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REVIEWS OF Dance Pizazz IN Missouri

Edward Stone

At 64 years young I wanted to be able to enjoy social dancing more frequently and better than I had in the past. After just a few months with the help of Nikki I am confidently able to do just that. I choose Swing and Night Club Two Step this time, in the fall I plan to get Fox Trot and Waltz. Makes the Old Boy feel young again!

Stu Gisburne

I absolutely loved the fun atmosphere and professional instruction. The ownership is top notch and very experienced. Heck, they put up with my clumsy dancing with humor and motivation. I would highly recommend Dance Pizazz to anyone wanting to take up dance. Two thumbs up!!! (uh...I only have two thumbs)

Eric Piper

Having no formal dancing experience, my fiance and I were looking to make a splash at our wedding. We attended the free introductory lesson and were blow away. The instructors are very knowledgeable and take the time to make sure you are comfortable before moving on to the next step. We have been taking lessons now for 7 months and cannot believe how far we have come. By the time our wedding comes around, the guests are in for a shock.

Claire W

All the instructors are very friendly and patient. We're truly glad we went here to prepare for our wedding!

D Fischer

Dance Pizazz is a wonderful place to learn Ballroom, latin and swing dance. In just a short amount of time, I have learned how to Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, Salsa, Cha Cha and East Coast Swing. I really enjoy doing the individual dance lessons and just attended my first group lesson. Everyone was very encouraging and it was a ton of fun. Garth is my teacher and he is very helpful and allows me to learn at my own pace. Nikki and Mike are so nice and I have learned so much already. I highly recommend checking it out. It is so much fun! -Deena Fischer

Corinne Thomas

As a couple, we have been taking lessons at Dance Pizazz for about 3 months. It is amazing how much we have learned and we just love it. It's not just learning to dance, but also the quality of the studio and the quality and friendliness of the instructors. If you are even remotely thinking about taking dance classes, you must give Dance Pizazz a serious. We have really enjoyed the dance staff at the studio. They have been very helpful in every way. Peter and Corinne Thomas

Denise Mc

I absolutely love dancing here. I had no idea how much I would love to dance...The instructors are professional and make learning all of the ballroom and Latin dances so easy and fun! I absolutely love it and I recommend it to EVERYONE!

David Woods

Nikki and Mike run a top-of-the-line dance studio. They are professional and kind to new students, like me . Our primary instructor is a man named Sterling, who also is patient and strives to see my wife and I succeed in learning the dance steps. Nikki and Mike create an atmosphere of comradery and fun when they have group lessons or host an open house. I recommend Dance Piazza!

Penguins are my favorite animal

I love it there i got tonight at 7 o clock w my grandpo Ron

Sharon Langer

I highly recommend Dance Pizazz! The instructors are all friendly, fun and so patient! I really did not expect to love it as much as I do, but now I'm hooked!


Very nice people, probably very talented instructors, nice atmosphere, but I wasn't pleased with the sales pitch. I came in wanting a specific type of dance lesson and several people including the owners suggested that I have two to four different dance lessons. I went along with this for the first couple of sessions but realized I'm not interested in the other ones and wanted to focus on one. They kept coming back to having multiple types of dance and then the group sessions are all about multiple types of dance which I was not interested in and sort of a waste of time. Finally, I had a couple of extra sessions that I couldn't attend that were group sessions and I wanted to consolidate them to have one private lesson and pay the difference. I left two messages for them about that and they never got back in touch with me. It is also very expensive in my opinion. Be prepared to be up sold near the end of your first group of sessions and probably every group of sessions if you continue.

Gene and Mary Kotthoff

Nikki is a great teacher. We appreciate her expertise, her energy, and her friendly attitude. She is encouraging and patient. The entire Dance Pizazz staff is outgoing and friendly. We are learning new dances and having a terrific time!

Thomas Piper

Very high quality studio. It's not cheap though.

Lisa Nichols

Best instructors in STL :) and they work hard at building community!!! Highly recommend!!

Sarah B

If you love to dance, I highly recommend Dance Pizazz. It doesn't matter what kind of mood you are in when you get there, you will be in a great mood when you leave. Between the music, the students and the will have a ball.

Megan Deremiah

Angela Benach

So much fun! Great instruction and great people!

Christine Roth

I have been attending Dance Pizazz since July 2013, and have been having the time of my life finding an untapped talent. The owner Nikki and all the instructors are a fun and friendly bunch of people, who know what they are doing and really strive to help you dance your best. The studio has had a bunch of exciting changes, and I look forward to seeing all the future has to offer for them!

Katherine Smith

Hi, my name is Kathy Smith and I started taking lessons at the Dance Pizazz about three or four months ago. I took private lessons once a week, went to the group lessons every week, and stayed for the group dance parties. I concentrated on Waltz, East Coast Swing, Rhumba, and Foxtrot. I have to tell you that I have really enjoyed taking the lessons, and have learned a lot in just the four months I have been taking lessons and doing the group dance parties. Everyone is so nice, friendly, and encouraging. You really feel at home right away, and all of the teachers and other students do everything possible to make you feel comfortable and at ease with being a beginner. It is the highlight of my week to come to the studio. I have progressed from Beginner to Social Foundations during the three months after I started. My teacher Garth is great! He is always encouraging, and continues to ask me for feedback on what I feel about the dances and my progress each time I have a lesson. His teaching is fun, and instructive. After I have had a difficult day at work, it is so relaxing to just step into the studio, and dance around the floor. I would recommend this wonderful studio to anyone who wants to have fun, learn to dance, and enjoy a time of great exercise. Nikki and Mike who run the studio are always there and have lots of enthusiasm and encouragement also. I feel like I have become a part of another great family. Thank you all for welcoming me to this awesome place!

Bradley Shepard

Mike and Nikki McAllister are co owners of Dance Pizazz and excellent instructors in the art of dance. Nikki is my primary DI and along with Mike they have made this dancing experience most enjoyable. If I were to change anything, I'd started earlier. It's fun! Thanks M & N

joseph omena

I would just give it 5 stars.Energetic staff with knowledge of what every dance goes with which song.Fun.Cool.Classy people.

Nicholas Simmons


My husband and I had a really nice time learning some dances here. The lessons are kind of expensive, but well done and the facility is very nice. Be aware they really prefer that people have a lesson 1-2 times a week, which was very difficult for us since we have young children which require a babysitter. We did have to explain this multiple times... We made sure to do some practicing on our own at home in between lessons and that did help us keep up our skills a little. The instructors are all very knowledgeable! Sterling is amazing! He's a great teacher and is able to really relate things to a pair of novices like us. If you choose to do lessons here, ask for Sterling! You won't be disappointed.

Thess Buenaventura

It's been 10 mos now, since I started with Dance Pizazz. Just went to one of their open house parties, now I can’t stop, always looking forward to my every dance schedule. So glad and happy to find this place. Thanks to my DI Alex, and to all the great and friendly staff. Highly recommended.

David Palatnik

My finance and I signed up to take lessons with Mike for our wedding and it's been such a great experience. I've never danced before, but Mike was able to teach me our dance and all the basics of dancing associated with it. He is patient and really knows how to tailor the dance to our abilities and interests. We are dancing a waltz, but I know Mike would be great in teaching any kind of dance as I've seen him work with other couples. If you're thinking of taking dance classes, I strongly suggest trying out this place and ask for Mike!

Ann Woods

My husband and I have been taking ballroom dance lessons at Dance Pizazz since March of 2012. Josiah is our instructor and is always very patient with us. We have worked with other instructors as well, and have found all of them to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Our weekly dance lessons are great "couple time" for us.

Amber Elliott

My husband and I took lessons so we could have a "Perfect" first dance at our wedding. Mike, Sterling and Nikki were awesome to work with. Super nice, and very talented. Thank you all so much!

gaurab samanta

This was long time coming. Being a dance enthusiast, I was fortunate to land upon dance pizazz the very first day that I came to saint peters. The ambiance felt warm and welcoming rather than intimidating for an amateur aspirant of ballroom dancing which is probably how I felt in many other places. Nikki, my teacher, is excellent in her job. I must say that the temperament and patience which she shows while getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of her students is just amazing. With a high acumen for dancing techniques and a solid grasp of body mechanics she has shaped my dancing skills sharply within a couple of years. I started as an amateur looking awkward in my movements, but today I feel confident in asking just about anybody to dance. I have moved on very fast to an advanced level of smooth ballroom style and boy am I enjoying it. Need I say more...I strongly recommend this place to anyone who has any inclination for ballroom dancing.

Taunaja Brown

I started taking lessons at Dance Pizazz shortly after it opened 5 years ago. I did it just for fun and didn't really think I would stick with it. However, I continued taking lessons there for about 2-3 yrs before relocating to another city. I absolutely loved the studio!! Dave and Nikki are great and really helped me build a foundation for dance as well as a love for, what was then, a hobby. Now, fast forwarding to today I'm a dance instructor at a major studio in Atlanta and I LOVE my job! This may not be the path for everyone but DP definitely opened my eyes to the joys of dancing.

Steven Bish

Dance Pizazz is an awesome place to learn how to ballroom dance. Nicole and Mike were great teachers in helping me further my dancing passion. I highly recommend this place to learn how to dance or to take your sweetheart on a date.

Julie Adelsberger

I highly recommend Dance Pizazz to anyone interested in learning to dance. David and Nikki are great instructors -- fun, talented, patient -- with lots of enthusiasm and a beautiful studio. I'm having a wonderful time in group and private lessons there, and they throw parties where you can practice your skills a couple times a month, too.

Patrick Paradise

I recommend Dance Pizazz to anyone that is considering learning to dance. The people are fun, kind, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. The instructors are all great. My dance teacher Brianna is a very talented dancer, and a wonderful woman, who helps make you feel welcome and can help break down the steps in a manageable and interesting way. The teachers sit down and discuss goals so you can learn it at your own pace and achieve the goals you want. Come in and give it a shot, you won't regret it.

Ron Froman

Dance Pizazz is a great place to start if you've ever wanted to dance but just could never get started. Dance Pizazz offers a safe, fun, friendly, and supportive environment with both male and female instructors on hand. If you've tried nightclubs or dance clubs and never get asked to dance or can't find anyone to ask to dance, this is the place for you! You WILL be dancing; that is a guarantee. Ask about their introductory first lesson to give them a try; or attend one of their monthly open house parties at no obligation just to see what you've been missing. You can take lessons here as either a couple or a single; in either case you have an instructor working with you at all times. They also have regular weekly "practice parties" and group lessons with their students. The facility is clean and has a great dance floor. Sample several of their dances and decide which one(s) will become your specialty! This is a great way to get some exercise to start the new year; much funner than going to the gym.

Bridget Theusch

Friend from work invited me to one of the Open Houses...I had a blast! Enjoyed it so much I signed up for lessons!! Love it!

Mindy Miller

We started attending Dance Pizazz so that we may have a choreographed first dance for our wedding! Neither one of us had much training to start, so our nerves were high going into our first lesson. The staff as well as our instructor, Nicole were so great to work with and calmed our nerves quickly. They started the basic with us and by a couple of lessons we had the confidence to try out a group lesson, and then a party! Everyone goes out of their way to make dancing FUN! In just a few months we have gone from little dance experience to the level of confidence to hear a song and know the steps! It has brought our relationship so much closer as well as provided us with a stress-free first dance that is sure to WOW our guests! If I could give 10/10 I would!

Brandon Nieveen

Mike and Nikki and the rest of their dance instructors are fantastic! We started attending for our wedding dance, but loved it so much we signed up for more lessons to learn other types of dance! Loved the experience and would highly recommend to anyone!

Nancy Warwick

Dance Pizazz has given me a new lease on life! I took a chance in making an appointment for a private introductory dance lesson in June 2016 - and it turned out to be the best decision I've made in a long time. My Instructor, Garth, was wonderful right from the start - professional, a really effective teacher, encouraging, and fun! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. And it's continued to be that way and even gotten better over time. I love dancing even more than I thought I would - and especially at this wonderful place! I'm so impressed with the way Nikki and Mike have created a studio that is professional but also fun and friendly and a totally supportive atmosphere for all the students, and this is reflected in all the Instructors and Staff. Bravo! And thank you - all - for the positive impact you have made in my life!

Nicki H

I started dancing about 2 years ago and I could not be happier that I found Dance Pizazz. The instructors are all very supportive of all the students and they have helped me learn a lot since I started. The atmosphere is fun and exciting. I am so excited to see what the new year has to bring to the studio!

Lisa Jahn

We LOVE Dance Pizazz We have been taking lessons for about 6 months from the studio and work extensively with the owners Nikki and Mike, as well as their fabulous instructor Sterling. I would recommend Dance Pizazz to anyone who wants to have fun, learn to dance and make new friends.

Janusz K

Dance Pizazz is a studio where a person who wants to learn how to dance can grow. For almost 2 years, Amy and I had a great time being part of the team. Yes, it took time and commitment, but as we progressed from one bronze level to another, the joy of dancing became part of our life. Thanks Nikki, David, and Josiah

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