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REVIEWS OF Koltun Ballet Boston IN Massachusetts

Amanda Gruber

My daughter is in her second year of training at Koltun Ballet Academy and her rate of improvement is astounding. Alex and Alexandra are committed to helping each student reach his or her potential. The classes are small enough for Alex and Alexandra to give each student personalized attention. They have created a welcoming environment where students are supportive of each other, an important feature in a demanding program preparing students for the competitive world of ballet. In any intensive training program, injuries are inevitable. Koltun Ballet Academy emphasizes strength and flexibility training as part of the curriculum, decreasing the risk of injury. Alex and Alexandra insist that students alert them if they are experiencing any pain, and are extremely conscientious about working with students to avoid injuries. When students do get injured, Alex and Alexandra work effectively with students during their rehabilitation. A typical student at Koltun Ballet Academy will tell you that they began to improve more rapidly after they switched from their previous ballet program. We are jealous of the young dancers who have the good fortune to start their dancing careers at Koltun Ballet. If you are serious about ballet, especially if you think you want to become a professional ballet dancer, Koltun Ballet Academy is the right place for you!

L Lan

My daughter was trained at Koltun and also attended two summer intensives. Alexandra & Alex’s passion to pass on their exceptional Vaganova training is incredible. They are extremely strict and precise, and because of that, you will definitely improve a lot. Hip Hop during SI is a MUST!! So fun & amazing!

Joe G

My daughter is now in her third year of training at KBA. During this time her ballet technique has improved tremendously under Alexandra and Alex’s tutelage. She has also grown as a modern dancer under Kristin Wagner, the studio’s modern dance teacher. Among the many highlights at KBA was this summer’s KBA performance at Jacob’s Pillow Inside Out Festival, which was an incredible opportunity and experience. As a practicing orthopaedic and sports physical therapist, I have been happy with KBA’s consistent focus on correct technique and alignment for injury prevention. The training at KBA is rigorous, meticulous, and challenging, and the improvement that all the students display over the course of each year is impressive. In addition to providing excellent training, the teachers foster a spirit of camaraderie among the students, which is greatly appreciated in such a competitive field.

Irina Podolsky

My husband and I could not be happier watching our daughter making a lot of progress studying ballet at Koltun Ballet Boston school over the years. She started about 5 years ago at the end of the first year since the school opened and is currently on level 4 at the age of 11. If you are looking for an amateur ballet studio for recreational purposes, this school is not for your child. Koltun Ballet offers a very serious ballet training in the best traditions of Vaganova Ballet Academy of St. Petersburg and Bolshoi Ballet Academy of Moscow, the two greatest classical ballet schools in Russia where the founders Alexandra Koltun and Alex Lapshin graduated from. They are both highly professional, accomplished ballet dancers and very dedicated teachers. They require full concentration and dedication from their students as well. If your child loves ballet and would like to learn from Ballet Masters, this is the right place. We believe that Koltun Ballet Boston is by far the best ballet school in the area!

Grace Conway

Koltun Ballet Academy is a rigorous pre-professional boutique ballet school with very small classes taught by former Principal Dancers Alexandra Koltun and Alex Lapshin. They are Vaganova and Bolshoi trained ballet dancers and bring all of this knowledge to their students in a very personalized and individualized way. The teachers focus on proper technique for body alignment and injury prevention and help each student develop their own personalized artistry. Their approach is with the belief that they can transform each student into a beautiful ballet dancer and the students are taught to believe in themselves. It has been a pleasure to witness the transformation of my daughter and her friends during the past two years. The students are extremely supportive of one another and are encouraged to care for one another. I am sure my daughter has made friends for life!

Alex Lapshin

Congrats to Koltun Ballet Boston with an “Outstanding School” Award winning - YAGP 2018 (Worcester, MA) We are simply very proud of our students and we will continue to work very hard to grow next generation of Artists. Bravo all

Katherine Healey

The Koltun Ballet Academy continues to push the standard of excellence in classical ballet. The technical dance instruction is absolutely phenomenal! The school focuses on ensuring their students receive an enriching experience all around in ballet and socially.

Deb Hubbard

Koltun Ballet is a premier preprofessional classical ballet training program for serious and dedicated students.Alexandra Koltun and Alex Lapshin are dedicated to providing exceptional training and mentoring in a state of the art facility, drawing on their superb training in the Vagonova method, classical repertoire, and outstanding world class professional careers! Alexandra and Alex have an Artistic lineage deeply rooted in traditional technique ,precision and artistry.Both Alexandra and Alex are passionate, and deeply caring about all of their students personal and artistic development. It is with enduring gratitude and love that we highly recommend Koltun Blallet as the best ballet training in the New England area! Merci grand merci!

Lisa Freedman

My daughter spent four weeks at Koltun Ballet Boston's summer intensive this year, her second summer in their beautiful facility. In past summers, she has attended other intensives that attracted students with their famous names, but when students actually got there, they found classes were overenrolled and quite anonymous. In contrast, her summers at KBB were extremely productive. Both years she left KBB a better dancer. The feedback was blunt, challenging, and the teachers are ambitious. Alex and Alexandra bring the highest level of training and professional achievement to their teaching. They are tough, passionate, and committed. KBB is a boutique studio designed for a serious students who truly wants to push him or herself.

Sarit M

My daughter Dafna has recently returned from YAGP finals dance competition in New York. Who would have thought that our dancers could become international finalists. Alexandra koltun and Alex Lapshin have pushed our students to their maximum in the most successful way, to ensure that they reach the highest standard of ballet, and modern contemporary. The style of teaching is very professional and the teachers there are just incredible. Professionals are given scholarships almost every year with Koltun Ballet Boston for they produce professionals right in Watertown. Dafna wouldn't have had half the opportunities she does without this studio and who knows where she would be without the exquisite training expertise. I would strongly recommend attending this studio for the best results always occur. Thank you to the wonderful teachers at Koltun we could never thank you enough.

Sojourn Gudorf Johnston

I am in my second year training at Koltun Ballet Academy. My mother and I moved from Vermont to train with Koltun Ballet Academy and it was the best decision I have ever made! I look forward to my classes everyday. Miss Koltun and Mr Lapshin are inspiring to me and my classmates. They are both brilliant former principle dancers dancers and are able to demonstrate movement correctly instead of just telling us how to do something. They are also masters with artistry. We have many extraordinary performance opportunities for classical ballets at amazing venues such as Jacob's Pillow, Boston University and Youth America Grand Prix. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to train with them. They are kind, thoughtful and care deeply for their students.

amber verhaert


Richard Shea

Koltun Ballet Boston - World class, hands on instruction. Unparalleled expertise. Alexandra Koltun and Alex Lapshin are the best!

sara gerstein

The level of professionalism is unparalleled. If you are a novice or a serious student of ballet, I highly recommend this studio where the teachers possess a wealth of both stage and educational experience. The high-ceilinged studio is beautiful and spacious and the environment nurturing. The teachers are truly inspiring. They teach you proper technique which gets results!

Anthony Koltun

Susan Melville

My son just had a great experience attending 3 weeks of summer intensive! The instruction is top notch and he learned and improved so much. He really enjoyed his time there and would love to be able to attend year round. This ballet school is great for students who really want to progress and make the most of their abilities. The instructors are of the highest caliber and are very passionate and dedicated in giving every student the support and help they need to improve and do their best.

Roberta Pellegrino

Coming from Europe we sent our daughter to the big name ballet school in Boston, but it did not work at all. When we heard Alexandra Koltun was opening her own academy we were among the first to sign up.Our daughter has been a student of Alexandra for four years and we have seen tremendous improvement in her proficiency and skill level. Alexandra is devoted, passionate and a fantastic role model who is committed to helping each of her students advance in their dance careers. Alexandra is a serious professional, and because ballet is an extremely rigorous discipline and we could not feel more fortunate to have her as a ballet coach and mentor. As a parent, I hope that all the coaches and teachers our daughter will encounter in her academic/ballet career will have the same level of professionalism and caring as Alexandra.

Val Busler

Our daughter achieved amazing results during this year, coming only once a week. She is looking forward to next level.

Xavier.Natasha Reigneau-Hawke

I was not impressed with what I saw going on at Koltun Ballet Academy (I did not dance there however, I watched some classes and performances, and my husband danced there). In my opinion I would not recommend it. That being said, from what I saw, I do think private lessons from Alex Lapshin (which I believe you can do there) would be of use to someone wanting to further their ballet training.

Marina Darlow

This is my daughter's fourth year at Koltun, and we love it. The teachers are truly passionate about the art, and care deeply about the kids. I've never seen such level of precision and professionalism, and we've been in other, celebrated studios around Boston. The approach here is rigorous and very demanding, so it's not for everyone. But for kids who are truly into ballet, it's an amazing place.

zhijun zhang

Cherish Brunet

Having just returned from the world renown YAGP 2018 Finals in New York City with two of my daughters, I can attest to the amazing training the Koltun Ballet Boston dancers have been given by Alexandra Koltun, Alex Lapshin and their staff. An emphasis on technique classes combined with coaching in variations and ensemble pieces provided these young dancers the opportunity to stand out among the best dancers in the world. We are thankful for year round training in a beautiful facility with amazing faculty.

Amelia Sorensen

We first enrolled our four-year-old son in creative movement last year at Koltun over programs such as Boston Ballet and Jose Mateo. The juxtaposition to his school day is ideal and challenges him in different ways. Our son's preschool/kindergarten has a child's-interest, self-directed learning method. This ballet academy is curriculum-focused with a thoughtfully consistent routine. Koltun Ballet Boston is methodical and rigorous with high standards and the students are accomplished. Kristin Wagner is a talented teacher. It was a special treat to have Sojourn, an older KBA/KBB student, assist our son's class. Her talent is obviously flourishing under Alexandra and Alex's tutelage. There are other places where children can cavort and monkey around, but Koltun is the place to enroll for a proper foundation in comportment, artistry and technique.

Laura Sloan

My daughter has been attending Koltun Ballet Academy since her sophomore year of high school, when she decided to become a serious dancer. She is now a senior. Koltun offers a rigorous, pre-professional program with small, nurturing classes, taught exclusively by former principal dancers Alexandra Koltun and Alex Lapshin. Both are extraordinary teachers, in terms of technique, artistry, and choreography. Their hands on instruction in very small classes makes their school unique from other programs around. My daughter has learned discipline, skill, and a has developed a passion for ballet that she would not have gotten elsewhere. We feel very lucky to have found them and will be sad to say goodbye at the end of the year!


The female teacher, Mrs. Koltun, would harass the students while working with them. She made it a very negative learning experience.

anonymous person

I would give this establishment negative stars if possible... 3 words: Harassment, violence and Abuse Alex Lapshine was a great and supportive teacher but his wife was not

LeAnn Lindsey

We were referred to Koltun Ballet Academy by our previous ballet teacher when we moved to the Boston area. It is an intense pre-professional ballet school with small classes where every student receives individual attention. The instructors care passionately about the progress and success of every student. If you want true professional training for your child, this is the best program in the Boston area.


We Love it! Best in everything! Great job!

A. R.

Alexandra and Alex are passionate teachers. They expect 100% and they give 100%.

Michelle Gudorf

Alexandra Koltun and Alex Lapshin provide the best ballet training and mentoring in the New England area. Their exceptional Vaganava training focuses on precision, technique, and artistry, with ample performance opportunities each year to showcase the talents of their students. More importantly, they care deeply about each student's personal and professional growth. Bravi!

Lucy Qiu

My daughter has been training at the KBA for two years now and she has thoroughly enjoyed her experience. Throughout 2 years, my daughter has improved immensely under Alexandra and Alex's care. Alex and Alexandra create a professional environment with small sized classes where my daughter can be disciplined and helped to improve every class. They care deeply about every student's progression and their enthusiasm for this sport can be seen everyday in the studio. If you are looking to become the best dancer you can be, go to Koltun Ballet Academy.

Lauren Hall

My daughter just left the school after 2 years, mostly in level 4. Her primary teacher was not Ms. Koltun, but twice a week they went into her class, with level 5 and 6, for an additional 15 minutes or so for a variety of exercises. Ms. Koltun creates a very intense, competitive, and fearful environment. Her older classes are her top priority; most have come from other schools where they were the best. My daughter did not want to be with Ms. Koltun. Ms. Koltun physically steps on feet with force to “stretch” them into place, she adjusts leotards (while humiliating the girls), and verbally degrades students in class. Students that had parents advocate for them tended to be treated better. When I spoke to my daughters primary teacher about all this, she said this was the ballet world and the girls learn to deal with it. Not my daughter.

Joe Kuefler

Alex and Alexandra are top-shelf material. They have performed on the greatest stages across the world . They are incredibly well known, respected and connected to the international dance world. If your son or daughter is serious about classical ballet, there is no better school outside NYC and Moscow. Through an intense amount of work, Alex and Alexandra prepared my son for a company position in a European ballet company. He had no chance at this without their help and dedication. I have also have an NCAA division-1 athlete who came through club soccer and ECNL. Koltun Ballet Boston is the "club soccer of ballet." It's not for the faint of heart: it's for boys and girls who think they might have a shot at professional dance. Just like D1 and club sports, having an intense and dedicated coach can be unpleasant at times. Our human nature is to be lazy. A good coach drives out the daemons and makes us better than we could by ourselves. At least a dozen kids rent apartments in Watertown and shift to home-schooling in order to attend Koltun Ballet Boston. It's the real deal.

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