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REVIEWS OF Studio L Dance Co. IN New Jersey

Michele Kenyon

My daughter has been dancing at the studio since she was 2. She was always a recreational/ weekly dancer who loved dance and was fascinated with competition team. This is her second year in company and she loves the studio so much that she would sleep there if I would let her. The staff and dancers have become a second family to both of us. Kelley Larkin is a teacher that does push her students to be their best, the dancers are driven and want to compete at the highest level they can. The dedication of her students can only be matched by that of the teachers and parents. If you want your child to have the absolute best dance experience and education, please come check out the studio. The only thing I should warn you about, is they may become addicted like my daughter.

Gwen Kaufman

Shane Sawin

Joy Meisner

My 16 year old daughter has been dancing at Studio L for fourteen years. The studio has become a second home, and the staff and her peers there are her extended family. She has been dancing in the nationally acclaimed and award winning Studio L Company for ten years. Through the dedication of the well trained staff and her perseverance she has grown into a well rounded and talented dancer. She has received many exciting and fun professional and charitable opportunities through Kelley and Danielle Larkin's Talent Management company. The studio caters to the recreational dancer as well as the competitive/preprofessional dancer. There is a special place at this studio for every level of dancer. Studio L also offers classes in acting, singing, gymnastics, and adult fitness programs.

Julia & Bruno Livolsi

This review is based just on the GLEE Musical Theatre (under age 10 category) class in Waldwick, not any of the dance classes. From watching the recital, the dancing seemed like what you would get at any other dance studio. The specialized Larkin dancers were amazing though. Anyway, my daughter enrolled in the Glee class back in September for 1.5hours every Monday. I didn't expect her to become a Broadway performer (not even off broadway), she was just interested in improving her Musical Theatre skills. The brochure stated the class was a triple threat: Singing, Acting, and Dancing. It also said there would be a Holiday Showcase and a Video Production. I noticed throughout the year that my daughter wasn't learning any songs or dance steps (not even humming a catchy tune). When I asked her about it, she said, "We don't really do any of that". I asked in January about the Holiday Showcase and was told that it was just for the staff, though my daughter didn't remember any such event. There was 1 video shoot supposedly over spring break when we were away, but I never received a video production, nor heard any information on what was produced. I didn't have high hopes for the recital in May, as my daughter said they were only doing 1 "original" song which consisted of 8 rhyming lines. The recital performance consisted of about 12 students standing on risers. There was no consistency in their appearance. I'm not saying they should have worn costumes, but maybe all in the same color. There was no stage presence whatsoever. The performance was flat and awkward, they all just stood there, not even a sway. The song was mediocre at best. I could not believe that after 8 months of classes, that was the highlight. I found out that I was not the only one from the class that felt this way. My daughter's elementary school does a musical every year taught by moms, which requires 8 weeks of hourly rehearsals. They do a wonderful job which proves that a professional school should have done and can do so much more than what those children were "taught". I called and spoke to Kelly regarding my disappointment and she was very defensive. In the end even suggesting that I would be a terrible person with no life, for writing a review. My goal in this review is to hopefully save one family who may be considering enrolling their child. I wish a review had been available before I made that mistake.

Whitney Stanbury

Studio L is the best dance studio in the area. When my daughter was 4 we tried out a few places but Studio L was hands down the best. I loved that I could watch my daughter on the TV screen when she was tiny and see how happy she was in class. If your child (male OR female) wants a place with excellent and loving teachers as a fun hobby, there is a program at Studio L for you; alternatively, if your child is interested in competitive dancing and is serious about wanting to be a dancer, this is the place to go because they are the best. Most kids start out just wanting a fun hobby and eventually get more serious - why start at a studio that can't accommodate your child's needs as they grow? The kids adore the teachers and there is a bond between the younger dancers and the teenagers that is precious. The teenage dancers are excellent role models for the younger kids in terms of discipline around dancing, time management to complete schoolwork and also through the (totally optional) philanthropy projects organized through Studio L. Prices seem pretty similar everywhere so you might as well get the best training and lifetime friendships for your dollar.

Aleksey Shevchenko

Rem Stein

School is nothing great. Some kids only get to dance in recitals for 2 minutes and the recital is very early and inconvenient for people to come to that live far.

Ken Parmelee

Rebecca Steckelman

My daughter loves dancing at Studio L. The best part as a mother is seeing the smile on her face when she leaves dance class or gets off stage after her recital or competition. Although she's still young, her confidence has also grown by leaps and bounds.

Terri Svendsen

Sadlly, agree with the other 1 star reviews. I had very high hopes for Studio L when it came to our area. Unfortunately, should have known from the unorganized mess it was from the get-go that the year would not go well. We had done competitive dance for many years, and my daughters wanted to take time off from that, but I still wanted them to have technique classes, so we were told they could register and that there would be recreational classes. Big lie. All classes were for competitive dancers only, and even though my daughters could keep up, they would be set on the side while the company dancers ran routines. Studio L succeeded in killing my kids' love of dance. Especially my youngest. Very sad.. all the times we would show up for class only to have her call me 10 minutes later telling me that they canceled her class (so some other company class could be held).. with no prior notice to us. This happened so often!! Unbelievable! Never anyone at the front desk to talk to, the teachers were no help when I would approach them either. I tried emails and left voice mails for Kelley Larkin (one of THE MOST arrogant people I have EVER met in my life) and never once had my calls or emails returned by her, even though I was told repeatedly that she would call me. Sad when months later, my youngest recounts the last rehearsal before the holidays and all the company dancers did a gift exchange, but she was not told (nor was it EVER communicated to me) that there was a gift exchange, so while everyone else participated, she was left out. Pretty tough for a 9 year old kid to endure. When a prior review spoke of cost being equivalent to other studios.. guess again. You WILL end up paying substantially more. And, you pay up front, so you will have absolutely NO recourse if things turn out like they did for us. I do think some of the instructors were good, but our overall experience was terrible. Unless YOUR son/daughter is THE best and will get the attention of Kelley Larkin, I would suggest you continue to let your child have a little fun with dance, and go somewhere he/she will be appreciated for the talent they have.

Stevex2 C

We love Studio L. My daughter started 2 years ago and would spend all of her time there if she could. The positive atmosphere that is provided by the amazing teaching staff is irreplaceable. They are a very well rounded studio that offers something for everyone. I and my daughter have been extremely happy with our decision to dance with the Studio L family.

Tara Hardt-Velez

This is a top notch dance studio. The teachers are knowledgeable, talented, and great with little ones. They combine a warm and welcoming atmosphere with incredible dance training. They are supportive to all dance levels from beginner to advanced. They really get to know the students in their classes and seem truly interested in their happiness and growth. My daughter started dancing in the recreation classes and couldn’t wait to go to dance each week. She has since participated in the summer camps and as a member of the dance company. The studio seems to meet her at each step as she grows as a dancer giving her challenges to learn. The wonderful opportunities to perform and compete are also met with a sense of giving back to the community, performing a benefit each year. They are really creating well rounded dance students and a sense of community and family. If you are considering dance classes here your whole family will love it.

pat car

Although studio L is undoubtedly one of the better studios in the area prepare to send your daughter to boot camp. Kelly Larkin the owner of the studio will have no shame when she tells your daughter she is to heavy for a costume or needs to start using deodorant. My daughter explained to me how Kelly did not want to put one the black students in a duet because it would "look weird" so she put her with two other girls in a triplet so she could be in the middle.....really come on. She runs the dance studio as if it was the military. If you want your daughter to have fun and not be harassed about her weight, shape, or size id suggest another studio.

Denise Infante

Studio L is absolutely an inspiring Dance company!! My 5year old daughter has been dancing at Studio L for the past 3 years. This year was her first "Superstar" Company class and she LOVED performing at the competitions. My daughter had an infectious smile and laugher while performing on stage- She definitely had a Blast!! The teachers, Nicole and Jaime, for the younger classes provide a warm confident supportive foundation for the love of dance. They're great mentors for our young princesses aspiring to grow and develop within the dance world. The remaining teachers including the owners, Kelley and Danielle, strive for the best in every child. Studio L is not only a great dance company- but they provide a sense of responsibility to our community. Through different charity works, walks, and fundraisers...dancers mature in body and soul. "No one is born a dancer. You have to want it more than anything", stated Mikhail Baryshnikov.... It's when your mind forgets the dance but your body doesn't!! Studio L provides the foundation for the young toddlers and motivates each developing dancer to reach their potential! I'm definitely proud to say I'm a Studio L Dance Mom ;)

Juan Lopez

Im in my dad's phone so i wish i was in Dance mom but im seven years old. I wish i know how to dance but i know i can't go to dance mom i wish

Jessica Fernandez - Loscalzo

Samantha Eulas

Studio L is an amazing dance studio. My daughter is so inspired by the hard work and dedication of the dancers who call Studio L their home. By joining this studio, she has been given an incredible jump start on her journey through the world of dance.

sarah corlan

I'm 11 yrs old and i'm not flexible at all do you have to be flexible? Can they help me be flexible?

Kylee O

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