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REVIEWS OF Hustle and Flow IN Maine

Victoria Karol

Hustle and Flow is a very special community, housed in a very special place, and going there has had a huge impact on me. I have been attending classes and events through H+F for a year, and I am not being hyperbolic when I say that it has changed my life for the better in ways I never expected. I'm stronger, more flexible and more physically capable of all kinds of movement than I've been in years - at 40, I'm in better shape than I was for most of my 30's. I love taking the Buti, Abs and Assana, Hustlercize and Yang Bang classes, they are totally brutal and totally fun at the same time. What was unexpected was the mental and emotional effects of showing up to H+F - this kind of workout does wonders for alleviating depression and anxiety, and having this community of powerful, interesting and supportive women is comforting and empowering. I just *feel* better. Steph, Carla and the rest of the leaders at H+F are very body-positive, but in a way that does not feel contrived or forced on you. And of course, it's just fun as hell to move around to crazy loud music, no matter what. This studio is all about honoring both the light and dark - and every shade in between - of your inner spirit, and instead of a bunch of rhetoric about being our "best selves" or "living our best lives," it's just more about being authentic and moving and laughing and enjoying your body, drawing the hidden forces from deep within to guide us in our daily lives.

Shawn Lancaster

I took tap, jazz and clogging for years as a kid, but stopped once I reached middle school. For the past ten years I have mostly remained seated. I’ve been sitting on the couch watching movies or shows, and sitting in a computer chair working on producing music and discovering new music to enjoy. Music is my passion! The only exercise I have received in these past ten years has come from working in the automotive industry and food industry, and has consisted mostly of heavy lifting, walking, and running up and down stairs. My whole body had begun cramping up and experiencing increasing random pains daily. I decided it was time to change my health status, and being 31 years old, I knew I couldn’t afford to sit around for another ten years. I began my journey into Buti Yoga by searching online for a hip hop style dance class. I knew I found the pace and style of movement I was looking for after seeing the promo video for Hustle and Flow’s studio, which featured the type of high energy music I am motivated by. I figured that while dancing to music that energizes and motivates me I would not only learn some dance moves but would also get a good exercise! I bought the 10 class pass and made my best effort to attend all 10 classes offered with the pass. Some days I even tried two classes! However, from the very first class I attended, I knew I was moving in the right direction. Nearly two months later and I’m hooked. I’ve finally found something I enjoy that pushes and challenges me! I now have an increased interest in dance and a growing interest in basic yoga; and in health, fitness and overall wellness. I’m drinking straight water now, eating smarter, and focusing on removing toxic elements from my body and environment. I am also able to discover new music while in class! The instructors at Hustle and Flow are vibrant, inspiring and welcoming. Each has a unique take on Buti, and each has excellent taste in music that is played in class. Through Buti yoga I have discovered a deeper connection to the music that I listen to and have discovered a love for dance and yoga style workouts. I can only imagine a studio better than Hustle and Flow that I could attend because there isn’t one. Thank you Hustle and Flow!

Jeffrey Jade

Bkakti in Motion has a variety of dynamic classes run by inspirational, independent instructors. The large studio room is a versatile community space with hardwood floors and a spiritual, rustic vibe. For yoga classes there are mats and accessories available for use. The social atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, yet down to earth and respectful. The location on Brackett Street is ideal for the West End neighborhood and there's easy parking, especially in the evening and on weekends.

Allie Pottenger

Hustle and Flow is a welcoming, vibrant, and much needed space in Portland. I've tried almost all of the classes here, and while some resonate more than others, I haven't had a negative experience--even as a newbie to the practice. The instructors are kind but effective, and I feel grateful I found this place. I recommend wholeheartedly.

Jennifer Rouse

I took the buti class at Bhakti in Motion. This is a workout class I would consider moving to Maine for as I live in NYC. Stephanie Harmon used the best moves and had the best playlist, I actually felt like I was in the club dancing, it was so much fun that it didn't even feel like I was working out. It was the best "gym" class I have ever been to. If you love hip hop music and dancing, this is THE class for you. If I wasn't going to fly home tonight, I would go back to the 7PM class this evening. : )

nicole hill

Before Hustle and Flow, I was never very consistent or committed to my exercise practice. I'd stick with something for a season and then it would taper off. These classes, like their instructors, are unique and creative and the right level of challenging. The environment feels safe and welcoming. A variety of offerings allows you to stick with the safe and familiar, or get out of your comfort zone and try something new. I've been coming to classes regularly for over a year now, and the impact on my body and mind is enormously positive.

Alexandra A

Friendliest group of instructors and awesome taste in music! This place gives me the best work out while still having a good time. I always leave class in the best mood because of the positive energy and fun this studio provides. I'm so thankful this studio exists!

Lisa Winer

Great yoga studio! I found it when I was visiting town, and I went three days in a row while I was here. Great classes! All different, and fun!

Emily Bays

Spencer Orcutt

Megan Mahoney

We had a bachelorette dance party up at Hustle and Flow and oh my gosh what a blast! We had women of all fitness levels and two pregnancies and Hustle and Flow accommodated us perfectly. Also as a fitness instructor, I highly recommend them for fun or for a lifestyle!!

Angela Ferrari

Hustle & Flow is soooo much more than a yoga studio. There are a variety of classes from high energy hip hop dance to buti yoga with body rolling. With fabulous instructors & music, you will never get bored with your workout routine... plus it's a really fun place to bring friends;)

Taieri Mckenzie

Hustle and Flow was one of my absolute FAVORITE things about living in Portland. We had to move to a new city and I have yet to find another workout that is even a fraction as good or as much fun. Steph and Carla have created a community unlike any other and I knew that every time I went to a class at Hustle and Flow that I would get my booty kicked but leave in a great mental place, no matter what else had gone on in my day. Anyone in the Portland area should check out this incredible gem!

Alison Busch

I could write a book about how much I love this studio, but I'll try to keep this review as short as I can! I recently moved to Portland, ME, and I was introduced to Hustle and Flow (formerly Bhakti in Motion) by a friend. From the very first class, I knew I had found a real gem of a studio. The space itself is open, earthy, and filled with light, and the West End location is really convenient. However, what really keeps me coming back again and again are the amazing instructors and variety of classes. Hustle and Flow has yoga, buti yoga, and dance classes, which is perfect because I can get strength, stretching, and a more meditative focus in the yoga classes, and lots of butt-kicking cardio and all-out fun with the buti and dance classes. Being able to do so many different workouts each week in one location (and one monthly pass) is really wonderful during the Maine winters when I'm not so motivated to work out outside! I really cannot say enough about the instructors. I had taken yoga classes here and there over the years, but I'd never had a regular practice and I'd never even heard of buti before finding Hustle and Flow. The instructors are so open, welcoming, and knowledgeable that I actually want to work out, and I now I go to class--Willingly! With a smile on my face!--about five or six times a week. The instructors always offer modifications for those who are newer to the practice, but they aren't afraid to push students into harder poses or make us sweat in buti when they think we're ready. It's apparent that they love what they do and where they work, and because of their great attitude, Hustle and Flow doesn't have the elitist, competitive air that some yoga studios take on. My fellow students are encouraging and motivating, and I always feel like I'm part of a community in every class. Some yoga studios take themselves so seriously you never feel like you're getting a good workout because you're too much in your own head, wondering if you're meditating and breathing the "right" way. Other studios don't take themselves seriously enough so you completely lose the spiritual and meditative aspects of yoga. I don't know how they do it, but as different as all their instructors are, the thread that runs through every class is the mind-body connection and the perfect balance of work and play. I'm not surprised if I laugh, shake my booty, do pushups in full lotus pose, practice breath work, get encouraged to go into crow pose, listen to Beyonce or to one of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, and meditate deeply-- and maybe all in the same class! I'll end with this shallow yet ridiculously motivating observation: My body and my booty have never looked better! I know that self-confidence comes from the inside out, but I don't mind one bit that Hustle and Flow has given me a self-esteem boost that comes from the outside in! Thank you!

Madeline Short

The best thing I ever did for myself was to join this studio. Not exaggerating.

Vanessa B

I've been lucky to call H&F my second living room for over two years now and I'm pretty confident in saying it has changed me body and soul. I was no stranger to a good sweat before, but these classes have culled out a strength in my body I wouldn't have known I could possess before. Sweat, wet and going like a turbo jet is what you get and that's not even delving into the endorphin strut you take out with you, empowering every aspect of yourself, and literally everything you do. If you want an incredible workout that is also super fun with complete inclusion (read; ZERO yoga ego) and non-judgement, this is your place. Every time I leave it's with, some miraculous how, a different and new appreciation for the people who make this place so special and exciting, the fun of the class itself and for the heights my body and spirit reach derivative of being here. Namastizzle!!

Jazmin DeRice

This place is the best. I've never been more motivated to go to a class. Bangin tunes, effective and powerful movements. I leave feeling empowered, strong and sexy. I have been taking classes for a month now about 4 days a week. I see and and more importantly feel the results. Improved range of hip mobility, shoulder strength and oh my god I found my core. Plus, the booty conditioning, wow. I always did need a reason to get some gold lamé booty shorts in my life. Seems like an awesome team of ladies joined forces. Thanks so much y'all.

Allison Strausberg

It’s hard to describe all of the ways that going to this studio has moved my life in positive directions. I began coming here a year and half ago looking for a different way to get a full body workout. Buti is not only an amazing work out but has transformed the way I live in my body each moment with more presence and more confidence. The yoga classes and dance classes are also amazing ways to connect with my body and with the community at the studio. This is an amazing space and welcoming community with extremely knowledgeable and helpful instructors. All of that being said, it’s also just a really good time.

Ashley Sundquist

Looking for an amazing workout in a fun, energizing environment? Hustle and Flow in downtown Portland is the perfect place to get your sweat on!! I took the morning "Hustlercize: Aerobics for Ballers" class when I was in Portland for business travel. The studio is located upstairs on the 3rd floor on a quiet street, so keep your eye out or you'll miss it. The Hustle and Flow class left me feeling confident, energized and ready for a great day of meetings. It's worth every penny!

Sandra Benson

Warm and inviting, comfortable and light filled, this studio is such an asset to Portland! Owner Stephanie Harmon is approachable and knowledgeable, and her staff follows suit. Get ye to Hustle and Flow to feel embodied, energized and inspired!

Cada Driscoll

Bhakti is a gorgeous studio with many down to earth, skilled and awesome teachers! I feel comfortable and renewed in this space and go there more often than any other studio in Portland. Great spot!

Meghan Roche

We had the best time at Hustle and Flow for my sister’s bachelorette party! We did an amazing yoga class (followed by mimosas) with Liz who was a great instructor and gave us a perfect recommendation for continuing our party that night! I wish I lived closer because I would take classes there regularly- they all look awesome!

Elana Viner

This is such an empowering place to workout, have fun and feel strong. Don't miss out on the teachers here they are amazing women! The vibe is contagious. The beats keep the energy up. I can't wait for the next class.

Patrick Liddy

I’ve been attending classes a couple times a week for a couple months now at Hustle and Flow, and I can definitely say it’s been the best experience I’ve had after trying several other yoga studios in Portland (and there are some good studios in town) I’ve mostly taken classes with Melissa, Kara, and Caroline, and I’ve really enjoyed the energy and experience each offers. I still feel like I’m a beginner, but I’ve always felt welcome and never felt intimidated no matter who’s class I attend, and I feel great after every class. Plus, I’m seeing the benefits of my increased participation. I play basketball and baseball regularly and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my speed and athleticism since I started practicing yoga +2 times a week, and I experience less soreness and quicker recovery as well! I’m so happy I found Hustle and Flow, and I hope others will have the same experience!!


Sarah Paton

I've been going to Hustle and Flow for over a year and have found the most friendly, down to earth, exuberant community I could ask for. Exercise is a treat now and that keeps me coming back!

Kate Northrup

I am completely addicted to Buti Yoga! I'm so grateful for this warm, welcoming, uplifting community of women (and a few great men) to practice something I've fallen so deeply in love with. Everyone is welcoming, the classes are challenging and incredibly fun, and I'm so grateful to have access to this incredible resource just down the street. Thank you for making it so fun and pleasurable to stay in shape!

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