean facility. Been going to ring thing class to learn to do levers and planches. Teachers go through progressions but keep the individual student challenged based on ability. Friendly peers and overall good vibe.

Cait Anthony

Monique Tatum

Great Class- BEWARE LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PACKAGE RIP OFFS I took a class at Body & Pole, which I loved. What they don't tell you is that if you were a dancer years ago, or have weak ankles you are at risk for injury AFTER taking the class. Thus what happened to me. Two hours after taking the class I sprained my ankle simply walking down the street. Which sucked because I LOVED the class and when upsold the 3 pack for nearly $100 I took it right on the spot. Needless to say I could not use it due to my booted ankle so I emailed customer service who asked for a doctors note and I sent it in from my podiatrist. They extended my package for 2 weeks. Turned out the ankle did not heal all the way for 8 months. Not their fault....but what WAS their fault is the fact that I emailed to tell them it was not healed and to let them know that I needed an extension on the 3 class deal. No reply. Fast forward to this week. I received a promo email from them and replied about the instance and how they certainly took my money for the 3 class package but never replied. I was told though my ankle is now healed to get a doctors note. Something they saw a doctors note for the 1st time, its not stealing- I PAID FOR THIS...NO DISCOUNT., They want me to revisit a podiatrist which costs $150 to get a note that says I was not able to dance on the ankle..... Right No. When I told them that it doesnt cost them anything to make a one time concession and its not like they did not see the original note I was told that if I purchased ANOTHER package then they would give me the first one back. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I paid for the first one. Total rip off. This place is not worth the trouble. HORRIBLE Customer Service.

Shaherezada Shekker

Ashley Koide

Love going to this studio. Haven’t been able to find a better place to train once you discover fun aerial apparatuses! Great intro deal too. You need to plan ahead of time but it’s worth it if you want to learn! Once you get the hang of things you can get open workout classes to use the apparatuses and practice what you’ve learned for cheaper!

Tom Krieglstein

Guys/Fellas/Dudes/Brothers - This review is for you I know what you are thinking...pole dancing isn't for me. LIES. LIES. LIES....well, ok, it's true you will only be one of a few guys at the studio surrounded by amazing women who have the muscle tone of Wonder Woman and the grace of a ballerina dancer. Tough situation I know... I attended an all male class (yes they have these), and it was an amazing workout that hit muscles I didn't even know existed. This is the perfect workout for someone who wants to have a body that is tone from head to toe. Try it out today, you'll meet amazing people and have an awesome workout.

Luis Hamilton

Love working.

Vanessa Carolina Marquez

I've been to B&P a few times before (a few years back) and it is no doubt the best place to enhance your pole and aerial skills. Firstly, most studios offer 60 minute classes while this class was 90 minutes, giving you enough time for a proper and thorough warm up, plenty of practice time, and freestyle at the end of class (with a cooldown, of course). Armando is great, patient and encourages you to find your own flow while correcting technique.

Danielle Bates

edyta nawrot

Great studio in the center of NYC. Amazing,professional instructors and wide range of classes for all levels.Beware: It's addictive!

Petri Ekqvist

Pole, aerial, handstands and splits with true New York spirit! Everything your inner child needs for workout. If you get addicted you can progress with world class instructors from very basic tricks all the way to a professional performer and you'll enjoy the ride at the same time. Life is short, go to Body&Pole if not today, then tomorrow.

Michele DiPietro

I love this place. Having been to a few other places, Body & Pole is by far the best. Experienced and helpful instructors, a large variety of classes, and the studio is super clean (which I can't emphasize enough...I've been to other pole dance studios that were kind of gross). I come from Long Island and gladly make the trip into Manhattan in order to take the classes here.

Goddess Ishtar

Amazing studio with incredible instructors! Loved everything about my experience from the moment I walked in! Will come back when in New York :)

lilly alanah

Body and pole is a fun studio to visit and try new things. I've done a variety of the classes here and hammock fluidity is by far my favorite. Samantha is a wonderful teacher. Wish it was slightly more affordable and class sizes remained smaller from level one + Intro is small class size, and feels more supportive as a whole

Joseph Picone

This dance school is disgusting and each room smeels like feet and sweat because they never clean the mats. I got ring worm from Body and Pole and will never go back.

Liutciia Galeeva

Awesome place!!!! Love it love love it! Went to flexibility class

Frances Barker

Facility is clean, fun, safe, and the staff are knowledgeable, quirky and incredibly supportive. Many of the instructors are professional performers and work individually with the students to improve technique in group classes. I take classes here every week, best to try everything!!!! I originally came for pole work, but the aerial fabrics class turned into my jam too!

Shirley Alexander

Couple of days in New York and decided to drop in. Really friendly place and really great teaching

Shelley Victory

I absolutely love taking flexibility classes at Body and Pole. The teachers Emily and Neume are expert at guiding newbies and contortionist (

Mary Hart

Body & pole is a fantastic studio! Their instructors are encouraging and incredibly helpful. I've taken many different classes here and I've been pleased with every single class. This staff is by far the best with their knowledge and care for their students, I constantly recommend this studio to people who take an interest in Pole or any other kind of class they offer.

Chris Wilkerson

Went for my first class and the team was great. They made me feel comfortable trying something new and it was a great workout. Thank you

Meme Barnwell

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