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Where is Washington University in St. Louis?

REVIEWS OF Washington University in St. Louis IN Missouri

Jermaine Brookshire Jr.

Donna Grabian

The first place and we can you please confirm

Steven Guo

Beautiful campus with all the traditional styled buildings. I really like the new Bauer hall which features a huge glass roof. I went to Sam Fox school to learn more about their Architecture programs. The staff and faculty there are super friendly and answered all my questions with passion.

Brett Johnson

Invite Gary Johnson to the debate! Have courage and do the right thing!

David Hershberger

Awesome school. Prepared me for so many things in life. I was a math-oriented student when I entered. By the time I took the GMAT in my senior year, my verbal score exceeded my math score.

todd hunnicutt

Beautiful campus architecture

Paul T. Backes

This university may be old, but hey, it has a nice campus.

Michael Lobsenz

Beautiful campus.

HYDRO Gaming

M Xu

WUSTL is a world class university, offers great academic experience and powerful alumni network.

Lemon Bunny

No Rhetoric Doctor of Science or PhD? Expensive, classism, expensive. A lot of corporate interests here. They take care of their employees better than the students, yet this is America, and an education is not meant for the masses; certainly the poor. I'll say no.

Paige Walker

Elisa P

Excelent academics. Recommend

Bryce Caster

My home for 4 years. A wonderful place to go to school!

Sam Hom


Tian Li

(Translated by Google) Looking forward to the upcoming life (Original) 期待即将到来的生活


Kennedy Nolan

I went to tour there and am definitely looking at going there when I come to the age. The buildings are beautiful and the staff is amazing. Definitely made my list.

Trevor Schwendau

I was accepted and asked whether I was going to be taking 2 or 3 classes despite explaining that I was a full time employee. Only 3/15 courses were actually offered between 4-6 PM on the same days and this severely limited availability. I decided to apply to another program and was told that my transcripts and documentation had not been received. This was strange as everything was received from that previous program. I decided not to attend based on limited availability and lack of communication. If more courses were offered in the evenings, I would reconsider.

Rashiid Ali

I love the psych dept not that I am crazy but they have a good understanding of the mind and how it works

Sanj Zacti

The name is highly regarded among HR and hiring managers, the school helped me find my first job, the professors were great for the most part (Shout out to Professors H Brandon, T Tarwater, D Peters, M Meacham, G Genin, M Malast, and R Cytron and many more) and I loved the school. Couldn't have picked a better one.

Martina Bzik

Tony Noel

Super fun school and in a sweet area of the city!

Google User

Great class and caring professors who really want the best for you. Highly recommend.


Good place for learning

Bunyamin Murat

Such as a nice University; Welcoming face in the admission office and valuable staff.. Thanks.

Dongmin Liu

Beautiful campus!

Marino Toribio

Steven W. Giovinco

I graduated from Wash. U. and loved it. It was such a great experience when I was there. At the time, the only slight issue was the housing/dorms, which where poorly constructed and generic. They have seen been upgraded substantially. The City of Saint Louis was a bit disconnected from Wash. U., even though it was not far. The teachers were great, though.

Steven Johnson

Another University that supports the status quo and the corrupt duopoly.

Xin Xin

(Translated by Google) Washington University in St. Louis is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. It is a co-educational, non-religious private research university located in St. Louis and St. Louis County, Missouri, USA. The total amount of donations sponsored by Washington University in St. Louis has consistently ranked among the top 10 in the United States, and the University has donated more than $6 billion, making it one of the richest universities in the United States. (Original) 圣路易斯华盛顿大学是美国最富盛名的大学之一,坐落于美国密苏里州圣路易斯市和圣路易斯县,是所男女同校,无宗教关联的私立研究型大学。圣路易斯华盛顿大学赞助捐赠总金额一直排名全美国前十名,大学捐款超过60亿美元,是全美最富有的大学之一。

Will Huhn

Great school and atmosphere on campus


Independent Journalist

******WARNING******............Washington "University" of St.Louis, tormenting and torturing animals......this is being done by "teachers" and "students" . .....Only evil humans can abuse and torment animals.

Oshlyn Emmons

Guinea pig nonself loree

Virgil Cottongim

My wife to be Betty J Whaley graduated Architectural school here as the only woman and three of 71 to begin the class. Betty loved Washington University, she was a member of the Alpha Omega Epsilon and sang in the choir. She worked Ceco Steel and Joel Robert Hillman in Chicago before relocating to Stamford, CT where she worked on the completion of the famous 'Fish Church.' We married and moved to Naples, Florida where she went on to design homes and commercial building from Florida to North Carolina, and Marblehead, MA Upon learning she graduated Washington U, she was courted by big banking companies to become their Staff Architect traveling the USA designing for them. Betty designed homes in Naples, Florida in the exclusive development of Port Royal with homes selling upwards of $50 Million. She also was a Land Planning Engineer for Deltona Corp the company that built the resort island of March Island, 16 miles south of Naples, and went on to became the approving Architect for the Exclusive Oceanfront gated community of "Hideaway Beach" on Marco Island with $ Million dollar homes.

Diego Chojkier

The happiest place of my life. I loved being an undergrad here and the campus (and faculty/students) have only gotten better as the years went on. Visiting the undergrad area felt like stepping into Disneyland. Everyone is unfailingly friendly and you're surrounded by super smart and energetic people. I love WashU.

Saroj Hyoju

Awesome Campus experience. Proud Alumni!

Scott Lake

Like any place, there are positive and negative traits when it comes to Wash. U. Having two sons that attended there, we fell in love right in the beginning with the school with it's friendly employees, well maintained grounds and structures from top to bottom as well as their excellent sports programs. After a few years we started to see some of the negative traits surface that brought us back to the reality that Wash U. is just like most universities these days, liberal, narrow minded in that aspect and the fact that if you believe in ANY conservative views, you're wrong and they (leftists) are right which makes you a neanderthal for believing in capitalism and not their warped socialist views (everyone rides for free). The place is NOT friendly to people who have conservative beliefs and I suppose it was good that my wife and I didn't realize this until my eldest son's graduation when the chancellor himself started professing his anti gun stance. (at a graduation...really??) During the last two years of my youngest son's college education, the place became progressively worse with it's left wing slant and the journalism of the student newspaper, Student Life, mirrored this fact with a recent article by a reporter that celebrated the fact that campus is liberally oriented and conservatives basically could go away if they didn't like that fact because there was no room there for them there on that campus. Of course it was denied by upper management in a later edition and the student was chastised for this article by the university leadership and some other readers, but, in all reality, I feel that is the way that the majority of the population at the campus feels. Dealing with the extremist liberals in life has moved my social equilibrium from being moderately conservative with some positive progressive views (my love of nature and animals) to a much harder conservative stance. Basically it is a good university on the outside looking in and on the overall in general with preparing youth for their chosen professions. But there is a rotten liberal core in the center that goes to the top man when it comes to narrow minded liberal ideals. No place for a person that believes that killing unborn children is wrong, supports the second amendment (right to bear arms), believes that one should stand for the flag during the playing of the national anthem(out of support for those that fought for it) and one that supports our first responders dealing with the difficult social problems there are these days as well as the life risking hazards of their jobs. It's a real shame and I hate that I fell out of love with Wash. U. I just think it's a place for a kid to go to college now, same as a state school and my love for and loyalty to the place has died. The school gave my kids a start in life, and I won't forget that or the people that were good to them during their time there. We met many of those good and kind people from coaches to counselors to plain people that worked at the eateries that took good care of our kids during their stay there. That is why I gave Wash. U. three positive stars. There IS more good than bad there. But, I also won't forget the people that were rotten to them while they were there and take into account the aggravation and distractions my youngest son faced from the liberal snake pit that is student housing leadership. It's WILD WILD WILD how dark hearted, and bullyish that leadership is with kids just trying to get a degree. During the last semester I told my son to keep his head down, his nose clean and for him to get out of there with his sheepskin when those jokers tried to drag him into a mess that he had nothing to do with. Those people won't be forgotten for the ridiculous group of micromanaging bullies they are and for this they garnered the university two negative stars and left a sour taste in my mouth for WUSTL that won't ever go away. Ivy League of the Midwest?..Think about what you want in life as a prospective student before applying. There might be a better place to go.

Lawrence Lim

Do not use WashU Utrucking. It is unorganized and unprofessional. They take away your boxes without giving you an invoice. My daughter was a freshmen and she thought that was the way it was because all her friends did not get the invoices either. All her friends got their boxes back, except my daughter. She called them every day and they told her that they were looking for it. But in the end, they told my daughter to show proof that she gave them her boxes. They didn't even have a record that they picked up the boxes from her. How could she have proof? They did not give out invoices. They do not have a copy of the invoices and they do not have any records that they take boxes away from students. WashU has made students buy unnecessary health insurance even though my daughter already is covered by the family insurance. The school makes it so hard to wave it. Our insurance must has a certain amount of deductible, and it has to be in the school's hospital (Barnes Jewish Hospital) network. So what if we want higher deductibles for our health insurances? So what if we don't want to be in their school health network? So what if we don't want to use their school hospital and prefer to pay out of network hospital? We have no choice.

Play Games

Marina Jaguaribe

Aletha Buchanan

I Love My Job!!!


My brother goes here and when we visit it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He sent my mom and dad a snapchat with the cherryblossems blooming!!!


Nilantha Bandara

Nathan Reed

Kris P

Wash U was a god awful place to work for me. On the surface everyone seems nice with polite mid western manners. A little scratch below, reveals some truly bitter memories that is going to take me decades to forget

Gary Reim

Amazing place to get a degree!

Ophelia Adan


Christina_ Edits

David Chou

Kelsey Knipshild

Ben X

Visited my cousin here as he was doing his medical degree... have to admit, there's no question this is one of the best schools in the nation for medicine. I've never seen such updated facilities and technology in place... not to mention the campus is amazingly nice too, with old world architecture that really gives you a feeling of prestige.

Seven Lau

(Translated by Google) a happy time~ (Original) 一段愉快的时光~

Justin Emge

I was a part of the local STL media that worked the 2016 Presidential Debate. Was very impressed with how WashU dealt with everything. Top notch!

Axmed Maxamed

Max Eisenhardt

Got my Ph.D. there

Byron Keaton

One of the most highly-rated universities in all the world!

Afrim Neziri

Ozer Demirel

Louis Saint

Program emphasizes critical thinking. The professors should be more critical of their hair stylists. BURN.

Not James Franco

Awesome school, great value.

James Lawley

It's an ok school, although some of the journalism students appear rather narrow minded and immature, they as well should go on to have sucessful careers at CNN.

Justin Xiong

Yılmaz Sarıca

(Translated by Google) Research is the only animal that has every color, butterflies in the beans, there is not only the color of the land, I think biology is the foundation of all science cungu physics latest society sudur (Original) Arastirma her renge sahip tek hayvan kelebeklerdir fasulyede yalnizca turucu renk yoktur bence biyoloji tum bilimlerin temelidir cungu fizigin en son halkasi sudur

Khánh Ngô Trọng

Here for grad school. Suburban school describes it well.


Very good school, very beautiful and comfortable campus. High reputation

Jianxu Chen

Rollie Mosley

I'm a Supervisor here and they treat all the staff with the utmost respect. I'm an company man lol

Suraj hm

Amazing campus awesome people

Jason Sipe

The collaboration between this institution and the CPD is disgusting.

Aiden Blinn

Katty Chen


Jasmine Hill


Sia Xu

Friends staff and nice people who are willing to help me when I needed to get forms for my parents to sign.

Mohamed Jama

The Washington University in St. Louis, located in the state of Missouri left me in a state of misery.

Arlene Childers

I will give 1 star rating for this school because the processing for a freshmen student is terrible and luck of communication. We pay $75 dollar for application fee but I didnt receive any letters from them stating the acceptance or not. You should offer better hospitality for a freshmen student.

Max Ferrin

appetizer was cold but friendly service

Francis Pavetti



World Class University! Diverse classmates and professors made it even more enriching and educational for me having grown up in St. Louis. Beautiful campus and many activities and organizations from which to participate in. I highly recommend.

Joshua Yeager

The school wasn't that great, but at least I get to watch the Saint Louis Cardinals play baseball.

Premil Asanka

Wonderful service Thank you


Laine Fernanda Soares


Carol Ruth Wildermuth-Veress

I was so overwhelmed because I hadn't been sick very often and had troied to take care of my body. Dr Brown and Dr Lavine took great care of my heart and helped educate me for the future. The gastro Dr took great care to find if I had a tear but it was my old ulcer and I needed back on ulcer med. The staff was premium, the food and cleanliness were top quality. If I lived closer or could be taken there, I wouldn't go anywhere else in the St Louis area.


The campus is nicely tucked in St. Louis. Beautiful buildings greet you and give the academic feeling.

Deirdre Higgins

A beautiful campus, friendly people, nice dorms, great food and amazing professors! My daughter loves it.

Kakada Kuy

I've been here for a year now. This school is physically beautiful, filled with green glass and tree. As far as I have experienced, staff at finance office and student services, as well as people at Student Technology Services (South 40) are friendly and helpful. A really great quality university in the mid-west with a very international-student-friendly environment.

Anil Kumar

I love my washington university

Leslie Perlow

Miles Bolinger

saberra massey hill

Miles Mu

The food here wasn't the best, but staff were nice

MD.Borhan Uddin.

Love it

Mrs Newman

David Lavin

My daughter is a Senior here and just loves it! Truly the Ivy of the Midwest.

cat woolford

Muhammad Shabeer

Beautiful univirsty good edguistion well teaching

Jessica Bueler

Wash U is a great community partner.

Abbas AlDerazi

Loved the university campus, amazing. One of the best universities in the US.

Brooke CN

Amy L

Went here and absolutely loved it! My only complaint is the quality of the recruiting...other than that, gorgeous and new facilities. Food is #1 in the nation. Dorms are pro with temperpudic beds as well as giant rooms. Programming is excellent - we have had Joseph Gordon Levitt, John Legend, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and more in the past year.

Steven Yuan

Ed Reggi

Top notch University! The Ivy League University in the midwest for sure!

Zachary Wells

Their website SUCKS!! >=(

Yu Sun


Shonte Bell

Large concentration of some of the most devilish, classist, insecure and hateful people you will ever have the displeasure of meeting. I have occasional flashbacks of how HORRIBLE the people who work at this university truly are. To be honest, the word that comes to mind when I think about the "behind-the-scenes" working environment is SATANIC. People constantly stabbing you in the back. Deans, professors and staff members who will do ANYTHING to belittle you just to make themselves feel a little bigger. I've never been just flagrantly LIED on so much as when I worked here. That said, I learned a heck of a lot working here. It was like "bootcamp," for the worst aspects of the corporate world. I learned how to net, defang and tie a snake in knots by working at Wash U. It was a horrible place; I would never go back. I know a few people who have shared with me that they cried for MONTHS after working here. But it will teach you a lot. My God. What a snakepit.

Maddie A.

My mom works here

mahi abi

Andrew Oh

Tayler Geiger

Andrew Kuhn

UMSL WASHU Joint Engineering best value for your money. If you are considering going here for engineering your freshman year, do 2 years at community college and look at the JE program


My initial experience with this institution was fantastic, but now years later I've spend 3 years trying to get my medical records from them and have yet to hear back.

Lorenzo Mendez

Everything was so well organized when we arrived on an "admitted student visit." They look at every detail. The school is so clean and well maintained; you would think you were at Disney World. Very impressed with the awesome treatment of the administration. We have also heard great things about the professors and advisers.

Vijay Anand

Evan Anderson

Washington University in St. Louis is a fantastic institution. I have such wonderful memories of my time there.

Brian Ray

Queen Isis

WU is awful. They're big bullies in the St. Louis region - they even bullied their way to have the Metro Link stop by the university when it wasn't originally planned... and they even got TWO stops instead of one when all they needed was one. They build and destroy everything around them. The campus is under construction ALL THE TIME - doors are locked because of the construction - I walked around in the rain trying to get into the building because of all the construction. But this isn't even the capper. They treat their low end employees so badly. And they do absolutely NOTHING about it. Shame on Washington University in St. Louis - you claim to be a "prestigious university" but you treat your low end employees like they live in a third world country.

Bieraire Wilson

Amazing This school is just incredible

Mohammed Daulat

Laura Austrin

Luke Haruki

Chen Junyu

Erin Manott

M. Alan Thomas II

World-class and yet continually improving undergraduate and graduate education in the perfect location for a day in the park, a night on the town, or a weekend exploring the city.

Scott K

john taglieber


Chris Dyga

Zachary Moskow

Matt Constant

Michael Harding

Best Engineering school ever!!

Rafi Dikranian

STL Taxi and Limo Services

Washington University students are steady source of income for many local business including taxi drivers.


Amazing school. Professors are top notch as they truly challenge you which in turn makes you a better student and professional. The Sever Institute of Technology under the wing of the School of Engineering and Applied Science department is awesome and will truly give you a world class education. From computer science and engineering staples to graduate level Big Data and Machine learning concentrations, Wash U. most definitely deserves the right to be called the Harvard of the Midwest.

sidhant gupta

Gilbert May

Suleyman Cisman

because, I hope to join near future.


Nice campus.... interdisciplinary areas.. good support for international students...

Xinyi Le

Gianna Soccer 17

annie lee

Andy Yang

(Translated by Google) Super beautiful campus/golf ⛳️art museum (Original) 超美的校园/高尔夫⛳️art museum

Katie Mehle

Jay Desai

not advisable at all for working professional for further advancement. Talked with program manager, realized no lab facility for the new program. the question like "where you from originally" is NOT expected from program manager. Program Director(He Claimed worked for govt Organization) need to take lessons of laws and US Constitution. The question indicate lots of bad about the university's policy from many perspective.


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