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REVIEWS OF Bella Ballet IN Maryland

Kristin Field

My daughter attended Mommy & Me for one year and she’s currently enrolled in Princess Ballet (3s). The instructors at Bella Ballet are just wonderful with each student - my daughter SO looks up to Miss Jackie and Miss Jessie, and they are amazing in the way that they personalize their approach with dancers at every age group. She loves to practice during the week and to learn the words for each ballet move so that she’s ready for her next class. I see my daughter becoming more vibrant, confident and passionate as Bella Ballet sparks her love of dance. We are so happy to be a part of the Bella Ballet community!

Becky Decoster

First impressions are everything, and our first impression of ballet and dance studios has been nothing short of awesome with Bella Ballet. My four year old can’t wait for Tuesday afternoon, smiles from ear to ear and loves showing off her new moves. It’s fun, interactive and organized in a way that everyone has a chance to shine. We’re so happy with our choice!

John Brewer

My girls have been going here for a little over 3 years, and still enjoy it as much as their 1st. The teachers and staff treat you like family, get to know your kids on a personal level, and are always vibrant with energy. The owner is very personable and down to earth, and treats your kids like her own. I would say if your reading this to determine whether it would be a good fit for your young inspiring dancer or just looking to get them into something they might like, this studio is for you. As their slogan says, they make confident ballerinas one twirl at a time.

Stephanie Gregg

Bella Ballet is the best! Ballet day is my little one's favorite day of the week. The teachers are fantastic- it's clear they adore teaching kids. They are encouraging, caring and skilled. The kids learn technique in a developmentally appropriate way. And there are always tutus. If you're looking for a school of dance, I highly recommend Bella Ballet.

Farrah Jolly

My daughter has been with Bella Ballet for over five years now and she has loved every moment of it. Miss Hope, Miss Jackie and Miss Jessie are three of the kindest, loving and sweetest teachers I have ever met. All of the instructors are stellar! My daughter loves each class and the support and encouragement she gets from all her teachers. In the past year she joined the Bellas Dance team and I was pleasantly surprised by her keenness to do so. She was welcomed with open arms and has made friends on the team. I have seen more confidence, spunk and love for dancing since joining the Bellas – I couldn’t be happier! This dance studio does more than just teach dance to young girls – it embodies and practices kindness as part of every lesson. It celebrates each girls uniqueness, strengths and diversity and provides a platform for them to shine and grow into strong, confidents leaders. I would highly recommend Bella Ballet for ballet, tap, jazz/hip-hop – all of the young dancers are encouraged, loved and supported throughout their journey. We look forward to many more happy years as part of the Bella family.

Michael Kahler

Ms. Hope is absolutely phenomenal! We became a Bella member over 3 years ago. My daughter loves her classes and the summer camp is full of activities and princess inspired parties! The birthday bashes here are also top notch. Recently, I enrolled my 3 year old son in the Adaptive dance class. Ms. Hope has a Special educator working with the children's that are on all levels of the Spectrum including children with mobility issues. There isn't any dance studio like this anywhere! Way to go Hope!

Melanie Pellegrini

My daughter did princess camp at Bella last summer and has been taking ballet since September. Everything has been well run and the instructors are exceptionally good with children! My daughter is really happy there :)

Amy Goldstein

This is such a special place. From the moment you walk in you feel that something extra! My daughter has been dancing with Bella for a long time and here is what I know. She is more confident, poised, aware of herself because of the teachings of Miss Hope and her amazing staff. Sign up asap, if you're looking for extraordinary, Bella Ballet is the extra!


This is the best dance studio in the area by far! Ms. Hope and her team of teachers are the most caring, energetic and passionate group of people and my daughter looks forward to her time there each week. I couldn't recommend it more!

Erica Tappis

We have had a wonderful experience with Bella Ballet from day ONE. The studio is most definitely my daughter's "happy place!" The teachers are pure magic... they truly captivate the dancers with their sweet, theatrical presence. My daughter has learned so much about dance and her confidence has soared! I also love that the Bella Ballet team takes such an active part in the community.

Amy Schlom

Dancing with Miss Hope is like taking lessons from a real live Disney Princess! From the moment you enter her studio, Miss Hope is larger than life and her energy transfers to the little girls as excitement and love for dancing. Dance instruction is infused with make-believe play in which every girl is a “ballerina princess.” I catch myself peeking into the studio windows to witness the magical fun my daughter is experiencing. This is a fun part about having a little girl! Miss Hope has excellent control over the class and an impressive ability to hold the little ones’ interest, with a format that incorporates group teaching and one-on-one time where each girl can master the moves. She does an amazing job of enthusiastically celebrating each girl’s individual accomplishments, improving technique while also building confidence. In addition to being a skilled instructor, Miss Hope exudes a warmth that creates a nurturing environment for the little ones. My 3-year-old daughter gives Miss Hope a big hug after each class and then talks her ear off about her plans for the week and her intention to practice the dance moves. Practice at home she does, such that any of us willing to be her audience enjoys our very own “ballerina princess.” In this way dancing with Miss Hope is a beautiful experience for not only our daughter but for our whole family.

Koo Krampel

If you are looking for ballet classes for your child, look no further! Bella Ballet is the place to be for emerging and seasoned dancers. The facilities are clean, orderly and fresh looking. All the Prima Ballerinas teaching the classes are the warmest, kindest and nicest teachers/instructors I have come across. They are very orderly and teach personal responsibility to the students and have set standards for their dancers. Everything is done is a positive and spirit-lifting way. Each child feels special and loved at Bella and they really go that extra mile to make it special!

Mary Liu

I signed my daughter up for Bella in January 2018 in the 3-4 year old class. Initially, she was very shy and anxious about participating, even needing to be pulled off me to enter the class. I could sense that she enjoyed it because at home she would talk about it and practice the moves. In 10 months, she has blossomed so much! She looks forward to seeing her teachers who are very encouraging and nurturing and full of hugs. She has gained a lot of confidence from the positive reinforcement she receives from her teachers. Thank you for the love and warmth that you bring to your classes and the wonderful experience we have had and continue to have!

Maira Soriano

My daughter has been attending Bella Ballet now since she was 4 years old (now almost 8) and we took a one year break due to new baby. There was not a day that my daughter Melody didn't ask when she would return to Bella Ballet and that she missed her teachers. When Melody walked throught the door after her year break Miss Hope and Miss Jesse immediately hugged her and said "Melody we've missed you" that made my daughter and my family feel so special. Each one of the dance instructors takes the time to make each little girl feel so special. I am so excited to see all that my daughter will continue to learn at Bella Ballet. I also can't wait to have see my other daughter dance her heart away at Bella Ballet when she's old enough in a few years!!

David Diamond

Bell Ballet is the best. We started taking our daughter just before she was 3 and now she is 3 and a half and in the 9 months or so she’s been going has been have been amazing! Our shy quiet little daughter scared to say hi to anyone, now she can’t wait to run into ballet and see “her friends” she has become much more social, her speech is louder and clearer and she loves dancing!!! We couldn’t be happier with them. To everyone are bella Thank You! The Diamond Family

Jessica Boro

My daughter has enjoyed her class at Bella so much! The highlight of her year was preparing for the recital and daddy-daughter dance. The teachers are so kind and amazing with the girls.

Mi borderline y yo by Melissa

Bella ballet is a form of art that allows many children to express themselves through body motion while developing many skills. My daughters enjoy their classes and love their teacher because lovely and have a lot of patients for each individual.

Jen Farlow

We love Bella Ballet!! Miss Jessie and Miss Jackie are phenomenal teachers - my 4-year-old daughter asks to go to class every day! - Jen Farlow

Nathalie Scott

If your daughter is interested in ballet or even if you want her to take classes, she will become interested due to the special talent of Ms Hope MacDonald. She is a well trained teacher as well as the owner of Bella Ballet. Ms Hope will be teaching your child proper technique as well as making the class fun for the child. Ms Hope's patient and energetic demeanor makes Bella Ballet the perfect place for being engaged in such a beautiful art form. My daughter absolutely loves dancing at Bella Ballet. She wishes everyday was "time to go dance with Ms Hope." I love Bella Ballet because my daughter is learning more than just ballet technique. She gains discipline and self confidence. We fell in love with Bella Ballet from day one.

Shanna Saslow Engel

My 4 & 6 year old girls love dancing! Bella Ballet has given the the opportunity to try different dance styles. They love the story time and dress up too!

Kelly Luhrman

Bella Ballet is the best dance studio in the DMV area, and I couldn't recommend it more! We've been so pleased at the studio w/ both Mommy & Me, and Princess Ballet. Ms. Jessie has such a gift w/ the little ballerinas - we couldn't ask for a better teacher! Ms. Jessie is so kind and welcoming to all the little dancers, and makes class both fun and engaging! Ms. Jamie is awesome too. :)

Nora Fitzpatrick Stephens

We love Bella Ballet! Their adaptive dance class has been an amazing experience for my daughter who has autism. There aren't a lot of activities for girls who have autism, so finding this class was truly exciting! My daughter loves to dance, dress up and move to the music. The teachers are patient and talented, with a desire to share their love of ballet with children of all abilities!

Chris Pierce

outstanding! My daughter has been going here for years and loves it. They are amazing!

Katie Lee

This is a fantastic place! I can not say enough good things!

Stephanie Kunkle

My daughter has been dancing with Bella Ballet for 5 years. There is not a more inviting, accepting and loving studio around. Ms. Hope and her team have raised the bar for dance studios and continue to raise it each year without sacrificing their mission of who they are and what they stand for. As a mother of a daughter, I find it refreshing to find a safe place where my daughter can learn to dance from top dance instructors all the while be herself, grow her confidence and feel empowered. It takes a village to raise children today. It’s necessary to find places like Bella Ballet to support that journey.

xue guan

Crystal Summers

We absolutely love Bella Ballet. My daughter’s face lights up as soon as we step in the studio, and she counts down the days until her next class. Thanks to Miss Hope and her team of phenomenal teachers!

Helina Tumi

Julie Farber

From princess birthday parties to recitals to dance team (The Bellas) and everything in between, I can vouch for the fact that Bella Ballet is an amazing studio. Ms. Hope employs the kindest teachers and stands behind her goal of making sure that kids are kind, included, and appropriate on every level. Ms. Hope and her staff go above and BEYOND to make sure that the dancers feel comfortable and at home. We have been there for 6 years and can't imagine going anywhere else!

Mallorie Whipps

Emily Brewer

My daughters love Bella Ballet! If they could go everyday they would!

ArielandJess WorldPeace

My three-year-old enjoyed her class quite a bit. She would do nothing but want to wear her tutu and dance in her ballerina shoes. If you have a young daughter you should probably do this as an activity.

Kimberly Gould

My daughter has been dancing at Bella Ballet for four years. Miss Hope has cultivated a nurturing environment where dancers receive excellent, age appropriate instruction. Miss Hope and the rest of the Bella Ballet staff go above and beyond to make each dancer feel safe to learn and grow.

Megan Algeo

Bella Ballet is the perfect place if you are looking for a dance studio! My daughter has been dancing there going on her third year now and has loved every minute of it. The owner, teachers, and entire staff at Bella Ballet are the kindest group of people you will ever meet. We have danced in the Princess Ballet and Tap/Hip Hop classes and our daughter has loved both. The classes are structured so that the students are learning the particular dance style while also having tons of fun. This studio is one of the most organized groups that we have ever been a part of with fun themed weeks, numerous donation events to support different parts of the communities, lots of fun weekend parties/get togethers, and a beautiful recital where our dancers perform at the end of the year (one of my FAVORITE parts!). The staff is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and great role models for their students. This studio encourages kindness and being strong, independent individuals during their classes. My daughter is confident and a leader and I think being at Bella Ballet has greatly contributed to these amazing qualities she has! Plus I love seeing her get groovy on the dance floor!

Lisa Stamler

We love Bella Ballet! My two year old and I are in the Mommy & Me class and it’s been so fun watching the little ones learn each week. The teachers seriously couldn’t be any sweeter. We’ve only been here a few months but I have zero complaints. Even rescheduling classes is a breeze. Highly recommend!

Angela Taylor

My two girls absolutely love dance class. The class is magical for little ones-- dress up, stories, learning to be kind and good people, as well as fun dancing. I often have my girls tell me what their toes want in the morning to wake them up (this is part of their weekly warmup).

Jennifer Johnson

Awesome ballet studio. Teaching confidence, poise and love for dancing. If you're looking for a great studio for your little one look no further this place is perfect!

Kelly Tucker

This is my daughter's third year at Bella Ballet. Ms. Hope and all of the teachers are wonderful with the children! They focus on building confidence and having fun. My daughter always comes out of class with a huge smile on her face and especially loves the story time and dress up at the end of each of her classes. I also love all that Ms. Hope does to give back to the community.

Yousef Jennings

We could not say enough wonderful things about Bella Ballet. It is more than just a dance studio but a place where our girls feel comfortable to be themselves and open up through dance and just have fun! Miss Hope puts in so much love and attention into her studio and it’s really like being a part of a huge family that shares the love for dance. Our eldest daughter is fairly shy but year after year she is confident dancing up on the big stage during recital and that’s thanks to Miss Hope and all of the wonderful teachers that work so hard with our girls each and every week!

Robyn Thompson

Isabella is in her 4th year at Bella Ballet and we love every minute of it. She started in the mommy and me class and is now in her first year of traditional ballet and tap/hip hop. She loves all the teachers and loves getting her groove on. Bella Ballet is all about building little girl’s confidence and letting each girl shine in their own way. Next year mini Bella’s here comes Izzy! Hope you are amazing and an inspiration to us all.

Lauren Gellman

Bella Ballet is a fantastic dance studio! The teachers are wonderful and make every student feel comfortable and confident. The studio space is inviting and fun. Miss Hope and the Bella Ballet team truly put so much heart into all they do for the students, families, and community. They have created such a supportive and nurturing environment, one that promotes kindness and celebrates each child's individuality, and my daughter has loved every minute of her five years there.

Ally Frank

We have been part of the Bella Ballet family since Hope opened her doors 2.5 years ago,from that day on, our daughter we have seen our little girl fall in love with dance, and develop a confidence that will be with her through life.

Stacy Kravitz

My daughter has danced at Bella Ballet for over four years and we love it more each year. We've made great friends and my daughter has become a confident and talented dancer. The studio is clean and charming and makes every girl feel like a Princess. Ms. Hope is the best!

Kendall El

Bella Ballet is an amazing studio. All staff go above and beyond. -Kendall

Heather Kramer

As my daughter excitedly prepares for her 5th recital at Bella Ballet, I feel compelled to share our wonderful experiences at this studio. In addition to being a parent, I have the unique perspective as a prior dancer and early childhood educator of 20 years, creating very high expectations. I can say without a doubt that these expectations have been met, and exceeded, over the past five years at Bella Ballet in the Kentlands. My daughter began lessons as a 4 year old. It was clear that the staff understood child development, creating a safe, warm and nurturing environment which immediately puts the children (and their families) at ease and open to learning. They understand that that tears as children separate from parents is normal at this age, and they get to know each child and build relationships that help the students make that transition, quickly becoming excited to come back each week! The teachers use creativity and princess magic at the younger ages, holding students’ attention and therefore providing a strong dance foundation while having fun. As the children have gotten older, they have been exposed to many different types of dance and styles, and given the time they practice, they are able to dance circles around their peers! However, being a part of the Bella Ballet family is far more than just about dance instruction. My daughter has transformed from a timid four year old, often in tears, to a kind, confident and respectful third grader. Bella Ballet offers many opportunities for community outreach, constantly helping the students to think about those around them and giving ways to show kindness to others. The entire staff promotes confidence, making good choices that you are proud of, acceptance to diversity and celebrating the differences that make each child unique. I could not ask for better role models for my daughter than the owner and instructors at Bella Ballet. Every interaction is professional, yet individualized, and tasteful from the choreography to the costumes! Bella Ballet’s goal is to “Build Confident Ballerinas One Twirl at a Time”… and my daughter is proof that the experiences they provide do just that!

Monique Valente

Rosa E

I can't say enough good things about Bella Ballet. First thing, the studio is beautiful and welcoming, and everyone who works there is genuinely nice, caring, sweet and do their very best to be helpful. I know this first hand because my older daughter used to have Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety disorder. I say "used to" because after being enrolled in Mommy & Me, Princess Ballet, and their Summer Camps, now I can safely say that my daughter overcame her anxiety thanks to the love, support and dedication of everyone at Bella Ballet. The instructors at Bella Ballet took time out of their busy schedules to sit down with my daughter's therapist to find out how they could help her engage in ballet class. Not only that, but they applied all the techniques to treat her condition and helped her gain the necessary confidence to speak in ballet class, engage with other ballerinas, voluntarily raise her hand to speak to a group, dance with everyone, perform in front of all parents and participate in a recital in front of hundreds! These were things that we could only dream of happening! Because of the instructors' dedication, and because they cared, my daughter now is unrecognizable. She barely has any struggles with anxiety and all because of the confidence she gained at Bella Ballet. This has translated into being more confident at school and multiple other settings. We are forever thankful to Bella Ballet, Ms. Jessie, Ms. Hope, Ms. Jackie, Ms. Jamie, Ms. Olivia, and the multiple other instructors who chose to care for my daughter's condition and made it their mission to get her out of her shell transforming her into a self-confident beautiful Bella ballerina. We consider Bella Ballet as part of our family. After a wonderful experience with my older daughter, I have now also enrolled my little one in Mommy & Me and she is loving it as much a her big sis. Thank you again to the entire Bella Ballet team for caring. Thank you for your support. We are forever grateful.

Lindsey Kostun

Miss Hope and Bella Ballet have been a wonderful experience for my 2 year old daughter as well as our whole family (we LOVE to watch & participate!). Our little girl could sometimes be quite a "challenge" and Miss Hope was ever so patient and gracious with her. The activities were age appropriate and she is truly learning some basics of classic ballet even at 2 years old.

Lauren Glatt

I can’t say enough good things about Bella Ballet and Miss Hope. She is so passionate and truly loves what she does!! Everyone at Bella Ballet makes dance so magical and fun for all students!

Marie Marino

One of my best decisions as a mom was to sign my daughter up. The studio is adorable, the owner is super involved and truly cares about each and every little girl and her family, the instructors are the kindest, most genuinely loving teachers ever. They facilitate creative developmentally appropriate lessons which have a perfect balance of exposure and practice of dance techniques with FUN. Trust me, just sign your little one up and you’ll fall in love!


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