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REVIEWS OF Southwest Pole Dancing in Albuquerque, NM IN New Mexico

Michelle Wilson

If you are thinking about trying Pole Dancing, this is the place for you. The instructor Brynlyn is well versed in her craft and is a caring and patient teacher who works with her students at whatever level they are at. She is also very friendly and easy to work with. The studio is clean, the routines are fun but also challenging in a way that makes you want to come back and learn more. It is also great exercise that will help you with your flexibility, balance, dance moves and even getting in touch with your sensual side. The other ladies in the classes are also very nice and supportive and it is a great place to make new friends with a common interest!

Brittin Leigh

I get a great workout here every time I'm in town. I can count on challenging, well-structured lessons by Climb & Spin Inc. and knowledgable, professional instruction at SWPD. I'm always glad I've dropped in for classes and highly recommend to anyone!

Jennifer Nelson

I've been coming to this studio since right after it opened almost 4 years ago. I do not have a dance background, although I've always wanted to dance. Brynlyn has been nothing but kind, professional, and understanding in every way possible as I ask fifty questions each class, and ask her to demonstrate over and over again so I can understand what she's teaching me. She's very patient with me, and has always been. I can't go a week without heading to the studio once or twice, as it has become a healthy addiction, so to speak. Brynlyn shows kindness, understanding, compassion and passion to every student that walks through her doors, and gives every thing she possibly can to this studio and her students. For the first time in my life, I was able to get up in front of an audience and perform a dance that I swore I would never be able to do; without Brynlyn's constant support, confidence, and pride in me and her studio, I would not have been able to do so. I have never been the overly confident person, but being at this studio I have gained confidence in all areas of my life. This studio is amazing, Brynlyn is the best teacher, and I could seriously go on with how great she is; but I won't. If you want to learn how to Pole Dance athletically, artistically, and properly, this is the studio for you!

Nikki Herrera

Once posted I did get a immediate response! Would wish they would clarify text is the best way to reach them ! And a good number as well the number it gave me the first time texted me back w a google response! Overall once noted what happened they made sure to take care of it ! Definitely going to reshedule the class !

Sweetie Smith

Jen Nicole

I love love love taking classes here. She's so nice and so professional. These classes have really boosted my confidence by taking the classes and her constant reassurance. She is so accomodating with the schedule and often adds classes when I can't make it to one. I don't know what I'd do without my weekly pole dancing classes!!

Margaret Jones

After working a 10 hour shift as an oncology nurse, I look forward to coming here where I can not only get a great workout, but also build self confidence and strength! Pole is challenging but Brnlyn is so encouraging, patient and ready to share her expertise. The studio is clean & welcoming and Brnlyn always ensures that the equipment is safe. She and the other students welcomed me as a "pole sister" from day 1. (Also, SWPD does fundraising for various community organizations, check out their website. And I have NEVER experienced any of those things mentioned in the negative reviews)

Rhea Roberts

So I have grown up all over the world, was trained and danced professionally, and have been attending classes at this studio for a year. Brynlyn was a great inspiration to get me back in the dance world in a different capacity. She is trained and certified in the Climb & Spin Inc method. For those of you that want to do just tricks without a proper foundation, well that speaks of your ignorance and level of professionalism all by itself. Brynlyn was a dancer in NY and has competed in PROFESSIONAL competitions! As an artist or just a person, wouldn’t you want to learn from the BEST? Not just some random Sally Sue that read, watched videos or was self taught? You obviously have time on your hands to write a critique that you clearly didn’t even experience first hand, which is slander of character....maybe you should devote some of that time Dan to encouraging your wife, if she’s not where she wants to be in pole then she should take more classes to improve. Brynlyn’s Teaching style is phenomenal. She is encouraging and pushes you to do things you thought you couldn’t. She teaches by actually having the ability to demonstrate the proper technique, and look like a champion professional pole dancing competitor. How many studios can actively say that? I’m trying to educate you Dan or anyone else that knows nothing about the arts, what TRUE PROFESSIONALS look for. They look at PROFFESSIONAL experience and resumes. How may pole dance instructors in Albuquerque can say that? Leave personal vendettas or whatever it is for you behind. By the way, if you would like to further educate yourself, Brynlyn has a plethora (a lot) of Intro to pole dancing classes offered. I encourage you to find out for yourself by taking class to see what a incredible instructor and person she is. Heck, they will even create your account and sign you up! I hope to see you in class to offer support as another student learning to be better and have a BLAST!!! .


Sarah Gandia

I went to Brynlyns classes regularly for a year and a half and now lol in occasionally. I was already a very active pole dancer when I started and was seeking a mentor and I found that in Brynlyn. She has plenty experience in teaching dance and knows tons about anatomy and kinesiology. She taught me to move properly from how to walk with confidence to doing crazy inverts. She was a great friend to me when I was struggling with personal issues and never judged me. She made me feel good about myself and provided a safe environment. I will always respect her as a professional dance teacher and friend.

Tanya Martinez

Joselin Taylor

This is an outstanding place to learn how to pole dance! Brynlyn is a awesome teacher who is super encouraging and supportive !

Liz O

Crystal Gonzales

The instructor can be hard to get a hold of but, she's a nice lady and it's a cool class.

Sammy Urban

I love this place! Everyone is super friendly and supportive, the environment is so welcoming and very body positive. Plus it's a fun and great work out. My suggest is a private lesson with friend! Those are the most fun. The instructor Bry is amazing and really makes the class great! Everyone I've meant so far has been amazing! I can't wait to continue classes here!

Chase Lopez

I’d rather pole dance as a male than to go here and see a junkie teaching people how to snort. Who wants to see a hillbilly in her panties doing lap dances?

Elaine Lovato

Brynlynn is fun, encouraging, and a detail oriented teacher. The classes are challenging and empowering. There are multiple classes and times to choose from. And she is flexible with package expiration dates and scheduling. I'm very happy to have found SWPD!

Lauren Baird

Amazing! I love everybody there! So fun and encouraging :)

al v

Olga Stromina

I came here to get in touch with my feminine side, and found even more. Southwest Pole Dancing is professional instruction, friendly atmosphere, and amazing experience! You should try it ;)

Jay Aguilar

Do they have classes for bigger women?


I've been dancing, and now working here, for about five months! The environment is great, the studio is always kept extremely clean and brynlyn is an amazing teacher. In a matter of months the confidence in myself has sky rocked thanks to the hardworking staff and brynlyns constant positive attitude. I highly, highly, highly recommend to anyone!

Diamond Nation

Mira Lopez

This is a great place with skilled teachers who are very encouraging. I found SWPD online and had so much fun in the intro class had to come back the next day for more. There is nothing like this in Santa Fe but is well worth the drive for such nice talented teachers and welcoming environment.

Nadine Buerger

I had been interested in taking pole lessons for years to find a fun new challenging workout. I was really nervous when I decided to come by the studio and talk to an instructor before signing up. The owner, brynlin was warm, welcoming and very professional. She informed me about the classes and took the time to set up my student profile. When I came to my first class she was so patient and made me feel comfortable. I've started taking classes on a regular basis now and Brynlyn always takes time to work with each of the students and their individual needs, helping with form and technique. This is a place I feel safe and instead of feeling that my workout is just another chore on my plate I get super excited when I get to come to class and always leave sore and with a smile on my face! Definitely recommend this place!!!

Lucy Schulz

I have been going to Southwest Pole Dancing for about one year now. Going into it I had no pole dancing experience. Brynlynn has exceeded my expections with her teaching skills. She pays attention to the details that make your dancing truly beautiful and mesmerizing to watch. With her incredible flows and transitions you’re more like a ballerina in air and not just a choppy mess on the pole. Using her climb and spin techniques you can ensure you are advancing at the right times in your training. I’ve seen first hand many injuries caused by pole dancers doing more advanced moves than they can handle. This causes injuries that only set you back in your training. Good things come to those who train hard and wait for the beautiful shapes to come once your body is prepared for them. My pole training here has increased my fluidity, flexibility, strength, confidence, and SASS! to make me the pole dancer I am today. Brynlynn has made me competition ready and excited to smash any USPDF competition. Easily.

Tylor Loncar

Faith Sears

This place is awesome! As a beginner, with absolutely no experience, they really made me feel comfortable and encouraged. Instructors and staff (as well as other clients!) are extremely friendly and helpful. This was a great place for someone who didn't know what they were doing, but would also be great be for those who do as the instructors are incredibly talented!

Johanna Chong

Short version: Brynlyn is an excellent pole instructor and extremely talented. I decided to start my pole training over due to injuries and bad habits, and I feel stronger and more capable than ever under her guidance. I really appreciate her commitment to fundamentals and her student's progress. Long version: I originally came from a studio in Boston and was looking for stuff in Albuquerque. I started with Brynlyn over a year ago, but unfortunately, I didn't stick with it. She was still borrowing space and didn't have a studio of her own. Although I could tell she was a talented dancer and teacher, I ended up going with another studio that I had joined a little earlier. A year after that class, she offered a 1 year anniversary loyalty (lol) discount, and I decided to give it another try since I had stopped going to the other place. I found out she had a beautiful new studio, and I started to train more seriously with her. I really really regret not sticking with her one year ago. I can only imagine how much better I would be now, but I'm making up for lost time! Brynlyn is a certified Climb and Spin instructor hailing from NYPole. I was a bit skeptical of the methods at first, but I really can't argue with my results. If you train consistently with Brynlyn, you absolutely will get stronger and more flexible while minimizing injury. She's also just an awesome personality so you will have lots of fun. :)

Mariyam Saho

I have been taking classes here for about a year and a half. I don't have a dance background so I came into the studio pretty much blind. Brynlyn has always been encouraging and super accommodating. I love knowing that I am learning from someone that has so much experience not only teaching pole dancing, but also pole dancing herself. I love that she has the desire to work with her students to build their flexibility and strength so that we are performing the moves correctly and not injuring ourselves. I originally went to another studio, but I didn't like the atmosphere so I switched. Thank goodness I did because I have come so far as a pole dancer, and i have done it safely!

Helen K. Tindel

Fun, exciting, challenging, positive experience. I feel healthy, stronger, soar, and excited. The staff is friendly and supportive. The instruction and attention to form and detail is impressive. I felt like I was in a yogalaties until I was hair flipping, doing body waves and spinning around the pole. This class helped me discover a youthful enthusiasm and motivation to workout. I haven't had this much fun in any fitness class ever. And after two classes I can literally see and feel improvements in my abs, butt and back. This studio will help you become the toned sexpot you always wanted to be! Cheers! And when it doubt ta tas out!

Holly Smith

Highly encourage SW Pole with Brynlyn. I came in as a complete newbie not knowing what to expect and have found a place that builds confidence, and makes you feel at home. The classes are great and so are the staff, and the girls who also take classes. You feel included on a personal level, and Brynlyn really takes her time with coaching you to endure her you are learning the different moves safely and correctly, all while making it fun!

Maya Holt

This place is sooo fun and. Everyone was super welcoming and patient. The instructor was super detailed and encouraging. I felt super comfortable with my body which is rare, and now I wanna be there every day!

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