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REVIEWS OF Dawn Crafton Dance Connection IN Maryland

Ron Little

My two daughters have been dancing at the studio for more than 10 years and have grown so much while there. Confidence, poise and humility have produced a couple of "Rock Stars". They absolutely love dancing. The love and support from the studio and the entire family makes all of this possible. Thank you for encouraging the kids to explore the bounds of their talent. Rock Star Dancers from a Rock Star Studio!

Kay Summers

I grew up dancing with Dawn and have so many wonderful memories from those days. My daughter grew up at DCDC and now both my granddaughters are dancing at DCDC and LOVING it! We wouldn't consider anyplace else. A+ staff and faculty. <3

Grace Yao

They don’t do enough to help young kids like 5 year old to get in the class, but they accept this age kids. My 5 year old boy was a little nervous on the first day esp see all the girls around. He has been to other camps this summer and usually we got help from staff like a crayon or a game etc to help him ease in on the first day and he would be all fine. But this dance camp NOBODY came to help him in the morning, all they did was trying to get everybody in the room and abruptly drove parents out... result was, my boy cried hard and ran out of the room and refused to get in no matter what. Even though we have to quit him from the camp from day 1, we were told we could not get a penny refund back. The tuition for one week is, $325. Not they did not offer enough help for young kids, but also their indifferent attitude, made me take my time firm my busy schedule to write this review. If you have a little nervous 5 year old esp boy, don’t go there.

Cathleen Howard

DCDC is the MOST amazing dance school around! What an incredible experience for these young dancers. They nurture kids from tiny tots (that just melt your heart on stage) to the most magnificent talented high schoolers. And their new facility is INCREDIBLE! I only dreamed of a school like this when I was growing up. The staff is spectacular and create a loving and exciting atmosphere that encourages each dancer to reach his/her greatest potential. I just love this school! "Go into your dance!"

v legarreta

I love DCDC. This is a beautiful place to dance. I also love that it is a family business. The owners are very professional and friendly. I can see that they love what they do. Their passion for dance is inspiring.

Sarah McClain

What a great dance studio, Love it! I drive from VA , best studio around.The teachers are the best, they care for all their students. I find their goal is to make each dancer the best they can be..Its home away from home. If you have the love of dance this is the studio. Dance, community is what this studio is about!


We started going to DCDC when my daughter was 2. As soon as we walked into the studio we fell in love with the people and the teachers. My daughter danced their for 5 1/2 years and we loved ever minute of it. We became family and we gained life long friendships. The end of year recitals and costumes are always awesome. DCDC is a great place for dancers. They not only learn how to danced but they learn how to be great people. Unfortunately we moved 5 years ago but we will always call DCDC our dance family. No other studio compares!

Katrina Jones

Danced with Dawn for 13 years. Best days of my life. Learned so much about dance, workshops, competitions and teaching. I only wish I lived closer to be more involved. My daughter would have danced with her also. So proud how far the studio has come. One of the best of my life is being about of Dawn Crafton dance family. I want to be like Dawn when I grow up. lol!

Carrie Ghine

Loving our dance experience even more in the brand new state of the art studio in Rockville!!!

Carlton Johnson

Beware of unprofessional business practices!!!!! Very unorganized scheduling and planning. You can count on extra costs and charges throughout the program that aren't mentioned in the contract that you agree to. They are extremely inflexible with any of their terms and they customer is always wrong. They are unapologetic and don't care about their customers at all. To be far, their dance program seems good but they are a nightmare to work with and you mean nothing to them. Proceed with caution.

baile beck

I couldn’t imagine dancing at another studio. The teachers are so nice and help you grow as not only a dancer but as a person, the kids are so nice to each other and the seniors make amazing role models. The studio offers a kitchen for kids to sit in and work on homework as well as eat and wait for their class to start. I’ve been here for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t ask for a better studio. The teachers and dancers are dedicated to not only dance but to each other. If you want to dance, dance here !!!

Sandra Bainum

This studio has been in existence for decades. A three generation dance studio family, they know how to teach dance and keep kids motivated to move to the next level. Their end of the year shows are fantastic and show the range of students and their potential. They have had kids ascend the levels to the highest ranks of dancers both through competition, to dance teams in college and beyond to the Broadway stage and professional choreographers. Their new home in the city center of Rockville is state of the art and it is truly the BEST studio in the area. Whether you are looking for beginning lessons for a little one to challenging classes for established dancers, you can find it here.

Ava Katz

DCDC has been my home for so many years. Everyday, I come to class excited to learn and grow from the teachers, who consistently inspire me to achieve my goals. I have been taught countless lessons on and off the dance floor, and there are so many skills and experiences that I will take with me forever. But the thing I am most grateful for is the people from this studio that have turned into my family. Everyone at DCDC has helped to shape me into the person I am today. Dance is my passion and what I want to pursue thanks to Dawn Crafton. It is a place where anyone can come be themselves and experience the magic in dance.

Kristina Little

I have been with Dawn Crafton Dance Connection for 11 years! I love being able to come to dance everyday and be myself. I have created such a relationship with everyone on my team and the teachers. I know I can trust them with everything and I can go to them when I need advice about anything. Not only is dawn crafton a fantastic dance school, it is also a life lesson I can learn from. My dance school has taught me to learn from my mistakes and the positives that happen when I do. Without Dawn Crafton I wouldn't be where I am right now. I continue to grow at that school everyday and I can't wait for the future with my team!❤

Naturally Wonderless

Marni Goldfine

Best Dance studio I have ever been to!

Shannon Davis

Run away.. my daughter has been dancing at a different location since she was 2. We moved and had to switch this location was recommended. Not only is it double the cost but they charge for everything. My daughter was in the performance group at the end of the season we missed one practice (they only practiced once a month) and was immediately emailed that she was no longer in the dance company. It was only one competition left but they refused to refund my money for the competition, then on top of that for the recitals you have to buy all your tickets at once and only get 12. So I had already bought all the tickets thinking she would still be in pinstripes recital piece she was in it all season. Nope... and guess what they won’t refund that money either... amazing. Add on to that dawn the actual owner is a awful. She is constantly has a negative attitude from the first time I met her. We are used to our old studio where it was like a family and every one is so nice and warm. The teachers were amazing. This studio if you want ballet go somewhere else because they don’t offer strong ballet or acro for that matter... miss our old studio.. thank god it is almost over!

Andrew Riddle

Practice, practice, practice usually means you improve in your craft. Not at DCDC where if you take a dance class, no matter what it is, you are given 45 minutes on average of studio time once per week. It was our experience at DCDC to have our daughter learn hip hop, but ultimately it was a joke. The instructor was good I hear, but the scheduling for 45 minutes once per week or 3.5 hours per month. Now who in the hell learns anything more than the basic stuff for going to the studio once per week for less than an hour. It was an absolute joke, and DCDC is about charging high prices for the little you get. If you are serious about dance, you definitely want to audition for a serious company where their expectation meet that of your daughter/son. DCDC does not even scout good talent, they take in any one who simply wants to learn a certain type of dance. This is their mission. To teach dance to everyone. Our daughter, thankfully, understood what her father had been advocating all along in that 3.5 hours was a joke for the money we were spending. She stopped playing volleyball that would have at a minimum had her train 6-10 hours per week compared to the scant time she was receiving. We are elated that our daughter is now with a dance company that understands the level of commitment and dedication to the art of dance. Though the cost we are paying does not compare, our daughter is receiving a greater return on investment. Her training is everyday at a highly competitive place learning contemporary, ballet, and modern dance. If you choose to stay at DCDC and pay a lot of money for 3.5 hours per month for say hip hop, please keep your child in another sport. Dance here would be a hobby, not a sport for the little time she is given and your child will lose that love and dedication and eventually lose interest. Keep in mind our daughter was in enrolled in one class, not two or three where if you choose to do multiple dance genres, you will be training generally more than 45 min. For the two years we were there, we suffered to see that her potential and love for dance was suffering. She needed a place that could match her talent and surround her with great coaching and students just as committed.

Elena Davisson

Amazing! They teach many dance styles, and also have a competition team, it's honestly amazing! You also have A LOT of fun!

Pamela Krawczel

All 4 of my daughters danced with Dawn Crafton Dance Connection. My oldest daughter started at the age of 2 andjust finished her last year at the age of 18. She loved dancing and she loved the people. As a parent I thought the studio did an excellent job of teaching life lessons: Show up on time, come prepared, accept feedback graciously, work hard, etc. Overall, it was an wonderful experience.

Dan Blitz

Dawn Crafton Dance Connection has given our daughter SO many wonderful opportunities to grow and learn as a dancer. She has been exposed to multiple styles of dance at this studio, and loves being taught by trained professionals both in the studio, as well as the outside choreographers they bring in to further enhance training. Our daughter truly values her "dance family" here, and always enjoys her time at this beautiful new studio in Rockville, MD. In addition to her weekly classes, our daughter is also an active member of the DCDC competitive dance team. Very happy! S. Blitz


It's great being a "Dance Dad" at Dawn Crafton Dance Connection! Love the new studio!

Grace Hochberg

I have danced at a few studios over the years but as soon as I moved to dcdc 4 years ago I knew I had found my second family. The classes are professional and fun and the teachers are all incredibly supportive and friendly. The studio owners and managers have provided me with connections and insights into the professional world of dance that I know I will take advantage of forever and everyone in the dcdc family has welcomed me and my family in completely since we moved to this studio.

Cassie Cooley

My mom grew up dancing with Dawn's mom and I grew up dancing with Dawn, so I knew my daughters would dance here too! Both of my girls love of dance continues to grow at DCDC. The professionalism of the staff and the nurturing they provide continues to make my daughters' dance experience a positive one. There is no other studio like them. I highly recommend DCDC!

Audrey Elmendorf

I love Dawn crafton dance center! The classes are very challenging but if you are very dedicated you can do it. There competition team is amazing and they always win. If you are truly serious about dance this is the place for you.

Grace DiPietro

Caroline Kelly

If you want to dance competitively or just for fun, Dawn Crafton Dance Connection is the place for you. The brand new location in Rockville Town Square provides a space for students as young as 3 to learn and appreciate the art of dance. Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro and more are taught by trained professionals. The front office is kind and caring to each and every student and makes sure they are placed in the appropriate level to bring out their best. Their recital is absolutely amazing!

Vanessa Henley

Teryn Mitchell

I love Dawn Crafton more than anything in the world! I have been dancing there for as long as I can remember and have made so many life-long friends. The teachers are amazing, the studio directors are all like second moms to me, and the experiences that I have had at DCDC will be with me wherever I go! I couldn't imagine life without DCDC and all of the amazing memories with the studio!

Irene Zhang

I want to find a ballet class for my 3 year old and I tried this one because my friend recommended it. I feel really regretted. First of all, they do not allow parents to check up the kids even for a quick glance. They explained it would be distracting and have bad impact on the kids. While it is somewhat understandable, there is no communication at all from the teachers after the class. It may be acceptable for an older child who knows what is going on. But for a 3 year old, how can I know if she participated in the class or just sat on the teacher’s lap for 45 mins?! No one told me anything. Secondly, they mentioned free trial class when they gave the tour. Then when I asked, they said no trial class for young kids. So I ended up purchasing 4 weeks’ class in order for my child to try. They charged an extra $37 fee without any notice! My child did not like it after the first class (yes, she was nervous and unhappy without a sight of mom). Then I asked if we can get refund for the rest 3 weeks. The answer was a firm no. Luckily I only purchased 4 weeks! After that, I am done with them. They don’t care about their customers or students. My child is just a business to them. That is all I feel from them.

chris collins

As a dance studio owner myself, I have the highest regard for Dawn Crafton and her staff. I have known Dawn more than 40 years and she has always produced top notch students. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone living in Rockville area

Erika Wines

I have been part of the DCDC family for 23+years. I started dancing with Dawn in the basement of a church, moved into Airpark and now into the Rockville studio. I have been a dancer, teacher and now a dance mom! The best part of DCDC is the feeling of home I get when I walk in the doors! Dawn, Kelly and the studio has taught me more lessons than I can begin to express. It has taught me confidence, discipline, good work ethic and so much more. It has also connected me with lifelong friends and helped shape my career! I will forever be a part of DCDC. It has a place in my heart forever. #ilovedcdc

Nicole Lynch

My daughter loves DCDC and so do we!! It is a wonderful dance studio! I highly recommend Dawn Crafton Dance Connection!

Sydney Montgomery

I started dancing with DCDC in 2010 and I can say that it changed my life, and my family's life, for the better. Dancing with DCDC taught me poise, confidence, technique, and instilled in me a level of professionalism both on the stage in performance and in the classroom. Having taken dance classes at most of the dance studios in the County, I can honestly say that there is no higher quality of dance instruction than DCDC. The level of seriousness and purpose the students and the teachers have is unparalleled. DCDC also fostered choreographing skills that stayed with me through college (Princeton) as I choreographed for several student dance companies. My sister (age 13) has been dancing with DCDC for the past few years and I can see the change and difference it has made in her. She is excited about coming home to practice new skills, challenged by her classmates, and encouraged and uplifted by the staff. As a backstage volunteer, I can say that the moms form a collaborative community, whether it's your first year with the company or you've been with DCDC for many years. Even as an adult, DCDC is still my dance home and with their wide array of adult classes and private lessons will stay my dance family for years to come.

Cristina Camacho

Beautiful space, great atmosphere

Catherine T. Little

My home away from home. I have been dancing at Dawn Crafton Dance Connection for 10 years. The teachers at the studio are always so helpful and understanding. They are constantly giving us advice and ways we can improve ourselves. The new studio we have in Rockville is an incredible space to dance in. I always look forward to dancing there any chance I get. I learned from the best and have made life-long friends as well. #teamdcdc

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