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REVIEWS OF 9Round Fitness IN Montana

Whitney hunter

Britani Deming

Kristi Erickson

Jeni Sturm

I’ve been a 9Round member since November 2016 and became immediately hooked/ obsessed with the workout. I have done 2 other challenges and did fairly well in them, but this 6 week challenge was different. This challenge provided additional support with the responsibility of me following the meal plan, checking in for weekly weigh-ins and at minimum working out 3 times a week. I have been faithfully working out 4-6 times a week and feel like I let myself down if a miss a day. I had to tell myself that it was OK if I missed a day here or there and had to have my daughter also give me that affirmation. My daughter is the one who got me to join when she was a member. Now she is due with my second grandchild in a few weeks. I now have my husband going and I believe he really is enjoying the workout also. The trainers are awesome and really help you when working out, doing the 6 week challenge or getting additional nutritional information. I have done well with the 6 week challenge and lost 14.8 pounds, 2.6% body fat and 13.75”. I still have more that I want to lose and am thankful that I still have 9Round to go for daily workouts. I also now have the nutritional knowledge to continue to get to a more comfortable weight for me. Thank you 9Round for the exercise to this old body!

Kara Charette

I have to hand it to 9Round for getting me extremely motivated during each workout session! I always left feeling accomplished and completely worn out. Its definitely a full body workout! However when it comes to the meal plan, I lack enthusiasm. I totally understand a 6wk plan like this requires a lot of determination, commitment and sacrifice. But the meal plan isn't realistic for keeping long term. I followed the entire life style change the entire 6wks! (It was rough) But over all if your looking for results this program will do the trick! I see the changes, I feel amazing and I'm happy with my results! It is definitely the most rewarding feeling ever when you finish your very last workout.

Fyre Goenner

It's worth going in for your free workout. After the first I've been hooked since

Melida Kessler

I have loved my experience with this gym! As a busy working mom, I found every excuse in the book of why I don't have time to work out. I was able to squeeze in the 30 minutes (Yes, 30 minutes!) & got a complete workout head to toe! The trainers are pretty fantastic too! I've lost inches and weight and feel incredible! You should try it, and your first class is free!

pam rollman

This gym is great! The trainers are amazing and so helpful. Made me feel comfortable right away. They can offer an eating plan to help with your weight loss goals too. Great gym all around!

savannah Berg

Opal Murray

I absolutely love 9round! It does not matter what shape or size your body is, how old or young you are. There is a trainer there willing to help you through it all! I love that I am only 5 weeks into working out at 9rounds and I already feel so much stronger! I am so glad that I found 9rounds and that i have this in my life. I feel so much healthier ♡

Jenalee W

Ashley Steen

I have struggled with weight loss for years. It always seems what works for everyone else just doesn't work for me, or I have to put in twice the effort for half the result. It seemed like I had literally tried everything with mediocre results..then I found 9Round. Holy. Smokes. It was WAY out of my comfort zone, but the other members and wonderful trainers made me feel so welcomed and comfortable, and in just 6 weeks I'm down nearly 20 lbs!!! The workouts are quick, convenient, and actually pretty fun. If you are looking for results...don't mess around with anything else. I am so grateful to have found this place...I feel like I'm finally getting my life back. :)

Nateal Trowbridge

This gym is awesome, intense, but such a great workout! The owners and trainers have worked hard to develope a system that works. Thank you!!

Brittney Wegner

Overall 9Round is a awesome place to get a good workout in and blow off some steam. The class time starts every 3minutes so you get to decide a time that's best for you to go. I participated in the 6 week challenge and felt the eating guidlines and what you were allowed to eat was not realistic to making a lifestyle change. I did stick to the plan and eat what I was allowed. Overall the workouts and trainers do a great job getting you motivated.

Orrin Pyrah

Joined 9Round in December of 2017 and it's the best choice we have made. The 30 minute workouts are great because even with a busy schedule you can get a quality workout in. The atmosphere is great and the trainers are the best you can ask for. They greet you by name and get to know you so they know any limitations or when to push you harder. Great place to workout. Join, you won't be disappointed!

Kim Brocato

9round is awesome! I love the 30 min. full body workouts and that I can jump in when I get there even when work late. All the trainers are motivating you to do your best and giving you pointers when you need it.

Ashleigh Hurst

Sarah Lybecker

Cassandra Oliphant

The workout is amazing and always changing! Great way to get results quickly!

Pam P

Lots of fun. Hard work that pays off! Only 30 minutes! Come on no excuses!!

Ken Kunz

First official day at 9round. The family and I are wore out. Getting back in shape sucks but the benefits are the best part. Great workout atmosphere, great trainers on-site keeping you motivated, and the workouts change things up. We will be back!

Heidi McDonald

Great workout that doesn’t require a huge time commitment, and the trainers are there to help every step of the way!

Dana Brumwell

Great staff. Motivated trainers to make you better!!!

Katie Pauli

9round is a fun, friendly and powerful way to get a great workout. The trainers know your name and care about how are feeling in the workout and in general. The workout is only 30 mins so it is easy to fit into a tight schedule. Go check it out!

barb peterson

I can't say enough good things about 9Round. This place has changed My life in so many ways and in 6 weeks has become a habit I never want to break. It's true that you get out of a workout what you put in, but Showing up is a great percentage of your success at 9 Round..once there you will be motivated and encouraged by the Awesome Trainers!! Where Else can you go in town that you have one or 2 trainers to help guide you with your workout that are upbeat and cheering you on towards your goals! (For no additional charge)....Included in the membership is an eating plan that has helped me to lose more than 25 pounds in 6 weeks. A little back story, I started at nearly 280#, I've never stuck to any workout plan my entire life. But I knew I needed something to change in my life and this is what I'd been looking for, decreased some unhealthy habits in the process and have gained a whole new perspective in addition to Strength, Stamina, and Will Power! In roughly 30 to 40 minutes I'm in and out the door, having an Amazing workout. The workouts are challenging and change daily. I started off trying to get there 3 days a week, but I find myself missing it if I don't make it at least 5 days a week. I had No idea when I started how it was going to impact my life, but I'm Thankful for the opportunity that I was given to make the changes that I have. When your health is involved the rewards are priceless!! 2/20/19 Today I am literally sitting here ready to burst into tears... Amazed and So proud of myself !! I still have a ways to goal....But I stayed determined and Did Not given up....I joined 9 Round on a whim, I never imagined that I'd have the strength and stamina to get through even the 30 minutes it takes to get through much less start adding extra rounds. I swayed from the diet plan on more than 1 occasion, sometimes I wanted to focus my energy on other things and some weeks I didn't work out as often or as hard as I should have. But at 51 years old, with no history of any type of formal workout, I am down 42.8#, with a loss of 5.1% body fat, and my BMI down 6 points from when I started in October. ( that was with a break of over a month during the Holidays.) 9Round has given me the tools and support I needed to accomplish this Amazing Feat!! I cannot Thank Nancy, Corey Willis, Kayla Willis and the Amazing Crew of Trainers for every Punch, Kick, Burpee, and Squat you pushed me through. I have been inspired by and met new friends. But most importantly I feel Healthy and Amazing!! I Look forward to more rewarding losses (weight) and Gains (Muscle, Strength, Confidence) in coming weeks and month.

Amber Zahn

Ryan L. Moore

I hate cardio machines!!!!! Hate them! So boring. Less then two months ago I was 284lbs. I needed a change. I felt like I had strength, but certainly not strength over time. I was getting fatter and fatter in my 30’s like all of us do. I struggled with the right plans and concepts to actually loose real! Unhealthy! Weight. At 9rounds, I find myself pegged, jacked and fighting through every minute of a cardio based workout that’s also builds crazy strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, timing just on and on... it one of the only exercises I have found that i truly enjoy... as of today, less then two short months, I have said good bye to the all the 280’s, the entire 270’s, the entire 260’s and now even a few of the 250’s... My resting heart rates or dropping, and truly feeling a new me. Last thing... the trainers... really become your buddies! I would certainly do a night on the town with the whole crew! (And athletes) Come try it.... step in at any three minute interval of the day! Ryan M.

Kari Long

Great workout that shows results. Everyone is friendly and motivating.

Nicholas Steen

HOLY SMOKES!!!! 9 round has changed my life!! I am healthier, happier, and thinner than I have been in the last 15 years! I've lost over 30lbs in under 6 weeks by just working hard and eating right!!! So so so very happy!!! GO 9ROUND!!!

Deb Marquard

Lindsey Dantic

9 Round is awesome! The workouts are a lot of fun but are challenging. The trainers are fantastic, they are all very positive and encourage you to do your best!! You need to try 9 Round now, you will not regret it!

Eran Thompson

My experience with 9round has been really good. The workouts are always challenging, the trainers are personable and fun. The atmosphere is great, no judgement and positive. The only problem for me, an evening workout person: the hours are a little restrictive. But I highly recommend you give this workout a try.

Megan Ersek

9round is amazing, you get a different full body workout everyday, it’s on your own time since there are no set class times, and my favorite part is there is a trainer included at no extra cost! The results speak for itself .

Lindsay Reichenberg

Your Cup of Tay

Hands down the best gym in town! The trainers are so nice and very helpful. I highly recommend.


The workouts are different everytime and I work up a sweat everytime. The trainers are all great and super helpful. The 30 minutes go quick!

jennifer guptill

george valenzuela

Love this place, everyone there is so awesome and nice. The trainers keep you motivated and I can’t believe the weight I’ve lost in 6 weeks!!! Will definitely keep coming

Julie Peterson

Justine Mitchell

I have been going to this gym for 4 years now and I will never go anywhere else. The trainers are AMAZING! Every single one goes over and above to help you achieve your goals but also make you accountable for pushing yourself to your full potential. What gym could possibly be better when it ONLY 30 MINUTES and your done!! Plus you get a trainer every time you come in!!! I did a challenge when I started 4 years ago and lost over 15lbs and inches that were unremarkable! Over the years I kept most of the weight off and was slacking on eating healthy as well as coming into the gym, so I recently join 9rounds 6 weeks challenge. Boy oh boy it was so hard, but with the help with Megan ( by the way is the most awesome, energetic, positive, and upbeat trainer ever and I'm absolutely thankful for) and the staff I was able to drop 7lbs and 16.5 inches! Highly recommend this place! Your missing out if you don't try it! Don't forget your first session is free!

Betsy Boo9002

Amazing trainers, friendly and knowledgeable!

Leah Dahlquist

Great workout, great trainers, great support, great location, and best of all I leave feeling GREAT!!!

Karen Kietzman

I love 9Round. It is a great exercise experience! Not only do ALL the staff know you by name, they are the best encouragers in the business! They really do care about you and your health and well-being. I have arthritis. They help me modify the exercise to fit my needs! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I have been committed to exercise most of my life. I am seeing real results here!

Brandi Southworth

Dana Fink

JJCARS Getsome

Great work out, the only thing I dont like is the High pressure sales. Its all about the Money

Dat boi Be cringy and funny

Ive always loved being an athlete but as I have gotten older and had kids I’ve switched my focus to them. I love being their mom and watching them excel but I have to admit I have missed that push, drive and excitement that I would get from sports for myself. I work out often at the gym but have never really felt that drive and excitement until 9rounds! There’s a new great workout each day and the trainers are awesome. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone craving some butt kicking!!!!

k perez

Mary McCullough

Love this place. A great variety in the workouts, amazing trainers and no class times to schedule around. They are always ready to start when I can get there.

Cara Kaizer

Awesome workout everytime! No set time, personal trainer to help your raise the heart rate and best of judgements!

Robert Anderson

This place is the greatest gym that i have ever worked out at! You never fight for a machine, you get to get in the zone on your own station and can really focus on yourself. The trainers are always super positive and help you get the most of your workouts. I have been going here for about 4 years and have lost over 30 pounds! I would suggest to anyone to try it just once and you will be hooked!

Samantha Rosdahl

I love 9round gym its the best 30 min workout ive had usually I would workout for an hour and I felt like I had not accomplished anything but with 9round I am always sore and feel like I accomplished something.

Krystal Olson

Emily Bruce

9Round is a great place to get your sweat on. I love that you do something different every day so there is no chance of getting bored! All of the trainers are great and are able to accommodate injuries or your fitness level.

John Crazy Bull

I have been at 9 Rounds for a month now and I love this place! I enjoy each time I work out and the trainers are AMAZING. I have my 11 year old signed up for the summer and he loves it. I can't wait for my other 2 boys to join when they are old enough.

Heidi Amyotte

9round is by far the best place I have worked out. Amazing trainers and challenging workouts. I love it.

Katryna O

I love everything about 9ROUND! The workouts are challenging, but not impossible, the trainers are incredibly supportive, encouraging, and genuinely awesome people (not to mention really ridiculously good looking!) I recommend 9round to everyone!

Casey Olson

9Round Billings is amazing! Full body workout and an awesome group of trainers willing to help you in ever step along the way. The 30 minute workout is great for those with busy schedules. I highly recommend this gym/workout to anyone who wants to have fun while doing something good for their body!

Love Watermelon

Brandy Cole

The best 30 minute work out you will ever do. The trainers are very knowledgeable and are driven to help you meet your goals. Their program can easily fit into your daily schedule, with no set workout times and work outs changing daily you will with 9 Round be on your way to a healthy, happy, fit self.

Lance Moyer

Jordan Pyrah

My husband and I joined 9round in December and it has been the best decision! The trainers are super helpful, supportive and friendly! The atmosphere is upbeat. I love the fact that I can go in to the gym and be out in 30 minutes with a solid workout. I can't say enough good things about this place!

Amy Truax

The workouts are fast, challenging, and a ton of fun. The trainers are amazing. They are Always ready to motivate and push you further. I’m hooked :)

Mary Deal

Sarah Blatchford

I joined 9rounds from a referral from a friend. Great decision! A work out that I enjoy going to! The trainers really do want to help you succeed and are genuinely interested in how you are doing!

Gina Cormican

I love going to 9 round! I could be feeling not very motivated or having not the best day, but walk in, and just get this energy of "let's do this"! The employees have been super helpful and encouraging, while I have been apart of the their six week challenge!! They teach you and make you feel comfortable and welcomed everytime!! They have got me back on track with health and fitness and I'm excited to be on this path again!!! Thank you 9 round!!

Michelle Qualls

Today I got an email congratulating me on my 25th workout at 9Round! I’ve been going for five weeks now so you do the math. The workouts are fast, fun, and challenging, and the trainers do a really great job. I had no idea I’d love kicking and punching as much as I do - I’m so glad I found this gym!

Kristin Gunderson

Mick Goff

justin hunter

Whitney Gehlhausen

I highly recommend this gym to EVERYOBE!! I’ve always been an at home workout girl. I have high anxiety around to many people & never thought I could do the gym scene. At the beginning of the year I decided once a month I needed to do something completely out of my comfort zone. 9Round ended up being one of those things. I am absolutely thankful I stepped out of my comfort zone and dove right in. I just finished up my first month! 9Round is the perfect workout for anyone in any stage of their fitness. The trainers are all absolutely amazing and do a phenomenal job pushing and motivating you! The best part, it’s only 30 minutes and there is no set schedule

Kayla Willis

Absolutely LOVE this gym! Being a busy mom made getting the gym more difficult; however, with 30 minute workouts and NO set class times 9Round was defintely the best fit I could have ever found. Not to mention ...they have trainers included whom tell me what to do, so I come in, the workouts already set up for me, I do it and i'm on the way home to see my sweet babies! Thanks 9Round for everything!!!!

Kylee Sidwell

So happy I took the initiative and joined 9Round. By far one of the most fun and productive workouts I’ve done at a gym. I’m super thankful for the trainers, Corey and Kayla. Everybody is amazing and the atmosphere is perfect to work out in!

Tara Hooper

9 Round has been so inspirational and life changing! The team has been motivating and there every step of the way couldn’t ask for a better gym! 6Week challenge was exactly what I needed to grow within my physical fitness!! Nothing but a great experience!

Heidi Sikveland

I love being able to workout on MY schedule & not having to worry about getting to a class on time. I like how it is a total body workout & not just cardio or just strength. The 30min. workout is also spectacular!!

Jill Peterson

Miranda Peterson

Enjoy the gym and the ease of no class times and 30 min workout.

Jennifer Thorson

Love working out here! Summer body here I come!!!

Sarah Chapman

Katie Austin

I have found a new passion and that is working out/kickboxing. Thanks to 9 round and all the amazing trainers and style of workout I find working out fun and motivating. I actually want to go to the gym and I feel like I'm pushing myself harder then I ever have in my life. The only thing I don't recommend personally is the 6 week challenge but thats if you don't have much to lose and your already at a healthy BMI to start with. Losing 5% body fat is really hard when you are already healthy and at a good weight before the challenge even starts. This challenge has been nothing but stress and disappointment. (But that's just me) Also I think the meal plan isn't realistic. If you have weight to lose and believe in yourself to put money on the line then by all means let 9round help you reach your goal and hopefully you'll find a passion in working out/kickboxing as well.

Brandy Schuster

This is by far the best place to workout in town! Not only do you have amazing trainers to kick your butt each 30 min workout, (that's right only 30 mins for a total body workout) but they even help with your nutrition and helping you stay accountable. I wish I would have joined sooner!

Brady Chavez

I did the 6 week challenge there and I couldn't be happier with my results. I lost 26 lbs and 4.4% body fat. The trainers were amazing and always fun to be around. What makes this such a great gym is that anyone can do it and the trainers can customize they workout for any skill level. I highly recommend this gym if your just looking to get a couple workouts a week in or if your trying meet fitness goals!!!

Nancy Cozzens

Russ Sperry

9 round is a great workout that personal trainers are amazing the workout is great in a doesn't take 2 hours out of your busy schedule I would make recommend 9 round to everybody from young to old alike I've lost almost 40 pounds in a year with the help of night out

Jennifer Mercer

Not many gyms incorporate free personal training into all of your sessions. The amazing trainers at this gym keep you motivated and help you push your 30 minute workout to achieve the best results. You have FUN while you are there, I always leave feeling better than when I went in, and know I am closer to my goal! Highly recommend giving 9 Round fitness a try.

Donovan Wright

Heidi Blackmore

Great workout. It is motivating, fun, never the same! Great trainers! Lost 20 pounds without even trying!

Tiffanee Zelka

This is a fantastic place to get a full body workout in 30 minutes. I love the supportive trainers and their enthusiasm to keep you going.

Jeanne Rasmussen

Great workouts, coaches are knowledgeable & make the workouts fun. Goes fast & I enjoy it.

Lynn Hunter

I love it here! The workouts are quick and the trainers are encouraging and work hard to help everyone reach their fitness goals.

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