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REVIEWS OF Convergence DBC IN Missouri

Catherine Griffith Nosacka

As a professional dancer and dance teacher, I take lessons with Robert at Convergence to keep improving my own dance technique and level.

Lisa Summers

This is the best studio to learn Tango and Salsa. Robert and Roxanne are amazing teachers. They are full of charisma and make the classes a lot of fun. The studio offers a nice variety of classes and overall has a warm and welcoming feel to it. If you are looking for a fun place to learn to dance, you will enjoy Convergence.

Michelle L.

I contacted Convergence DBC to help with the first dance at our wedding reception. Robert was our teacher and he was fantastic! Our lessons were really great and he choreographed some really fun moves for us. For two people that have zero dance ability, I think we nailed it! Thanks again Robert!

William Hedgcock

I came to take Argentine Tango lessons because I wanted instruction from someone who not only brought Tango to St. Louis originally, but who also regularly travels to Buenos Aires to keep learning and stay abreast with this artistic dance. I've been instructed by a number of teachers including traveling workshops and find I am still, after 6 years, enthusiastic about Tango and the Tango community of St. Louis thanks to Convergence.

Rachel Berland

I highly recommend this studio (and Anna) for wedding dance lessons. My fiancé and I just finished 5 private lessons and are so excited to show off our moves during our first dance! Anna made learning to dance super fun and the dance lessons were a nice break from wedding planning and a good way to spend time together and not take things too seriously! Anna helped us learn dance moves that felt comfortable to us and custom design a first dance to our song. It was a very special experience!!

Vanessa Woods

Convergence DBC literally built my dance game from the ground up. Roxanne worked with my fiance and I over the course of 5 lessons and, lo and behold, I will be dancing with my fiance (competently if I do say so myself) at our wedding in June of this year. My fiance is a former professional ballet dancer, I spent a lifetime actively not dancing, and we both loved Roxanne and Convergence DBC. If you're a great dancer, I think they can make you better. If you're like me and you can't find rhythm in a bowl full of rhythm, then you'll be better off for knowing Roxanne and her team

Perdita Fisher

My first impression of tango was so unrealistic. I had to come and really learn what this artistic dance form is all about. I have taken classes on ochos, paradas, barridas, crossed system, irregular crosses, and more I love it though I must admit it hasn't always been easy. Tango is terrific, tantalizing and sometimes terrifying but I am determined to learn and I love a challenge.. Roxanne and Robert make it fun as they teach you the culture and language of tango and help you to learn more about your body. Tango is an elegant art form in my opinion and has an interesting history. I have met so many wonderful people of diverse backgrounds and cultures; but we share one thing in common- the love of Tango! Thank you Roxanne for your vision and diligence to make Tango in St Louis welcoming and feel like coming home. Robert, your creative moves rock! You both have hearts of gold. From Judith Hanna, anthropologist and International dance scholar at a lecture at Washington University "Technological advances in neuroscience are helping to unravel secrets about the cognitive, emotional, and movement power of dance. Its multisensory language shares places in the brain for verbal language, and thus dance has powerful communication potential in expressing ideas and feelings. Dance as physical exercise sparks new brain cells, their interconnections and neural plasticity--the brain’s amazing abil­ity to change through­out life. Moreover, dance helps us to reduce, resist, and escape stress that interferes with performance and the acquisition of all kinds of knowledge. The mysterious brain choreographs the operations underlying the complex feat of dance." Dance is truly a stimulating anti-aging formula.... Hope you will join us. I can't wait until my next lesson..... and you must try gyrotronics

Karen Faris

I have taken several tango lessons from Roxanne. She is a great dancer and teacher. She is very easy going and makes me feel comfortable and works at my pace. She pays attention to every detail, really isolating each step until I have caught on. She has given me confidence and has raised my level of enjoyment and ease in the dance. I plan to continue lessons with her.

Michael Ross

Awesome tango!!

I Wilson

Dr Maier is a wonderful chiropractor. He really takes the time to listen to his patients, and has been one of the best finds for my back and neck since moving to St Louis! He is very knowledgeable and will try different techniques in order to get results. Pricing is very reasonable for the excellent quality of care you receive. The new office is also well equipped, sparkling clean, and easy to get to from all over the metro area. I highly recommend Dr Maier to anyone seeking chiropractic help.

Erik Storrs

I’ve been taking salsa at Convergence for the past 6 months and it’s been so much fun. Couldn’t recommend it more! The instructors are super fun and helpful, and the classes have a great energy. Hanna and Robert ARE. AMAZING!!

Katherine Potts

Convergence is by far the best dance studio I've ever been to! I have been going for about three years now and I still learn so many new things each week! There are a wide array of classes, of which I have taken salsa and tango (both spectacular). Every instructor is helpful and extremely knowledgeable about every dance style taught there! The classes also range from beginner level to advanced, so there is something for everyone! I highly recommend this studio for anyone looking to learn new dances and also for more experienced dancers who want to learn even more!

Alan Abbott

We took the Wedding Dance class. It consisted of 6 1-hour dance lessons for $180. Definitely a great deal. The instructors were friendly and fun. Highly recommend.

Bailey Manula

We absolutely loved taking lessons here. We made our own group class with 6 couples and were able to learn at our skill level. They were very flexible as far as time and style of dance. Most importantly it was FUN! We loved Roxanne and will definitely be taking more classes here in the future.

Samantha Lukert

I was initially hesitant to take salsa lessons by myself, however, after my first class session it was clear this was the class for me. Convergence has a great mix of single and couples in their classes, making it a great social setting. I had so much fun learning salsa and bachata, and made a lot of friends in the class to practice with outside of class. Hanna and Robert were EXCELLENT teachers. The initial salsa class was designed to teach the basic steps, and teach social dancing from the beginning. This let me be able to go out and start dancing in the community earlier, and have so much fun doing it. They made lessons so much fun, I ended up taking them for six months instead of my initial plan of eight weeks. Robert and Hanna were always available to schedule private lessons outside of practice. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Convergence to anyone looking for dance lessons from beginner to advanced levels! If you’re looking for something unbelievably fun to do, TAKE THESE LESSONS!

Shauna Sweeney

My Fiance and I have had so much fun learning to dance together at Convergence! They are great teachers for every dance level and are really helping us to prepare to dance at our wedding. And we'll be back for more classes after we're married just for more fun!

Melanie Pullen

Convergence is the best! We're getting married and signed up for the Salsa 1 group classes taught by Robert and Anna. They are great teachers and also really fun to work with! In just the first class we made so much progress and every week they build up on what you already know without feeling overwhelmed. Classes were so much fun and with all the stress of wedding planning, its nice to take an hour a week to just have fun as a couple. We liked the group classes so much we signed up for some individual classes - we took most of them with Robert and some with Roxanne (amazing!). During these we practiced salsa, but also worked on learning some bachata and merengue moves. We even asked Robert to help us figure out what to do with our first dance and he incorporated some moves we already knew with some really nice footwork - we're super excited to see everyone's reaction to our first dance! Once we're back from the honeymoon we'll definitely sign up for more classes and learn different dance styles. If you're thinking about taking classes don't hesitate - it will be a great experience. In my opinion, out of all our wedding costs, dance classes are the one one thing we will keep practicing after the wedding day is over!

Sammantha Abbott

I loved our fox trot/rumba/swing lessons with Robert and Anna! We had a small class size so it felt like we had plenty of one on one instruction. I definitely looked forward to it every week and liked it so much we're considering signing up for another class now!

Michelle Faits

I found Convergence when I decided I wanted to learn how to salsa dance. I took 3 8-week group classes and loved it. The classes got me to the point where I felt super comfortable going out dancing socially. Robert and Marisol were excellent teachers and made the classes fun. I looked forward to class every week as a nice way to get away from work and de-stress on a Thursday evening. I thought it would be intimidating to go to lessons without a dance partner, but it turned out there were lots of other students arriving solo. There was a good mix of individuals and couples, and the instructors make sure the classes are gender balanced. In addition to the salsa lessons, there's a salsa dance event at the studio once a month. That's a really nice way to try out social dancing and build your confidence in what you've learned. I highly recommend Convergence as a great place to learn to dance!

Kurt Kallaus

In search of Tango I have discovered the Convergence Dance and Body Center. The engaging and talented teachers, central location and warm ambiance have created an engaging atmosphere to overcome my inhibitions and engender a desire to keep learning. Convergence has provided me with the confidence and skill in Argentine Tango to achieve a major goal of adroitly navigating the typical social dance floors in public to a wide variety of music venues. I have enjoyed private and group classes and look forward to availing myself beyond Tango with other dance styles and exercise sessions offered. Having a friendly Convergence Chiropractor on staff is an added bonus when practice twinges require tweaks. I highly recommend Convergence Dance and Body Center.

Javier Iglesias

Roxanne and her team did a phenomenal job during our 6-week dance package! I would HIGHLY recommend this studio for anyone, from beginners (like myself) to experienced dancers.

Anagh Vora

Excellent teachers, a great dancing space, but more importantly, learning salsa is actually lots of fun!

Maria Paz Campos

My husband and I took a salsa/ bachata lesson with Hannah and we had an awesome time. Hannah is a really friendly and professional instructor. I definitely recommend taking a class with her.

Cesar Castellanos

My wife and I found this studio on The Knot and decided to take lessons here to make our first dance special at our wedding. Robert was our teacher and is phenomenal. I was doubtful of my ability to follow with the lessons as I had taken dance lessons before that were not successful, but Robert created a comfortable environment and routine that was unique to us and made for an unforgettable wedding dance for us. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Henry Holt

I need to add another star!!! it was great, I highly recommend it for the boring couple that stays at home and watch tv. Get out , have some fun, and learn how to Salsa. Robert & Roxanne are great teachers! We took the 8 week course and we love it.

dr Davis

My best decision of the year was joining Robert's salsa classes. He's a smart, funny, but most importantly, effective dance teacher, changing up his style to suit the needs of the class and the individuals in the class. If I was still in Missouri, I'd be taking even more classes from Convergence!

Cosette Cressler

My husband and I had so much fun learning our wedding dance at Convergence. We worked with Hanna and she made it a fun, memorable experience for us both. Our dance was a huge hit and definitely started the reception off on a high note! Can't recommend Hanna enough!

Sho Rust

Fantastic salsa private lesson. Robert and Rebecca are really helpful. Love the new facility. Thank you!

Megan Laux Santacruz

One of the best decisions of my wedding planning was booking dance lessons with Robert! My husband and I wanted to learn some choreography for our first dance, but we had zero dance experience so we weren't sure exactly what we wanted to do or what all we could accomplish. We signed up for 5 lessons with Robert, and he came up with some awesome, classy but easy to learn choreography for us. He did a great job of making us feel comfortable and encouraged us to laugh off mistakes and just have fun with it! My first dance with my husband was one of the highlights of the reception -- all our guests were surprised and delighted by our sweet moves, and we had so much fun dancing together. Thank you, Robert, for helping to make our wedding extra memorable!

Chioma Osibodu

I rarely ever write reviews, but I HAD to do so for this venue. I own a Fashion label and hosted a pop up on saturday and sunday here at Convergence DBC. Roxanne was the MOST gracious host I have ever met. She was very accommodating and even allowed us to set up tge Friday before the event. She allowed us to store our rentals and packages for an extra day to allow for pick up by the third party company. I know this was outside of our agreement, but she graciously allowed it. The soace is absolutely stunning, large and clean. We have everything we needed from music to WIFI. Oh! And very affordable. Parking was great! Thank you Roxanne. We will be back

Whittney Twomey

Did a Salsa class with Rebecca and Robert! They’re so lovely and helped me really learn the basics to Salsa! Highly reccomend taking a class!

Gareth Greenwell

This place is amazing, great for all levels of dancers. I’ve gone there for 2 years now and it’s always fantastic. The new studio that just opened is awesome, and all of the teachers are very nice.

Karen Barney

My husband scheduled dance lessons for us as a mutual Valentine gift this year, and we've been taking lessons ever since. We've had 3 different instructors, all of whom are very knowledgeable and patient. Robert has been our primary instructor and is excellent. We've been going approximately twice a week for 10 months, and find it very enjoyable, as well as a great aerobic activity to balance out our other fitness routines. The best part is enjoying the time together doing something we love to do.

Margie Lienhardt

Absolutely loved our intro class. Roxanne & Robert made us feel extremely comfortable with learning how to dance properly instead of faking it! We will definitely be returning for more classes! Highly recommended!!!

Michael Palumbo

The classes are light and fun, the studio is clean and spacious, and the instructors are top-notch! As a beginner with zero dance experience before talking Salsa One, I can honestly say that Convergence has completely transformed my dancing. Working with Robert and Roxanne has been an absolute blast – we are looking forward to Mixed Latin starting in early June!

Nancy Bristol

Just completed 6 weeks of beginning salsa lessons here. Great fun & great teachers!

James Johnson

We took the "Wedding Dance Classes: From the Banquet to the Ballroom" 6-week class. Roxanne and Robert were awesome instructors--fun, funny, and really good teachers. I was fearful going in (I'm not a natural in the least), but ended up really learning and enjoying the class. I'm sure we'll be back for more!


Robert and Roxanne were amazing with helping us prepare our dance for our wedding. I went in with limited dancing experience and actually enjoyed myself. The wife and I are definitely going to continue lessons.

Ian Schillebeeckx

The Tango instruction is fun and quickly paced. The instructors are passionate about what they do and make it fun. Stop thinking about it.. just sign up already.

Michael Machiah

I had a private salsa class with Robert and Rebecca. It was so much fun! They are terrific dancers, gave great pointers, and were fun to be around. One of the best classes I've ever had!

Brandon Hawkins

My girlfriend purchased a class with Hanna for a "Date Night" last Saturday. We took a Salsa class with Hanna and she was AWESOME! She really had me believing that I DIDN'T have 2 left feet. The class was challenging but Hanna put us at ease (mostly me) and was a great instructor. The facility was easy to find, super clean and neat. Parking was not an issue as well. I'd totally recommend them and Hanna and my gf and I plan to take another class there again.

David P.

I had a great experience taking Salsa 1-3 classes at Convergence. I've tried and failed to pick up salsa dancing several times before going to Convergence. There were two things that really stood out about the instructor, Robert, that made this time successful. 1. Robert didn't just teach dance moves that could be easily replicated and practiced. Robert spent a lot of time teaching how to lead, which is a teaching skill I find very rare. It is a lot more mindset and communication oriented, so it involves a lot more nuance to teach. 2. Robert went above and beyond to get his students involved in the salsa community. He invited and went out with us to salsa events, salsa bars, and sometimes just regular bars to grab nachos and beer. Additionally, he spent time teaching us about the salsa culture, eventually making it easy for us to cut the cord and go out without him.

Stacy L

David Scherer is a great dance instructor and I have been taking lessons with him for several months. I first started taking lessons to learn Salsa and have some fun and I have been able to accomplish this and achieve my goal to go out dancing. With David’s encouragement and his friendly and fun teaching style, I have also been learning other dances including Foxtrot, Rumba, Waltz and Swing. I really enjoy taking individual dance lessons and David is very helpful and allows me to learn at my own pace, but he also challenges me to challenge myself. David has taken the time to get to know me which has allowed him to determine the best way to help me learn. He has helped me build confidence and to become a stronger person and dancer. He makes the lessons fun while also teaching the steps and techniques of the different dance styles. He is now working with me to reach my new goal of doing a dance competition.

Delia Domingo

Robert and Hannah are amazing!!! So patient and soooooo fun. He has us feeling comfortable and laughing and just enjoying dance. Hannah is wonderfully patient as well! We are so lucky to have found them!! Great for couples and singles alike!

William Bockenkamp

Roxanne and Robert are outstanding dance instructors. The classes are fun. The guided trips to Buenos Aires are well organized and bring a whole other level to the understanding of Argentine tango.

Cheryl Bulow

We hosted our son's wedding rehearsal dinner for 50 guests at Convergence. We began the evening with a swing dance lesson led by Roxanne and Robert. So much fun!! All of our guests had a wonderful experience learning new moves which they used the next day on the dance floor. Convergence was the perfect venue for our event. We were able to flow effortlessly from the lesson to the catered (Hollyberry Catering) cocktail party with heavy appetizers and bar all within the same space.

Elayne Arne

Apr- Jul 2017 - We had the immense pleasure of enjoying an adapted Tango class for Parkinson patients organized by Convergent Dance. Roxanne, Carter and Robert were our instructors. They made the experience delightful for all. They are not only proficient, accomplished and knowledgeable but also able to make things fun. We enjoyed their jokes, their patience, the excitement they interjected to the class and even the warm up exercises. Go meet them and dance! Elayne and Ken

Rebekah Worley

I took salsa 1 with Robert and Anna. They were amazing! The classes were informative and fun. They created an enjoyable atmosphere and made the learning process easy.

Madeline Siebum

I have been taking weekly salsa classes at Convergence for almost 3 years now! The classes are easy to follow for beginners and the instructors provide one on one tips during the class. Whether you have a partner or not doesn’t matter; Convergence is a great place to meet people while learning in a fun and encouraging environment. The new building is AWESOME! I highly recommend.

Annamaria Szakonyi

Great place! Convenient location, friendly staff, good pace of instruction.

Carly E.

My fiance and I just finished taking private lessons for our wedding with Anna and we had the BEST TIME! Anna was so fun and kind, and did a great job of constructing a dance that was appropriate for our skill level and feels so us! Our lessons quickly became a highlight of our week and we cannot wait to surprise and delight everyone at our wedding. We will definitely be back to take some group dance classes. Anna- thank you so much for your energy and patience. We had a blast with you!

sally brown

love, love, love this place! excellent and very patient instruction in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. If you're at all anxious or shy, don't be - they'll make you feel comfortable and at ease.

JULIE Graham

We took the wedding dance series taught by Robert and Anna. They were wonderful. Robert made us feel very comfortable and they were both so encouraging. By the end of the six weeks, we were very confident on the dance floor. Can't wait to take another class.

Brittany Lambertus

This place. My boyfriend gave me an 8 week salsa lesson for Christmas. We started the first week of January; it’s September, and we’re still dancing at Convergence weekly. Anyone in stl looking for salsa or bachata lessons should come here. SINGLE or COUPLE - seriously accommodate all so that it’s never outnumbered. Love them.

cornbread noble

I have been taking classes here for about 15 years. I started with salsa with Roxanne before she even had her studio. This lead to group classes In salsa, west coast, rueda and Tango. I still take a private Tango class weekly with Robert. The Tango tours are amazing. Buenos Aires with the BEST teachers in the world. Whether you are looking to get your wedding dance together, want to compete in Ballroom or just be able to get around the floor at a wedding or a hotel bar on vacation, this is the place. Friendly teachers that really know how to dance. They regularly take classes themselves. As well Chiropractic, Massage and Gyro training all top notch.

Sergio Pantoja

Literally the best place to learn salsa and bachata!! After moving to STL, I learned more in the 8 weeks at Convergence than I did during the 4 years I lived in Miami going out casually learning with friends. The instructors are super fun, shout out to Hanna and Robert‼️

Judith L.

My husband and I began taking ballroom dance lessons in preparation for our daughter's wedding in 2014. I've always loved to dance and so enjoyed the experience that I've continued to take private lessons with David Scherer for the past two years. I did my first competition a year ago. He's an excellent instructor with the ability to impart his knowledge, talent, and love of dance to individuals of all levels. I'm hooked!


I was introduced to Tango and Convergence, by my girlfriend, who has danced Tango for more than 6 years and has long been associated with the staff at Convergence. I started, as a way to share her passion for the dance. She took a beginning level class with me, as an introduction, taught by Roxanne and Robert. I soon discovered a desire to learn this fascinating art form, in and of itself, for myself. I have gone on to take other tango classes at Convergence, as well as regular private lessons from Roxanne, both apart and with my girlfriend. As a couple, we've also taken Swing, with instructors Ryan and Krista and Ballroom, with Roxanne and Robert. All of these classes are expertly taught, with professionalism and friendliness. The relaxed atmosphere and excellent dance floor add to the experience. The regular Milongas (social dances) at Convergence are really a nice way to observe and learn from dancers of all levels, an accepting of newcomers group of people. I've barely scratched the surface, with Tango. For me, the improvisational nature of it makes it sort of an addicting, logical chaos, one well worth continued learning. No better place, for my money, than at Convergence, with Roxanne and Robert. They have a great sense of the history and culture, of all these dances, a clear way of teaching them. Can't ask for more.

Russell Blyth

I cannot add anything to the great reviews of Roxanne and Robert's teaching ... but let me add that the new studio on Manchester in Brentwood is a wonderful facility, a beautiful space, a pleasure to be there whether for a lesson, a practica or a milonga (tango social dance).

Bill Sharpless

My sciatica has been tamed due largely to the Gyrotonic training I have received at Convergence. Roxanne as a trainer is excellent.

Carlos Restrepo

Convergence's Salsa and Tango lessons have changed my life. The spirit, confidence and joy you gain when you enter this outstanding dance studio is unlike any other. Convergence is also much more affordable than many other dance studios in the area. I look forward to new lessons every week because I know no matter how difficult my week has been, I will come out a happier person each time.

Rebecca Nathanson

Wonderful place and people!

jackie mattingly

A group of my coworkers and I took 6 private lessons from Roxanne at Convergence dbc (tango and swing) and we could not have had a better experience. Roxanne is such a great teacher - professional but relatable and made class SO much fun. We looked forward to going to class every week, and we definitely plan to be back! Highly recommend Convergence!!

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