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REVIEWS OF Peridance Capezio Center IN New Jersey

Claudia Maza

Lots of fun, it’s a great class to move your body and have a great time!!

Acer C

Warm welcome. Your strength and weaknesses are recognized. With all the intentions of being better in strength a doing better in weaknesses.

Lenny Reisner

I have been taking ballet at Peridance 1-2x a week for the past year and change. I'm 36 and can definitely see the differences in how I move and my knowledge of ballet. As some may say I have 10 more years until I'm good. Nonetheless I like the facility and teachers. Every teacher has his or her own style. I have taken beginner classes with Peter Schabel and Jose Traba regularly. I am happy with those classes. Perhaps one day I'll be proficient enough to take advanced beginner and have more classes available to me. There are sometimes live pianists who are terrific. Only CON: There are few or no absolute beginner classes, which I think at times would be helpful.

Kristi Parson

I go to peridance for various street dance classes, the teachers are top noch! However the studio itself is not my favorite. It tends to get too hot and humid in the studios (at any time of year) - and I'm not sure if that is actually mold on the ceiling of studio 2 or just dust. Putting a little more money into studio maintenance given how many clients they have would benefit everybody. Also the lack of being able to schedule online and instead walking around with hundreds of dollars worth of paper receipts to trade in to take a class feels risky (for losing them) and is a little behind the times in 2019. I do love the teachers there and will definitely keep going!


The best move I ever made getting out and going there to try salsa on 2 drop in class I was scared nervous not Realy sure what to expect when I got there the experience was great the people the instructors amazing the energy makes you not want to miss any classes I try to make as many as I can in a week now it’s been over a ear since I started They have 3 levels beginner intermediate and advance take a leap if you thinking about it just try it once and you will be hooked . Will be there this Saturday September 1 2018

Kathryn Wallace

Loved it, the classes were fairly big but still an amazing environment. The guest teacher was fabulous and went a fast pace.

Tiffany Extravagant

My experience at Peridance is incredible every single time I go. One of my most memorable times was when I volunteered at the 35th Gala and made friends with artist I will be friends with for the rest of my life. As far as the dance education there they have the world's best teachers training you. Therefore, its only a matter of time before you become one of the greats yourself. Take a class of your choice and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you for taking the time to read this! I meant every last word. Have an Amazing Life!

renuka naidoo

A very professional dance school with great teachers. My daughter enjoyed her time at the school doing hip hop dancing.

Gawz Agency

Great environment, friendly and professional classes which I enjoyed greatly on my trip to NYC. The place to be for sure!

chloe gottlieb

My daughter travels from Brooklyn to take ballet and modern classes at Peridance. We love the variety of styles, ages, and diversity among students and faculty. It’s rigorous without being stuffy.

Johnson Lauren

My daughter was in the Senior Youth Ensemble and she experienced tremendous growth as a dancer. Now, she will be in the Blueprint this summer. I also took adult classes in yoga and contemporary. The people are nice and super professional. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Edmond Johnson

Beautiful space lovely tutors and wonderful experience love the ambiance

Jan Plass

Best Samurai Sword class in town!

Samantha Needles

I love taking dance classes at this studio. The staff are all very welcoming and warm, the teachers are wonderful and the environment is relaxed and fun.

Michael Blake

I have taught at, studied in, and have rented the theater at Peridance. Always a professional and wonderful place to be. My affiliation with Igal Peri and Peridance goes back to the opening of Peridance in the early 1980's. Peridance is still here, and so am I. A dance institution for the serious professional student and performer. You can't ask for a better place to dance!

Kimberly Beck

Great dance program. My daughter has learned so much. Amazing teachers!

Linda Pehrson

Peridance is a great place to dance. Ballet classes with Kat Wildish is the best. It could be even better if Kat's pointe class on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. were in a studio that is larger than No. 6 and safer for pointe work. Trying to dance on a slippery floor is dangerous!

Aiji D

If you want to learn from leaders and Icons within the dance industry this is the place to be!

Jaun Raza

The Classes are amazing, the instructors are amazing, but the way they keep track of your class passes and paying for classes on the spot, is horrible. they need to do better.

Birte Runde

excellent classes with the best teachers! The contemporary class I went to, was very good!


Awesome, clean, organized. Great teachers, current website info everyday. Amazing space and location!

dorina c.

my friend is in the peridance youth performance group and she loves it. they're professional, respectful, fun to work with and present beautiful, thought provoking dance pieces. peridance helps make nyc a special place.

mattunyuta littiplack

Comfortable and safe home, teachers and staff very nice. The best of space for dance! LOVE PERIDANCE :)

Igor Skachkov

All classes I took in Peridance were excellent. Very nice and friendly people at reception.

Lucia Vajdiarová

Love this place, pretty good location and amazing teachers. Something for everyone. When I am in New York, I always have to take class here

Lise Lauvergeon

Amazing Spirit, great quality of classes. Loved it and want to go back. It is really boosting, entertaining, and you gotta learn many things.

Tea Perez

The front desk staff is rude and intimidating. Tried to take an intermediate modern Horton class; however, was told that I couldn't based on my age. It didn't matter that I have 4 years of Horton experience and attend a renowned performing arts high school. I was then asked if the instructor was contacted prior to get approval. Didn't know had to, not listed on your website.

Juliette Dupre

Peridance is the best bang for your buck in NYC, with overall really solid staff at a competitive class price. You won't make all your dance dreams come true, but most of the studios are great and their are some excellent teachers you can find on the staff. The worst thing about Peridance is actually that they teach pointe in a cramped studio with very slick wood floors sans rosin. It's really unprofessional and kind of ironic since one of their main marketing shots is a girl on pointe.

Adri Olivares

Nice environment cool classes. They offer classes to improve your technique and develope skills. Amazing energy. great experience

Risa Morley

Peridance is absolutely the best, most professional dance school I have encountered with my daughter and her classes. The instructors and everyone on the staff are so absolutely wonderful and caring. They truly go out of their way to make sure that the students are having a great time and feel like they are all star students. I would highly recommend Peridance in every way!

Sylvia Bigio

Best ballet place for girls and teens downtown. Serious ballet, great year-end performance at NYU. We love the place and the service is great. Reasonable prices, great instructors.

Som Liengtiraphan

Peridance is my favorite studio to dance at! There are many studios of different sizes and a lot of them are sprung marley floors, which is really good for your feet and jumping.The adult ballet classes are welcoming of all levels and the teachers are knowledgeable and very good at teaching. Everytime I go I learn something new. My favorite class there is Kat's pointe classes. She is very good at teaching and is not shy about pointing out what you are doing wrong and how to improve it. The class consists of adults and children of all levels: long time adults looking to continue their craft, adults just starting out, and girls looking to get extra work in before their summer intensive auditions. Sometime, Kat invites male dancers to come and teaching us partnering work that you cant get anywhere else. In those partnering classes, she'll teach you everything from how to work better in the center and how to not kick your partner when you do pirouettes. I highly recommend coming to Peridance and, if you are doing pointe, to come to Kat's class!

Guangmin Shen

Probably the most cost-effective studio in NYC. Teachers are top in industry, price is relatively lower than other same level studios. AC is available, shower is available, which are two important amenities in dance studio. So, 5 stars!

Lois Chan

Great variety of dance classes and great teacher who have lots to offer! Loved Connie's Limon class, amazing teacher!

maria haralambou

My daughter enjoyed the summer core intensive and had an outstanding experience.

Adam Austin

We had a great experience taking dance lessons at Peridance. Definitely recommend


Great dance school with all the classes you want and great teachers!!

lola franco

My daughters danced at Peridance for over 10 years. We have had nothing but a great experience there filled with great memories and good friends.

Ricki Grater

Extremely welcoming, friendly staff, too-notch classes across the board. Highest quality, full spectrum of classes and teachers!

Thomas Sullivan

Wonderful classes and environment for kids. Both my daughter and son have been in the childrens programs.

Susi Mendler

Great classes, great staff and great people! Really great iced coffee!

Sula Tamen

Wonderful staff - Teachers are caring, administration tries to please... the space is beautiful, and there is NO attitude.

Eunice Njo

I love this place! Great service from the front desk to the instructors! I took a vouging class with the QUEEN MOTHER LEIOMY. She was so helpful, and she made sure my form was on point. I definitely recommend this place!

Marian Hyun

We had a great experience presenting two performances of the New York Jazz Choreography Project at Peridance Capezio Center. Everyone from the theater manager to the tech staff to the ushers were helpful, kind, and professional, a joy to work with. I highly recommend Peridance as a venue to present dance performances.

Yuki Hasegawa

APEX Faculty showcase was absolutely fantastic!! Enjoyed the program of various dance styles: Ballet, Modern dance, Contemporary dance, Jazz dance, Hip Hop, and Salsa!! The passionate young dancers, and skillful choroegraphers were amazing!! Truly great dance institute!!

A L.B.

positive environment, professional staff/faculty good diverse class offerrings.

johanna facada

Peridance is a great place for professional dancers to learn and grow. It provides an authentic classroom feelings that is not overpowered by dancers trying to compete to make a choreographers next top YouTube video. The choreographers and the space is catered to make sure that dancers are getting the most out of their time and money spent there.

T Mgeo

Been going here on and off for years. Really great open classes. Very cool architectural space housing the studios as well.

Vehement Sauce4

Despite being with Peridance for a small amount of time, they have taught me a variety of wonderful techniques in dance that makes it both challenging and fun at the same time. This increase my interest in Peridance exponentially considering how heartwarming they and the teachers treat a fellow dancer as a family member which is how they are one big family . Fellow peers are something in dance that makes it better when you watch your classmates perform alongside you making the experience even more special. The choreography the teachers make up are just phenomenally put and makes the dance evermore exciting and I'm sure picking Peridance will make your experience in dance revolutionized you being a dancer like me.

Phoebe Higgins

Peridance is a nice studio with good teachers of all different dance techniques... ballet, modern, jazz, on and on! The studios themselves are a bit small but well used and clean and the classes are great! The price per class is a bit high but worth it!

Changing Modes

Peridance has a range of classes all taught by dynamic and energetic teachers. The studios are spacious and the staff friendly and helpful. Mixed level classes provide a great opportunity for less experienced students to learn from their more seasoned peers.

Katrin Barker

Love love love Jason's Plyojam class! It is an intense cardio workout that goes by fast because it's so fun. It has really helped my cardio conditioning for running. Now I run faster and farther because his class has helped whip me into better shape!

carly harper

Peridance is awesome! Great, talented teachers, very friendly front desk staff, and clean studios! Love my experience at Peridance! :)

Lindsay Brents

Great classes! The atmosphere at Peridance is great, and I always feel like I'm really able to focus on improving when I take class here.

Winnie So

Peridance is a good studio. I've only been there once so far so haven't explored the whole place, but the studio I was in with clean, organized, and spacious. Music quality and clarity was great. And I loved that they offer snacks and drinks. Huge shout out to the instructor, Sarah Burke! Had a great time in Sarah's Adv Beg Hip-Hop class on Thursdays! She's an amazing instructor - funny, approachable, inclusive, and teaches great choreography.

Martha Chapman

friendly atmosphere with lots of dance styles to choose from! a bit cramped for 'hangout' space cuz the most square footage possible is given to the studios. Worth a trip!

Lorelei Yudice

This studio is so kind and supportive of new and less experienced students. thank you. L

Andy Carrigan

best in the neighborhood

Gary Hetton

It's an amazing place to learn dance for the professionals and beginners. Making students comfortable and involved in each class is what I like about these classes.

Camille Rommett

As the daughter of Zena Rommett, I grew up in a treasure trove environment of classical ballet and modern dance in New York City. I have seen my share of performances and dance studios. I was most impressed when I first started going to Peridance Capezio Center (PCC) due to the high caliber of classical ballet, modern, tap and other training. I highly recommend PDC dance program for young dancers and professionals. The teachers and the general atmosphere of PCC is caring and helpful. I have attended several performances of Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, and have enjoyed them immensely. Choreographer Igal Perry’s artistic vision is original, inspirational, upbeat, and beautifully executed by the company.

Daphne Blair Chu

Great variety of classes throughout the week! Really good and professional teachers, everyone is also really nice. :)

Amy Lin

Spacious second floor studio with skylight. Well maintain and organized studios. Front desk staffs are professional and friendly. The yoga teacher is very attentive and helpful. The instructions are articulate and detail.

Sundari Joseph

My experience was indescribable. All of the directors there were very passionate about their teaching. Peridance Capezio Center is definitely a place for you to go to for some quick classes to get a jump start on your dancing.

Tricia Blosser

I loved my experience at Peridance! The instructors were wonderful to work with and the huge range of classes allowed me to choose exactly what kind of classes I wanted to take. The drop in classes were also quite convenient since I was just visiting for the weekend! I definitely plan to drop in again sometime!

Louise Mochia

Great place with a welcoming staff.

Jorel Rios

If your looking for nice Dance homes in nyc make Peridance one of them. Great place to learn multiple dance styles. Great teachers. I’m not one of the main teachers but I sub Vogue classes here or there so I know. You have two ppl who choreographed for Beyoncé once teaching different classes. You have Ballet great for the core taught by really good teachers. Great floors and big rooms. I truly recommend if your looking for a dance center Peridance is the one of them . If your here from out of town come through and experience the fun ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Christina cowell

Marcus Allen is one of the best teachers I have ever known. Everyone is friendly, inclusive and talented. There is an incredible variety of classes in every genre and for all age groups. Of all of the great dance schools in NYC, Peridance is my favorite.

Cozy Niah

Very nice and clean, the studios are fire, they have respectful staff and its great for networking with Dancers and Choreographers from all over the world.

Ere Carlo

Teacher of the class uses students to perform for free. She routinely has students work for her for free at the Dance parade, other events, and at showcases for which Djoniba sells tickets, offering no compensation whatsoever for their investment in time and costumes. In addition to working for free, and paying for classes and rehearsal space, students are expected to pay for costuming. I stopped attending classes at Djoniba for this reason. It is beyond the pale of abuse.

Alison Bird

Warm, welcoming teachers and staff. Always a pleasure to attend a class at Peridance

Whitney Janis

Peridance classes offer a diverse range of styles and their faculty is very strong. I am partial to Joshua Kohlberg's ballet class. Graciela Kozak, Billy Blanken, and Kate Loh also teach good ballet classes here. Would also recommend Raphaëlle Kessedjian's Graham-based modern class for anyone experienced in Graham technique. Peridance also has a lot of excellent short-term workshop instructors.

Andrea Elam

I love the incredibly laid back, warm, welcoming atmosphere. Ballet teachers are all just great, as are the accompanists. Non-competitive environment, and everyone is usually so nice. Really, really wish more jazz classes, especially theater jazz, were offered during the daytime.

Aubrey Lynch

I've been in the dance community of NYC for over thirty years and Peridance has been an important part of my life from classes as a student to rehearsals as a professional. Friendly, clean, supportive and fun, Peridance is for me a NY landmark and I am happy that they are still shining strong!

Manuel Vignoulle

I have been Faculty member at Peridance for the last 7 years. I love that place. The students are very eager to learn, to improve and are willing to develop always more their artistry. The atmosphere is warm. The level is good. It's one of my favorite place to teach in the city. Highly recommended!

Kia Silliman

I love coming to Peridance and the variety of classes that are offered! The staff are polite and helpful, and answer any questions I have. I always look forward to returning to the studio!

Fernanda Ermelindo

probably one of the best dance schools in the world. amazing faculty, great environment. staff and students were all very nice to me. definitely recommend!

Paula Grande

Our family has been taking lessons at Peridance Capezio Center since our daughter, now in graduate school, was a toddler. She attended their Perichild program and, later, joined the Youth Ensemble, a pre-professional training program for teenagers. Both my husband and I have taken classes for fitness (modern dance for him and Pilates for me.) We are thankful for the variety of classes available and the high level of instruction.

shamika cotton

I absolutely love Peridance. Its a welcoming and inclusive studio for dancers of ALL Levels like myself. I Dance to help keep depression at bay. So Peridance has literally been a life saver. And please note: I do NOT work there. I just dance there.

FilomenA Decicco

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge what an amazing dance school Peridance is. My daughter, Gianna , was fortunate enough to dance with the Peridance Senior Youth Ensemble under the direction of Diego Funes. He is an amazing artist and teacher, a true inspiration. What sets Peridance apart is not only the phenomenal dance experience that they provide but also the sense of family and community that they nourish. My daughter has grown so much as a dancer and has developed a greater sense of community along with life long friends. She looks forward to dancing with Peridance again in the future . The DeCicco Family

Joseph Rivera

My favorite dance studio in NYC! Friendly staff and top-notch instructors in all genres of dance. My favorite classes are Salsa, dancehall and hip-hop.


Great classes ! All type of dance with Top Teachers and Chroeographers. We are used to bring groups from France since 2010, and all our dancers are pleased to take classes in this School. For us, it's one of the most important Dance Studio in New York City !

Jeani Filippini

Peridance is such a great studio ! The level of professionalism is above the rest ! Kat Wildish ,Ballet teacher , and all the other teachers , are committed to your improvement and helping you achieve your goals as a dancer The staff is wonderful also , very helpful and knowledgeable

Anna Schnaitter

Great teachers and the best sprung floor in Manhattan!

Ash Dance International

I would just call Peridance as home for dancers around the globe. No 2nd thought, just get in to Peridance and experience the world of dancing. I had a best time in dancing of my life.

Laura P

The open adult classes are great -- the instructors are very knowledgeable.

Dmitry Ostrovsky

the lesson was good. reeling me in with a free class voucher and then denying the voucher due to fine print and limited applicability (didnt become active until one week later) and then being told to come back for the free class was shady. main reason i wont be returning despite the good lesson.

Kerri Davidson

Beautiful, spacious dance studios with top notch instructors and a really friendly vibe. I love Grant Chang's jazz classes (Mon and Weds evenings and Saturday afternoons); he has a great mix of funk and lyrical combinations and creates a fun, non-competitive atmosphere in class.

Marie Friquegnon

I've been taking Bil Badolato's ballet classes for quite a few months, and he is THE BEST! he is such a caring person and insightful teacher. He knows the science of the body, and how to coach it into performing steps correctly. He has a superb understanding of music an always picks the perfect piece for each exercise. Since he knows the history of dance so well he sometimes uses older forms to perfect some aspect of technique. He is able to accommodate a range of abilities and puts all the read more » students at ease. At the same time, his timely critiques are always helpful. His exercises are beautiful and expressive.

Alison Cook Beatty Dance

Alison Cook Beatty Dance performed in APAP in 2013 and 2018, as well having our New York Season in both the Fall and Spring of 2018. We were so happy with Peridance we will be having our 2019 New York Fall Season, two weekend run, this November 1st, 2nd, 8th, and 9th with guest choreographers! We highly recommend the theater. The staff at Peridance is outstanding. The location couldn’t get any better, the lighting plot is absolutely beautiful which aids in a great video production. Our audience members gave wonderful feedback in terms of the comfort of the house and seating. As well as the dancers themselves enjoyed performing on the beautiful stage. We highly recommend renting the theater at Peridance for a performance, and the best thing is the price. For the quality they provide compared to other Manhattan theaters it is a great deal. It is a joy that they provide a space for dancers to perform in this way. Thank you Peridance!

Art Gorman

My daughter studied dance at Peridance. She had the best instruction and was mentored. Most significantly there are classes for all kinds of dance there. This type of exposure broadened her interests.

City Modern Ensemble

This is one of my favorite places to go for professional development. I love their guest artist series and the space is fun. Their regular teachers inspire me as much as being in the city! I would like to see the return of modern dance, please, have we all just given up and are calling it contemporary now?

Chun Lee

Great classes, excellent location, beautiful studios. Djoniba teaches beginner African dance and it's amazing!

AnnMarie Allarey Quimbo

My daughter had a great time at one of the summer Peridance workshop with Marinda Davis! She was truly challenged. She is looking forward to hopefully attend another workshop with her!

Vivian Connolly

Spectacular teachers!

Timothy Ward

I love taking class here in their beautiful studios, and performing in their intimate theater!

YYT 1026

There is no online system, which means if your class get cancelled the last minute, you literally have no advanced notice. My classmate cancelled her work to come here (and I also left my work early) just to find out that there's no class and we were suggested to take another class almost two hours later. As we were finding place to stretch and fill the time, and we know no one would use the usual studio where the class is supposed to happen and we made all the way here, so we went ahead use it (school like steps on Broadway, Ailey, I know all don't mind students doing so if there's empty space between classes for an hour). And in this case, it's not even our fault. Later a girl working there asked us to leave with in a very stern attitude (and I was helping her to move back the barre), like if we were abusing their studio spaces. I understand she may be doing what she asked to do, but in this case, if the school system is not well established and caused the incidence, then at least it'd be nice to be more courteous with what you are trying to ask. So both parties can be more understanding.

Effy Grey

Yaya Sasaki's Ballet Classes on Sunday afternoons are phenomenal; she is a gem. The front desk staff is really nice. The only issue I've ever had is with when an instructor had an emergency and needed to cancel, but no one seemed to be aware until 20mins after we were all waiting for class.

Caroline Gorland

Need need need more jazz and theatre jazz classes! There is such a major market for it in the city and having that skill set is so necessary in the world of commercial theater which is so centralized in NYC. I know that BDC and Steps’ “thing” but I love Peridance and would love to see them give their students more opportunities in that regard so we don’t have to go to another studio to get it. Also, I think it would really helpful to develop and app for easier access to class schedules.

Suzan Moss

Peridance has a wonderfully wide range of classes by terrific teachers in a pleasant well-run environment.

Alex Ketley

I loved teaching here!

Diane B

More welcoming than BDC, though comparable in terms of levels and difficulty. I took ballet and salsa classes here. The shop downstairs also has a good selection of Capezio items and the woman who helped me was very pleasant.

Kristin Rizzo

We love Peridance Capezio Center! The teachers are wonderful. My daughter is always excited to go to ballet class - and they put on the most adorable recital in the spring.

Laura Daly

A wonderful place for children to learn to dance, with the kind of teachers that can mentor those students who look to become professional dancers. For professional dancers, a great place to take class to hone their skills.

Mark E

Caring and professional staff. Many forms of dance represented. Convenient location to public transportation.

Flavia Piazza

Best experience in New York. For me 20 years ago, African dance classes. For my daughter past 4 years of ballet with Kelly Volpel, moving next year to jazz dance! This is where love for dance is born and evolves with time! Thank you. F.

Natalie Hoy

Love the teachers at this Dance School! Best part of my week.

Ashley Mapp

Clean, spacious, no drama. Peridance provides a very supportive, nurturing environment for dancers at all skill levels.


Peridance Capezio Center is a pleasant place to study contemporary dance at the masters level. I recommend talented masters level students to get classes here without reservation

Julie Magneville

incredible dance studio in NYC, so happy to teach there!!

Judy L

My daughter takes classes at Peridance whenever her schedule allows during school breaks and after work. The classes, summer and winter intensives and blueprint are great and so are the instructors.

Cynthia Dolphin

I love attending Maguette Camara's West African Dance Class. He teaches the traditions of West African Dance. When coming across the floor he also teaches the drum rhythms so I would know what to listen for when a break is played and I change to the next step. Maguette makes the class fun. I highly recommend his class to all.

Katie Anania

I loved the modern/contemporary class I took here. All the instructors are such gifted dancers, and very good teachers too. It's a wonderful place to take dance classes whether you're a pre-professional or a total amateur like me. :)

Lauren Izzo

The Center has something for every age and level of experience. My 2 year old daughter loves going to dance class at Peridance and has learned so much already. She loves to show off her new dance moves and is so proud of herself. It's been a truly wonderful experience for our entire family!

Cynthia Kridle-Conway

Love Peridance! My daughter has taken classes here since she was 5. Great teachers, great variety of classes, and a friendly fun environment.

Rachel Hodos

My favorite dance studio in town. Friendly atmosphere, high-quality classes, and a huge variety of styles and schedule.

Jonathan Baron

This is a special place. There are many different size studios, snack bar and locker rooms with showers.

maddie james

Peridance is superb among dance studios in NYC for professional training. They have a wonderful work study program to learn the background of the dance world, a wide variety of classes starting at 7am and ending late in the evening (even on a Saturday night,) and a warm community of dancers, choreographers, musicians, teachers, students, kids. You’re bound to meet someone new or run into a long time friend in the halls. I highly recommend taking class and studying at Peridance.

Tasha B

Peridance is always so welcoming, and the energy is amazing! Marcus Cobb is such a great instructor! He's knowledgeable and experienced, always such a bundle of joy, and really cares about his students. I always feel like I've learned so much in that one class. I will be back!

Kevin Lee

I was there to take a salsa lesson Clean environment, mad cool staff and great location!!

Sophia Pan

Great teachers and welcoming non-competitive class environment

יוחאי גרינפלד

This studio is one of the greatest this city has to offer. Unlike some of the others, Peridance really feels like a community, with a home-like build, friendly staff and a laid back atmosphere which don't take away from the ferocity of its dancers, teachers and educators.

NYC Dance Week

We've worked with Peridance Capezio Center for many years, offering free classes during our festival. They have top instructors and offer a variety of dance classes. Great facility and accessible via public transportation.

Melanie Pflaum

My daughter has size 11.5/12 shoes. We are always able to find her size here whether in jazz, ballet, or tap shoes. They have great service and return policies. Highly recommended.

Robert Carlson

Our audience raved about Peridance-----strong dancers, diverse choreography, technically well trained! The company was easy to work with, and the tech people very talented. Beth CS Dance Theatre

Laurencia Gonzales

My daughter has found amazing support and a real home here .

Fritz Jacques

The person at the register really helped me with whatever questions I needed to be answered, very satisfied

Bonnie Rosenstock

A wonderfully talented dance group with a fantastic choreographer, Igal Perry.

Dance Connection

Peridance is both down to earth and highly professional. As a student and a professional dancer Peridance became my dance home for most of my NYC career. The faculty is highly experienced and creative. They are great teachers, and great people. Much of the credit for the excellence and atmosphere at Peridance goes to artistic director Igal Perry. Igal is sincere and caring and expects a high level of training at his school. Another great teacher is Graciela Kozak. Peridance is a great place to dance. Good people. Good dancing.

Mark B Borg Jr

We love Peridance! Our older daughter has been attending classes there since she was three years old! She's now in Core Two and we hope that she'll continue into adulthood!

Michael Edmonson

I wish I could give peridance 10 stars it’s amazing place amazing energy everyone there treats you like family they have the most amazing instructors that break every move down explain the steps and most of all they have fun teaching us I try to at least get there 2 Times a week now with the shines on Friday night it’s 3 tines a week for me get up get out come down give it shot you won’t regret it I travel from inwood Manhattan all the way down to union square To attend these classes well worth it

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Great school, I like almost all of their teachers. One of the best places to go to take either beginner or professional class or anything in between. They provide NYU student discount if you can show them school ID. I wish they had ballet classes that actually taught technique level by level as in regular school, where you have the same students throughout the year, but unfortunately they only have that for youngsters. If you don't fall in that age range and not enrolled, you are out of luck. I like their dance attire store. All in all, this studio should be on your #1 spot to visit. P.S. They have great work study program so it's easier to pay for your classes- for beginner dancers and those on tight budget it is an immense help.

Mildred Rockefeller

Taking class st Peridance is like being welcomed to a family The atmosphere is creative ,friendly and lively.I am in a most dynamic jazz class with Sue Samuels .The studio is well ventilated roomy and full of light I I highly recommend classes at Peridance for ballet jazz hip hop contemporary and more ! Get involved and your experience will be healthy happy and challenging New friendships and the supportive staff will make your day Best wishes to all from Millie Rockefeller

Jonathan Lisowski

Great experience. I was only in NYC for half a week but got a chance to take a hip hop class with Cebo. Class was fantastic and I can say the same about the space. Hardwood floors that are great to dance on. Staff was courteous and they even have a small cafe, not that the place really needs one being downtown. Lots of great places to recharge before or after your class. If there's a teacher/style you like, check this place out.


Great selection of classes, beautiful clean studios, personal feel...Shows in the small theater always quality at a good price...Highly recommended!

Jennifer Snuffleupagus

Big fan of Peridance. They take very good care of the 13 year old I nanny and over the last few years she has enjoyed the challenge and dedication of their Core dance program for serious young dancers. She has a great connection with her instructors, and we can see how much the program directors love the children and support their development. The staff is very fluid and open in their communication - especial kudos to Colleen and Shelley.

Jaime Alger

Great classes, welcoming teachers and phenomenal teachers. After taking a 17 year break from dancing, I feel right back at home.

Ann sorvino

Love this studio! Very welcoming to adult dancers and all of the teachers are passionate and masters of their craft.

Noelani Anderson

Amazing space for dance and diversity! I took Marcus' hip hop class multiple times and also a Dancehall class. I was visiting from Hawaii, needless to say NYC is pretty intimidating but my experience here was completely embracing. Challenging, but welcoming. A great balance. Marcus was incredible, and I was so stoked on the range of people and talent in classes, very true to the title 'open' dance. Learned loads and left feeling inspired and excited to take lessons back to my own studio at home. Mahalo!

dibirtiendose con yaiza cruz Rodríguez

For adults, for kids.... its an amazing place. As a dancer myself, now with children, I wanted a place that was nurturing, technical, committed to the whole child and professional. This is it! As my daughter walks to her ballet or jazz class for 9 year olds, she is surrounded by professionals. She sees studios filled with adults taking class (in appropriate clothing) and see's the art form for what it is. The youth classes are held to an amazing standard and want to provide a strong foundation for the children so that they can do anything when they are older. I highly recommend Peridance for both youth and adult classes!

Carolyn Tedholm

HIgh-quality in every aspect!

Beth Counihan

My daughter has been taking tap at Peridance since she was 5 and is now 14 in the Core program (ballet, jazz, modern)—she loves her excellent and supportive teachers and fellow dancers. Peridance is fantastic!

Lily Meng

Convenient location, good instructors and energy, just wish the salsa class has more room so different levels dont interfere one aother.

Celia Maldonado

It's an amazing place devoted absolutely to the art of dancing. Big and clean rooms, amazing teachers and an amazing staff that is always willing to assit you. I'll totally come back!

Joseph Wreh

Good place to book a studio. Be aware of the cancellation policy and sometime others who were in the studio you have book will take a lil while to leave. Overall really reliable place to utilize.

Kyle Boudinot

Lovely instructor, fun course, beginner friendly!

Delano Mizrahi

Best thing I ever did... I absolutely love it here !.. Clean, professional and fun instructors! Very diverse dance genres ! From ballet to vogue .. #Amazing ! You will have fun while learning and keeping fit .

Yolanda Greaves

Peridance Studios offer a wide range of classes and are welcoming to all levels, experiences and ages.

Christina Stokes

I attended the Read-Dance-Play toddler/caregiver class on Saturday morning with my 19-month-old, and we had a terrific time. Will definitely return. Ms. Colleen is a great teacher.

Lesley Nagley

Wonderful school. My 4 year old daughter has had a wonderful experience.

M. Elizabeth Thompson

Peridance is a lovely center for the serious dancer. From ballet to contemporary to hip-hop and yoga, Pilates to African, salsa to street dance, the offerings are many, and the location is terrifically convenient. The children's program and adult classes round out the curriculum, making Peridance downtown's community dance mecca. The café allows dancers to fuel up between classes without leaving the property, and the Capezio store lets you buy a leotard or ballet shoes if you're without. Dancers have fewer great places for class these days, what with skyrocketing real estate rates in New York City; it's so great that we still have Peridance here.

Esteban O Mazzoni

great place for kids to enjoy dance

Winifred Haun

We love taking classes at Peridance! My whole family goes there regularly. The studios are big, the teachers are knowledgable and kind and they really good with kids and teens.

Muadi B Dibinga

I absolutely LOVE this studio! The facility is absolutely gorgeous and the front desk staff are always super friendly and helpful. I love the high calibre of regular instructors and guest instructors on the roster. I've been coming to this studio for years and they never disappoint!

Nerissa Tutiven

Peridance Capezio Center is a Wonderful Studio, great for a diverse dance experience. The people are warm, the instructors are Superb. It welcome experienced dancers, as well as new-comers with a passion for dance. - NT

Ferda Tan

Great dance classes and great studios. But it wasn't the type of dance school for me because it was focused on contemporary dancing and I wanted to focus on ballet so I left. But it's a great dance school.

Alexandra Morton

Front desk is always helpful, its always clean, and everyone is very friendly! I don't get to visit often because of my work schedule, but every time I go its great!

Jiani Gong

I really don’t like Raeman Kilfoil the ballet teacher. He is authoritarian.

Chantalle Herrera

Since moving to New York, Peridance has been one of my favorite dance studios to go to. They have such a wide variety of classes, as well as, phenomenal teachers whom I try to go to consistently for my training. I love feeling comfortable enough at a studio that I don't feel i have to be competing with everyone in my class, but that I can train, learn, grow, & connect with other dancers who share the same passion. Peridance provides a safe space for explore their talents and network with others.

Liora Harvin

They have a great looking studio and top-notch teachers. Sound proofing studios is a problem though.

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