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REVIEWS OF Arthur Murray Dance Studio Boston IN Massachusetts

Filippo Palumbo

jane kadlubkiewicz

Arthur Murray in Boston is such a great studio--central location, beautiful space, and most important, terrific staff. So easy to learn to dance with great instructors in a friendly, cordial atmosphere. Darius is a born dancer and teacher--and makes learning so easy and so much fun!

Andris Vizulis

My wife and I (we're in our late 60's now) started taking weekly ballroom dance lessons as a couple at Arthur Murray Boston (Park Plaza) about five years ago. We always liked to dance, but like most of you reading this review, we had had no formal training and just shuffled around on the dance floor with some semblance of rhythm and professed confidence, like most people do. But after you start lessons, you begin to realize very quickly that it doesn't take much instruction to bring you to a level that's far beyond the norm of the usual dance floor. Knowing the most basic rhumba, foxtrot, tango, salsa and swing steps suddenly starts making you the object of comments like "wow, you guys really know how to dance!!" The truth of the matter is that, just like trying to master any musical instrument, getting beyond that initial stage of euphoria over some simple steps takes lots of commitment and perseverance. It also takes the right kind of teachers, environment, mix of ages and proficiencies of students, and general "buzz." Arthur Murray Boston has the perfect combination of all these kinds of qualities. The location is wonderful, the teachers are first-class, and the office staff is warm and welcoming. And, these are people with heart, whom you look forward to seeing every week. The amount you learn and how far you want to advance is up to you, but it will do wonders for you in many ways ... like self confidence (and humility!). But more important, it will put you into a fantastic mood by the end of every lesson, no matter how grumpy life has made you before going in. So do yourself a favor and fit some Arthur Murray ballroom into your life. Tell them Andy and Becky sent you (Boston location)! (Shout out to our wonderful teachers ... Harrison and Kristen ... and others over the years!)


I started dancing at the Arthur Murray Boston Studio about 10 months ago, and could not be happier with my choice. Each and every staff member brings a unique, fun and inspirational energy to their classes - be they group classes or private instruction. The staff are all very professional and friendly. There is always someone there if you have a question or would like some advice. In the relatively short period of time that I have been practicing, I can really see dramatic improvement in my own dancing - and not only that but practicing dance has helped me to have more mind-body awareness and to overcome several obstacles that I have been facing over the past year. As a former yoga and mind-body instructor this is very important to me. It is not always easy to find good teachers, but at Arthur Murray Boston, the teachers are not just good, they are Great. Beyond this, there is a great community of other students, most of whom are happy to support your practice by practicing together, sharing their experience, and even just spending time talking together. Plus: There is always something new going on - be it practice parties, Master and Guest Trainers/Instructors or flash mob dances (to name a few). A must try.

Christine Mclellan

I have been dancing at AM Boston for close to 7 years. All of the staff are friendly, helpful and are well-trained to teach anyone. The manager, Kristen is terrific. The space is very nicely done and comfortable. I look forward to my weekly private lessons are they are the highlight of my week. I can relieve my stress from life and work and just dance the night away. They also offer a excellent variety of group classes and practice parties. Give it a try, I am sure you will want to become a part of the AM Boston Family. Christine :)

Begüm Taşkazan

They are kind

Suhail Puente

The staff are very friendly and always willing to work with you. I have one the greatest instructors in the studio. Harrison is patient, kind and he makes you want to become a better dancer. You also enjoy yourself during the lessons . I always left with my spirit lifted.

Mike Dominy

I don't give 5 stars often or easily but they've earned it. The instructors work really hard to help the students get better and enjoy dancing -- and to tailor lessons and programs based on what you are trying to accomplish. They provide positive and upbeat feedback and encouragement from the very beginning. This is particularly important for us guys who often feel self-conscious or incompetent - especially when first learning to dance. I've been a student for 4 years and have participated in multiple events from group lessons and practice parties (included in the program) to Showcases and even competitions. I never thought I would go to competitions but did....and I really liked it because it really did help me take my dancing to another level. The competitive events are for everyone and that's OK with the staff.

Marla Onishi

Arthur Murray Boston is a very special dance studio as it is an oasis of music, dance, fun and relaxation. Everyone - staff and students are welcoming, kind and non-judgmental of dance abilities. The Boston studio is amazing as there is a vital mix of age range of students from young to retirees. This makes for a dynamic and educational environment. Learning starts at the very beginner level - including those who have never danced before and no partner is needed. Dancing has re-energized me and helped me grow - physically and mentally. Give it a try and you may become addicted to dance and part of the Arthur Murray Boston dance family.

Aurea Borges

Choosing to learn ballroom dance at Arthur Murray was a great decision. Arthur Murray's instructors and staff have became part of my (almost) daily life and I cannot have enough of it! The entire staff greets you in a positive and welcoming atmosphere, and the group classes allow you to socialize an learn from all different instructors. Furthermore, having an awesome private instructor such as Chris Santapaola with his dedication and personable approach, makes me stick with the plan and strive for more! Arthur Murray Boston Studio is all I need to relax and have fun after a stressful day at work.! Hello Arthur Murray Boston! I love you all!!! Thank you so very much for all you do! Aurea Borges

Heather Shapiro

I have been going to the studio since July and it has been an awesome experience. Ive never ballroom danced before but all of the teachers are very patient and great at explaining things in different ways until it clicks. I've had so much fun and would really recommend this Studio to anyone looking to learn. The group classes are also a great way to meet other students and keep practicing.

Samantha Chapman

We worked with Jim and Chris leading up to our wedding and had a great experience! They were fun and upbeat, and made us feel comfortable even though neither of us have danced before. That comfort that they helped us develop in the studio transferred over to the dance floor at our wedding really well - we actually had fun with it, and felt good about our first dance! Huge thanks to them for a great experience (and much-needed dance knowledge)

Ken Kan

I have Brianna as my instructor. She is so instructive, so caring, and so energetic! It's hard not to get into the mood of the dance with her. Instructors sometimes rotate and coach so that you get a variety of perspectives on how you can improve on your dance. There is also a strong and solid community of passionate dancers. The weekly group classes and the parties are complimentary to the tuition. It's a great way to practice and show off what you've learned in private lessons. And they are fun! Highly recommended.

Denise Jandreski

My son and I had a great time prepping for our mother/son wedding dance. The staff was great and we gained a lot of confidence by performing for the studio class.

Holly McKenna

The entire crew at Arthur Murray Boston is phenomenal! Their energy is contagious and they make you feel totally comfortable learning new dances. My husband and I took lessons with Chris so that we were prepared for our first dance at our wedding in August. Chris was absolutely fantastic! We learned something new at each lesson and had so much fun every time. Even when we didn't want to go to a group class or lesson after a long day of work, we dragged ourselves there and it was all worth it. We were more energized after the class than we were at the beginning of the day! We felt 100% comfortable by the end and our first dance was just natural and un-choreographed. I highly recommend this studio-- and Chris in particular for an instructor -- to anyone looking for a way to perfect their first dance or just for a fun date night activity!

Jordan Tirrell

Very expensive. We found a better studio at half the price. Instructors are decent but they lean towards making you feel good more than improving (might be good for wealthy casual dancers). When we signed up at the Boston studio they confirmed with us (multiple times) that we would definitely be able to attend group lessons at the NY studio too. The Boston studio is serious about selling, but the NY studio is far worse, they only wanted to squeeze money out of us, and they are pushy. After telling NY a few times that we wanted to do our privates in Boston (as was the plan that both studios OK'ed), they changed their mind and kicked us out. We left both studios because the advantage of multiple locations was why we signed up, and the Boston studio charged us a "cancellation fee", even though they broke the contract on us... the moral is don't expect to be able to use other AM studios, even if they tell you you can :(

Benjamin Bianchi

I am stunned and the personalization and the warmness of the staff here. Everyone (including pther patrons) here says hello to you, the staff is extremely thorough and is constantly checking to see how your experience is. They push you as hard as you like. I have yet to find a instructor who I didn't click with and have an excellent lesson with. I've never danced before taking lessons here and now this is one of the highlights of my week!

Judith Richi

Caring, encouraging staff. Beautiful studio. A great place to learn to dance and forget your troubles

Erik Witkowski

I have been taking lessons here for a month to refresh my ballroom and social dancing skills. Rachel has been a terrific instructor: fun, knowledgeable and easy to work with. This place is mostly about private lessons, but the occasional group lessons and a weekly party are nice ways to practice with other students.

Brent C

My fiancé and I were new to Boston and our wedding was coming up in 2-3 months and needed a simple yet elegant dance. We purchased 5 private dance lessons and that paired with the free group lessons have been phenomenal. Each teacher is thoroughly professional, talented and friendly. Our dance is coming along very well! Can't recommend high enough!

Eric Newman

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable wedding dance, a new hobby, or just a fun way to shed some pounds, Arthur Murray Boston is the place for you. Coming from a former year-long student, you will be energized as soon as you walk in the door to take your first of many lessons. The instructors are not only phenomenal dancers, but devoted and motivational teachers who put in whatever time and effort is necessary for you to achieve your goals. By going to the complimentary group classes and practice parties, you will form a new group of dance friends. Think you'd rather go to the gym or run outside? Well ballroom dancing is one of the few activities that has been shown to prevent dementia and keep you cognitively strong if you do it frequently. Whatever age, ballroom dancing will make you feel (and look) younger. You can google image the studio and see that it is beautifully designed. It has been recently renovated to include even more dance space as the community of student dancers continues to grow. Don't take my word for it. Why not take a complimentary lesson and decide for yourself?

Nina-Marie Carvalho

I have been a student at Arthur Murray Boston since April. There are no words to truly express what they have done for me. I danced for years from childhood until I was 21. However, life happens and things become complicated and adulthood can get in the way of you doing the things you love. This year, I made the decision to start taking lessons at The Arthur Murray Studio in Boston. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself psychologically. My instructor is Harrison. Harrison is just amazing! He is wonderful at what he does. He is also kind and caring and funny and supportive. I feel like I am in the most capable of hands having Harrison as my guide. All of the instructors are fantastic! They make you feel very welcome and they make you drop those inhibitions and erase your fears. Besides your one on one classes, there are also group classes. These classes teach you technique and form. And they also allow you to get to know the other students. Every Thursday night, I am there for group class and the dance party that follows. I may be exhausted the next day, but I love being there. And the dance parties allow you to practice everything you have learned so far. For anyone who is interested in learning to dance because they are getting married, because they want to do something fun, or to find their passion again - like me - take the leap and have the time of your life!

Donna M White

There probably isn't enough space here or time for me to express how much this studio and the teachers and staff mean to me. I've been dancing here since mid January. Ryan is my main teacher. Not only is he patient and encouraging but the fact that I can dance and follow (think somewhat stubborn woman) is amazing and a testament to his incredible skill at teaching. The funny thing is that I have so much fun I almost don't notice that I am learning. Dancing has been a wonderful way for me to reduce stress in my life. It isn't just the amazing teachers (Ryan and Harrison and Melissa and Rachel and Catherine and Darius to name a few), the energy and uplifting vibe in the studio is palpable. So if you are thinking about learning to dance, I highly recommend that you dance yourself through their door.

Laura Colcord

I have been dancing at this studio for more than 10 years. The staff have created a wonderful, friendly, supportive atmosphere that makes you feel like part of a circle of friends from the very beginning. The other students, who have all gone through the beginner stage too, are helpful and supportive and cheer you on at whatever level you are. The Arthur Murray program includes one-on-one instruction with a teacher, group classes, weekly practice parties, and ways to take your dancing to a higher level through opportunities to perform and compete, if you so desire. The best part about the Arthur Murray "system" is a very organized, step-by-step process for helping you become a good dancer rapidly, using what you learn in one dance to become proficient quickly in several other dances. After just a few lessons, you will be among the better dancers anywhere you go!

David Carp

The best place to learn to dance. I would highly recommend any of the instructors. Our favorite is Rachel

Gail Pendleton

Been taking lessons here for over a decade; love the dancing, music and the friendly, funny and supportive staff!

Jennifer Brax

My husband (then fiance) and I took dance lessons here before our wedding. Briana was our instructor, she was great! She was always checking in to make sure we we're happy with our progress while still having fun. Dance lessons are a great excuse to have a date night while the stress of planning a wedding! I would definitely recommend!

Brandon Healy

They are great they were excellent in helping us get ready for our wedding dance!

Allan Mckenzie

I took my first ever BPF class a couple of weeks ago with Veronica. What an excellent workout! The instructor, Veronica, had great positive energy and was able to help each student make adjustments to their moves/poses when needed. All of the staff were super friendly and welcoming!

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