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REVIEWS OF Omaha School of Music and Dance IN Nebraska

Itzel Reyes

Staff is great and my daughter has learned so much in the little time she has attended.

Emily M

My son has progressed so far with his lessons. It is amazing. My daughter also has learned so much about musical theater. She now has more confidence.

Guitfiddle 777

Excellent teachers, Don't usually expect much from kids music and dance, but my kids learned so much, the hip hop dance recital was actually great!

adam wallman

My first impression is a lasting one. This place has a culture that companies long for! It’s very obvious that each and every staff member has a passion for what they do!

Izabella Bean

We LOVE OSMD! Byron loves taking classes from Mr. Ray.

Lynnelle Bond

Working at Omaha School of Music and Dance has given me great experience in the music industry. I love the environment and helping students perfect their musical skills. Definitely a place to send anyone who is interested in learning more about music!

Pamela Tarango

I am new to the my child has Autisim world and am full of questions a desire to do what I can for my 3 year old little boy. So far we have just signed up for classes, but the girls up front and staff have been great. The girls up front have been so understanding and patient with our situation. We were able to bring him in and let him get a "feel" for the Music Fun Time room, which seemed to make a huge difference for him. He went from wanting to escape the vanilla/grey colored walls to smiling not really wanting to leave and waving buh bye to the girls up front. We are signed up for one on one music classes, Music Fun Time, and tumbling and I am just so moved by the effort to make us feel welcome even if we arrived with chaos and a little screaming. You girls that we worked with today really made the day we got the official diagnosis so much better by feeling that we were accepted anyways. Highly worth what it cost and I could keep going on and on about how great my experience has been. THANK YOU

Deneen GypsC Ann Gentle Glass

Taking the Cello Up Again has been great fun with the staff and Karen my instructor. Even the other students are inspiring and seem inspired by seeing an adult taking lessons. Can't wait to see what is next!

Rachel Twist

My daughter loves dance class with Ms. Jessie! The front desk staff are all welcoming and very helpful. Sam, the manager, is a great communicator and friendly with all of the students.

Amit Pandey

OSMD is most unfair business place where they over charge their customers. And also keep charging even when customer has stopped the services. Either they are sloppy with their accounting or they are doing this intentionally.

Brandi S

They will bribe you for a good review

Lori Paquette

My 8 year old daughter does singing lessons and loves it! The teacher is fun, knowledgeable and challenges her to try new and different songs. She says it’s awesome!! My 4 year old son does tumbling and he enjoys the challenge of trying new things. And I love that it helps burn his energy!!

Custom Hearing Solutions Email

It is an awesome school on many levels. My daughter has been enjoying both private piano lessons and group guitar lessons. We've seen significant improvement over the two years we've been with the school. The best part is that she enjoys going as well;)

B Maas

Samantha Kruse at Omaha School of Music and Dance has been welcoming, professional, flexible with our busy schedules, and has been open with our three kids’ variety of interests. I really like how we could pay for just one trial class to see if our kids were interested in a dance class or instrument before committing to a long-term class. Also, my daughter has greatly enjoyed ballet; her teacher is welcoming, patient and encouraging. My sons leave drum lessons feeling excited to learn more!

Ace Ventura

This place is less organized than a tanning salon. They also bribe kids with toys so the parents will write positive reviews so ratings are prob way off

Emma Creamer

OSMD rocks! As a music student, I have grown significantly in my level of music ability and have accomplished many of my music goals through their expertise. Each teacher knows how to help each student personally, whether in a group class or in private lessons. Definitely a great choice for beginners or seasoned musicians, no matter what age, learning style, or ability! :)

Sarah Pinkelman

My son loves going to lessons each week. His teacher is wonderful. He has taught him how to play the harmonica and is now working on the guitar. It's a great place for lessons.

Becky Gammel

My 5 year old has been dancing at OSMD for a year now with Miss Charity and she absolutely loves it! It’s wwll organized, flexible, and she always has fun at class. The recitals are fun and the costumes are adorable! OSMD cares about their students and offers a friendly environment. Tuition and costumes are priced well and offer a fun incentive program for the students!

Alex Fassakhova

Here we go again. Once in never out. Keep away from the place. Save your time.

Julie Boryca

Love the enviroment, staff, and flexibility!

Paige Hitchens

I couldn't be more thankful for my experience at Omaha School of Music and Dance. Because of my two wonderful, knowledgable and talented teachers Kristina and Rachel, my voice has improved immensely! The staff are more than just your teachers and become your friends. Lessons never felt like extra work to me and I would look forward to them each week. I would definitely recommend to anybody even considering any sort of music lessons or dance classes!

Reagan Allen

We have been taking lessons from here for over a year now and it is just an amazing experience! I love getting greater everytime I enter the door and the staff takes the time to get to know you!

The Good Life

VERY VERY VERY shady business ! With an obvious misunderstanding they continue to charge my account for over 10 months! After 6 months of my daughter obviously not being there they charged me again for $235 for a recital she was also not at! I contacted Hailey who was not professional at all, giggled and whispered to another person as I told her it was a miss understanding and this was not morally right. 1 minute she tells me they don’t keep track of attendance and don’t communicate with the teachers about attendance further into the conversation she tells me they do know who is in the class. So after 10 months we don’t receive a call or an email asking about the student never there? Being in business my self I know there are certain times where being moral is important! It sounds like money is the only thing they are concerned about! Reply to owner : Like I said it was obviously a misunderstanding at what point do you guys say hey this student hasn’t been here in months let’s reach out to them ! I see you basically copy and past most of your responses, not only that you see she isn’t in class why charge for a recital ? Or even recharge for tuition fees? I mean you guys do keep track of who comes in and out of there right?

M Simpson

My 9 year old daughter takes private voice and piano lessons from OSMD. Its been about 10 months now and she enjoys her lessons. She has really developed over this time. The staff is great and friendly. I highly suggest OSMD.

Denver Spruce

Omaha School of Music and Dance is one of the best facilities I have ever been to! The teachers and Administrative staff all care so much about the student and parents! We are so impressed at our sons progress and cannot wait to see how he groans in the years to come. Thank you OSMD!

Megan Gruver

My daughter has taken dance and voice lessons here and we could not be more satisfied! Group dance class - able to watch on monitors in lobby, great instructors! Individual classes - my daughter was in heaven to have this one on one to work on exactly what she needed to become better and stronger!! Great facility, great staff!

Alicia Duque

Great teachers, great lessons, great fun! Enroll your kid today! :)

Jesika Maly

My kids have enjoyed the variety of programs. The studio has a little something for everyone and the teachers are incredibly talented and passionate about what they do.

McKenna Jones

I always get such an amazing lesson when I come to do my oboe lessons. The environment is so welcoming and warm and that really makes for a wonderful lesson. The spaces and rooms are perfect sizes. I wouldn't wanna do a lesson anywhere else !!

Nicole Mattox

Our son has been enjoying his electric guitar lessons with Mr. Collin. We did a lot of research before settling on a teacher for him. Our previous teacher was ending his instruction with his students, so we had big expectations to fill. Collin is amazing and has a great way of teaching to our son's unique personality. We are grateful for OSMD.

amanda cardey

Mr Kaiser has been wonderful. He has been very encouraging and because of his help my confidence and skill level has improved. I wish I would have started lessons with him at least 3 years ago.

Sandra Parks

Great place to learn music or dance. The teachers and staff are friendly and accommodating. My grandkids attend are they are very happy.

Jennifer Hammond

My daughter recently started piano and loves Omaha School of Music and Dance! She has made great progress, loves her teacher and is always excited for lessons. Everyone is so nice and helpful and you're always greeted with a smile.

Portia Reams

My son and I attend OSMD and I’m in love the environment and really enjoy the staff. Their staff take time to really focus on the students and build relationships. My son has explored both music and dance, while I am enjoying my second class at the studio.


OSMD is such a fun and inviting atmosphere! The teachers are patient and knowledgable! Welcoming and engaging staff!

Liam Garrigan

They are a great option in Omaha if you want to take lessons

Cine Griffin

I have to say I felt very welcome and at home here. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a very friendly and interactive lady and we continued to joke around until my teacher came for our first lesson. Mattias was also friendly and helpful and avoided wasting time by finding what my level of vocal skill was before anything else. Throughout, I felt more like I was interacting with friends than with strict or emotionless instructers/teachers. I will definitely recommend this institution to anyone looking for music lessons of any kind!

Eileen Heitman

My granddaughter is loving her violin lessons!!

Amanda Overfield

Super great staff, always friendly and fun!

Kaylin Hutchinson

My kiddos arrived here in the middle of the summer and were begging for a place to start dance! We put it off for a while until we could catch up from the move and get settled here in Omaha. I began calling around and everywhere didnt have what we were looking for. Either they didnt want to start my girls right then because it was too close to a recital, weird class times or only ballet/tap combo (my girls wanted only ballet)! I also wasnt interested in something that was more like play time rather than them actually learning. Sam at OSMD was amazing at answering my questions, getting my girls in with the same teacher (even though they are different age groups), and getting us started. Its budget friendly, super accessible and the class is great. My girls LOVE Ms. Charity and are learning SO much! We will be with OSMD for a good long while!

Liz Worthington

My 3 year old has been taking ballet here for almost a year. I never thought she'd stay interested that long, but she continues to be excited each week. Miss Charity is patient with the little kids, and does a great job teaching them. The owners & staff are friendly and welcoming. I'm very happy with the decision to start her here!

Shannon McIntyre

We love Omaha School of Music and Dance! Everyone, from the teachers to the administration are helpful, knowledgable, and caring. My eight year old daughter takes lyrical dance lessons here and truly loves it. She dances all day and can't wait for her lesson each week. We are delighted to be a part of such an excellent community!

Courtney Pinaire

Our daughter has been taking dance classes here for almost 3 years and took music classes here for over a year when she was younger. She loves it! The teachers are wonderful and we’ve had nothing but great experiences - highly recommended!

Lollipop Patch

Omaha School of Music and Dance comes to our child care facility and provides dance classes for the children. The children love the teachers and do wonders with each age group. They are filled with knowledge and positive energy. The kids look forward to dancing every month. Their activities are age appropriate and a lot of fun for the children. Thanks Omaha School of Music and Dance for continuing to provide quality dance classes to our children at Lollipop Patch.

Roxane Clatanoff

Our 8 year old has been taking piano lessons at Omaha School of Music and Dance for the past 10 months. She is throughly enjoying her lessons and is excited to play her music. Miss Diane is encouraging and her love of music shines through to her students. The staff is friendly and classes are always on time! Web classes are provided if a student has to miss a class due to illness or other obligations. The school is located at a great and easily accessible location. I would recommend Omaha School of Music and Dance to students of all ages.

Amanda Daubert

Love love four year old daughter has been attending ballet class for a few months and wow has she grown. She has come out of her comfort zone (many classes where she watched more than participated) and gained such confidence and skill. I have to thank the patient and kind staff from the moment we walk into the building until we leave every single staff member from owner to front desk staff to other teachers are kind and friendly, really making my daughter feel special and welcomed. Couldn’t imagine a better place to introduce my daughter to dance.

Amanda L

My daughter has really enjoyed her piano lessons here and her teacher is great!!


I started over two months ago, taking private ballet lessons from dance teacher: Charity Dorner. Whom I actually became friends with before I started taking lessons. I was able to start right away. The whole sign up process was very easy and simple. Everyone I've met there is super nice and helpful. Charity has been a phenomenal teacher. She has attention to detail, is very easy going and caring, as well as staying professional. She has strong empathy and is very encouraging. Even when I feel that I'm struggling, she gives me good feedback to reassure when I'm doing things well. So it does give me more confidence to progress and try my best. She has simply been great and I look forward to every class. Because it's very challenging, but really fun, and I always learn new things and develop more of an understanding of previous exercises. Every class is a new rewarding experience.

Loralee Coulter

Our daughter started piano lessons last November and has absolutely blossomed under Angelika's tutelage. She loves playing and has learned so much in such a short time. Angelika is the best, we just love her!

Molly Carroll

My daughter Willow attends the ballet class for three to five year olds and she loves it! Miss Molly is her favorite instructor and I could not be more pleased with her progress! Top notch teachers and very curteous staff earns this school five stars!

Sudip Adhikary

My daughter went to OSMD from April’17 and loves that school very much. They just don’t go by strict age restriction, based on the potential of the student, they allow them to attain upper level classes. Despite being a 6 years old girl, my daughter is taken in 8-12 years hip hop class and she performed in the recital very well with confidence. All this happened because of significant effort of excellent dance teacher Ms. Charity. Within two months, she had prepared my daughter for the recital very well. All the front desk staffs are very friendly. We really like this school.

Jarald Henry

This is an amazing place for Dance and Music. My son started learning dance here and we are very happy with his learning. Thank You to Ms Charity.

Randi Knox

I attended a trial of the Adult Combo class and enjoyed it very much. I interacted with Haley to tour the studio and register for the class, and she did a great job of following up with me. The instructor, Jessie, is a confident leader and made class enjoyable. I appreciated the small class size and the range of experience levels among the dancers. I will definitely be returning to try out the Adult Hip-Hop class!


We love guitar and voice lessons with Amanda!! We would definitely recommend this place for music lessons. Robin and Lexi Olmstead

Brittany McClure

Ballet classes at OSMD have been so helpful for my girls! The staff is amazing! The owner is the sweetest and does so many fun things for families & kids throughout the year.

Traci Muilenburg Winkler

For the past year, our 7-year old son has attended Omaha School of Music and Dance for private piano lessons. The instructors are very skilled, encouraging and enthusiastic. It’s been such a positive experience! In addition, the location is great. Very easy access to the Dodge Expressway.

Aaron Foster

Updated Response to Owner: I'm afraid your mistaken about cutting off communications. I'm fact, you have yet to respond to my email on this topic which expressed the desire to discuss. Also, what do your policies say about confidentiality responsibilities as an organization? Is it in the best interest to share details of your customers with unrelated persons? You might double check your obligations as a client facing firm with state laws. To everyone else: just steer clear. Very sloppy and unimpressive individual running this shop. Good instructors, but they don't stay long. Probably treated poorly and very underpaid. Started off well, but the unprofessional behavior of the supposed 'Assistant Director' and 'Director' quickly soured the experience. After calling into inquire about moving my payment date to the second half of the month to balance out all the payments I have in a month, I received a completely unnecessarily rude and condescending threat that if my payment was any later than the 14th that my balance would be sent to collections. I had two children enrolled here for nearly a year and paid several thousands of dollars to the institution. To top it off, when I went to cancel our enrollment, the Director called my ex-wife to gossip about the situation afterward. Completely unacceptable. The school also has a very high turnover in teachers. My son had 5 different drum instructors. After the first was fired, the staff was very insensitive about how they communicated the situation to my son, who is 7 years old. He was very upset to learn his teacher was fired after having spent a lot of time getting close to and building trust with his instructor. For the price, you can do so much better. Even it were free though, this place still wouldn't be worth the antics.

Mary Vankat

Emilee is taking violin lessons at Omaha School of Music and Dance in addition to learning to play at her elementary school. Her teacher Mary is an excellent teacher; I am so pleased with Emilee's progress! Thank you!

Crystal Nabity

We love the teachers and staff. They are so friendly and inviting. They truly do care about their students and how to get the best out of them. So thankful we found them!

Nicole Hawkins

My daughter has taken group voice, musical theatre, and hip hop here. She has loved taking classes at OSMD. She still does hip hop with Charity and loves it! Charity is an amazing dance teacher and she puts on fabulous year end performances. Highly recommend this school!

Britnie Beavers

I'm the director of a local daycare and we love coming to the studio for our field trips. The staff is amazing and so patient with our kids. They teach them new things every time we have came to visit. The kids look forward to our trips there. We as a center can only say good things about them!!

Kat Evans

My youngest daughter is taking ballet for the first time and she loves it! The teachers are super attentive, knowledgeable and sweet with all the kids, can’t wait to she her grow as a dancer in the school that she likes so much.

Britteny Bellinger

Our daughter loves taking dance and music lessons from Omaha School of Music and Dance! The class sizes are perfect where each student gets enough attention and training. The environment is safe, upscale, clean, and modern, which any parent appreciates. The staff is always very helpful answering questions! You won't be disappointed sending your kids here! Great convenient location as well.

Nathan Parks

Omaha school of music and dance is a great place to learn how to be a music professional or just wanting to get a little better at what you love to do. The staff is amazing, very friendly and knowledgeable Location is great, also being right off of dodge makes it so easy to get to. TEN PLUS for Omaha school of music and dance.

Shelby Sullivan

Omaha School of Music and Dance is a wonderful place to take music lessons of any kind! The teachers make it a positive and fun experience for all their students while at the same time challenging each and every one to do things that they didn't know they could do. The teachers want their students to do their ultimate best while at the same time enjoying what they do whether it is singing, playing an instrument, or even dancing.

Anna Martin

Omaha school of music and dance has been a great learning experience for both kids I nanny! It's a fun, positive environment with lots of options for classes. The kids I nanny have grown in their social skills and knowledge of music, which has also helped their confidence levels. They are also enrolled in the dance classes and always have so much fun with their class mates and teachers! I get to participate in the "mom and tots" class and love it! I would definitely recommend signing up here!!

Katie Weinreich

Staff and teachers are wonderful! Our 4 year old loves her ballet class and is excited to come every week. Miss Charity is extremely patient and kind but also professional and very knowledgeable. And Sam at the front desk is just so fun and awesome! Also the classes go year-round, unlike some places, which we like! Highly recommend!!

Me Blahblah

Very shady business practices, our son fell I'll and we informed multiple people there that we would not be returning any more but they continue to try to charge us. They threaten to send us to collections months after being informed we would no longer be attending. They still try to charge us each and every month. This has been ongoing for well over 3 months. They we're good when our son was attending, but evidently they like to steal when trying to leave. Be wary when leaving...

Kenneth Case

My daughter loves taking her dance classes here. Ms Molly is amazing!

Dane Epp

Excellent class variety and awesome instructors!!

James A Arnold

We are new to Omaha school of music and dance. Our granddaughter is taking drum lessons and so far is having a great time.

Leah Janke

Omaha School of Music and Dance is amazing! Thank you so much for hosting our Dance with DSA (Down Syndrome Alliance) night! We had so much fun and can't wait to come back!

Brittany Baker

My daughter, 3, has loved it here! She does ballet. The staff is so welcoming, flexible and communicative. We have felt really cared for, and my daughter has really picked up dancing.

Cheyenne Bailey

My almost 3 year old absolutely LOVES going to dance and all the staff is very friendly and helpful! The dance instructor works very well with the young age group and let's the imagination of the kids run free with the dance exercises! I fully recommend them to anyone!

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