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REVIEWS OF Dance Academy USA IN Nevada

Wensheng Sun

DAU is the new home for our daughter, Ceci pursuing her dream to be a dancer. Our daughter Ceci joined Dance Academy USA production company directly last year. It's such a wonderful experience for Ceci. From day one she knew nobody there till now she made so many good friends and learnt a lot of amazing dance skills. We are greatly impressed by how organized the school is, personal care from all wonderful staff, systematic classes offering, and great professional instruction for all level dancers. DAU is the best dance school for dance talents and all levels. Ceci really enjoys everyday's life at DAU. She makes good friends and her effort is being recognized. Now DAU is a another home for us. Ceci can't wait to be there all the time. We love DAU!!

Rose Lee

dance academy USA is the bomb! I love it there and the teachers are rlly nice♡ if ur looking for a dance studio, dau is the place to go!!

Kelsey Bourque

Dance Academy USA is the perfect environment for dancers of all ages. The staff in the office are all extremely friendly, attentive, and understanding. They are genuinely interested in your concerns, and ready to help in any way possible. It is always a pleasure going to DAU because of the upbeat and fun, but still very professional attitude (not to mention the dedication to each dancer is refreshing). Highly recommended.

Jessica Whitworth

DAU is a great dance studio The entire staff is extremely sweet and helpful. If you are looking for classes then look no further then here!

Anil P. Handa

Nice dedicated staff teaching various dance styles.

Marsha Stemberger

I am so lucky to have a best friend who's daughter dances at Dance Academy USA. I get to go to the dance productions and watch all of the amazing kids and instructors show off their skills. Keep up the great work! -

Jim Lee

My review is based on the past 5 years my daughter has spent dancing at Dance Academy USA. As a single father... I simply had no idea how important it was to engage my daughter in activities that were suited for her... and not for me. It was either dance or gymnastics, or even both... she chose dance. The importance of relationships, and interaction with kids from different schools has not only allowed my daughter the opportunity to meet other kids she normally wouldn't... it's also helped her create a solid friendship base for years to come. Much like Martial Arts and team activities... dance has helped my daughter learn the importance of hard work and given her a structure through which she can build upon. I can't speak for other dance studios... but I know that my daughter loves dancing at DAU. She loves her teachers, and the staff has always been good to me knowing that I am a single father. They've always helped with sizing my daughter up for costumes, and helping out with her hair for recitals. Or if we've forgotten certain types of dance shoes... they've always been come through. The entire office staff is incredibly friendly in a genuine way... especially knowing that their dancers are their life blood. Even though DAU is a business... they certainly don't treat it like one. They certainly don't treat their dancers like customers either. You can tell the ladies in the office are parents of their own... quite a few of them have kids that take dance at DAU as well. It's simply a great place for your kids to grow, and learn dance. The teachers my daughters have had are terrific as well... they make dance fun for the kids. Dance Academy USA isn't for every parent... but it is for every kid that wants to learn from the best. Isn't that why we sign our kids up for activities? Sign your kids up... you won't be disappointed.

Sara Sauceda

Dance Academy USA is a great studio. Their staff is very hard working and it is overall a wonderful environment.

Jennifer Horton

Dance Academy USA was an amazing place to dance at. The staff was hardworking, talented and encouraging. It was the best experience and it was how I learned everything I know about dance, including my technique. My technique has now taken me further in my dance career, such as high school company and more. I have gained lifelong friendships through DAU. Overall, I love everything about DAU and would not change my experience there for anything.

Taruna Anil

Linda Johnson

Dance Academy USA is one of the best dance studios in the state if not THE BEST DANCE STUDIO in the state!! The staff is so helpful and friendly and the teachers really care about the students. As a long time parent of a student I would totally recommend this dance studio above all others! Thank you DAU!

Charlene Bernhardt

I have been a dance instructor at DAU for eight years and absolutely love it! This studio is really first-class: knowledgable instructors, helpful staff, supportive parents and amazing and dedicated dancers. The studio offers a great environment for the serious and recreational dancer.

Mahnaz Afshar

I cannot speak more highly about DAU. The loving, caring, and experienced staff makes it a joy for all ages to attend. You can truly tell that the children who take classes there leave with a sense of accomplishment and pride, all the while having a big smile across their face. If you're looking for a friendly and motivating environment for your children to learn from the best, DAU is the place to go!

Jason DiVerde

My daughter is starting her 5th year at DAU and we have had an amazing experience across the board. She says her teachers have changed her life. The level of expertise of the instructors and staff are unparalleled. There is a beautiful camaraderie and support structure between dancers of all ages as well. I highly recommend DAU!! Dana DiVerde Mountain View

Makayla Garcia

I love dancing here! If you want to learn from the best come here! GO DAU

Justin Prince

Daughter dances there, love the facilities and the staff and teachers.

Limor Gratz

Dance Academy USA is a wonderful dance studio. My daughter has been taking dance classes in DAU for 4 years and is a part of the studio’s production company. The studio has classes for all ages and levels, as well as amazing experienced teachers. DAU has become our second home in recent years, and we feel lucky being part of such a great community. The teachers teach not only dance but important life skills such as: respect, discipline, responsibility and team work. It is remarkable how my daughter grew there as a person and as a dancer. Thank you DAU for your support.

Vanya Boyn

Dance Academy USA is the largest dance studio in Northern California. No wonder every dancer and parent wants to be a part of it! - The teachers are amazing professionals, the staff is friendly and devoted to the success of our children, the kids are supportive of each other and appreciative to others. Dance Academy has been a second home to our daughter since we immigrated 7 years ago. She feels happy, loved, supported and accomplished. What more can a parent hope for?

Alex Vega

My daughter has been going here for 2 years. The owners and staff are great! There are so many options and routes to explore here. If you are considering a dance school, this is the place. Thumbs up to DAU!

Kari Garcia

“Dance Academy USA has taught my kids about Teamwork, Managing their time wisely and many Life Skills they have used outside of dance. In addition, my husband and I really believe that DAU has helped us (as parents) communicate to our kids the following message - - - You have to work hard for something you want, and if you don't make it on your first try, then try again and work that much harder to become that much better. As a family we really believe in that - - - and DAU has helped us reinforce that core value with our kids." If you are looking for a GREAT studio this is the place for you!

Jesse Garcia

My daughters have been students at Dance Academy USA for almost 13 years and part of their renowned Production Company for the last 7 years. Not only have they been classically trained in all forms of dance including jazz, lyrical, tap, ballet, contemporary, and hip hop, they have learned the significance of hard work, dedication, commitment, and teamwork. We are grateful for the exceptional dance education and the personal influence that Dance Academy USA has given our daughters.

We Evolve Weddings

It is a great place to learn, to work and to have new and interesting experiences. With some many varieties of dance, it is great to have these classes available at DAU.

Tara Roberts

Dance Academy USA has been a welcoming environment in every way. The office staff is so friendly, and the teachers truly care about each and every one of their students, from the smallest dancers all the way through adults. It is a wonderful place to help your child not only grow as a dancer, but as a person.

Kim Barrett

I am so grateful to be part of DAU and the wonderful community that they offer. I have been involved with DAU for over 8 years and so thankful that my daughter had the opportunity to dance there as well!

Christina Rubino

Dance Academy USA is a great dance studio for dancers of all ages! Everyone is very accommodating and the energy in the office is always positive.

Lol Hi

I dance here @ DAU and I love it! It provides a flexible schedule so I can accommodate school related work.

Allen Adams

I really love dance and when I got to know about this dance studio I joined them. Trust me, they helped me a lot! It's an ideal place for all those who are passionate about Music and dance.

Delaney Washington

Jamie Carter

Dance Academy USA is so much more to me than a dance studio. My happiest memories are at DAU- dancing with friends, taking pictures on Picture Day, going to In n Out during Recital Weekend, competitions with two number changes. Now when I come home from the University of Southern California, it doesn't feel like I'm quite home until I visit the studio and see all the amazing teachers, office staff, and students who I grew up with. DAU gave me an outlet to escape the outside world to focus on myself not only as a dancer but as a person. I truly believe that DAU kept me grounded and instilled essential qualities that are imperative for children: dedication, hard-work, honesty, respect. Everyone at DAU truly loves being there and works tirelessly to create a positive experience for everyone. What makes Dance Academy USA so unique is that even though it is a large studio, there is such a family feel and such an attention to detail. I thank everyone at DAU who helped me grow through my childhood and teenage years, and now I am glad I can give back to this incredible place as an adult.

Ashley Sauter

I always tell people that I basically grew up at DAU, having spent fifteen years dancing here. DAU saw me grow from a timid three-year-old in Miss Andrea's class in 1996 to a dedicated competition girl to a graduating senior in 2011. I truly believe that the teachers, especially Jane and Kiersten, had a hand in shaping who I am today. They were always warm and encouraging, but they also pushed me hard to reach my full potential. All my fondest childhood memories revolve around dance and the times I spent with my teammates - from going on pointe for the first time to fogging up the studio windows with sweat and finally claiming the senior dressing room at recital. Although DAU has grown to be a large studio, the quality of teachers, staff, and facilities has never wavered. I'm so proud of the amazing studio DAU continues to be and so grateful for the memories my time here left me with. I will always call Dance Academy USA my second home, and a trip home from USC is never complete without stopping by to say hello.

Bobby Applebaum

Dance Academy USA is a wonderful, family-friendly business that I would recommend to anyone interested in dance. My two girls have attended class there for the past several years and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable, friendly and professional and my girls absolutely love going there. My wife and I always enjoy attending class as well as the yearly recitals. If you're looking for a dance studio in the Cupertino area, Dance Academy USA is the place to go!

Danielle Gorospe

Dance Academy USA is a great place for kids of all ages to learn and have a great time. We have enjoyed watching the kids perform. Very friendly and helpful staff!

محمد الشهري


Sandra Hillman

My daughter has danced at Dance Academy USA since the age of 4, and it has been a wonderful experience in teaching her not only the performance arts skills of dance, rhythm, stage presence, and musicality, but also essential character building traits and life skills. Through the years the teachers have played a role in developing her strong sense of dedication, discipline, work ethic, commitment, and perseverance especially as part of the Production Team. The teachers inspire confidence and team work in each class, and my daughter has carried this into many other facets of her academic and extracurricular activities. This studio will help your kids develop in more ways than dance alone!

Vidya Sinha

Dear DAU, What a fantastic and absolutely inspiring weekend! My daughter, who takes several classes at DAU and was in every show except Show 1, absolutely loved everything about the whole experience. She is still bubbling over it and has gotten her cousins now interested in taking classes at DAU. As a parent volunteer (for six of the shows), I saw first-hand how much coordination and effort it takes to put something like this together! Your staff was amazing and they ALL are wonderful inspirations to the kids. As a parent, I felt that the recitals were so well worth the efforts and expenses that I put forth for my daughter’s classes. I was watching the shows either on the TV in the Green Rooms or as an audience member for one show. I was absolutely blown away by the performances of the teachers, the TAs, the dancers and of course the dads (before each intermission). The performances were great but what made it so special was to see the teachers as dance professionals who have a passion to share their talent with the students that join your school. Your faculty is top notch... pure class... giving and generous with their expertise to the students. Thank you for your persistent preparation and always offering excellence. Sincerely, Vidya Sinha (Aneesha’s mom)

Kate Pietro

My daughter is 9 years old and has been dancing at DAU since she was 2. She loves coming to her dance classes and has learned so much from the wonderful teachers here! She has made friends here that are sure to last a lifetime and we feel DAU is part of our extended family!

Natalia Abrams

DAU Rocks! My daughter has been enrolled there for nearly 5 years and it's become like a second home to us. The teachers and staff are amazing and they make us feel like family. We always look forward to attending the annual shows, especially the June recital. I would absolutely recommend Dance Academy USA to anyone interested in dance!

Ying Zhang

My daughter has been there for more than 10 years. She loves the teachers there.

Grant Chenok

Dance Academy USA has always been a warm and welcoming environment. I've been teaching here for 8 years now and have loved every moment. Whether it's the hard working dancers, the amazing faculty or the warm families, there is a place a DAU for everyone.

Sonia Yu

A great place to learn or start dancing! The teachers are excellent!

Aileen Billdt

I have been a part of the DAU family as an aunt since my oldest niece was 3 years old. Over the past 14 years, I have watched my 4 nieces and my nephew all dance and perform with this studio. Each of them have grown in their own way through the program, but 3 of my nieces really found a home away from home within their dance classes and competition teams, creating bonds with fellow dancers and teachers that will continue far beyond their years spent at DAU. DAU is a wonderful place for children to spend their "extra" time. It is a very organized and well run studio, students learn so much more than just "dance", and the talent and choreography that comes out of this studio is amazing to watch. Now that I have my own children, I commute 2 hours roundtrip every week just so my baby can be a part of their award winning Baby Sensory program.

Adrija Ghosh

kayla johnson

I LOVE DANCE ACADEMY USA!! The staff is amazing, and the families are great. I love that DAU is a safe & fun place to be. Everyone feels like family. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DAU!

Anna Mayerson

Dance Academy USA is the perfect balance between competitive dance training and family atmosphere. After dancing at another studio for 9 years, DAU welcomed me into the community and provided countless opportunities that I had not previously been offered. I was a member of the production company for six years where I gained a strong work ethic and numerous skills that have served me both inside and out of the dance world. The instructors at DAU are extremely knowledgable and personable. They tailor their work to the needs of each individual dancer. I always looked forward to my classes at DAU and left them feeling improved and motivated. I can't express how much DAU guided and supported me during my time there. Six years wasn't enough and it will always bring me pride to call DAU my home!

Julie McMullen

Although my daughter has been dancing for 10 years, she has only been at DAU for 2 years. We should have made the switch from her previous studio to this one a long time ago. She LOVES it here and has made so many friends. She takes as many classes as she can because she has so much fun and there are so many opportunities to learn new styles. We actually live quite a ways away -- 30 min drive each way -- but we continue to take lessons here. My daughter takes ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, musical theatre, and more. The nice thing about DAU is that they put you in classes according to your level and not just according to your age. (At her previous studio, she was in a group with kids her own age and kept moving up with them even though the kids were different levels. This was hard for her because she was progressing at a different rate than the others.) My daughter has learned so much since coming to DAU and never would have got this level of teaching from another studio. They bring in guest teachers and choreographers to keep things fresh and make sure they're following the latest industry trends. The competition team is amazing and my daughter is so proud to be on it. It is kind of like the TV show Dance Moms except the DAU studio director (Miss Jane) is totally nice and would never yell at anyone, much less a child, and the other moms are nice, too. There's no fighting here at all. It's similar in that the girls are learning the same types of dance and go to the same types of conventions and competitions. The DAU office staff is very polite and well organized. We couldn't ask for a better studio!

Sonny Banks

Excellent place to teach your kids dance... Mainly Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip-hop. My daughter goes there and loves the teachers and the facilities. Their fees are also pretty reasonable but remember there are additional expenses like clothing, shoes, season recital expenses, etc. The teachers are hard-working and diligent. The admin staff is also very efficient. The only concern is individual attention to kids, which is lacking. Not entirely their fault... It's a group instruction model.

Christine Grilli

I love DAU! The teachers are some of the best out there, the office staff are very helpful and culture is so welcoming. It's like my second family :)

Jennifer Provenzano

Wonderful studio with many classes to choose from. The office staff is very friendly and helpful!

Pat Jurgens

This is a great school for many people, as you can see in the reviews here. If a new candidate is looking for the responses from people for whom it was not a great school, check on Yelp and you'll see a different story. I wouldn't discourage anyone from going, just make sure it's the kind of school you're looking for. Our experience was similar to most yelp reviews: not much learning; slow progress; in the lower levels it's not really ballet (or even stretch / exercise) class; a few teachers are super but others/subs (frequent) were not worth going to class for; many people seem to enjoy it because they just find it fun or gives mom an hour break. We asked very specific questions before we enrolled our daughters: Are they studying ballet (meaning positions, terms, movement, music)? The answer was that for younger children some tap and creative dance was included, but there was a ballet curriculum for each level that was taught before they progress to the next level. After a year, we saw nothing that resembled a ballet class. So, for our purposes, not the right match. The families we met there were great, so that's another plus for the school--we were just looking for a place of--yes, socializing and fun--but also notable learning/progress in ballet.

Dori Bolivar

My daughter has been a student at Dance Academy USA for almost seven years! She started when she was two and I remember even back then she would count the number of sleeps till her next class. She still loves DAU...and so do I. Besides offering exceptional technique classes, DAU offers valuable lessons in confidence, responsibility, discipline, team work and sportsmanship. It is evident to me in my daughter and you see it in the other kids at the school as well. What I have grown to love the most is the community at DAU, some of the nicest teachers and parents I have ever met. I love to see my daughter so happy and surrounded by such kind, caring and supportive people.

Christina T

Jen Tibbils

I have been a part of Dance Academy USA for 23 years. The people here are part of my family. My students are like my children and my daughters love their teachers like they are aunties. Not only is it a friendly and inclusive place, the dance training is second to none. We offer just about every discipline and level and age appropriate classes in each. That way, each dancer is learning in a way that is developmentally appropriate. I strongly believe in what we do here and would encourage anyone from casual dancer to pro-in-training to give us a try.

Erin Turner

I spent five amazing years dancing at DAU and am so thankful for the lifelong lessons I have learned and friends I made because of my time dancing there. The DAU teaching staff is the Bay Area's best and I would highly recommend this studio for dancers of all ages!

soumi bhaduri

My daughter Sudiksha joined DAU as a toddler. The intention was merely to get her started with "some" activity. Before we knew it she had become an integral part of the DAU Family and when I say "family", I mean it. Although she dances long hours practically all 7 days of the week ( at the age of 9 ), she never complains. Thanks to the DAU crew, hardwork is lovingly presented as FUN! Growing up with DAU, I am witnessing her build on focus and perseverance, which is reflected in other spheres of life as well. Thank you DAU : in the process of grooming skilled dancers, you are offering the society with a generation of complete individuals!


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