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REVIEWS OF Studio For the Living Arts Dance Complex IN Maine

Meredith Arnold

Both of my daughters attend and we have nothing but great things to say. We are grateful to be a part of such a beautiful dance family!

Rylee Michaud

Riley Soule

Grace Clapp

Siara Soule

I formerly danced at studio for the living arts. I chose to move dance studios the spring of my 8th grade year after dancing there for seven years because of a lot of reasons. I originally loved dancing there but I had no friends because every did the pulse team and I wasn't on the team and I wasn't spending as much time with these girls. I joined the pulse team and immediately people started talking to me. I am kinda shy so its hard for me to talk to strangers or intimidating people. I loved dancing there until I got older and I started seeing the environment around me. The girls talk bad about each other even people who are close friends. Teachers bad mouthing students to other students. And of course severe favoritism. One teacher after a performance, that I chose to skip a school dance for, told me that it wasn't my best performance. That wouldn't be bad but she did it in front of everybody. She told me that I wasn't a good jazz dancer in front of the whole class. She said that I need to get my act together. I was almost in tears. I was a developing teen and the adult in that situation handled like it was high school drama. Some teachers are amazing but others not so much. I started leaving the studio every single night almost in tears. I was tired, depressed, and I started not wanting to attend class. The lack of professionalism demonstrated by many of the teachers and the director is concerning. If it were my business I wouldn't talk bad about my students to other students. That wasn't the only situation that was handled poorly by teachers. The other day one of my school teachers was joking around saying "oh it would be ridiculous if I went up to people saying how bad they are in front of everybody, that would never foster a healthy community." Which is an interesting thought because that is exactly what SFLA is doing. I immediately got a flash back and started to cry in the middle of class. I couldn't help it but I felt the pain of my past experience flood back. I saw time and time again my friends being hurt and myself being hurt. The teachers have their favorites. That also wouldn't be bad if they weren't giving other students equal opportunities as the ones who have solos, private lessons, and spend the most amount of money. The competition world isn't teaching people how to perform or dance. It is instead encouraging dancers to be better than one another, win cash prizes, and pay money to perform with out anything in exchange other than a cheap pin or wrist band. I know many people who love it there. One of my friends went on to dance school. But every body there knows whats going on. It just depends if you are willing to open your eyes and see it. I do have a lot of really great memories for there too. I loved the ballet teachers Sasha, Kate, and Elizabeth. And the Jazz teacher Jamie is amazing. Jamie fosters positive self image, self care, dancer wellness, and pushes dancers to do their best and prepares them the most for the future. And Susan is such a sweet lady and really loves dance. But I just haven't had the best experience there. And I will have you note that they have asked dancers to write positive reviews on here in order to increase their rating. And the inside of the building has carpet that smells like feet.

Annabel Phinney

Shari Elder

Both my daughters danced at Studio for the Living Arts for 12+ years and are proud to be alums of the studio. What started as one Cheerdance class when they were 7 - the "fun" dance class to balance the more serious ballet they were taking down the street - quickly developed into a passion that just kept growing. By January they had added a combo tap/ jazz class to gain greater exposure to a wider variety of genres. By the next year, they were hooked and there was no looking back! The superb quality of the instruction by a team of well-trained teaching artists resulted in consolidating all their technique classes at SFLA within the next year. It wasn’t just the dancing that kept them coming back. The friendships they were developing, the discipline they were learning, the exposure to the arts provided and the endless opportunities for performance, community service, master classes and workshops that were presented to them kept us all engaged. As part of the Pulse team, they developed confidence, independence, work ethic and time management skills, sense of humor, determination, willingness to take risks, pride in a job well done, and strength of character. There are many special memories we all have from their years at the studio, but it was the day-to-day hello from the director and staff as the dancers entered the studio, and the inevitable tear in the eye as one watched them rehearse a number they had just learned; the push to try a little harder, and the smile of encouragement before they took the stage; and most importantly the laughter that filled the studio waiting room that meant the most to them. They both have continued with dance in college and I am sure it will continue to play some part into their adult lives, but thanks to exceptional staff at SFLA, all they have gained from their dance experience goes well beyond relevés, pliés and tendus.

Abigail Phinney

Rachel Hart

A word of caution from families looking to add a little dance enrichment. This studio is fine, for the young ones but be aware of the Pulse Dance Team, it's culture, and it's cost. The studio is for profit and prioritizes their dance team. The competitions are expensive and exhausting. Many families spend more than 5 to 10k to compete! Not to mention the private lessons and solos. The culture is concerning. It is a vicious cycle of wanting more and paying more. The cost far exceeds the benefit. The hidden cost of this culture is on self worth. Especially when teachers give harsh, negative feedback in front of entire classes. My goal is to have my children enjoy an art form and carry a love of the art into their life. To find joy in dance. This studio taught my children how not to treat people, when to walk away, and the type of dance they do not want in their life.

Chelsea Russell

Sarah Bean

Lisa Johnson

Kelly Phinney

I have 3 daughters who all dance at the studio. 13 years ago I happened to stumble across it on a google search because my oldest (3 at the time) would dance all over the living room and we have been there ever since. The studio owner & faculty are amazingly talented and are amazing role models for the dancers.

Barbara Stiles

Tim Phinney

Kayleigh Bowen

Mya Grant


Hannah purdy

Abby Wales

I'm currently a dancer here and using a fake name to post because I'm scared. It was the same with the review written by "Rachel Hart." The first cohort of the dancers here had it great (Elder review). Now it is emotionally draining and unenjoyable. You have to be on pulse to have friends. Most of the teachers and owner gets overly involved in drama and makes it significantly worse. The only reason why I'm still here is they have been horrible to people who have left and I don't need that. They block them on social media and talk about them with dancers that are still there.

Catherine Doughty

I love this studio! I have been dancing here for a long time! The teacher are outstanding, the girls are so friendly, and the studio is so supportive and I love it!!!!!!

Theresa Boynton

Bailey Ward

Ellen Frye

Patricia Jackson

Melissa Castrucci

Karah Ayotte

Marisa N

The girls are so friendly and supportive of each other here. It's not something you find at every studio and I'm glad I found a dance studio where the teachers, instructors, team members, and everyone supports each other!

Olivia Taylor

Haley Goff

Professional, incredibly skilled, wonderful studio. We love our dance family!!!

Kari Corson Vigue

Professional, and personal, high quality standards. I wouldn't have my daughter train anywhere else!

Betsy Mayo

We love our dance family! Susan and the whole team make having a tiny dancer easy for parents! Our daughter is sucessful and has a ball in all her classes.

Cindy Soule

Chloe Jacquet

Michaela Ellison

I am an alumni of SFLA and I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support they gave me when I was a student there, and as a college student now. The studio provided me many life skills that I’m thankful for, and am grateful for all the memories I have. I’m proud to tell people about my time dancing at SFLA and I know the next generations of dancers will be/already are phenomenal. Everyone is family there. Teachers are second parents and dancers are siblings! Everyone wants to see everybody succeed and it’s heartwarming to see the encouragement from each other. I’m always proud when I hear about recent competitions, performances, and classes! SFLA is a great studio, and I couldn’t be prouder of the faculty and students. I miss them everyday, but it makes me smile to think about my time there!

Zoë Fluet

Mia Rico

I have danced at this studio since I was 11 and I wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else to spend the last 7 years. The faculty is great: they are kind, form close relationships with their students and continue to push everyone to be the best they can be. The studio director is someone I deeply admire, someone I can always share a laugh with and someone who I know cares profoundly about each individual who sets foot in her studio. This studio has provided me with so many good memories and close friends. Like any environment, there will always be moments of drama, but this is a place which handles these moments with respect and maturity. I love SFLA.

Halle Roy

Alexis Severino


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